Monday, November 22, 2021

The Last Year & A Half Has Been A Mess....

               I can say this, the last year has been a mess with podcasts. I regret continuing Everything About Reality TV Podcast right to June 2020 then from The CBOTW Show. That is another story, I shouldn't have let someone talk me back into The CBOTW Show nor do Big Brother Canada coverage. To be honest I was over Reality TV Podcasting back in late fall 2019 and it was time for me to move on from that podcast all together. If I did the numbers would of been different for Entertainment Man Podcast and I wouldn't have been on and off a ton with this podcast. To be honest I think having a team that didn't pull their weight wasn't worth the extra stress. I should of stuck to my plans to start Entertainment Man Podcast in January 2020 nothing else. You have to remember that "ChrisBOnTheWeb" is my website, I am the Founder/Owner/CEO etc. It has my name and it is my brand not anyone else's. Yes Larry and Savannah and involved but she's my Site Admin/Site Designer and Larry is my Senior Producer and Co-Host of the Collab. I am not about to fire em when I know this is a great combo of a team and if it works then not to change it around.

                Now the collab that is another story and a half and nothing bad really. I know the transition from Larry being here in the studio to the online life due to this pandemic and it wasn't and easy transition it took about a year to really get the ball really rolling. From technical issues on both of our ends, Larry having charger issues to Discord issues and going back to Skype to humming noises from Larry's end which seems to have disappeared the last episode that we recently did last week on Thursday. Very, very odd to be quite honest. Either way I think now we have figure it out and we have actually getting episodes taped and ready for release. Now the bigger mess is the two episodes I am currently sitting on. I have to work edit those once I start working on Operation Overdrive and getting super eager to get em out. So you can see how much of a mess the last year and a half has been and I blame myself for making the wrong decisions that hurt things with ChrisBOnTheWeb. I cannot dwell on the past but most definitely focus on the future of my website.


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