Monday, February 27, 2017

Thank-You! [10,000 Website Views!]

Well yesterday, February 26th, 2017, has hit 10,000 website views over the course of a short time since adding the counter to the website, which was sometime last year but over the course of the last 2 years now it was worth the hard work put into the website day in and day out each and everyday. I love ChrisBOnTheWeb and what it has become over the last 2 years, from YouTube to Podcasting to blogging, this site has ever so much grown over 2 years time and everyday new people follow me on social media getting to know me and my website to what it is to this day which helps with the plan to bring it live at a later date, but that is up in the air right now... Now YouTube was such a fun experience and getting the comments each and everyday but it become a hassle to pick up the camera and vlog each and everyday which is the reason why I left YouTube to do my podcast "Everything About Reality TV" and I think my move to I have yet to seen it. 10,000 people IS a lot of people and it is very very overwhelming to see so many people over the course of this time. But connecting with my almost 2300 Twitter followers is the reason why my website has grown and gotten to the 10K in a fast pace. 

The plan now with being at 10K with my website, I am hoping and aiming for video platform as well with the Audio ONLY of the podcast which means schedule will be changing entirely from the time podcasts are live and to the time the Audio ONLY version of the podcast will be released which is a reason I am meeting with my in Studio Assistant who helps me off air with scheduling and other things that needs to be done within my studio. So I will put that on my itinerary for this weeks upcoming meeting to discuss the plan for podcasts on I really want to make this the best podcasting experience ever and myself, Justin, Jeff & Chance have features which you will not beyond believe with the plans we have planned within the site which will hopefully double our viewers! With the chat coming it will always be opened 24-7 and there will be no guest chatting as it will bring down the trolls that wanna troll me. And another thing Chance is doing is where when you sign up to chat within our chat, yes I said our chat, I wanna make this a place we can hangout on air/off air there is only 4 rules I have and it is the most liberal rules I have had in the past, but anyways when you sign up you can only have one user account via IP, this is to bring down the amount of trolls. Myself, Justin, Jeff and Chance will have an admin panel where we can see whos on the chat and who the users are so we can take action if it gets out of control.  That is our plan now that we hit 10 thousand views on the site and I am, we are excited for the future plans of the website to grow the website even more! 

Have a great Monday! Might do another post later as a double post Monday!


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