Friday, February 3, 2023

End of The Week Updates [02-03-2023]

          Time for another end of the week updates. A lot has transpired in the last week. Anyways here is the end of the week updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: Got a podcast booked for the end of this month with Tim from 20tiMinutes so I am looking forward to chatting with him on my podcast. 

Power Rangers Collab: Working on a season right now, nothing to report but will be posting up the next episode today in 2 - 4 hours from when this post goes up live on Look forward to you guys hearing it and hearing your feedback on this new formatted. Please note we are still learning with this new format and need time to get into it.

Community: This community has been a bit chaotic with losing a member of staff and honestly getting tired of it. Kind of why I've been a lot quieter in the Discord community and just trying to bury myself in my work as much as possible. I'm trying to be active but cause of this I just do not wanna be around the negative. I promised myself a positive and happy year this year.One step at a time tho. 

          Anyways that is the episode for today, hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope you have a great weekend and I will talk to you all on Monday. 


Thursday, February 2, 2023

When Will I Ever Slow Down?

         Will I ever slow down with content, especially the collab? Heck NO! Right now I am on a tear with content! Working my butt off with content, whether it's the collab or Entertainment Man Podcast, I am working hard each and every day on things. however there will be a time to slow down and I promise you guys August and September things will be slowing down will be more of a prep for the next step after July. I know some things that you guys won't know yet which will be information for later for me to mention to you guys probably August you will hear more about it. 

         I hope to have a few weeks to a month off before starting on Cosmic Fury and at some point I need to continue to produce and write episodes for Entertainment Man Podcast as right now I have only so many up to 5 - 10 weeks at this moment and I need to write some more. I do have some printed off so in the long run, there will not be breaks but I will try and take a day or two off on the weekends to rest maybe preferably Sundays as that is normally or was a day of rest but it is full throttle with it right now. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates.


Wednesday, February 1, 2023

My Head has Been Going Crazy The Last Several Days!

          It has been crazy the last few days inside my head, I had a lot of drama to deal with, stress of ChrisBOnTheWeb and drama in the community.... Yeah their has been community drama again from former staff. I'm done giving chances to people. I've been wish I'd have the virus and die from it. People are truly sickening. No wonder I've been unable to focus on content cause of people being jerks for no apparent reason. 

        My head hasn't been in the game recently but I have been trying hard to get things done and I have been, trust me. It has been one thing after another of problems. I probably had to update things on the website too and too much on my plate right at this time. However I am trying and am going to aim to be finished all the notes for the next podcast by Wednesday next week so I can focus. I have had a lot on my plate lately and need to re-focus and get things done at a bit of a faster pace. Anyways that is what is going on with me right now, I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


Tuesday, January 31, 2023

What Will Happen After July With Power Rangers Collab [Contract Discussion]

               I know with Power Rangers Collab you guys know there is a contract involved with this podcast as this is a very massive project and endeavour for the last almost 5 years it's been an on going project for both Larry and I. As you know him and I are planning to finish all 29 seasons by end of July this year to prepare for Cosmic Fury this August/September. So I know there is a ton of questions regarding the contract and beyond July of this year:

              So beyond July, like I mentioned him and I still have Cosmic Fury and hope by end of the year to be in the studio to record it sometime in December. However beyond that we have no idea what comes next for the beloved collab you guys have loved and known for the longest time. Probably end up a one off podcast here and there till we know further and we have to do the movies but that is on the other podcast. I know we could do a different podcast and start that and that would be the other podcast. I know we agreed to the end of 2024 and extended it beyond end of this year and we probably made a mistake on our part but we did that as we were really unsure of the future of the collab beyond season 30 and still unsure what is going to happen beyond Season 30 and it will be definitely a waiting game. That is the post for today and any further development we will be sure to let you know on here but I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Monday, January 30, 2023

What Is Going on With Events This Year?

           I know the last two years with events has been all up in the air with this pandemic. With everything unknown for the events I go to I have made that decision to not make a specific flyer for the events I will be at for the blog here on I can say Toronto is most DEFINITELY out of the realm of possibility as that is where I got sick with the "C" word last year, I am not about to make a second round of it anytime soon and any trips there is a most definite no. Also with the recent crimes in Toronto, I do not even feel like it's not safe to go there at this moment. I rather focus on the events here locally at this time.

            Any of the events will be only posted here on the website on Schedule page here on the website. It is just the best way to know what events I will be going to this year. Right now in the coming month I will be gathering events for this year that will be only local and only local in the region here. Yes I will be adding in Halton County Radial Museum and maybe South Simcoe Railway into the mix perhaps but that is it. So that is what is happening with events and the post for today, so I will as always will talk to you all tomorrow! 


Friday, January 27, 2023

End of The Week Updates [01-27-2023]

              Another week has gone by which means time for another end of the week updates. Been a hectic week but I have been keeping up on social media especially ChrisBOnTheWeb's Facebook,Twitter and Instagram which has blown up a lot in likes, follows, retweets depending what platform you follow me on. Anyways onto the updates: 

Website: I overhauled the website with the help of my assistant/Mgmt Team Chloe who helped me with some new ideas for the website. Instead of one page there was two. We went to one page as it's the same team. The schedule has been moved to the main bar which is very active and viewable as before it was under "About" tab but is now very active. There was an issue with images across the website as I somehow deleted the account associated with it so I had to start from scratch again so I updated the entire website.

Entertainment Man Podcast: Worked on several episodes of the podcast for the coming weeks, with great ideas that I have planned for topic episodes. Also have been working on interviews since Matchmaker has been quiet for requests so I am working on a couple of them. 

Power Rangers Collab: Not much to talk about with the collab, I plan on releasing it hopefully next week but stay tuned for updates on that.

             Those are the updates for right now. Have a great weekend and I will talk to you all Monday on the blog and stay tuned for a small stream tomorrow in the afternoon. 


Thursday, January 26, 2023

2 Days Ago I Re-focused Myself!

               Two days ago, I learned to refocus myself at the task at hand. I know the first half of the year, I am going to be quite busy with the collab and also Entertainment Man Podcast. All eyes are on Power Rangers Collab and Tuesday night reignite that passion for the collab and getting myself refocused to get the job done cause I keep reminding myself, we're almost there, we're almost there to the end. That end goal is closing in. July I can sit back and just say we did it. We are officially ready for Cosmic Fury. 

         So, I am focusing even harder then ever on things and even the sticky notes getting less and less on the list has a smile on my face too. I even started to think about what's next for Larry and I, I've considered even watching Ghostwriter starting the next collab which I do not even know or remember where it will be place, if I remember under The CBOTW Show. Anyways I am re-focused and ready to go with this final home stretch. That is today's blog post, enjoy the rest of your Thursday and I will talk to you all tomorrow!



Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Minecraft Updates [01-25-2022]

         It is time for another gaming update. I know it's been a while since an update and could of been last year the last time an update has come out but the house has been rebuilt with a small chunk of the old 2nd house was used for the building of the new house adding on a second floor going back to the old original structure. It only had 2 floors originally as the 3rd floor was an addition and as you can see in the picture the bell was moved from what was suppose to be a permanent spot back into the house on the right side as you go over the bridge to the bedroom area.  So that unit that held the bell remains there as a memory now. 

With the house done and with a roof I moved into the lower half creating a massive space for a farm, growing wheat, carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, melons and also Nether Wart as well so we can do some things in our lab below the farm mid section. Windows and crops have been grown and I believe the last time I check they are fully grown already. It's a massive farm but also the barn is completed and it's massive as well. Anyways that is the post today I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Sometimes You've Gotta Split Things Up!

            Sometimes you gotta split things up and honestly with the collab and yes this post is pertaining to Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast cause I know I am currently working on Super Dino Charge and this means this week could actually means we will indeed be only recording the one episode this week. I am currently working on the second season of the two as I mentioned so right now I am scheduling him and I 2 weeks from now when we will be recording the second one and I am promising myself to try and be done by end of this week if most.

              So the episode we record this week will be edited and saved for posting once we complete Super Dino Charge. Once that is recorded, edited then I will be announcing when we will be posting these up on the website for your enjoying pleasure! I know it's very UNUSUAL for us holding onto an episode and we did that with Megaforce as if I remember before we actually recorded in two sessions. This will be the last time we do this way as we wanna get them out quicker as we have a timeline to July being finished with all the seasons. That is the post for today, as always, I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


Monday, January 23, 2023

What's Going On With The CBOTW Show?

           I know The CBOTW Show has been very, very quiet lately. However I have some updates with the development of the podcast. With this year already busy with finishing up seasons and getting all the way to season 29, the plans with the Power Rangers Movies are now on the shelf yet again. First end of last year we were suppose to be doing that to and this year in May. Well The CBOTW Show is now on hiatus till 2024 at this moment.

           Reason why is we want to focus on getting finishing with Power Rangers Collab and the reason behind why I have decided it is best that we hold off the launch of The CBOTW Show. The audio only is awaiting the first upload. With completing all the seasons, sounds like The CBOTW Show is now going to be re-launching in 2024 at some point. We feel bad for no launching it this year and we have been promising for the last few months and hyping it right up but now it is going to the wayside yet again. So that is what is going on and we will update you guys when we get closer to relaunching the podcast and that is the post for today and I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


Saturday, January 21, 2023

End of The Week Updates [01-20-2023]

              It is time for another end of the week updates. Again writing this way ahead or partially written as this week I have updates of all updates! Anyways to the updates!

Entertainment Man Podcast: Recording it's 149th and 150th episode milestone this week which is crazy to think I have come this far in the podcast for a podcast that hasn't reached 3 years being on the air. Not for another month and a week or two but still an amazing milestone to be at. 

The CBOTW Show: As you know The CBOTW Show is on the horizon and with the failure of finding two hosts for Survivor 44 and Big Brother Canada 11, I am now having second thoughts and just doing normal TV Shows and movies due to the fact I did Reality TV Podcasts from 2015 - 2020 and was ready to move on and doesn't fit  the plans I am looking at a May 2023 start with two movies to get it up and going. Official days will be announced later.

              Those are the updates for the week, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and as always I will speak to you on Monday as it is a big week for us here at the studio!