Thursday, September 29, 2022

Favorite All-Time Survivor Players!

                 Survivor is still one of my favourite shows to watch and still is for many of us. 43 seasons in and I thought I'd do an updated version of my favourite Survivors of all time. I have decided to split it top 10 women and top 10 men so here it is and I am not going to explain everything, it'd be a long post. I will explain a couple at the end:

Men:                                                           Women:

1. Rob Mariano                                               Sandra

2. Tyson                                                          Amber (Rob's wife)

3.  Ethan                                                         Parvati

4.  Rupert                                                        Cire      

5.  Colby                                                          Stephenie (Palau)

6. Russell Hantz                                               Sarah (Survivor Cagayan)

7. Ozzy                                                             Kim (Survivor One World)

8. Malcolm                                                        Michaela                                                  

9. Tony                                                              Kass    

10. Ethan                                                           Aubrey

                      There is my list and With Rob I didn't not know what to expect in the way of comments he made throughout the seasons. Still one of my favourites even his post Survivor and support him through his adventures and follow him on social media. Sandra cause Queen stays the queen and just overall loved her in the season. I had to add in Rupert to my list as he is still one of my favourite old school players. Anyways that is my list and please let me know below your favourite players in the comments below if you watch the show and I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


Wednesday, September 28, 2022

This Month Has Been Slow on

                 This month has been a bit on the slower side of things lately. The views are not as high as last month and I think it's cause everyone is back to a normal work schedule and with kids back in school their busy. It is totally understandable with the website slower then normal and this summer it's been so busy on the website and honestly things do have to slow down at some point. However the views are still there and I am constantly updating on a regular basis to ensure that it is still fully updated every week and if anything needs an update then I will update it. However the website hasn't needed any updates right now but with the addition of CBOTW Studios Channel that has been updated and listed to the website now. That is the small minor details that need to be updated.

                I have been looking at the views and the weekend the views have been better and I think it has done a bit better and trying to make up those views that have been lost and it is just beyond the half way through this month and anything is possible to have a good number perhaps. However I am not going to stress over it and like I said things will slow down and that is the case but again not stressing over this. I finally have where I want it and I do not want to change anything on here. I am not changing anything but if Larry and I for example do the Power Rangers Movies then a Movie Collab page will pop up and there is a Movie Collab page right now on the website but it's not published at this moment but there is a dedicated page and it is there just not public yet, got a lot to talk to Larry about on the 30th. Anyways that is my post for today, I will speak to you all tomorrow. 




Tuesday, September 27, 2022

I Messed Up on Stardew Valley!

               Yeah the title doesn't lie. I have spent way too much bloody gold or money on Stardew Valley. I mean between 20 - 40 grand each time something had repair something in the town, the old town hall now a warehouse for one mart on the game at the far end of the town, I don't remember the name of the mart, Joja Mart, I do not remember the actual name. Also fixing bridges around the entire town, rebuilding my greenhouse which actually good for the winter seasons as I really wanna keep growing and I have but I need to keep getting quartz and clay to make the plant boxes to fill the entire greenhouse so that is still work in progress. Also I got rid of this glimmer near the entrance of the first cave which I do not know the purpose of it honestly. However getting the bridge fixed opens up a new area with trees and rocks and got some neat gems from the rocks including iron as well. The other thing is fixing the bus that's been broken down since day 1. Now going to the desert I got some neat items and seeds I never get but there is a cost per travel tho.

                However now, they want 500k from me for an entertainment centre in the town so I'm thinking how in the world am I going to get 500,000 dollars, that is a ton of money and I need to actually keep earn money for the upkeep of the farm to buy seeds and add buildings. I do not even remotely know if I will unless I earn a million bucks then yeah maybe perhaps I will give the town some more excitement but after that I am done giving them the money but who knows I haven't gotten that far and I haven't reached past 52,000 bucks but I am now saving like no tomorrow and seems this game is at a no end at this moment. I'll keep trucking at this game and still got some challenges to finish and need to learn how to fish still on there. Anyways that is today's post I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Monday, September 26, 2022

I Have Returned!

            Well aren't we a sight for sore eyes, it's been a while since I have spoken to you guys and a lot has gone on lately as you guys know I have been away from some of the social medias and this blog. I needed some time to digest the hiatus news of the collab. I was quite angry and upset at the entire situation and I just needed time away. I do not even want to remotely talk about it right now. I am just going to keep quiet at this moment. I feel bad that I took some time away but sometimes we need to do that. I know the website and this studio feels very hollow without the collab but we'll see how things go in the coming weeks but things are now looking up for us at this moment. Just making the wrong decisions especially with the now gone CBOTW Studios channel but it will be back eventually, just taking a step back for right now and it's more a computer thing more then anything.     

            I had one post that I dumped from last week that is now put onto this week's post on Wednesday so this brings me up to at least mid week with Thursday left on the list for the blog post and of course Friday's "End of The Week Updates" as well. Tomorrow's post I had an idea with the blog regards to one of the video games that I play on my computer. So that will be interesting post. However I am really happy to be back on the blog and all aspects of social media. Things are back to normal now and what is that anymore, not around this studio, normal is not in the vocabulary of this studio and not recently. As I said I am not going to talk about what happened and just going to continue on. I will have more information on the work load of the collab at the end of the week to keep you guys up to date on things. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you tomorrow!



Saturday, September 24, 2022

ChrisBOnTheWeb Content Schedule Updates

            Well Chris's external hard drive is dead. He got his neighbor to try it out and same results as the CBOTW Studios computer. Big shoutout to his neighbor for helping him out with this issue. Now Chris thought he lost a lot of the videos that he had but he actually has the behind the scenes from recent but no channel at this moment but that will be changing as he has made a decision officially what he wants to do. What he lost was the old videos from The Video Projects Team (thedirector015 YouTube Channel) is what was lost and with him and I, we could actually redownload all the videos eventually but he needs to get a new external hard drive and something he plans on asking for for his birthday.

              Now CBOTW Studios YouTube channel was put on hold but he is planning to launch it on October 1st, 2022 with behind the scenes look, live streams and what not.  Now he has give me a timeline for All Content updates to release for you guys: 

Sundays: 1 pm EST- Entertainment Man Podcast (Entertainment Man Podcast YouTube & Audio ONLY)

Mondays - Fridays: 11 am EST- Daily Blogs

Tuesdays: 4 pm EST- Video (CBOTW Studios YouTube) Starting Tues. October 4th, 2022

Thursdays: (Every Second Thursday) Entertainment Man Podcast (Audio ONLY)

Saturdays:   11 am EST- Blog Post (Randomly)
                               2 pm EST- Live Stream (Just Chatting, Gaming, etc)  Starting Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

              Not a lot is changing and he has mentioned he has to change the board to update with the schedule so he remembers what has to go up and what not. He has made a promise to go through with this plan and grow this even bigger and better then it is. Excited to see the next step to ChrisBOnTheWeb, I give him a ton of credit he wants to grow this community and excited to see what is to come.  I will see you all around the community and thanks again Chris for this opportunity to take over the blog.


Friday, September 23, 2022

End of The Week Updates [09-23-2022]

              Good Morning! This week has been full of problems and I am sure Chris is glad this week is finished. So here are the updates:

Website: Chris and I have been making some changes to the website and it has been unannounced the exact changes made to So CBOTW Studios Channel has been added to the On Demand section of his website as it is now part of this community and the go to place for updates, streams and behind the scenes look.

Power Rangers Collab: With the collab off air for a while, he will continue on to work on it and get seasons done at the same pace as before. Just the recording is currently on hold right now due to some creative differences which I know he will talk more about when he is good and ready but rest assure; the collab isn't going anywhere just on a bit of a hiatus for right now.  

              Chris has a bit extra time on his hands now with the collab on the side but it will be returning in the very nearby future but in the mean time he is focusing on the positive things coming for him the new channel and him growing the channel as he has been wanting to do streams since Facebook has muted the streams on him, he is moving over to YouTube. I want to thank Chris for this opportunity to taking over the blog, I may pop up for one more post tomorrow as I said Wednesday but we'll see but if not have a great weekend and I will see you guys around the community. 


Thursday, September 22, 2022

Will There Be Somewhere To Hang Out Eventually?

                 Good Morning!

            I know with the chatroom on now not happening will Chris being doing some kind of community where you can hang out and chat eventually however not at this moment. He is waiting till things grow especially on the YouTube side of things. He figured that is the best move at this moment is the actually waiting to add that into the mix of things for this community. We are realizing we need to take smaller steps and grow this slowly not fast. It is the best way to grow and especially him bouncing back from all the recent drama right now. 

           This is why he is taking time away from some social medias but this will definitely come in time just be patient with us. We advise you to keep up on social media at the moment up to date on things and we will eventually add in the Discord. We are working on blueprints and ideas for the server the channels we want to add to the list and some include the podcast, gamers corner, promotion of streams (including YouTube, Twitch and what not) those kind of channels on the Discord server, I can say that it'll be amazing I'm sure when we implement the server later. Thanks for reading talk tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 21, 2022

CBOTW Studios is on Hold!

                          Good Morning!

                   I wanted to let you all know that Chris has made a decision to hold back on the idea of CBOTW Studios. His computer is now 8 years old and it's slower then normal and usual life span he's had with a computer is about 10 - 11 years at the most. He will be keeping his  old computer at some point for just desk work nothing to do with recording a podcast or gaming but the desk work for typing up notes, social media posts and what not. However when he gets his new PC, he plans on streaming on a second channel at some point but whenever he gets that new PC.

                 He apologizes for the hype and now not going through with the channel. He will be serious when he wants to do streams and behind the scenes look in the studio but for right now he is focusing on the one YouTube Channel and when the time comes to expand his horizon he will. He will be doing weekly videos and he's got it on his board and will be leaving it up to Tuesdays and streams on Fridays and Saturdays. That schedule he will be leaving on his whiteboard in the studio.  Nothing wrong with him planning for the future of ChrisBOnTheWeb and he should just not worry about re-uploading old videos unless there is one he needs to re-upload. Yesterday his external hard drive possible died on him so big shoutout to his neighbor for trying to recover it and maybe I'll do a post Saturday if anything was recovered. I will talk to you tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your Wednesday. 


Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Power Rangers Podcast is On Hiatus!

                Hey everyone,

           My name is Alexandra and I am Chris's personal assistant. As you may know, Chris is currently away from his regular duties on Changes are being made and you probably seen some removal of podcasts and podcasts moved around but I will cover that at the end of the week updates as he normally does and it will be a bit longer. Anyways he is no longer on speaking terms with his Senior Producer and Co-Host and has decided to walk away from Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast for now and put it on a long term hiatus till hopefully things settle down and the two of them are talking things out again. For now we've put Power Rangers Collab into the Archive Page of the website and will remain in the vault till a final decision is made with the collaboration podcast. 

             At the moment the content is void, he isn't tearing up the contract but has deemed it void for now and if necessary can work out a new contract if falling behind. At some point Chris may work on the seasons at his own pace, hoping that it will one day return back to a norm but all he can do at this point is just move on with the projects he is working on which is Entertainment Man Podcast. He will be putting nothing out about this collaboration on neither social media or Entertainment Man Podcast at this moment of time. Also the #PowerRangersCollab will not be monitored at this time and will do the best we can to answer any questions but he will not be answering anything pertaining what happened. He is keeping that a private matter and only reason I am bringing this up is I would like you guys to respect his wishes but anything else he is open to talking about just mention or private message on any of the socials which are found at the right hand corner. I will speak to you all in the next post tomorrow morning. 

Alexandra, Assistant to Chris

Monday, September 19, 2022

Entertainment Man Podcast-- YouTube Channel is Doing Well!

                 Recently I have seen the growth of the channel not subscriber wise but viewer wise it has done extremely well spanning between 20 and 50 views an episode or per video per week as it is a weekly thing.  To be honest I do not mind the weekly thing as you guys know another certain channel of mine is returning soon and sooner then you expect to be quite honest.  Anyways, ever since that 2.1k video the channel has sort of blown the heck up and it is quite interesting how one video gives you a boost in viewership. I also didn't think that you guys would be interested in hearing what I had to say about how The Video Projects Team, should of had a contract. I mean I never thought you guys still cared about the old team that has now been gone for almost 8 years and still gets love no matter what happened to the group.

                The fact I am sharing my stories from all the different series that I was on I really, really think you guys enjoy those and I have a ton of different stories to tell you guys, little details. However those years are very faded in my memory as I am now pushing 40 in the next couple of years, my memory is starting to fade of those days. Maybe I am just moved on fully from creating web series now perhaps. However I will never forget those days where I actually did the web series but now I am fully focused on the podcasts and blogs now and that is always a priority. I am so off topic now which is normal for me as there is so much to say on these posts and also on the podcast. I honestly wish I did Entertainment Man Podcast on YouTube from the get-go, meaning the beginning when I started it and I could have a ton more subs and views but cannot dwell that and to be honest, I am glad one of my guests I had on the show talk me into going back cause it feels like I never left the platform. However I wanna talk more about YouTube this week and I will be doing 2 more posts but will spread it out between today and Wednesday this way it will not be all clumped together. Anyways that is the post for today I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


Friday, September 16, 2022

End of The Week Updates [09-16-2022]

                  It is time for another end of the week updates as another crazy and busy week. Yeah it has been a very, very busy week and got a ton of work done. However here are the updates for this week:

Entertainment Man Podcast: I have finished interview prep, had a pre-interview meeting yesterday for next weeks interview podcast and so excited to be back to interviews and I got a ton of interviews spanning over the next few weeks so will be a busy next few weeks for me for sure.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: Finished watching Power Rangers Super Megaforce and now typing up the notes today and hopefully by Tuesday to get things done in time  for 2 weeks from now Larry and I can actually record this and be ahead of schedule for once not behind. Next week at some point I will be starting to watch Power Rangers Dino Charge, followed by Power Rangers Super Dino Charge. Then it will be all about me typing up the notes. Larry going to be very, very surprised that we're recording on the 30th. I'm excited to tell him we are actually going to be doing 2 recording sessions, I will tell him to bring his headphones in case we record and he probably will not know till the day we meet up. ha ha! Ohhh I love my little plans without him knowing but Larry if you read this then the cats out of the bag obviously lol. 

              Anyways those are the updates on what is happening and finally got news for the collab to share with you all and the excitement with Entertainment Man Podcast and look forward to next week so until next week, have a great weekend and I will be talking to you all on Monday!