Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Podcast Schedules December 2022 - June 2023

         With a lot happening, Jason David Frank passing away, Larry and I have decided to postpone Dino Charge and Super Dino Charge till January. We want to do a tribute to him. So the schedule is changing once again and I am going to be putting in the schedule for the next 7 months so it gives you an idea how we plan on catching up and when things are coming out:

December 3rd, 2022: Power Rangers Collab- Power Rangers Super Megaforce

December 10th, 2022: Power Rangers Collab- Tribute To Jason David Frank (JDF)

December 18th, 2022: Entertainment Man Podcast final episode of Season 3.

December 25th, 2022: Entertainment Man Podcast 2nd Annual Christmas Special (PREMIERED ON YOUTUBE) 

January 8th, 2023: Entertainment Man Podcast Season 4 Premieres on ALL Platforms

TBA (January sometimes): Power Rangers Collab- Power Rangers Dino Charge & Power Rangers Super Dino Charge

March 2023: Power Rangers Collab- Power Rangers Ninja Steel & Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel

May 2023: The CBOTW Show- Power Rangers The Movie (1995) & Turbo a Power Rangers Movie (1997)

June 2023: Power Rangers Collab- Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Season 1 & Season 2

           That is the schedule moving forward and going to print this off for Larry and will be adding in the rest of the year for ChrisBOnTheWeb in general in podcast schedule but I will be giving you guys the schedule in Mid 2023 for the rest of the year as this blog has gone on long enough so I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Not 100% sure on the plan for The CBOTW Show...

                As you all know The CBOTW Show is returning and I have some things ironed out in the back of my head but the contents of the podcast what I want to cover and how to try and do something once a month but right now it is sporadic. I have spoken about even Survivor recap but would have to find someone to do it as right now I am all tied up with Entertainment Man Podcast, Power Rangers Collab and now running the day to day operations of The CBOTW Show. I am not going to rush it really. I also considered doing Big Brother and Big Brother Canada recaps again just keep it a week but there will be terms with it. 

              I mean you will be in charge of editing the episodes, have a computer laptop, good microphone as I can say it will be Audio ONLY and there will be no Video (YouTube) in the mix this time around as I already have one to run as it is. However, you want to make a deal I'd consider it but for right now it will be Audio ONLY at this time.  It is better then video but don't get me wrong its done just fine for Entertainment Man. Anyways I do not know the direction to go yet and we have 6 months till launch, but maybe sooner? If it is 6 months, you can do the math and figure out when the initial start is. I will talk to you all tomorrow for another podcast. 



Monday, November 28, 2022

I Was Stressed Out!

               I was stressed out as the title says. For once it's nothing to do with ChrisBOnTheWeb for once. It's more IRL stuff going on here in Ontario Canada to a point, I am stressed out from arguing, stressed out from worrying about my friends. This weekend I just snapped and ended up blowing off a phone call with a friend and it hasn't happened like this in about a month now where I just didn't wanna talk to anyone. Maybe right now I just need my space to be on my own. I am not going anywhere as of right now and I probably fear that Larry will wanna get together for a hangout which as you know production for Dino Charge is on hold till January and at some point I will get to it and the way I figured it out in my head I should have it done by Christmas.

              That is besides the point that I wanna make, the point is for once it isn't about ChrisBOnTheWeb, it's just personal stuff going on that has been worrying and stressing out right now. Don't get me wrong, I am excited for 2023 and the next season of Entertainment Man Podcast, Power Rangers Collab wrapping up it's last full year of seasons before we get into one offs that we wanna do and of course The CBOTW Show as well. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I just didn't do anything, I fiddled with the website and played video games. However, today I am back to editing grind and getting all the seasons done by end of this weekend so I can type and maybe we could possibly still record. Anyways that is my post, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Friday, November 25, 2022

End of The Week Updates [11-25-2022]

            Another week has gone by and it is time for the end of the week updates. Not much really to report but here is the only two things I have listed for this week at the most:

Website: There are plans for the contact page and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) will be under a major update in the New Year once things start to settle down on Dino Charge and Super Dino Charge, I can start focusing on the website a tad more and put out the updates it needs. Also the About needs some needed updates, with The CBOTW Show back in the picture, it needs to be redone and fixed.

Power Rangers Collab: As you know we have a backlog in episodes right now. I have decided to take some time away from the collab especially right now with the passing of Jason David Frank, it has affected me and a lot of us fans. Going to miss him. I will be posting the Megaforce and Super Megaforce collabs soon and will let you guys know soon.

            Anyways those are the updates, like I said not much in the way of updates this week, just editing and prep work that is going into the content and the website. Anyways have a great weekend and I will talk to you all Monday!


Thursday, November 24, 2022

The Logic Behind 3 Podcasts (Projects)

               3 projects now on the list. What is the logic between the projects? 

Entertainment Man Podcast: Nothing is changing with this podcast. It remains untouched and unchanged from the format it is under especially with an addition in podcasts. 

Power Rangers Collab: Nothing is changing, Larry and I will be finishing it off as a collab as it is and anything in the future will remain on here minus the Power Rangers Movies which I will get to in a moment. 

The CBOTW Show: Once a Reality TV and TV Podcast, right now it is just a TV Podcast at this moment. I will look into maybe a Survivor or even a Big Brother Canada Recap perhaps but nothing too extravagant maybe just leaving as it is. I can tell you the intro is finished and I am not ready for an official press release on what to expect, where you can listen to the podcast etc, video/audio only etc. I can say YouTube will not be in the cards as I wanna remain committed to Entertainment Man Podcast. I have a schedule planned out but for right now 2023 is the official time frame when it will return just no date. The CBOTW Show will be home to future TV & Movie podcasts Larry and I do and maybe we will bring someone else on too who knows.

               That is the logic behind all the projects and excited for 2023 and the return of The CBOTW Show and more information is coming on it soon but for right now I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates,


Wednesday, November 23, 2022


               After a long, long hiatus with The CBOTW Show, it is OFFICIALLY Returning! I was asked on Chatty Geek Hidden Dragon if it is on other platforms and that got me really thinking and I had to sleep on it. I woke up Saturday morning wanting to reboot the beloved podcast. Now I know Power Rangers Collab is near the end of it's run with seasons as their has been talk about Season 30 being the last season and they are focusing on the movies for the time being which after season 30, it leaves Larry and I with one off podcasts. Any of the movies from the franchise will be on The CBOTW Show along with future shows Larry and I cover or any shows I wanna do with other people, even Ivy wants to do one so I am going to keep my promise to her. 

                Now the return date isn't confirmed but more then likely in May 2023 is when the first episode will more then likely drop. I know it will not be always active, will be sporadically and I think I will post it to just Castbox & iTunes for the time being and if things pick up where it is more active then I plan on expanding everywhere else but baby steps this time. I do not wanna make the mistake I did before. Honestly it is hard for me to try and expand cause of being screwed over more then once. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday, November 22, 2022

The Chris Timeline!

             Yes I titled this blog post "The Chris Timeline" and reason is I wanna share my plans for the next several months that leads into April 2023 so consider this the future plans for the website and content:

December 2022: On Hiatus for the month of December to catch up on prep work for Dino Charge and has been re-scheduled to January. When not working on the collab, will be working on Entertainment Man Podcast.

January 2023: Record Dino Charge and Super Dino Charge and other then that will continue to work on Entertainment Man as well.

February 2023: Will be continue to work on Entertainment Man Podcast and prepping notes for future episodes and potentially seasons as well as well as record, edit and post up episodes.  Power Rangers Collab will be off to finalize prep for February and should be done in time.

March 2023:  Will start to work on the Power Ranger movies which isn't really cannon to the show what I know of but we plan on covering it regardless under the Movie Collabs Page which is being worked on over the next few months as we prepare it. Also will be recording with Larry Ninja Steel and Super Ninja Steel. 

April 2023:  Finally, will start working on Beast Morphers for June both Season 1 & 2. 

           That is "The Chris Timeline up to April 2023, maybe I will do one of these later on when April rolls around for May, June & July perhaps. All I know is this should work if I work hard on it, I can definitely get ahead of schedule. Anyways that is the post, I will talk to you all tomorrow. 



Monday, November 21, 2022

Podcast Schedule Moving Forward!

            This is a very special blog post today as you know post production of the collaboration podcast and both Larry and I have discussed this and we have a plan moving forward so here is our schedule moving forward and small note Entertainment Man Podcast remains unchanged in it's schedule this is other things ChrisBOnTheWeb:

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022: Power Rangers Collab- Power Rangers Megaforce Podcast release at 1 pm EST

Wednesday, November 30th, 2022:  Power Rangers Collab- Power Rangers Super Megaforce Podcast release at 1 pm EST

Thursday, December 1st, 2022: Larry and I will be hanging out and decorating the studio for Christmas this year, hanging up the snowflakes, put up the lights etc, fun and what not and celebrating our birthdays together. 

Thursday, December 15th, 2022: Power Rangers Collab- Power Rangers Dino Charge & Super Dino Charge Recording

Wednesday, December 21st, 2022: Power Rangers Collab- Power Rangers Dino Charge Release at 1 pm EST

Wednesday, December 28th, 2022: Power Rangers Collab- Power Rangers Super Dino Charge release at 1 pm EST

            That is the production schedule and stay tuned for my Chris Timeline blog post which give you an idea what I will be up to between December and March/April 2023 and I will talk to you all tomorrow. 



Friday, November 18, 2022

End of The Week Updates [11-18-2022]

              Another week has concluded and it is time once again for the end of the week updates. Been a busy and hectic week this week here at the studio and still mass chaos is pursuing especially today but here is the updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: Recorded another interview and today I am primarily focusing on editing done both video and audio that to get it done and ready for this Sunday. 

Power Rangers Collab: With Larry and I now in post production, this weekend will be primarily focused heavily on the collab and getting it edited and ready to be posted up which a post is coming up Monday on that but sounds like either Tuesday or Thursday next week for it being released perhaps. 

Website: The website has once again changed again, On Demand is now Podcasts and YouTube Channel has moved to the renamed "Archives" Tab that is now called On Demand and will remain there for the duration.

             Those are the updates for this week, just the usual, I will talk to you guys on Monday, have a wonderful weekend and as always I will talk to you all Monday morning!


Thursday, November 17, 2022

Starting Up A Second Minecraft Server!

             I have thought about this long and hard and I am planning to do a more of a modded Minecraft for myself, something on my own time. I wanna try and do a Tekkit kind of Minecraft and try and go to the moon but I need to look up what I need for a Tekkit Minecraft but if that doesn't work out then I will do some kind of modded Minecraft and mod the heck out of it and have some fun with some mods for a change from the normal everyday server I have. 

             Only reason I am putting it on a server is because in case my niece or nephew or both wanna see what I am doing but most part it will be me on the modded server. However the first server will still be there and there is work to still be done. I need to build the apartment building itself and finish up some other projects that are still on going but I do plan on going on there a bit from time to time but I will have the 2nd server as something different. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates.


Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Annual Christmas Lights Stream 2022 [CANCELLED????]

             Well with the ban still on going with the Facebook Community, I have made the decision to just cancel the lighting of the studio, unless I go live on Twitter and Instagram perhaps and the decision is unknown right now. I need to decide what to do.  I would have to change the setup for it to happen and how would I be able to stream to both perhaps or I could possible do CBOTW Studios Channel for streaming these things perhaps but then I need 1k to have the ability to stream via mobile so it would be impossible unless I actually put one of the cameras on the tripod and stream to that channel.

            Now it'd be only a few short days till I actually stream and honestly I will be at 0 subscribers... Yes 0 subscribers and starting from the start once again. Just hard to do that and ask everyone to subscribe to the second channel and it is hard enough with the "Entertainment Man Podcast" to maintain so it is enough for me to deal with and the Facebook Fan Page seems to be more popular to stream to but I may do Instagram I do not know. To be honest I think I will just cancel the stream for this year as I am currently banned so at this point the STREAM is CANCELLED. I'm sorry I had to do this but maybe next year I will plan on streaming it again perhaps and I promise to make up at a later date. Anyways that is the post, I will talk you guys tomorrow.


Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Moving Forward With The Facebook Fan Page....

             I know the Facebook fan page has gone dead and that is because my Management didn't have access to it and one of the reasons was prior to my former Management Team member, she ended up quitting for a second and final time and Mark took over and I currently have no way to give him the privileges to post as the page and post the blog and podcasts. So this means the Facebook fan page renders useless and stays quiet till hopefully around my birthday or the day after when I can actually post.

            When the time comes, first thing I will be doing will be giving Mark access to the Fan Page. I may be taking time away from the page a little bit longer and he will be updating you guys for a while till I feel ready to come back after all the drama, I am kind of taking time away so he will be in charge of it. He will have a lot of access to the page so in case I get thrown into Facebook jail and I will try and not have that happen again, I promise! Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Monday, November 14, 2022

ChrisBOnTheWeb 8th Anniversary

                8 years..... Just incredible! Feels like yesterday this journey started and now it's been 8 uber long years with this website. I know it hasn't been the easiest path with YouTube still being a thing with the series (The Entertainment Man Talk Show) still in it's run. Then switching over to Reality TV Podcasts then what I am doing now, Entertainment Man Podcast & Power Rangers Collab. It has been quite a ride the last 8 years and getting up to double digits and a decade of ChrisBOnTheWeb. 

               Another 2 years and I hit 10 years. Without you guys the fans, you wouldn't have made this possible whatsoever. Also the support of my family, my parents, brother and sister in law, niece and nephew I do not think I'd have to strength to keep this going. To be honest, I was feeling like I was at the end of my ropes with ChrisBOnTheWeb last Thursday but something gave me that strength to keep going and I think it is the fact I wanna hit 10 years and break those numbers with The Video Projects Team. Cheers to another year of CBOTW and many more years to come because there is no end to ChrisBOnTheWeb, not right now and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Friday, November 11, 2022

End of The Week Updates [11-11-2022]

                 Well another week has come to an end and time for some updates:

Website: Made some changes to the "Team" page as again the team keeps changing constantly and quite frankly I am tired of the constant changes to the website and the team at this moment. 

Facebook: It is no secret that I am currently on my 5th or 6th ban on the website, I may be exaggerating on the amount of bans I have on FB but I cannot post to the Fan Page and I wish I had Sophie on as a Manager or Admin where she could of transferred power to Mark as Sophie quit for the second and final time. So the time being he's in charge and I certainly don't plan on returning to the community anytime. Just fed up of the drama and toxicity. Maybe I will not return but we'll see. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: I have to prep interview notes for Tuesday plus this weekends podcast which is not done yet plus work on a certain collab but Entertainment Man Podcast prep comes first then recording Sunday's episode then the interview then I will be moving over to the collab which I will continue below:

Power Rangers Collab: Now before I edit Entertainment Man Podcast for a week Sunday, I have to get the collab done first. I know things seem a little twisted but it will work out in the end don't worry that we get to recording on time as normally scheduled.

            Anyways I am rambling right now and that is the update for the week, have a great weekend and I will be talking to you all on Monday!



Thursday, November 10, 2022

Am I Getting Close To A New PC?

            I am nowhere close and I wanna try and save up a lot more just in case the price does go up so there is so leeway and I do need another screen as the old PC is going to be just a work computer for notes and what not. That is besides the point but I am nowhere near a new computer yet and I have to keep and try on speeding up the computer and it's hanging in there the old girl seems to keep on going for almost a 9 year old machine as you probably remember me mentioning that I got the machine in April... ish 2014 so almost 10 years but I'd like a faster machine for podcasting and gaming.

           So the answer I am not ready to get that new computer and hopefully soon I can get this big purchase out of the way but I am close to the 5k mark in saving so getting there and it takes time to save up and recently added a good amount and when I get the new machine but again it will be quite some time till I get it but in the meantime that is the post for today and I will talk to you tomorrow. 


Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Not Sure Where My Heads At Right Now....

               With everything happening here at CBOTW Studios, I do not know what to do with ChrisBOnTheWeb right now. Everything is a mess and times ticking to getting the notes done so I guess first step is working on the notes first between today and tomorrow I need to put a dent into the notes so I can get it done before a week tomorrow that is the most ultimate goal for right now. I will be recording either Friday or Saturday morning so it will be a last minute recording session if I need to but these notes are # 1 priority at this moment. 

              I promise you guys I will have the episode for Sunday ready and raring to go for Sunday. I know it's immense pressure but I strive under pressure when it comes to getting things out and getting things done for recording sessions with Larry especially. I just gotta get my head straightened out so I can focus on the task at hand as I will be making a b-line straight to the end of the year as I still got two more seasons to work on so I will be working a lot and I'll be home more anyways as my mom having surgery done tomorrow so will be home more taking care of her. That is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates.


Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Entertainment Man Podcast Is NOT Ending Anytime Soon!

             I know there was talk about the return of CBOTW Gamers Podcast which has not been spoken about for a very long time now. I mean, it has disappeared back onto the back burner once again. Reason behind this is because I do not see Entertainment Man Podcast ending anytime soon. Yeah, it's become so popular, I see no reason to stop anytime soon and I wanna keep it going as long as I can. 

            Right now I have 2 years planned out, 2023 & 2024 and I am sure I will end up coming up for future years, 2025 and beyond. 50 regular season episodes and as I mentioned 100 or just over 100 ideas I have come up with which helps the future. Don't forget there will be interviews between there so I am sure there will be episodes left over and of course I always carry it over to other weeks or even to other year in case. So I am excited to keep this going in the very nearby future and Season 4 is just on the horizon plenty to come in the future but that is my post for today, I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


Monday, November 7, 2022

Already Planning for 2023!

           With this being the 2nd last month of the year, I have started to think about the future of ChrisBOnTheWeb for 2023. As you guys know the schedule for the collab it does mark the end of an era for seasons for us as we will be wrapping up 29 seasons by the end of the next year which brings us to 2024 where we will be doing a podcast for Season 30 in February 2024 which will mean we will be caught up. We are not sure what's next for the series but we will cross that bridge when it comes. We possible could be speeding up the process if we really want to with seasons and it could be a possibility but again we will see how far we get with prep work. 

            Entertainment Man Podcast is not changing whatsoever for 2023 just that minor extension to the bonus but you knew that already. I probably didn't mention that Larry and I will be covering two of the Power Ranger Movies but not till near the mid year at the most. However I've got a plan and without that I would be clueless what I am doing. I do need to write some episodes for Entertainment Man so I have a couple for the start of next year but I will definitely make some time for them as I got maybe 100 or a little more but that is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


Friday, November 4, 2022

End of The Week Updates [11-04-2022]

              Another week has gone by, it is time for another end of the week update. It has been a crazy week with CBOTW and honestly got a ton of things done. Anyways here are the updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: I made a mistake when it came to wanting to do interviews live. I am going to stick to the interviews pre-recorded and premiered at this moment. I am going to keep it as it is as it seems to work and honestly that side of the change, I do not want to make right now. I will go Live for special occasions but nothing else. I will talk more about it on the end of the year podcast just prior to the Christmas special. 

Power Rangers Collab: As you know yesterday, Larry and I recorded a podcast and today I am editing it hoping to have it out tomorrow. I will let you guys know later when I finish up with the editing but worse case scenario Monday at the latest for posting it up for you guys. I will be back to typing up notes so I can finish things up.

Website: Finally I have moved the collab back to the active "On Demand" list which as you noticed above I will be posting to that page soon, hopefully tomorrow.

               Anyways that is the post for today. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend I will talk to you all Monday and I hope to see you on the channel Sunday for the premiere for the next episode but I will talk to you all Monday on the blog.


Thursday, November 3, 2022

Plans for Power Rangers Collab

            Even tho the collab is going to be unsure whether we will be in studio or not but that depends on what is going on if I am available to record in person and if we don't Skype is always our best friend... sometimes... Unless technology screws up on us and it's happened before LOL... The stories I can say and I think that'd be a great episode to record on my normal weekly podcast and written it down as I am typing this. As I said publicly on the social media with the announcement of the return of the Mighty Morphin Cast there is a podcast circulating around right now that we would love to do. 

            Now scheduling it in is the question and I am writing this right now and we have to someway, somehow slip it in in the next 2 weeks of him being present in the studio. I do not think there will be time today as we will be busy with Megaforce & Super Megaforce so I will let you guys know by tomorrow the story behind that so stay tuned but that is the post for today, I will speak with you all tomorrow.


Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Minecraft Updates [11-02-2022]

            I have been working on and off on the 3rd building and it is completely finished. I have moved in all the guys in (villagers) and as you can see in the window is the call letters for ChrisBOnTheWeb that is embedded into the window of the building which is honestly really cool idea and wish I could double window the building and I may try see if I can but I doubt it but will look into it first and see and do the first two or 3 layers to see. 

              With that done, now my niece wants me to build an apartment building which is a huge endeavour to do really, a lot of space being used and may need 30 by 30 blocks or even more like 50 x 50 in blocks that includes an elevator built right into it too. Something I could even if I brought back CBOTW Studios YouTube Channel that was in question for quite some time but could be hours stream with me working on a build perhaps. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow.   


Tuesday, November 1, 2022

CBOTW Studios-- Start of Transitioning Teams

             This was the start of transition from The Video Projects Team to ChrisBOnTheWeb. TVPT Studios became CBOTW Studios hence the reason it came before ChrisBOnTheWeb was a thing 13 days prior to the launch of the new website. This was the point of Larry, Justin and I transitioning over to the new name and transitioning The Entertainment Man Talk Show that was currently already in production at the time in it's 6th and final season. Any changes to boards with TVPT written has to be changed over and I think it was mostly the top board nothing else at the time. 

              Today marks 8 years since the start of what has become something big in my life. I have spent the last 8 years with CBOTW Studios and soon to be ChrisBOnTheWeb to creating such amazing content. I know it hasn't been the easiest journey for us but we have someway, somehow pulled through all the tough times together. The most recent years especially since 2016 this studio has gone through a ton of changes, renovations and it has truly become a studio since February 2020 when things wrapped up down in the studio and has become the place for recording both Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Collab. That is the bonus post for today, hope you guys enjoyed this and I will do a post on the 14th for the 8th anniversary of ChrisBOnTheWeb and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


When To Say Something and When To Not Say Anything

            You probably raised an eyebrow to this post title and wonder what the heck I am talking about and that is cause of some things that has gone on behind the scenes with Power Rangers Collab which I will not say what exactly what is going on but you probably noticed posts disappearing or changed around that was me doing that. The lesson from that is I should wait till I am 150% sure that we are sure we are ready to announce anything. 

              I mean I announce things but then it backfires to a point there is problems behind the scenes so I am going to just keep quiet and not say anything to you guys till we are 100% sure we are ready to go. Anyways I almost ended up doing the same thing as I did before but stopped myself in my own tracks which is great and everything and I am proud of myself cause then it would of ended up signing another new one again. When the right time to announce anything is probably a week in advance or even as you guys know me well I like to surprise you guys. Anyways that is the post for today and I will talk to you all tomorrow!