Monday, August 15, 2022

No End of The Week Updates This Week!

                As you guys know, I'm currently on vacation right now. Which means the studio is currently gone dark till Friday when I return from holidays and when I am back. I wanted to still do blogs but I have pre-written 5 posts for the week. The occasional time you guys will get an update from me to what I am up to and where I am, what I am doing but do not expect me on social media while I take a mental break from social media and creating content because this is something I truly need. I will have my books with me in case I get another brillant idea for a podcast for Entertainment Man Podcast but other than that I am offline for most of the week. 

            So with that being said this week will be a bit different, the same blog posts you guys get Monday - Friday will there but the Friday which is normally the end of the week updates, well there will be no updates this week. With me away from home, this means no updates whatsoever will be given to you guys. Nothing will be worked on probably not till the Monday as Saturday and Sunday, I want to get back into the jiff of things and wannaget back to work. As I said at the end of last month, I am on complete and utter silence till the fall on the collab and will be working on it at my own pace and will not be giving progress   reports whatsoever but I know somewhere along the line, I probably slip up and say something but we'll see. Anyways getting off topic aren't I? So in place of the end of the week updates, I will be doing a normal post instead to keep the schedule with the blog posts. I hope you guys have a wonderful week and enjoy the blogs throughout the week,


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