Thursday, March 21, 2019

We Will Prevail! Nothing Will Stop Us!

           I am writing this ahead of time to last night's craziness before one of my members of Staff wrote the post to inform you of the changes for this week and this week only. My computer has been acting like a fruit loop dingus this week and I kind of went down the deep end tonight and taking the day to try and collect myself together. Do not worry the podcast is going up tonight and making sure it goes up one way or another tonight. Like the title of today's blog is we will prevail and will work through the on going problems with the technical side of things. This week there is only going to be 2 podcasts obviously and next week fingers crossed, we will be back on a regular scheduled programming even if this PC needs  a swift kick of a clean up. I plan on the weekend taking some time to run the anti virus again and other programs to ensure the computer is running smoothly but I think it had to do with the recent update my computer had and it needed to be rebooted. It takes a while for the darn thing to reboot too and get back up and running again. My computer is getting older and I have had it about 3 years now at the most or around that and it is aging. But I would like to build my next PC super fast and really good too. I have officially cleaned up some of the programs on my computer and games I honestly do not play anymore so I think that honestly helped the computer issues.

            We have been working non stop getting ready for things to get back to recording this morning and hope there is no issues. I really couldn't care less if I slept as I am stressed and right now wide awake but a nap this afternoon will be nice if I can make the time. We are praying that there is no problems today but over the next couple of days will be a test to see where the computer is at. We will get through all of this, just give me a few days to sort things out and I am glad I got a team behind me through all the technical mumbo jumbo that has gone on in the last 12 + hours of very stress. I definitely think I have grown a couple more of grey hairs on the top of my head honestly.... lol... In all seriousness, I need to learn to handle my stress but I am starting to get better each and everyday but last night, I honestly snapped my twig, like literally.... But we took it to Twitter to inform you guys something had happened and there would be no podcast whatsoever due me losing the entire recording. I have learned from this, I am from here on out will be saving my work constantly which they taught me this in school to always save your work on the computer. Why you think I have a USB Stick and also external hard drive with all the podcasts save to that. However if I save it before it gets exported then it would help me out but we live and learn from our mistakes.


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A Few Changes For Everything About Reality TV This Week....

       Well this week has been the week from hell.... Like literally the week from hell. It has been nothing but computer issues all week from computer running slow to internet issues to internet browser issues, I have seen em all this week. Unfortunately tonight the computer crashed which put the icing on the cake. The podcast that was on the desk top was lost, all the 45 - 50 minute podcast that was going to go up tonight, completely lost. So which brings me to this damn post and I didn't want to make this announcement but it has to come the heck out as things are not great right now and literally the studio got trashed in frustration.... 

              1)  Tuesday's episode is obviously scrapped and there is no Tuesday episode for this week. We just do not want to fall completely behind so what we are doing with Tuesday's notes is take that and add it into Friday's episode so adding in a bit more content like we use to have and put it into Friday's freakin episode. Yes he thought about my future with this podcast. Having other thoughts too but rather keep my comments to myself honestly. 

             2) The second part to this post is tomorrow's Survivor Edge of Extinction Episode will still be up at 9 pm EST as I want to make sure it goes up on time this time around and we hope by end of the week, we can take a breather and try and learn from this problems and know what to do in the nearby future.

               I am sorry this is happening but this is way beyond our control. We had to do damage control on this situation and try and salvage what is to happened and I speak for all of the team, we apologize for this situation and hope you will continue to tune in. I know this is sudden with it happening but we have to let you guys know what is going on one way or another. Hope you will all continue to listen and support CBOTW and will be making it up to you guys as we are spending all night fixing the issues we are currently experiencing at this moment.

- The CBOTW Team

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Things Have Changed So Much Since December...

              Things have indeed changed so much since December where I wanted to just walk away from all of this. Today I am having a different attitude from all that I was going on at the end of last year when I just wanted to give up as the site problems kept on piling up and i just had enough to the point with it, I just wanted CBOTW to end so I can just live a regular life but now I have a lot to be thankful as there is things you guys do not know yet and only my 2 staff and alumni the craziness is about to begin. Yes I said 2 staff, Dave and Billy and Billy has been with me since the New Year in a different position but there is more to talk about in a later time when it is time to make that huge announcement to the public eye and I plan on making a huge announcement at a later time when the time is right or as the tv show name when the Price is Right! Hahahaha. Anyways there is a lot of excitement for CBOTW coming and in time you guys will know what is going on. No I am not starting a second Podcast as of right now, I am primarily focusing on "Everything About Reality TV" Podcast but I am giving too much information away to what is instored for this very website. To change the subject to me hinting about the future which were working on things and eventually I will explain the roles of my 2 other staff eventually as well. 

                Also this year, I took a hiatus from the Power Rangers Podcast but mind you both Larry and I are very much highly interested in continuing the collaboration podcast but at this time, my schedule does not permit it and I will be on a busy schedule as of next Monday as my mom is going in for surgery on her knee I will be extremely busy taking care of her for the next 5 - 6 weeks but will be around the studio a bit more then usual but will not be going very very far.  I need to have the open time to work on the preparation side of things which right now I do not have at this moment. My eyes are right on the feeds almost 24 hours a day. So it is hard. Anyways I am happier now as big things are coming and the fact I do have a team now behind me helping me out in different departments on the team and I should of let people help me sooner then I expected but I let people reach out to me and I am making sure I have the right staff who will be willing to help me out.  I can say Dave is now active since the fall last year who is now camera for the events I go to well some of the events, not all of em. Again I will explain soon enough.


Monday, March 18, 2019

Taking a Spiritual Journey During Lent

             I know I do not talk about my religious side of my life but I wanted to share with you guys that this year I have decided to take a spiritual journey this year during the Lenten journey over the course of the weeks. I have obviously given up chocolate and junk food and fasting too a lot especially on the 2 no meat days that are my no meat days which is usually Wednesday and another day which is normally whatever my dad chooses normally so it does depend on the day. Also since Lent has begun, I have also gone to Friday night stations of the cross to add on to the list and I have also trying to go to church during the week but with my recent sleeping habits, I have failed that part of my Lenten journey but planning on fixing that and getting to a weekday mass down the line too.  I am trying to get closer to the Lord during this Lent Season. I really want to get closer to him as I went into a dark place from 2016 - 2018 with everything going wrong for me and Chris B On The Web and also friendships going south on me, has made me realize, I need to be more patient with things and it's true, I have a long way to go to being a more patient person.

                 I know come Easter I want to be a different person then I was from the start, a much more happier person. I am ready the daily readings and if I have doubts, I open up the Bible. This spiritual journey will bring be closer to God and on Holy Week which is the week that leads up to Easter is when I do a lot of traveling, the Tuesday is the Chrism Mass in Toronto, then Church for Holy Thursday, Friday for Good Friday service which we go back to Toronto for that and Easter Vigil which we also are in Toronto. So that week, we will be in Toronto 3 times which is fine with me but the week after that I'm back in there yet again. I really wanna make this a very spiritual journey for me and so far I have done fairly well and I am going to continue on my journey as I have so far done well and I have learnt new tricks to help me through my everyday life.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

            I Gotta say this, Happy St. Patrick's Day! I know I am not Irish but I do indulge this day and made a tradition with my dad to go down to the pub for a whiskey and beer to celebrate and probably is the 1 time I really have more then 1 drink but no more then 2 drinks honestly as I cannot hold my alcohol as I end feel like I feel woosey after 2. Anyways the tradition continues each and every year. My dad and I always go down the hill from us to the Bulldog for Irish Whiskey, Jamieson brand and also a beer. However I had two whiskey's today as I didn't feel like a beer and a whiskey. I have had 2 beers before but that was still when I was still working at the book store which isn't even open anymore as they closed down both of their stores. Anyways I am a social drinker and will drink special times of the year and this is one of those times of the year I go with my dad down and once and a while we will pop down for a beer as well but not too often as my schedule as you know is busy as it is being behind the microphone quite a lot. 

           We had a ton of fun. No entertainment mind you, however they had Irish music going but we figured out that the entertainment comes later which would be a busier place then it was this afternoon when we were down there. Anyways besides the drinks, we also had a small bite to eat and you are definitely wondering what I had is I had Montreal Smoke Meat which is well known in Montreal. I also had fries with it and it was very delicious, the fries were a little over salty but still very good to me and I ate it regardless. I know this post is very late as I got busy with other things and amazing things happening around the studio which in time you will know but all and all, I had a great time and a great day and I hope you all had a great St Pattie's Day as well and blog will be back right on schedule tomorrow.


Saturday, March 16, 2019

This Week Hasn't Been a Great Week For Me...

               This week hasn't been the greatest week for me in the way of Chris B On The Web. This week, I feel like I have let myself down, let YOU guys the fans down with not following my podcast schedule this week. Yea my mood this week has been up and down and been feeling like why am I doing this if I cannot handle the scheduling side of things but I know I can! Just I need to start getting into bed earlier and get my sleep back on the right track could be the one of the issues I could be having. Usually and I do not talk about my schedule publicly minus to me posting up pictures Behind The Scenes here in my studio that is all you guys really know. I try and aim to record in the early morning so it gives me hours to edit as it is released in the evening but sometimes I have appointments, friends to see but you guys still have the # 1 priority and I hate to disappoint you guys honestly and that is how I am feeling this week, like I've let you guys down. However I made it up with posting up the episode today at 3 pm EST which is currently already out for you guys as you are all reading this after it got posted up. Also I think I have had the YouTube blues as I haven't been on the platform in almost 3 years creating content for you guys. Starting to miss it but I know I have to realize that I retired from YouTube and nothing can really change that as I missed the chance to keep it on going no matter what. Honestly the podcast has done extremely well on the Audio ONLY and has been nothing but a huge success.

                I also have to realize the state of YouTube now compare to when I was still on the darn platform it has changed rapidly. Maybe I kept on thinking about it over and over again which got me into those bit of depression moods again which I rather not get into em as they sometimes last a couple of days till I get out of it. I rather try and stay in a happy state of mind but I guess it can be the way my body is from time to time I guess.  Yes we all get the blues here and there but I think partly is the weather is the blame as the weather here has been changing non stop lately and could have a factor too. Either way, I will figure it out why I am feeling this way and I am sure it will pass in time.


Friday, March 15, 2019

Favorite Movie Quotes...

             Today's post is favorite movie quotes and I will be doing the ones that are appropriate and I always try to keep these appropriate as much as possible...  There are a bunch of quotes I can say on here and the first one is from Ace Ventura When Nature Calls: "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" and You must be the Monopoly guy. Hey thanks for the free parking! The Next one is him singing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang while driving, ending up rolling his car upside down with someone else in the car. Also the whole pen is red but really is blue in the movie Liar, Liar.  Or also in Liar, Liar him speaking jibberish and mocking the other lawyer Dana... Ha-ha, I need to put that on this weekend while the live feeds are down for the next Power of Veto for Big Brother Canada. Anyways I am going to do one other Liar, Liar where he tells the person on the phone who needs legal to stop breaking the law with a curse word in there... LOL... Also from movie "The Mask" Look Ma! I'm Road Kill, Ha ha ha! Also Trains, Planes there is a couple of quotes I can say but the first one is Steve Martin dropping the f bomb at the car rental lady which she appears in Air Bud & Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Also John Candy saying "I Knew I Knew You!" with his infamous chuckle. Also Home Alone with "Fuller! Go Easy on The Pepsi!" Or in Home Alone 2 "Kevin! You Spent 967 dollars on Room Service!"

           There you go with some of my favorite quotes that I have and I am sure there is more to quotes but like I say in many posts I cannot fit it all into the post but I enjoyed today's post and it sure made me laugh. While writing today's post, I stopped writing and I even looked at the quotes on YouTube and trust me I had a good laugh and I sure as heck can use a good laugh after a stressful start to my week but ending in a high note, which you will hear about on tomorrow's blog post as I have decided to give you guys the heads up now before tomorrow hits and I was originally planning a weight loss update but nothing to report back to you guys. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed today's post and what are you're favorite movie quotes? Let me know in the comments and I will speak to you guys again tomorrow morning.