Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Are We Ready To Open Our Studio Again?

               The answer to that question is no, we are not ready to open the studio up to Larry or any of the team at this point cause of the pandemic is still on going and I am taking every precaution we can to avoid getting ill. i know with our studio on lock down still questions towards our Power Rangers Podcast but that is least of our worries honestly and we have a plan in case but honestly not in any rush to have Larry here and he knows this too. Staying healthy and having our staff safe is the upmost importance right now. I couldn't tell you when Larry and I will be back in the studio together and yea I admit to it, I miss seeing him in person. Getting tired of talking to him through Skype when I wanna see him physically in person but again this will be sooner then we expect with restrictions slowly being lifted up here I'm sure there will be a time and place him and I will see each other. Won't be at the mall anytime soon as I am not planning to return to the mall at any point in the nearby future till we know we are over this hump of this pandemic but it won't be going away it could come back in a second wave in the winter but who knows.

               The positive thing out of all of this is Larry and I have a plan to actually record through Skype if this continues to go longer and we have a plan in place and raring to go. Only difference is we will not have the same quality of sound but hey beggers cannot be choosers. We just have to be patient and we need to go with our plan to do things online for now till we are in a clear where we can be physically near each other again, and be together once more.  Right now is not the right time to do that and hopefully very, very soon we can start hanging out with one another again and things get back to a more of a normal schedule for us but we'll see. That is my mini post for the day and I will see you in the next post tomorrow.

- Chris

Monday, July 13, 2020

Big Brother Canada Is RETURNING for a Season 9!

                 For certain reasons, Chris is unavailable right now to make this post but he sends his apologies as he is spending time with his Fam right now which is very important to him. As I sit here writing a post for you guys, I am excited for Chris, Reality Teas & Larry and the rest of the Production Team that puts on The CBOTW Show on a weekly basis, depending on the shows currently on air. However as you all know is that Chris and the rest of the team have been struggling with the podcasting world as shows have been on hold of not as many shows on the air right now but today changes everything for not just us but the entire fan base. The title doesn't lie that Big Brother Canada is returning for a 9th Season. We found out back last month that the show was put on Hold till we know further with the pandemic as you all know but I guess with the news of us going into Stage 3 of re-opening things. Also Arisa Cox has been promoted as Executive Producer which I have to say is well deserved! She will have a part in casting for the show and also the basic storyline within the house.

                So we are very excited for this news and look forward to the next season of Big Brother Canada. I know Chris really wants to make it up to Larry for no Big Brother Canada Finale this year and he wants to make it up to him. So this is indeed good news and just have to wait to see if their is casting for this season or if they will end up doing All-Stars next season to the pandemic, however it could have online auditions and no open casting calls to cover up the fact that they are doing all stars like they did with the US All-Stars. Will they use the same house design or will they redesign the house again? I would keep it the same as it would save money for production and it was only 4 weeks in the season so they can use the challenges that were not used as they were forced to shutdown production early this year. However we will have to wait and see what they have stored for the 9th season of Big Brother Canada. What are your thoughts on this season? Let us know in the comments below!

- Mark, Community Manager

The CBOTW Show Hit It's 275th Episode Yesterday!

             For those who didn't know that yesterday, we hit our 275th Episode of The CBOTW Show! However I know it only had about 9 episodes in total but with the merger of the two podcasts it has gained a ton more episodes. However I shouldn't be complaining really as the podcast has changed so much since the merge and it's time to start this growth of a podcast. But this is the longest running project I have done in episode wise. As you know when the two merged together it gained it's start date to 2015 and it's gained all the episodes hence we are now at our 275th episode in total which mind you it's craaazy! The most in a series that I have done is about 112 episodes and I have well surpassed that mark and now my next move is EP # 300 which isn't that far off from now. It might be me that hosts EP # 300 or it could be Chris (Reality Teas) who hosts it never know. This podcast has evolved over the years and this was the biggest move we have made yet. What do I mean? I literally gave up and retired Entertainment Man Podcast just to continue to build The CBOTW Show Podcast and make this the best podcast yet! I am excited right now with what is in the plans.

              Either way I cannot wait to expose the plans that we have but I cannot say a lot right now till we know further on some of the shows but just you wait. I am working on a timetable for Video and Audio ONLY that is reasonable and will work for us. I can tell you guys this I already got video side of things already raring to go. With our 275th, I am still figuring out what platforms the podcast is on as right now we are just getting back on certain platforms, such as TuneIn.com and IHeartRadio but it would take some time actually till it is back. I have to start checking around to see if we have already expanded to others but it is time for this expansion as we're not a young podcast anymore, we're becoming an older podcast and we're ready to expand on the shows and team. However I have said too much and I will leave it at that and here is to another 275 amazing episodes! 


Sunday, July 12, 2020

Chris B On The Web Weekly Updates [07-12-2020

    It is time for that weekly update for Chris B On The Web. It has been a crazy week and Chris and I have been busy with updating things site wise and podcast wise. I can say we have been busy and there was one day last week where we couldn't do a post for the day as we were just swamped on getting things done. Anyways here are the updates for the week:

The CBOTW Show: As you know we have moved providers due to their site being down for about 4 to 5 days so we are now moved to Castbox.fm entirely and so far we love it there thus far. We've also added to the list all the Reality TV Shows and also Power Rangers Podcast and The Simpsons Recaps to the list so we have a bunch on the list for the very nearby future.
An episode will be up today at 8 pm for the Tough As Nails to catch up for you guys as we're currently behind schedule at this moment and this will mark EP # 275 which he will talk about on tomorrow's post! Already working on getting all of the audition process for more hosts to help expand our team officially.

Website: We tweaked the website podcast tabs to add all the shows currently being added to the list which the length of the drop down automatically updated when we added on all the shows apparently and we're not sure why this is. Also the schedule has been updated with The CBOTW Show and Entertainment Man Podcast so we have things up to date at this point.

Entertainment Man Podcast:  Entertainment Man Podcast has been delayed a week as we do not have an Audio ONLY feed right now and he has to create it and that is the actual plan this week is to get that up and running for the following week and it will be on Tuesdays at 1 pm EST.

              There are the updates for the week and we will let you all know if we have to wait one extra week for Entertainment Man Podcast to be up but it is recorded, well both are currently recorded and going to be posted., He will probably let you guys by Friday when he will start up his other then that I will be talking to you guys next Sunday on our regular weekly updates.

- CBOTW Community Manager

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Answering Your Questions About The CBOTW Show

Since I am the Founder/Executive Producer/Host of The CBOTW Show, I have been asked a so many questions by you guys and I am going to address some of them in this post as it cannot be answered in tomorrow's post as it is an update post and it wouldn't fit into one post. Anyways here we go:

1) Is The CBOTW Show going to be going to video as well? Now that hasn't really be determined but we would be changing over the former Everything About Reality TV YouTube Page and change the name, logo and description etc. Now we do have a Twitch channel setup in case we go this route and I do go on a few Twitch Streams, Dan, Boogie2988. I'm only following 3 or 4 channels at this moment. 

2) What is airing right now on The CBOTW Show? We are about to post up some point this weekend the first Tough As Nails Recap Podcast on Audio ONLY as I stated we're currently on Audio ONLY both ChrisBOnTheWeb.com & the other Audio ONLY platforms as well. 

3) Any news on Big Brother 22 and will you be covering it? This has been answered so many times that Reality Teas (Also named Chris) has come with us during this Merger and will be covering when and if. Now there has been rumors and speculations that we will be seeing an August start but all rumors and speculations at this point. 

4) Do you have a back-up plan in case there isn't many shows in the fall as Survivor may or will be filmed in the fall? So far with this plan nothing is in the plans at this time. It is too early to start planning ahead, however right now the only show on our schedule is Amazing Race 32 at this current moment unless CBS changes the schedule again but we hope not. 

5) What other shows besides Reality TV are currently on our List? Well, currently besides all the Reality TV Shows that we have on there, we have The Simpsons and Power Rangers Podcast so not as much as of yet but in time if shows end then I'm sure we will add another one but we do not want to over do it as of yet. 

6) What happens if not many shows are being recorded? Well you always have posts to read and Entertainment Man Podcast will currently so either way you will get a podcast to listen to one way or another. 

             There is the answers I can give you guys. There was 6 of them that was on the list and if you guys got anymore questions to please contact us through Social Media or thecbotwteam@gmail.com if you got any questions that you may have moving forward and we will try and answer them as best as we can.


Friday, July 10, 2020

Fuller House Season 5 Review! (Warning Some Spoilers Ahead)

               I know I was tweeting about this at the end of the week but I wanted to do this review. Season was good and there was a ton of stuff from the past they brought up and I wanna talk about it on today's blog post. First thing I wanna say is Stephanie driving Joey's car into the damn window into the kitchen AGAIN! Talk about major deja vu from the original series, Full House. The next thing is the return of the character Derek who was best friends with Michelle as we know Michelle's character did not return to the series this time around which honestly it all worked out without the Olsen twins returning this season. Yes I was disappointed but still worked out either way. Also the return of the character Dwayne which yes he was the character always said "whatever" which was a well known line he use to say in the show. Also Vicki Larson returned so that really got me excited actually to see old characters resurface or return to the show. This season brought a lot of nostalgia from the Full House Series in the later 80's into the later 90's.

                 Now the review side of things, well I really enjoyed this season and it is truly sad that the series is now finished but I really enjoyed it and the fact that they added in a throwback into this season with it being the last season they did really made things interesting. So I would definitely give this season an 9 out of 10 which is a good rating for a season but wish Netflix didn't have to cancel the series but it is what it is. However I can always buy the DVD's and rewatch the entire series. However another good season and they sure went out with a bang at the end and I was most impressed with the way they ended the series. However the way they ended it kind of leaves things to maybe another reboot? However I do not think there will be a reboot right now, nor a reboot in the very nearby future. If they did do one it would have to do with the kids both Kimmy's and DJ's kids but would be many years down the road for this to happen but this may be beyond my time if it did happen. 


Thursday, July 9, 2020

Getting Anxiety for Going Back To Events and Food Reviews In 2021!

               I know I shouldn't be anxious with going back to events. However I am worried about going back and questioning if I will be back at events right away when they start in Spring 2021 or hold off. Honestly I cannot over think things nor plan  too far ahead of myself. I do not want to promise something that I cannot keep so right now we are waiting on the decision. Yes I got some events that I want to do and I may ease back on the schedule as it will be too soon with actually and I want to ease myself back to events. I may end up cutting out a few events such as Rib Fest, Polish/Ukrainian Festival, some of the bigger events that I have been too and I want to ease it back not rush back into all events so not everything will be on the schedule technically. We will see how things go. It will depend on the status of the pandemic at this time next year to what and if the pandemic is lower and if I really wanna travel into Toronto, because I may not be going to any Toronto events even next year, I may end up waiting for Toronto events and may just stay local for now.

             Again this does depend how things are and if we ended up going into the second wave of this pandemic so right now I need to focus on now. I know it's taken a hit on the content as right now we've halted events and food reviews and the views are really down with the site? No, it's been full speed ahead and with the changes that we have made with the website has helped us. However in the end, eventually we will end up back to events and food reviews and I know Larry and I owe you guys a food review from Pop Eyes and we were on our way to do one but this pandemic hit and and now we're without those reviews. Also we or I was planning to return to Toronto Union Station to actually return to the Pizza Pizza to try their food again but I guess that is on hold. Soon I hope soon enough we will have news that we can travel around again and get around once again but we had to just continue to be patient. I will not or try to not get anxiety over returning to a normalcy but right now I have a bit of anxiety but that's all normal. What I have to do is take things one day at a time and baby steps. 


Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The Sims 4, Spelunky & The Binding of Isaac Rebirth Updates!

              So this is the update I have been sitting on for days now as you know with my break came some gaming and what I was up to while I was on my social media hiatus. Anyways here is the updates I would like to give you guys on today's blog:

The Sims 4: I finished up the house that I was building is now completed and already have had sims moved in but majority of them moved out as they were married. As you know the purpose of that house was to actually move in CBOTW Team but like I said they are now moved out and I re did my Sim and he's married and a kid on the way.

Spelunky: Made some necessary progress with the game and I am happy to say I have finally reached the forest level after raging at the game enough I managed to play more of a strategic game and approach. However I ended up dead at the start but I think I got close enough to the end gate of each and every level. In time I will continue to get stronger and better with the game but I was so excited when I did.

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: I can say this, I am excited for the progress of this game. I fought with Lazarus and I beat Mom with him and also Magdalene aka Maggie. I am so pumped with this game and I continue to improve and dominating the game and I am on a tear on the game. Not sure but my A-Game with gaming is strong to quite strong right now.

               Either way I am excited to continue on the gaming path. I am so pumped up with the way things are improving and the more I play the more I am getting better at the games. So those are my exciting updates and I am red hot, no I am steaming hot at my video games I am playing right now. Note I also just recently started playing Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) again from scratch and I have a plan moving forward with the game and a reason why I am starting it over from scratch. It is a post for later on when I progress in my second play through of this game.


Monday, July 6, 2020

I'm Back Once Again!

             I know it's been a bit since I have been active online. However yesterday I was being a troll all day long trying hint stuff to you guys and what not so that is what I was up to. Over the last 5 days I have been working on things and I cannot wait to tell you guys what it is and what the plan is moving forward. Anyways it was mainly I took time away was cause of stress and the drama I just had to walk away for 4 - 5 days. You can kind of say I pulled a Dan and started trolling you guys yesterday. I wanted to do that, I had that planned. As Mark as said this drama and stress has to stop cause it is wearing me thin to a point I just wanna close up shop but I will not be doing that as we're close to our 6 year mark with this website. I will be active on the website in the blogs but the staff are going to continue to monitor and post up posts but I will continue to blog on a everyday basis. There is a reason for this but in time you guys will know what the plan is moving forward and I am working on this.

            I really wish I can tell you guys but I can't as of yet. Soon hopefully. However I am back and raring to go and excited with what is next for us, I guess the next big thing for ChrisBOnTheWeb. I'm sorry I had to get my staff to break the news that I disappeared but I had to walk away when I did before I did something I regretted. However being back I am feeling energized and raring to go and nothing is going to stop me. Drama will not be tolerated and harassing staff is not going to happen. We work hard enough and do not need this and I do not need to be taking time off when I could of been working on stuff like Power Rangers Podcast which I am going to be working on today while I am working on the other project at hand. Anyways enough of me rambling, it is good to be back and shit's getting real now. I never been this excited but I cannot wait for tomorrow's post as you guys didn't know I've been gaming on and off during the last 5 or 6 days now and that is tomorrow's post with some updates and I will see you all tomorrow.


Sunday, July 5, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Community Updates [07-05-2020]

                 I am pretty sure you guys are getting sick of hearing from his Staff and not Chris himself. Well alas he is going to be returning tomorrow for a post after being on and off last week due to countless drama which hasn't wavered away in the last few weeks and probably the reason why he's refused to do posts and had to dump at least 2 - 3 posts last week and is in his to do list. However the more content  the better that is coming for you guys. So the updates:

- As you know Everything About Reality TV Podcast has ended after a 4.5 year, 13 seasons, 265 episode run which is amazing which we have been hinting the plans moving forward and The CBOTW Show and Entertainment Man Podcast but probably he will be touching base on that more this week what he is doing to get ready for it.

- Chris will be back tomorrow on the blog and social media finally after being absent since Wednesday night when he suddenly disappeared from social media again for the second time this week after the decision of the end of Everything About Reality TV.

- Not much has changed with the website, everything has stayed the same minus the removal from the Podcasts drop down of Everything About Reality TV Podcast to make way and room for the two podcasts Chris is bringing back and definitely is going to be airing for you guys.

-  The CBOTW Show, he has spoken about redoing, well he wants to actually redesign The CBOTW Logo with new colors and add both him and Larry's faces onto the logo but he has a bigger plan with that and he feels it is about time for a new logo and a rebranding on that logo which he is working on this weekend to his liking.

                  There is the updates for the week, not really as much going on just a missing Founder and Owner for the last 4 - 5 days now, a podcast ended, 2 others are returning to the lineup. We will continue to list any updates that we may have on a weekly basis but right now we are laying low right now in the way of Podcasts and we have these blog posts for now and he will be recording hopefully 2 as I said. This is a new chapter for ChrisBOnTheWeb as one door closes another one has opened.  We cannot thank you guys enough for the love and support you have given us and we may have ended one podcast but 2 more has just begun!

- CBOTW Team

Saturday, July 4, 2020

The CBOTW Show & Entertainment Man Podcast Tentative Dates

                     As I said in a post yesterday, I got some information about the two podcasts that is going to be happening on ChrisBOnTheWeb.com and all other platforms out there. Now this isn't happening till this fall and we have to change the calendar here on www.chrisbontheweb.com/p/schedule.html but that will be fixed in due time, we got enough on our plate with current projects going on. Here are the dates for Podcasts:

The CBOTW Show:

September 8th, 2020: Power Rangers Time Force Podcast- As long as the recording goes according to schedule, we will definitely see it on this date. This date for right now is tentative at this moment but again a date we hope to make a confirmation that this is the actual date that we wanna do in the very near future.

September 15th, 2020: Power Rangers Wild Force- Again this depends if he is ready to go but we hope as heck to be aiming for this dates for release. Remember he will have had these episodes on hand for about a month by the time it goes up.

Entertainment Man Podcast:

September 7th, 2020: He wants to re-launch his personal podcast and excited to bring it back into the lineup of podcasts each and every week for you guys on top of Chris and Larry's The CBOTW Show which the two of them created in 2018, 2 years ago.

                     Now I specifically did not say what shows but as I said on the CBOTW Social, he's so excited to announce what shows he will be covering this fall and he has ideas in the back of his mind. This may sound confusing at the start, but you guys will see in time what is in stored. He is even planning to cover older shows between the regular seasons but that is all I am going to say for now. He will be behind the mic twice this summer then off the rest of the summer and preparing for the next huge project as we role out our 3rd Season for The CBOTW Show and continue on with his 1st season with Entertainment Man Podcast.

-CBOTW Staff

Friday, July 3, 2020

Will Power Rangers Podcast Be Recorded and Air This Summer?

                   Yes again, no Chris yet again. I think you won't be hearing much from him over the next couple of days till Monday at the most maybe longer. He is really not in the right shape or mind at this moment. He has got me to do a post to discuss what he discussed last night on Skype with The CBOTW Show's Co-Founder/Senior Producer Larry Rieck. So the main discussion they had was when is the recording and the answer is their aiming for the end of July. Mon. Jul 27th, 2020 & Thurs. July 30h, 2020 are the two dates that week that they are "aiming" towards. There is no guarantees on this right now as Chris is trying to watch the show and get the notes done at the same time. Plus typing up notes which will take some time as well so there is a lot of time consuming for him but with Everything About Reality TV Podcast now a thing of the past, Chris wants to make this a priority now. So the guys are hoping to get it recorded this summer so we can push the podcast out.

                    However the bad news is, with Chris on a Podcast Hiatus for this summer, this means that there will be no new episodes out yet and this means we will be sitting on these next two episodes for the entire summer and sitting on our hard drive waiting for a September release which I will be doing a formal announcement tomorrow's post due to the fact he has to tell me the dates for things and what shows he is planning to cover in the active season and off season as well. So we hope they get to record and we hope that a podcast will be out but if not then the plan is to record in September and double up on the podcasts one in Late September and one in November. Again this all depends on Chris and the prep work and recently he's been up late nights working on it to get it done and ready to go for those dates I mentioned above.


Thursday, July 2, 2020

We Made Some Crucial Changes!

                Once again, Chris is off today due to more drama and people annoying him. Honestly it is getting very annoying for me to have to cover him but that is what having a team is all about honestly.  I believe it is for just today as he's now changed the menu bar and website around and it's getting real now! We have some new cool stuff coming up and I think Chris may ask a fellow podcaster to come on his new podcast for an interview. You never know with him. Anyways here are the changes that have been made:

1) Everything About Reality TV Podcast: For the most part, Chris wasn't happy with the outcome of the podcast so what he has done is ended it at his Amazing Race Back to basics season and that is it. Larry doesn't know about the changes till tonight when Chris sits down with him and discusses all the changes that he is actually making to the podcast.

2) The CBOTW Show: It is a real deal now and will be a seasonal podcast and if there aren't shows he wants to cover during the summer then the podcast will be off for the Summer time. He has started to think about covering Last Man Standing to start things off and is currently on his list at this current time. Yes Power Rangers Podcast will be on the 3 times a year schedule and Chris is working on the show all weekend long starting today so he will be very, very busy person.

3) Entertainment Man Podcast: Finally after a long debate, Chris has decided to do Entertainment Man Podcast after all since he has time between his seasonal Podcast, The CBOTW Show so he will keep himself busy but once a week is enough for him to get his dose of a podcast and he has some cool ideas in the back of his mind.

4) Blog posts: One last thing I want to add into this post is there could be a possibility to Reality Teas joining the blog team and talking about Big Brother every week when it is on the air but that is up to him to decide.

                   Any who that is what is going on and this unnecessary drama has to stop before Chris does something he regrets like shutting down the website all together which hes been threatening since yesterday to shut it down or not renew the domain again after the 4 year term is up but we will make sure he doesn't do anything stupid. Well what is left of our team not which is Larry, myself and Boss Man Chris as we do not know what Reality Teas status now that Everything About Reality TV kicked the bucket again for the 3rd and final time. However, Chris, Larry and Reality Teas should be proud, 4.5 years, 13 seasons, 265 episodes is a major milestone indeed. There is nothing to be sad about but be more proud of the accomplishments they made.

- CBOTW Team