Sunday, March 29, 2020

My Mental Health Is Not Great & Updates....

            My sleep is really weird right now and probably has to do with being isolated for nearly 2 weeks now and honestly will be talking about that this week on Tuesday if I remember correctly to when that post is going up. I have found myself sleeping way to early and up during the night like I use to which I really wanna get myself back to a normal routine even with me home 24-7 recently and just hope this is over soon as I am struggling on a daily basis and I just do not know how much longer I can hold out being in isolation but don't forget I am with my parents so that gives me someone to talk to honestly. However what I really meant is I'd like to see other people as it has been hard not to see friends and even texting, IM chatting online or Discord/Skype but more in person. I kind of feel what the sims feels at time desolate not seeing other people and I am starting to sound like Sims. I know my parents been trying to keep me occupied during these tough times. I know I haven't been the most impatient person during these tough times but there is nothing I can do. I can go out for walks and plan to go to the bank with my mom to get out of my area and isn't far to go really. However I am going to more then likely stay in the car but we'll see how I feel. 

             I really haven't been too motivated to do much and trying to get the content out to you guys as much as I can and trying some new things out for the podcast. I think this week I will be taking a small break from bonus episodes but promise you guys I will get back to a every second week schedule after this week.  I am also taking my time off and I may change my time off schedule and work Monday through Fridays this way I take off weekends which means I need to keep to my schedule which is:

7 Days a Week: Blog posts
Sundays: Entertainment Man Podcast- post up the episode @ 1 pm EST
Wednesdays: Entertainment Man Bonus Podcast- Record Bonus episode
                        Entertainment Man Podcast- Record Regular episode
Thursdays: Entertainment Man Podcast- post up bonus episode @ 1 pm EST (Every second week)
Fridays: Entertainment Man Podcast- Sneak Peek @ 1 pm EST

            There is my timetable honestly and looks very busy but the odd weeks that I am not doing the bonus I will always be doing other content or getting that content ready but this schedule will be temporary as I think working during the week is what I need so this will all start Tuesday so tomorrow I will be off then Tuesday through Friday then off during the weekends for the time being until this "Self Isolation" is done and could be another 2 - 3 months where I will not be able to get out but it depends how quickly they can get the vaccine figured out and it will take time to make it and test it out and then administer it to everyone. So I will hang in there and I will talk further what I have been up to during self isolation on Tuesday.


Saturday, March 28, 2020

Updates On Entertainment Man Podcast!

           I am in need for more topics and this is not me saying I am out of ideas because I have ton of ideas in the back of my mind. However I want to get you guys involved with ideas and topics and if there is anything in the back of your mind please let me know via Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or Instagram or by e-mail However I am going to be able to sustain ideas on my own but I am totally welcoming to ideas. Remember what I said I am planning interviews with a few people on my list and behind the scenes ideas so I am going to definitely throw that in the mix. However I have come up with a few ideas and I am mentioning an Q & A for the podcast down the road and will be working on some new ideas. I am trying to edit and get a sneak peek as I again failed to post it up. I need to get that fixed and I am going to work on a schedule for myself to make sure things are done on time. Good thing I got ideas ready to go and I am ahead of myself for that department. It is hard to get things done as the studio is in full lockdown right now cause of what is going on but I am trying to limit how much I get done during the week. 

              Being a few weeks in I have noticed the topics that I am talking about is actually working and the views are up and noticed this podcast is doing well and growing the podcast rapidly fast. But that is a good thing and I feel like things are doing really well and honestly a ton better then the other podcast I ran. I am not putting down the other podcast, it was fun and yes I will be talking about it on the podcast tomorrow as part of my discussion on following my heart. Either way I think I am a lot happier now then I was before. I am always thinking of ideas and seems every time I record there an idea that I come up with when I am recording the podcast which is nuts and puts a smile on my face honestly as I know this is indeed a great idea to go with and hey least the ideas are flowing compare to when I had to do off season Podcasts but I do miss the Reality TV days but now I am in a happier place and able to get things done at a better pace and I admit I am getting more likes and Retweets on social then I did with the other so that is a good thing so I am getting excited as we get further into the season as I know I should of started in January and honestly Larry is right it was a very stressful podcast and I do not need to stress myself out.  Anyways enjoy the sneak peek this afternoon and enjoy the episode as it was a fun episode to record.


Friday, March 27, 2020

Been Thinking About Sports Again...

            I been thinking about this for a while and right now it is all up in the air due to the virus everything is shutdown here but essential. What am I meaning? I was thinking about actually going back to a bowling league but with the state of the world I guess it will have to be on hold for now. Anyways, I did bowl for many years in a league on Fridays and technically I left cause of certain reasons. I really haven't thought about coming back and I honestly had to deal with my knee issues and now my knees are better but I need to work on my weight which mind you an update is coming tomorrow on this and I'm really happy to say this too. Anyways back to the topic at hand last time I played I almost made the provincials tournament which would of definitely been amazing to get to that step and I truly have been so close to actually making it twice which is incredible, 1 in bowling and 1 in softball. Yes I am referring to Special Olympics as most of you know I have Autism and not afraid to say it or actually hide it anymore.

              I know that my knees are the upmost importance if my decision to return to sports but bowling wouldn't be that bad or bad at all with returning and would be nice to meet new people and actually bowl. I could go to my parents Tuesday night league so this way I can come back with them home and that is always an option. However with the state of the world I guess that has to be on the back burner for now and that's OK. I rather stay healthy and technically the bowling alleys here are closed so I am willing to wait till this all passes and it will in time. I need to remain positive through this times and and I will bowl in time and the question is when and whenever they get a working vaccine which they have been working on but it's gotta be tested and make sure it works. So when things get back to normal, then is when I will definitely return to bowling. Idea I had in the back of my mind when things return to normal, I think I will go to my parents league for the time being so I can reserve my spot for the next season and I will definitely talk to my parents at some point today.


Thursday, March 26, 2020

Website Is Doing Very Well!

               Not more then 2 months and the website continues to grows even more. We just 2 months ago approximately we celebrated the 50k mark with the website and just days ago we celebrated the 75k which is totally incredible and if things keeps going the way they are going we will break the 100k mark at some point this year. Another point I would like to make is we have had 4k, 5k, 6k in views so that definitely makes adds up in the viewership and I can just see it now breaking 100k. Now I even notice even around 3 - 4 am EST I am up and about and I look at the views and almost at 25 views for the day even more so I really have proved that is successful and it has proved that things are going very well with the website. I am not going to stop with promoting as promoting the website is the upmost important thing. However I rarely promote it except the daily blogs so I am guessing that it is word of mouth with the website is why the website has done extremely so well. I am not going stop, I am going to continue with growing with the website so I am not going to stop anytime soon.

                Either way I want to take the time to say thank-you. I want to thank you all for the continuous support and without you guys this website will not be  what it is today. I am excited for the future and this website has truly evolved even when there has been hard times with the podcasts and change overs of the podcast but that is besides the point, the point I am making is you guys stuck it out well the ones that didn't unfollow but I noticed a flux is unfollows on Twitter and some on Instagram but Facebook has been great but that is your choice to unfollow and I understand.  Those who stuck by me, thank you so much for being there and I know I went through a stage where I changed my display name and image on FB and Twitter but this is strictly my website and there is so much that is going to be happening for this website moving forward with a collaboration podcast in the works with Billy on top of the Larry collab that is already in the works. I can say this; even with the collaborations that has helped the numbers too so there is always ways I am figuring out how to increase the viewership on the website. I am so proud of what this site has become and just going to keep on going with it as nothing will stop me. 


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

What Books Would I Like To Read or Re-Read Again?

             Now I am sure I have never mentioned this on the blog before as I have hardly time for reading but with being in self isolation there are books I would like to try and read even in the evening as normally I am done here in the studio around 6 pm EST Tuesdays through Sundays with my Mondays I am off as that is usually the place of my visits with Eric but with this virus, we're confined to our own places. Anyways here are some books I'd consider reading or re-read again:

1) Autobiography of Bobby Orr: Well known hockey player who played with Boston and also my local Ontario Hockey League so I have that book on my shelf waiting for me to read.

2) Lord of The Rings: Now I did start reading the book and I got the entire books actually in one big book. I had a hard time when I was younger and now I want to get back into it and understand it. I think I definitely will understand it a lot better now then I did before.

3) Harry Potter: I want to get back into reading the books from start to finish and I want to read the latest book which is a script format I forget the actual name for that book but that is also in there but I want to re-read em as it has been a very long time since I read them all. 

              Those are the 3 books that is on my list and with my extra time and being in isolation here at home for the next however long I definitely got something to do besides games, TV and being in the studio non stop but I will be taking time to myself to actually read a few chapters a day and I really need to get myself back into reading and I know I will have a ton of time as I do not think we will be able to go anywhere for quite some time with this virus. So there is my list and gives me plenty of time and stuff to do over the course of time and I will let you guys know how that is progressing well. 


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Power Rangers Podcast Planning Is Underway!

               I can be clear about this, that I have officially started Power Rangers Time Force and I am excited to be underway. I have only finished 3 episodes but it is just the start of the season and I got time, I have 2.5 months to work on it and today I am going to work hard on getting episodes watched. I can be honest, I have a ton of free time right now and able to take more time and effort into this podcast. Now please listen to Thursdays Bonus episode as Larry and I are still discussing stuff and hope to have an idea. I know this season and Wild Force have 40 but I know the number starts going lower like 20 - 25 episodes a season so either way it won't take me as long to watch a season and take notes but I will get these done in 2 weeks at the most then I move into Wild Force. Now I know Thursday I will be talking about what is to happen to the podcast as you know there is a lot going on in the world with COVID-19 and I will get to that on next week's Bonus podcast as I have another podcast idea for this week. 

               However I think I am going to push the Power Rangers Podcast this week as it is time for a mini update and I was going to talk about the sports again but I did that in a previous week but this is so ongoing issue I am not sure if I will wait a week or even bring out 2 bonus podcasts to you guys or try and get them done this Thursday and the following Thursday. However I am currently underway with the Pre-Production side of things and hopefully next week I will have an update for you guys what Larry and I are thinking but Pre-Production stage is underway and usually takes a few months to prepare notes and get things in order. I will explain more as I get more information but right now it is in the early stages. I can say this in my final words for this post is that I am actually enjoying this season. I know the last season I had a hard time getting into but this time I am right into this season and enjoying what I have seen so far and plan to continue to watch more today like I said and just plain excited to get these two seasons done then move on to the next ones.


Monday, March 23, 2020

Learning Basic Poker With My Mom!

            For those who don't know on my downtime that I have between the workload which mind you right now it is very limited what I can do and photocopying is not in the plans right now as you guys know I am going into a week stuck at home and sounds like I will be stuck here at home for quite sometime now.  However as you know I have spent sometime with my parents. Quite a lot of time and been shutting down the studio for hours on end to spend time with them. I haven't been to church as the masses been cancelled, however I have started to watch the mass on Facebook or the St. Micheal's Cathedral website so either way I get the mass on a daily basis. Now the title of this post is not what I have been up to lately, it's more like I have started to learn how to player straight up poker on my spare time and honestly, I have become extremely good at it too. I have learned so much and I can see why I am honestly a fast learner at anything that I do. However I plan on calling my grandma to ask her a question on the game but I am for the most part pretty smart what I need to throw away and what I need to keep to try and get the better hand.

             Either way I am definitely having fun with it and I have played before as this isn't the first time I have played the game but my mom had to reteach me how to play the game so I had an understanding. We had one round where we actually had an open hand which means our cards was visible to one another.  However after the first round, I picked up very quickly and since then have done well since. It is fun and honestly I am not ready for any kind of poker like Texas Holdem yet but maybe in the very nearby future. I am sure today I will be playing a round of cards with my mom and who knows I may actually go out to see my grandma with my mom and maybe that will bring my sanity back as I haven't been far in the past week and to get into the car would be nice but that is besides the point of this post. I wish I had old pennys which isn't used to just use em like poker chips and see who gets more as a more of a challenge but we can always check and see what we have. I may somewhere have a poker set and with chips and I can always steal them from that but will have to wait and see honestly. Either way it is definitely a fun game to play and does get rid of my boredom fast.