Tuesday, November 1, 2022

CBOTW Studios-- Start of Transitioning Teams

             This was the start of transition from The Video Projects Team to ChrisBOnTheWeb. TVPT Studios became CBOTW Studios hence the reason it came before ChrisBOnTheWeb was a thing 13 days prior to the launch of the new website. This was the point of Larry, Justin and I transitioning over to the new name and transitioning The Entertainment Man Talk Show that was currently already in production at the time in it's 6th and final season. Any changes to boards with TVPT written has to be changed over and I think it was mostly the top board nothing else at the time. 

              Today marks 8 years since the start of what has become something big in my life. I have spent the last 8 years with CBOTW Studios and soon to be ChrisBOnTheWeb to creating such amazing content. I know it hasn't been the easiest journey for us but we have someway, somehow pulled through all the tough times together. The most recent years especially since 2016 this studio has gone through a ton of changes, renovations and it has truly become a studio since February 2020 when things wrapped up down in the studio and has become the place for recording both Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Collab. That is the bonus post for today, hope you guys enjoyed this and I will do a post on the 14th for the 8th anniversary of ChrisBOnTheWeb and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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