Monday, January 27, 2020

Weight Loss Upate [01-27-2020]

         I know that I have not done an Weight Loss Update for a very long time now. The last one was 3 Months ago on October 12th of last year. Yeah, that is a long time and I promise you guys to try and update you all weekly on the regular old time slot on Saturdays starting next week here on the blog. You probably think why now Chris? The weight loss has become a loss cause well no not now. It is now 2020 and my New Years resolution is to really get back on the healthy track and that is what I'm going to do. I have started to have my smoothies and my goal is to get down below 222 pounds sometime in February and beyond that. I am still reiterating that I want to get below 220 and way below 200 pounds. I think I am now very much focused at the task at hand. I am also am allowing myself to have a fat day once a a week which is fine but I was at a fine line of 226 - 227 pounds again but I can officially say I am down to 224.2 pounds which is amazing! I want to continue to lose the weight and I will keep you guys in the loop on how things are going. 

         Either way I am back on the right track with things and excited for the next step and losing even more weight and I have definitely started cutting back on things which really does help. I plan on having more smoothies at least every second day at the most which are easy to make and very healthy if you ask me. However baby steps that is the actual plan right now and if I gain a pound no big deal, I will just have to work a little harder then I guess but I am sure I will lose it but I have to remember I cannot lose the weight very fast honestly and it is not healthy to lose the weight too fast and again it is honestly one step at time. So that is where I'm at with the weight loss and I am now under way with losing the weight and let's see if I can finally get back on the right track and start losing the weight as I want to lose it really bad and this is about me really wanting for this change.


Sunday, January 26, 2020

Struggling With The Collaboration Podcast Page....

            The collaboration page, well let's just say the views aren't there anymore with the player. Now I know you guys have been to the collaboration page as the site views on it has been up and I think there is an issue with the player collecting the viewership as I know a people have been to the page to listen to it and people are hyped up were trying to get more collabs done between Everything About Reality TV. I have already contacted the site that we are with and honestly I am trying to find an alternate or another way so nothing really as of yet but we are looking and hope to find something since there is an issue with it if we cannot find it. I know I sound a lot calmer then yesterday morning around midnight when I was going off and complaining but I am glad I emailed and mentioned there is an issue with it and why the listens are not counting whatsoever. It has to be them for some reason I just feel that way right now. As for the Power Rangers Podcast, I have told Larry I am done for right now. This could change but right now I am just not feeling it right now with the issues but I am sure Larry and I will have a conversation on Wednesday night. We are suppose to be together but it is frustrating to not know that there is people listening to the podcast after the hard work Larry and I or even Steven and I put into the episodes we produce exclusively for here for the website.

            Do not worry we, I mean I will be continuing to work on episodes and it will be on standby and I promise you guys that we will record soon but it has gone from a studio that is in disarray still which as you know is starting to get back to normal to now having issues with the player counting listeners. I will monitor it and see but I have contacted the site so it is good to communicate with the site and after all I cannot complain as it is after all a free site and amazing website to upload audio or video archives. If worse comes to worse I will announce late week this week if Larry and I are recording or not. Maybe we have dried up and no interest but there was  an issue back in September so it is not the first time to have an issue really and it is really frustrating to be dealing with some issue and honestly I should of emailed them about the issue sooner because something isn't right honestly and I know you guys for a fact see my messages and listen in when they go up its just the player that's not registering the viewership and I wish I knew why this a problem because as of June last year we got between 20 and 50 views on the last Power Rangers Podcast. So honestly it makes absoutetly no sense whatsoever. That is 10 cents what is going on and hopefully Larry and I can finalize recording even if the views are low. Like he said in the end it is all about the views which is true. Why do it if the views are down but I got my own solution that could be the issue but we will see once I get an reply and Larry and I discuss but in the meantime, I want to focus on finishing up the notes to be prepared for the next weekend coming up.


Saturday, January 25, 2020

Studio Updates for Saturday, January 26th, 2020

          Well the studio is looking really amazing and excited that the baseboards is now installed and the desk being worked on in the last week it is time for some more updates as I do have some updates I can make for you guys. As I said baseboards are in and you can see it on the bottom of the picture. Also you can noticed as well that the carpet is missing and yes we removed the old outdated carpet finally and it was pretty wear and tear and from me rolling back and forth so I have worn the carpet to nothing and the wheels got stuck and for those who didn't know one of the wheels snapped as stuff from the carpet was jamming into wheels so I actually changed all the wheels. However in that corner I will be adding in a carpet not the entire room but under my desk so it's not entirely cold on the feet of myself or guests that visit the studio for episodes of either podcasts that are running currently. Trust me a cold concrete floor is cold as heck and been there since all the carpet minus what is under the desk I am still using which will have to be removed once we clear what is on the desk and I am back at the old desk.

         The next  part of the desk which I mentioned before but as you can see the top is done, it has the polyurethane paint which gives it that nice look as you can see and I am getting more and more excited to move back and have to attach some extra wood to help support the very heavy duty Monitor stands that will be holding both of my monitors up and able to move around the area.  Either way I can imagine how this space is going to be looking when its done. Finally thing I want to say is it will be sometime until I put shelving back up on there and also the green screen or the other side will not be up until the ceiling is complete and right now it is not finished right yet but I am moving back so my dad can finish the other side. Now as for Power Rangers and other Collaboration Podcast a week tomorrow well I am going to make a post about that tomorrow addressing some things that is frustrating me right now. Oh one last think to mention trim around the door and windows will have to be done as well but that is minor detail and some baseboards at the bottom at the back of the studio as well but it will be done in due time. However in time we will be back to normal and I have been patient with this and the eagerness is getting higher and higher.


Friday, January 24, 2020

Everything About Reality TV (Mistakes I Have Made)

             In today's blog post, I want to fess up to some things that I made a mistake on in the last 4 years. I know I cannot dwell in the past but I wanna fess up some of my mistakes I have made. Anyways here is the list and it's not too many mistakes but stuff I have learned from in the past:

1) Sticking to a schedule- That was a problem and a half from the get go which has been on going since we went to Audio ONLY either being an hour or two late or a day or a couple of days late. However recently I managed to stay on the right track and this issue has finally subsided and I am really right into it. Even find myself recording the night before at times but that is OK least I am ahead of schedule that way.

2) Walking Away From Big Brother US Seasons- Honestly I have either not been feeling like doing Big Brother Recaps for the US Seasons or leaving in the middle of the season which I did that for Season 21 and I was a few weeks short of it ending the season so that was a biggest mistake and I paid for it too in the end with losing a couple of subscribers and I understand why.

3) Audio Issues- I have had a few technical issues with the side of the microphone where the microphone went in and out but honestly I think it came down to the levels on the mixer which honestly it has been fixed and sounding a lot better now and getting better each and every episode and it will just get better from here on out.

4)  Doing Too Much All At Once- Covering Survivor, Big Brother, Big Brother Canada, Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada, Celebrity Big Brother and Music City all at once and it wasn't easy and it was doubtly the cause of my major burnout and another reason I will state below in my closing statement to this post.

                Those are the 4 biggest mistakes that I have made but with Jasmine now on board on the podcast, it will definitely help me and I will not feel that entire pressure on me. That is probably the reason I wanted out for the longest time honestly and November I said this was it the 12th season was it but nope CBOTW and Everything About Reality TV is continuing on and the podcast lives on and the road to the 250th Episode which will be recorded this weekend. Anyways I have learned from the mistakes and I shouldn't give up so easily like I did and the longer I am a podcaster, the more I get the experience and don't forget I have been in Online Media for 14 years now. 


Thursday, January 23, 2020

What A Typical Day In The Studio Is Like

             A Typical day has at least 3 different scenarios depending on the day and my sleep patterns which honestly stink right now but there is 3 different typical days for me and here they are:

Scenario 1: Up around 3 - 4 am EST, and start with a blog post unless they are pre-written. Then usually working on other things such as planning out podcasts and recording, editing. Also a typical Podcast day where it has to go up that is a high pressure day to getting it recorded and edited. 

Scenario 2: Up half the night like the other night, in bed at 3 or 4 or sometimes 5 am EST working on things around the studio as I said in the first one but I would be up sometimes at 11 am to even 2 pm which gives me a late start of the day which honestly are my least favorite of the shifts but somehow I seem to manage.

Scenario 3: The final scenario is in bed at 6 pm all the way to 12 am, sometimes 1 or 2 am EST. Only reason I have been doing that to get work done and night time seems to be the most productive time for me in my honesty opinion.

               However I want to get back to going back to bed at 845 - 930 pm EST as this is getting ridiculous going to bed and being up early in the day so honestly I am going to make the change where I am going to be following Scenario 1 more then anything as that has worked in the past and it was a steady sleep schedule. Honestly tho my sleep has been a ton better but I think my sleep is the upmost importance actually. This is my 3 different scenarios but they vary from a  day to day basis depending how I feel as well so that is why our Facebook Page the private messaging to the Fan Page is set to away between Midnight and 9 am EST is because Staff here are most likely in bed and we will get back to you so that is what a typical that looks like.


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The 2020 Staff List

             Things have been involving and decided that both Chris B On The Web, Everything About Reality TV & Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast are different and decided that CBOTW is the apparent Company that produces and posts up the episodes. So the list looks like this: 

Chris B On The Web Staff:

Chris (Me)- Founder/Owner of CBOTW: Oversees the operation of the website, blogs and podcasts to ensure a steady flow in content.

Larry- Alumni/Advisor: Advisor for CBOTW and always in my ear on problems and issues that I have been having, he is my go to person on top of Eric who is a former staff but has been there with my struggle running things. 

Billy- FB Fan Page Moderation/Advisor: Billy has two roles and one of them for now is to ensure the page is a happy and safe space to be on with all the members of the Fan Page. Also he advises Chris on things within Chris B On The Web and is the only non Alum that has this role on CBOTW.

Everything About Reality TV:

Chris (Me)- Exec Producer/Host: Created the podcast and Produces each and every episode and is in charge of the Staff behind the Podcast.

Larry- Co-Founder:Helped Co-Found the Podcast and isn't involved with all the decision making with the podcast but knows with the changes and additions to the podcast that are made so he knows what is going on.

Jasmine- Host: The newest member of the Podcast and covers Big Brother Canada and Big Brother US when it airs on TV. Helps out with the Off Season between but glad to have them aboard the team. 

Power Rangers Collab Podcast:

Chris (Me)- Exec Producer/Host: Plans, writes the notes edits the podcast so does everything within the podcast recorded twice a year with 4 episodes within a year.

Larry- Host: The Co-Host of the podcast and Chris's other part of the dynamic duo and is on the podcast 4 times within the year which I said before that's 2 sessions a year with 4 episodes up for grabs.


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

My Head Is Going A Mile A Minute Right Now!

               Right now I got like 4 different things going on in my head and this is why I have been quiet overall on social media but I do update when I can and honestly this is what has been going on around the CBOTW Studios:

1) The first thing is the recent CBOTW Studio renovations I have been busy with helping my parents with the repairs to the studio which has honestly has become a full pledge reno to the space down here and we've been delaying things on and off so that is why we've been on hiatus on some of the things going on around the studio.

2) Everything About Reality TV- From recording Off Season and premiere of the upcoming new season of the podcast to editing episodes so this way you guys got episodes to listen to and today being an new episode coming out.

3) Power Rangers Podcast- The third thing on my list is Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast as you know it's been on a very long hiatus and recently with completing watching a season it all comes down to typing up the notes, but also in the end it is not just not that but the studio as i said above ^ and yes I used the arrow on the keyboard for it but right now we are not currently setup for a dual mic setup and right now we will be finishing up the desk, sanding it and putting the clear coat that gives it nice shine look. Also the minor things to be done, carpet removed, baseboard back up and trim installed so all of that has to be done but once the trim and baseboards I will be definitely back to normal with tons more content but right now were limited what we can and cannot do so that is the reason why.

4) Blogs- Bringing out new posts to the website on a regular basis and it has been nothing but go, go go for me with new posts and I have ideas and updates that I can bring to you guy, studio wise, podcast wise and of course website wise.

                 There are the 4 things that have kept my mind that has been going a mile a minute and obviously there is a ton of stuff going on and there is something even in the works and let's just say the past is going to come back as this has been thought of for the past while and I think now is the best time for this to happen and excited to be doing this on a weekly basis. More details to come soon to this new exciting adventure on top of what is become a  huge success.