Saturday, December 7, 2019

2 Weeks Tomorrow To Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!

              Well two weeks from now I will be seeing Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker which honestly I am excited for this movie. More excited for this movie then any other one that has come out and why you may ask? Well as you know by the first trailer for the movie we hear the laugh of the infamous Emperor Palatine which we know and love from the original movies and the prequels of the Star Wars movies. I have been running in the back of my mind how is the Emperor going to play a role in this movie? Is he physically back in the movie or is it a voice over by Ian Mcdiarmid which played Palatine in the movies I mentioned before. Also I have been running scenarios in the back of my mind for Luke Skywalker as I know he has a role in this movie. Now I realize this Luke has passed away and has become One In The Force so what I am going to think is that he will be back either on voice or he will be back as a "Force Ghost" which is what I am really am thinking honestly and that is probably my prediction to what is going to happen. Now going back to the Emperor thing Larry even tells me he apparently survived but the question is how?! It isn't easy after being thrown over a hole. 

               Either way I am excited for the movie and there is only 2 weeks and I hope this movie isn't a disappointment but I think it's going to definitely be an amazing movie. It had to be an amazing movie as this is the last one for several years as Larry mentioned to me in the past so it will be sad to not be seeing any new movies and going to the movies with him but there is always Indiana Jones movie that is coming out in 2021 as they have delayed working on that movie. Either way I really sure do expect a lot of this movie and it will definitely will be an interesting movie to conclude the story of the Skywalker Era as this is the last of the Skywalker era so this mean no more Luke or Rey as I heard rumors that Daisy Ridley is done after this but again I could be wrong but we will see. It will definitely be interesting to see where these movies go. Question is will Kylo live or will he be destroyed, will the Emperor come back then end of dying again? These are all questions that will be answered when I see the movie in 2 weeks time from now.


Friday, December 6, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Logo Has Been Re-Branded?!

      That's right our own podcast, Everything About Reality TV Podcast has officially been re-branded with a brand new and more sleeker looking logo and I really like that we re-branded the logo and honestly it has a sleek look and it really pops out for us. Now there is another reason behind the logo change. As you know the original logo was blue and the CBOTW brand is blue so in a way it really confuses the hell of you guys and myself and my team. So this way we still got majority of the original colors minus the tint of blue is now a more a baby blue color with the letters highlighted in white which like I said really pops it out. So I am excited to put it across all the platforms in the very nearby future and I will get to the date shortly in this post. So there is the reason behind why I decided to change the color scheme a bit with the podcast and honestly I like this color scheme too. Also as you know EAR TV (short for Everything About Reality TV) just celebrated it's 4th anniversary on the air as a podcast which brings me to 2020 will be our 5th year on the Air which is quite an accomplishment honestly so this also honors the 5 years it's been on despite me almost pulling it off the year this year. 

          I know, I know! Chris, you're rambling on and get to the point! OK the point is I think it was long overdue even with it only being 2 years since the logo change but I have been thinking about it lately and it is definitely time and it fits what I have been thinking for the last couple of days to a week or so ago. I felt like the old logo which is still seen across all the platforms right now is plain meh. So when is the new logo coming out across all the platforms the podcast is currently on? January 1st, 2020 I will be coming in my studio to do the entire changes and should appear on all the platforms within a few hours but I will be checking all platforms the next day and if any update needs to be done I will be getting that fixed soon as possible but we will see when it is done and soon as it is all set then I will be sending out links that all platforms are updated. 


Thursday, December 5, 2019

Tyrone Farmers 20th Anniversary Parade 2019!

            So yesterday, I got to go to the Tyrone Farmers Parade for the first time in 2 years as last year the weather was bad and 2 it happened to be on my birthday which is today and on a Thursday. Anyways, we were not going to go originally however we decided to go anyways despite we were tired as we worked on the walls in the studio which an update is coming Sunday afternoon's blog post. So we went and on our way we ended getting snow falling which honestly made the experience nice. We went down to the actual mill and wanted to get cider and donuts but the line-up was absolutely insane. However the way I think of it that is definitely good for the business. Anyways we walked back up the damn hill which mind you I was exhausted by the time I got back up the hill I was exhausted and panting hard but hey I survived. We went all the way up to where the church was and stayed put for the remainder of the time we were there. Ran into another fellow bowler that bowled in the same league for at least 10 plus years that I was in that league and it was great to catch up with em as the last time I saw them was at the Orono Fair.

        We waited quite some time for the parade to start and I was getting pretty stiff honestly with the waiting game but when it started there was over 10 different floats that I saw as it is actually their 20th anniversary so it was a bonus and if I remember correctly I have been going since I was still in high school at the time so that spans over 10 years for him and I doing this event. One bonus thing about this parade too is the fact they actually had the vintage tractors too and also people riding horses so it was pretty special 20th anniversary. So we are guessing this parade was done in 1999 just before my final year in elementary school before the start of high school. Either way we had a good time despite the wait but in the end it was truly worth going and looking forward to the parade in 2020. One final thing to say is next week I am off to the last event for 2019 which is the Christmas Market in Toronto to wrap things up for events in 2019 so I am definitely looking forward to that and stay tuned to social media when I am heading there.


Wednesday, December 4, 2019

I am not ready to turn 34!

            With tomorrow being my 34th birthday I just do not feel ready to turn 34. I know I have no choice but I am getting a year older but this year is just going to be an odd year as I asked for mount which I know is here already but it will not be able to be used at the time as right now my desk is a piece of crap, which needs to be repaired so the mount will be sitting around till the desk is repaired or I get a new one. Plus this birthday I will be in the middle of this reno and my dad has insisted I take the day off but either way I gotta work on the podcast at the most as Survivor will have to be out as the show must go on and also a blog post as always so that is pretty much all I can really do for the day. However with turning 34, I am planning to do several things that day. One go see my Grandma in the morning for an hour, come home eat, then my parents and I will be going down to the Bulldog for a drink and don't worry I will not get too crazy that night but also for me to enjoy my day and have fun. Finally I am sure my brother and my niece and nephew will be by to visit for my birthday and not my sister in law as we know she will be at work still however next year my birthday is on a weekend so will get to see all 4 of them.

             Either way I should be excited for my birthday even if I DO not want to turn 34 but either way remember I have to turn 34. Also if I think about it 34 is Auston Matthews number on the Toronto Maple Leafs so there is a bonus to it all in the end as Auston Matthews is one of my favorite Toronto Maple Leafs of all time on top of John Tavares being my second favorite. At this time while this post goes out to you guys I am probably on the road once you read this post so to be clear this has been written about 2 days ago. I promise for tomorrow's post to a bit of a longer post but that is why I am not ready to turn 34 but really in the end I have no other choice to turn 34. 


Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Johnny's Western Burger and Fries Food Review

            Yesterday I went out for lunch with my friend Eric as an early birthday celebration and I have been here before in the past about 2 months before and yes I have been at Johnny's before that too with my worker and my family so I am very familiar with the establishment and the fact it is very close to Eric's place is a plus especially when it came to the Survivor Premiere and the Big Brother 21 Finale! Anyways the last time I was there I actually had a Corn Beef on Rye with Fries which were really good and I enjoyed it. Now to this review, I had a Western Burger. One thing I found with the burger, it fell apart so I am wondering if it was overcooked so I wasn't overly pleased by hey I still ate it regardless and the Peameal Bacon made up for the overcooked burger. Hey at least it wasn't RAAAW! as Gordon Ramsey would say. Anyways I probably give it a 3 out of 5 and I am being generous as I still enjoyed dessert so there was a bonus to that but other items I have had off the menu in the past so this time I wasn't happy but doesn't mean I wasn't happy before because I was very satisfied the last time around. The fries were just perfect for me, crispy and really delicious. They get a 5 out of 5 together. 

               However dessert I once again had the Apple pie which is a huge piece of pie honestly. However I did enjoy it this time around. I actually gave it a 10 out of 5 as I enjoyed it the first time around but this time around, still a 10 out of 5 so in total of the two times, I would give it out a 20 out of 10, 10 out of 5 each time. It was nice and fresh, Apples were really fresh and yummy inside the pie. They don't give you a small slice either it is a really huge slice of pie and that' fine with me I enjoyed every bite of it. I would definitely have the pie for dessert again next time I went there for sure. However I do not think I would have the burger again as it fell apart, it seemed dry and overcooked to me but that could be me all together. The staff there definitely get full 5 as they were amazing and we actually saw the Manager or it could of been the owner there yesterday and super nice to us and let us hang and take out time to finishing up our meal. Definitely go back and do another review for a different item on the list. There is my review and I hope you guys really enjoyed it and look forward to another one very soon and never know I may just do a Teddy's review next week when I go with my neighbor for lunch.

- Chris

Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Binding of Isaac Game Progress Update

            I know it has been a while since I have done an update on The Binding of Isaac but I really do not remember really but I got things moving again and why I have decided to give you guys an update. So I decided to play with Maggie and I just went completely nuts with the game, not only got a ton of hearts on the game but also I got Ipecac which is pretty much a explosive shots and soon as I got it, I thought "Oh yea it's game over!" I was totally right. I not only defeated Mom but Mom's heart on the game and got a chance to fight against Satan or the Devil on the game but did not go any further but hey I got far. With the far and deep run in the game, I have now unlocked a bunch of items which puts me farther into the game and near the half way mark in the game which is definitely good. I also did some runs with Cane and did fairly well despite having 2 hearts to start with but made pretty much a good run but ended up dying but it is about the effort that counts really and that is what is the most important to me at this moment. I do find it hard with only two hearts but hey I am really am trying the hardest I can with it.

           However I am once again finding the fun in this game and finding the challenge with the game. I need to play with different characters, mix things up if that makes any sense to you guys. I seem to find myself playing the same one over and over again and honestly I need to try other characters or challenges that I have left on the game. Once I hit 49.5 then that will be my halfway mark for the game so I am really, really close to the mid way and I want to get to this point. However I need to keep going with this game and not give up. I can say I am actually seeing myself playing a lot more and when I get started I just do not seem to give up whatsoever and I just keep seeing myself playing another run and a another run and so forth. So you can see there it has once again it has become an addiction to the game again lmao just like Warface is another game that is addicting. Anyways that is a small update what is going on and maybe when I get to 75% completed then I will end up on another update but I do not think there will be an update for quite a while now. 


Saturday, November 30, 2019

What To Do With Turkey Left Overs!

               I was thinking about it and talking to Rocky about this as ideas are hard as I am not relying on my white board right now due to it being on the other side of the basement which mind you is greatly damaged and I need to replace it when the studio is fully renovated but going to see if i can make use of it for a while. The reason I am bringing up the whiteboard is that is how I keep track of what I am posting up everyday of the week and yes I got ideas still but hard to reach my book on a regular basis. Anyways after talking to him it came to my mind that this week it was the American Thanksgiving and if you cannot tell I am Canadian but I always make a social media post about it. Anyways we celebrate American Thanksgiving as we have family in the mid north west of the States. You are seeing where I am going with this post I'm sure. Leftover Turkey, what do you do with leftover turkey? I have a couple of things that I could do with the turkey leftovers that are two of my personal faves:

1) Turkey Soup- One of my personal faves and with winter getting close it is definitely nice to have especially on these cooler days now these days especially with it being the fall. All that is in it is broth, green onions and the turkey an there ya go an yummy, yummy soup!

2) Turkey Casserole- I just had this the other day and last night for dinner. It is a turkey casserole which consists of Turkey, stuffing and gravy at the bottom of the casserole dish then put mash potatoes together and it becomes such an amazing dish all together there is another meat casserole I wanna share with you guys but that is similar but completely different from this. 

                  There is my top two favorite things to do with Turkey and I know there are a ton of things that can be used for Turkey leftovers but I wanted to share at least two of them that I enjoy the most and what I can and know what to do with Turkey. However there is a turkey club sandwich which is one other thing that you can do with the turkey. Either way there is ways to use Turkey leftovers and hope this sort of helps and if you try any of these especially the turkey casserole let me know how it went in the comments below and I will be sure to read em all!

- Chris