Tuesday, August 16, 2022

I Know The Plan Moving Ahead!

                    I know when I get back the plan moving forward and I wanna talk about it because you guys deserve to know:

Power Rangers Collab (Super Megaforce): I know that I probably will be at least half way finished with the notes and when I get back, I need to finish it up for the fall as that is first on the list for him and I. Yes Megaforce is done already. It awaits production later on.

Power Rangers Collab (Dino Charge & Super Dino Charge): The other season to complete and finish up for the fall which will wrap up 2022 for the collab and will be going silent like it right now and no this isn't an update, just stating any updates or anything, I am just being open and honest to you guys about this.

Entertainment Man Podcast (2023)- Season 4: I am not completely finished with notes for 2023 as I need at least 50 episodes in order to make a season and I am probably about halfway there at the moment so it needs to be finished and I wanna finish it before the end of the year so I am ready for another amazing year. 

                 First is the collab to finish up the seasons the Entertainment Man so those are the order to get things done and finished. I'll be happy once all items on my things to do list is done so I can make a new list and start once again. Yes I actually have a great idea in the back of my mind what the plan is after that but you guys gotta wait till I finish with what I have right now. That is the post, I will talk to you on the next one that I have lined up for you guys.


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