Monday, November 11, 2019

Schedule Page Has Been Re-Coded!

             Yesterday afternoon, I took down the "Schedule" for some major maintenance as I was not happy with what I was using which their service has gone down this morning for some odd reason and you know what service I am referring to. However I am grateful for having that calendar embedded on my website for the last several years and it was time for change. So obviously I took the entire page down and at first when you clicked it it said page cannot be found but yet the menu bar was up... Well I forgot to take down the tab off the menu bar code so I did that and re-added it when it was complete which only took me an hour to code together but their is probably tweaks I can make to it still as I am not 100% confident the page is done and there is tweaking to do with it still. However the new page is now up and I am happy with it for right now, even tho I am very picky with it but in time I will get it perfect but for right now its pretty much in beta testing as it was entirely done by code for tables. I not afraid to say it I am pretty much coding everything myself now these days and I am not going to rely on third party sites now moving forward for features within this website.

                 So if you see something out of place on this please report it via the contact page or my Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or Instagram. I am sure there is something that is out of place that I missed as I was extremely tired at 3 in the afternoon as I was in bed at 6 and up around 4 ish this morning. So it was a long hour yesterday trying to figure out how to do the scheduling so it took me some time to figure it out. However in the end I am happy with the end product but the issue I have is how I will add in events but I think it is possible and I probably will put it in for the month as I have things written down or in the actual calendar here on my PC so I know what is what with events especially which I know for right now is 2 more events are on the list for 2019 before we end events for the year. So what I think I will plan I can list them for just the month this way you guys aren't confused at all what is going on and what not. 


Sunday, November 10, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Is Ending... What's Next?

           So the rumors are true and I needed several days to process this entire change that is about to happen. Yes "Everything About Reality TV" Podcast is coming to an end after 4 long years On The Air and there will be changes with CBOTW and the way of podcasts. I am nervous for the changes but like Rocky said, this change will be good for me and Larry told me I have been doing this a long time now. Reason is not the negative comments but it is more with me feeling burnt out as I have been going non stop for the last 11 months now with very hardly any break so I am feeling ready for change. Now what is the changes? They are:

     - I plan on taking a break from running my podcast till the start of January, then The Entertainment Man Podcast also known as The EM Podcast will be starting the first Sunday of January so I am taking a break. 

    - I will still be working on Power Rangers Podcast and on Punk Rock Cheeseburger during the break and I won't be going far from those ones while the transition stage is completed. 

     - Everything About Reality TV Feeds will no longer have new episodes and will stay up on all the platforms until Late 2020 when I will get them removed but old Episodes will remain on from here on out. 

      - The EM Podcast will then grow onto websites like Stitcher, ITunes, TuneIn & Player FM one the ball gets rolling with then I will make the move to the other platforms within a week later I will work on bringing it onto the podcast. 

      - Everything About Reality TV Podcast Off Season Podcasts that have been written have been destroyed or thrown out in the trash on any flash drive or on the computer once the season is finished. Actually I have removed all the graphics and it is now stored on the flash drive so this way I have a copy. Also all episodes are on the external hard drive, yes all 240 + episodes and collabs are on there.

       There is what is going to be happening and when the Podcast is starting so technically and what is next for me. Honestly I am excited for the change to happen and ready to start something newer and different. I think it was time and I could really sense it back in May that the end is near and for once I listen to my own heart and gut on this and just hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the butt in the end but I don't think it will as Rocky said this change will be totally good for me and things won't be as crazy for me as they are right now. The date for the Podcast to start in Sunday, January 5th, 2020 officially. So there ya go with the official date for the podcast to be launched.


Saturday, November 9, 2019

Studio Renovations Have Started!

              The renovations have begun here in the studio which means mass chaos and mess but the most part the mess is done as we got the first layer down minus one area but today we were or are working on the second layer of the insulation as that is the first step towards this project. The next step after that is to try and move the electrical out and I know safety first as we will have to turn off the power in here to make sure we do not hurt ourselves whatsoever with this project. Then the fun part of this project begins with us working with putting up the wooden panels up on the wall. However we are working on it, we have just started this project and it will be a few week to a month hence the reason why we have stopped production of Power Rangers Podcast till at least January when this is all done an the studio is set in place finally with the changes that are being made as were moving stuff around in here and we're excited for studio changes that coming for us. That is why I have started to put things on hold. 

              There is no ETA when I will have things back and re-setup, I hope for Mid December to get things right on track with me but we will see as there is numerous changes with the desk top especially as there is a plan for that as well. Please be patient with me during the coming weeks as we are working as hard as we can to get things back on track first before we bring out some content to you guys so studio comes first before the content comes out to you guys that is what is the upmost importance. I know you guys were not happy with the announcement that Power Rangers Podcast went back on hiatus till January but if you think of it this way you guys are getting 3 collabs next year with Larry and I so that is truly a bonus for you especially so consider this a treat as the following year, well more then likely I will be back to 2 recording sessions a year so you guys are in for an bonus come 2020 on top of all these changes that is about to happen for the website especially. Finally I want to thank-you guys for being your patience and I will give updates from time to time when I have an update to give you guys.


Friday, November 8, 2019

Favorite Episodes of The Entertainment Man Talk Show!

             Today I would like talk about My favorite episodes that I have filmed of The Entertainment Man Talk Show. Now that it has been nearly 3.5 years since I left the YouTube platform, I sure as heck do feel comfortable talking about it and there is a bunch of episodes that really hit home and were on my favorites to film. I am sure you guys you guys can guess some of em as I am probably tweeted it out before. Anyways here are my top episodes that I enjoyed filming:

1) The 50th Episode!: This took place in Season 2 and I was so excited yet there was a bunch of drama on set that day as I wanted things to be just perfect for that day as it is a milestone for the series.

2) 100th Episode: While this episode is no longer anywhere and is a lost episode but again another milestone out of the 112 episodes that both Larry and I between 2013 and 2016 before the series ended in 2016. 

3) Town Hall of 1873: Probably one of the first of several locations I filmed at over the course of the 6 seasons the series was running that needed permission, OK to film at. Another reason I chose this location is because of the history of the theater as it once was a jail and also a fire station back in the day.

4) York-Durham Railway: Was on my list many years before we actually filmed and I was very familiar with the railway but I waited till the time was right and we filmed in June 2016 and that was the last ever episode him and I ever filmed and was a memorable finish the series off before it ended.

             There is 4 of my favorite episodes that I enjoyed recording or filming the episode. I have nothing but the best memories despite the way things ended I cannot not be bitter especially now that it has been 3.5 years now I am nothing but proud of it lasting the 6 long seasons with 2 years short of the 10 year mark since it started. There is nothing but tons of memories with the series and I will have the same when Everything About Reality TV Podcast ends in December and I move onto bigger and better things with CBOTW. I have to remember the good memories not the negative and that is why I wanted to make this post and I hope you guys enjoyed today's post and I will see you in the next post tomorrow. 


Thursday, November 7, 2019

Memories of Riding The Older Buses Back In The Day (Throwback Thursday Story)

              Back in the day when I was growing up, we never had the handicapped buses as they were all stairs we had to climb up and I am talking old, old buses. Now what buses am I really talking about?

  • The old General Motors Fish Bowl buses as they always called them back then and always warm when I was on them and comfortable as well as the seats where padded. I also the Air conditioned ones they had later on before they were all pulled out of service and retired.
  • The MCI Classics- Really warm all the time which is always nice and I remember these really well back in the day. 
  • Flyers- Not the ones that we have to this day, the ones that had the rounded windows I remember very, very well. 
  • The next one is of course the Orion buses and I remember em from the old orions 117, 121, 122 & 123. Also from 129 - 145 in the numbers as the transit here had a ton of them. I also remember these from when I was still in my college years when I was in school for pre-media.

              There is a ton of memories from the buses I rode the buses and those are the buses I remember. I totally remember going home on the buses quite often with my dad from when I was in elementary school and remembering the old fish bowls and what not. Also as I said I took some of the older Orion buses when I was in college and I remember correctly that the 8141 one of the final Orion buses remaining in the system at the time and the last time I was on one was the 8141 bus and there is proof and when I say proof there is a video on YouTube of me on the bus so there is actual proof of it too. I will never forget which bus it was either and I remember it very vividly too. 


Wednesday, November 6, 2019

My Favorite Monk Episodes!

               Today's post I would like to talk about some of my favorite Monk episodes. Now a small back story to how I get into the show. Now I got into the TV Show because of Eric, he introduced me into the show and I was wondering what the heck I was technically watching but as I kept on getting further and further into the show, I got right into the show and I have seen all seasons on Monk from start to finish. Anyways here are some of my favorite episodes that I enjoy:

1) Mr Monk On The Air- Mr. Monk goes on radio during his investigation and of course he got embarrassed when with a remix of him saying "Wipe, Wipe, Wipe" Which I found pretty hysterical to be honestly. 

2) Mr. Monk Stays In Bed- Poor Monk sick in bed with what I think is the flu bug. Anyways Julie, Natalie's daughter gave him a get well card that had a musical interlude to it and drove Mr. Monk insane to a point he tried to hide it and eventually threw it out. At the end the card came back to save the day and probably haunt Mr. Monk.

3) Mr. Monk A Contestant On Game Show- I know what you're going to say, I do not remember the name of any of these damn names of the actual episodes but he was trying to figure out how the one contestant is cheating and of course he went in there and he kept on cleaning off the smudge off the button and of course the button kept going off which was funny and personally one of my favorite episodes to date.

            There is a few episodes and like always with these kind of posts, I do not want to over do the posts and I try and not do that with these posts but those are at least my top 3 favorite let's just say and it is nice but I really hoped to add in more but that's OK, I am happy with the final product and I really hope you guys have enjoyed today's post as always I enjoyed writing this post for you guys. 


Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Blog & Team Updates

             I keep forgetting that Larry has author privileges here on the website and I just looked and he is still author here so I should get him to post here and there and we will have something to blog about in the New Year as we are planning on going to Popeyes for Lunch and doing a Food Review for you guys and I have been saying this for the longest time now but it will be done for sure.  Larry doesn't always have to post but like I have told him in the past he has that privilege to write and he hasn't yet but he probably has totally forgotten he has the privilege. Not sure what he would blog about but we have a couple of ideas on our mind and they are:

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker- Review  the movie with no spoilers as that is what we are not that kind of website or blog that spoils the movie for you guys but that can be on the list for him to review, even myself, we both can do a review.
  • Food Reviews- We are planning to do some food reviews together. We have like I said Pop Eyes on the list, I have Five Guys Burgers, Mr. Burger, Starr Burger so we have a few places in mind for the New Year and they will be even out on a Monthly basis for a while but we wanna do some.         

            Both him and I will do a review together and this was his idea for the website so I am very excited to see what is brought to the website and I am sure excited to be bringing some newer content to the website especially. We got the podcasts and now we got a bunch of content on the website but Larry is just the start and I am sure we will be adding a bunch of new stuff and we will definitely have to put a schedule together so this way we are not crossing paths with posts but we will all meeting discussing this soon to what we want to do. So exciting stuff for the website and like I said this is only the start for us! Also I am moving my blog posts to 12 Noon EST for now on. Finally the team page is returning soon!