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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Getting Frustrated

             YouTube was a bit of a pain in the butt. Was having issues with a "Processing Error" on there and you can understand the frustration and truly my anxiety went through the roof on this. I have been fighting this for a while now. I just want to get these finished so I can move on but I think it's definitely a YouTube issue not me. However we know it is a longer episode, hour and a half long, 1 hour long and 18 minutes long so and the first and third one went up no problem whatsoever so that is really strange.

            But I continued to trying to get it up so you guys get to see this but now I need to try and keep episodes to at least an hour long for the nearby future because I have uploaded an hour podcast on "Entertainment Man Podcasts" YouTube Channel with 0 problems. Just this channel seems to be the problematic issue right now. It does sound like something YouTube related cause Entertainment Man hasn't had a problem in the past! Anyways that is the blog post for today, I thank you for reading and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Friday, April 5, 2024

Post Power Rangers Podcast Check-in!

               Now with Power Rangers done and Power Rangers Podcast now on Hiatus for right now, I feel the sense of relief. I know you are shocked to hear this from me but now that it has wrapped up production I do not know what I will do with my time after editing is completed and I am currently working on it at this moment. It feels weird to not have to do anything now. I can work around other projects, I have a ton of Entertainment Man Podcast episodes I want to write and have done and ready and the list is pretty endless so I'd like to work on that for a while and it's not too much work but something on the list. 

               With being in post production, editing is taking place and we are working hard to get both the video and audio only and excited to be releasing these to you guys soon. I have handed off an episode to Kelsie to help out with the editing process to speed it up so it is ready to go. This is why we moved the Mean Girls Reboot to next week instead so gives us more time to work and edit but I am sure it will be done quickly. We edit at a good speed so it is done. Anyways that is the check-in blog and have a great weekend as Kelsie is doing the end of the week updates and I will talk to you all on Monday!


Thursday, February 29, 2024

Podcasts May Be Stressful but worth the long hours!

               Podcasting may be a lot of work from pre-production to production to post production it is a ton of work. However there is the technical side of the podcasting especially with a certain program named Skype that ChrisBOnTheWeb Media isn't using as a tool for our shows anymore. I will talk further on that on next Wednesday's episode for you guys on the future of guests and interviews with the podcast. Tech issues can happen and it happened on that one day I was suppose to be on a podcast and patience is a virtue when it comes to that especially. 

                So podcasting can be and is very stressful at times and yesterday proved it cause Skype is dead to me, I'm done with it and yes I am showing my frustration with the platform and app. So where am I going with this post? Podcasting is a ton of work both behind the scenes and on the air. Plus updating the software with the proper graphics etc. Then editing the audio for release on Audio Only. However it is worth the long, long hours and I've become accustomed to the long hours and it takes a lot of dedication and time too. I am proud of both podcasts and how far we've gone with the podcast. That is the blog for today, I will talk to you on Monday as Kels is taking over the blog tomorrow so have a great weekend, talk Monday!


Saturday, February 10, 2024

End of The Week Updates [02-10-2024]

             This week has been an emotional week for Chris and he's been dealing with some personal things and being there for his friends which is very important. So that is one of the reasons Wednesday's Entertainment Man Podcast was cancelled and rescheduled to next Wednesday. Which ultimately puts us at 3 podcasts for the week technically. However he is fine with it as he plans to try and record or has recorded today at some point and shouldn't be too long but that will be the start of his little break till Thursday's show, his interview with Med from Shots From The Sidelines but there is no shows scheduled between tomorrow and Wednesday and time to edit and schedule those podcasts too. 

             Chris has also stopped working on the notes for Entertainment Man Podcast and do not worry, he has enough show topics ready to go regardless. He wants to start working on Dino Fury as of Sunday or Monday so it is ready to go. I am helping him as much as possible with the editing and learning some new skills this weekend. He is taking a shot at finishing both seasons by end of next weekend, done finished, completed so the week him and Larry record, he finishes up with Cosmic Fury the FINAL episode so he can start working on the movie collab with Izac. Those are the updates and I hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend and I will speak to you at the end of next week on Saturday as we are OFFICIALLY doing 6 blogs a week now. Chris will explain on Monday but talk Saturday!


Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Got So Many Ideas for Both Podcasts!

            Both Entertainment Man Podcast and The CBOTW Show, I've got so many topics and shows to cover that will take up weeks of content. I've never seen so many ideas in a short time and most of these ideas are stemming from recording actual episodes of Entertainment Man Podcast which is odd that all the ideas come from me talking about things I mention on the episodes and the ideas continue to pile on up and the more ideas the better. Least I have something to talk about while I am booking more interviews as those have not happened yet but now open to interviews on my podcast and I've been open about getting back into interviews. 

             Now The CBOTW Show, the ideas are coming basically from Instagram especially The Simpsons and there is accounts that post up clips from the show, always stem the idea, ooooh I should do an episode about this episode of The Simpsons, hence the reason why The Simpsons has become a thing on The CBOTW Show and I think you guys have enjoyed The Simpsons content. Plenty more to come between now and Power Rangers Podcasts being posted up. I will do a blog tomorrow about this but that is the post for today, as always I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Taking Podcasting To The Next Level 2024!

            2024 will be a year of massive growth for both of the podcasts and that is what I want to talk about today:

Entertainment Man Podcast: A regular staple on here on ChrisBOnTheWeb Media and 2024 you will be seeing interviews live on the podcasts YouTube Channel. I know what about the topics if there isn't an interview that will be posted and more then likely premiered as I have been doing over the last almost 2 years now unless I am not available to be there in person for it. Also the Wednesday bonus episodes was originally going to be going all video but changed my mind due to the fact you never know what day interviews can pop up. I know it sounds a bit confusing but I have to be flexible for guests and the fact you guys love that I go live for these interviews and something I have made the decision to actually go live for those. 

The CBOTW Show: Has started to become popular and never thought we'd already be at EP 22 at this moment even tho that many hasn't yet been released and working on some at the moment. Anyways 2024, hopefully we will be seeing some collaborations on The CBOTW Show both with me and as a solo guest. Kelsie has been working on a form for potential guests to put out their ideas for a show. This can really open up the doors for potentially even more permanent hosts down the road.

         So 2024 definitely does look promising for both podcasts and excited for this big plan. I have 2 offers in collaborations already waiting to be scheduled in 2024 plus Larry and I need to finish up Power Rangers but after that our world is our Oyster. Anyways that is the post for today I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Saturday, December 2, 2023

Entertainment Man, The CBOTW Show & YouTube...

             I know there has been once again a lot of questions regarding both podcasts, Entertainment Man Podcast & The CBOTW Show. First Entertainment Man, that is going nowhere on any platform, the plan is to continue on with YouTube and Audio ONLY, I started on there and I by golly I am going to finish on there. Those on the private Facebook group which is a thing, I've spoken about that I was questioning the platform with the ads but I do not even have to worry about that as the YouTube channel is not even earning ads right now as we would need 500 subscribers to do so. But it's more frustrating watching other channels with ads but I'll have to get use to it.

              The CBOTW Show has been the talk about having a YouTube channel and I can be straight up with you, there isn't plans as of right now. Larry and I talked about it but nothing else since then has been stated that we'd go that route. We've been focusing on getting Power Rangers done finally after a very long 5.5 years of doing those podcasts together we are ready to move on with other TV Shows for 2024 so I have been working long hours to getting it done and finished plus Christmas content and what not. So I am swamped with work right now and the next several days will be hectic for me indeed plus editing the Happy Gilmore podcast next weekend as well. Anyways that is all I have to say on the subject.  Have a great rest of your weekend and talk on Monday.


Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Let's Talk YouTube!

            YouTube has become a pivotal part of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media and The Video Projects Team for almost 18 years now on the history of both group and company. I know I've been asked what's next for us YouTube wise well we don't really know honestly. Probably end up taking another break from the platform again but yet we do not know what the heck is going on yet. We've not reached that point we are happy where we're at this moment. 

           However I've spoken about bringing The CBOTW Show to YouTube as well but it seems to not be a thing not right now as it isn't the right and place for Larry and I to do The CBOTW Show on YouTube as it is not in the cards right now. So nothing is really set in stone at this moment. However I am willing to explore the option for The CBOTW Show or any other podcast down the road but right now I want to focus on Entertainment Man Podcast on both Video and Audio ONLY and The CBOTW Show on Audio ONLY. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


Monday, November 6, 2023

Officially on the New Schedule!

            After last week was an appalling mess in schedule, I start this week with a fresh mind and aspect to what needs to be done this week. One of those things being Power Rangers and already between 5 and 10 episodes completed now. I hope to finish it all of it up by tomorrow so Wednesday, I can start the next season and finish it by Saturday so this way I can start typing to really push the 23rd actually happening. This week I have a lot more time on my hands minus Tuesday, possibly Wednesday and indefinitely Thursday, but between Tuesday and Wednesday I will have time to work on things before my outing for the days. Thursday I will be out of studio at an event in Toronto. 

             I will talk more about that tomorrow on the blog. However this week starts a brand new week with phase 1 with the new schedule for blogs & podcasts. As I said last week blogs and Entertainment Man Podcast are on the normal days but Entertainment Man's bonus episodes are moving a day back to Wednesdays @ 1 pm ET. Now as you guys remember when we brought The CBOTW Show it was on two different days, one day on my own (Tuesdays) and the other one with Larry (On Friday's) I know this means him and I will be rotating weeks, there will be weeks I'm not alone while maintaining a every 2nd week schedule? That's going to be quite a handful I know. However it will be easier as we continue to progress and post to our new schedule. Anyways thanks for reading the blog today and I will as always talk to you tomorrow!


Thursday, October 19, 2023

Ideas are flowing right now!

               There is so much going on in my head right now. I mean idea after idea keeping coming. Monday proved it. I mean I was getting ideas up the Ying yang. Which is good though. I want to have as many ideas as possible because with Entertainment Man Podcast it's all about longevity, I want it around as long as I possibly can and it will be around for a long time, don't worry. I am working all the time on brand new ideas and the list keeps going on and on and right now I am writing new episodes that could take me to the end of the year at least saving what I had for next year.

              The CBOTW Show is starting to shape up. I have been getting ideas and a week tomorrow please expect an additional Halloween podcast and it's not a movie it's from a very, very popular series called "The Simpsons" and it is from one of their Halloween episodes where Homer eats the forbidden donut. I have to dig into that today at some point so I know exactly what season it is. Anyways that is the blog post for today, have a great weekend as Mark will be taking over the blog for tomorrow's usual end of the week updates and I will talk to you all on Monday!


Friday, September 29, 2023

End of The Week Updates [09-29-2023]

               Another crazy week has concluded and first big update is Chris is no longer doing end of the week updates and I will be taking over the reigns each and every week to lower down the stress levels he is going through. He's been extremely busy with both Entertainment Man Podcast and The CBOTW Show plus getting Power Rangers underway he's just been super, super busy behind the scenes. Yes he has been online along with myself and even Larry are working non stop to get things done. 

             The Discord Team has been keeping an eye on things while our team have been working constantly behind the scenes as Chris stated it is all hands on deck right now as both Chris and Larry want to finish up Power Rangers so they can prepare to finish up with Season 30 in 2024 as that is the plan. I know in January, Chris is preparing to work on Ghostwriter series from the 1990's as a nostalgia for both Chris and Larry growing up. So again, it is all hands on deck, we have Power Rangers wrapping up, 10th anniversary planning going on. Filming 5 min segments from The Entertainment Man Talk Show, so we are a very busy team. That is the updates for today, did them a bit different from how Chris does it. Have a great weekend and I will talk to you at the end of next week!


Tuesday, August 29, 2023

I'm Recording My 500th Episode as a Podcaster!

              Tomorrow I will be recording my 500th episode of the podcast and what an amazing podcast to pay homage to the last 500 episodes I have done whether it was Reality TV, Entertainment Man or The CBOTW Show. It has been such an amazing last 500 and I never thought I would get to this moment where I would be celebrating 500 episodes as a podcaster. The next big moment will be the 1000th episode then 5000 but I am getting a little ahead of myself.

             I have you guys to thank for supporting me the last 8 years since starting this podcasting and it has been such an amazing adventure for me! I have learned so much as a podcaster and you probably will hear this for me but either way I cannot wait for you guys to hear this episode of the podcast, was a great one that I did and yes it will be premiered this weekend as I promised that I would do a premiere this weekend. But for right now that is the post for today and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


Friday, August 4, 2023

End of The Week Updates [08-04-2023]

            Another week has gone by and time for an end of the week updates and boy I have a few bunch of updates to give you all:

Entertainment Man Podcast:  After a very busy week, grinding on TikToks and YouTube shorts, the interview, I have wrapped up everything on YouTube for the upcoming interview which I am very excited for you guys to hear. The TikToks and YouTube videos will be out next week Tuesday or Wednesday to get the word out about the episode. Still working on notes for future podcasts that is next on my list right now. 

The CBOTW Show: I know it has been on the back of everyone's mind to when will the Power Rangers Movies we recorded just recently in the last week. Well after I've slightly started to edit but was delayed it will be up a week from now and should give me enough time to edit the episodes and start uploading the Audio ONLY to The CBOTW Show feeds. 

Discord: The server has been pretty quiet since the drama a week ago and just a friendly reminder that drama, disrespect will not be tolerated whatsoever. You will be removed from the community Discord if it continues.

          Anyways those are the updates for this week, hope you have a wonderful weekend. Be sure to be on the lookout for a stream tomorrow. I did a test stream today but I will talk to you all on Monday for another week of blogs!


Thursday, July 20, 2023

Shows The CBOTW Show Will Cover (Current and Upcoming)

           The CBOTW Show is going through a lot of decisions and I have come to one that Reality TV will not be in the list as I have stated in the past I am retired but you can see other shows/Movies such as:

- Power Rangers (W/ Larry, Current)

- Full House (Just me, Tuesday, August 1st, 2023)

- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie (W/ Larry, TBA)

- Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (W/ Larry, TBA)

- Power Rangers The Movie [2017] (W/ Larry, TBA)

          Shows that are upcoming in the next year and several months: 

- Ghostwriter (W/ Larry, January 2025)

          Movies Larry and I or just on my own want to cover:

- Home Alone 1 & 2 (W/ Larry, December 2023)

           That is just the start as we have a very long list we'd like to go through eventually. However this is just a starting point of these podcasts and excited to what we have in stored for you guys as we progress with this podcast. I will talk to you all tomorrow for another post. 



Tuesday, June 6, 2023

The CBOTW Show Keeps Being Added!

              Already posted the platforms but I wanna talk about this: Because not within a hour or so the podcast started to flourish already onto other platforms! Which is incredible and one of them being GoodPods which they actually follow me on Twitter so they've seen my updates on the preparation of the merge so they knew it was coming so big thank you to them for picking it up. Already claimed it on the app I was quick to getting it. 

            Now I have added the podcast to two platforms: First one is obviously iTunes which had to go through a lot of hoops and fences to get it on there. Meaning they had to process the feed then the image was not the right size so I have to resize that to 1400x1400 but I should know the requirements for that, been on iTunes for a long time now and should of known better but am on there. Also added the podcast to Spotify too so it is on there as well. Other platforms include Podparadise, Podbean. So we are underway with bringing the podcast back up and running and it will expand over time I'm sure. I will talk to you all tomorrow for another blog post. 


Friday, June 2, 2023

End of The Week Updates [06-02-2023]

            Another week has come to a close and time for some updates:

Sad News: This week we got some sad news that Sophie has passed away. CBOTW Team hasn't been really around since the news broke and we are sorry but we are all affected by this news. I made a Past Team page of the former team members in her memory and she will be up on there. Will talk about that shortly.

Team Page:  I have updated the team page, still had Sophie on there listed and it will be some time till I am ready to update it as I am still struggling with this news but I am on leave from the day to day operations of ChrisBOnTheWeb so I haven't been too active in the day to day.

Past Team Page: As I said before, there is an Past Team page and was worked on this morning and is officially now up here on the website. I couldn't add everyone and there has been people who have done me wrong in the past has not been listed on there. It is my decision in the end. 

Power Rangers Collab ends tomorrow: Tomorrow ends the 5 year run of Power Rangers Collab, this week has been me wrapping up that and as I have said before, the page will remain up till June 30th then will be archived under the Podcast Archives page. 

The CBOTW Show:  The transition to The CBOTW Show has begun and as I am working on the podcast under the name, I am excited for the future of these podcasts. 

         Those are the updates, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and remember that the 5th anniversary is going up on both Power Rangers Collab (for the final time) and The CBOTW Show (for the first time) at 1 pm EDT. I will be away all day but be sure to be on the lookout for it! I will talk to you all Monday!


Monday, May 29, 2023

Started To Make Big Decisions With The CBOTW Show!

           With The CBOTW Show now in the works again, I have made a decision with the podcast, there will be 2 major things I will be working on:

Power Rangers: Will be continuing on with the series even if we need to drag it into the fall if worst comes to worst. However continuing to work on this journey either way. 

Movies: Will talk about movies, that I enjoy watching. I already have Dumb and Dumber movies cued up to work on once I finish up Beast Morphers and Dino Fury so look at an August release at the most when things settle down.

TV Shows: Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada are two that I would like to cover and it is unsure but by June/end of June I should know further what I am planning and how it will work with my vacation moving forward.

              Those are the few things to get the podcast going and will try and get something out weekly, For right now I am focusing on Power Rangers stuff to get it finished and done then by June/July take it to the next step and this summer will be a summer of content but I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Power Rangers Collab and The CBOTW Show Are Merging Now

             Title doesn't lie, I made the decision to merge the two podcasts together now! As of last week, I made the conscious decision to bring the two today, to lower down the stress that I have been carrying for the last while. The last episode under Power Rangers Collab will be June 3rd which is our 5th anniversary and it will also be the first episode on The CBOTW Show as well which is very exciting stuff too. Then from here on out it will be on The CBOTW Show Audio ONLY feeds only and of course here on Power Rangers Collab will be moved to archives as of July 1st to make room for The CBOTW Show but it can be found on

                  Also Power Rangers Collab Hashtag will no longer be monitored on Social Media as we will be focusing on #TheCBOTWShow & of course #EntertainmentManPod on Social Medias out there. So expect the change to happen and happen fast. It is going to be fast as the roadrunner and I am honestly excited for the change. I am going to be doing a little presentation video as I am presenting something Larry which is the poster that has been pinned to the cork board for the 5 years which is autographed for me. Either way exciting and that is the post for today, I will speak to you all tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Collaboration Podcasts Will be Ending Eventually...

            The title doesn't lie the collaboration podcasts will eventually be ending, including whenever Power Rangers Collab wraps up cause it sounds there will be no more season beyond season 30 but most part any collaboration that is about a TV Show will be all on The CBOTW Show and will be absorbed by that eventually. There could be a possibility that any future Power Rangers Collab could be merged but that has not been discussed between Larry and I as of yet. 

            Even if the collabs end there is The CBOTW Show will absorb your dose of TV and Movie talk as that is what the plan is. Now when is this change taking affect, we do not know. When Power Rangers slows down to a point there is no seasons and yes there has been talks this upcoming season is their last season but you never know with them honestly. Could continue. But as I said, possibly Larry and I could merge PR Collab with The CBOTW Show fully after season 30, retiring the other name of the podcast all together. I should know more by Friday as I do want to talk to him about that more so End of the Week Updates you will know the future of that for sure. Anyways that is my post for today, will talk to you all tomorrow.


Friday, March 3, 2023

Things Are Going Back To Normal, Slowly

             As you know the past week has been difficult and still is even to this moment as still side effects but I plan on recording a podcast this weekend for you guys so this weekend so there is so sort of normalcy and if I was deeply sick like I was there wouldn't but DO EXPECT an episode and I will try and explain what happened. 

            Now I am recording and planning to edit about half of the podcast today, the other half tomorrow so I am splitting up the workload but will be done and the time between the studio and my room I am taking extra time to rest if I need to rest and yesterday spent about an hour in the studio and why the blogs are shorter this week but I do not want to over do things. So it will be a slow process getting back to normal and getting my strength back but please patient. I hope you guys enjoy the episode I recorded today for you on Sunday and I will be premiering it and watching it and answering any questions you may have but that is the post for today, have a great weekend and I will talk to you all on Monday.