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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Finding Brotato Video Game Tough!

               I know I've done a review but after playing it for a while, it's not as easy as I think it is. I find myself stuck in the corner of the room with these things or creatures come at me and fast and the further you go the harder it is to actually beat and I do not know how many heats there is in this game but it seems like an endless amount of heats right now but the furthest I've gone is 13 heats that is where I ended the run by dying. But that is a great start for me in the game. 

              I have to just keep working at it and eventually I can beat this but I have actually unlocked some of the other characters with this game so that is most definitely good but slowly but surely. I need to get to play it on stream soon enough. I haven't had the time to do that as I have been fooling around with a house remodel on House Flipper 2. However I do find it tougher and a bit more complicated but I enjoy the game and reminds me a bit like The Binding of Isaac games. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Thursday, March 7, 2024

My Future with Minecraft?

             Well once the buildings are completed, the final subway line, the west line is finished, then I will be done with Minecraft for the foreseeable future. I'll be focusing on other games down the road. I feel like I've done everything that I have humanly can with Minecraft all together and been playing on this server for years on end. It is time to change things up with video games and the game won't be uninstalled nor the server will be deleted but I will be saving the file for the world so it is backed up in case I want to revisit it at any point.

             So once these projects are done I will be moving on from the game for a while and playing other games. There is so much you can really do on Minecraft. I've been playing this since 2012 - 2013 well over 10 years. I guess you guys can say that I am semi retired to permanently retired from the video game as I've played it too much. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all on Monday as Kelsie will be doing the usual end of the week updates. 


Friday, February 9, 2024

House Flipper 2 Update!

        As you guys know I have been streaming House Flipper 2 quite a lot lately as I've been obsessed with the game lately. I have been going between renovating and cleaning houses to renovating my characters own house and the downstairs is now pretty much complete minus that darn post I need to remove but not yet unlocked the sledge hammer yet so that is currently work in progress.

         However I have been working on the next floor and removed the things I want to replace. I do have ideas for that and will be on my next gaming stream that I do and perhaps maybe this weekend in the afternoon I may pop up again for another stream. We'll see how things are in my workload, so expect the unexpected with the stream but let me know in the comments below what you think of my reno work on House Flipper 2. I think it looks good and very modern look to the house, I wish I took a picture before cause it was quite ugly looking with the birds and zebra wallpaper lol... Not kidding you neither. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Gaming Updates [01-09-2024]

              I know there was a Minecraft update and I am completely finished with the game. Will not login to the server whatsoever unless I find something else to build and if I actually choose to build the underground subway westbound on the line but right now no plans. Anyways I have been playing two games the most with the occasional login on GTA 5 from time to time. But most part I am playing a bit of Estate Agent which is a real estate agent and right now I have a farm that I own at the moment and over 1 million dollars earned. However the wife doesn't want kids still so I do not know why but still working away on it and the next goal for the farm is the cows to add on top of the chickens and sheep that I have.

            The other big game I have played is Gym Simulator 24 which is buggy as heck. However I have opened the second floor as it is available now to use and as I said in the video there is a ton of bugs on the video game. I go away from the desk I teleport to the front when I need to register new people in the gym. Also the employees easily get stuck easily and I do not know why it is doing that whatsoever. So it's a bug they certainly do need to fix on the game. Also they need to add more security, cleaners and repair people as keeping the gym clean isn't easy whatsoever. Anyways that is the gaming updates and the blog for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for another blog post.


Friday, November 3, 2023

What's going on with The Minecraft Server?

          So what's going on with the Minecraft server? I have been on it and been working on the Subway system and been tearing down old railways above ground and yet to have done that been tearing down the rails to the one where the snow is as basically I am planning to some how eventually resurrect the idea down the road perhaps. However the other 3 lines are being pulled down with the one that goes out to the desert is gone and is put under ground at this point. Also one that went to the villagers and ice world are gone and no plans for an underground but thinking about one to the villagers perhaps could be a possibility. 

           The other line going adjacent to the already completed line is being dug out but right now like I said I am removing lines above minus one line just the tracks but once the removal is complete then I will start working on the line on the north line above the property. However I am in and out of the game and haven't had the time to play so I am on and off the game. When I have at least an hour to play I will play but other then that I'm working around the clock on content which definitely has a priority. Even with the building, I have stopped working on it. I should actually finish the building at some point and I will. However when I have updates, I will give it but for right now, have a good weekend and I will talk to you all on Monday.


Thursday, September 28, 2023

Minecraft Updates!

               Outside of my job as a graphic designer, community manager of ChrisBOnTheWeb, 10th anniversary planning and so on I've been asking Chris to turn on the Minecraft server as I have had the itch to work on the office tower. We have completed the structural part of the building standing 15 stories tall, the tallest structure we have built thus far on the building. Chris and I have taken a break but there is no way for the snow as we're in the snowy biome can come in unless it blows in but that wouldn't happen. Next step is to encase the building in the blue glass around this epic building. 

              We want to try and finish it by the end of the year at the most as it's been an on going project on the community server for the past several months. Maybe 5 - 6 months perhaps. I know Chris is going to be wanting to work on the subway next is the next big project to replace the above railway to the villagers and the other one to a random island as for the jungle that issue hasn't been addressed and sounds like the above railway will remain where it is for the foreseeable future. I will talk to you tomorrow as Chris has granted me the task of the end of the week updates from here on out.


Thursday, August 10, 2023

Gaming Updates!

            I know I haven't done a lot of updates lately on the video games but I have a couple of updates: 

Cars for Sale Simulator 2023: As you know I am playing the game more and more as I go on I have progressed well. Minus now I am barely scrapping by paying bill and getting cars for sale but I have made over 100k at one point but now like at 25k which is totally lame at this point.

Minecraft: Now the building is still in process of being built but I have finished the first half of the subway system that has replaced the old aging above ground railway with this new system and it is work in progress. Between the subway system and the building I am moving back and forth between the two but mostly I am working on the building with is quite a journey with this right now. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates and boy I have an bunch of great updates as I have made a bit of a good stretch with content and excited for what's next and Monday I will have a Food Review but talk to you all tomorrow!


Friday, July 14, 2023

List of Games I Am Currently Play!

            This is a list of games, I am currently playing:

- American Truck Simulator: Playing for a while now

- Car For Sale 2023: Just got it and buggy, will talk about it tomorrow's post.

- Contraband Police: Got it not long ago, kind of stuck

- Enter The Gungeon: Just got it and haven't played it yet. 

- Euro Truck Simulator: Play it from time to time will more on stream eventually. 

- Farming Simulator: Been playing it for the last several years and play it from to time.

- Fornite:  I do play it from time to time and maybe I will play on Stream perhaps but it will depend how I feel.

- Goat Simulator: I play it from time to time and probably a game that will not be streamed when I start to stream more. 

NBA 2K23: I do play it and not sure if I will stream it on YouTube, just concerned about copyright with the music and getting my channel shutdown but I do not plan on monetizing my channel anyways!

- Minecraft: There is some loose ends I want to finish up with the server before I call it wraps with the video game all together as I am planning to stop playing unless it's a modded Minecraft. 

- Spelunky 2: I want to try and play the game on stream and get further as I have struggled.

- Stardew Valley: I want to continue and get more achievements on the game, a lot of things I need to work on with it.  

- The Sims 3 & 4: Due to copyright last time I tried to do the game on YouTube they slapped me with copyright. So will be off stream.

- Teardown: Fun game but will be playing it off stream on my own time. 

- Thief Simulator: Another great game and definitely will be stream worthy especially I start to rage a bit. 

            But those are the games I am playing and I'm sorry for the long post but hey you guys get a bonus lengthy post but as always talk to you all tomorrow.



Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Won't be Playing on My Minecraft Server Much Anymore...

               The title doesn't lie cause I will not be playing much on my Minecraft server anymore as I am out of ideas and the world has just become way to big at this point but you never know I may end up logging back into it down the road who the heck knows. There is only so much you really can do in the world to be quite honest and I have thought about an underground railway but this means aligning it with the current and it would have to go under the house itself meaning my house so that has been scrapped all together. So I'm not sure what I'll honestly do with the game moving forward.

                 I may try modded world single player perhaps or really get into the Lunar Client some more see what I can actually do in that game. I am just discovering things and started to explore underground. Not exactly sure the purpose of the game right now and it is a stripped down of the normal vanilla Minecraft as it doesn't have certain things like netherrack and I do not even know if it has a Nether portal and this is all things I truly need to discover but I want to upgrade the house at some point to cobblestone at the most but need the materials to do that. So that is the post and what I am planning with the game in the future but I think I am going to not play it as much and focus on other games in the meantime. As always I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Gaming Updates [05-03-2023]

              I have several of gaming updates to give you guys. I thought since now gaming blogs are very sporadic like monthly to every 2 months, it is just time for an update at the moment:

Minecraft:  I have completed the village where that apartment building that kept hindering problems with the build. Also took out the basketball court and built it on the backside of the studio Office Building that is built. Now I am working on lighting in the arena which the basketball court is now removed while I do the relighting of the arena to brighten it up. Also I plan on working on the baseball stadium too to brighten up the stadium there too. I have a couple of ideas! After that, probably will not be playing much after that. 

GTA 5: Since GTA 4 crashed the file of the saved files of both with Roman and Nico & The Lost MC expansion, I have jumped back into GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto 5) Just completed the huge jewellery store heist on the game and now playing with Trevor which he's one crazy person in the game one of my faves honestly. 

Luck Be The Landlord:  Well, I am now at level 9 out of 12 and getting closer and close to the end of the first floor. Still grinding on the game either way.

            Those are the gaming updates, the next one, I do not know what the plan is moving forward with gaming updates, might be a month, may be 2 months till the next one who knows honestly. That is the post and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Thursday, December 29, 2022

Gaming Updates [12-29-2022]

               I have one little update and that is the apartment building is looking good! I have the first floor built without the apartments built it is just an empty building right now. I am building the floors first before creating apartments etc as my niece has to work on the elevator system to go up and down the building and it works after her getting frustrated with other elevator that will not even be mentioned as it was ridiculous build honestly as they like it didn't seem to work whatsoever. There is a elevator shaft she built that is there and it is there as a fail attempt to working on the elevator shaft. So other projects on Minecraft working on snack bars and bathrooms but otherwise, that is it.

               I will be getting Rocket League for Epic Games instead so I can play with my nephew. I know I have it on Steam but switching to Epic games for a change instead. I am planning to stream it when I get a better computer. I have kind of gave up on the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. I just find the game impossible to succeed in the game so I have just put it t the side for right now and will go back. Those are the updates, I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Gaming Updates

            Another update is here for video games. Not much more to report but as you can see on the right hand side the apartment building was torn down as I was not happy with it and need to do a full on rebuild on it at a smaller scale. Also built out back of the houses in the dome a barn full of animals that is over crowing the pens but no shortage of food right now which is great to have. 

          Stardew Valley, I streamed on the Facebook page for an hour and was quiet so I'm not even sure if I was even streaming as it was quiet but that's OK, I won't be streaming there anymore. I have moved the horse stable closer in to near the house without having to look for the building. Also in the midst of updating the tools and have a shortest of iron right now but I will fix that very quickly. As for The Binding of Isaac Re-birth, I am not even going to talk about it as it's getting more and more frustrating. That is the updates for gaming and I will talk to you all tomorrow for a special post about The CBOTW Show. 


Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Minecraft Updates [11-02-2022]

            I have been working on and off on the 3rd building and it is completely finished. I have moved in all the guys in (villagers) and as you can see in the window is the call letters for ChrisBOnTheWeb that is embedded into the window of the building which is honestly really cool idea and wish I could double window the building and I may try see if I can but I doubt it but will look into it first and see and do the first two or 3 layers to see. 

              With that done, now my niece wants me to build an apartment building which is a huge endeavour to do really, a lot of space being used and may need 30 by 30 blocks or even more like 50 x 50 in blocks that includes an elevator built right into it too. Something I could even if I brought back CBOTW Studios YouTube Channel that was in question for quite some time but could be hours stream with me working on a build perhaps. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow.   


Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Minecraft and Stardew Valley Updates! [10-05-2022]

                 Time for another update. As you know I took the weekend off and had a good opportunity to actually work on Towers 1 & 2. Tower 1 is finished completely. I am finished with the tower completely. May tweak a few things here and there with it. Now Tower 2 is underway again and I am about half way built with the second tower and you guys can see at the corner of the second building the actually framework of the Tower 3 which is the next step and once the three buildings are done then I move onto the Football and Baseball stadiums to get things done meaning snack bars and bathrooms that wasn't added to the building originally. After that I do not know what is next for the world after as I would be finished all these projects and I do not know what is next for me playing Minecraft as I have done everything and anything. Maybe do videos with my Niece and Nephew perhaps to post to the ChrisBOnTheWeb Channel. 

                Now with the Stardew Valley I have expanded the house and added a 3rd barn for supposedly ducks but I have yet to add ducks. Been focusing mainly on the farming side of things with the actual farm so not much going on with Stardew Valley but there has been a problem with Pam. She's accused my character of being in her trailer and to leave her alone and I didn't even do a damn thing. I go to town to get seeds, etc so I do not know what the heck is going on with her really. Anyways that is the post for today and I will talk to you tomorrow as always.


Tuesday, September 27, 2022

I Messed Up on Stardew Valley!

               Yeah the title doesn't lie. I have spent way too much bloody gold or money on Stardew Valley. I mean between 20 - 40 grand each time something had repair something in the town, the old town hall now a warehouse for one mart on the game at the far end of the town, I don't remember the name of the mart, Joja Mart, I do not remember the actual name. Also fixing bridges around the entire town, rebuilding my greenhouse which actually good for the winter seasons as I really wanna keep growing and I have but I need to keep getting quartz and clay to make the plant boxes to fill the entire greenhouse so that is still work in progress. Also I got rid of this glimmer near the entrance of the first cave which I do not know the purpose of it honestly. However getting the bridge fixed opens up a new area with trees and rocks and got some neat gems from the rocks including iron as well. The other thing is fixing the bus that's been broken down since day 1. Now going to the desert I got some neat items and seeds I never get but there is a cost per travel tho.

                However now, they want 500k from me for an entertainment centre in the town so I'm thinking how in the world am I going to get 500,000 dollars, that is a ton of money and I need to actually keep earn money for the upkeep of the farm to buy seeds and add buildings. I do not even remotely know if I will unless I earn a million bucks then yeah maybe perhaps I will give the town some more excitement but after that I am done giving them the money but who knows I haven't gotten that far and I haven't reached past 52,000 bucks but I am now saving like no tomorrow and seems this game is at a no end at this moment. I'll keep trucking at this game and still got some challenges to finish and need to learn how to fish still on there. Anyways that is today's post I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Thursday, September 1, 2022

Minecraft and Stardew Valley Updates!

              So I have been working on the Minecraft server on my own, no real help honestly but that's OK, I can surprise my niece and nephew and I have finished the hockey rink and tower 1 which you can see a partial part of it at the right side -> and yes I used an arrow to sort of point that direction.  Now the tower you see in-between tower 1 and the football stadium is the new Tower 2. Yes this was my nephew's idea to sort of replicate the towers in New York and it is only 12 storeys tall technically. I may add on later but what I care about is building the second tower up then continue to grow and I'm thinking 20 and 25 storeys tall that is the goal but you are limited how high you can build it but I am going to try my best.

                 Now Stardew Valley, I am like in Year 5 now and in the spring season. I have gotten a ton done and done some major farming and building. I have since the last update probably weeks ago but I have since added and doubled the amount of chickens and cows so the farm is very, very full right now and I need to actually think about expanding the wall and the winter season may be the best time to actually start the project since it is too cold but I'll try and see if there a way to put down a wall or not. Also the farming section of this game, I have done a ton of farming and made a ton of money that came with it. I have gotten far on this game but I had a bad habit of buying way too much right now. The goal now is to build two more barns for goats and I think ducks perhaps but I tried to get goats as now I have a 3rd barn with more animals in it but it costs 4 grand a goat now which is ridiculous honestly. So gotta grind and earn more mollah (Money). Anyways that is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates, have a great rest of your Thursday! 




Thursday, August 11, 2022

Minecraft Updates! [08-11-2022]

                  I wanted to provide you guys with a bit of an update, I am probably almost done with or even finished with the project. It was put on the back burner cause of projects within ChrisBOnTheWeb and that is the current projects I need to complete first but recently I have dug out the ice rink and I know it's not big, big but still it's an ice rink regardless. This took a very long time for me to dig right out of the ground and working on the bowl and building the seating bowl. It was quite an adventure and a half. There is only so much room I can do and maybe it's time for a small shrink down perhaps.

        Looks good and I will be fiddling around with it and maybe it's too squished or something, I'm not 100% sure what I need to do to actual improve. I think it is too wide and still room to make progress with it. Maybe I will change it around but we'll see when I once again get enough time to play the game once again. Anyways that is a bit of an update on the world and yes I haven't done much with the office building and been around the other stadiums working on things here and there but that's for an update a little later on when the time is right. I will talk to you guys tomorrow on the last post of the week which I will be back home again. 


Thursday, July 28, 2022

Gaming Updates [07-28-2022]

                  I have a couple of updates for the world of gaming and I am sure with Larry and I together, we'll get some progress done too today with Stardew Valley but here are the updates that I have:

Stardew Valley: I am currently gathering up Gold so I can start preparing to get the Gold Pickaxe which is step # 1 for me to do, I also am working on updating the Axe but that is later on as it is very costly, 10000 gold so that is quite a lot of money to put towards that item on the game, one way or another. As it is getting to the late fall into the winter, I will be having to change course and start going back into the caves again during the winter season to start gathering stone so I can sell it and make some gold to help me with any of the upgrades I need to do. I know when I destroy that huge copper rock, I am selling the copper for gold as I need it to start constructing things. Also I think during the winter, I wanna work on finishing up the challenges and this is things Larry and I could do today as well. 

Minecraft: I have cleared out the field where the rink is being expanded to and renovated the old original rink which is lined with Blue under the stone in places so if you remove the stone, you see that blue concrete that represents the original structure of the building . Now the actual washrooms and snack bars has been added and lights are now in the building and now started to dig out the rest of the rink and start building the rest of the structure. Also Football stadium needs washrooms and snack bars and is work in progress right now to getting it updated and ready to go. The Office building project is currently on hold is at the bottom of the list of things to finish. Anyways that is the updates for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates. 


Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Stardew Valley Upates!

              For the last few weeks, I have been playing Stardew Valley on my extra time.  However I have made some stride with the game. I have now upgraded both my axe and pickaxe to Iron and the next phase is Gold axe and pickaxe next but I need 20 grand to do both tho so that is a bit of a pain getting money and getting the gear I need. There are two stones that I think are copper and with copper that could open up a big amount of money. At this point I think I am going to sell most of it. Maybe make a copper or iron can but more likely copper will be sold and it will give me a bunch of money indefinitely. I am planning to sell cause I need the money to get one more upgrade on the axe and pickaxe. I have now started to grow crops and it has helped me out greatly but not only that but I have found a cave and able to start gathering stone, copper quartz and other amazing items. 

              Now back to the pickaxe and axe situation, it has been so much better with an iron axe and pickaxe and made life around the farm a ton better then it has been easier for me and I am happy with the outcome of what I have built. Now I have an new addition to the farm and that is my very first chicken coop in the game. This changes the game entirely. I am guessing that I will be able to collect eggs eventually but I will have to see next time I play as right now Power Rangers Collab is the upmost importance to finish up with hopefully both but I know I will finish it eventually. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for another post. 


Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Gaming Updates [06-14-2022]

                I have a few updates and most of them is Minecraft related. However I feel like there has to be a few things said about The Binding of Isaac too but here are the updates:

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: At this point I've given up on this game, not worth the aggravation and right now I just wanna focus on other games right now. I wanna mainly focus on Minecraft, Fornite and Luck Be The Landlord. So I have uninstalled the game off of my computer and I know it will still have my progress even later I hope it doesn't delete anything but we will see when and if I go back to it eventually. 

Minecraft: Now Minecraft, I have made a movie with my nephew which will be released end of the week, probably Saturday as I am not streaming at the moment due to on going tech issues but now using OBS for everything recording and podcasting now. Anyways the aftermath of this little movie entailed us with a blow up building and I tried to repair it and took more TNT to the building in rage and will be tearing down the rest of the building but will remain 5 floors for now and maybe we will blow the rest up in another movie perhaps we'll have to wait and see. I didn't really like the the look of the tint windows as it made it too dark and to tear off all the windows would be too much work and maybe with it only 5 floors I will put in clear windows then start building it back up to 10 floors eventually. 

           Anyways those are the updates for gaming, not much to say and Thursday I have a Minecraft Windows to do a review on and I will be releasing that by Thursday here on the blog to what I thought of the game and would I continue to play it as this is my first time with that video game. I will talk to you all tomorrow.