Friday, April 30, 2021

Motivating Myself and Updates!

                 I am fighting through all these changes and fighting with my mental health on a daily basis and it will be a week tomorrow since The CBOTW Show ended and just gotta keep fighting and get into this role of solo projects. This week in general has been hard and I have to get a good rhythm with the notes as I am giving myself about a week to a week and half to finish up the notes then I have to email them to Larry and then get right ahead with the SPD and Mystic Force.  Getting motivated to get the notes done and watch the show and the beauty of it all we are getting down lower amount as we continue on down the long winding road of Samurai which is not as long as you guys think really. It's coming this year, end of this year to be exact. I also have to motivate myself to work on notes for the rebooted Entertainment Man Podcast which is awaiting it's return in a month tomorrow to be exact as I said June 1st is the re-launch and we're moving to a Monday instead of a Sunday.  

              Just gotta keep grinding and when I feel tired to take a break and play video games which I did Wednesday night. because its a long haul still to go as I still gotta watch SPD and Mystic Force which you all know by now I dreading to watch as it doesn't seem to interest me in a season and probably isn't going to be in this batch but we'll have to wait and see. Enough of Power Rangers Podcast, I have some great ideas and brought them up to my management team and friends, especially alum that I wanna open up more about The Video Projects Team aka TVPT which for those who know did not end well on good terms with the staff as they got up and quit and not made myself or anyone on the team aware of them quitting. I know I hid the fact that team ever did exist and it is time to come out with the honest truth with why and I wanna dedicate a bunch of episodes to it on and off during the 3rd season of the podcast. I think you guys deserve the truth why I have hidden it for almost 7 years now why I have buried the fact that it did exist. That will be coming near the start of the 3rd season and may be an extended episode. Between both podcasts I am busy and trying to motivate myself and that is what matters and going to keep trying if I do not succeed the first time. Have a great weekend!


Thursday, April 29, 2021

Entertainment Man Podcast Season 3 Details!

               I had this elaborate plan to stall till end of the week to tell you guys the plan with the podcast but I thought, this isn't the right to make you guys wait so I went 2 days earlier. Anyways you probably have a ton of questions about Entertainment Man Podcast and here is information that you will wanna know:

- What Season will this be? This is the 3rd season as I only had 10 episodes in the second season but plan to come back every week.

- How Long will Season 3 Last? Will go to the end of December just before Christmas happens and that will help decide whether we will be back for a 4th season in 2022 but that is for later on.

- What about Interviews that I did in Season 2? Will those return eventually? Yes that will be back eventually, more then likely not till a 4th Season scenario at this moment as I wanna get back the momentum of this podcast first and the hang of it.

- Will this be Audio ONLY? Because of the on going issues with YouTube we as a network will remain Audio Only for the foreseeable future and we have 0 plans to go video anytime soon. I just do not wanna promise then heck breaks loose.

- When is the podcast starting? Sunday, June 6th, 2021 the podcast is being launched. We are sticking to our Sunday slot as it seems to have been working in the past and we  wanna continue to keep it in that same slot.            

             There are some of the questions you may have if you have anymore to contact us at anytime if something would come up or you need to discuss it. Also I may just bring up on a post so all of you know but I am excited for June 6th and the return of the podcast just gotta figure out some ideas moving forward. 


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb and Being A Brand.... What Does This Mean?

                 You didn't know this and I for one didn't know about this till a friend told me that ChrisBOnTheWeb is a brand because it has my name on it and this brand represents me. So having a team at this point is not the best thing for a team situation moving forward. This is why I have decided to dissolve the team all together and keep certain people on with me. Kind of why I wanted to make this post. For blogs, will be still 5 days a week but that may be changing soon enough as the demand on this website has been up lately and YES I am talking about the analytics for Let's just say they are very high now and it is time to continue to grow this thing.  You probably noticed the Extra Content tab pop up and has yet to be activated yet but will be working on it in the coming weeks. Now for the team, I have set back into place the Management Team which consists of 2 people, Tiala who is an Senior Advisor and Matt who continues to work on the website and he has lived up to his expectations with the recent change with the website menu bar or navigational bar. That is it for the team, small but dedicated team and excited for the new beginnings and people do not like it, then in the words of Boston Rob from Survivor: "That's Too Bad!"  Yeah I quoted him as he's said that on Survivor and Amazing Race.

                 The question you may have what about Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and yes that is still very much a thing and working on the notes this week to get it done and ready to go so I can send em to Larry and get recording which an announcement is coming soon. Just holding off a bit longer but it is very much still a thing of the present and future of this website. I am not going to be giving up on it anytime soon. That is in full tilt since I have a ton of time on my hands right now and getting ready to start SPD soon so Larry and I can record those too as well. So we are not short of any content and both Larry and I have other plans with the movies for Power Rangers Collab Podcast and also a rankings podcast is in the works too so we are keeping busy with it definitely.  Welcome to the new and improve ChrisBOnTheWeb & and I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

I Have Returned Early!

              I know this title of today's blog is a bit strange as we're dealing with a ton of stuff with losing The CBOTW Show and I am over it and I can say this, I am done with Reality TV Recaps for the very nearby future, nor have any interest in recapping Reality TV. Been doing it for 5 years on and off and I think at this point I am ready to move on to other non Reality TV Podcasts. As Matt said, Power Rangers Collaboration isn't going anywhere anytime soon at this point. It is still scheduled to return on top of Entertainment Man Podcast. The reason I came back the last couple of days been a bit hectic with changing and updating the website around. Just hope there is no animosity with the former podcast team for The CBOTW Show but think bringing it back was an honest mistake and I should of kept Entertainment Man Podcast afloat and running. There will be information coming in the next day or two. I think with me returning early it relieves poor Matt that is on verge of burn out as well and I think we all are. 

              This is why I will not be behind the mic much over the next several weeks at this moment minus redoing the Collaboration Podcast intro and re working intros as well. That will not take long but I need time to decompress at this moment. This is why the return of Entertainment Man Podcast is not quite yet but it is coming. However you will see Billy's Podcast pop up every week on Wednesdays at 6 pm EDT, not sure if it will be this week or next week which I have to coordinate and will announce on social media if it being held off for one more week. I haven't spoken to Billy since Saturday early afternoon, nor been active on social media as much and been dealing with some personal stuff at this moment. I'll get through it and I cannot wait to start Season 3 of Entertainment Man Podcast!


Monday, April 26, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [04-25-2021]

                Another week has gone by and honestly disappointed on some of the things that has happened and most part Chris's Mental Health and Safety is up most importance. As you know The CBOTW Show abruptly has ended production a week and a half from Finale of Big Brother Canada 9. Could of finished off this season at the most. I know a lot of you were upset some more then anything else and I understand that is why Chris hasn't said anything to anyone or the team since Saturday late to me at the most after all of this happened.  He is nowhere to be found and he is really, really upset about this as he has worked so hard on the project the last few months. He told me he made a mistake and should of kept running Entertainment Man Podcast and the series would of continued to run. He had to let go two people and wasn't happy to make this decision. has been completely overhauled, the team page re done and apparently Chris's picture went from black and white to color again and that wasn't me that did it, I left it at the bottom till this Saturday. 

             Also the Interviews section removed all together and the Podcasts section was updated with Entertainment Man Podcast, Collaboration Podcasts, Power Rangers Collab Podcast and Sports Hour With Billy are listed here on the website. I do not even know or can tell you guys if Chris will be back to blogging tomorrow or I will end up filling in this week. We will have to wait and see. I just hope he's OK and so much has happened over the weekend and I am disappointed in what has happened and really was hoping to see an amazing end to a great season but Chris has to do what's best for him in the end. Those are the only real updates for this week and I might see you tomorrow on the next post but it depends how he is feeling.

Matt, Site Admin

Friday, April 23, 2021

1 Week Tomorrow, I Return As Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb!

                1 Week tomorrow, I am making my return as Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb & It has been a long coming to get back to what I was doing as Owner and excited to be returning. It will be almost 2 months I have been away from the day to day operations and been in contact with Matt and the rest of the team while I was away so I was involved with advising if they needed advice on any of the decisions with the website this goes for Chelsea and Charlotte who were with us for weeks to a month or months at the most. I intended to stay in touch and why they are in our private Staff chat groups and what not. Yes this means I will be wearing my white tags again which has been put away in the top drawer but will be pulling it out end of next week and putting it back on Saturday morning as I will be back fully not just Executive Producing and Hosting Podcasts but as your Founder and Owner for nearly the last 7 years!

               I wanna thank, past site admins and our current Site Admin, Matt for watching over the website, I know we have had a bad turn over with Site Admins but they have been what has kept the website and the team running smoothly for nearly the last 2 months while I was away getting better and dealing with my Mental Health. I think it is what I needed was to take time away from the day to day operations and just focus on Executive Producing and Hosting duties for a little bit which I did very, very well. What is going to happen to Matt now that I am returning as Owner? Well he will be strictly on his Site Admin duties moving forward and continue to maintain and improve the website on a day to day basis and he already has with the Team Page now update fully once again earlier this week as it was out of date. Any further questions do not hesitate to contact us on our Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or Instagram. Have a great weekend and I will speak to you all on Tuesday!


Thursday, April 22, 2021

Minecraft Updates

                 I know from the original world my nephew and I well the game completely crashed itself as we put way too much in the world. You can say it, we literally broke Minecraft. I think we had way too many blocks given to a player. Anyways fast forward to today, we re created the world and it is 10x better then the original. We have the same main house plus now a horse palace where we house our wonderful horses including Billy Whiteshoes Johnson and Lighting III which Billy is glassed in for good and will never be used for travel as he is a permanent stay in the property and it was hard for me to find him in a world and I do not want anything to happen to him and right next to the Stables building is the infamous Office building which is still incomplete as I ran into a roadblock with it the water elevator accidently blew up and water all over the floor and out of the building (LOL!) Also a creeper also blew up a part of the second floor on top of the 4th floor so I made those repairs to the office and continue to work on the building here and there as there is a ton of floors, we're talking 10 floor building and it is a more complex building then the original one. Now below all the buildings in my area is the garden center and farm with animals. The ceiling is kegged with sea lamps which looks very epic. I have yet to put the sea lamps in the house and the map wall back up as well but work in progress!

              On the one side is my nephew's little but cute house and just behind it is the spawner that is half working but something doesn't seem to be right as every time they drop they die so I need to figure that part out why that is happening. With my nephew's help we build the Obsidian wall that is like very, very high. He put lighter purple obsidian like a castle which is cool with water and lava falls and I can see our raiders as we keep getting raided with these dudes with cross bows which our resident villagers with Golems to protect us but every time we get raided the Villagers freak out and go nuts. Those are the updates and it has been a crazy time with this game and has gotten wild and crazy. I will see you in another post tomorrow. 


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

How Am I Handling My Mental Health?

            Today I wanna focus on how I am dealing with it. Some days are are good where I am fully functioning and other days not so much such as Saturday into Sunday as I got devasting news with a former site admin has passed away on top of the other sad news as well, it's just overwhelming for me and we all mourn differently and one of the reasons why I sometimes am quiet. I'm not bottling it in, just the way I am dealing with all of this really. I know and I hear this from my team every single day that my mental health comes first and I know that but if I take time for myself then I fall behind schedule. I should take time at least an hour or two if I am feeling down and I did on the weekend. An unhappy Chris is a unmotivated person like I have been recently. Sometimes I just do not wanna take my medication for my Autism and that is no excuse to skip it because I am totally not myself.

            I need to stay on the medication or I will not be able to focus and get the job done. I know I have a website to go on or phone numbers to call but I just do not feel like talking to anyone about what's going on but might have to force myself to make the call or send the text out. I need to be focused to get things out at a timely fashion. Yes work is a priority and I enjoy Executive Producing and Hosting Podcasts but I have to remember I as a person comes first. It is not easy to stay positive and in the last year, been working hard to becoming a more positive person and be happier. Last week, Thursday afternoon I was happy because I was getting vaccinated and that put a smile so I am starting to smile but it's one thing and one day at a time. Anyways that is what I have to say and I promise to work on getting better and thank you from th bottom of my heart to those who have checked in on me. I will see you all in my next post tomorrow.


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

How Am I Post First Dose Vaccination?

                   Now that I am almost 2 days vaccinated with the Moderna Vaccine for this virus going around still, I have felt a few things.... First was the really sore arm, then feeling tired all together and that is partially my fault I fell asleep an hour and couldn't sleep anymore so I was up the entire night until 430 am EDT when I finally fell asleep up to 11 am this morning. That probably is one of the side effects of this vaccination as I have been warned about this well before getting vaccinated and even on the day of the nurse, she warned me there could be side effects and I thought nah that won't be me. Well I got a little too cocky on that as two of those symptoms hit me and normally I do not get symptoms that especially with the flu shot but this one is different really. However I feel great and soon as I ate something today I got my strength back and I think it had to do with the fact I didn't eat anything and I made a run to the corner store for something and mow the lawn and went to the lake to see freighters the Vectis Pride and Federal Bering ships that are in there so I just didn't care if I was tired and I know it's already catching up to me quite quickly. 

               I know the second dose will be a ton stronger and I am probably going to feel more affects of it but never know we will have to wait and see, I am quite a very strong person when it comes to getting needles and what not, especially getting flu shot which I haven't had since the year after I had the flu. Anyways I hope I do sleep a ton better tonight and more then I did last night and I have a feeling I am going to pass the heck out after supper and that's ok, just hope I stay sleeping right through till 3 or 4 am tomorrow and get back into a more steadier sleep and I believe the wanting to sleep a bunch and always tired has to do with the vaccine. It has hit me a little bit and if that's gonna be the setback for a few days, I will try to work as much as possible with taking breaks inbetween. That is todays post and I am sorry it's late but we had a mishap with post scheduling this morning. We will be back on time on tomorrow.


Monday, April 19, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [04-19-2021]

 Another week has begun which means it is time for another Weekly Update and I have a ton of updates to give you all. We have indeed been busy with getting more content out for you guys and adding stuff and updating the entire website to make sure it is up to date but here are the updates to the website:

Website: Friday morning during the night before Friday morning hit, I updated the Schedule Page with the schedule changes with Podcast content so to speak and we have added a Podcast to the list which I will get into below. Also we rearranged the Team Page and had to move someone around which again I will get down below. 

The CBOTW Show: Big Brother Canada is now in it's home stretch and Chris and Jasmine continue with 2 shows a week up to the end of Week # 9 of BBCAN9 then they head into Week # 10 with an Wednesday Podcast Recording session with it going up Thursday at some point of the day and Thursday night Episode recording session which could more then likely be live on Facebook depending if Larry is present and if they can stay live without an issue with it. Also Big Brother Australia is coming up fast and Boss Man Chris and Jasmine are working on getting Chris S ready for his debut episode with his Cast Assessment Podcast and scheduling for Big Brother Australia Recaps in the scheduling for the next 9 weeks which probably will still be up and running during the Big Brother US 23 airing. Also be on the lookout for the 3 year Anniversary Podcast with Larry, Boss Man Chris and Jasmine coming as they will be recording it on the Anniversary and more then likely live on our Facebook Fan Page. We are looking for hosts for The Amazing Race, The Amazing Race Canada, Survivor and The Simpsons Recaps on our Network so if interested to fill out the form here: 

Sports Hour W/ Billy: Yes this is a name that is familiar with ChrisBOnTheWeb and we tried bringing this into production and after much debate where to place Billy on the team, Chris has greenlit this project once again and will be up on the platforms on Wednesdays @ 6 pm EST and this is the permanent time and day it will be going up for you. It will be Audio ONLY, will be found here on and other Audio ONLY Platforms the podcast is being distributed to. 

Power Rangers Podcast (Within The CBOTW Show): It has been a long debate for Executive Producer, Chris B, Larry and Senior Producer Jasmine to bringing this podcast back onto the Network and he has been hinting it returning and it so obviously the podcast that has been on Hiatus for almost 5 months now. Also the fact the 05.20.2021 date he posted in that cryptic message he posted it is so obvious that is what he is hinting is the return of that podcast finally. We will have to wait and see if that is what he has planned when he's ready to announce the return of the Podcast. 

                 Those are the updates I have for you guys today and I appreciate you all reading this post and the boss man will be back tomorrow and he has some great posts this week as he is going on almost one day since being vaccinated fully and I am sure he will be talking about it tomorrow but I will catch you all next week!

Matt, Site Admin

Friday, April 16, 2021

Chris Returns As Owner May 1st, 2021!

                     I wanted to let you know Chris has made the decision to return ChrisBOnTheWeb on Saturday, May 1st, 2021 which will be effective as of the time he wakes up in the morning. He will be back blogging as of Tuesday morning as always with some new posts but I am talking about the day to day operations he will be back May 1st. It has been by that time a month and a half since he has been a part of the day to day operations with me and all I can say I cannot wait to welcome him back with open arms. I suggested he does a live stream or something to celebrate his return and he is going to think about it but don't worry he will be still around the Social Medias between now and end of the month. I believe with him taking the extra time away will help him with his mental health and will help him heal as you know he recently has been mourning the loss of his cousin down in the U.S, Nikki Grahame passing away and Prince Phillip he's really having a tough time right now.

                  Back on Monday, he was suppose to be back but he approached me about taking more time off and I did not know anything till Tuesday evening and immediately wrote this announcement post that he is indeed RETURNING and I am sure he is excited and anticipating returning to the team fully and we will have a full team again not half the team. So it may be a few weeks to go but I am capable of returning and ever since taking over for him on March 10th of this year. It will be almost a full 2 months but not quite. Anyways that is the post for today, have a great weekend and I will be talking to you guys Monday and reminder Chris is back to blogs Tuesday morning.

Chels, Site Admin

Thursday, April 15, 2021

What Is It Like Being An Site Admin For Chris?

                  Working for the Boss Man has been so much fun! Working on a day to day basis with his website besides my freelance job as a web designer is a ton of fun and something to do outside my regular day to day work and things been a little slow with that so been working with him on the website ideas. Now that I have the extra duties on the day to day while he's on a sabbatical as owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb, I have learned so much what his day to day activities are like. It's a ton of work but nothing that I can handle. I've had to make some tough decisions recently for example removal of our chatroom off and removal of the staff accounts that also are a part of it too. Now that it is done, I am on standby for anything else that needs to be done with the website wise. I do go to him if I am unsure of something and the other team members.

              Either way it has been an honor to be with this amazing team and I know he is blessed to have me and the rest of the team behind him 150% and put the hard work into the content that you guys see on a regular basis. Without us the Staff of his website, non of this could be made possible as we work on content everyday we are always coming up with new ideas for the website or content but either way, we continue on a daily basis to grow this thing and the view count proves it. Finally I wanna thank Chris for bringing me on as the New Site Admin and I am here to stay for a long haul. I also want to say thank you to you guys for welcoming me into this amazing community I feel very welcome to this community and I will speak to you guys tomorrow.

Chels, Site Admin

Monday, April 12, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [04-12-2021]

               Another week of updates is upon us and we have a few updates to give you guys. I am not going to stall so here are the updates:

Website: As announced on social media, we have closed the chatroom down and it may take a few days to get everything down, staff accounts etc. Chat is in Broadcast Mode but we have removed the link off the website itself and the page has been put into draft mode once everything is down then. This frees up some space for some other amazing content. We are going to be changing the Podcasts & Interviews section of the Podcast and Archives will have it's own dedicated page again with all the shows or interviews that have been archived on the website.

The CBOTW Show: Chris has been concerned about the Future of Big Brother Canada and Big Brother US as he's started to feel like the end is near for both but hope at least one will stay for the foreseeable future (Big Brother Canada specifically) He's worried and unsure what will be next for him and this podcast. 

Chris Update: Finally I know he was suppose to be back as Owner of the Website and has decided to take some extra time as he's been dealing with a death in his family down in the U.S. and he's not himself as he's been getting upset at everything last week and I think he just needs some extra time off. Not sure how long as he has not stated when he will be back at this point. I will let you guys know when he's ready to return to the day to day operations of so in the meantime you have me in case you got questions. 

                Those are the updates I will be covering him on the blog this week to give him some extra time to mourn the loss of his cousin and we should of done that for the podcast too and I am sure Jasmine would agree but we know Chris can be a bit stubborn at times and we just have to listen. I gave him no ands, ifs or buts, I told him he's off from the blog this week no questions ask. He needs some time and deserves it regardless. Anyways I will be talking to you all on tomorrow's blog post. 

Chelsea, Admin

Friday, April 9, 2021

YouTube Channel Updates!

                  I know this is extremely late but trying to do 100 things at once wasn't easy. Anyways today's post and last post of the week, I wanna talk about our YouTube Channel. I know I said we will be back on YouTube and we are but we need to upload a few post tonight then upload it to video so we are back logged a bit and tonight we will be working on getting the cast assessment up, Weeks 1 - 5 up then tomorrow morning we will get Week 6 up on video followed by Audio ONLY tomorrow night. Then Sunday just the Audio ONLY of the post Eviction Chat goes up on Audio ONLY. We are a bit behind and don't worry if you listened to those podcasts but be sure to listen to it on our Video or Audio here on the website. Anyways, We tried to find all the videos to upload and we couldn't so we are posting Week # 6  and on that's it and from here on out will be posting weekly or when new episodes are out. Any old episodes can be listened to via our Audio ONLY Platforms. Now Shows what will be Live, Pre Recorded and Audio ONLY here is our list:

Video (Live & Pre-Recorded) & Audio ONLY:                            Audio ONLY:

- Survivor US (Live)                                                                      - Amazing Race

- Big Brother (Live, once we figure out the tech stuff)                   - Amazing Race Canada 

- Big Brother Canada (Live, once we figure out the                      - Big Brother Canada Post          tech stuff possibly BBCAN10)                                                        Eviction                                     - Big Brother Australia (Pre-Recorded)                                         - Big Brother US Post Eviction?- Australian Survivor (Pre-Recorded)                                              - TBA

- Power Rangers Podcast                                                              - The Simpsons ? - TBA

                   There is the list of shows that we are currently covering and not all shows are listed on the website yet as of yet but we will get to that eventually and I have decided because of the number of posts we have made today on FB especially, we have decided to hold off on the Video post till today. I know we have a ton of updates today and working hard on the content but I think you guys can wait till tomorrow at noon EST. This post is still going up but we wanna save the content for tomorrow for this week at the most. Anyways have a great weekend and I will talk to you all on Tuesday! 


Thursday, April 8, 2021

I Am Back On Facebook!

                After being in the sin bin aka Facebook Jail for a month and the last 10 days of my team unable to make posts I am back on Facebook as of 415 am EDT this morning. I have done the following to update you guys on things:

1) I have made Chels an Admin of the Page incase I go back to Facebook Jail for another month along with I have made Jasmine and Editor of the page so there is at least two people that have control of the Fan Page incase I land back into FB Jail again and I hope not and I promise to behave this time around and play nice with people. 

2) Chels has access to any of the staff groups which I wanna address that as something has happened, we had someone wanting to join the group but those groups are private and used for staff and podcast hosts only.

3) We have updated the fan page to the best of our ability what has gone on since the 27th of March today.

4) I am planning a live stream later on on the FB Page around 3 pm EDT and cannot wait to chat with you guys for a bit and get caught up what has transpired on the website etc. 

                I promise you guys to behave myself or I will try to (LOL). What matters is I am back on Facebook and back in the saddle once again and happy to be back to a more new normal for myself and it is business  as usual, podcasts tomorrow and Saturday morning and Monday, I return as the Owner of the Website as you know I have been off for the past month almost and it is time to return things back to normal again. It is long overdue. To be honest I was planning to return June 1st that was my goal but I think with me back things will be even better. Not saying Chelsea didn't do a bad job, she did amazing keeping an eye on things and what not but I miss being the Owner and I am ready to come back officially. I hope to see you all on my stream on this afternoon at 3 pm EDT and I will talk to you all on here tomorrow.


Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Minecraft & The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Updates

                  I wanna start with The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, I am currently not playing the game nor have it in my library at this moment due to some issues as I got the final DLC which I have to figure what keeps making the game crash. Anyways the last known time I actually played the game, I played with Azazel and went all the way to the Devil aka Satan and actually beat the devil which was a major big feat for me and I am still to this day proud of this moment of beating Satan on the game. I have fought against him once and died but this time beat him and unlocked a ton of things but I haven't played since the game will not load and they might have to end up fixing this bug as non of the other games crashed whatsoever so I kind of find it weird to be honest with all of this.

               Speaking of weird and game crashes, the Minecraft my nephew and I were on which had a ton built, railway, villagers, Office Building etc and my nephew and I have started to rebuild our empire and the main village will be huge! I have a plan with that moving forward and my nephew already built his house next to the main village and this village will be gated so the villagers cannot go in and out of the village. I plan on making 4 different buildings within this village. Office Building, Library, Workshop and of course my main building and there will be only one door in and it will travel will be all indoors through bridges. Now the Garden Centre and the animals will be below and there will be an way to enter both, there will be stairs in total 2 one going to the caves and the other going upstairs then stairs going down to the shop and garden center and the animals obviously. The Library and Office will have built in elevators which is brick, signs and water to get up and down. I have started the front structures and got the blocks in where the other buildings are. There will be doors on the outside and have pressure plates in and out of the buildings so the villagers can go in and out no problem as the doors are made of iron this time around. If that does work for em then what I will probably do is remove the iron doors and make wooden and might just do wood all together for the doors as the villagers can exit and enter as they please. Finally there we be a way to go from building to building with a bridge and if it is raining then you do not have to get wet which is an awesome idea. It will be a mini city with 4 buildings. Yes there will be an railway at some point too I'm sure, nether portal will be back too and we will be adding up to 12 Villagers no more then that. 


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [04-06-2021]

              Another week has gone by and I hope you guys had a fantastic Easter! I know us the CBOTW Staff & Podcast Team did. We needed that well deserved 2 days off. We now back and here are the updates:

Website: As of 9 am EST the chatroom lounge re-opens to the public and it is business as usual once again. We have change the chatroom to Chat up on the menu bar. Also have added Interviews to our now named Podcasts & Interviews drop down and Interviews are now in the middle of that busy but exciting drop down. Some tabs are not currently active but hopefully will be updated soon. Finally updated the Archives and added Everything About Reality TV to the list on the Archives. 

The CBOTW Show: Now this is the biggest of updates is The CBOTW Show. As Chris stated on Twitter, views have not been good and bad with some of the podcasts more then Post Eviction chat has been the better of the views compare to the Recaps of the actual week then  the Post Eviction shows they do but Chris said and I agree with this: It has nothing to do with what show maybe it's the way it is produced. Anyways that is besides the point, the point I want to make is both Chris and Jasmine will be meeting today to discuss the change and Chris has already started working on the format and note pages etc. He really is taking this seriously and wanting to make some changes to the podcast. Both Chris & Jasmine have decided to not to merge The CBOTW Show with Everything About Reality TV Podcast as it is just too much work to re do the intros to all the podcasts and just easier and better to have a clean slate and start with this. 

Personal Update on Chris: As you already know, Chris is still banned from Facebook till Thursday morning which is 2 days to go to be exact as he's mentioned it but the point is he has been on Sabbatical/On Leave for nearly a month now and has not returned and he did announce he will be back on Monday, April 12th. However he feels like he is not ready yet. I give him credit he admits to not being ready but he has to be ready to return and it's been long enough. However he has decided to go through with returning on Monday and we're excited to have him fully back running CBOTW after 1 month off from the day to day operations. 

                 Those are the updates for the week and a lot of stuff going on with the website and Podcasts and shows and we are always trying to improve things on a regular basis. So with that have a great week, Chris will be back blogging tomorrow with gaming updates and some really cool posts he wants to do. I will talk to you all next week!

Chels, Site Admin

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy EASTER 2021!

               Surprise! I have decided to do a post ahead of time to wish you guys a very Happy Easter not only from myself from the entire team here at ChrisBOnTheWeb. I know for those who are in Ontario like myself and most of our team that we are now in a lockdown situation again but best advice I can make the best of it. I am blessed to be still with my parents as I would of been on my own for Easter this year and unable to see em. So just make the best of it, stay home, stay safe. I know the last year hasn't been the easiest for any of us with the pandemic but just hang in there. We will be all vaccinated eventually and able to go out and see our friends and family. Please do me a favor if your on your own make yourself a nice meal for Easter, make the best of the day call your family, FaceTime, Skype whatever app you use. I highly recommend FaceTime or Skype so you can all see each other's faces.

              Now going to make this blog long today but I wanted to come on for a very short post and that I'm sorry I wasn't present 2 days ago but Chels explained why I wasn't doing a post. I will be back on Wednesday as stated the posts are on a stand still till Tuesday due to holidays and me giving my staff well deserve time off which I would like to say please take time to yourself and if you are with family enjoy every moment of it this weekend and both myself and Chelsea will be posting on Tuesday and Wednesday with some really great posts that we have planned until then, once again Happy Easter, stay home and stay safe.


Friday, April 2, 2021

Easter Schedule and Blog Schedule Change For Next Week ONLY!

              I am most definitely not Chris as he needed a day away from the blog as his mental health has been bad again and that is the upmost important thing right now for him is to deal with it more then anything. I think this pandemic has affected not only him but all of us and him being away for today's post will do him some good. Plus he was unavailable for the Big Brother Canada 9 Recap so Jasmine has to fill in for him YET again.... I say that lightly, something involving seeing his brother briefly and not sure how long he will be so he had no choice to take the day off and will be back tomorrow's podcast, little heads up on that. With saying that as you know this weekend is Easter and we are locking down the chatroom for Sunday and Monday as Chris has granted all Staff both CBOTW Staff (for the website and team) & Podcast Host Team those two days off to enjoy with their families. Everything will be back to normal on Tuesday morning @ 9 am EST we will be back to a normal schedule. This means the blog will be changing a little bit next week. Here is the changes:

Monday: No Blog post whatsoever. 

Tuesday: Weekly Update from me, Chelsea

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: Blog post from Chris

             After next week, we will be back to a more normal scheduled post on Monday with the Monday weekly update back on it's normal day. I consulted Chris since he is technically still on Sabbatical and he agreed that would be a great idea. He has also requested more time away from ChrisBOnTheWeb and I have granted it so I will be in charge and running operations on ChrisBOnTheWeb beyond April 12th as he has not felt like he is indeed not ready to go back so we have extended his Sabbatical or Leave of Absence longer and whenever he is ready to come back, we will be ready to welcome him back with open arms. Until Tuesday, have a very Happy Easter from all of here at ChrisBOnTheWeb.

Chelsea, Site Admin