Tuesday, October 15, 2019

I Want To See The New Terminator Movie!

            I want to see the new Terminator Movie when it comes out in on the 23rd of this month. Now I have seen up to 3 of the movies, I haven't seen 4 or 5 so I will have to get caught up in order so I can see it. Now I heard the last movie with Sarah Connor was in the last movie but Arnold wasn't technically. I heard it wasn't overly a good movie but either way I am going to watch it and see for myself. So in order to see this new movie I will definitely have to get caught up to speed in the movies before I see it so there is going to have a few movie nights and later on I think that is exactly what I am going to do is start watching these movies slowly but surely. I for one am an action pact movies and I am excited to see Arnold back in action. Last thing I really saw him on was Celebrity Apprentice before he resigned and the show no longer is on the air. I am a big Arnold Schwarzenegger fan and seen other movies with him in besides this series that has become so popular over the years it has been around since the very first movie. I am sure this could be the last of the series of these movies but you never really know if they will do another movie as Arnold is on in years now but hey he still got it.

             Either way I am excited to see this and I am going to talk to Eric about going to see it and maybe a week Monday or 2 weeks Monday I will be able to see it with my friend Eric as we would like to go see a movie and I have been wanting to see a movie for a while now.  Soon as I heard about it I said it is a most definite movie I wanna see and of course I would do a non spoiler movie review for you guys and I will let you guys know. I have to some how squeeze that into the tight schedule that I am on right now. Now what do I expect from this movie? I expect obviously lots of action pack during the movie but we will have to wait and see what this movie is going to be like in the way of what the story line will be either way I am excited. I really hope I am going to see it with my friend as that is what he wants me to go to the movies with him and this is definitely on the list and we will see if I go to the movies but will ask him at the end of this week and if you see a review then it's definitely a go with the movie review as I do enjoy the reviews honestly and giving them to you guys as well. It has been years since the 3rd movie since I have watched movie so like I said I will have to play catch up and that is what I am planning on do this week especially.


Monday, October 14, 2019

Hell's Kitchen Recaps Are Returning To Everything About Reality TV Podcast In 2020!

                The title doesn't lie! That is right, Hell's Kitchen Recaps are RETURNING to Everything About Reality TV in 2020. There is a lot of questions being asked and I will answer them all:

1) Are you going to Host and if you aren't who is? No I am not going to host it. As I said on social media late last night I announced I have a new host lined up and he is very excited to announce Steven is going to be the host and trust me he's a super fan of Hell's Kitchen and I have officially signed him on for the next 2 seasons of Hell's Kitchen.

2) Where we can hear this Podcast? Podcast will be on the normal 14 - 15 platforms the podcasts is on Podcasts.com. Stitcher, ITunes, TuneIn, Player FM, Overcast, ListenNotes, Castbox and many more. So what I am trying to say any of the Audio ONLY platforms it will be pretty much. 

3) When is it coming? There is no date yet but Steven has told me that it will be sometime in 2020 when it will be coming and the time and place it goes up it will be announced on here and also on Social Media. 

4) Will I pop up once and a while? Probably not as I said this is all Steven who is going to be the host and he has the reigns on this show and it is on him what he wants to do but as long he remains professional and entertains everyone in the same way but he's the boss of those recaps. Only thing I do is more behind the scenes stuff with posting it up and to add in the intro and what not. 

                  Either way I am excited for Steven to be starting and we have spoken about it in the past month or 2 but it went on the way side of things for the longest time and I made a decision that it wouldn't be going back however but we are back and excited it will be someone new to the podcast and for the first time I am going to have someone else on the podcast. Now in the way of YouTube, I do not think Everything About Reality TV Podcast will not be back on the YouTube platform anytime soon with the recent ways YouTube has become with subscribers and views being suppressed so I think for the best interest of our Podcast it is better for us to stay off but never know we could make the move in 2020 and I will discuss that with my team. Finally I want to welcome Steven to the team and excited to be working with you in the very nearby future. This is only the start guys there is more to come in the year 2020 with this podcast! 


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving 2019!

             First of all, I gotta say to my fellow Canadian CBOTW Fans is Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you all! I am so thankful for my family, friends and of course you guys the best fans out there honestly. I know this weekend I have been spending a ton of time with the family and I am obviously up typing up some post for today and I have another announcement to make later on about my podcasts. Anyways there is no rest for yours truly been up since late last night working so hard on stuff so I can actually enjoy my second half of the day with the family as we are having our Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and possibly my grandma depending if she is better today to come over as shes not been well since Friday since I saw her last at her place and had to find out she didn't sleep and some other things but hoping she will be able to be here for dinner which would be really nice if she was able to. So I will be working but not the full day tho, just part of the day I will be working and there will be a post at 11 am EST and also 7 pm EST and will make the announcement so that is being worked on at the time I am writing this post for the morning as usual that is when a normal post but got some interesting news to tell you all that is in the plan for 2020 for my podcast.

                 So in conclusion to this post, I am taking some time to myself today but in the long haul I am planning stuff getting ready for 2020 ahead of time and being ready for the big plans that is going to be happening including Billy's post which is suppose to be ready for November but like I said no date yet but it is coming and will be talking to him about it but either way I hope you all had a fantastic long weekend and a very safe and happy holiday and it was definitely a fun weekend and next weekend may be a short weekend but it will definitely be another great weekend coming up for me. I am just busy around this time of the year but that's OK tho as it does keep me out of trouble for sure but I truly hope you and your family did have a wonderful Thanksgiving up here in Canada.... Ehhh.


Sunday, October 13, 2019

Halton County Radial Museum 2019

             Yesterday, I got to go all the way out to Halton Hills Ontario where I got to go back to the Halton County Radial Museum with my dad! Now I had my lynard last year but I did not apparently blog about it for some strange reason that wasn't on the list of blogs as I did a search for it and nothing came up but the 2017 so makes me wonder if we actually went last year and I am pretty much sure we did but I must of not taken any notes and I didn't post whatsoever so it has been 2 years now now. Anyways we got stuck in some major traffic jams so it took us definitely longer to get there and less to spend as I felt like there was a bit more of a rush this year at the Streetcar Museum but that could just be me honestly. Anyways we jumped on the 4600 which was under a repaint job and honestly I am excited to see it all newly repainted 4600, a PCC which was originally a 4500 when it ran for the TTC. We did switch to the 2894 a Peter Witt Streetcar that ran in 1923 to go all the way back

Then we got back grabbed some lunch and also we looked at the shop where they were repairing Car 4 a London and Port Stanley which is under repairs currently. Also 217 still being worked on in the shop along with now 4611 which had no wheels on whatsoever so it is being worked on so it is definitely nice to see vehicles being worked and and potentially going to be running along the line at the Halton County Radial Museum in the very nearby future. Then we took the 8 back down the line and back before looking in the barns and before one last trip down the line and our way back home.

       So we looked in the barns, the streetcars that are no longer in service or would have to be towed out to be used as there is no wires that is above that goes to the barn all the way to the main line as that area does not have the proper electric lines right now. This also includes 1326, 55, 7 Chicago Train, Subways 5300, 5301, Subways 5098 and 5099. Also our local work train as you guys didn't know we once here had a railway here with streetcars way back into the day. There are many other trains like the Montreal train sitting there, 23. But that was behind and there is the original part of the barn that was there before Barn 4 and it had PCC Streetcar 4000 which is definitely one of my favorites of all times along with 327 and several of them that have to be repaired but love how they are going to start fixing them up slowly but surely! Finally I also asked about the CLRV streetcars that is now slowly retiring and that they are getting some streetcars of theirs soon. Overall the day was a fun day and next weekend I am going to have ton of content for you guys so be sure to stay tuned so I will see you on tomorrow's blog post.


Saturday, October 12, 2019

Weight Loss Update.... [10-12-19]

           I haven't gone any better with my weight loss and now sitting at 225 pounds probably gone up as of today but by tomorrow, I am going to start working on my weight again getting it down below 220 as I need to try and get to 210 by the time I see my family doctor as that is the first initial goal is to lose 15 more pounds before the doctor and then I can take the next step to lose another 15 - 20 more pounds at a time. I know and realize the time is now ticking to me losing the weight before my doctor visit in December and I just want to make sure I lose it and Sunday I am becoming very serious about the weight loss journey. I have let it get out of control again and I shouldn't be letting it get out of control honestly. Come tomorrow I am going to really put the focus in on it and I know I can get down to 217 as I was there last December. I think now it is much more difficult to lose the weight at this number then it is when I was at 239 but either way I am working towards it this week and it would be nice to get down to 222 - 221 in the weight this week. That is a first step then I want to lose the weight slowly not fast as it is not healthy to lose weight too fast honestly. 

            So tomorrow starts what will be a very long haul to finally get the weight down fully to my goal as I have been doing this for nearly 2 years and it is truly time to lose the weight and I just want this weight loss to be done and over with as it has been a very tough time to lose all of this. Again I think I am just over thinking things with it and I need to watch my calorie count is the upmost important thing to watch and I haven't been and I am going to and going to make an effort too today if I can as well. Anyways that is where I am at with it and the other point I want to make is I need to stop with the snacking and I try to have a treat for a snack every week for example this week I had some popcorn and was portion size which is another point I would like to make next but I try to have a snack at least once a week and I know with Thanksgiving it will be quite difficult but I plan on having a portion size of food this time around. Either way I am so willing now to lose the weight and get my weight down and to a healthy weight again as I am just tired of being fat and it hasn't helped my knees out as recently gotten bad so the sooner I lose the better it will be on my ailing knees so I am so motivated to lose it now.


Friday, October 11, 2019

The Sports Hour W/ Billy Starts Next Month!

               I know I have been very vocal about Billy's podcast and I have some news to share with you guys and I know I have spoken about podcasts quite a lot lately and that is because I have been waiting for Billy being ready to go. He has told me that he will be ready to go in November of this year. Unless something does happen then things could change on the start  date but we are aiming for November for him to start. Now I have the logo already made and the feed is yet to be created yet for the podcast that is something I need to work on for the podcast before I start to distributed on other platforms and what not.  I am starting his podcast out on the one platform then it will be distributed to other plaforms such as:

  • ITunes
  • TuneIn
  • Player FM
  • Castbox FM
  • ListenNotes
  • And Much, much more.

             I am going to work on the main feed next week hoping I get the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Notes well underway and I am planning next week to get started on his feed and hopefully by November we will be ready to go for when it starts. I am sorry we have been very, very quiet on things about his podcast but I was also dealing with the cancellation of CBOTW Gamers Podcast which is now not returning anytime soon so I kind of totally forgotten to hop on here and make that announcement to you guys. So both Billy and I are very much active with the planning of his podcast and excited for his podcast to be starting soon and I do need to ask him how often it will be going up and I need to know when he's starting so I can also post it up here on the website schedule as well. Also have to post up on the menu his podcast as well as the page exists but it isn't public yet and has been sitting hidden on the page for the longest time waiting for a formal update. I will have more details on his podcast hopefully next week I can provide you guys an update on things as I get more details coming into to me.


Thursday, October 10, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Will Be 3 Episodes Short of 250!

               Originally was going to do a Throwback Thursday but I went against the idea as I feel like it was too soon to actually do this as I was only involved with PRCB for nearly 3 months and I wanna wait till I hit the 1 year mark at least. Anyways I was doing the math yesterday and I realize that I am going to be 3 episodes short of 250 and I feel like it's all my fault honestly. What do I mean? If I ended up continuing on with Big Brother 21, I more then likely would of had the 250 so easily, probably end up but a little over 250 by the end of the year. However that wasn't the case this time around, I ended up stopping those recaps towards the end of the season which I lost 2 subs because of it but hope I end up gaining that back eventually. There was a lot of flaws and issues I had this summer which has really made me think about the future of the podcast and that is one of the reasons why we will be 3 short but if it wasn't for what I did screwing things up like I have been then probably would of gotten to that 250 right on. I really messed up my numbers and hurting the podcast and honestly I am starting to question myself with this podcast to how much longer it will last if I continue with the route the podcast is going or I end up walking away and doing other projects that I have going on now.  Now I know I signed a silly contract agreeing I would continue on till Fall 2020 then it would be obviously up for renewal if I want to continue and I know that is like an guaranteed additional year for the podcast  but we will definitely will have to wait and see what the plan is for 2020 - 2021 when the time is right. I need to start focusing on fixing whatever the issues are and I know there are a few that occurred during the summer and they are:

1)  Staying on track and honestly I haven't been staying on track but honestly it has become better this season then the last season to be honest and things are starting to look up for the podcast but I did lose subscribers because of this and not staying on a schedule. 

2) Fixing the quality of the microphone which is already starting to sound a ton better then it has been in the last while. I am working on and it has indeed has gotten a ton better then it has been and I wanna remain professional with the podcasts I am involved with.

3) Not making the mistake to returning to YouTube was another mistake I made and you know the song and dance to that honestly. That wasted a ton of my time too as well hence the copyright claim crap I should of just continued on with Audio ONLY which has been blowing up like crazy in numbers.

              So there is tons of reasons why we ran 3 episodes short but do not worry come January 2020 I will be doing some off season podcasts so that will be the time to catch up on the numbers to ensure we will be ready for the winter season with Survivor 40, Big Brother Canada and Amazing Race which we do not know when that is coming out so it is on the wait list for now and we will see what is going to happen.