Friday, March 30, 2018

My Bucket List!

                 Today I want to write about my bucket list, what I would like to do, go to, to accomplish in my life. Trust me there is a lot on my list, I will even include the ones that have been accomplished on this list today as well. This year I set out this year to accomplished and I think I did a bang up good job with this list as well. But anyways enough of me rambling here is my list with both already accomplished and things on my list I want to accomplish as well. 

Things I Have Accomplished:

- Go to a Big Brother Canada Premiere- Got To Do that this year!

- Run a Successful Podcast/Podcasts. Got both Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show has not only picked up in late 2017, but people have emailed about the podcast a few times. Also, was the start of the second podcast thanks to CMT Television Network for coming to me about Covering Music City each and every year! This year has been the year of the podcasts for me. 

- The Website has doubled in views it was always just below 1000, like 700 or 800 views a month, then getting about 1000 to 1100 views a month and now its beyond 2000 views a month, so the website has been very active recently. 

- Rebuild Chris B On The Web from the ground up with very little help, with the team being disbanded entirely, I went into a very long and lengthy rebuild and hoping my June 26th, 2018 I will take Chris B On The Web off the re-build and everything is back up and running once again.

Things I Want To Accomplish: 

- Big Brother Canada Live Eviction (April!) Been to the premiere, now I want to see an eviction and what goes down at the Live Eviction!

- Advertising on my podcast. Almost had advertising but going to be working hard to get advertising on them eventually! Another thing on my bucket list.

- Go Back To School for Web design and evolve CBOTW into the main hub for my web designing! I am working on planning on this big goal.

- Move Out On My own. I wanna live in my own apartment and be on my own and show my independence.

- I never really talk about this much but I want to settle down and have a girlfriend, maybe eventually start my own family in the future. 

- Go back to Grand Bend Ontario for Fireworks. I am planning to do that this year with my dad! Cannot wait to go back for the Fireworks for Canada Day!

- Vancouver & Vancouver Island: I wanna see the West Coast  in western Canada. It is a long shot to it ever happening but hey it is on my list.

- Boston and Maine, USA. I wanna see Boston, Fenway Park, the state of Maine as well. It is in the future plans to go down that way on a holiday, my family and I have talked about it.

                  There is my bucket list and I know it is very lengthy post, sorry about that! But I still got a lot on my bucket list what I would like to do, being on my own, etc but I cannot do everything at once but never say never and in the future, I will update the post in a new post once something is updated. 


Thursday, March 29, 2018

Schedule Changes for This Week & Next Week

            As of right now, I am right on the right track, but still a tad behind but the podcast I am behind but as of tomorrow morning, I am going on a mass recording session in the morning. Anyways, this week is going to be different due to me being either out of town or extremely busy and I am trying but seems I am out of town quite a lot this week so the schedule is what you can go by for this week: 

This Week (Friday, March 30th & Saturday, March 31st, 2018):

Friday: 8 pm EST- #TheCBOTWShow #MusicCityCMT EP # 6 Recap
10 pm EST- #EverythingAboutRealityTV #SurvivorGhostIsland EP # 6 Recap 

Saturday: 4 pm EST- Everything About Reality TV #BBCAN6 Week # 4 RECAP

              Please do not next week but the week after, I will be away on Thursday, April 12th, 2018 out of town for the majority of the day and I will be doing another post about this as of a week Monday and to what the timetable will look like during that week. I feel bad for re-scheduling but it is hard to be in two places at once, so it is not easy to do both things at once but change is fine once and a while and the scheduling should be fine after the week after. I am looking at a similar schedule but may tweak the schedule by a hour or 2 for that week, depending on how what I am up to and if I am around the studio. In the last several days, I have hardly been in the studio to do things but after Easter things will be slowing down for next week at least but then the following week, things will pick up again once again with more temporary schedule changes. Again I will let you guys know when the next set of temporary inconvenience of change will come and I am going to give you guys days notice before and will mention it on the podcasts as they come out. 


Monday, March 26, 2018

Tweaked My Daily Schedule! Here Is An Idea What I Got Planned!

                So as you know I am really behind schedule with the podcasts and still catching up with the missing Everything About Reality TV that is today and I actually wrote this blog at 1230 am this morning as I stayed up late to get things ready for recording the podcast so I will include the schedule for today including the tweaked schedule for today as well! 

Today (Monday, March 26th, 2018):10:30 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- BBCAN6 Week # 3 RECAP (from last week) 

Wednesday Morning (AM)- Record The CBOTW Show Podcast

New Schedule Weekly:

Monday: Morning (AM) Monthly- Weight Loss Update

Tuesday Morning (AM)- Record The CBOTW Show Podcast

Thursday: Morning (AM)- Everything About Reality TV- Survivor Ghost Island RECAP Recording
                                11 am EST: Throwback Thursday Story- Blog Post                       
                                  8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor Ghost Island RECAP 

Friday: Morning (AM)- Everything About Reality TV- Big Brother Canada 6 Week 5 RECAP Recording
                                   8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Big Brother Canada 6 Week 5 RECAP

                         There is the schedule for me during the week, I know it looks utterly confusing but it the strategy I am going by week by week. Now I know this week will be out of kilter, due to me being out of town, away from the studio, with Easter many days from now, 5 days to be exact now, I sometimes cannot keep the schedule but trying to the best of my ability to stay on schedule as much as possible. Hope you understand this week will be chaotic but next week, everything will be back to normal hopefully by the start of next week, schedule wise but there is a possibility on schedule change coming for next week too but this blog post is my weekly schedule for now and once I know I have to change one of the days for the podcasts, I will let you know right away.


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Change.... How Do You Change Yourself As A Person?

                 Change, it is such a hard thing sometimes to deal with. I for one have had to deal with changing things in my life and today I will talk about it in today's blog post and how I have overcome and made these changes in my life not just online wise, but also in my personal life as well, I have worked hard to change my life around. 

                   How did I change my life, for one I stopped being friends with the people who always put me down or got mad at me for no apparent reason, no names mentioned from the start of this month but I wanna surround myself with people with people are positive and have a positive affect in my life, if that makes any sense to you guys. Since the Drama on March 2nd with my former friend of almost 15 years, I am starting to question who my true friends are. I mean I am starting to realize who my true friends are these days and I am happy with the people who are my loyal friends and always there for me and there if I need to talk when I am feeling down, they are truly there for me. 

                     Also I felt like I wanted to change the way I eat, to lose weight and in the last year and a bit you have seen me lose the weight and I am still planning to lose more weight just it will take some time but I am already underway with that process and honestly, I feel great as of right now. Last I checked I am at 220 pounds and staying right there at that number right now but that's for the first Monday of the month to update you and what I plan on doing to continue to lose the weight and a little more better pace. But I mean my self esteem as been a lot better recently, I am feeling happier with losing the weight. I have been smiling a lot more. I think what I am trying to say is I am feeling better about myself with the weight loss. 

                    Finally, friendships being tested and confusion who I can and cannot trust in the past year has been one of the biggest issues I have and I think I finally grasped who I can and cannot trust that has been figured out at this point and I am happy with the group of friends I have right now and nothing can change it. Sometimes you gotta change choose friends who constantly get you upset or mad, sometimes you gotta ask are they really worth the stress? Like I always say friends come and go, but new friends will come along the way! They know who they and I mentioned it above for your information everyone but no names to be mentioned but now I have a clear idea who my real true friends are and I am totally grateful for them in my life! They are truly my friends for life both Facebook and Twitter! 💓


Photo Is From: Google, A Quote By Carol Burnett 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

I'm Learning, I'm Trying New Things Out!

               This year has been a great year, not just because I have become a successful podcaster but the fact I have tried new things lately and I am proud to say, it feels great to have tried new things. Yes I realize the blog posts haven't been consistent but I am truly trying to bring out the blogging content to you guys as much as I can. 

                I have learned so much about scheduling, keeping to a timetable with regards to the podcast side of things recently. I have either been a day behind or right on schedule. I know there will be a day where there will be 3 podcasts in a day due to the fact I will be out of town either Apr 5th or Apr 12th, 2018 out in the city of Toronto with my former Staff Dave. But other then that, I am very much on schedule with the podcasts. Now website wise, I have learned so much, when I tinker with the website the favorite icon at the top of the website disappears, goes to 000webhost logo or blank. So what I have learned is I have to remove the physical file from the site, re-uploading the icon once again and yes the icon is 100x100, then it works once again. I am not sure if it is a web builder issue or if it has to do with the size of the icon that is beyond me but I figured out a quick fix. Also this week I have been testing out the chat feature but obviously it has been removed as it wasn't getting many hits but thats OK with me, however, I learned through fixing glitches and bugs on the website like turning off the sound for the chat messages, figuring out the size within the code in the back end as well. 

                   Finally for today's blog I have finally learned to try new things out and as you guys know The CBOTW Show Podcast has popped out of nowhere recently as I made the announcement that it has joined the list of Podcasts on and I thought, you know its been nearly 2 years now since starting Everything About Reality TV, so I thought, I got the offer to RECAP Music City from CMT, why not. At first I said no thanks as I had enough on my plate but as of now, I am grateful to be doing it. I shouldn't be afraid to open up and try new things. I just said on Twitter, I am open to advertising on either my website or any of the 2 podcasts, I am running right now. I shouldn't be afraid to try new things and if it doesn't work out then thats fine, but if it does thats great. I am glad I am now open to trying new and innovative things!


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Additional Podcast Added & Update Schedule!

            As you guys know, I recapped Music City on CMT last week and the response was astounding and I wasn't expecting the new podcast to take off this fast and as you guys know I have already put it onto ITunes since it had quite the response from & here on have been nothing but a positive feedback given to me. With that being said, I have tweaked the podcast schedule for The CBOTW Show as Music City is now has a permanent series spot on  that podcast. Now Everything About Reality TV will remain with it's schedule but below is the entire Podcast schedule between now and sometime in May when Finale's air on TV:

Thursdays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV: Survivor Ghost Island RECAP Podcast

Fridays: 6 pm EST: The CBOTW Show: Music City on CMT RECAP Podcast
               8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV: Big Brother Canada 6 RECAP

                 That is the schedule for all podcasts that are currently running on Chris B On The Web & and I really am enjoying both of the podcasts that I am currently doing each and every week on the website and all the Audio ONLY Platforms. I am glad CMT approached me about Recapping Music City and it will be a surprise and a half for those who missed this little announcement will be shocked to see that I posted up another episode and this will be a permanent part of this podcast. I wasn't expecting on posting up many RECAPS like 1 at least but I am glad to be be recapping Music City and having a ton of fun with the recaps. I am more open to the new ideas and the reason why I took this idea quite quickly even though, I needed time to think about it but hey I did it and very proud of what it has become now, a successful two podcasts.


Sunday, March 18, 2018

I Messed Up on The Everything Feed On My Website! (Explanation!)

                So last night, I was putting up the Big Brother Canada 6 Recap to notice on that the Survivor Ghost Island wasn't up on the website. Now I thought I actually added the podcast to the website but apparently I didn't, so I ended up just uploading to the,, ITunes and Player FM, so I apologize about that. I noticed it initially when I went to put up the Big Brother Canada 6 Week 2 RECAP and I scrolled down the page to notice the 2nd podcast from the top was the week 1 RECAP so that really made me think, I better fix the issue so that is what I did. I should check the day of when it comes out onto all the platforms to ensure you guys get the content across the board. 

                That is why the podcast was delayed last night till very, very late, 10:35 pm EST to be exact, was because I was still editing and fixing the mistake that I made back on Thursday night and it took a while with the current content that is on that page right now during this season so that is another reason it took a while and the delay posting up the podcast late last night so ensure you guys the problem got fixed and things were right again on the website.

                At this time I can only but apologize profusely for the mistake and hope you understand now why it took this long late last night. Usually I am on time and on the right track with things but last I was on the wrong side of the tracks so to speak but I am sure things are fine now and I don't think you guys noticed anything, as I was hoping you guys would of said something to me about it when you went to the Everything About Reality TV Feed Thursday. However please do let me know in the nearby future if something is off or I forgot to add something, or I made a mistake, I will be sure to make the necessary change to the website.


Friday, March 16, 2018

The CBOTW Show Announcement & Plans

                 The CBOTW Show is officially kicking off Today (Friday) at 5 pm EST with a very special podcast covering CMT's TV Show: "Music City" I will be covering 
Episode 104: “AND THE NEW MISS TENNESSEE IS…” Now fair warning I am not very familiar with this series as this was my first episode covering it so this is me going out of my comfort zone and trying something completely new then I am use to. Am I excited? Of course I am excited! But I nervous how the recap will go how it will be received by my fans and the fans of the show as well but excited to find out what the fans think of. 

                     Now in my mind I feel like this is going to be a great start to The CBOTW Show Podcast's official launch as this is NEW to Chris B On The Web and it is exciting time to watch the website once again expand and grow into bigger and better things! Everything About Reality TV will remain the front runner of Chris B On The Web with this podcast on the second podcast on the list. This podcast will rarely be on a schedule minus the coverage of Hell's Kitchen as that will be the only series that is on a schedule for right now at least for right now. Other projects besides CMT's Music City, Hell's Kitchen, you can expect this to be the home of the Power Rangers Talk Mini series within The CBOTW Show Podcast and it will be spread around depending when my co-host and I get a chance to record. 

                        The platforms, I plan on bringing this podcast on, well to start with, my own website, obviously! Also ITunes for right now, not sure if I am wanting to add to TuneIn again but I may just add it back to that platform again in the nearby future but let's see how things go but for right now my website, and ITunes are on the plans and soon as the first episode is up I will be submitting the RSS Feed to ITunes immediately to get it onto the platform for this podcast so this will be the second podcast on ITunes out of the two podcasts. 

                          So in retrospective yes it will have some schedule, but most of the time it will be on a random schedule, depends on the content being covered but always go to front page below the main page images is the calendar for Chris B On The Web to when content goes up on the website or by going to either of my social media, Twitter or Instagram is another way to get updates to when content is going up but I kept this quiet up to the day of it going up.


Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Day's I Was Recovering From Major Surgery (Throwback Thursday Story)

             This Throwback Thursday takes me back almost 15 years ago, Late Summer of 2003, where I was sick, really sick, well for most of you who read the story I told on the blog here a while back, you know the entire story of my hospital adventure so to speak and yes I am being a bit sarcastic right now. Anyways I want to talk about my recovery stage after going through 2 surgeries within 2 days apart and a funny story that made me laugh and I'm sure will make you guys laugh as well. 

               I was in the recovery stage of my major surgery as I have a major cut on my stomach from the operations and I started to move around, walk again, training my legs to move as I have been in bed for about 2 weeks now and I don't believe once I had gotten out of bed after those two surgeries, I was bed ridden for at least a while, hard to remember 15 years ago.  But during the recovery stage I got to walk around the hallway floors to get the blood moving back down to my legs as I was at least laid up for about a week. But as I got moving around throughout the time I started to move around and of course the orderly that took me down for tests was joking around with me saying I need speed bumps in the hall way as I was going at a good pace and it was funny and he kept me in high spirits whenever I seen him on the 7th floor there.  I think I truly did need speed bumps, in the hall, I was becoming quite the speed demon as I became stronger in the legs and building up my strength up again. You can imagine me dragging my IV Pole around the hallway of the 7th floor of the hospital but hey at least I was moving around on the floor.

                  I had to tell this little throw back Thursday Story and I hope you all enjoyed reading this little throwback Thursday today and it was truly a funny moment and I know i couldn't laugh without my stomach hurting but again, it really made my day to have a small laugh and made my day and made me smile again and forget all this craziness that happened within a week and a half to 2 weeks being in the hospital.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Schedule for Power Rangers Talk on The CBOTW Show Podcast

             In the past several days, I have been talking about The CBOTW Show, over social media and hinting a lot of things to you guys and over the next few days, I will be slowly announcing things as things are coming along but if you don't know by now as I have spoken about this on social media over the last few months, Power Ranger talk will start with the very first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers then season 2 and 3 of Mighty Morphin and today I want to give you guys the shoot schedule for the podcast that Larry and I set up for it:

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Seasons 1 & 2 recording session.

Sunday, June 24th, 2018: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3 recording session.

Then here is the schedule for the release of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Podcast which is split into 3 parts, Seasons 1, 2 & 3 which the schedule will look like this: 

Sunday, July 8th, 2018: The CBOTW Show: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1

Sunday, July 29th, 2018: The CBOTW Show: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2

Sunday, August 12th, 2018: The CBOTW Show: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3

                    Once post production is done and the editing is finished and posted, the start of Zeo will start in October, hopefully with a November release schedule right in the middle of the Hell's Kitchen season coverage but that's OK with me keeps things very much interesting for me and of course you guys as well! 

Have a great day!


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

My Survivor Future Seasons, Thoughts and Ideas

               I spent a good hour or so since the Big Brother Canada 6 feeds were down back on the weekend but I was thinking and thinking about this and i know there is no renewal plans or announcement for seasons 37/38 as of right now, we will be finding out in May what the fate of Survivor will be and I am very much sure there. But let's look at this blog post at a if there is going to be a Season 37 & 38 and again I know there will be a season 37 & 38 as they usually go back to back seasons but here are my thoughts:

                  So season 37, I think it will be a newbie season and I would like like to see a Survivor: White Collar vs Blue Collar vs No Collar 2 as it was actually a great season and I would like to see that happen again and I'm sure it could be a possibility but could be in a season 39 scenario too.  Also it could go like a Survivor Millennials Vs Gen X 2, that was a good theme and was an interesting season, especially with some of the advantages thrown into the game as well, however I heard on Reddit: After MvGX I think production swore off older folks so it could be a more then likely not to happen again but you never know what production has in stored for each and every season. 

                   Now in the way of Season 38, I am hearing this through Reddit and online that more then likely it will be a Returnee season and I got a few ideas what it could be. Obviously it wont be a Blood Vs Water 3 as that was stated on the Reddit but never say never. My thoughts though is it could be a Fans Vs Favorites 3 but we already have seen it but it sure makes it for an interesting season and we have seen this in the last two season that has Fans Vs Favorites. There was mention of Second Chances 2 and I think a second chances 2 is quite the possibility for it to happen and I thought after they did the second chances season, damn they should do another season and I think they will do another season and I am actually working on notes for an off season podcast and I think it will happen somewhere in the 37th or 38th season or maybe 39/40. Which brings me to the final point of today's blog post, there has been talk online, yes Reddit and over the internet that season 40 could be an All-Stars 2 season, I highly doubt it, however again, anything is possible and if 40 is the final season of Survivor, would be a great way to go out with a bang in such a great Reality TV show and social experiment but you never know with Survivor, they are always coming up with brand new ideas every season or 1 of the 2 seasons in the cycle.


Monday, March 12, 2018

Chris B On The Web Updates

            Don't think I have been working hard over Friday and the weekend but I have and I got some news about Chris B On The Web with the collaborations that are suppose to happen this year and it has been discussed further between Larry and I and as of June we are aiming for the start for the production of the collaboration but not only a collaboration with a good friend but the start a brand new podcast called The CBOTW Show and will be starting in the summer time but never know it can start sooner but you never know what will happen with this brand new podcast and what projects will come up on the list. Any suggestions for New TV Shows coming out, cover Rosanne maybe? Let me know in the comments below! 

                The next thing is I cannot give you guys a guaranteed the plan for Everything About Reality TV for the summer time but I will keep you guys informed what the plan is. The reason for this is because there might be plans to go on a holiday, either to the East Coast of the USA or flying out to Calgary to see the family so it is kind of hard to confirm what I got planned for the next season of Everything About Reality TV but soon as I know if I am going on a vacation for a week or two, I will let you know what the scheduling will be like for the summer time. If I do go on a holiday, I plan on just covering Amazing Race Canada and sit this one out for Big Brother 20 unless I find someone to fill in for me for BB20 then I could more then likely be able to take some time off but or I would have to actually catch up when I got home as I no longer own a laptop so it makes things extremely hard to record from on the road with. Money surely do not grow on trees and I would love to take a long vacation with family but never know what my parents have up their sleeves!

                  Finally I have been given opportunities for a collaboration but yet I have tried to get things rolling for the collaboration and I didn't get any communication, I want to make this clear if you wish to collaborate with me or some kind of promotional spotlight or interview to promote your content, please tell me what you wish to collaborate as it is hard for me to guess what you would like to do with me in the way of a collab, please communicate with me about it and keep in touch. How can I collaborate when I do not receive an email back from you guys? Please state in the email the reason for the email in the subject and in the main body of the email the more fine details of your request and ideas you have for this collaboration. Thank you for your consideration and just wanted to make it more clearer what you would like to do with me so this way I know. That is about it what I have to update you guys and I hope I was clear on what I said on here.

Have a great afternoon!


Saturday, March 10, 2018

Prospects Grill- Chicken Fingers and Fries REVIEW

           First thing I would like to say is, I know I am a couple of days late from when I was at the Generals Game and having dinner out but I had other posts I wanted to get out before but anyways here is my review on the Prospects Grill for the meal 5 pieces of Chicken Fingers and French Fries with a drink: 

            As you guys know, this is my second time around at Prospects, I had to do yet another blog post but this time reviewing their Chicken Fingers and French Fries and this time around I took a picture including the view from seats we were in as you can see, we had rink view seats this time around which is really cool to have for a change as last time we were by the window seat looking out at Athol Street and the Walk In Clinic as well. Now to set today's blog post up, I ordered my usual soft drink, a coke, 5 pieces of Chicken Fingers, with Fries. We waited no more then 5 - 10 minutes and we had our dinner already brought to our table same with our friend Mike as well. We were really surprised that we got our dinner so quickly but don't worry it was fully cooked.

Let's talk about the french fries, it was crispy and what I like about these fries, they had some of the potato skins still on it but I love the skin on the french fries, I don't mind it at all whatsoever. Now let's move on to the chicken finger, sauce it's like a sweet and sour sauce it was not spicy but had that sweet and sour taste but it could of also been a plum sauce but I think it was a sweet and sour sauce. The Chicken Fingers when I bit into it and the chicken was fully cooked and it was so tender and soft when I bit into the chicken it liked melted in my mouth when I chewed it and it was so good and the Chicken fingers were the first to be finished. Overall the meal does get a 10/10 and again I would definitely go back for another meal. I do not wanna talk about the Hockey game as I had a rough night during the second period of the hockey but good food and good company for the evening, I enjoyed a majority of the night with my friends.


Friday, March 9, 2018

Chris B On The Web Is LIT!

            Chris B On The Web & Everything About Reality TV has grown so much in the past 3 months. As for the podcast this is one of my favorite season of them all as I have connected with so many other Big Brother Canada & Survivor Ghost Island Fans, this is actually my favorite season to cover but don't get me wrong, I loved covering every season. Not only this season but between the end of this season and next season, this podcast will be very much still active after both shows are done, but I will not say what the surprise till later. 

              I have never had this much love and support for this podcast and the fact the podcast has surpassed it's 100th episode and now on it's way up with more and amazing episodes! I know I can be sarcastic sometimes and funny but that is what makes the podcast what it is today. Also whenever my right hand snow man Larry pops on the numbers go up and I know you guys enjoy listening to what he has to say and hes become more and more interactive and we always seem to be talking about this podcast whenever we are on Skype chatting or in person. 

                This year alone Chris B On The Web has peaked over 1000 views since the month of December, it could be before that too but I am so overwhelmed on the growth of the website, the podcast and looking at the counter each and everyday and it is so amazing to see the success it has been wanting to get for the past year and a half now. It goes to show I really worked hard in the last year and an half and I never gave up, I kept on going when the going got rough, I just kept on moving and a grooving and it has shown that I have finally become a success in Online Media, not saying I didn't see success as a YouTuber, but what I mean is I went on my own for a certain reason and this plan was a huge success and was the smartest move I ever made and I have no regret leaving YouTube or dissolving the team I once had. However I am thankful for the loyal staff who stuck by me and were there for me through the thick and thin of things and they know who they are. This year is truly the year of success for Chris B On The Web! 


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Durham Entertainment Today Throwback Thursday Story

           I have been wanting to talk about this for quite some time and probably never really talked about Durham Entertainment Today, but I do have quite the story to tell about that series but a little back story to this, this was actually my first ever original series that never really made it to YouTube, I believe 1 or 2 episodes did but was erased quite quickly after the series was cancelled as I didn't want anything to do with it. However, now you guys know this series did exist back in the day. 

            We were recording our Halloween Episode north of York Durham Railway station in Uxbridge and the smart alic my dad is threw a stone and Eric, Missy and I thought it was a ghost but it wasn't but that was a memorable moment for us in that series. Also recording by the old ghost railway in Port Perry was another memorable moment as well and was one of the locations within that whole slew of locations that day.  The theme was ghost railways as you can tell with this small story and hence the reason why I picked the ghost railway. What else was cool and out of the ordinary was the fact I found a piece of coal on the side of the former rail bed, mind you there is no more rails left or the rail ties that remain on the former railway but the bed is there but it is now all dirt now and the rail bridge is there.

                It was indeed an interesting adventure and was actually neat to talk about the railway north of the station and the history of it but the neat things that occurred during the episode was even cooler. We were even dressed up in costumes for the special even as well which made the filming of this episode even better.


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Website Ramble....

             You guys know I like a smooth running website, but yesterday was the complete opposite as I couldn't load the web builder and honestly I am starting to get sick and tired of being on this service if it is going to be always down for me and not able to edit the website. Mind you, the site itself isn't down it is still running, it is just frustrating to not be able to edit the site and get that new content out to you guys on time but majority of the time it goes down or something goes wrong with the web builder so I end up making that announcement if it seems to not work anytime soon, then I have to go to that plan B as a lot of you guys saw yesterday and had to remove the website link related and go with the other 4 Audio ONLY platforms.

               What drives me nuts though, it seems like every time a podcast comes out, something goes wrong with the website or the website builder and it sucks to not always have all 5 platforms promoted for you guys but today, I finally got a chance to edit and add the Big Brother Canada 6 Preview to the website as most of you probably seen my update Post/Tweet this morning. This is why I really wanna get the heck away from 000webhost and move to my new provider. however in order to do this I need to 1 have the domain expire so I can move it over to the other provider, yes I could go with the .ca but the .com seems to be more and more popular right now.

                Even with the malfunctions on my website, I still manage to bring out content regardless of the on going problems going on, nothing will stop me from giving you guys the content you guys want to see but like come on! Enough is enough with the problems, honestly it has to stop with the problems and yes I know there will be problems here and there but patience is truly a virtue and I have to show that and I know you guys are very patient during the times the website problems occur and I truly appreciate the patience.


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Why I Want To Return To Baseball?

           I know this sound completely nuts to be saying this and I know I haven't played ball in years since I have had my share of knee problems over the last couple of years but you gotta give me credit that I wanna play again before I become to old to play the game I love to play. I wonder how rusty I will be but I have the batting cage to go to if I indeed to decide to get it another shot to make sure I can still hit a softball as the last time I played was 2013 or 2014 and that was the year when the knee problems came back and the last year I ever hit the ball. It was a great year for me in the way of hitting the ball and if I can hit like I did then, I'll have a great ball season again. 

             If your wondering who I am going to play with? Well a men's league as I have decided to not return to Special Olympics after 10 + years with them. Reason? I need a change of pace and there are people who seem to have a beef but there is very few friends who I am still connected with from Special Olympics and are friends with still to this very day. Let's just also say over the years I was involved, there was drama, I just got sick of and joining a men's or mixed team will be a nice change for me and meet some new people and never know maybe a friendship will be formed? Never know! I believe since this is a league there are not as many tournaments to go to or no tournaments at all so it will be easier for me being in a league instead. 

              Yes, I know there is a risk with my knee going out or with me hurting the right knee where the original injury was from years ago from being hit by the ball which mind you it was very painful and I struggled to get off the field as I needed to take a break to shake off the pain. Ever since it's not been the same and it's affected the way I play on the field or on the bowling alley as I played both sports at one point but I am willing to take the risk and hurt my knee and if it ends up needing knee surgery then be it but you guys cant say I didn't really try my hardest to play ball again after being off for several years now and I know a lot of you will tell me why not retire and live the rest of your life with the way the knee is right now but again this is my choice and I am happy to give this sport another shot even if it risks my poor knee in the the process.


Sunday, March 4, 2018

Been Feeling A Bit Down In The Last 2- 3 Days...

                 I cannot hide the facts that I haven't been myself lately and my moods have been all the over the place, there has been days I didn't want to take my medication for my PDD (Autism) but it's more the fact I feel like I wasted my time giving someone who was earning my trust back with it going out the window and really fast. That has been dragging me down in the last 2 - 3 days, just trying to figure out how to deal with this and to keep up with taking my medication as I know and experience, if I do not take it, then my temper is pretty bad and my friends have seen and do not want to see me miserable and unhappy and I really appreciate that family and friends have been there for me in the past but yes I hid the really facts why some posts weren't constructed well on social media, I just had that I don't really wanna post anything right now, not in the mood. You can tell by my voice for those who are on the Facebook Group live I did yesterday morning on my big adventure yesterday.

                 I am really grateful for great family members and friends who I can count on to cheer me up when I am down in the dumps and recently that has been the case. My friend and former staff member from my previous life as a YouTube is a prime example, he was able to calm me down within a few minutes as I was really fired up and I won't get into specific details of the situation as that is personal but he was able to calm me down and get me to change my mind about going out yesterday and enjoying the day out and trust me I sure did enjoy myself so much I wanna do it again soon! LOL. 

                   Which brings me to today, since i was back late and I am talking late, late like 11 - 11:15 pm EST which was well worth I tell you! But today I slept into today almost till noon but my mom woke me up as she was going out today so it was all good but been moping around the house and the studio today trying to get the Big Brother Canada 6 Cast Preview Podcast notes done and over with but no beef with getting it up tonight but if you tuned into the last podcast, I covered all my bases the other day as I said it would of been today or tomorrow. So today has not been a good day, been struggling all day, just really hope and pray tomorrow is a better day for me and I hope I can perk up and be happy again.

Have a great night!


Saturday, March 3, 2018

2018 is The Year of Success!

              I was reminded by my friend Dave, that I've been on a crazy adventure, from YouTube to the Audio ONLY Podcasts and this has been a dream of mine which has truly become a dream come true and I am doing something I am very passionate about and I can consider myself a super fan of Reality Television as I live and breathe it each and every week especially with me doing recaps several times a week and who'd think it would become very popular. I do got plans for the fall, adding another TV Show to the list of the recaps but that is for later on to add. This year so far has been so successful in the last year and 5 months of the podcast running on Audio ONLY, it is so surreal to watch a podcast become a success, not only the podcast but the blog posts and interviews I have done with people, it's become such a wild and crazy adventure but I love every moment of doing it. 

                 Within a year, I went over double the views I had a year ago and it is just so amazing to watch the growth rapidly and fast. It is overwhelming but in the same way it makes me smile to see the growth but not only that, it's the feedback from you guys the greatest fans I have in the entire world. I appreciate the positive feedback given, I've not had any really negative feedback from you guys. When I said on social media 2018 is going to be the year for me in the way of success, I meant it and I think this year being in our 3rd month of 2018, I think it's been very successful so far as I people are reaching out to me to collaborate with me and other email which I cannot talk about until this is confirmed it is happening but I am excited to see what will happen for the remainder of this year. However please note that there is still plenty of 2018 left and lots of collaborations to come on the list and one interview as well but I am excited to what is to come. I've already been talking to the person about it and in their ear about hopefully Late April into May to record the podcast and get it out to you guys. I don't really know the schedule as of right now, but got a small idea how it will look but hopefully soon I can figure out the scheduling so this way I can bring it out to you guys soon.  Finally I am really proud on how far things have progressed and I am nothing but proud of the accomplishments I have made over the course of the last year and a half since doing everything on my own and I got no regrets doing things on my own with minimal to no help anymore and I am nothing but looking forward to the future.


Friday, March 2, 2018

Everything About Reality TV/Blog Fri. Mar 2nd, 2018 - Sun. Mar 4th, 2018 Schedule

           I realize things went fast and the furious last night here at Chris B On The Web Studio and just got news, I will happen to be away from the studio all day and unable to do the Big Brother Canada 6 Cast Preview until Sunday evening, so I am making a couple of changes to the schedule for today, tomorrow and Sunday and you can find this information down below:

Friday (Today):

11 am EST: Everything About Reality TV, Survivor Game Changers EP # 1 & 2 RECAP
1 pm EST: This exact blog post goes up! (LOL!!!!)

Saturday (Tomorrow):

1 pm EST: Another blog post goes up on the website.


1 pm EST: Blog Post Goes up on the website
9 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV, Big Brother Canada 6 Cast Preview

               I know this is a shorter blog post then usual but there is the schedule over the course of the next few days and what to expect on in the way of content and I am excited to catch up with the podcasts after my little adventure tomorrow with one of my former Alumni and good friends. I will try post up a blog tomorrow morning before I leave for the day. Hope you guys enjoy your Friday and Happy TGIF!


Thursday, March 1, 2018

Will There Be An Amazing Race 31?

             I talked about this on the Season 30 finale of The Amazing Race Podcast, but since the season has concluded, I have done some research on this and it is not looking too good for another season, but my thoughts alone, I think their will be another season, as they did not say that Season 30 was the final season so I am guessing there will be a 31st season, plus the ratings were up this season which is great! It is a much improvement, from the last few seasons so that is one positive thing to say about the show I've been watching since the Family edition when I discovered The Amazing Race, from a good friend of mine. Sp I can see them doing another season as long as the network (CBS) wants to renew the series, after all it is up to them if they want to bring it on another season. 

               Another point I would like make is you would think that they would do a final send off season for the series, they would of announced it if it was going to be cancelled or the series was to wrap up after an amazing run at the series. So this could be open doors or this series could also continue on if the ratings continue to show progress. However we do not know the fate of the series right now as there has been no announcement on it's renewal but I am very optimistic of it returning for a 31st season, especially on a great season where the ratings are went up 47% if I am correct on the statistics. What kind of season would I like to see? Well obviously a Unfinished Business as All Stars was in the 24 and I feel like it is too soon for another All-Stars, however an Unfinished Business Season is quite a possibility if the producers decide to go this way, you never know but I am excited to see what their plans are for a Season 31 of The Amazing Race and I plan on actually covering it if renewed, I will have plans to cover it once again.