Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Knowing When To Say That's Enough....

               With all the change that is going on in my life currently I thought this was the best idea for a post and that is to say and know that is enough. I admit in the past I have not been able to let go and say OK, Chris that is enough with YouTube or a web series or in this example Everything About Reality TV which is ending in now less then a week from now and change will be huge for me especially. If you just feel fed up or tired of doing something that you have been doing for little over 4 years like me then that is usually the cue to say OK that's enough it is time to move on. I know change is extremely hard at times but change can also be a good thing for you honestly.  I have been getting so much better at change and you can too! It just takes a bit of time to adjust to the change and that is how it is going to be over the next few weeks after my podcast ends I will have to readjust. and it takes a bit of adjustment but you will get adjust in time. However there is a thin line when you have to say that is enough, time to move on and that's what I am doing. 

                I wouldn't say that my podcast was a fail it was very much successful and boy we have a ton of plans in the future. With me saying that's enough for Everything About Reality TV there is some major plans in the works for me and now that I am down to 1 podcast, the collaboration Podcast as of a week Sunday when the final episode of Everything About Reality TV goes up. When you say that is enough there is always open doors and yesterday it was opportunity banging the door down on me. As you finish one thing there is always new opportunities awaiting for you and that is what has happened in the last 12 - 13 hours for me and I am just so eager and excited to tell you guys what the big secret that I am hiding but that will not announced till Jan 1st, 2020 when the entire plan for CBOTW is released to you guys publicly. One last thing on this post today is You will know when it is time to say that's enough, you have to listen to what is inside your heart and it will guide you through. Sometimes you second guess yourself but in the end you will be guided the right direction. Hope this helps and I will talk to you guys in the next post tomorrow at 12 pm EST.


Tuesday, December 10, 2019

My Mental Health Is Better Then It Has Been!

              I can be honest with you guys, my mental health has been better then it has been. I mean with friends turning on me this year, my mental health got bad again and I really had to deal with hence one of the reasons I stopped volunteering this year to deal with myself first. My mental health and well-being is the upmost importance to me at this time. I have been working on getting myself a lot happier and it has been honestly an uphill battle especially with dealing with Everything About Reality TV and what I really wanna do if I wanted to continue or just call it quits with it and honestly I think this one of the reasons I have been down and not myself as this podcast has really brought me down and I can say 4 years, 12 seasons, over 240 + Episodes it is the right time to stop the podcast and move on and I am happier now with the right decisions. I have to think what is best for me and makes me the happiest and this is the best decision. Now with friends, like I said I know who my friends are after losing 2 friends I know who my real friends are and happy with the friends I got right now. I am feeling so much better that I have control of my own life and not let anyone get in the way. Eric really opened up my mind in the past few weeks and has made me think so that has helped me.

                I can say I am in a much happier place now and nothing will stop my happiness and one thing I am planning on doing is staying positive and it has helped me as the more positive I am the better things are for me. I have been thinking things a lot more clearly and sometimes I will talk things out in my studio and figure things out. Also I have been thinking about the pros and cons of things and honestly it has helped me. Either way I am a lot happier and able to think clearly, however with my podcast ending, it will really help me clear up but give me a few weeks and the motivation and happiness will be up but right now I have to focus on finishing up the podcast then take the next step. That is another thing, I am able to take baby steps and one step at a time as some things are a step by step but I have to also take one day at a time and that seems to help as well. Either way I am a happy go lucky person and my happiness is what matters as I do not want to go back into a depression ever again, I want to remain happy. I know in the end it is not easy even with someone that has autism since I was young and I just have to somehow deal with it and with the tools I have been given, I need to continue to follow it. 


Monday, December 9, 2019

Listening To My Heart More!

             Remember when I said I was ending it then I did have a change of heart. Well I promise you guys this is permanent and I have been weighing this in my head for a while and I have made a decision since the 3rd of November that I am indeed leaving Everything About Reality TV. No, there isn't going to be anyone that is taking over it is actually over for the podcast. I can be honest with you guys, my heart isn't in it anymore and hasn't been for the past few months and I think I was figuring it out it is just time for it to end. However I do realize in the end I am proud of myself for lasting as long as I did, 4 years, 12 seasons and just over 240 episodes. I can say it has definitely has been a success and I feel like I am ready to move on. It has nothing to do with any of you guys or comments or hate comments, I can be honestly you guys have been indeed great to me. I am 150% sure of this decision and I am nothing but grateful for everything that you guys have given me and I hope you guys will continue to support other projects and adventures that I will be on moving forward which I currently know what I am going to do. As of December 20th, 2019 which is a week and a half away from all this change is going down for me, I will be continuing on with the Collaboration Podcasts, Power Rangers Podcast which is currently in pre-production for several different podcasts which I am eager to do. Finally I will be continuing on with PRCB (Punk Rock Cheeseburger) Podcast so I am not leaving Podcast just making changes in my life. 

             I honestly did not think things through ending my job search too soon honestly so I am probably going to end up going back due to the fact I am not being paid much for the ads you see on the website. So I made a really bad judgement call and I feel stupid to not staying on as I really didn't see this coming where I was going to walk out the door so soon and I was already in an affiliate program but you never know I may have my own podcast again down the road but right now is definitely not the time right now to be exact as I want to sit back and relax and right now I am pretty much mentally drained after a very long run so it is time for me to sit back and do smaller projects for now and never know, may end up running a new podcast or even co hosting on another one too but in time we will definitely will have to wait and see.  In this end this is definitely is the best decision for me and I have 0 regrets whatsoever and am looking forward to what the future brings for me.


Sunday, December 8, 2019

Today Is The Moment of Truth!

              With the studio is complete disarray I have been starting to doubt when the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast is going to be returning and with Christmas now around the corner it is starting to question when this space will return back to normal again and I am probably going to be guessing by February things should return to normal again I hope which means today, I have to sit down with Larry and discuss the collaboration podcast future recording session. I have been thinking about it for the past couple of days to be honest and I have been weighing so many darn options and think it is just best to wait till the full setup is done and finished to ensure we have a proper setup especially with the other microphone which is currently once again put away till the construction of this studio is officially finished up which right now it is extremely hard to get access to things within this studio at the moment. I am going to tell Larry February and that is the official confirmation I want to give you guys for now but no exact date to when it will be recorded right now till I know further and give Larry the OK or green light to come over so we can record the podcast and get it out to you guys.

                 When we are about to record I will make sure to do a post a week in advance when we record and when it will be coming out to you guys. Just right now this studio is in disarray and there is no other way to hook up the second boom which is currently in a box along with the green screen as well. So today will really test how much further we have to go till I finish up the Lightspeed Rescue which mind you I am really enjoying more then the first time I tried to watch it and lost complete interest however now, I have to try and have an open mind now collaborating with Larry twice a year well 3 times next year as I am adding a 3rd to make up for the lost time that we missed with this year so this year coming up, 2020 we will definitely be making up for loss time that we missed and I can tell you guys this, once Lightspeed is finished I am moving into Time Force immediately with no break on it whatsoever so this way I can be ready for June very quickly as well. So today is definitely going to be an interesting day for him and I discussing the podcast and get our crap together as we keep saying it's coming back and yet there hasn't been a day but today is a true test of when we will be ready to go and I will have a confirmation later in the week to what the story is but this is only my thoughts how I am feeling but as you guys are reading this, I am discussing things with him and I'll let you know this week at some point.

- Chris 

Saturday, December 7, 2019

2 Weeks Tomorrow To Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!

              Well two weeks from now I will be seeing Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker which honestly I am excited for this movie. More excited for this movie then any other one that has come out and why you may ask? Well as you know by the first trailer for the movie we hear the laugh of the infamous Emperor Palatine which we know and love from the original movies and the prequels of the Star Wars movies. I have been running in the back of my mind how is the Emperor going to play a role in this movie? Is he physically back in the movie or is it a voice over by Ian Mcdiarmid which played Palatine in the movies I mentioned before. Also I have been running scenarios in the back of my mind for Luke Skywalker as I know he has a role in this movie. Now I realize this Luke has passed away and has become One In The Force so what I am going to think is that he will be back either on voice or he will be back as a "Force Ghost" which is what I am really am thinking honestly and that is probably my prediction to what is going to happen. Now going back to the Emperor thing Larry even tells me he apparently survived but the question is how?! It isn't easy after being thrown over a hole. 

               Either way I am excited for the movie and there is only 2 weeks and I hope this movie isn't a disappointment but I think it's going to definitely be an amazing movie. It had to be an amazing movie as this is the last one for several years as Larry mentioned to me in the past so it will be sad to not be seeing any new movies and going to the movies with him but there is always Indiana Jones movie that is coming out in 2021 as they have delayed working on that movie. Either way I really sure do expect a lot of this movie and it will definitely will be an interesting movie to conclude the story of the Skywalker Era as this is the last of the Skywalker era so this mean no more Luke or Rey as I heard rumors that Daisy Ridley is done after this but again I could be wrong but we will see. It will definitely be interesting to see where these movies go. Question is will Kylo live or will he be destroyed, will the Emperor come back then end of dying again? These are all questions that will be answered when I see the movie in 2 weeks time from now.


Friday, December 6, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Logo Has Been Re-Branded?!

      That's right our own podcast, Everything About Reality TV Podcast has officially been re-branded with a brand new and more sleeker looking logo and I really like that we re-branded the logo and honestly it has a sleek look and it really pops out for us. Now there is another reason behind the logo change. As you know the original logo was blue and the CBOTW brand is blue so in a way it really confuses the hell of you guys and myself and my team. So this way we still got majority of the original colors minus the tint of blue is now a more a baby blue color with the letters highlighted in white which like I said really pops it out. So I am excited to put it across all the platforms in the very nearby future and I will get to the date shortly in this post. So there is the reason behind why I decided to change the color scheme a bit with the podcast and honestly I like this color scheme too. Also as you know EAR TV (short for Everything About Reality TV) just celebrated it's 4th anniversary on the air as a podcast which brings me to 2020 will be our 5th year on the Air which is quite an accomplishment honestly so this also honors the 5 years it's been on despite me almost pulling it off the year this year. 

          I know, I know! Chris, you're rambling on and get to the point! OK the point is I think it was long overdue even with it only being 2 years since the logo change but I have been thinking about it lately and it is definitely time and it fits what I have been thinking for the last couple of days to a week or so ago. I felt like the old logo which is still seen across all the platforms right now is plain meh. So when is the new logo coming out across all the platforms the podcast is currently on? January 1st, 2020 I will be coming in my studio to do the entire changes and should appear on all the platforms within a few hours but I will be checking all platforms the next day and if any update needs to be done I will be getting that fixed soon as possible but we will see when it is done and soon as it is all set then I will be sending out links that all platforms are updated. 


Thursday, December 5, 2019

Tyrone Farmers 20th Anniversary Parade 2019!

            So yesterday, I got to go to the Tyrone Farmers Parade for the first time in 2 years as last year the weather was bad and 2 it happened to be on my birthday which is today and on a Thursday. Anyways, we were not going to go originally however we decided to go anyways despite we were tired as we worked on the walls in the studio which an update is coming Sunday afternoon's blog post. So we went and on our way we ended getting snow falling which honestly made the experience nice. We went down to the actual mill and wanted to get cider and donuts but the line-up was absolutely insane. However the way I think of it that is definitely good for the business. Anyways we walked back up the damn hill which mind you I was exhausted by the time I got back up the hill I was exhausted and panting hard but hey I survived. We went all the way up to where the church was and stayed put for the remainder of the time we were there. Ran into another fellow bowler that bowled in the same league for at least 10 plus years that I was in that league and it was great to catch up with em as the last time I saw them was at the Orono Fair.

        We waited quite some time for the parade to start and I was getting pretty stiff honestly with the waiting game but when it started there was over 10 different floats that I saw as it is actually their 20th anniversary so it was a bonus and if I remember correctly I have been going since I was still in high school at the time so that spans over 10 years for him and I doing this event. One bonus thing about this parade too is the fact they actually had the vintage tractors too and also people riding horses so it was pretty special 20th anniversary. So we are guessing this parade was done in 1999 just before my final year in elementary school before the start of high school. Either way we had a good time despite the wait but in the end it was truly worth going and looking forward to the parade in 2020. One final thing to say is next week I am off to the last event for 2019 which is the Christmas Market in Toronto to wrap things up for events in 2019 so I am definitely looking forward to that and stay tuned to social media when I am heading there.