Friday, February 21, 2020

The History of Chris B On The Web

           Chris B On The Web as you guys know to this day, was founded by me in 2014 not to replace but more on a independent YouTuber. Yes The Entertainment Man Talk Show continued on and I will get into the history of the project on Sunday's post. It remained on the air between 2014 and 2015 so it was pretty much short lived on the air as we recorded our very last episode at the start of June 2015. The project was immediately put on a hiatus between June 2015 and June 2016. However we vlogged on a daily basis and you guys really enjoyed it but after 700 + days of Vlogging on a regular basis, sick or not sick that was ended in 2015 at the end of the year when we stopped Daily vlogging to keep going on the projects.  In 2014 till March 2015, I had my first podcast "The Chris B Podcast" with Charlie. In 2016, we started to lose Staff left and right leaving Justin and I to fend for ourselves. We actually were so close to a renewal for a 7th Season of the Series but due to no staff to help film and record, the series was finally cancelled in June 2016. Also as you guys know Everything About Reality TV started with Larry in 2015 and he was involved with it up to January 2016 when he left Chris B On The Web. However the podcast continued on without him and if I remember he made an appearance on the podcast that spring for the Big Brother Canada Season 4 Finale Recap after him and I made amends with him and he agreed to come on. 

           He was also given that Title of Co-Founder due to him helping me out in the early years. He also appeared at the Big Brother Canada 5, 6 and 7 Finale Recaps on the podcast as well.  In June 2016, we saw the end of my YouTube career after nearly 10 years on the platform. Justin remained with me till May 2017 when I went entirely on my own. Also September the podcast went on Audio ONLY for Everything About Reality TV and again there will be a history post about it tomorrow.  In 2018 Larry and I joined forces and formed our Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and the rest of that is pretty much history. Also in 2019, we saw the addition of Billy and in 2020 we also saw the addition of Jasmine to Everything About Reality TV. Pretty much I am happy with the team we have currently and I think I am just going to leave things as they are for now and it is better for us to stay put for now but like I have said this is only the beginning. I will see you in the next post tomorrow!


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