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Friday, October 20, 2023

End of The Week Updates [10-20-2023]

             Well, I am certainly not Kelsie. She has made the decision to resign from the team, so as you may all know from the posts especially on Facebook, I have been named the next community manager even though it seems like old community managers seem to be coming back all the time. But I can guarantee, I am here to stay on a permanent basis. Now to the updates: Chris has been so busy with events and changing things around the community to a point he's not yet even worked on Power Rangers. He's been stalling up to yesterday he has actually gotten some episodes done and today as well and he hope to have it all watched by end of the weekend to start typing so him and Larry can start recording in the new layout of the studio. 

           As you know and this happened prior to me coming back onto the team as Community Manager, Site Admin & Graphic Designer which we came up with a better title called "Community Director" which will entails what I mentioned, answering the emails, work on the website and graphical ends which isn't too often but weekly mostly. Also the insults towards both Entertainment Man Podcast & The CBOTW Show is getting old. Chris is fed up and he's been threatening to discontinue the podcasts. We do not want that as that has been the heart and soul into ChrisBOnTheWeb Media lately. Those are the updates and please do not be so rough on us, we really don't care about the ratings its more about the views and feedback we go by. We've had a lot of great feedback on the show and the views have been there. Any insults will result in being blocked, just a friendly reminder and I will speak to you all next week for another end of the week updates.

- Mark, Community Director

Monday, November 22, 2021

The Last Year & A Half Has Been A Mess....

               I can say this, the last year has been a mess with podcasts. I regret continuing Everything About Reality TV Podcast right to June 2020 then from The CBOTW Show. That is another story, I shouldn't have let someone talk me back into The CBOTW Show nor do Big Brother Canada coverage. To be honest I was over Reality TV Podcasting back in late fall 2019 and it was time for me to move on from that podcast all together. If I did the numbers would of been different for Entertainment Man Podcast and I wouldn't have been on and off a ton with this podcast. To be honest I think having a team that didn't pull their weight wasn't worth the extra stress. I should of stuck to my plans to start Entertainment Man Podcast in January 2020 nothing else. You have to remember that "ChrisBOnTheWeb" is my website, I am the Founder/Owner/CEO etc. It has my name and it is my brand not anyone else's. Yes Larry and Savannah and involved but she's my Site Admin/Site Designer and Larry is my Senior Producer and Co-Host of the Collab. I am not about to fire em when I know this is a great combo of a team and if it works then not to change it around.

                Now the collab that is another story and a half and nothing bad really. I know the transition from Larry being here in the studio to the online life due to this pandemic and it wasn't and easy transition it took about a year to really get the ball really rolling. From technical issues on both of our ends, Larry having charger issues to Discord issues and going back to Skype to humming noises from Larry's end which seems to have disappeared the last episode that we recently did last week on Thursday. Very, very odd to be quite honest. Either way I think now we have figure it out and we have actually getting episodes taped and ready for release. Now the bigger mess is the two episodes I am currently sitting on. I have to work edit those once I start working on Operation Overdrive and getting super eager to get em out. So you can see how much of a mess the last year and a half has been and I blame myself for making the wrong decisions that hurt things with ChrisBOnTheWeb. I cannot dwell on the past but most definitely focus on the future of my website.


Friday, June 18, 2021

Little About Myself And My Involvement With Chris's Website

            Hello, my name is Savannah and I am Chris's website monkey... I mean Website Admin. I do everything from coding in the new features and pages to his website. I am in the South Western Ontario Region so so couple of hours from boss man. I do web design for a living and self employed doing all of this and really happy to be part of Team Chris B On The Web, helping him grow this amazing website. When he hired me on to replace the other site admin, he told me he gets a couple of hundred views a day and I can see that from the admin panel in the back side of the website which is incredible. Especially the fact what we are about to do with the overhaul of the now former and defunct Extra's tab that is now Events and will have a list of events he has been to which he has explained. Let me explain my job, my main job is to build the pages on his website, make adjustments according to his request which I admit the about page changes wasn't his idea, was mine entirely and he loves what I did to it. I have access to the source code of the pages, especially the menu bar code and the CSS code, so I can tweak anything if he wishes but trying to keep things the same.

             I do not blog too often on here but have the full access to the blog if he needs to step aside for something for a day or so, but my main job is to work on his website when it needs to be worked on. Also I am in charge of posting up content to the website meaning the podcasts you see on Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast  every week and when it airs on the website. That is like the most important part of my job and keeps him stress free knowing that things are on track for the website. I am glad to be a part of his website even if it is just the 2 of us only since some either quit or were fired for their actions and to be honest this is a great duo, sorry trio, forgot to add Larry as Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast is a big part of this website and his community. I wanna thank Chris for giving me this time to formally introduce myself to you all and I'm sure you will see me around the community.


Thursday, April 15, 2021

What Is It Like Being An Site Admin For Chris?

                  Working for the Boss Man has been so much fun! Working on a day to day basis with his website besides my freelance job as a web designer is a ton of fun and something to do outside my regular day to day work and things been a little slow with that so been working with him on the website ideas. Now that I have the extra duties on the day to day while he's on a sabbatical as owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb, I have learned so much what his day to day activities are like. It's a ton of work but nothing that I can handle. I've had to make some tough decisions recently for example removal of our chatroom off and removal of the staff accounts that also are a part of it too. Now that it is done, I am on standby for anything else that needs to be done with the website wise. I do go to him if I am unsure of something and the other team members.

              Either way it has been an honor to be with this amazing team and I know he is blessed to have me and the rest of the team behind him 150% and put the hard work into the content that you guys see on a regular basis. Without us the Staff of his website, non of this could be made possible as we work on content everyday we are always coming up with new ideas for the website or content but either way, we continue on a daily basis to grow this thing and the view count proves it. Finally I wanna thank Chris for bringing me on as the New Site Admin and I am here to stay for a long haul. I also want to say thank you to you guys for welcoming me into this amazing community I feel very welcome to this community and I will speak to you guys tomorrow.

Chels, Site Admin

Monday, January 25, 2021

The Future of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast.....

                    After over a week and a half of drama and Chris is starting to talk to his Co-Host again so things are getting better now and the two are speaking to one another which is a start for fixing things for the two of them. Right now with this podcast he has put recording the podcast on Hold but the preparation behind the scenes continue to be worked on a regular basis and ready for when the two boys are ready to get back into action with this podcast. Chris hasn't told Larry as of yet about the YouTube or Twitch thing but he will in time, Chris left out that piece of information at this moment. We want to ensure you NOT to panic or worry about the Podcast going away anytime soon because it will be returning but not at this moment, they gotta fix the friendship as they do not want this to turn into 2016 which was a major fight. To be honest this is the first major fight where Chris blocked Larry for the first time in 5 years which is astounding. They have a lot of understanding for each other and maybe why their friendship is a ton stronger. 

             I know today and the last week and a half has been hard for his team, behind the scenes, unsure what he'll say or do and today was one of those days where he got really wound up over things today. However he has calmed down quite a lot since around dinner time and hopefully the smiles return very soon. He's made some progress with Dino Thunder and it's like nothing happened at all even tho there was something that happened but he continues to work on it and also created a video stream pages which I will talk about on tomorrow's post and explain where you can actually listen to the podcasts when they are live on the air as he tested it out and continue to test it out. He has another camera, the 2nd or 3rd camera he's ordered on Amazon which have broke in the past but he made sure its a good quality. Anyways talk more tomorrow and updates to the studio, have a wonderful night.

Charlotte, Site Admin

Sunday, December 27, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [12-27-2020]

         This is the final updates for 2020 as this is the last Sunday of 2020. I have replaced the other Management Team/Site Admin once again 4th or 5th replacement and the site cannot update itself and Chris hired me to take care of the website and already made a couple of adjustments more with the chat but that will come later in this post. Anyways here is the updates:

Website: Chat continues to be running 24-7 and has been very quiet lately and not used but the views still seem to climb on on the "Community Lounge" which means people are popping in and out of the page and nearing 600 views for the past few weeks. Please feel free to pop in and chat, I am in there most of the day and sometimes up to 6 or 7 pm in the evening but usually in there between 9 am and 6 or 7 pm depending on the day and what Chris has or needs me to do. 

ChrisBOnTheWeb Management Team: The Management team consists of myself, Matt as the Site Admin, Billy Assistant and Senior Advisor to Chris. We are keeping the team small and not expand the team as there has been questions about joining the team and right now we wanna keep the team small as Chris's wish for right now.

Collaboration & Interviews for Entertainment Man Podcast Opportunities: However Chris is looking into Collaborating with others in the New Year and am looking into it and it would go under it's own Collaboration Page and also he is open to Interviews and swamping guest spots on his own podcast Entertainment Man Podcast so if interested. please email him if you wish to collaborate with him or be a guest on his podcast.

            Chris has returned for 4 days before off for 2 days during New Years Eve and New Years Days before his BIG return in 2021 with NEW content and bringing some great content that he has in mind. He will be blogging which means he will be typing a post up tomorrow on the day of instead of pre-written which he has 2 more pre-written and ready for the 31st and 1st of the year. If I do not post at all this week, I want to wish you all a VERY Happy New Year and I will speak to you all in the New Year.

Matt, Website Admin/Management Team

Monday, December 14, 2020

I Am Replacing The Other Admins & Update On Chris

             A lot of you guys remember me, Kelsie but one fact you didn'y know I am the older sister of Sophie who also worked with Chris at one point. With all the countless drama on the weekend and Chris's mental health deteriorating by the day and the pressure for Power Rangers Collab coming close to production soon, I have stepped in to help him with notes. While he sleeps,I work, while I sleep he works visa versa. I know for the most part he will be working on the notes and recording both Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast which is going to be finished end of this week production wise and kind of the reason why he has taken some time off form posts and he will post from time to time but no guarantees it will be often but both of us will be around if you got questions.  I do have permissions to change anything that he needs to change on the website and I tweaked the Management Team list effective immediately as change had to be made to the Community Lounge.

              Update on Chris as it got into later in the evening he was laughing a little bit more as I spoke to him and honestly I'm the depression is still there losing two friends in one day. I never seen him this tense before and he can use a vacation honestly and it's coming up I will explain on Wednesday's post the schedule for the next week when he will be in studio and not in studio working. As you know he was playing an online Reality TV Online Mini and he ended up quitting the game just after the merge due to some drama but he's proud he called someone out for throwing his name under the bus for no apparent reason. He's been feeling down the way he went out but he should keep his head held up high, he made it to the merge and would of been on jury regardless if he didn't quit but he needs to remember it's a stressful game and I am and we're all proud of him for trying it out and I'm sure he will have good memories from this. Those are the updates from me on him and I will talk to you guys tomorrow which will be Power Ranger related as he is getting close to recording soon.

Kelsie K, CBOTW Management