Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Shows & Movies I Want To Watch This Summer!

              On the theme of TV Shows besides Big Brother 25, here are a list of movies and TV Shows I want to see:

Amazing Race Canada: As I have spoken about covering the show on The CBOTW Show and mostly sure I will be covering it on my podcast. 

America's Got Talent: As always it is a tradition for both my mom and I to watch and love love this song especially the banter between Howie and Simon, ha ha!

Masterchef: Another one of my favourites with my mom and I watch every summer and with the way the Jays are playing we are probably will have a ton of time to watch. 

Gordon Ramsey's Food Stars: A new show which I do not know a lot about but look forward to this new show, any Gordon Ramsey we love.

Now Movies:

Indiana Jones: Destiny of The Dial: I look forward to the final movie of the franchise after just over 40 years of the franchise I cannot wait to see what this adventure entails. To hear the theme song one last time unless I watch the movies later. 

Transformers: Rise of The Beasts: I saw a few of the other movies and is on my list to watch but with my busy schedule may have to wait till it comes out on DVD but I do want to see this movie.

           There is my list I know it's long but I think that I will get done for most on my list maybe minus one isn't realistic but least its on the list. I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Big Brother 25 Chat

           As Big Brother Canada has now come to a close few weeks back on May 11th, now the focus is on Big Brother 25 in the USA. Now I've heard and I'm sure everyone has heard there are now rumours it will be starting in August. As a fan not the Reality TV podcaster I once was I know this may have to do with the writers strike but again it's a Reality TV show, how much writing in there involved, minus the competitions they do, Head of Household, Power of Veto, etc. 

         However there is a storyline in the game of Big Brother and still it's a show and there is a lot of things that go behind the show. This has happened before with BB10, Dan's season that he won in season 10. That was aired in the winter the last time and this is probably going to be the same situation. Also I should mention on here the time frame for the season is August to November what I heard of.  So I do believe it but we will have to wait and see. Excited what this season brings but there has been a lot of promos on TV so their already advertising it so I cannot wait to find out when it will air. That is the post, thank you for continuously reading my posts every day, Monday - Fridays, sometimes on Saturdays and I will talk to you all tomorrow. 



Monday, May 29, 2023

Started To Make Big Decisions With The CBOTW Show!

           With The CBOTW Show now in the works again, I have made a decision with the podcast, there will be 2 major things I will be working on:

Power Rangers: Will be continuing on with the series even if we need to drag it into the fall if worst comes to worst. However continuing to work on this journey either way. 

Movies: Will talk about movies, that I enjoy watching. I already have Dumb and Dumber movies cued up to work on once I finish up Beast Morphers and Dino Fury so look at an August release at the most when things settle down.

TV Shows: Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada are two that I would like to cover and it is unsure but by June/end of June I should know further what I am planning and how it will work with my vacation moving forward.

              Those are the few things to get the podcast going and will try and get something out weekly, For right now I am focusing on Power Rangers stuff to get it finished and done then by June/July take it to the next step and this summer will be a summer of content but I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


Friday, May 26, 2023

End of The Week Updates [05-26-2023]

           Well another week or weeks has gone by and MAJOR changes to ChrisBOnTheWeb has happened over the last few weeks after I returned home 2 weeks ago but here is the updates:

Website Changes: As you probably noticed the colour scheme has changed to the original yellow, white, light blue with the black background. Even the menu bar has changed and as you navigate over the pages on the menu it goes navy blue with the white text which looks really sleek and cool. Big shoutout to Jim for the idea to put a little memory of the old colours we just change to. 

Discord Changes: As you know the Discord has been put under a ton of changes from the removal of Moderators to it returning cause of concern of trolls on the server if my team or myself are not around including my Admin as well. I have removed the polls due to the bot removed the module for the polls. Power Rangers Collab will be removed on July 1st from the channels on the server all together. VIPs been reset up and removed numerous times and now gone probably forever.

Entertainment Man Podcast: With me now back to work and trying to get content done, I am ready to go with interviews and the email is under the contact, please make sure to use and serious requests as I have interviews cancelled on me and not rescheduled. It is frustrating for me as the Exec Producer/Host.

           Those are the updates and I told you there was a dandy amount of updates this week with this being the first week with end of the week updates for the first time in weeks since I have done one. Have a great weekend and I will speak to you all on Monday!


Thursday, May 25, 2023

Going To Take Time To Re-Adjust To Things!

             I am having the podcast blues right now and it is because I am going to miss Power Rangers Collab. I had this same situation with The Entertainment Man Talk Show ended at the end of June 2016. I am back in those shoes where it will take time to re-adjust and it is not like Power Rangers isn't going anywhere, him and I still have to finish Seasons, 24 & 25; 26 & 27; 28 & 29 but it will be under The CBOTW Show name instead of the collaboration podcast name so just a slight difference in names that's all. 

             I did this to de-stress myself as I have been under a huge amount of stress lately getting it done and I just had to unload a bit of that stress with the amount of workload I had on my plate. I am getting better with change and change wasn't easy with me especially in 2016 but now I am going to take the time to just deal with it all and move on and try and deal with it and kind of why some nights you have seen tweets and posts from me at an odd time of the night at times. Anyways I'll be fine, I just have to remember the good times and the future that Larry and I have planned out for our podcasts. So that is the post for today, I will speak to you all tomorrow!


Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Power Rangers Collab and The CBOTW Show Are Merging Now

             Title doesn't lie, I made the decision to merge the two podcasts together now! As of last week, I made the conscious decision to bring the two today, to lower down the stress that I have been carrying for the last while. The last episode under Power Rangers Collab will be June 3rd which is our 5th anniversary and it will also be the first episode on The CBOTW Show as well which is very exciting stuff too. Then from here on out it will be on The CBOTW Show Audio ONLY feeds only and of course here on Power Rangers Collab will be moved to archives as of July 1st to make room for The CBOTW Show but it can be found on

                  Also Power Rangers Collab Hashtag will no longer be monitored on Social Media as we will be focusing on #TheCBOTWShow & of course #EntertainmentManPod on Social Medias out there. So expect the change to happen and happen fast. It is going to be fast as the roadrunner and I am honestly excited for the change. I am going to be doing a little presentation video as I am presenting something Larry which is the poster that has been pinned to the cork board for the 5 years which is autographed for me. Either way exciting and that is the post for today, I will speak to you all tomorrow.


Tuesday, May 23, 2023

The Entertainment Man Talk Show started 15 years ago....

             The Entertainment Man Talk Show which was the inspiration behind Entertainment Man Podcast, well the beloved web series would of been 15 years old today, if it was still running this long but I know it would of only ran for 10 years and 10 years only. I had the plan etched in the back of my mind that I would be doing the series till June 2018 weeks after the 10th anniversary of the series, whether it was with The Video Projects Team or ChrisBOnTheWeb alone, it wasn't seeing 15 years, no way in heck it would of happened but still it ran 8 uber long years, still a good run for a series that only ran 6 seasons with a 2 year break between seasons 3 and 4.

            I still hold this series, near and dear to my heart even if the series ended the way it did in 2016 and it wasn't a nice ending. I know Larry and I touched based on that on the "catching up with Larry" episode of Entertainment Man Podcast which he is a regular visit almost yearly minus he wasn't on last year for some strange reason and it will be going up on Audio ONLY on a bonus episode due to the video version being scrapped cause of the bad microphone issues. Either way it will be a must listen to on June 1st, 2023 @ 1 pm EDT.  I know I have touched in the past about stuff and various things and at this point dried out of content from the past so I am moving on with other stuff but it is a series I will never forget, even with the memorable locations Town Hall of 1873, York-Durham Railway, the laughs on set and much more. I am forever proud of the work we did even if we got hate towards the end, I am proud of my former team. That is today's post, I will speak to you all tomorrow!


Monday, May 22, 2023

I'm Back In The Saddle!

           Well I am back in the saddle after being away from doing fresh blogs for you guys. It has been a busy, emotional last few weeks and now I am in the healing stage and yes literally healing stage. For those who didn't know, I ended up having a freak accident by cutting my hand with glass where you could see my tendon in my hand which isn't very good whatsoever. So I was in the hospital a week ago to get stitches. Tomorrow I'm getting those stitches out of my hand hopefully it's healed enough for it but I think it is. 

           Also the last week where all blogs and podcasts have been done and finished, well I had a hard time taking notes for The CBOTW Show which I know I have to explain at the end of the week cause a lot has happened since getting back here. I will talk more about that at the end of the week. Trip was good got there safely, despite we had to take off and go for a second time around for final approach. Coming back we went south of Toronto Island and Billy Bishop Airport aka Toronto Island Airport. Took us a while to get home afterwards. Also got myself a Quebec key chain, Montreal Expos hat and a Quebec hoodie. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow. 



Friday, May 19, 2023

End of The Week Updates Return Next Week!

             I decided against the end of the week updates cause honestly, I don't think I was very active with content that much. I am mostly been upstairs lately. Been working on the collab but starting this weekend I am getting back into the studio to type up the notes if it isn't done. I am gearing up to work on Beast Morphers pretty quick as time is ticking and need to get it done by mid June so we can record at the end of June to be one step further to the finish line. 

            That is what's just on my mind right now, I have the end game in my mind. Once we are finished, excuse me I have to say we as Larry is as much of a part of the podcast as I am but right now a lot of my focus is on the collab and getting done all 29 seasons in preparation for Season 30 as well. That is pretty much all I have to say right now but be prepared for all content to go back to normal next week and back to the grind. I am sure I will be energized and ready to go. That is the post for this week and little side note there will be a premiere this weekend of the next episode of Entertainment Man Podcast, I will be available so have a great weekend and see you all Sunday for the premiere of the podcast and I will be back on the blog on Monday!     




Thursday, May 18, 2023

What Will I Do With My Extra Time After July?

               The question is what will I do with my extra time? Well while I wait for Season 30 to be released each week, I will be probably start typing up notes for Entertainment Man Podcast to prepare for the future of the podcast. I have well over 100 ideas for the podcast and will work on it. Other then that, I probably will end up just relaxing and spending time with my friends and family a ton. 

                  I have no plans to work on future podcasts till 2024 as I have mentioned to Larry I'd like to spend a year or so working on a future collab ahead of schedule so all we need to do is record, edit and post. However this will probably not happen till 2024. Like I've said in the past The CBOTW Show isn't going to be happening till Power Rangers Collab wraps up with season 30 and we officially make the jump over to that podcast. I'm sure there will be some kind of special moment on the final episode to recognize you guys for always tuning in but for right now, I will have a ton of extra time on my hands and nothing to do and that is OK honestly I can use this extra time to de-stress and just focus on my regular podcast. I will stay in touch with Larry and I know him and I will be hanging out a ton and he will be in the loop when we return to recording together again. Hopefully it isn't a long hiatus before we get back into the swing of things. That is the post today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Wednesday, May 17, 2023

I Admit I've Been Stressed and Depressed...

            As you saw yesterday, I was a bit of stressed but also my depression has been bad since my grandma passed things have been all over the place and the fact I am now opening up a little over 2 months later, I couldn't hide the truth why sometimes, I have been either quiet or going off about stuff and to be honest I should of said something sooner not hide it by having my Community Manager stalling things for me and just telling you guys I needed space right now as I am doing personal things right now. That is the personal things going on with me right now. It will take some time for me to heal but I just need this drama to end as I cannot always be around, there is content to do and what not. 

               Not only that, trying to keep up with Power Rangers Collab hasn't been the best something always came up where I am unable to work on it. I have been trying and I want to get it done and finished by the end of July and why the schedule has been shifted about numerous times but we're getting there. As you know the anniversaries came first before anything else then June and so forth. Anyways that is what has been going on with me and the truth is out and for now on there will be an open door policy moving forward. I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Why Did The Group Disappeared?

            As you guys probably knew, we had a private Facebook group and I said had very lightly as it is no longer there on the website. This was because of the non sense drama that went on with the group, time and time again and people blocking me, the fan page and my staff. That is a little much to deal with in general. I am very, very annoyed and just the start of problems in this community. I am just fed up of the drama on top of having staff walk out and quit on me. You can see why I am starting to take away things. 

             Plus still dealing with the loss of my grandma, I do not need this garbage from people. I am not naming names but they know they are. I am just going to start blocking banning at this point. I know Jim and Larry have my back, along as my Admin and Moderators and the members of the new Discord server which you can now find it on the right hand side with the blue and white logo at the far right of all four logos that looks like it has two eyes but either way it is an open community but drama free. There are rules to follow. That is my rant post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Monday, May 15, 2023

Getting Back To Normal Schedule

             This week, getting back into sort of a normal routine after a busy, emotional week. I cannot promise everything will return right away like today but give me till Wednesday or Thursday and then things should be back to normal by then. As you know I have been busy with personal things recently and not made much time for work but doing smaller things on a smaller scale for ChrisBOnTheWeb and the last month almost 2 months, my Community Manager Jim has been filling in on updates and posts.

            Also this means I haven't really been active on streams and hope to get back to them a week Saturday as I have been away from them for quite sometime now. I need to get back into a routine and I am not going much further when it comes to travelling wise and am home for the most part now. This week I want to continue to work on seasons and inch us closer to the finish line of the collab so we can officially be down to only 2 podcasts not 3 as we have a lot on the go even though The CBOTW Show isn't currently active at this moment. Anyways this will be an interesting week and I will as always talk to you all tomorrow.


Friday, May 12, 2023

How Many Topics Do I Have for the Podcast?

            So you probably wondering how many topics I have for Entertainment Man Podcast? I have well over 100 topics for ideas and ended up with more then I could chew but that's OK, I am happy to say the podcast is going to be sticking around for a while longer. The more interviews it just extends the topics I have which is wonderful news honestly. It is just a regular routine for me with the interviews and there has been weeks where I had a ton of em. 

          However with extra time, I do the topics and really wanna dive into them a bit more and I want to make the time and an idea has come to me but I have well over 100 different ideas. This comes from conversations I have had with you whether it was in DM's or comments on Social Media or through the interviews I am always got some new ideas that keeps this podcast fresh and always different on the episodes I do topics. So there is your answer, as always I will talk to you all on Monday, have a great weekend!


Thursday, May 11, 2023

New Studio Looks Great!

             Now a little over a month or 2 now, the CBOTW Studio is busier then ever with two desks and now 2 computers in the studio itself. It is a very busy and hectic studio space with the limited space but it is a good busy space and I have been going back and forth from the new computer to the old one for certain things like editing the video side of things of the podcast to typing and creating notes for podcasts on Microsoft Word. My vision for this studio is exactly what I was thinking when I envisioned this.

              But about minus a few things such as the desk is half on the rug and the stool is hard to move around at times. However there is only certain space in here we can use and I do not want to take up Larry's or the guest mic space whatsoever and there can be room for a shift in the main desk possibly and moving it right a tiny bit so my big chair doesn't bang or the other idea was to get rid of the side wheelie desk perhaps and move my grandmas desk over a foot but not sure if that will work much so for now I am leaving everything as it is for now. Anyways that is the post for today I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Won't be Playing on My Minecraft Server Much Anymore...

               The title doesn't lie cause I will not be playing much on my Minecraft server anymore as I am out of ideas and the world has just become way to big at this point but you never know I may end up logging back into it down the road who the heck knows. There is only so much you really can do in the world to be quite honest and I have thought about an underground railway but this means aligning it with the current and it would have to go under the house itself meaning my house so that has been scrapped all together. So I'm not sure what I'll honestly do with the game moving forward.

                 I may try modded world single player perhaps or really get into the Lunar Client some more see what I can actually do in that game. I am just discovering things and started to explore underground. Not exactly sure the purpose of the game right now and it is a stripped down of the normal vanilla Minecraft as it doesn't have certain things like netherrack and I do not even know if it has a Nether portal and this is all things I truly need to discover but I want to upgrade the house at some point to cobblestone at the most but need the materials to do that. So that is the post and what I am planning with the game in the future but I think I am going to not play it as much and focus on other games in the meantime. As always I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Entertainment Man Podcast will be the Last YouTube Channel I Have EVER!

              As you know I have had my issues with platform and I have made a very crucial decision that Entertainment Man Podcast will be the last channel that ChrisBOnTheWeb has cause I do not like what they've been doing and I talked about it on a podcast but the door is closing on me being involved on the platform that makes you verify links for every upload you do and ends up being denied. I have reached out numerous times and just the same answer yet they were going to look into it but nothing. 

             My decision is final and if I need to do video down the road, it'd be elsewhere honestly but any other projects, it will remain on Audio ONLY and that is the goal from here on besides Entertainment Man, I mean other podcasts like The CBOTW Show will be Audio ONLY, here on, iTunes, Spotify, Castbox,, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music and so forth. I think I am starting to turn back to focusing on this website more then anything else. If Entertainment Man was to stop which there is no plans to stop at this point, but if it was to the YouTube Page would probably be taken down on the website down the road, just saying but again no plans to end my beloved Entertainment Man Podcast, it is here to stay. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Monday, May 8, 2023

This Week I Am Away For a Few Days...

              This week I will be away for a few days on a personal matter with my family that week so I am preparing blogs for 2 weeks so this way when I am away posts will continue and I am only gone from May 9th - 11th. So that isn't too bad but the only thing that will be changing is the end of the week blog posts as that will be not happening this week whatsoever. I will be away for 3 days and not available I wanna make sure you guys are getting some kind of post done.

             Please do respect my privacy at this time while I am away, once I am back I will be back to recording for you guys and creating blogs and what not but for now I am with family and dealing with personal things right now. I am glad I wrote this blog in advance and as for the podcast it is just normal topic episodes while I am doing personal things so interviews were not booked during the 2 weeks that I blocked off as I am doing personal things right now. Anyways that is the post, will talk to you tomorrow on the next blog post.


Friday, May 5, 2023

End of The Week Updates [05-05-2023]

           Another week has come to an end time for the final end of the week updates for a few weeks as I will be extremely busy with family but here is the updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: There will be no premiere this weekend, May 7th, No premieres on May 14th as well as I will be busy with the family at that time. However there will be a premiere on May 21st, 2023 for the first time in probably a month since having one last or close to it.

The CBOTW Show: There will be a pop up episode to celebrate the podcasts 5th anniversary and will be the first episode in a long time since an episode under this name has been posted up for me. Then the podcast will be silent till end of 2024 early 2025 when we pop back up again as it will be more on a regular schedule for Larry and I. 

Discord Updates: With the server, as you probably noticed there is another yellow name that's been added to my "Team." I have welcomed Chloe who is the sister of my Community Manager Sophie back to the team on a temporary basis for right now to help us with the graphical end for the 10th anniversary next year, so we welcome her back with open arms.

          Anyways those are the updates for the week, I will not be around much the next few weeks, but my Team will always be around if you may have questions I will be back with new blogs a 2 weeks Monday but don't worry I have written a bunch of posts for the next two weeks between Monday and Friday. There will be no "End of The Week Updates" whatsoever but enjoy what I have written and I will be back soon.


Thursday, May 4, 2023

Today was Suppose to be a Review....

          Today was suppose to be a review but cause of the weather, had to cancel the review till another day. Honestly I am sick of this rainy weather. I know it is that time of the year especially with it now spring time. I was honestly looking forward to a slice of Pizza but today opens up to Larry and I having pizza here with one of our frozen Pizzas we have which is good. Either way I had pizza regardless of it was yesterday. Nothing wrong with comfort food once and a while. 

            So tomorrow marks the second last blog post for a while as I will be away next week for 3 days I'll be sure to make it up for the Pizza Munno later on this month, early June at the most but I do wanna try it out and I promise you guys that I will indeed get to that review but for right now, I made this post to just explain myself why there was no review and honestly you guys didn't know about this. Actually this was written in case the Pizza plans didn't pan out for yesterday due to the weather. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow. 




Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Gaming Updates [05-03-2023]

              I have several of gaming updates to give you guys. I thought since now gaming blogs are very sporadic like monthly to every 2 months, it is just time for an update at the moment:

Minecraft:  I have completed the village where that apartment building that kept hindering problems with the build. Also took out the basketball court and built it on the backside of the studio Office Building that is built. Now I am working on lighting in the arena which the basketball court is now removed while I do the relighting of the arena to brighten it up. Also I plan on working on the baseball stadium too to brighten up the stadium there too. I have a couple of ideas! After that, probably will not be playing much after that. 

GTA 5: Since GTA 4 crashed the file of the saved files of both with Roman and Nico & The Lost MC expansion, I have jumped back into GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto 5) Just completed the huge jewellery store heist on the game and now playing with Trevor which he's one crazy person in the game one of my faves honestly. 

Luck Be The Landlord:  Well, I am now at level 9 out of 12 and getting closer and close to the end of the first floor. Still grinding on the game either way.

            Those are the gaming updates, the next one, I do not know what the plan is moving forward with gaming updates, might be a month, may be 2 months till the next one who knows honestly. That is the post and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Will I Be Booking Interviews While I'm Busy?

              The question that I am sure you guys are asking will I be booking  while I am busy and the answer is NO, I will not be. Because I would need to take the time to come up with questions, get Skype video setup and other things that involve me being at the computer. I am going to be just super busy with family and the 21st I am happy to announce something this week's final end of the week updates for a few weeks time. You have to wait till end of the week. 

              So I am slowing down and already turned on my availability on Matchmaker to unavailable as I am winding down on interviews for right now. However, if you email we are more then happily able to direct you to the Calendly and book for the week of May 21st which is the date I plan on doing interviews again as I will be coming off of my hiatus for the few weeks that I am not going to be available for. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


Monday, May 1, 2023

The Busy Schedule Begins!

           The emotions and stress is starting for me this week and not about ChrisBOnTheWeb just some family drama going on and worrying about a week from now. With me recording podcasts today and editing the final set of podcasts and then edit it all and schedule them to post.  Now this weekend will be the last premiere for a few weeks as I will be busy with the family at the time plus Celebration of Life for my grandma then flying out to Quebec for her burial, I will not be available or even in my studio much over the next while. Any work that is done will be through my iPad or pad of paper. 

          This week is my last week of recording for a good 2 weeks as I plan on not being behind the mic whatsoever. I will be working on notes while I am not around but I will be sure to pop on the computer and Discord and if I have time to do a live stream with updates if I have the time as it will be a busy next few weeks for me. When I get back I know it will again be hectic for me still getting back into interviews which I will touch on tomorrow's blog so I will talk to you all tomorrow.