Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Won't be Playing on My Minecraft Server Much Anymore...

               The title doesn't lie cause I will not be playing much on my Minecraft server anymore as I am out of ideas and the world has just become way to big at this point but you never know I may end up logging back into it down the road who the heck knows. There is only so much you really can do in the world to be quite honest and I have thought about an underground railway but this means aligning it with the current and it would have to go under the house itself meaning my house so that has been scrapped all together. So I'm not sure what I'll honestly do with the game moving forward.

                 I may try modded world single player perhaps or really get into the Lunar Client some more see what I can actually do in that game. I am just discovering things and started to explore underground. Not exactly sure the purpose of the game right now and it is a stripped down of the normal vanilla Minecraft as it doesn't have certain things like netherrack and I do not even know if it has a Nether portal and this is all things I truly need to discover but I want to upgrade the house at some point to cobblestone at the most but need the materials to do that. So that is the post and what I am planning with the game in the future but I think I am going to not play it as much and focus on other games in the meantime. As always I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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