Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Thoughts On This Season of Big Brother 22 So Far!

              So we're through 2 episodes of Big Brother 22 and yes I know what your gonna say, aren't you retired from Reality TV Talk in general? Not blog wise, more Reality TV wise but do not get use to this as this will not be happening a lot. Just a post in general I wanted to make and the next one probably won't be till the day after Finale which we are a very long way from right now as we are only week 2 of 13 however I highly doubt I will do a post as I am currently in my post Reality TV. Anyways I like the way they went into a pod of 4 and a comp to see which two are going to be competing for HOH (Head of Household) anyways the way they brought them down one by one in their pod of 4 and Julie really had some sass threatening eviction and she had to quite the "Come On Down" like on The Price is Right.  Side of Julie I have never seen before but it was quite entertaining to be honest. So we know Cody is HOH and Kevin and Keesha are up. Hearing things about Keesha is going to be going but never know as we still have Veto to watch tomorrow and I know more then you think but that is not for me to spoil whatsoever. 

                I am enjoying this season but still early to tell and to be honest, I do not have any favorites to be honest with you guys. It will take me sometime to decide to who I like but I got a couple in my mind: Cody, Kaysar, Memphis, Enzo, Nicole A, Dani, Keesha, Janelle. Maybe I can take these and actually have em as my actual picks? Maybe, give me a few days to think on it and I know I haven't paid attention to the feeds, actually cannot wait since I am up here in Canada technically but I watch updates from Rob Has A Podcast, Matt and Jess Carter, Madrosed, etc so I do get updates once or a few times a days so I have a long of sources to get updates what is going on with the feeds as well. Anyways I looking forward to the veto and what is next and you never know, maybe I can do these for a weekly thing? I know I said I wasn't really going to but as I got further into the post maybe this is something I can do or we could ask an old Staff of ours, Reality Teas to talk about it on Saturdays? Stay tuned for more information on Social Media!


Monday, August 10, 2020

I Have Returned!

        Well hello there, long time no see! LOL. I know it's a long time since I have spoken to you guys and I think it was actually was when before we started having bugs with the blogging interface here on the website when I was here but I believe I have been gone almost 2 weeks without communication with you guys and there was a reason and I am going to tell you guys; It was the Power Rangers Podcast obviously as you probably figured once you heard the announcement that we were coming back. Anyways recently, I've been taking time off from things as I have been exhausted from doing all of this and well deserved after I have worked long, long hours actually. We are in the midst of editing between myself and my community manager, we're working extra hours on the podcast to get it done and we will. This was a really strange podcast say to least. So I decided to wait till a start of a new week to come back and start posting up on the blog again and I am glad to be back into posting on a everyday basis but could be a day I miss or get our community manager to cover again but most part, I am definitely back. 

          It is good to be back and to be honest, I missed talking to you and I found it hard not being able to give you guys information to what's going on. Yeah, I posted from time to time on Social Media to say hey but gave absolutely no information to you guys where I've been and not saying anything. However that is behind and I promise to give you guys more of a notice if I disappear again for this long. Only reason I went off the radar is because the deadline for Time Force was looming close for both Larry and I so I had to go off the grid for 10 - 14 days to get it done and I wish I could of told you why. I mean I should of told you why is what I meant. However I look forward to posts this week. Finally I really hope that I am going to be able the podcast up by Friday or Saturday this week as this is a huge podcast and it's taking us time to edit and put together this very complicated podcast due to the tech issues we had last week but stay tune for time and day on Social Media and I will speak to you guys tomorrow.


Sunday, August 9, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Updates [07-09-2020]

                Here are the weekly update for ChrisBOnTheWeb. Now there wasn't much going on with ChrisBOnTheWeb as it has been a very quiet but dramatic week. As you guys know Chris and Larry drama happened on our Facebook Page live which shouldn't have happened really. Chris could of muted the video version of the podcast aka FB or go to the main image screen and put up text however I have news one what happened:

- Chris and Larry mend fences after he debacle and they successfully finished up recording and we're now piecing this puzzle together and hopefully this week we will upload it and post it up here on the website for you guys to hear. It is a very long podcast but we will get it edited and posted up sometime and there will be an announcement on our Social Media accounts to when it is up!

- Chris has got a program where he is able to bring Skype calls to the Audacity Program which definitely makes things a lot easier and Chris actually has tested it out and figured out how to work. He has to tweak a couple of computer settings but it's easy to setup and he has an idea how to work with it and it will do until he can get the gear for the Mix-Minus setup on the mixer in the studio.

- The Boss Man has confirmed it that there is no plans to lift the social distancing rule so he has already put it in place that him and Larry will be recording Power Rangers Podcasts via Skype until further notice which is totally fine but this could change, this could change, it could not change it is a day to day basis as the studio remains in lock down and has been for nearly 5 months now. 

Will be chatting with you guys next week,

Sophie, CBOTW Community Manager

Saturday, August 8, 2020

When Is Chris Set To Return To Blogging?

              So there has been questions to when the boss man aka Chris is to return to blogging and the online life. Well good news is he is set to return on Monday, yes this Monday he is coming back after weeks of being off from social media and being sequestered in the studio working on Power Rangers Podcast for the past week, week and a half to 2 weeks. So Monday, you will be seeing a different name on the blog for once and don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed my time writing to you guys on a regular basis but it is time for the boss talk to you guys. I am going nowhere, will still be active in chat during the week, answering messages from you guys on Social so you will still see me around and whatever he needs, I will do for him. What is he going to be talking about well, I am guessing he will be updating what he's been up to over the past week or so and when we know and he will give you guys his insight on Big Brother 22 this season since Everything About Reality TV Podcast is ending and he is excited to be returning finally. Hopefully he will be back for good and he won't disappear. I do not know if he will be active on the chatroom and active that I couldn't tell you guys really.

              So you will be hearing from me on a weekly basis as Chris blogs 6 days a week and I am back to weekly posts again but I am always around to fill in. However I am sure you guys are sick of hearing from me but I am always a team player to help him and the team out. It is long coming for the return of the boss man, it has been very quiet without him on the website blog, chat and socials. However, Chris has been sneaky and went on to say hey to you guys from time to time but most posts are from me but you will be hearing a ton more from him and he has great topics to talk about and he has even has 2 on the list already plus whatever is on the board in his studio so he has things all set up for the next week already which is awesome he has content for you guy one way or another.

Sophie, CBOTW Community  Manager

Friday, August 7, 2020

Our Former YouTube Channel Updates and Deletion...

               As you know one of our former Staff hijacked the account that I am in actually and uploaded inappropriate videos to our YouTube and gave us a warning and then a strike since that person kept on doing it so now only Chris and I have access and only the two of us have access to the account which we currently do not have a YouTube channel and our focus on the website and our social media platforms as well. We've established our community very well on here and we wanna continue it. The biggest goal is to get those likes back up on our Facebook Page is the upmost important thing. However back to what I was saying with that YouTube channel we have officially dismantled it and scheduled it for deletion as it is a brand account and will take some time for it to actually be deleted. The damage has been done and it cannot be fixed at this point. I believe we are on the right track and focusing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is probably the best move for us.

               Chris obviously has to get the OK and green light from the rest of the team on this and I am fine with whatever the team decides, I'm just the Community Manager of this website and ChrisBOnTheWeb so I am cool with anything. Hopefully Sunday, we will know what the status of podcasts in general are and I will have an answer for you guys on what we have planned. As for YouTube we're more then likely done with YouTube but again you never know what the team has planned with us but we're always looking into new things and honestly we're doing what's best for us in the end. So YouTube is not in the very near future for us, Chris is sticking to what he said about being retired from YouTube, he's meant every word of it.

Sophie, CBOTW Community Manager

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Website Continues To Grow!

           Everyday our website continues to grow more and more everyday we get between 200 and 300 views on a regular basis which is incredible and it has continued to be consistent on a day to day basis and at this rate we will end up breaking 100k this month at some point, it is just the matter of time of it happening and don't worry and at least our site is very stable and with the flex of traffic on our website, the site hasn't crashed whatsoever which is good. Things are going great for us and we're not stopping at anytime soon. I think it all started at 100 views then 200 now 300 views a day on the website which is crazy. The numbers continue to go up on a regular basis. The move to add social media buttons and also the chat having it's own dedicated page was the best move to make honestly. It has really grown our website in views and never this could bring in views, more fans to our fan page and Twitter and his Instagram. This will be definitely a good thing for us.

            I know we had a day where we dipped down into the 100's but cannot always be over 200 to 300 every single day but 160 is still pretty good if you ask me it's better then nothing. However Chris and the rest of us here are excited that we are getting the views and this website is continually growing on a regular basis. I think part of it is with everyone home due to CoVid-19 everyone is online most of the time probably has a lot to do with the website but we do not know really. We should be happy with the way things have progressed well and the actual chat page which is there and it's not used too often minus the Staff and Mods on our chatroom, but the views are definitely there and I'm sure we will get people chatting eventually because people are checking out the chatroom one way or another.

Sophie, CBOTW Community Manager

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Power Rangers Podcast Re-Scheduled Till Tomorrow

               So I got the word that Chris and Larry has re-scheduled till tomorrow night due to some technical issues on Larry's side with his Tablet or IPad having to do with his charger which is why they dropped the feed the other night on Monday. He was at a point didn't say a word to Larry till later in the afternoon when the two of them spoke and he wanted to get this finished yet Chris said he was done with the podcasts but hey they want to make it right and get it done. Like I've said and if he decides to end it then they would having to finish it but the two of them wanna make it right and Thursday evening the two of them will be back on Skype around 630 pm EST. We know they were live and they have decided to not go live for the rest of the recording due to it may throw people off. Also Chris and Larry have to re do the intro for the podcast as Chris isn't happy with it and they wanna add in that he is honoring the memory of his friend Kevin that passed away recently and he forgot to add it into the podcast. Then the two of them will jump all the way into where they left off with the podcast and go for it.

              Now hopefully the new charger will help as it does look like they will be doing it by remote till at least January as the Social Circle is still going to be at 10 till at least January 2021 so they will be doing it remotely not in the same studio as one another. Chris will be in the main studio and Larry will be in his. He decided to to throw away the video version and don't worry they have the Audio ONLY saved as they converted the video into Audio and we're working on the edit the podcast and hopefully we will get it edited and an announcement will come probably Sunday or Monday and I have no clue when he's returning to blogging, he's been MIA for a very long time now going on about 2 weeks now that he's not been there but you guys know the reason behind it now is this podcast but that is what is going on and the two guys are recording and I'm excited to see the final product. I give em credit they are working tirelessly on fixing and they will get it down and they always prevail no matter how much they fight and argue they still get the job and this is why this team is so amazing we work so hard on the website.

Sophie, CBOTW Community Manager

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Addessing Last Night...

               Last night, Chris doesn't want to remember. Actually this morning he's been very quiet and stayed his distance away from Social Media and avoiding everything right now. I think it has to do with last night's live podcast which went great up to the technical issues and him yelling and screaming live which to a point he cut the feed and more arguing happened and the two of them are not on speaking terms now. Let's leave it at that as that is between the two of them but I hate seeing friends fight like this and honestly. Anyways Chris is feeling down today and I think he's just going to remain offline today for the day and take a personal day or two off for himself. Maybe this will clear things and maybe the decision to continue will be a thing. All we know they have a 3/4 of a podcast recorded and not sure if it will be kept or not for editing that I couldn't tell you but hopefully Sunday I will have something for you guys on the weekly update blog.

                Chris does feel bad on what happened and hopefully he'll make it up to you guys when the time is right. Right now he just needs to cool down, take time for himself. I understand why he's so fired up right now. He worked 3 weeks to months to a point he's just not happy after the long hours he puts into this, not sleeping during the night or no sleep at all to just get this finished and done for this to happen on the most important night of their lives. Now the thing I can say Facebook Page views were really good too and to end it after it was going really good and was overwhelming to look at the analytics for it.  Anyways I am not sure what is going on or what he has planned now with that and if it will be finished up at a later date or if he's just done with it in it's entirety that I cannot really tell you right now. So he is sorry about last night ending the cast early but there was issues and I wish I had more information but Chris ain't speaking to anyone. He needs to have his space right now.

Sophie, Community Manager

Monday, August 3, 2020

Would Chris Really Move Website Providers?

               With the recent issues with the back side of the website which is fixed now and things seem to be fine with the website now but I know he went off on the Social's about the issues. I think more then likely it was to address the issues with the website and trust me he wasn't happy about the on going issues with the website. These are the two things that really ticked him off and kind of made him think about a free website again:

- Keywords not sticking: There was a problem when you entered the keywords it wouldn't remain in there. Not anymore anytime we put in keywords it seems to be fixed. For the last I don't know month or two or so that issue seemed to be the # 1 problem where we had to enter it not once, not twice but a few times.

- Blog posts Getting erased at the half way mark of the post: Every time we put in a post, we ended up losing half of the post so our posts were partially dumped as Chris put it technically which is why end of last week we ended up not posting on Friday and almost ended up not posting all weekend long but Google and Blogger seemed to fix the issue very quickly.

- Google Adsense suspending us: Apparently we were suspended for self clicking ads when all the staff and myself have ad blocker on 24-7 so we did not do that so we have ended up being suspended for 30 days which is fine because Chris has removed the ads code for now and he may just delete his adsense and find another way to earn money off the website but we'll see.

                 With all that being said, every thing is fixed and we are good to go again with posting and all the two issues we have been experiencing is fixed now on. When they updated the layout of the blogger interface it was very buggy and the recent fix has helped and every thing seems very normal again. So Chris is not moving websites. He has put in the long hours to the menu bar and working on perfecting the CSS code to the website and building numerous pages on the website and also building up on the viewership which is like 200 - 300 a day now which is crazy to be honest. Plus he is locked in with his domain for little over 3 more years so he cannot really make a move at this point and I think he will probably renew with blogger as it has been a reasonable price for the .com domain.

Sophie, CBOTW Community Manager

Sunday, August 2, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Update! [08-02-2020]

             It is that time of the week again where we update you guys on everything ChrisBOnTheWeb. As you know it was another productive week for us and boy we have been very busy with adding features to the website and of course Chris working constantly hard to get the notes done for tomorrow as tomorrow is a big day but let's break down what has been happening:

Website: We've done two things, well Chris did since our website admin went rogue on us but that is besides the point. First thing was chat. Chris added the chat back and it has had both negative and positive response as we had a troll issue threatening to report me when it was one miscommunication we had which that post has been updated. Since then the chat has been moved as it got buried down on the right hand side and it was time to move it to it's own dedicated page on the website called Community Chat which has the times Staff are typcially around during the day time unless we have been up all night working hard on content for you guys. Also the color scheme of the website has been updated to blue outer edge with where you type a message and the messages area grey which really looks sleek and cool and we're very impressed with the look of it. Finally we have also have added social media buttons on the right hand side now and he's been playing around with it last night and we will get it fixed and to the right size. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: Chris has recorded a new episode of the podcast and this morning he actually had to update the website early this morning but this episode he posted up was about what is to come with the podcast in the fall.

Power Rangers Podcast: Tomorrow is the big day and Chris was up all night working hard on getting ready to record with the notes and the most part he's gotten very far and hopes to be close to finished today at some point hopefully done so he can email it over to Larry to print off so at 7 pm EST we can record and hopefully live.

               There are our updates for the week and the usual stuff happening and it has been a huge week for us. Our website has grown massively! Over 200 views a day now and ever since we've added the new features this website has gotten big amount of views which is amazing to be honest it has been an amazing week for us and we hope this week continues to grow and it will as we got all these amazing features and we're all excited for the future of this website.

Sophie, Community Manager

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Podcasts-- Fall 2020-- What's New and What's Returning?

              This post was suppose to be up the other day but due to the issues of the interface with the blog this got delayed. There is a new podcast coming and there is projects that are going to be returning to the lineup and this is to announce what Chris and the rest of the team has in stored for 2020 - 2021 season.

Entertainment Man Podcast: It is finally returning after almost a 5 month Hiatus, Chris's personal podcast which will be recorded and posted up each and every week on the Audio ONLY Platforms. He already did an episode or mini episode since it was only 14 mins long not the full 20 - 30 min episode he usually produces and puts up. He has already confirmed that Sunday, September 6th, 2020 @ 1 pm EST the first episode will be put up.

Sports Talk With Bulldog: A New Podcast that is joining the lineup of the 3 podcasts and will be also starting towards the middle of September. What I know of it will be both Video (YouTube) and Audio ONLY Platforms. Chris will also be active as Senior Advisor for Billy's podcast and if Billy cannot make it one week then Chris has been willing to step in if worse comes to worse but you will see Chris behind the scenes for the most part.

Power Rangers Collab Podcast: The Podcast you all know and Love will be returning this fall with a bit of a make up schedule for the podcasts. At the end of September he will be making up the Wild Force season then they two guys will be back in December for Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder as well then the two of them will decide what the next timetable is for the next set of podcasts that are gonna be done if Chris decides to continue as he's already put no interest in continuing but we will see how he feels in December.

                 There is our amazing lineup. Not all schedules are confirmed as we are just in the month of August but in time we will be announcing schedule wise soon hopefully. Some platforms still need to be created and put together and soon as Chris is finished with Time Force, it is on his priority list while he watches Wild Force and gets ready to record in September for his next collab and that also goes for the Video side of some of the projects but not all of them.

Sophie, Community Manager

Friday, July 31, 2020

And Weeee're Back To Blogging!

               After a 1 day absence from the blog we are back to normal. Myself and Chris apologize... Wait we do not need to apologize as it was an Google issue really. Anyways any posts that were suppose to be done are scheduled for today and tomorrow. The regular update will be up on Sunday as usual. Things are back to normal and Chris had his panties in a knot over all of this yesterday and was really peeved off so to speak. On top of that we had a troll think they run the place on our chat when I was absent as I passed the heck out which we work 9 - 5 days Monday through Fridays and I even work on weekends on the email and Social Media outside the website but I cannot always be on the chatroom all the time really when we have work to do to get things ready to go for podcasts. Yesterday both Chris and I worked until 2 pm then had the rest of the day off so we had a half day working which is nice of him from this end to give a day off. There is plenty of work to do to get ready for Monday as you know from Chris's post on social that Power Rangers Podcast is coming back and that was one of the posts this weekend but we couldn't cause of the issues we were experiencing on our back end of the website.

               Let me let you guys know what the posts are for the weekend, today is this post and tomorrow is about a podcasts coming back and new podcasts to our network that we are bringing and let me hint with this, you will recognize one of the projects from back in March and no it isn't Everything About Reality TV as Chris made it clear he's retired from Reality TV Podcasts after nearly 5 years doing that podcasts and really the team and I are kind of just doing more prep work right now to prepare for Monday's recording sess. Like he said on social this beginning of September, we go back to full throttle on Podcasts and content. I think he's gotten something else in the back of his mind too and he may be streaming on and off from time to time. Not sure if it would be YouTube or just on our Facebook Fan page that he would do it that I could not tell you. Time will tell what he has in stored really and you never know what he has up his sleeve.

Sophie, Community Manager

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Who's Who On The Staff?

         There has been so many questions and I am making this very quick post as we are swamped with work right now, but the question you guys have is who is who when it comes to our Staff right now as so much has changed since Everything About Reality TV ended:

ChrisBOnTheWeb Staff:

Chris (Founder/Owner)- Founded and Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb.
Sophie- Me (Community Manager)- In charge of our Facebook and Twitter and overall helps the community if they have any questions and you can find me in the chat Monday - Fridays, 9 am - 5 pm EST I am always in there.
Larry (Co-FounderSenior Advisor)- Been with ChrisBOnTheWeb since the beginning and is the Co-Founder of ChrisBOnTheWeb and isn't really staff but is in conversations for everything ChrisBOnTheWeb.
Billy (Senior Advisor)- One of the 2 advisors for Programming to help Chris make the tough decision for everything around going on around the website and ChrisBOnTheWeb.

Billy (Senior Advisor)- Advises Chris along with Larry with everything Chris B On The Web, that involves decisions to make within the website.

Entertainment Man Podcast (2020 - PRESENT):

Chris (Executive Producer/Host)- Title says it all, Executive Producer/Host of his own personal podcast.

Power Rangers Podcast Collab (2018 - PRESENT):

Chris (Executive Producer/Host)-
Executive Producer/Host and oversees the operation and planning of the podcast.
Larry (Senior Producer/Co-Host)-
Senior Producer and helps with the decisions and Chris's right hand on projects as well. He is also is the Co-Host of the podcasts.

Sports Talk With The Bulldog (TBA):

Billy (Executive Producer/Host)- Executive Producer and Host of this future podcast.
Chris (Senior Advisor)- Senior Advisor and helps behind the scenes and can fulfill fill in host if Billy is unable to come on.

              There will be more information coming to the projects below and once we know what is up then we will be sure to update but exciting things happening and excited to be adding into the website and Chris is very excited on all of this and wishes he can post this personally but as I said he is very busy person. He hopes to return soon and he will know by Friday night when he is returning to the daily posts.

Sophie, Community Manager