Monday, February 27, 2017

Thank-You! [10,000 Website Views!]

Well yesterday, February 26th, 2017, has hit 10,000 website views over the course of a short time since adding the counter to the website, which was sometime last year but over the course of the last 2 years now it was worth the hard work put into the website day in and day out each and everyday. I love ChrisBOnTheWeb and what it has become over the last 2 years, from YouTube to Podcasting to blogging, this site has ever so much grown over 2 years time and everyday new people follow me on social media getting to know me and my website to what it is to this day which helps with the plan to bring it live at a later date, but that is up in the air right now... Now YouTube was such a fun experience and getting the comments each and everyday but it become a hassle to pick up the camera and vlog each and everyday which is the reason why I left YouTube to do my podcast "Everything About Reality TV" and I think my move to I have yet to seen it. 10,000 people IS a lot of people and it is very very overwhelming to see so many people over the course of this time. But connecting with my almost 2300 Twitter followers is the reason why my website has grown and gotten to the 10K in a fast pace. 

The plan now with being at 10K with my website, I am hoping and aiming for video platform as well with the Audio ONLY of the podcast which means schedule will be changing entirely from the time podcasts are live and to the time the Audio ONLY version of the podcast will be released which is a reason I am meeting with my in Studio Assistant who helps me off air with scheduling and other things that needs to be done within my studio. So I will put that on my itinerary for this weeks upcoming meeting to discuss the plan for podcasts on I really want to make this the best podcasting experience ever and myself, Justin, Jeff & Chance have features which you will not beyond believe with the plans we have planned within the site which will hopefully double our viewers! With the chat coming it will always be opened 24-7 and there will be no guest chatting as it will bring down the trolls that wanna troll me. And another thing Chance is doing is where when you sign up to chat within our chat, yes I said our chat, I wanna make this a place we can hangout on air/off air there is only 4 rules I have and it is the most liberal rules I have had in the past, but anyways when you sign up you can only have one user account via IP, this is to bring down the amount of trolls. Myself, Justin, Jeff and Chance will have an admin panel where we can see whos on the chat and who the users are so we can take action if it gets out of control.  That is our plan now that we hit 10 thousand views on the site and I am, we are excited for the future plans of the website to grow the website even more! 

Have a great Monday! Might do another post later as a double post Monday!


Saturday, February 25, 2017

Update On The Re-Build of Chris B On The Web &!

First of all I had one other blog to post but I can put that on hold till tomorrow because I really want to get this post out on an update. As you guys know ever since departing YouTube it has been a hard to rebuild the website from the ground up. Also having to deal with problems with my team, it hasn't been easy on the stress on me since two individuals no names mentioned quit last year which was the downfall of my YouTube career.

So now the changes: Even more problems have occurred recently with my staff. I hired 2 people and very little lack of communication, I ended up letting them go because of it. I have 1 more and they got warned I am pulling the plug June 1st, just so frustrated with my team not doing their role within my team at this point. So Staff here at Chris B On The Web isn't all smiles and laughs but it is slowly coming together. But with the change in staff once again, I think the 4 of us can handle what needs to be done and the Staff seems more steady now then it has been for in the last week. Now as you guys know, I've had my share of issues with Over the last month with it being up and down quite a lot. First it went down for major work to be done, I brought it back online in time for my podcasts to growing once again. Then of course the website went down once again due to a server issue which isn't surprising to me at all. The 000webhost servers has it's own issues once and a while but the site itself is back up and running and is running nice and smoothly now.

So between site issues and staff issues, it has been a busy last month and I ensure you everything is alright and I know the problems have been resolved and slowly making a plan to what I would like to do with ChrisBOnTheWeb and I got a meeting with Staff this upcoming week to what I would like to do. at this point. Finally I would like to say thank you for your patience through this tough growing pains of my website and Chris B On The Web and I think we are on the right track right now. 

Have a great Saturday!


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why I Watch Reality TV!

There is really a lot of reasons why I watch Reality TV and why I love it! The first of all is the strategy behind certain shows such as Survivor, Big Brother US and Big Brother Canada. They lying, the backstabbing, the strategy behind it all. Being in a house for 70 or more days or for Survivor 39 days on an island trying to survive the elements while competing as a tribe and individually, also voting out a tribe member 3 days apart! Also I got to know quite some memorable faces, Rob C, Boston Rob, Russell, Tony and so on! What I am trying to say is I love to watch such amazing characters develop each and every season of Survivor. Some seasons I am shocked to see a big move being made where a player is sent out of the game either before Jury or when the Jury has started. Also I love to see and hear the final tribal council each season to what the jury has to say whether it is a statement or someone is really pissed off for being back stabbed in the game when they made a deal or not.  

Now Big Brother, whether it is the US or Canadian version, I love the alliances that are made from Newport, The Chop Shop, The Brigade, The Sheyld, The First Five, Chilltown so many Alliances have either done well or crumbled fast or gone a long way but was broken up at some point of the game it is so amazing to watch Alliances succeed or fail. Also now adding a chance to get back into the game which really twists the game up. Also especially Big Brother Canada, the funny moments especially with Talla's 191999 meltdown will go down as the most memorable moment in Big Brother Canada History.

Next is Hell's Kitchen, now you will say its not cause of Chef Ramseys constant yelling and cursing is it? Of course not! I like to pick out the strong crop of chefs and go with them for my picks each and every season, yes I do yell at the TV screen quite a lot when someone gives Chef Ramsey Raw food or over cooked. I do complain a lot about the attitude and the way the chefs treat each other but that is about right for me to say something.

Finally The Amazing Race US and Canada, I love watching the places they go, the places they visit and see on each and every season. Also the UTurns are amazing to watch whether they use it or not, I like to see the looks on the faces and makes me think, if I were on the show, would I use it or not? Would depend really. But watching Reality TV sure makes me think what will happen next and who will be the next to go, also who I would like to see go next.

Have a great night guys!


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Had A Dufus Moment Last Week! | Frustration Like Crazy Last Week!

Well last week was a major dufus moment and one hell of a week for me as I thought it was 000webhost servers that was giving issues, well at first it was their crummy server, then I reset the site entirely hoping it would come back online, but it was a minor step I missed that was the cause of the root of the problem this entire time! Now blaming my domain provider wasn't the right answer and I've already manned up to the mistake. Honestly 000webhost is making it so hard for use the website owners to operate the website. I am still vouching to what I said on Twitter back on the weekend which is I am still planning to get a full on package with the domain whether it is with HostGator when I renew or GoDaddy or some other domain provider website. I got a year and a half to decide where I am heading with the future of But this brings me into my next point which is you can imagine over the course of the last year and a half how much frustration I have been through within the website, trying to maintain it and also keep it online for more then a freaking week! Now since my site is back the views are not as good grinding around 22 views per day, however it is starting to get the viewership back, my more biggest concern at this point of time is the lack of communication within my team, my staff who volunteer their time to help me with the success of running ChrisBOnTheWeb. Just yesterday, I ended up letting go of one of the 4 staff I had. At this point I am cleaning house and as April 1st of this year, one more will go if this chat doesn't move anywhere which at this point it hasn't and has been at a full stand still for almost an entire year. I waited a whole freaking year plus for this chat to be done and has it? Nooo always excuses made or arguments made over it. Yes I understand it takes time but they said it wouldn't take more then a year and all I have seen is the login main screen of the chat that's it. So as of April 1st like I said I will be letting them go as their was no communication made since January and the dream of bringing my podcasts back live will not be happening anytime soon.  I feel for you guys and the frustrating levels of a site that isn't working half the time, however I appreciate the patience and positive feedback you guys have given me when the site has been online. That always put a smile on my face and right now as I am typing this I got a bit of a grin on my face as I am very very happy with the positive feedback and pep talks you guys give me on Twitter. I am very grateful to have you guys as a fan base and grown so much since the move to podcasts last summer. I have almost doubled from the 1500 I had last summer and hopefully I will hit 3k by the summer and I sure think I will. 

Have a great Tuesday!


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Schedule

I have been withholding this blog post for the longest time and I was talking about it on Social Media for the past few days since finding out the last of the 3 shows I am covering in this winter season. It is with great pleasure and very exciting to announce the Winter 2017 schedule for the infamous "Everything About Reality TV Podcast" 

Thursdays @ 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor Game Changers Recap Podcast (Starting March 8th, 2017)

Fridays @ 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Big Brother Canada Recap Podcast (Starting March 15th, 2017)

Saturdays @ 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Amazing Race 29, USA Recap Podcast (Starting April 21st, 2017)

There is your schedule and like I said either here on the blog or Twitter I will eventually will be doing another Hell's Kitchen recap in the near future, possibly the fall which I think will be the next season of HK, but I wanna try and make this the best experience out there and I want to grow this podcast so if I got more of an open schedule I will be sure to add Hell's Kitchen in there as well and if Master Chef fits in the timetable that as well too. I may add a second podcast to the list talking about whats been going on in the feeds the last week, so I am looking for a team behind that and if I can get people to help me that would be one amazing podcast to do on it's own like on a Friday evening or a Sunday, something like that. Kind of talk about what has gone on the live feeds for the last week. I don't think I have seen it happen and been thinking about this in the the last year and a bit now about this idea and maybe it is the best idea I can have.  Anyways I hope you enjoy these podcasts coming up start Thursday, March 9th, 2017 with Everything About Reality TV Survivor Gamers Podcast.

Have a great Saturday!


Monday, February 13, 2017

Staying Organized, Keeping On Track of Things!

First of all, I am sure you guys are going to ask, Chris, how are you so organized with the podcasts, blog posts, events you go to, scheduled recordings of the podcast and so forth? Well I always use and utilize my calendar/agenda/planner, whatever you guys like to call it. But it helps, I put in my appointments like YMCA in the 2 pm and so on. Also when I record my podcasts I set a time to sit down and really record the podcasts. I usually tend to record in the afternoon so its ready to go onto,, & However when I schedule my recordings I put this in at the allotted time, for example Everything About Reality TV Podcast, Recording. When it comes to a podcast being released I put it in both my calendar that sits on or near my desk everyday as it is easy to access, but also it is in my Google calendar which you can see on my website on the front page below the image slide show on the left side next to the twitter feed. What is good about having both my physical calendar here on my desk, but my cell phone is hooked up to, which actually does make my cellphone beep when a podcast or an event so either way it reminds me something is coming up within an hour as it is set to go off one hour or half hour before the event or for me to post up my podcast up comes up. So both are a big big help and i highly recommend it!

Now you will ask me how do I know what needs to be done on a regular basis, Well, I have my black folder that has a line pad of paper in there and I write down what needs to be done, along the line of having a list of different topics when there is nothing on my mind, I can do some of them and I have been inspired on ideas for the near future as well. Now not only I write them down I use an app on my computer called Sticky Notes and I tell ya it is great! I love to use them all the time, it helps me keeps me organized! If you got windows 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10, I highly recommend to use it. It is worth it! Anyways thank you guys so much for reading this blog and I will do another post a little later on.

Have a great night,


Friday, February 10, 2017

Saying No! Turning Negatives Into Positives!

Saying No, is the hardest thing for people to say. I am one of those people that have a hard time saying No. Recently I thought things were going so well with my ex, but with not listening to me and lying that they did indeed subscribe to my podcast makes me realize that I should of never said yes to the piece I was willing to do for her. When my ex and I started talking I should of never said yes to this promotional piece for her hockey team. I noticed yesterday (Wednesday) I was for once saying no to it happening. However my problem is, I am too much of a soft person, I am too easy going of a person, that is my only problem. I am too easy going of a person, when a person like my ex, doesn't want to listen to me which has been an on going problem for the last few weeks. Now this brings me to the point I want to make in this blog post which is don't feel like you have to say yes to everything. It doesn't feel right I am sacrificing my time to do a piece that isn't being communicated well and also listening from the other party. You think you should do something if someone will not communicate and listen to what you have to say. Also accusing you of accusing them when I am stating the facts who is subscribed on my & feeds for my podcast? I think not! I will not take or tolerate being accused for accusing someone else of something I did not do when I stated my facts, I presented them with the facts who is subbed as I have kept tabs who is subbed to my podcasts on 3 of the platforms which I am involved with, 2 of them being my partners that Everything About Reality TV is with. So at this point, I am saying "NO" to the project at this point of time. I am not going to be abused and accused of things that I didn't do. 

When you say no, you must say it with respect and kindness and always give and state a reason why you are saying no to what the person is asking you or if it is in my case that hockey team piece. Honestly sometimes saying no takes a weight off your shoulders, especially when you got other major projects going on, in my case Everything About Reality TV, the sports piece with my buddy Jeff from bowling, also the start of CBOTW Gamers Podcast and finally a possible Reunion of 2 old buddies of mine from Stickam/BlogTV & also days as well. I got plenty of positive things to think about such as what I listed above. When you have something negative turn it into a positive, like the appointments I go to help with my frustrations, turn those negatives into a positive! 

Have  a great night, I will post again later in the day with another post! 


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Updates, Both Website and Podcasts!

So I am sure for those who have follow me on social media, you were shocked as heck to see the site back up and operating in a very quick fashion. Well the explanation behind that is I needed to get the site back up so this way knows I got an active website and it is up and running once again. Now being at 12 hours of it running, the site views been around 14 views but it is going to be slow while the site is just getting back up and running. Once Big Brother Canada, Survivor & Amazing Race comes back, the views should go up. Also the facts that I am going to start blogging on a almost regular basis will help with the website views going up. I have never  doubted the facts that my website wouldn't fail, it has been running smoothly lately and always getting viewers. But now that the site was short off 3 weeks, I think people wondered what was going on with the site and why it went down. Don't forget it went down the day before my computer went out of commission for several days. And the last few weeks it was about me rebuilding the entire website and also finding the right provider that will work for me, yet I have once again returned to 000webhost and I dont mind the email forwarder and I realized today it has been sending me emails from that email address to the places I have signed up with. But once again is where you can contact me or the team at anytime if you got any questions at all. 

Now Everything About Reality TV took a turn for the worst as when I embedded episode 1 - 4 of EAR TV it showed Episode # 13. Now everything is fine on the side of so it has to be a glitch with stitcher and I have notified them but yet to hear back from them about what is going on with it. I have for now at least pulled my stitcher partnership for now until they fix the glitch or it will be a permanent pull and I will not go with them again in the near future. However I have signed up for EAR TV to appear on like I said above and hopefully they say yes and allow me to have my podcasts on there and help me grow my podcasts further.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


Saturday, February 4, 2017 Updates!

I know I haven't posted as much as I would of liked to but been busy fixing and trying to get it back onto Maintenance screen. I understand and I know its been a week and a half since the site has been down but working on bringing it back soon as possible. Site has propagated and is awaiting launch a week today at 7 pm EST! When I was switching providers, however it showed a flipping virus, if this doesn't work I will go to a free website and wait for the domain to expire and go with someone else and someone that has a web builder and email system within the site just 000webhost had till they changed the email system to email forwarder not email system, which if you may ask me it is kind of dumb. However the new email to contact me is since the .com emails are no longer there but I rather use Yahoo anyways. This morning I was on the horn, well support chat with HostGator which I highly recommend them for a domain host. I understand all of your frustrations with my website close to a 2 week shutdown but had issues with the web provider a tad bit also issues along the line with my internet browser there was virus's that appeared on the site but i think it was the provider that was causing this or Chrome telling me there was an virus! 

Just this morning I have completed and will be re-launching Monday, February 6th, 2017. It will have been a 2 weeks and 2 days since it has been shutdown. I am so hyped for the re-launch of the website now, no matter how much people put down my self & my team, telling me to fire them when they are doing what they are suppose to do as their description of their roll within the site. I haven't told you much along the line of who's on "Staff" Well Myself, Justin been working behind the scenes since December, as he has been on a hiatus since my change over from YouTube to blogging then eventually podcasting. Also I have brought an old friend Jeff from down in Pennsylvania where eventually he will be the Co Host of CBOTW Gamers Podcast which is in the plans in the near future. Also my ex and friend Heather has been eyes and ears for me and is starting to do small tasks for me which will bring the Dragons Piece which has been the long anticipated piece for the last 5 years at least.... LOL! You do not want to know how many times I've called off that project but this time I know this will happen this time around. So as you can see I am very very busy, excuse me we are a busy team getting things done and building the website back up.

Have a great rest of your weekend,