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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Power Rangers Collab Updates!

             As you know with the recent events that has happened with me. Larry may not feel comfortable enough to be back in studio which means we may end up having to record via Skype for a while. I may not even feel comfortable having him in the studio right away. However don't forget it is a few months away from us actually recording and we will see how things are by then. However that will not change us from getting recordings done right now. Right now, I am not sure what he will say and honestly as right now I sort of had him on messenger block and afraid to even say anything to him. I just do not know how to go about telling him I was sick and days after I saw him. I'm afraid he will hate me but I wasn't sick when I saw him, I was healthy. So he could of been fine but I will find out.

            So there may have been some adjustments to our schedule the way we record the collab and if we are better off recording out of studio through online again then I am open to it again. I  have to remember with this pandemic, I have to be ready if we need to shift around then I will certainly done that. I will know more in September or at the end of September and will know more what the plan of attack is for the collab. Right now we do not know what the plan is and if he got sick too cause of my stupidity of not wearing a mask but I will let you guys know what the plan is and I will talk to you all tomorrow for the last post of the week. 


Thursday, July 21, 2022

Power Rangers Collab Schedule Updates!

             So I know there are questions with the collab and the Power Rangers Movies and I have come up with a make up schedule in case I do not finish up with Super Megaforce in time but here is the schedule moving forward for the rest of this year and next year:

Thursday, July 28th, 2022: Power Rangers Megaforce

Mid October 2022: Power Rangers Super Megaforce

November 2022: Power Rangers Dino Charge and Power Rangers Super Dino Charge

February 2023: Power Rangers Ninja Steel and Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel

April 2023: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie 1995 & Power Rangers Turbo Movie 1997.

June 2023: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Seasons 1 & 2.

October 2023: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Seasons 1 & 2 (Depends when they finish airing season 2)

November 2023:
Power Rangers Movie (2017)

              I know this is quite a long post with the schedule but that is the plan moving forward so I will have an update with the movie tomorrow on the end of the week updates so this way you guys know what is up with that as it was listed up to yesterday morning but has been removed once again. However that is the updates for today and I will talk to you all for the end of the week updates for you guys.


Wednesday, October 20, 2021

All Eyes Are On The Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Coming Out This Week!

                   I know it's been a month almost since Larry and I have recorded the Mystic Force and yes I have been holding onto the episode for weeks now and been promising to get it done. I have been working on it the last 2 - 3 days and moving quite quickly with the podcast and wanting to get it up this week. The criteria is not posting two episodes on the same day and I pre wrote this post so things could be different by the time this gets out, this could be done but again it will depend. I do not plan to sprung it today on you guys so if anything it will be up by Friday or Saturday and I will be announce this a day or so in advance depending how quickly I get it done and finished to upload. I promise it will not be on a Thursday as it is a bonus podcast day for me and I think 1 podcast a day is enough. 

                     I have ran scenarios in the back of my head that I could wait and I may have no other choice as if I post it Friday it's a day after the normal podcast goes up, if I post it Saturday it's so close to Sundays normal episode. You see my dilemma there, either way it cuts it so darn close and wish I had time Saturday, I would of edited it first and have it posted on Tuesday (yesterday) and it would of been 2 days apart but I am going to take the hit and if this means jeopardizing views on the other then so be it. All episodes gotta go up either way and if this affects the other shows I do then that's fine. However I do not think it will affect it whatsoever yet Sundays episode was a little slower in listens but still early and only mid week. It is hard to get listens on that podcast when it's twice a week. However all eyes on Mystic Force Collab Podcast right now and it has been all about the collab recently. That has been my main focus and shift to ensure we get to RPM and complete it by end of this year. We are close to caught right up with the podcast and we are very aware of our situation trying to be ready for February. I will have another update next week what Larry and I discussed in our meeting for right now I will talk to you all tomorrow and be on the lookout on social media for an announcement when the collab goes up!


Sunday, June 9, 2019

Wiped Out The Collab Page and Re-Coded It!

             I know it has been a while since I fiddled around with the code in the back end of this website and I decided to give the entire page an overhaul as it was long due for it as the page for the collabs has been sitting gathering since the Power Rangers Podcast went on a hiatus all of a sudden due to a very and hectic schedule I was under. So what I have done was wiped out the entire code which caused the website page to be removed from the entire website but it is still there, but it is not visible to you guys till late last night as I brought it back online without the new content but gives you an idea way things look and I think it honestly looks a ton better as I brought in the description next to the title of the collab then below the code to the player so I sort of gave it the sleeker look and less text then ever as there was honestly way too much text when it came to the page and I know it was very texty and I realize that is truly not a word technically but I mean it was a cluttered up page and really in need of maintenance and that is what I did yesterday was work on the page and looks better. 

           Yes the page is live, just go to the collabs page to see the changes that we have made and honestly I am much happier with it and I know there is one part that looks kind of spread apart but I tried everything to fix it but it seems to just not be fixable at this point but cannot really tell but I will try and continue to fix that, might be a site bug with but it could be out of my control but I am sure it has nothing to do with any of the code and I checked time and time again on the code so there is nothing wrong with the code from my back end as it has been checked so many times, my brain hurts but I don't think you guys will really notice much of a difference anyways and nobody has really said anything to me about the gap on there. 

           However, I needed to make these changes to start fitting in newer episodes as I knew when the late spring came, I would be finishing up the prep work for Power Rangers Podcast to get ready to start recording and I had to realize to get this page ready for new releases as I haven't touched the actual page since December of last year so that is definitely 6 months ago to the day of this post being released to you guys, however that is about to soon change with the most recent upload nearly 24 hours from now. I hope you guys enjoy the episode tomorrow and fair warning it is an hour long as we had a ton of content to cover on the episode but we hope you enjoy it and let me know on social media what you think!


Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Power Rangers Podcast Returns Monday!

           With great excitement after 6 months of not recording the podcast, I am not prouder of what was done back on the weekend. It has been a roller coaster of hours or preparation and watching the show has truly paid off. I know I have been asked my not only you guys the fans about the return of the podcast but not only them but my co host, Larry has asked numerous times when is it coming back. With great pleasure and excitement, I am proud to say Power Rangers Podcast is returning this upcoming Monday with the Power Rangers In Space. I have been working on the editing of the podcast, getting ready and once I am done editing, the next step is to actually get the page ready to start releasing the episodes over on the collabs page in the next 2 weeks once a week on the Monday. I am so stoked after the long wait and silence of Larry and I not saying a word as we kind of started to speculate as the months going on during the hiatus that the planning for the return but kept things very hush hush especially to Larry and my alumni and staff as they get insight what is going on before you guys even know. However it is very exciting news and I am beyond excited that I am posting up a new episode next week and got the rest of the week to finish editing the episodes and getting ready for release. I also would like to say I do have an announcement to when the next one is coming out which will be a week Monday but here is what the schedule will look like for the next 2 weeks of this podcast:

Monday, June 10th, 2019: Power Rangers In Space Podcast, 8 pm EST

Monday, June 17th, 2019: Power Rangers Round Table Podcast, 8 pm EST

           The Power Rangers In Space is about an hour long meanwhile the Round Table Podcast is around 20 - 30 minutes long. It really all depends and it varies from episode to episode but you guys are getting content. I honestly cannot wait for you guys to hear both episodes and excited for the future episodes down the road as well and I know 6 months is a long wait but remember that both Larry and I only do this twice a year and it isn't too often we sit down to record these as it does take time to watch the season write notes then type up the notes but I got a plan which I will reveal in time that I may be adding on a 3rd session in 2020 but we will see how the schedule fits as right now I know I renewed my podcast series for a 11th and 12th season and I know more but you will see in a seperate post about that at 2 pm EST.


Saturday, May 25, 2019

Finding It Tough To Focus On The Collaboration Podcast...

               1 week from now, my world will be flipped upside down as both Larry and I will be back together to record Power Rangers Podcast and yes it is finally coming back and I have been hiding the news for quite some time since March and April when I knew we are getting close to the return. When we return it will be near 6 months since we actually recorded the last 2 episodes which is a long time. Honestly since September I kind of knew that January to now would be a crazy schedule so I knew that I needed the hiatus and yes I now admit we were on a hiatus and with the recent studio changes, we are ready to go for this next collaboration and I kind of now do have the time to work on it and this summer I am sure I will have the time to start working on the next 2 for this fall. Anyways I am now off topic to the topic or title of this blog post. I am very distracted from finishing up the notes as right now I am just so eager to record and I have been busy preparing my other podcast's YouTube channel ready for re-launch as it hasn't been on YouTube for almost 3 years so one way or another I have been extremely busy with that but I only have a week to go and the pressure is indeed on!

              So I am struggling but with 1 hour nap and up most of the night as my sleep is the most messed up, I can see how I am struggling but between today and tomorrow I would like to honestly finish it as I am out of the smaller city here into even a bigger city for the day so I will not even be in the studio all day so I will definitely need to complete this in the next 24 hours at the most so I can finally get it done and over with and ready for next weekend as it will be a big weekend for Larry and I with this podcast so I need to refocus myself and get my head back into the game and work hard cause I want to stay on track so I can finish it. Yes I got other things on the list too for after this but my priority is the collaboration. I need to remain focused and confident that I can get this finished before mid week this upcoming week as I do not want to end up delaying the podcast and at the point of waiting till July to record which I promise you it will not happen. I promise you will be seeing content on Twitter and Instagram a week tomorrow which you guys will know it's truly going down and when we know it will be out we will definitely make the announcement when were ready to release.


Monday, March 12, 2018

Chris B On The Web Updates

            Don't think I have been working hard over Friday and the weekend but I have and I got some news about Chris B On The Web with the collaborations that are suppose to happen this year and it has been discussed further between Larry and I and as of June we are aiming for the start for the production of the collaboration but not only a collaboration with a good friend but the start a brand new podcast called The CBOTW Show and will be starting in the summer time but never know it can start sooner but you never know what will happen with this brand new podcast and what projects will come up on the list. Any suggestions for New TV Shows coming out, cover Rosanne maybe? Let me know in the comments below! 

                The next thing is I cannot give you guys a guaranteed the plan for Everything About Reality TV for the summer time but I will keep you guys informed what the plan is. The reason for this is because there might be plans to go on a holiday, either to the East Coast of the USA or flying out to Calgary to see the family so it is kind of hard to confirm what I got planned for the next season of Everything About Reality TV but soon as I know if I am going on a vacation for a week or two, I will let you know what the scheduling will be like for the summer time. If I do go on a holiday, I plan on just covering Amazing Race Canada and sit this one out for Big Brother 20 unless I find someone to fill in for me for BB20 then I could more then likely be able to take some time off but or I would have to actually catch up when I got home as I no longer own a laptop so it makes things extremely hard to record from on the road with. Money surely do not grow on trees and I would love to take a long vacation with family but never know what my parents have up their sleeves!

                  Finally I have been given opportunities for a collaboration but yet I have tried to get things rolling for the collaboration and I didn't get any communication, I want to make this clear if you wish to collaborate with me or some kind of promotional spotlight or interview to promote your content, please tell me what you wish to collaborate as it is hard for me to guess what you would like to do with me in the way of a collab, please communicate with me about it and keep in touch. How can I collaborate when I do not receive an email back from you guys? Please state in the email the reason for the email in the subject and in the main body of the email the more fine details of your request and ideas you have for this collaboration. Thank you for your consideration and just wanted to make it more clearer what you would like to do with me so this way I know. That is about it what I have to update you guys and I hope I was clear on what I said on here.

Have a great afternoon!