Saturday, May 25, 2019

Finding It Tough To Focus On The Collaboration Podcast...

               1 week from now, my world will be flipped upside down as both Larry and I will be back together to record Power Rangers Podcast and yes it is finally coming back and I have been hiding the news for quite some time since March and April when I knew we are getting close to the return. When we return it will be near 6 months since we actually recorded the last 2 episodes which is a long time. Honestly since September I kind of knew that January to now would be a crazy schedule so I knew that I needed the hiatus and yes I now admit we were on a hiatus and with the recent studio changes, we are ready to go for this next collaboration and I kind of now do have the time to work on it and this summer I am sure I will have the time to start working on the next 2 for this fall. Anyways I am now off topic to the topic or title of this blog post. I am very distracted from finishing up the notes as right now I am just so eager to record and I have been busy preparing my other podcast's YouTube channel ready for re-launch as it hasn't been on YouTube for almost 3 years so one way or another I have been extremely busy with that but I only have a week to go and the pressure is indeed on!

              So I am struggling but with 1 hour nap and up most of the night as my sleep is the most messed up, I can see how I am struggling but between today and tomorrow I would like to honestly finish it as I am out of the smaller city here into even a bigger city for the day so I will not even be in the studio all day so I will definitely need to complete this in the next 24 hours at the most so I can finally get it done and over with and ready for next weekend as it will be a big weekend for Larry and I with this podcast so I need to refocus myself and get my head back into the game and work hard cause I want to stay on track so I can finish it. Yes I got other things on the list too for after this but my priority is the collaboration. I need to remain focused and confident that I can get this finished before mid week this upcoming week as I do not want to end up delaying the podcast and at the point of waiting till July to record which I promise you it will not happen. I promise you will be seeing content on Twitter and Instagram a week tomorrow which you guys will know it's truly going down and when we know it will be out we will definitely make the announcement when were ready to release.


Friday, May 24, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Is Returning For A 11th Season! (Official Announcement)

              I know in the past week or so, I have made the hint there would be a 11th season and yes I know at the time I was unsure about Big Brother 21 but now with the Big Brother renewed, it is a definite go and I got lots planned for the summer despite I am planning a holiday between it all but I will work around it and if I have the time to actually go away with family so it is not a problem with working around things for the time I am away on the holidays. Anyways the shows I am scheduling is the next major thing, you are probably wondering. Well here is the list of what is going to be on Video and Audio and Audio ONLY:

Video & Audio ONLY:

Big Brother 21 (YouTube and All Audio ONLY Platforms)

Audio ONLY:

The Amazing Race Canada 7 (All Audio ONLY Platforms)

            So the schedule, I am going to wait until I finish the 10th Season which is still on going right now and has been very much active for the past 3 months and still going strong so I am still recording and Recapping Amazing Race 31 so soon as it finishes up then the schedule will be release publicly and yes I already know the entire timetable as I have already written it down and ready just waiting for the right time to release the schedule to you guys and right now is not the right time nor place as I am still active with this season like I mentioned earlier. However it is coming and excited for the next phase or season coming up and the fact that I am returning to YouTube is very exciting for me but in the end I am not planning to monetize the podcast even when I hit the peak I am suppose to hit as I am afraid I will once again end up being demonetized  but never know. Reason I held onto this announcement was the wait on the Big Brother announcement and I wanted to say something or make the announcement but had to wait which really bothered me inside but I will let you know soon as a I know when I am ready to go with the release of the schedule and I haven't yet posted it on the website yet but will be soon as the announcement does come out here on the website.


Thursday, May 23, 2019

First Video Ever On YouTube... (Thrownback Thursday)

           I had some other ideas in mind for today's throwback Thursday story but since it is kind of fitting that now I am back with the YouTube platform that I tell this story about when I posted up my first ever video which is still up on the platform under a channel that I cannot no longer access so it's stuck there as a dead channel as it has been dormant for so many years now but old videos can still be seen on TheDirector015 account. So my first ever video I posted was the first Episode of The Entertainment Man Talk Show which also it would of marked 11 years on the air if I was to continue it for some odd reason which I do not think it would of even made it that far honestly but with the team I had we were on a good rhythm going.  Anyways back to the story, the first videos that actually did stay up were The Entertainment Man Talk Show's 1st, 2nd and 3rd episode of it's very first season and originally there were limitations back in the day 10 minutes or less. However originally going back to 2008 when I first started, before The Entertainment Man Talk Show started months before I actually posted up another series which I am going to keep nameless as it wasn't the best series for me at the start but was totally a learning curve for sure. I posted up on the channel the 2nd episode which is now lost along with the other 15 episodes of the 16 episodes that I had and 3 episodes from the 2nd season which was short lived. 

             In the end the original series was removed off the platform and channel to make room for The Entertainment Man Talk Show which ran 6 long seasons before being cancelled and me moving into the world of Podcasting. The Channel ran up to the end of the 4th season when a second channel under a different email was created however in the end it was both DET and TEMTS that were in the first video or so added to the channel. The other old series I do not think the original episode never lasted very long honestly as things were not well in team wise. The early years were quite a struggle so that is kind of the reason behind why that 2nd episode of the original episode disappeared. However in the end I sure as heck made up for lost time with the amount of videos and it was quite an adventure creating a series and I am so happy to be back in a different scenario and I hope you guys enjoyed this little throwback Thursday Story.


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Memories I Will Always Have of My High School Teacher (R.I.P. Mr. Plishka)

          It has been nearly 2 weeks now since my high school teacher has passed away and been avoiding this post for the past week and a half since finding out about him passing away as I needed time and still need time to deal but today's post is closure for me with the pain I have been having with the loss of a great teacher. He was not just a teacher, he was a role model during my high school years from the gym class which I have spoken about here on the blog in the past to the weight training room which I will talk to in another blog on a throwback Thursday story either this week or next week. He wasn't just a teacher and role model but was a mentor to me even after I finished school 4 years later when I decided to go back to school, to college to study media and learn more that could help me in a career which never really happened, nor I have found any work still since my last job that last a month till I quit. Anyways he was a reference or recommendation for school which I am forever grateful for him helping me in that path and was an experience and a half. Also he got me access to the school during March break and he was there to make sure things were running smoothly and due to my camera man bailing out at the last minute that same day, he also filled in as my camera man to ensure I do get the job done. He also co directed but I think he was mostly directing the entire thing which took off a ton of the stress. He was a very big supporter of my YouTube venture and I am sure he would be all for my Reality TV Podcasts both Audio ONLY and now YouTube and happy to see I am doing something I love to do. Also the ride I had not only in his truck that had his #44 on it but also a ride in his hummer to downtown and everytime I was in Courtice I always looked for him. The last time I saw him was at my dentist coming out of the store there and I just came out of the dentist from having my wisdom tooth pulled in November. 

           Finally, I will always remember our hour visits at school where I always brought extra Kielbassa for him and always brought him a coke to drink as that was the kind of student I always was and I guess it was my way of thanking him for everything he has done for me especially in the final year and a half of high school as he ran the BIC Program in good old Room 313 which I will always remember that number or Room 311 which was the room him and I always were visiting which was one of the Geography rooms on the 3rd floor of the school. Finally I will miss his infamous "Are You Done?" or "Are You Done Yet?" catch phrase which he used a lot with me. This isn't goodbye, this is so long for now. I will have the memories that I can look back on  R.I.P. Mr. Plishka.


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Updates...

         I know I have been very radio silent and haven't been recording as often as you guys wish but we are now on a 1 episode a week and things are quieter then it was 2 weeks ago. As you know I did something with the YouTube channel you guys didn't think I'd do and delete it all together. I think it is best to stick to the Audio ONLY.  Anyways with the podcasts 10th Season coming slowly to an end as this week we will be half way through Amazing Race's 31st season, yes I have been thinking about in between the seasons as I now do have confirmation for the 11th season but I am waiting on one of the shows for confirmation for the summer but already have been writing the post for sometime in June. Anyways this post is about the off season podcasts and will there be off season podcasts? I really do not know as we have 6 weeks left but do not know if Amazing Race will have double episodes down the road but I am sure if we go single episode with 1 or 2 more doubles we would be done before Big Brother 21 starts so it could a no off season podcasts situation but that's OK with me if it ends up this way with a no off season Podcast. I will just move into the 11th season and transition into the very next season. 

           Now as for the 11th season, I am planning only 2 podcasts a week, one being Amazing Race Canada an one being Big Brother 21 as I have ton of family things happening this summer plus I am planning to travel out east to Boston with family so I do need to go once a week for both recaps so it will be a bit more difficult then I expected but I am planning to hopefully just before I go out east to actually so I wanna try recording on the road while I am out but rather not if that is the case and what real time will I have to record a podcast while I am out honestly but it could work for me but we will see what the heck happens and if I can pan out a schedule that works for me but it would depend how long of a trip it would be so I probably end up getting a laptop for the trip this way I can record while on the road and yet still enjoy the trip one way or another but I will let you guys know once U decide what the plan is.

           Right now it is hard to decide on the summer schedule and if it is truly worth to get a laptop and it really does depend how long I will be away but that is the only thing that is really stopping me right now is holidays but definitely deserve a holiday here and there so it is a tough decision to make. Really with family, I am not sure when we will and if we will have the time to go away with both my aunt from Alberta and aunt and uncle from British Columbia are coming, it is hard to say right now if we will be going but will definitely will be trying to get away even for a week, week and a half at the most. I could just double up on podcasts for the 2 weeks if worse came to worse but I will be talking to my parents today at some point to find out more and next week I will do an update next week on Sunday to let you guys know what is what but yet again, I haven't got a complete summer schedule yet so it will be the waiting game till I know the release date for The Amazing Race Canada comes out and again I will let you know.


Monday, May 20, 2019

Started Putting Mangoes In My Smoothies!

             I know I haven't updated you guys on my weight loss journey and hopefully by Tuesday I will have an official update on my weight but as for a blog post I am waiting thing out till something big happens then I will make another podcast, I got a month left before I I have to get to my goal to 210 is getting close. However, now I am getting more and more into the smoothies and I have experimented from Mangoes to Blueberries, Strawberries, Oranges, Bananas and pineapples so I have tried em all. Recently we bought two mangoes and I really love the flavor and been experimenting with it but half a Mango didn't give much of a flavor so now I know I need to add more Mangoes for the maximum flavor. So today I decided to add in more in the smoothie. All you can really do. Recently last week I went to Big Orange and had a Mango Smoothie with Banana orange and I think I had strawberry if I remember correctly. Anyways, I am right into making the smoothies these days and it sure does make a difference with my weight loss as I sometimes do not feel like having anything big to eat, so I will have a smoothie and when I can find em, Sara Lee Bars, the date ones are really good and I use to have em with the smoothie normally. 

              Hopefully since i am writing this early to fix the flavor and have more mango in it. Now I put one fruit each in, 1 Banana, 1 Orange, few strawberries etc, so the amount once it's done, well it does add up. This isn't the first time that I have had mango in a smoothie though, I had have had it out in Toronto at Union Station before all the renovation happened. However either I really enjoy the smoothies and yes it is a very healthy choice especially and I really want to get down to 210 by summer then 200 by the start of the fall. Either way I am keeping the smoothies within my diet and very easy to make. I add the fruit with either vanilla yogurt which I haven't used for the longest time as I have actually been using milk. Yes plain old 1% Milk as the base for the fruit smoothie and it sure makes things really smooth plus it sure still does the job one way or another. Finally I add in ice to cool it as without it it will be a warmer. I recommend to try my recipe because trust me it is really, really good and very very simple to follow.


Sunday, May 19, 2019

Planning To Do A Modded Minecraft Eventually!

           As you know, I have been quite absent from the game recently but not gone far from the gaming world when I do have the extra time as things are getting crazy for me right now. Now if you remember my ChrisBOnTheWeb channel on Twitch before it got banned, I did an entire playthrough almost but the point of me finding the end portal was off stream after I pretty well got trolled off by a 13 year old harassing me after being banned and coming back into the room under a new name but I did finish it off with the help of one of my Twitter followers which i honestly not sure if they are following me still but he helped me out after I found the actual portal that is when I asked for help and defeated the Ender Dragon first shot. Anyways I tried numerous types of mods and had some issues with it. However I think I am definitely on for trying one particular mod and that would be the space age mod... Now yes I have tried it and had some fun but ran into a couple of things and problems as I needed cactus to help build the things I need. I am totally unsure how to do certain things as there is some technical stuff that I have to figure out. I know what I need to do to get ready to take off but I have yet to build the rocket but definitely going to figure things out.

             When I plan on going back into Minecraft, I just do not know when I will get back into it I just cannot wait but the Space Age mod is the one I actually plan on doing. I have become quite familiar with the mod but I kind of drifted away from it and started playing games such as Rocket League, The Binding of Isaac and The Messenger are the games I have been playing when I have the time to play and once I finish up with that but yes I have been thinking about Minecraft but from a creative stand point, I just do not know if I really have the time right now but we will see. I need to have time to really play as right now Everything About Reality TV Podcast is taking over my life right now and I haven't yet stopped since end of February and still going on the 10th Season at the moment and not sure when the finale will be right now. Also add on the Power Rangers Podcast returning soon as I have hinted yea I do not think I have the time to do one right now. Also with the 11th season of Everything About Reality TV soon arriving it is going to be tough to make the time. However down the road when things settle down probably will get the chance to actually play more games but we will see definitely what my timetable we be like.