Monday, August 15, 2022

No End of The Week Updates This Week!

                As you guys know, I'm currently on vacation right now. Which means the studio is currently gone dark till Friday when I return from holidays and when I am back. I wanted to still do blogs but I have pre-written 5 posts for the week. The occasional time you guys will get an update from me to what I am up to and where I am, what I am doing but do not expect me on social media while I take a mental break from social media and creating content because this is something I truly need. I will have my books with me in case I get another brillant idea for a podcast for Entertainment Man Podcast but other than that I am offline for most of the week. 

            So with that being said this week will be a bit different, the same blog posts you guys get Monday - Friday will there but the Friday which is normally the end of the week updates, well there will be no updates this week. With me away from home, this means no updates whatsoever will be given to you guys. Nothing will be worked on probably not till the Monday as Saturday and Sunday, I want to get back into the jiff of things and wannaget back to work. As I said at the end of last month, I am on complete and utter silence till the fall on the collab and will be working on it at my own pace and will not be giving progress   reports whatsoever but I know somewhere along the line, I probably slip up and say something but we'll see. Anyways getting off topic aren't I? So in place of the end of the week updates, I will be doing a normal post instead to keep the schedule with the blog posts. I hope you guys have a wonderful week and enjoy the blogs throughout the week,


Friday, August 12, 2022

End of The Week Updates [08-12-2022]

                 Another week has come to an end and time for another end of the week updates! A lot has transpired and got a ton of things done this week with some problems that came around with disrespectful behaviour towards my podcast but I will get into it:

Small Rant:  I am appalled the behaviour with the way my logos are being brought down, saying it's not "professional" when it is. The colours represent ChrisBOnTheWeb and the red Maple Leafs, represents the  fact I'm Canadian and I have every right. It is very professional and I wanted a simple thing. Now the fact their putting down the way I am putting titles and the title of the channel well, too bad I ain't changing it that is the name of the podcast and is not being changed whatsoever. This channel is new, been around for many months and slowly growing and I'm in the green with growth and I can say that and I will be addressing the analytics for the channel and ChrisBOnTheWeb too. Same situation as before saying the amount of followers well again, the fan page is growing and it is practically 6 months old so I am not going to repeat myself cause I do not want to sound like a repetitive person but Facebook Page is new, we moved from group to Fan Page so give us a chance.It takes time to grow and I am growing my audience.  Any negativity and putting down the content or imagery will result in a perma block/ban. Will not tolerate this anymore and the last time I will even bring this up in the future.

Entertainment Man Podcast Next Two Weekends: As you know I am going away next week and will be on vacation with my dad and sounds like we will be indeed going away next week so the episodes Sunday and the following Sunday are pre-recorded so I do not have to worry about rushing through to get it up and posted up for you guys. Also there will be no premiere those weekends but I will be around for comments. 

Power Rangers Collab: I am hoping by the end of this weekend, to have Megaforce finished, done and ready to go for the fall. When I return next weekend I will be starting the Super Megaforce season and so forth. 

               Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all a week Monday, enjoy my pre-prepared content throughout the week and I will be excited to talk to you all a week Monday when I get back about the trip and what I did and what not. Anyways have a great week and I will talk to you all in a week! Oh and stay tuned for updates on social media to what I'm up to. 


Thursday, August 11, 2022

Minecraft Updates! [08-11-2022]

                  I wanted to provide you guys with a bit of an update, I am probably almost done with or even finished with the project. It was put on the back burner cause of projects within ChrisBOnTheWeb and that is the current projects I need to complete first but recently I have dug out the ice rink and I know it's not big, big but still it's an ice rink regardless. This took a very long time for me to dig right out of the ground and working on the bowl and building the seating bowl. It was quite an adventure and a half. There is only so much room I can do and maybe it's time for a small shrink down perhaps.

        Looks good and I will be fiddling around with it and maybe it's too squished or something, I'm not 100% sure what I need to do to actual improve. I think it is too wide and still room to make progress with it. Maybe I will change it around but we'll see when I once again get enough time to play the game once again. Anyways that is a bit of an update on the world and yes I haven't done much with the office building and been around the other stadiums working on things here and there but that's for an update a little later on when the time is right. I will talk to you guys tomorrow on the last post of the week which I will be back home again. 


Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Interviews On Entertainment Man Podcast

               With the chaotic craziness going on right now, I have put interviews on hold for right now. I will be taking some time off from interviews so there will be topics between now and August 21st, 2022.  It is only a short few weeks honestly of a break from interviews and when I feel stronger and ready to sit at a longer lengths to actually record and plus I am scheduled to be away next week on Holidays technically but this gives me 2 weeks to get things back together so I can get back into a schedule, so please do not be alarmed if there is a wait list for interviews or turned down but mostly you will have that I am not doing interviews right now from both myself and my Assistant. 

              So right now I am putting hold on the interviews at this moment but I will be back interviews as of August 22nd, 2022. After that I plan on doing a ton more interviews for you guys as I will have a ton more time to do the interviews as this summer has been a very busy and hectic Summer right now. Anyways that is the post, it is rather shorter then normal for today but it is a post and I will let you guys know through social media when I am returning to interviews and open to requests again. I am sorry for the lack of interviews but it is what it is. Anyways I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Not Ruling Out Holidays Yet!

                I do understand if we are not well enough, meaning we are not fully strong enough to do the trip north then I totally understand. I can always take a week off ChrisBOnTheWeb and do some major gaming or I could always use it to catch up on the work I missed but we'll see how we are by Thursday. I know I will be testing to see what it gives me and I am giving myself a week and a half to see how I am. This is why we are not away is cause all 3 of us are sick. However I am not ruling out that I am not going out on holidays and it depends how we actually feel with it. 

                I do have a back up plan in case of cancelled holiday and that is just keep on working on what I have been working on to get things done and finished as things may be taking a twist this fall with the recent illness I have had, Larry may not feel comfortable enough so I have been working on a plan B. Anyways, remember how it is always good to have a plan a and b which I think I did talk about it on the blog here and I know I will be talking about it on the podcast at some point but always good to have a plan A and B and I have an idea in the back in my mind but we'll see and stay tuned to my social media for if I am going to be away next week or not. That is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Monday, August 8, 2022

A New Week Is Here!

                A New week is here and with me on the mend, I am going to start working a tad more then usual. I know last week wasn't as productive as I normally am and the lack of updates have been lacklustre.  This week I have two big things on the list to get done, one of them is the collab that you guys have no clue what I have been up to with this collab and I have been very quiet in the last week and a half since the day I saw Larry in person but an update is coming next week about that as I need time to think about it first. Also the other thing is recording a new episode of the podcast for this weekend and also the following weekend as supposedly will be away as of Monday for my holiday officially but really does depend how we actually feel but we have a week to get better and stronger but I do understand if we need to just cancel all together this year as we cannot keep cancelling. 

               Maybe we should of waited to decide on the vacation and I will be writing a post this week about it tomorrow perhaps and what will happen if that is the case if I do not go on vacation. However I am still going to be recording that extra episode just in case. I will explain why the interviews are on hold this week as well that will be by Wednesday. So plenty of blog content this week and I may do a couple of Facebook pop up streams with updates especially when I finish up the collab so Larry has in case we need to shift to Skype for the time being. I will also be talking about that this week by Thursday. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Friday, August 5, 2022

End of The Week Updates (Sort of!) [08-05-2022]

             It is time for another end of the week updates. Well sort of as this week has been a bit off then normal. I do have a few updates with the podcast. I know you guys are probably wondering what is the plan with it now and also an personal update on myself as you guys probably know but here are the updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: I know the podcast was postponed, then back on again but I have officially have recorded two podcasts for the next two Sundays. When I get the chance to edit and I am not going to push myself too fast with recording and editing but there will be something and to make it up to you guys I will be premiering both episodes for you guys. I will have this weekend's episode up quite quickly and next weekend's up when I get home as right now I am planning to still be going away on vacation with my dad as long as he's tested negative for the virus we are still planning to go away on holidays. 

Personal Update: As you know, I haven't been well and actually was tested positive for COVID. However with this is now Friday, I am feeling a ton better. Still a tad weak but getting better. It is a day by day thing but I do hope to be ready to go Monday on my vacation. I know I will have to do a lot of cleaning before I leave or my mom will be when I'm gone to ensure the house is germ clean after this week of being stuck at home. I still wanna go on Monday weak or not, we just take our time with going out. I plan on bringing my water shoes for the Grotto so I can walk on the slippery rocks. 

Blogs: I will have an official announcement Monday morning on my Social Media's: Facebook: Twitter and Instagram to if I am going away and if the scheduled blogs go as planned. So stay tuned for updates, I will keep you guys up to date over the next 2 - 3 days to what my schedule is and if I am away or not.

              Those are the updates for the week, hope you have a great weekend, stay safe, wear a mask, cause I plan on wearing mine more inside then outside knowing and gone through this experience and I will talk to you Monday!


Thursday, August 4, 2022

We've Gotta Talk ChrisBOnTheWeb Emails!

                     The last few months has been chaotic especially July as I had family here hence probably one of the reasons I feel not great an I have to get better in order to go to Tobermory. However that isn't the post today it's about the emails that are listed here on the website. As you know I changed up the emails and the direction of things for ChrisBOnTheWeb. Months ago, I totally forgot when this happened but I got spam emails on every email that ChrisBOnTheWeb currently owns. It was ridiculous on the emails saying that ChrisBOnTheWeb isn't making the top search results which I looked at Google and my podcasts and website is up there in the search. But to spam the ChrisBOnTheWeb emails that isn't necessary like we get your emails and sometimes it ends up in spam half the time. Any spam will be just deleted and blocked cause we just do not need the spam on all the emails. All you need to do is email me or my team once. No need to spam all the email addresses. I'm not trying to be mean but spamming like I said will lead to a deleted email and not read whatsoever.

                 I also when emailing myself or my team and I have touched base on it recently when you email us, we want to make sure it is under the right email. It is hard to keep redirecting the emails to the proper and we wanna ensure it gets to the correct email as it is hard sometimes with the amount of emails  to go through them all so please make sure to send it to the correct email and with the emails being down to two for ChrisBOnTheWeb, should make life so much easier not just for me but with you guys as well. That is the reason behind all these changes, I thought it was time for some changes. Anyways that is the blog post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates.




Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Entertainment Man Podcast Is Growing Again!

                 Entertainment Man Podcast keeps on growing and growing and seems to never stop honestly. Recently back at the start of the weekend, I got an email from PodVine another website that takes podcasts on for a verfication of my podcast which I accepted and now Entertainment Man Podcast is on Podvine all together which is great and I am so happy the growth of this podcast is crazy. The last 6 months has been crazy, so much love for the podcast has been overwhelming. I know I said one year but that has been definitely been thrown out of the window now as this podcast is going very strong. I think the move to YouTube and growing the podcast all over the different website or networks so the growth of this podcast. It's honestly been mind blowing the love and support the podcast and you guys are the best fans in the world, I really mean it. 

              For a podcast that was suppose to last the pandemic and yes we're still got cases here but it was a distraction for me during all of this and I never thought it would become this big. I mean it is a lot bigger then Everything About Reality TV. Yeah, I'm throwing a bit of shade towards the former podcast cause of the way things ended. To be quite honest, I am happier with Entertainment Man Podcast and doing my own thing and having ChrisBOnTheWeb as my own brand and focusing on me. I am happy where I am. The last month has been so overwhelming with the requests for interviews. I thought I'd get a couple of interviews here and there but I've gotten a ton of requests and love to connect with other people in all aspects whether it's author, mental health, podcasters or in any field, I love the connections I have made this year! Anyway that is today's post, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Focusing On One YouTube Channel For Right Now!

                Honestly I made a mistake, streaming right now should be a secondary thing at this moment and having a second channel should be a secondary thing. Maybe in the future, I will bring back CBOTW Studios Live and it will become a thing but right now podcasting is the more important thing especially now with the podcast growing which I will talk more about tomorrow on the blog here. 2 channels is a lot to handle and I am pushing ChrisBOnTheWeb a little too soon and this isn't the right time nor place to do it. I know my gut will tell me when the time is right and when it is time to expand things. In the meantime I focus on the podcast, website, blog and the one YouTube Channel.

              Maybe once I get the new computer things could be different for me honestly. That was one of the issues underlying me from streaming is the fact I couldn't stream without the lagging issues. I need to make sure that I have a good streaming computer and it is time to get a new PC and I've talked about it many times, the podcast on here, social media, I've been everywhere with this topic and honestly, I need to wait till I get a better computer and it is a better idea to be honest. I am doing too much at once and I need to slow down my roll a bit. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Monday, August 1, 2022

Changes To

                 So over the weekend, I made some changes to the website. Just minor changes, nothing that affects the website. Anyways, ChrisBOnTheWeb & is now under a separate email and run under that account. It has been separated from my personal life which has  nothing to do with ChrisBOnTheWeb. So now it is split up, it makes things a ton easier to work with moving forward. Also there is another page that has been updated that I wanna talk about is the Contact Page. That has now been updated with the new emails, both inquiries and Entertainment Man Podcast. First the Inquires is for any questions pertaining to the blog, website or the contents within the website itself. This is also includes Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast as well. Because the collab is only exclusively on, I have merged the old Power Rangers Collab email with the general inquires. Entertainment Man Podcast is for that podcast and podcast only.

              Please when contacting me or my team, to use the proper email. I have found that the emails have been not used properly. I didn't use the word abuse but I mean it hasn't been used properly recently hasn't been used the right way, with the use of the wrong email. I am sure I did label it properly but it is important to use  it correctly not incorrectly and please remember that. I will touch base on Thursday with my next blog post. Those are the two basic things that has changed here on the website and it is the correct move for me to go down to two work emails and a personal email. Was too much to handle with 4 or 5 different emails and this way it is a little less then overwhelming. Still gotta put the email on my computer mail system I use to read all your delightful emails and also on both of my devices, IPhone and IPad. There is some emails I need to change around but all in due time I'm sure. Anyways that is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow.