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Friday, June 21, 2024

End of The Week Updates [06-21-2024]

            Another end of the week has come to a close and here are the updates for this week: Chris has finished all the necessary editing that has to be done to make room for editing this weekend's episode of the podcast. Today what I gather he is recording Wednesday's podcast for Entertainment Man Podcast which starting next week the Wednesdays start on a more permanent schedule. However as you know The CBOTW Show heads to Fridays every other week. 

                     Also this weekend Chris is aiming to finish up Entertainment Man Podcast notes for future episodes of the podcast. The move will be shifting over to The CBOTW Show and working on episodes for the future weeks during the summer, including working on Corner Gas which is another project he is working on. Be sure to check out the podcast tonight as Chris will be interviewing Mary from Mac N Cheese Podcast & Life With Mary Podcast Live on YouTube at 9 pm EST, so don't miss out on an amazing episode! I will be back next week for more updates.


Saturday, April 20, 2024

End of The Week Updates [04-20-2024]

                It a tough end of the week updates for us once again. Everything is upside down right now for the team right now. Right now Chris is editing his heart out and haven't had time to work on new episodes and no time for the blogs while he's away but he is making that the second priority actually after he edits the audio only from Thursday night. He is making it the upmost important plus he needs to record one more podcast while he's away so he is getting into vacation mode right now. 

              I want to welcome Karla to our moderator team on Discord and all the YouTube Channels and Twitch. Another amazing addition to the Mod Team as the server is very active and a lot of fun to be around no matter what day or night it's somehow always going off with new comments and we appreciate it. Also Chris wanted me to mention that next Wednesday will be a premiere @ 1 pm EST for The CBOTW Show and the airing of the Power Rangers Podcast after a very long hiatus with the podcast. After next Wednesday there will be one more podcast plus 2 weeks after that there Power Rangers Reboot plus what's next for our podcast. That is everything I needed to say, I will speak to you guys next week for another "end of the week updates."

Kelsie, COO of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media

Saturday, April 13, 2024

End of The Week Updates [04-13-2024]

                    This week has been very chaotic for us from editing the Power Rangers Podcast to struggles which is where I am going to start this blog off. Because Chris has ran into trouble when it came to uploading the video but he has since then has rectified the issue and it is now working now and is scheduled to be uploaded at the start of May, I believe he has it scheduled for May the 8th, 2024. 

                    With episodes edited he has shifted over to planning other podcasts like Entertainment Man Podcast which he has a few extra for wiggle room. He does need to record episodes while he's away that is 2 extra episodes and he's going to this weekend record 4 episodes if he can so it is ready to go as this month is going fast and quickly so he will be getting that done this weekend too. The CBOTW Show he's getting ready to do some podcasts on The Simpsons and not very many are on his list but he keeps coming up with new episodes he wants to watch and write notes down. Any who that is today's blog post updates have a great rest of your weekend and I will speak to you all next week!

Kelsie, COO (Chief Operating Officer of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media)

Saturday, April 6, 2024

End of the Week Updates [04-06-2024]

               A lot has gone on this week and let me start with podcasts, Entertainment Man Podcast has now reached 242nd episode which is amazing and big congratulations to Chris reaching that peak amount of episodes. As you know Chris and Larry have now completed Power Rangers Podcast, the editing process has begun and I have the honor to working on The CBOTW Show. I never thought he'd ask me to help and I feel privileged to help out. 

         So we continue to release and he has mentioned he will be working on Entertainment Man Podcast and is the next thing he is planning to work on next and excited to be working on these plans. Also something he didn't mention to you guys is he is going to pre-plan out The CBOTW Show with the Simpsons episodes he wants to cover on the podcast. He is planning on doing those. Also he wants to actually work and prepare these ahead of schedule before they are being recorded and posted. He wants to leave it open for now. That is everything I wanted to cover for today, enjoy your weekend and talk to you guys next week!


Saturday, March 30, 2024

End of The Week Updates [03-30-2024]

           Another long week is over for us. It has been a barrel of stress for us all. As you know this week I was named the new Chief Operating Officer, also known as the COO. I am so thrilled and excited Chris named me for this role on the team which covers the same jobs as before, helping out the community, answering emails, Facebook and Twitter messages. But also help with planning events both Online and in person. 

           I know Chris hasn't had the time to finish working on Power Rangers Podcast for The CBOTW Show but spent yesterday and yesterday night and today on watching the series to try and get it done. Now Entertainment Man Podcast is edited and ready for release tomorrow afternoon and he has to still put the episode information up on this very website. 

           He will be talking about this next week but reason for no blog yesterday, he gave all of us the day off including him even though he said he's going to be working on the season but got busy with other things I guess. This also reminds me to remind you no blog on Monday and we will be running on a 5 day week for blog rather then the normal 6 day blog but we will be on a 5 day as we're off tomorrow and Monday for work wise and taking some very well earned time off. Also Chris will be doing a split streams between Facebook and Instagram so be sure to check those out! Those are the updates and rather a very long update but I will talk to you all at the end of the upcoming week and wish you all a very Happy Easter from all of us, here at ChrisBOnTheWeb Media. 

Kelsie, COO (Chief Operating Officer) 

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Our Process With Podcasting

              This blog post was inspired and requested by Reena who was on my podcast several weeks ago so big shoutout to her. Podcasting is a lot of work from the pre-production to the production to post production so I want to break this blog down to 3 parts from our perspective:

Pre-Production: Getting an idea whether it is a topic or getting a guest for Entertainment Man Podcast or a movie or TV show to recap for The CBOTW Show, it all starts with an idea. The creating podcast notes for the episodes and it comes from the idea, I have to come up with at least 4 - 6 pages of notes especially for Entertainment Man Podcast. Now The CBOTW Show comes with a movie or TV Show, then watching the TV Show or movie and taking notes.

Production: Is getting the episode recorded. It is basically sitting down and recording. Now not every episode for Entertainment Man Podcast is LIVE on the air but other then that it is pre-recorded. Production side, Entertainment Man Podcast is both YouTube-Video/Audio ONLY and The CBOTW Show is just on Audio ONLY.

Post Production: Editing the video/audio only for Entertainment Man Podcast and Audio Only for The CBOTW Show making sure it is to my liking for publishing. Which brings to the next point I use my Corel Studio Video Studio for editing the video and Audacity for the audio. The next thing I want to mention is scheduling the podcast, putting in the tags both on YouTube and Audio, also posting it on the website on the day of. The last part I want to share is clipping the best moments, even though I've had hate but that's been the best part of the views on the channel and gets people more interested. The clips though are just for video side of things, YouTube/TikTok and sometimes Facebook/X/Instagram from time to time. 

              So that is OUR process as podcasters in our network and what we go through a week to week basis. Quite a journey that we go through together. Again big shoutout to Reena for this idea and I will talk to you all tomorrow about The CBOTW Show that is bothering me at this moment. 


Friday, March 22, 2024

End of The Week Updates [04-22-2024]

              At least this week, I am ahead of schedule and I have the blog post out on time. Anyways there is a several updates to report to you all:

1) The first thing is Chris has been busy recording and editing this week. He recorded early week the Anxiety episode he wanted to talk about and is out and the most recent episode to date right now here on the website, other audio only platforms and of course YouTube

2) He recorded Power Rangers Dino Fury season 1 which should be done by today at the most. 

3) He had another interview, this time with David Hirsch which I am excited to hear as I heard it went very well. He's been busy editing everything and putting it together. 

4) Also he is working on season 2 now and hopes to have it done by Monday or Tuesday at the latest so he can work on and complete the 30th season, Cosmic Fury by end of next week so he can start working on Entertainment Man Podcast fully.

          Lots of work to be done and I continue to work on graphics when needed and answering the emails for him trying to cover him while he gets all this work done and I have a lot of faith he will get it done. That is the post for this week and I will speak to you all next Friday. 


Friday, March 8, 2024

End of The Week Updates [03-08-2024]

            This week has been pretty interesting.. From recording episodes to posting them, Chris has been a very busy guy honestly. This weekend will be important and he has decided that he is dedicating this weekend and week to finishing up Power Rangers seasons so he can lock in recording in just under a week and a half so that is his goal for right now is the getting that all finished up and done. So this means he has confirmed no streams this weekend. He wants to focus on getting these done. If it wasn't for him watching the shows and seasons, he would of been casting. 

            He has been tearing down a building on his Minecraft server with TNT but he will show you guys when it's completely down. But this is the end of the week updates. Between that he will be recording and in another meeting Tuesday in the afternoon between 2 pm and 5 pm EST so he is a very busy, busy guy. he is pretty much booked up with interviews till April at this point but busy is a good thing. That is everything to update with and he is sorry for no streams this weekend but next weekend, he will be going live on Saturday and I will talk to you at the end of next week, have a wonderful weekend.


Friday, March 1, 2024

End of The Week Updates [03-01-2024]

             Hey everyone! 

             Happy 1st of March! Here are your updates: With both Sunday's and Wednesdays episode now complete for Entertainment Man Podcast, Chris can clearly sit back and watch Power Rangers Dino Fury which he has been doing lately. He hope to be done or close to done by today then if he finishes tomorrow he will start working on season 2 hoping to be finished by Tuesday this way him and Larry will most definitely have something to record for The CBOTW Show next Thursday. 

             Also we have had a bit of a influx of spam on our Discord server, so Chris has adjusted the bot to mute it too incase myself, Larry, Jim or himself do not get to timeout the perpetrator that is causing problems. Also I've added with his permission a spam corner and the bot has been disabled for that channel so you can spam away all you want but still the other rules like being respectful and what not still applies to that channel. Finally I want to thank everyone that's supported us whether it's Facebook, Twitter (X), Instagram, Threads, YouTube, Audio ONLY or even on our Discord, we appreciate your tireless support. I will talk to you all end of the next week, please enjoy your weekend. 


Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Current Content & Stream Schedule!

               The schedule for all content and streams as follows:

Sundays: 1 pm EST: Entertainment Man Podcast (Podcast's YouTube/Audio ONLY)

                  2:30 pm EST:  Gaming Stream (CBOTW Media YouTube)

Monday - Fridays: 11 am EST: Daily Blog

Wednesdays: 1 pm EST: Week 1- Entertainment Man Podcast (Podcast's YouTube/Audio ONLY)

                        1 pm EST: Week 2- The CBOTW Show (Audio ONLY)

Saturdays: 11 am EST: Bonus Blog

                     1 pm EST: Just Chatting Stream (CBOTW Media's Facebook & YouTube Channel)

               There is the schedule currently and I wanna talk more in the future what I am thinking but have a clearer idea what I have in my head. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Friday, February 23, 2024

End of The Week Updates [02-23-2024]

              It is time for another end of the week updates. Chris had Larry at the Studio and originally the plan wasn't to record a podcast but they recorded a half hour podcast talking about Mean Girls Reboot. Now because the movie is fresh for us, they have decided to NOT release it till around May 8th what he's told me. So today he's editing this morning and by now he is working on Power Rangers Dino Fury Finally as he is about to reach the end of an era for the podcast and they will be moving on to other projects. 

              As you may noticed the Facebook group has been phased out all together and we have brought back the Discord Server. Now Chris isn't as involved with the server and he's online but hides offline. That is because he has been very, very busy with work and he has been working hard on content lately to finish things up and quickly. The end goal is to be finished Dino Fury by end of next week then Cosmic Fury by the following Wednesday. What he's told me he is ready to finish things up so he can officially move on with things. Those are the basic updates, we hope you have a wonderful weekend, I will be back next Friday for another end of the week updates.

- Kels

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

I Was Called a Motivational Speaker!

           Last week, I was out and about with my friends at a mall that is out of my region and we were walking about the Scarborough Town Centre and I got to talk to one of the employees at JD Sports which mind you, amazing store as I was looking at some crocs actually, 60 dollars not too bad and if their still 60 by the time I am, back next week then I will snag em most definitely! I will check the Walmart there too next time I am there with my friends in less than a week from now. 

          Anyways Eric and I, were talking to the employee there and he asked what I do and I told him I was a Blogger, Podcaster and YouTuber and I wouldn't be surprised if he found the podcast by now and he asked me what their about and I told him and he called me a motivational speaker which in any case I never thought for one day that I would be considered that with Entertainment Man Podcast but now that I think about it, I have been trying to motivate you guys as much as possible and I hope I give you guys a lot of insight. Now to have that title as a Motivational Speaker especially with the podcast, it feels good to have that title, the fact I have actually have made a difference in your lives. Anyways that is all I have to say but thank you for continuing to listen to the podcast and again I hope you guys made a difference if your day to day lives. I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Friday, February 16, 2024

End of The Week Updates [02-16-2024]

              Another stressful and chaotic week once again and one update I can give you guys is Chris hasn't started Dino Fury as everything else going on right now but he's going to spend hours watching the show this weekend on a really long binge of the shows in order to get them done hopefully by Tuesday so sounds like there will be no time off, the studio will be operating on Family Day 2024 up here in Ontario Canada. Which is fine really, if he has to, he has to and I've reminded him and knows to spend time with his parents. He's possibly going to be getting tickets for the Generals game with his parents but on a wait list so fingers crossed as he loves the OHL (Ontario Hockey League) games.

             Anyhow, we're currently working on editing this weekends episode and helping Chris out with that so we can move on to that bigger step as he really, really wants to actually get it done and he's known for getting a show done in a couple of days and can most definitely do that again especially with his new method now, anything is actually possible. There is no other updates but he will be streaming this weekend a few times, Saturday (tomorrow) at 1 pm EST with a just chatting stream and Sunday at 1 pm EST for a gaming stream and I will speak to you guys next week.


Saturday, February 10, 2024

End of The Week Updates [02-10-2024]

             This week has been an emotional week for Chris and he's been dealing with some personal things and being there for his friends which is very important. So that is one of the reasons Wednesday's Entertainment Man Podcast was cancelled and rescheduled to next Wednesday. Which ultimately puts us at 3 podcasts for the week technically. However he is fine with it as he plans to try and record or has recorded today at some point and shouldn't be too long but that will be the start of his little break till Thursday's show, his interview with Med from Shots From The Sidelines but there is no shows scheduled between tomorrow and Wednesday and time to edit and schedule those podcasts too. 

             Chris has also stopped working on the notes for Entertainment Man Podcast and do not worry, he has enough show topics ready to go regardless. He wants to start working on Dino Fury as of Sunday or Monday so it is ready to go. I am helping him as much as possible with the editing and learning some new skills this weekend. He is taking a shot at finishing both seasons by end of next weekend, done finished, completed so the week him and Larry record, he finishes up with Cosmic Fury the FINAL episode so he can start working on the movie collab with Izac. Those are the updates and I hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend and I will speak to you at the end of next week on Saturday as we are OFFICIALLY doing 6 blogs a week now. Chris will explain on Monday but talk Saturday!


Friday, February 2, 2024

End of The Week Updates [02-02-2024]

             This week has been full of craziness. Chris tried to bring back The CBOTW Show to YouTube and YouTube took away the subscribers he had which was 3 so RIP YouTube Channel. He's made it clear to stay focused on the two channels for right now, probably permanent as he's stated. He's completed both The CBOTW Show and this weekend's episode of Entertainment Man Podcast so that is out of the way for the week. 

          So this weekend Chris is going to be working on topics for Entertainment Man Podcast for the coming weeks and he has a ton of amazing ideas right now that he has lined up. Plus the guests he's got lined up as well which is very, very exciting but not sure when that is being planned. I know over the next several months Chris and Izac from FunFootball Podcast will be collaborating on The CBOTW Show which will be perfect as Chris and Larry will be done with Power Rangers Podcast OFFICIALLY. Chris has talked about the next stage of this website late Fall 2024. Hopefully by Monday he's on the next Power Rangers Seasons to continue the trek to the end game. Those are the updates, I will talk to you all next week for more updates and hopefully have a progress report. Chris is unsure if he will be live tomorrow but stay tuned for updates on the social media.

Kelsie, Community Director 

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Noticed Something With YouTube

            I don't get YouTube with podcasts, the audio RSS Feed does better then the video version, so what's the point of me doing videos on YouTube when Audio ONLY gets a broader range of listens. I know it's your preference whether you guys wanna listen to video and audio but the growth of subscribers has been crazy that's one of the reasons why I've held off leaving but I've come so far on the platform. I know I'm going to get a bit of slack for this but this is just how I feel right now. I know you guys will listen to the podcast wherever you are the most comfortable listening to the podcast, I will never stress it on you. 

              The podcasts are supported no matter what and all the numbers add up. I just find it odd it switched roles one week video does well the other week Audio succeeds more then usual. Just an observation I have made but don't worry I am not going to change anything. Anyways that is all I wanted to say and probably will not bring this up in the future but I will talk to you all on Monday as Kelsie is doing the end of the week updates tomorrow.


Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Got So Many Ideas for Both Podcasts!

            Both Entertainment Man Podcast and The CBOTW Show, I've got so many topics and shows to cover that will take up weeks of content. I've never seen so many ideas in a short time and most of these ideas are stemming from recording actual episodes of Entertainment Man Podcast which is odd that all the ideas come from me talking about things I mention on the episodes and the ideas continue to pile on up and the more ideas the better. Least I have something to talk about while I am booking more interviews as those have not happened yet but now open to interviews on my podcast and I've been open about getting back into interviews. 

             Now The CBOTW Show, the ideas are coming basically from Instagram especially The Simpsons and there is accounts that post up clips from the show, always stem the idea, ooooh I should do an episode about this episode of The Simpsons, hence the reason why The Simpsons has become a thing on The CBOTW Show and I think you guys have enjoyed The Simpsons content. Plenty more to come between now and Power Rangers Podcasts being posted up. I will do a blog tomorrow about this but that is the post for today, as always I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


Friday, January 26, 2024

End of The Week Updates [01-26-2024]

            It has been a wild week around the studio from Chris finishing up the first half of Power Rangers Beast Morphers to becoming sick it's been a turn of events for us but he continues to work on the notes. Once he's done the notes he will be shifting over to Entertainment Man Podcast for a bit and he hopes to be starting on that by Saturday to be completely done with The CBOTW Show so he can shift over to Entertainment Man Podcast so he has ideas for the next many weeks so he can record without a problem. Also he will be re-shifting back to The CBOTW Show by Monday to work on The Simpsons Podcast as he revealed on a video yesterday morning that he will be doing 2 The Simpsons episode. 

             In other news, Chris has hired my brother Jim back as an advisor. I know it is a shocking he hired my brother back after he turned his back on the team 2 months ago. I hope Jim sticks around for a while and I sure think he will. Jim will not be on any social media of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media, more behind the scenes and advising Chris more on this website in case he runs into a problem which there has been a few technical issues but Jim and Chris have since then resolved the https:// issue with this website. That's everything that has gone on and he will be back blogging Monday and I will talk to you all at the end of next week.

Kelsie, Community Director

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Taking a Different Direction With My Show

             As you know Entertainment Man Podcast hasn't had any interviews as of it and I've taken a bit of a break from interviews actually despite my Matchmaker.FM page for the podcast is currently actively looking for interviews right now. Always looking for interviews but I have said many times, I have Shane coming on the podcast again to talk Bullying and Mental Health and how bullying does, Plus Eric coming on the podcast in March ish... Also April or May will be Justin and Larry. 

             However, I am going to focus strictly on topics with the occasional guests this year unless I end up getting a bunch of interview requests then I will have them on of course. But for the most part, will be topics unless and I've got that strange feeling this year will be a quiet year for interviews and if it is that's totally fine with it but I am always keeping that door open for interviews. Last year it took a month before I started to get interviews so right now I can do my topics in the mean time. Anyways that is the post for now, I will talk to  you all tomorrow for another blog post before Kelsie's end of the week updates on Friday.


Saturday, January 20, 2024

End of The Week Updates [01-20-2024]

      Chris has expressed interest that I, Kelsie take over the end of the week updates and I accepted the role since it is only once a week. A lot of chaotic mess has happened at ChrisBOnTheWeb studios and here is what's gone on:

Old PC: Chris has actually recycled the old computer so the other desk is a more empty now which will lead a plan for the other monitor to join the other two on the main computer at the other desk eventually. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: All episodes are caught up for back on Monday as a late episode and this Sunday and the following Wednesday. So Chris can work on Power Rangers and really make a run. 

The CBOTW Show: Chris has completed and posted up the episode Friday on time and he's enjoying doing The Simpsons episodes and probably stick to it for a while. He may bounce around this year a bit between the episodes with Larry. He is also back to working on Power Rangers now that the lost USB key is now found. 

         Those are the updates he's given me for this week and I know there is more but we have explained about the website down time and missing USB and Chris will be back Monday to a normal blog schedule and as for me I will talk to you all next Friday, enjoy your weekend.

Kels, Community Director/Graphic Designer