Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The last week

Now I admit, the last week has been indeed stressful for me, dealing with my aunt's passing, hardly had time to be online to maintain my site or do Twitch Streams. I am not taking the news not very well, hence the reason Ive avoided all aspects of social media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus. Also live streaming on Twitch has taken the backseat for now, till I am ready and able to go back to it. Ive been working on setting up for a different game on the stream... *HINT HINT DOUBLE HINT* I however been working on production stuff and revamping my entire website, at the moment. 

I am finding it to focus on the tasks at hand, but trying the hardest I can, but it is hard to focus sometimes, I get thinking about my aunt. Now I was close to my aunt, this is why I am finding it hard to be myself, this will take time to get myself back to normal... I always remember my aunt, the good memories I have. So my final words is RIP Aunt Maria, I will miss you dearly!