Saturday, February 29, 2020

What Did I Think About The Rotating School Strike?

               What did I think of the rotating 1 day strike? Well for one it was ridiculous and there was weeks where my niece and nephew were out twice in a week which I feel like that the kids out of school they lose valuable time learning. Now it seems to be not happening as much as maybe a deal has been made or even the teachers forced back to work? Honestly, there hasn't been much but I say good, the kids get the education they need. Definitely they need the education. Honestly when I was in school a long time ago, like 14 years ago was the last time I was, I do not even remember having a strike. However keeping them out of school too long isn't good and plus the school year can be extended if this kept on going. However I shouldn't be complaining, they could of been out of school completely and losing even more valuable time learning in the classroom. This is why when my parents and I had the kids on a rotating strike day, I always do some math or spelling with them to keep their minds fresh, especially for when they return to school.

               Honestly, I think things died down with the rotating strikes but I just found out that there will  be more rotating strikes next week. Honestly can't they wait till the summer to deal with the contract disputes. Yes I realize they want more money which is normally the case with the teachers. However this is the high schools not the elementary as my niece and nephew are in elementary. Either way doesn't matter if it is elementary or high school level, the kids need their education and that is the most important thing. This also goes for college and I was one that had to the deal with a strike on my last year of college which stunk and actually if I remember correctly being almost 8 years ago, I went to class without support as you guys know I have autism and I had the extra help but the support staff were on strike but I still attended and managed on my own terms. But the strike I had to deal with was everyday of the week which meant I had to fend for myself.  The point is it stinks and I know how the kids feel and just hope this can be resolved very soon so things can get back to normal.


Friday, February 28, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Changes and Announcements!

               As all you Big Brother Canada Fans know cast release is today which means, Everything About Reality TV is going into full swing on the weekend. Over the next day and a half, Jasmine will be working on the preview podcast notes, then will be recording the podcast and editing towards the end of the week and submitting it to me over the weekend. So when is it going up exactly? It will be up on Sunday @ 4 pm EST. I will explain why the 4 pm EST post up below why we are doing this. We are again adding 3 podcasts this season, 2 Big Brother Canada Recaps split between Jasmine and I and also I will be covering Survivor as well. Now scheduling for the rest of the season and moving forward will be as follows:

Tuesdays: Big Brother Canada 8 Recap @ 4 pm EST (Jasmine)

Thursdays: Survivor: Winner At War Recap @ 4 pm EST (Me, Chris)

Saturdays: Big Brother Canada 8 Recap @ 4 pm EST (To be determined)

                 There is the scheduling moving forward and I will explain why I am changing the schedule around is because I want to make sure our listeners in Europe and the UK to hear the podcast but I know and realize the episodes do not go anywhere once they go up on the feeds so it is there. I am trying to continue to boost the listenership so it is the decision that I wanted to do. Actually I made these changes without even my team know at all of these changes as it was a split decision and a quick decision mind you. However, change is good and we want to make the changes in order to continue with the success of the podcast. Either way another wild season of Everything About Reality TV Podcast is about to begin. I cannot wait to really dive into this and the most part excited to have Jasmine on board as they are gearing up in the coming days to actually record the Preview. Any questions or concerns you can contact Jasmine or myself @ and we will be happy to answer em. This includes if you would like to come on Survivor or Big Brother Canada Recaps please so reach out to us. 


Thursday, February 27, 2020

Thoughts On Lying, Trust and Happiness

              Now this is a subject that I have never really covered this blog before but what do I think of lying? Obviously I am the most truthful, open and honest person you guys can ever meet. I was raised to be a honest person and I admit things pretty quickly and do not hide how I really feel. Now lying, I just do not like and been lied to in the past or people turning their back on me out of nowhere. I have even been helping with making my niece and nephew a very honest person. Honestly lying, I find it as it breaks a point of trust with anyone and I honestly find it tough to keep a friendship afloat as well. Lying just hurts the relationships you are in or even a friendship or even within your own family, they will find it tough to honestly trust you again. It will also make you having to earn their trust back in the process which can take a very long time and I know how it feels. Look at Eric and Larry for example, they both have had our differences in the past with one another but look at us. I can really say that both of them are 2 of my best friends now and we are our friendship is so strong now. I am using them as an example as I said we have had a rocky friendship at times and I will not go into detail but the point I am trying to make, were stronger then we were before.

            You know I have been too trusting and I admit that co-heartily and this year, I think I am going to change things  this year and going to be tougher with that honestly. Last year I had friends turn on me and I felt like an outcast and I think I just feel like I was too trusting and be lied to. I want to be a happy and healthier person. I openly admit my mental health this year needs to change . Honestly change is good and I am good with change now these days. When I was just found out that I have autism, which you guys know I do not talk about very often online but I found change tough but now, it's a piece of cake for me and I am good with change to this day. So this is my thoughts on lying, trust and happiness and I hope you guys enjoyed this topic and if you guys would like any other topics to cover on the blog, please let me know in  the comments below.


Wednesday, February 26, 2020

I Am Feeling Alot Better!

               Lately I have been feeling depressed and some of it has to do with some of things that I have had to deal with lately which I am not going into any detail whatsoever about it. However, I have noticed since making changes in my life and getting rid of the negativity around me in my life, I have felt a ton better. Just been a ton more productive in the last month then ever. I have worked so hard on the podcasts and collaboration Podcast. I have actually worked on things and honestly it has kept me busy and not thinking the fact that I am depressed. Honestly I also found going out and about really keeps my mind off of things and fresh air is definitely a good thing. I can use yesterday for example. I went out and about not once but twice I was out and I will explain this. I had to run errands for today, let's put it lightly I had to refill my Presto card so I can travel on the GO Train today on my journey to Toronto with my dad. Also I decided to grab a Ice Cap on the way to the bus and it is nice to reward myself too. Now the second time after I got home and got some work done I took  an hour or so to myself to just take a mental break from things. So being back outside felt really good honestly and was an excuse to get my steps in for the day and I almost doubled my everyday 6k steps. 

               The Point is I feel really good and today is going to make me feel even a lot better as you know I am going to be back out and about today and the fact, I get away from the studio is a good thing and fresh air really clears my head. Moving forward you will see a very focused and happier Chris. Yes some days I will have my moments but don't we all have moments. I believe that is what you call daily life. Life throws us Lemon, as the saying goes? I have noticed recently been taking more time to myself, getting out and about during the days minus weekends most of the time I am home. However when I am home, I take time to even go for 30 - 40 minute walks and getting out and about. I can be honest I am not one for just sitting around, I have to move around. I am a doer not a sitter so to speak. Also I haven't really been running many errands for CBOTW and I need to get out to run those errands. I haven't had a chance with the editing of the most recent podcasts that has or is going up on the website. I am going to continue to go out and about as it is truly helping and anything to get my mental health back to normal.


Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Do I Have A Plan For Everything About Reality TV's 5th Anniversary?

              Do I Have A Plan For Everything About Reality TV's 5th Anniversary? Well yes we do, however at the moment we are currently trying to figure out right now between now and the end of the summer. We have an idea in the back of our mind honestly and it has been discussed what we have. This is going to be a long discussion and what the plan is and really I do not want to tell you guys, I want you guys to be surprised what we will be doing. Now in the way of recording schedule it will  be done the week before the actual anniversary so we can actually have it edited and posted up for you guys which that I can tell you guys that much information. Now, I am not hiding anything because honestly we are just getting down to the barrel of things with the planning and we have a lot to plan. What really needs to be done well here is what needs to be done:

1) Content; What will we talk about during the episode of the podcast. Need content and I honestly do have a couple of ideas in the back of my mind and that will be discussed over the next several months as we are planning this way ahead of time.

2) Who Will Be Joining Me?; I have a few people in mind and it will truly be an epic episode if things pull through with who I have. I really wanna tell you guys.

3) When?; The question is when do we want to record this podcast? When are the people involved with the podcast available. Now I did mention it would be done the week before the actual podcast goes up which, I know the date which is Thursday, September 24th, 2020, however that is and probably will be the premiere date for Survivor 41 so that does complicate things and it will needs a well needed discussion so that is that question for us indeed.

                  So right now, I cannot give answers but there is an anniversary plans coming and excited to talk about what we have planned for the podcast but right now we cannot give you guys the who what where when answers as we just started this planning process and we do not even know if there is a Season 41 of Survivor right now as we are currently in the Survivor Winners At War Season but yes I have heard rumors they are planning on 41 and 42 and beyond so with regards to The 5th Anniversary going up it may be tough to give you guys an answer right now. However we will figure it out and when we have answers for the 5th anniversary then we can start telling you the information. Mind you we will not be telling you who is going to be on it as that is a surprise but were excited for the 5th Anniversary. 


Monday, February 24, 2020

What's Next For The Studio?

          I know I haven't said much about the studio renovation. Honestly there is stuff to be done around the studio and this is the post what has to be done with the studio, at least my side of things at the most:

1) Ceiling: The ceiling still has the insulation hanging down at some areas and we need to get the drop ceiling put in. It is the last step honestly that needs to be done in the studio renovation. All we have to do is install the frame for the drop down then put in the ceiling titles which isn't overly too heavy, I don't think but we will see when it goes up.

2) Shelves: The Shelves for the most part have to go up and get things back so this way I can go unpack things in studio in the boxes that are at the far side of the studio. There is two sections as we know, there was two shelves technically.

3) Whiteboard: I need to put the whiteboard back in the studio on the right hand side of me where the second microphone is but it makes life so much easier to stay on track with things with the daily activities in the studio.

4) Cork Board: I am adding in the studio the newest thing to the space and that is a cork board which I can put up pictures my niece and nephew have made for me and some other things like reminders and what not.

5) Unpacking: The final step is to unpack everything and put them back on the shelf and I have to find somewhere to put the blue bin as I don't think even on the shelves it will hold it up and not going to take a risk whatsoever with it.

           I do not know what the plan is with the green screen. I do not think I will be honestly using the Green Screen again in the very nearby future as it will be tough to setup with a drop down ceiling without it pulling it down on top of me honestly. I think from here on here it will be sitting on the side and not used from here on out. Also the lights I do have a plan with it and it will be used just have to get the shelves set up. Finally when I get some of the steps done I will continue to update you guys with what is going around with the studio that is a promise I am giving you guys. 


Sunday, February 23, 2020

Power Rangers Podcast Release Schedule!

             It is officially here! The release schedule for Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast! As you know, Larry and I recorded a week ago and all week long, I have been editing the first episode at least. I found these episodes in particular long but honestly it was a ton of fun actually. I never thought we would go over an hour but hey we did! Felt good to record and I said to Larry look at my right monitor and the look on his face was priceless and I think it was long coming for us to finally record over an hour but you guys will see what I mean when you hear it in a few hours for the first episode at least. Anyways this is the schedule moving forward:

Today (Sunday, February 23rd, 2020) @ 3 pm EST: Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy Podcast

Sunday, March 1st, 2020 @ 3 pm EST: Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue Podcast

             There is the schedule and if there is any changes, I will be sure to let you guys know and I'm sorry if it has taken me a long time to edit as the podcast takes a while to edit as we go through a lot of information with the seasons and thinking if we can to try and only cover the main points as really it was a long episode and around the 30 minute to 1 hour mark and moving forward, I am going to make some changes to the podcast and ask more questions to Larry and try to capture the finer points of episodes as I do not want to bore you guys with an extra long episode. However if you guys would like to see the longer episodes then let us know! I think you guys have indeed enjoyed these episodes and they have done quite well in the way of listeners. We will keep on producing these as long as you want them on our website as you know this is a website exclusive podcast and no reason to put em on it's own separate podcast due to certain reasons I will not mention. However I am rambling and I hope you guys enjoy today's episode as it has been a long coming and we are ready and raring to go with the podcast. Don't worry more information for the next one is coming in the next 2.5 months from now. Until the next post everyone!


Saturday, February 22, 2020

History of Everything About Reality TV

               As most of you guys know, Everything About Reality TV has been on the air for nearly 5 Years now but I want to get more in depth with the history. Now this all started in January 2015 and I know you are raising an eyebrow to that but let me explain. I experimented with Recapping Reality TV shows which got some good response over the few videos I posted up. So over the few months I started to really think and my thought was hey this really works and let's bring this into a reality. So September 24th, 2015, we recorded our very first episode of the Podcast. We continued on YouTube up to end of June 2016.  We covered Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother Canada and Hell's Kitchen during our first 2 seasons of the Podcast which honestly it was only 2 seasons but that's how she got her start in 2015 and never will forget how it all began. Larry left the podcast in January 2016 but came back as a guest on a podcast at the Big Brother Canada Season 4 Finale. As I ended my YouTube career came to where is the podcast going to go now? I decided to take a break from the podcast for a summer hiatus while I rebuilt the website from the ground up. In the fall 2016, we started on Audio ONLY over on Mixcloud then moved over to what we are on to this current day over on, Stitcher and all the platforms you see the podcast on which is 19 platforms if you guys are wondering! 

               In November 2019 which was a few months ago, I almost made the decision to stop the podcast and move on to other projects. However thanks to messages and emails from you guys the podcast continues on with it's journey. Also last month, January we had the addition of Jasmine as Producer and Host of Big Brother Canada and Big Brother US Recaps on our podcast so it is exciting indeed but exhausting getting them ready but you know it is worth it in the end. I wanted to go big this year and we are indeed. This is the just the start of things. We have quite the history and in this post I gave you guys some insight on things that you never really knew about in the years you guys knew about and now you guys now see how this all came to be. I hope you guys enjoyed today's post and tomorrow I will be doing a history of The Entertainment Man Talk Show to end this mini series of posts off. 


Friday, February 21, 2020

The History of Chris B On The Web

           Chris B On The Web as you guys know to this day, was founded by me in 2014 not to replace but more on a independent YouTuber. Yes The Entertainment Man Talk Show continued on and I will get into the history of the project on Sunday's post. It remained on the air between 2014 and 2015 so it was pretty much short lived on the air as we recorded our very last episode at the start of June 2015. The project was immediately put on a hiatus between June 2015 and June 2016. However we vlogged on a daily basis and you guys really enjoyed it but after 700 + days of Vlogging on a regular basis, sick or not sick that was ended in 2015 at the end of the year when we stopped Daily vlogging to keep going on the projects.  In 2014 till March 2015, I had my first podcast "The Chris B Podcast" with Charlie. In 2016, we started to lose Staff left and right leaving Justin and I to fend for ourselves. We actually were so close to a renewal for a 7th Season of the Series but due to no staff to help film and record, the series was finally cancelled in June 2016. Also as you guys know Everything About Reality TV started with Larry in 2015 and he was involved with it up to January 2016 when he left Chris B On The Web. However the podcast continued on without him and if I remember he made an appearance on the podcast that spring for the Big Brother Canada Season 4 Finale Recap after him and I made amends with him and he agreed to come on. 

           He was also given that Title of Co-Founder due to him helping me out in the early years. He also appeared at the Big Brother Canada 5, 6 and 7 Finale Recaps on the podcast as well.  In June 2016, we saw the end of my YouTube career after nearly 10 years on the platform. Justin remained with me till May 2017 when I went entirely on my own. Also September the podcast went on Audio ONLY for Everything About Reality TV and again there will be a history post about it tomorrow.  In 2018 Larry and I joined forces and formed our Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and the rest of that is pretty much history. Also in 2019, we saw the addition of Billy and in 2020 we also saw the addition of Jasmine to Everything About Reality TV. Pretty much I am happy with the team we have currently and I think I am just going to leave things as they are for now and it is better for us to stay put for now but like I have said this is only the beginning. I will see you in the next post tomorrow!


Thursday, February 20, 2020

The History of The Video Projects Team

             The Video Projects Team started December 9th, 2005 at my Friday night Bowling League with Eric whom you have heard me mentioned him many times on the podcast or here on the blog. Anyways I had to do a project for High School Media class which I was just at the very tail end of my High School Career at the time. So the Project entailed talking about various attractions in our local area, mainly our hometown here which I am not mentioning the city so we do not end giving away where we are from. Anyways then we changed it to the region we are in at a later date as it became a very successful first episode despite the snow and wind. We even got to film at our own local gallery with permission of course. February 13th, 2006 a month later of him and I record we renewed the project for a full 16 episodes which we fulfilled and 3 episodes of a 2nd season which the project was cancelled in 2008. Also on January 31st, 2008 we opened our own YouTube channel to post up our projects on the internet. In the spring, I got to do a piece about my High School which I know I got a copy of the episode laying around and need to edit it and maybe re-burn it to a DVD.  However that series Chris Travels To Historic Places went all the way to June. The Entertainment Man Talk Show which as you guys know by my posts in the past, it ran 6 seasons. The series Started May 23rd, 2008 and ran on the team all the way to the end. Also did some Friends of The Entertainment Man, The CBO Show, w.e it was called back in the day, behind the scenes were all done in the span from 2008 - 2014. Also took a hiatus from the team and did post the odd video from time to time during my time in college studying my butt off.

           Now the team was around for almost 10 year mark before the team ended but in 2009 and 2010 we lost a ton of staff and that was just the start of issues. in 2011 and 2013 we added to the team, Justin and Larry. in 2013 we lost another staff and in 2014 after speaking to the last 2 staff we had, we talked about going to a different channel or on our own and abandoned the team to me being more on my own. They both agreed and to help me even past this transition stages and on November 13th, 2014, The Video Projects Team became the past history for me as I was moving into a brand new ERA for me and what we had left on the team. Also I need to make a point we also did cast from Stickam, BlogTV, JTV and those kind of websites from 2009 all the way into 2014. Now in the next post I will be covering the history of Chris B On The Web and even the history to this day as CBOTW is still going strong after 5 years on the internet. 


Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Updates [02-19-2020]

             So I have some updates since about 2 days ago this was while I was putting up other content here on the website, Both Jasmine and I agreed since we couldn't find a Host for the upcoming Big Brother Canada Season 8 and also Big Brother US, Season 22, they will be indeed doing the recaps as we originally planned on doing. I will be around if they need me to replace them one week but I we will make it work on way or another. You never know you may hear my voice on the podcast from time to time as a guest. Mind you I am still one of the hosts but I am playing more of a Behind The Scenes but still covering Survivor, The Amazing Race and The Amazing Race Canada so I am still involved but just not as involved for Big Brother anymore. I think it is the most appropriate time to step back on the role of host and actually let someone else cover it. It is exciting and it will be a strange feeling to have not covering it but this our plan moving forward for the 3 of us. So here is the updated schedule:

Thursdays: 9 pm EST- Survivor Winners At War RECAP

Fridays: 9 pm EST- Big Brother Canada 8 RECAP (Starting March 6th, 2020)

            There is our schedule if we need to tweak it we will let you know but for the most part we are sticking to our normal schedule as we have it during the Big Brother seasons so we are very much happy with it. Now TAR (The Amazing Race) we do not still not know what the plan or when it will be starting but found an article speculating May we could see that which is great as I will be at the end of Survivor and Amazing Race will just be in my schedule but right now it is too early to say as we haven't even started the Big Brother Canada Season 8 season yet so we will let you know when we know but I have informed CBOTW Staff, Everything About Reality TV Staff about what I found but will keep digging around like I always do.  These are our updates and like I said once I know further will definitely make another post for you guys. 


Tuesday, February 18, 2020

I Have Address Something-- Clear The Air...

            Recently I have found, we have found people blocking us for unfollowing. Now that is our choice if we want to unfollow. I have been honestly clearing a lot of the spam and honestly I should of thought of only following certain people. Now that I am not one on Twitch anymore since I am not with that other podcast anymore, or with YouTube anymore.  I have kept video games just because we can find a reason to do a review for our blog here on the website. Honestly we feel betrayed that this is what it comes down to us being blocked for no reason when we 1) we do not speak bad about anyone, we stay 100% focused on the content we come out 2) We have every right to actually unfollow people. I'd say just unfollow us and move on. There is no need to be rude and go block us. You can simply mention us hey why did you unfollow or like I said just unfollow us and move on. I honestly feel very betrayed and it has become very disheartening to lose followers like this. The other thing that has been bothering me is the amount of suspensions or restricted accounts is probably the reason that we have indeed lost a lot of followers and another reason why sometimes we decide to not follow back as it becomes a repetitive thing and nothing personal, it is just frustrating for us honestly but it's not their fault either as Twitter seems to be very strict now with the rules these days. 

               So that is what I want to say on this situation and honestly, we are doing what we have to do. We are just frustrated by all of this and it is a clear now too. So with that I do want to ramble on about it but the main part that is frustrating me is people blocking us for no reason. We kept thinking it is the posts that we are doing it is too many posts or not enough and I honestly think it isn't that so the reason, I am not really sure. I try to not get spammy with posts and you guys enjoy my posts and updates. However since I switched from my own personal Twitter to this being a team Twitter now and more professional. You have to understand I followed everyone and now we have to try and keep it to a professional level now and we decided to follow people around the kind of content we are doing which is blogging and podcasting. Hope you guys all understand where we are coming from and honestly we will not be unfollowing anyone else at this point unless its spam but either then that happy Tweeting! 


Johnny's Food Review- Triple Decker Grilled Cheese W/ Ham!

           I know this was almost a week ago, but I had other content on the go for the website at the time and it went to the bottom of my list for now. However I decided to slip it into the schedule this week before I totally forget to do this honestly. Honestly it was starting to slip my mind but honestly as you guys know, I was at Eric's for Survivor premiere and we decided to go back to Johnny's. I know, I've done 2 reviews on the restaurant with this being my 3rd review and I am pretty sure you guys are tired of it but hey you guys enjoy this food review so I am going to do it. I know you can sense sarcasm from me but that is who I am some days, I tend to have a bit of sarcasm some days, ha-ha. So to the review, enough of me rambling on about myself. I had the triple Decker Grilled Cheese with Ham in it. Not just one piece of ham but to and it was a good thickness to it. However, I found it really, really good and I may try it here at home for myself but it was good. Now as you know I give the reviews 5 but this time around I am giving it a 10 all day long! Yes I know it has been an up and down with Johnny's but for the most part a positive experience for both of us and Eric actually had the same thing as me. The Grilled cheese was so soft, so gooey, was really really good.

             Now we even mentioned we know what we are going to have to dessert which was their infamous Apple Pie and she even checked for us while we waited for our food and she gave us a thumbs up as she had 2 of them left and saved them for us which was really nice of her. Actually we had the same waitress from the previous time which was back near my birthday in December. Of course we had the pie afterwards and of course it still has a 10 all day. That hasn't changed at all, however I think next time I may try the Coconut Cream Pie for a change perhaps but we will see. I am still partial to the Apple Pie. I love it and really tasty... Honestly you cannot go wrong with Apple Pie and always love it. Oh I may as well throw this 2 more things to this post, the Owner or Manager knows us very well as we're there a couple of times in a year for special occasions or even the Survivor or Big Brother Premieres or Finales. Also the waitress also warmed it up for us slightly but it was really good as well. In March, Larry and I will be finally doing the Pop Eyes Food Review and I am looking forward to that actually and cannot wait to actually try it out for the very first time in my life.


Monday, February 17, 2020

Family Day 2020-- Taking a Day Off Before A Long Haul

              I am taking a day off today, plus it is Family Day in Ontario and deserve to take a break from things but yes I realize I took time off but it is a holiday today and I want to spend a ton of time with my parents today. Don't worry, we are going full speed ahead tomorrow with the podcasts that have been recorded yesterday. I want to talk about that, now it was an amazing day and you guys will have a bonus on the podcast but I will not say what. Let's just say Larry and I really went back and forth with one another, I asked questions when I had to, which is the reason to what happened. I know you guys are probably confused right now but I wanna tell you guys what happened--- Ahh know what I will say it, even tho my counterpart or Co-Host said not to but let's just say it is longer then what we expected it to be compare to the other episodes but you will have to wait and see as it hasn't been edited yet and will start working on those this week before starting the next collab for Larry and I. However that is besides the point of this post as today is Family Day Holiday here and nothing is open, so I am planning to spend a ton of time with my parents today, play cards, dice and maybe even sit down and watch some of the shows with my mom that we need to catch up on; Untold Stories of The ER, Celebrity Family Feud as we have a ton of those to watch right now, so we may binge watch a pile of them today to get caught up a bit, especially if Celebrity Family Feud comes back this summer especially.

                So the fan page, Twitter DM's, more then likely I will try and answer them, unless I am busy at the moment living my personal life. I will be tweeting and posting on Instagram here and there but for the most part not too often today as I may just take a break today from social media if I have to but will always have my phone with me at all times but like I said it may be take me a bit to answer. Yes I promise to enjoy the time off and decided to re-watch Survivor Heroes Vs. Villians as it is one of my favorite seasons of Survivor and I see a few familar faces from this current season that is on (Season 40), Parvati, Sandra, Boston Rob, Tyson. Anyways I am probably will be playing some Sims as well as I want to work on them a bit more since I decided to make some changes to them and yes there has been a few fires and one sim lazy to put out the fire so just standing there watching the house burn down... smh... I will do a separate post for you guys later on this week. Anyways Happy Family Day to those who are celebrating it here in Canada today and I will talk to you guys in the next post tomorrow.


Sunday, February 16, 2020

Plans For Traveling This Summer?

             So this has been coming in my mind a lot lately and the question I am going to answer for you guys is am I going to go away on holidays this year? Well I hope so! I do not think we will be traveling to the U.S. this year, Minnesota especially but you know I would love to go back to visit cousins down there but again it's a money thing especially to fly down. However I do have 3 places in the back of my mind actually and I am going to mention them in this post:

1) The one place is going back to Pelee Island with my mom and dad as we would love to bring her there but could also be just my dad and I that is undetermined right now. However either way I would love to go back on more time.

2) Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid, New York- Been there so many years ago, I was fairly young at the time but I just do not know if I would ever go back anytime soon it is hard to tell. Also I do not think it would be this year as I do not want to go back to back years going to the U.S. so more then likely be a trip somewhere in Ontario but again you never really know. 

3) Third and finally is Tobermory once again. There is 3 more things on my bucket list I want to do before I finish everything off with what I want to see and do. One is take the Great Blue Heron for a 2 hour cruise around the islands which we have never ever done during the daytime. Still do our trip to the Grotto and Singing Sands Beach as well if we have the time to do that. Finally spend an day on Manitoulin Island and explore the island a bit and yes see the good old Norisle that is sitting there at the shore slowly sinking. Just hope they can restore it eventually it would be nice to actually go on there and see what it is like. 

               There is my list and more then likely this year, my dad and I will be doing Tobermory and just do not the full extent of the plan but the 2 Hour Great Blue Heron Cruise and exploring Manitoulin Island but not sure if we will be able to squeeze in the Grotto and Singing Sands but we can do a full 5 days Monday to Friday with the Friday to come back home after the trip. So I think that is the plan but there is one other thing but it would be quite a travel as we have to go to the U.S. for this but see the Museum where the Edmund Fitzgerald's Bell is which they pulled up after she sank in the water. I'm not sure if I'd ever do it but it is definitely a dream to do and something I'd love to see in person. 


Saturday, February 15, 2020

Everything About Reality TV- Giving Back To The Fans!

             With this being our 13th season, we are actually bringing on fans of the podcast for any of the shows that were covering, however I think we are mainly bringing on fans for Big Brother Canada and got a couple of requests to be on the podcasts already! We are excited to bring on more guests onto the podcast and grow this podcast even further and this week's episode is a bit rocky due to some technical issues at the start but come the following week, I am going to start improving the podcast as the weeks move on. This is our 13th season, it's go big or go home so to speak! That is what we are doing! We are proud of what we have built but it hasn't moved in much of the subs so we need to continue to grow. Now the platforms itself it's grown on many different platforms honestly, just we need to get more listeners and we will and doing very well but again don't forget we have been doing this for almost 5 years but also we have to remember starting a podcast from scratch on Audio ONLY takes time and effort. I am going to be doing a bit of changes in the next week or so with notes, the first episode there was a ton to cover technically so I want to take things one thing at a time.

              We are looking for guests to be on the podcast and THIS is YOUR Chance to get involved with the podcast! Calling all Big Brother Canada Fans, you would like a chance to recap Big Brother Canada podcast with us? Well you can email Myself or Jasmine at and we will put you name down on the list! There is limited spots, 11 spots not including the finale as we have that already locked up with a guest or guests so to speak. Please reach out if you are interested and we will be put you down. The deadline for this, well actually as the weeks go on we will add in your name. I do have to talk to my Producer about this and what I am thinking of doing is actually placing a list to who is in line. I think the first week it will be just me on the podcast then bring on guests the following week. This was all Jasmine's idea and I totally agree with the idea and it is truly going to be an honor talking to you guys over the season. Bring on BBCAN8!!!!!!!!!


Friday, February 14, 2020

The CBOTW Show is Cancelled For Good...

            I really have some bad news and this wasn't the post that I was suppose to do technically but this comes first before the other post that I want to do tomorrow and the plan for the weight loss isn't happening right now as so much has happened. Anyways the bad news is that I have cancelled The CBOTW Show due to some things that has gone on behind the scenes which I will talk about publicly as it is a private matter. However you guys deserve the truth why no 24 Hours to Hell and Back Recap yesterday and what about the Power Rangers Podcast future? I will get into all those details in this post. The podcast itself is retired all together and it will never come back. I am making it clear to you guys that it is done and Everything About Reality TV Podcast is my main concern right now and not planning to work on anything else. Now Power Rangers Podcast as you know we are currently without a home so this brings back the idea of the collaboration podcast... Which we all know worked and less stress on us and me especially. So we will be bringing it back and the collaboration page will be popping back in the coming days but right now the blog and Everything About Reality TV have my attention right now as they need to be kept up to speed on. 

              Either way I should of not brought it back and should of stuck to the Collaboration Podcast as it has worked for us before and it will work despite the small lag of seeing the views on the website but hey this weekend were gonna make it up for you guys one way or another this weekend and make things right again. I think I very much happy with the Staff I have right now, Billy, Jasmine and Larry, so basically the 4 of us, I know this is definitely a solid 4 core group and I think this is what I wanna do is stick to this core group moving forward and try and grow from there. Yes this is bad news that one podcast is done and already gone ahead and cancelled the feeds across and thankfully we're not on very many platforms at the moment so this is good and not much work to do actually. In the end, I want to focus primarily on Everything About Reality TV Podcast and the collaboration, nothing else at the moment, taking one project at a time not a pile but yes I did hint something with Billy down the road but that will be for him and I to announce in the very nearby future.


Thursday, February 13, 2020

Moving Back To The Corner for My Studio (Throwback Thursday Story)

                So it has been a little over a week, about a week and a half now that I have been back in my space in the corner which mind you its been weird feeling for the past week in the space being surrounded by the 2 boom arms and mics again and just an different setup overall I am just not use to it honestly. It does have that cosey feel to  it and love it. Since moving back, I have been tweaking the mics and setting things up. I actually twist tied the mic wired together, so I do not have all this wired slack behind the desk. Actually it was Tuesday when I moved everything back, I had to get the desk down first as that was the first priority was the rug which is 6 x 8 or 6 x 10 but its pretty good size really and it covers up the side desk along with the drawers too so it covers up a good size. Then we put in the size desk to the side then followed by the main desk which had to be lifted over the rug then setup my new drawers and go through all my stuff and put it in there, paper, Christmas lights, microphone stuff, etc. Finally I put up the 2 stackables that is taped so it wouldn't move.

              That is besides the point really and this throwback Thursday story has really derailed itself. Either way I am really enjoying being in the studio and now I can enjoy the studio and utilize it since it has been done in my area and actually sit down and record podcasts with my team or even alumni for example and this weekend, I will be sitting down with Larry to record a podcast for The CBOTW Show as we are very much overdue to record a Power Rangers Podcast. Honestly I have said it once and I will say again it is long coming for us to start recording and it has been a long wait, 8 months to be exact and it is about time that we get back to normal around here. However with the setup complete minus the ceiling and shelves, but I can still record and what not one way or another. So next week I will have an announcement when the next one is out and released to the feeds.


Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Been Taking It Easy This Week!

             As you guys have noticed, I have been taking it easy recently and as you know I have been busy with working on the Power Rangers Podcast a lot, long day and overnight shifts of finishing up the notes for this weekend. Honestly I can into so much details that we were planning on recording the weekend of the Super Bowl but I was still on the other desk at the time. However it is done as you know and this week, I have done absolutely nothing at all minus the blog posts every morning for Noon Eastern and the podcast which is out tomorrow evening 9 pm EST and posting up Steven's podcast at 6 pm EST but besides that I am just doing nothing at all. I have been playing ton of video games, The Sims 4 fooling about with the files I have made, watching the Sims get suspended from University which is a different story for another day. Anyways I have also been working on a project on Minecraft building my own version of the Big Brother Canada House and it is work in progress as I am even building the actual house in a studio warehouse too so it is a massive building and will take me a long time to build but right now I have the time to work on it as I do not start working on Time Force until next week so right now I can enjoy the time off and enjoy my fruits of my labor? Maybe that makes absolutely no sense really and I am pre-writing this before as by the time you guys see this, I am on the road to Eric's for the night as I am watching the Survivor Premiere at his place.

                I have done a bit of work around the site but nothing else from fixing the schedule page to the email system that we use, we have had a couple of issues from our end as we kept on getting locked out of the email, so we have switched from Yahoo to Outlook to now Gmail which Gmail will work a ton better so I have made the switches and updated the addresses and if you have an issue please do not hesitate to contact us about this as we do have a team now and always active answering your questions and concerns or technical issues about it. Either way if it isn't me that answers, it will be one of my staff on Facebook or E-Mail while I am away for the next 24 hours before I get back home to record the podcast. Podcast will be the number 1 priority when I get back then I can do whatever I want really want. 


Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Why Did The Collab Podcast Page Went Away?

               As you know the collaboration podcast went away recently and there is a reason as an idea came to me, yes an idea to me and with Steven and I doing that one collaboration which is now part of The CBOTW Show Podcast that is where this idea came to me putting Steven as the Exec Producer as he is going to be running things for the most part and I trust him enough. As you know hes covering Masterchef, Masterchef Junior, Gordon Ramsey's 24 Hours To Hell and Back and Hell's Kitchen and of course the addition of Power Rangers Podcast in the mix, that is one of the reasons I decided to do this endeavor and I think it is a great idea and never know this could be something that I could be doing for many years now, new shows and old even if Everything About Reality TV Podcast stops at anytime, I certainly have something to fall back on and honestly just doing collabs here and there it won't be much to do in the long run and it would be pretty quiet so this is definitely opportunity not just knocking but banging the door right down and I cannot take away this opportunity. So if you understand where I am coming from with this post, this sets things up for me for the future. 

                So I did all of this for a certain reason but mind you nothing is changing, Power Rangers Podcast is here to stay and we got ton of content on that podcast. One other thing I had some technical issues with the player catching the views as it updates every 7 - 10 days which it never did before and honestly people wasn't listening in honestly so this is where this entire idea for The CBOTW Show came into play. Honestly I think the more platforms that we are on the better we get more listens and fans all together. I have so many more opportunities with the podcasts being on one dedicated feed and I honestly think Steven can do this running the podcast as the Exec Producer as I cannot run two of them so that is why he is named the Executive Producer with me still named as the Founder as I Originally started this podcast 2 years ago almost. I think in the end this is the right decision to make and I am just happier with the plan moving forward and hope this explains a bit why I made this move and I kind of figured Everything About Reality TV won't be around forever as shows will end at some point but yes new shows will come out but least this brand new idea, I have options now and that is what matters.


Monday, February 10, 2020

Contact Page Has Been Updated!

           The contact page on the website here has indeed been updated. It was time for a long overhaul of the page. Now I used tables which you cannot see the lines due to the theme of the website at the moment but the tables are what I believe invisible as you cannot see em but gives it that cool effect and honestly it does a heck of a lot for the site too as it gives me the opportunity to goof around with the way the site looks and I honestly really cool and if you haven't seen it I did put a screenshot on the right hand side but you can check it out on especially if you have to contact one of the podcasts. Honestly you can see that there is 3 sections that we have broken down the contact page into 3 different things:

Website and Blog: Main contact for the website or blog. Mainly I will be the one that answers that email as I am the Administrator to the website and run everything.

Everything About Reality TV Podcast: To Answer any questions related to the podcast and if you want to come on as a guest especially this season as we are about giving back to the fans but will get into that later on in the week about this. The ones that mainly will answer this is myself and Jasmine who is a producer on the podcast. I think I will get Jasmine to answer the emails for the most part but if they can't then I will be the one to answer it.

The CBOTW Show: The newest of the podcasts on our list; as you guys know, myself and Larry and not involved too much right now as Everything About Reality TV Podcast, so this will be to answer any questions, or concerns towards this podcast. The main person and I will be around if he needs he help that is Steven will be the main one to answer any emails about the podcast.

               So with saying that, the contact page is updated and excited were a team once again and any comments or concerns you can direct it to me or leave a comment but there is one other project that is planning to start but once I have confirmation then I will be adding them to the list for contacts as well. Again got any questions for us do not hesitate to get in touch as we would love to hear from you guys!


Sunday, February 9, 2020

Power Rangers Podcast Ready To Go!

             Due to Chris being unavailable today for unforseen circumstances, I am going to write the post for him as he has quite the team here at CBOTW HQ and around the world too as well. As of yesterday morning, he has officially completed the notes and boy I tell you it is a doosey. I can say he's written 44 pages of notes but Chris and Larry have done that before and I am sure when it comes to the guys recording a week today, they will give you a good long good old podcast. They are known for that and enjoy the longer episodes that they record for you guys. So Larry and Chris are going to be meeting up early in the AM, not like 7 or 8 am but little after 9 am over at his end and going to get going on recording bright and early. The one thing Chris has mentioned to us and the entire team behind Chris B On The Web is minus Larry who doesn't know about this yet but will in time and that is the podcast is under The CBOTW Show after a 2 Year Hiatus from the podcast being active and operating. Chris will be talking to Larry this week about it and that he has placed the podcast under that. However he will explain on Wednesday why the Collab Page went away on the Wednesday post. 

                The Podcast is a little less then a week away and we're all excited to show you guys what we have been working on in the past several months and on behalf we give our apologies for the lateness of this podcast and as he has said in the past the two of them are planning to bring out 4 more episodes with a total of 6 this year and if all goes well, never know the two boys may do more episodes per year but they try and keep to the twice a year thing if possible. I know Chris is not scheduled to start the next phase which is Power Rangers Time Force and Power Rangers Wild Force this week as he is taking time for himself as he has worked hours and hours night and day on the notes and he is probably the most dedicated person with that podcast ever, both of them are. 

The CBOTW Team

Saturday, February 8, 2020

The CBOTW Show Is Back After a 2 Year Hiatus!

                 It has been nearly 2 Years since The CBOTW Show has gone off the air abruptly and after this long hiatus, the podcast is officially is back! It will be a new feed and new start to it however I am currently having issues with the account on Apple so I have to somehow fix that issue tomorrow or Monday at some point when I get a chance. So the podcast now compare to before where we had Last Man Standing, Music City CMT (Which can be found on Everything About Reality TV) and Power Rangers Podcast. However there is one of those that I have listed that is guaranteed to come back however we are adding onto the podcast and here is what you can see on the podcast this year (2020):

Chris (Myself) and Larry:

- Power Rangers Podcast: It'll continue on the Podcast as it did originally when we first started this journey almost 2 years ago and we are proud it is returning to the podcast where it began it's journey.


- Gordon Ramsey's 24 Hours To Hell and Back

- Masterchef

- Masterchef Junior

- Hell's Kitchen

                     There is the list of and as you guys can see Steven is the main person behind this podcast, he has majority of Executive Producer role then I do. I think I am more just a producer at this point as I play a low key part of the podcast but Steven is the man to come to when it comes to the first contact for the podcast and I will be sure to forward the message to him if you guys got a question for the podcast. I did have a thought about having separate emails and that is what we are going to plan on doing moving forward but announcement to come this week for you guys.


Friday, February 7, 2020

Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show Podcasts Schedule

         As you know we are just about to go underway with our 13th Season of the Podcast and I can say this: I am very proud of this podcast especially with the rough time it went through with last year we are raring to go. I am giving this season a theme and it is to give back to the fans who have been loyal to the podcast. With saying that as you have seen we have made a post to have super fans like ourselves on our podcast. We will be reaching out to you guys as we get closer and we have gotten a couple of requests to be on the podcast already and I can officially say this, Eric who use to be staff on my other team is on the list to come on the podcast during the season. So please reach out to us. Now as you know I am currently scheduled to host BBCAN8 Recaps and we officially have our schedule for Recaps. It hasn't changed much this year. However as you guys know we have another podcast added, The CBOTW Show which I will talk about on tomorrow's blog post. Without further ado here is our timetable for not only Everything About Reality TV but also The CBOTW Show as well:

Thursdays:  6 pm EST: The CBOTW Show- Gordon Ramsey's 24 Hours To Hell and Back (Steven)

                     9 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor: Winners At War Recap (Chris) 

Fridays: 9 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Big Brother Canada 8 Recap

           There is the schedule for both Podcasts and we are about to get to our busy and I do have information on BBCAN8 but going to wait to tell you guys eventually. It is too soon to tell you guys Finale dates and we haven't started yet. I can say this, it will be an epic season ahead if us and just excited in general to the upcoming season. One other thing that I am not sure on right now is TAR (Amazing Race US) but once I know, I will be announcing it to you guys when that returns but for right now we have the three things going on and that is what we will be focusing on at the moment however like I have said in the past I will let you guys know when I have more information! Hope you guys are excited for a brand new season as we are excited to produce a new season.


Thursday, February 6, 2020

Power Rangers Podcast Is Returning!

               So this is the official announcement for the Power Rangers Podcast which isn't a collaboration podcast anymore and I will get into details about this on Saturday's blog post when I make an official announce for you guys which is Huge News for you guys! Anyways as you know rumors and speculations for weeks that we are indeed close to coming back and yes I have been working long hours to getting the notes done and i can say officially that I am at the tail end of the podcast notes which means a week Sunday, Larry and I will be back together recording the 2 podcasts finally. Also note that when I was at the other desk It was not set for 2 boom arms as I have said in the past posts but now that the setup is very much done and ready and all we really have to do from here on our is to actually finish the notes and get it done. I should be done by the end of the weekend at the most, hoping by the end of the week. After that I will be taking a week off from preparing Power Rangers Time Force and also Power Rangers Wild Force seasons which I plan to actually get going on these for June as time will be indeed ticking.

                Larry doesn't know about this news yet as I haven't spoken to him since Sunday and he has not been online lately due to personal obligations which is fine and gives me time to finish things up and print them off and get them into the folder and ready to go for a week Sunday. I know in the end I will deserve a break from the Power Rangers Podcast once I am done as after a week Sunday I will end up in the editing process of the Podcast and hopefully have something up for you guys end of that week honestly so you have something to listen to. I want to also remind you guys that Larry and I will be doing 3 recording sessions this year so there will be a ton of content for you guys this year and excited to be bringing 3 of them out this year. Also that we are catching up on things from last year still as we did not record a second set of 2 seasons so we are catching up but come June we will be back on the right track again and raring to go for another one come June and October.


Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Studio Updates for 01-05-2020

              I have some updates for you guys... I know its been several days, maybe a week or so now. However as you can see in the picture to the right of what I am typing yes, I am back at my studio desk, the one that has been restored with a new top to it which was easy to replace honestly. However trust me it is a heavy desk now. Now I have been back at my desk since Sunday night when I didn't have any of this setup no boom arms, side desk new stackables which I will get to momentarily and the final setup stages of the setup to the studio. So it stayed like this for a couple of days honestly and I was at what you see on the right hand side with just the monitors and there was absolutely no boom arms nothing! Just the bare bones of the desk.

Now I did move the desk to the corner as I was planning to and honestly my plan setting it back up was to be simple, have a simple setup. that is what I did there. Now in the picture you see to the left has no boom arms and yes I will get to that in a short bit. Mind you I had to go out to the Eye Doctor to get my lens ordered for my frames so I didn't have time to get to set it up so, like I said I will get to it. You can kind of imagine the process of it but big thanks to my dad for the help on the setup as he helped me setup the carpet desk and what not and honestly I kept on moving things and tweaking for hours on end but I think I am definitely happy with the setup as it is now and no regrets on my own setup.

           Finally in the 3rd and final picture is the final setup of the desk area which has the new stackables which is a ton better then what I had before which holds a lot more then it did before. Also you can see the side desk is once again back in play again and being used  again. Obviously the boom arms are setup but at this moment untested right now so I have to still do that at some point in the next week and a half as I have a podcast to record with Larry as we're only a week and a half from that which I will be addressing that on tomorrow's post. Finally I want to say the dresser yes needs the 3rd drawer put back as right now it is a broken drawer at the moment but in time I will get that repaired and fixed at some point soon. I hope you guys enjoyed this update on the studio and there is still the ceiling to finish and also putting up the shelving and unpacking stuff that is still to come but in time we will be all setup eventually. Not sure what the plan is with the curtain or the green screen is but we will see. Sorry for such a long post but I will talk to you guys tomorrow!


Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Is Growing!

             Obviously I have spoken about why I refuse to create content but I want to re-iterate it to you guys why. It is getting to the 4 year mark since I retired from YouTube. Now yes I have tried numerous times to return to bring the Podcast back but failed time and time again and honestly it will just not work out. Honestly there are reasons why such as the views will be suppressed and not too many ppl will find the channel, Ad revenue not being so great and so forth. Also being a new channel it will be a tough uphill battle especially with the advertiser friendly content so it will most definitely tough. The other thing is we have become quite a household name on Audio ONLY lately and I am talking 18 different platforms at the moment as of right now that is how many platforms. This is why I am very skeptical of going back to video and I honestly am happy with the platforms it is on right now and it always growing and even newer platforms that I have never heard about it seems to show up. I think it is clear obviously that I am, sorry we're happy on the platforms that we are on right now and that is what really matters right now is that we're happy where we are on right now. 

              So I think it is very clear that the podcast is meant to be on Audio ONLY and that is what we are going to do. Honestly going back to YouTube at this point I think it is not nor ever going to happen and even with a new podcast in the future or any other content of any sort it will not happen. YouTube has been dead for a while now and with everything that has happened to that platform it's sad honestly. Yes I realize I do watch videos but cannot comment on videos or reply to people as technically I do not have a channel but cant subscribe and like videos etc, etc. So I guess I am an invisible subscriber? Not sure honestly and not sure why but I'm rambling again. Anyways the point is the podcast is growing and that is what matters and all we can really do is keep on growing from here on out and watch it grow more and more as we continue on with the podcast as we are on the move to our 5th Year on the podcast. That are my thoughts on things right now and I am nothing but very happy with the way things have been going for us right now.


Monday, February 3, 2020

Staff List Updated Again!

              With all the changes that has happened comes the Staff List for all across all teams and projects that are going on currently with the website. It is only the start right now and with that I hope to eventually grow the team eventually but that is kind of besides the point right now. Anyways here is the list:


Chris (Me) Founder & Owner 

Larry TVPT/CBOTW Alumni & Advisor 

Billy Advisor 

Everything About Reality TV STAFF:

Chris Founder/Executive Producer/Host 

Larry Co-Founder 

Jasmine Producer

Power Rangers Collab Podcast STAFF: 

Chris (Me) Exec Producer/Host 

Larry Co-Host 

Gordon Ramsey's 24 Hours To Hell and Back Collab STAFF:

Steven Host

Chris (Me) Exec Producer/Co-Host  

                    There is the list of the Staff and yea we got a second collab on the go and more then likely we will be doing this the rest of the season and will see and you never know one of the main podcasts or even a new podcast could pop up anytime in the very near future as the last collaboration Podcast has done extremely well with the viewership which is making me ready to offer someone a podcast of their own so you never really know what will happen around with Chris B On The Web.


Sunday, February 2, 2020

Minor Changes To Everything About Reality TV Podcast

              I did not think about changes would be made again once again however I am glad this is done in the Pre-Season, it could of been a lot rougher mid season but however that is now besides the point and I am going to explain everything to what is going on. Yes I realize there has been no blog is 2 days now and one of the reasons is because I slept half the day actually. Well to be honest with you guys I wrote this at 3 in the morning this morning due to the fact I couldn't sleep at all. However as you guys know from the video I posted on Social Media last night, that Jasmine is no longer hosting the Big Brother Canada Season 8 and Big Brother US Season 22 Recaps due to commitment with work which is totally understandable and we discussed things and Jasmine isn't going anywhere as their going to be still involved with Everything About Reality TV Podcast from a Behind The Scenes standpoint. What does this mean? Jasmine will be in charge of things behind the scenes from getting guests on the podcast each week hopefully to letting me know when Reality TV Shows are going to be starting and Season Finales and so on. What does this mean for Big Brother Canada coming up? Well yours truly will be taking on the role on host for this season at least and you never know this could open the doors with the guests we have on this season to possible more permanent Host for Big Brother US 22 in the summer. These were all Jasmine's ideas and I totally agree and this is something we should of done from get go but that's OK. It's a learning curve as this is the first time and we sure have some ideas moving forward.

             Anyways that is what is going to happen and I already posed an idea to my team and if we add something I will be sure to announce it here on the blog at some point in very near future for right now we are still currently on Audio ONLY and looks like I will be back doing Big Brother Canada Recaps again this year and looks like Larry and I will be doing a Finale Podcast as well. So some positive things out of but yea I know I was excited to be sharing the podcast with not just myself but other people as well but in a way I still am, Jasmine is still part of the team and involved but just in a different way. The way I think about it is there is a positive outlook to the situation honestly and I am still a very happy Exec Producer and Host. Maybe in a few months time we will find a permanent host for Big Brother Recaps. However this is not the right time and in time we will work on the next step. Right now it is one step at a time and that is what we plan on doing from here on out. I got such a supportive team CBOTW wise, podcast wise as well and they respect any decision that we make moving forward.