Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Trying to Speed Up My Computer

       I have been erasing things off my computer, video games, pictures, videos, files that aren't needed. The reason behind this is to actually try and speed up my computer as it has actually slowed the heck down and gets frustrating to always reboot the system all the time and especially when I am in the middle of typing up a document, like the collaboration podcast or even Entertainment Man especially in this time of the year when I am preparing for 2023 and the 3rd year & 4th season of the podcast, it is very, very frustrating to save and reboot. Plus sometimes I end up having to hit the off button which means losing whatever I do cause my system completely freezes up on me which is quite insane honestly. 

             I even started to just run my anti virus programs and what not but it works but for a very limited time. Now I think I need to schedule myself two days during the week to actually run it and more then likely I will run it when I am out with friends and another day during the week where I am doing lighter work or can work out of the studio because it is running. All I know with my new computer anything edited or uploaded will be saved to an USB device of some sort and will not be put onto the computer and I've started to do that with this computer is saving it to the devices instead and it makes things a lot easier to do now. That is this post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow on the second last post I have set for this week.


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