Monday, November 30, 2020

Recording My 300th Episode This Week!

          This week is indeed a big week for me. I am recording my 300th episode as a Podcaster and it is truly is exciting moment for me to be honest. However I am kind of nervous as you know it will be LIVE and very rare time for me to go live as I do not do a lot of FB Fan Page Lives anymore as I am one busy person. To add the element of going LIVE with this being my 300th Episode is a little nerve wracking and I am re-doing my notes for this week's podcast as I wanna add on and remove a couple of things to the list as this is live and I might forget to say when the live recording happens on Wednesday afternoon as I said before and is exciting stuff to be happening. As you know not all 300 episodes was Entertainment Man Podcast & Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast, majority of the episodes are on the former "Everything About Reality TV" Podcast which as you all know is no longer in a run and has ended almost 6 months now.

             However I am sure with the Collabs and Entertainment Man Podcast, I will hopefully will bring in more numbers down the road but right now I need to focus on what I have and with 2 episodes remaining after recording Live for a special podcast for 3 different reasons, Birthday, 15th Anniversary with Online Media and of course this being my 300th Podcast I have done or hosted over the last 5 years as a full time podcaster. However I am very excited and nervous as I said but it will go away as I know you guys will make it feel like a breeze the half hour I am live on Facebook and honestly it will be a lot of fun. I thought about this idea to do it Live and as you know I am self conscious about going live and kind of over streaming but I will do it for special occasions but that is it. Will not be overly a long stream but least you guys get to see me in the flesh from time to time.


Sunday, November 29, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates! [11-29-2020]

             This week hasn't been the easiest for Chris and he addressed it on his fan page and Twitter about it and we do not take being told to "Shutup" lightly. We work countless hours on content and fixing the website so there is changes effective immediately and this comes from the boss man himself who has instructed me to announce this changes so here they are:

Website: As you all know our Discord Server and accounts are down for good Chris has officially given me the OK to announce the Return of the chatroom right here on the website which you can find here: which I am there most of the time minus sleep and Chris is always lurking in even if he's not signed into the chatroom. We had the discord button which was removed from the website as Chris is back with Skype again for good this time around as he's not going to be messing around anymore. Also this week I am going to be starting working on an Terms of Use for both the website and Social Media Probably will not be released till New Year as we want to make things perfect and wanna take our time on it.

Entertainment Man Podcast: With the Podcast near it's Season 1 Finale Chris wanted me let you guys know that Tuesday he will be making an OFFICIAL press release here on the website and across Social Medias when Season 2 begins! He has finally decided on a date and that next Season will consist of 50 New Episodes. This depends on when the dates are each and every year so it can vary however either way he is excited to be returning in the New Year with brand new episodes.

Power Rangers Podcast: Also "Boss Man Chris" wanted me to let you guys know that he will be working on notes all week starting today within the day at some point after he finished editing as he was editing up to the point of the endless drama kind of drew him off but I assure he'll get it done today. This means next week Chris and Larry will be recording and he will be doing a seperate post next week not this week but the following and he will announce when he is recording once him and Larry know when their recording. 

              There is the updates for the week and I hope you have a wonderfull week and I am sure I will be seeing around you guys around Social Media and of course the website and please feel free to pop by the chatroom if you guys have any questions as guest chat is open around the clock but any abuse we will shut guest chat down and you will have to login but I look forward to chatting with you guys throughout the week.


Saturday, November 28, 2020

I Know The Plan For January During One Of The Podcasts Are On Hiatus....

               After my visit with my Grandma and getting money from her for my birthday after I was refusing to take the card till next Friday when I see her once again for a visit for my birthday since I will be very busy. However that is besides the point but with that money I will be getting two things and one of the items will happen to be the Mix-Minus setup I have been talking about for the past year and I tried to get the right gear for the mix minus setup and now that I know exactly what I need I can order it and it will be through Amazon as I rather stay home most of the time then go out and buy the stuff that I need to get it and Google is my friend so I can check what I need for the Mix-Minus setup. I even emailed a store to get some extra guidance to what I need for the mix minus setup and another fellow podcaster friend has helped out a ton which is always greatly appreciated! 

                You guys will be seeing an new type of setup in 2021 and I am is excited for the future of podcasting and it will be an better setup. With Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast getting closer to hiatus I have already started to tweak the settings and sound for the mics and so far so good sounds amazing at this moment. I know the fact we're not on the hiatus yet but already started getting things ready for the big return and I know I have been very quiet on the plans moving forward and you guys will know in time what we are doing to the studio and the future of podcasting. This isn't just Larry and I but also Joe is helping out with the changes so we can actually and in meetings all day to figure things out in regards to this changes and getting ready to make these changes in February 2021 next year after Dino Thunder is completed and finished up. As I have said before, I know the date when I wanna return and the dates to catch up. I can say this-- next year will be a different from other years we did this collab. I am again not going to expose everything, I will in time however just got to start preparing for the New Year, big stuff coming, I can tell you guys that.


Friday, November 27, 2020

This Year Has Been A Difficult Year For ChrisBOnTheWeb!

            This year has been a difficult year not just for me who has been dealing with Mental Health issues all year long since this pandemic started. ChrisBOnTheWeb has really struggled with things from Podcast starting to fall apart to it ending to no events which I really on events and even food reviews and I couldn't even do that this year which has affected the website greatly but not too bad as you guys have enjoyed the posts regardless and either way I still got my 100k views so it didn't matter but what I mean everything had to be done from the studio or through Skype (meaning the podcasts.) Anyways this hasn't been the easiest transitioning especially from podcast to podcast and with podcasts being moved from being in studio to Skype and we were nowhere near prepared to actually record through Skype but I think we are making the best of the situation as Wild Force was a lot of fun to record and a lot of laughs with it either way.

             I hope during some time away from the collab, both Larry and I can correct any of the recording online or through Skype and try to continue to give you guys the Quality content and hopefully fix the issues that we had this year as sound was not that great and like I said it's not be an easy switch from Studio to online cause of the pandemic. I can say this to you guys: I am planning to get the Mix Minus in January and set it up here in the studio so I can have a bit better of a setup for recording with people and not worry about OBS as a whole and don't get me wrong I love OBS and it has been a great program but what use is it really to someone who doesn't cast anymore. I am audio ONLY and think I should put the money and investment into the future of the podcasts. I can be honest there has been moments where I wanted to just shutdown operations but then I'd be giving up a very successful website that's had 1100 in a day which is crazy honestly so I must be doing something right and it is the matter of time I fix the problems and issues with what I mentioned. Anyways that is my post for today and I will see you in tomorrow's post. 


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Update...

                      You are probably wanting an update huh on Ninja Storm. I think on my Facebook/Instagram Stories, I did spill the beans on this but for those who haven't seen it well you are indeed in the right place. I know, I know get to the chase. I am now half way through this podcast prep as I am finished watching Ninja Storm and I am now on working on notes well after I finish editing this weekends podcast. I can say this I really, really enjoyed it and I had a lot of doubt on this season that I wouldn't like this season at all and that is not the case this time around. I very much enjoyed this season and was totally hooked into this season. Anyways to the next point I wanna make, once I am done editing the weekly podcast I will be typing up notes and also I will be working on Dino Thunder. So I am doubling down on the podcast and getting two done at once. I know I said on the FB/Instagram Stories I would like to get both done this year but that could be not possible but it all depends on how quickly I can get them done and if I can get 10 episodes or more done a day but that is besides the point I gave you guys a small set schedule but one step at a time.

                      We will get there at some point where we actually get these caught up and running again. So many different projects going on right now but so much I can do right now to be honest but I can definitely manage everything and one baby steps at a time. Either way not next week but the week after there will be a recording session and it will be a good episode and I already know that even tho the notes are not even remotely typed yet at this point. However this weekend I will be getting started on it and I will start watching Dino Thunder and doubling up but no guarantees whatsoever on recording this year but we will see how I do in the next week but you never know but first we have to start with what we have right now. Anyways I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's blog post.


Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Why Do I Like Dailymotion More?

                 It is no secret I am heading back to Dailymotion with Entertainment Man Podcast down the road which is not as long as you guys really think as you think. Anyways the question you are wondering why do I like Dailymotion better or in this case YouTube as you know my situation with YouTube. Well with YouTube the big downfall with YouTube is you need 1000 (1K) and so much for watch time in order for you to be monetized Dailymotion you can sign up for Partner and start being monetized right away. That is one of the reasons behind me bringing Entertainment Man Podcast to Dailymotion and this would be my 3rd source of income with the podcast and website at this point. Now the other think I like about Dailymotion, there is no dislike button as my old videos on the older channel which needs to be removed from that platform permanently and indefinitely. Also the fact you do get a bit more freedom, non of this family friendly stuff and you guys know it will be family friendly always on the podcast or I really try to that is.

                 It is so easy to get in touch with Dailymotion where YouTube it is harder but we know Google owns YouTube and again you know my position and story behind it. Yes I went through TeamYouTube and got nowhere but Dailymotion they replied back and was very helpful and I was able to bring my podcast to their awesome platform. I am over YouTube, yes I still listen to my favorite YouTube but I am over making content on that platform. I will do ANYTHING to get my old channel removed so any trace that The Video Projects Team or ChrisBOnTheWeb from that platform. Anyways this is the reason why I am happy with Dailymotion and I cannot wait to get started with the video side of the podcast and I thank Dailymotion for their helping making this dream a Reality. I hope you guys enjoyed this post with why I liked Dailymotion more. I am not bashing, just stating the facts about YouTube. I will talk to you guys Thursday for a new post as Joe is taking over the blog tomorrow morning.


Monday, November 23, 2020

What Ever Happened To The Video Projects Team?

               So the big question is what ever happened to The Video Projects Team, why did the team end? As you know the decision was made on October 31st, 2014 which didn't happened till 2 weeks later. I did speak about on Twitter at one point. However I made the announcement that we will be shutting down operations under the name The Video Projects Team. Now the reason why was the amount of members of the team was diminishing and we lost so many Staff members over the years since 2010 with the start of losing our camera man, then Eric, then our next camera man, he left just out of nowhere leaving it to the final 3 members of the team, myself, Larry and Justin. So the day before Larry and I went to the Royal Winter Fair and I knew this was it and the end was here for the team we once were at one point. The next day I made the official decision to end the team and Larry was the first one to know followed by Justin that the team was to end I go into a more solo projects with the two of them and their help. So mainly the decision was because of the team was starting to fall apart and we were losing staff quickly and people quitting and not telling us that they were quitting nothing. Things started going downhill in 2010 since most of the team we're either let go or quit knowing we were heading into that hiatus from Fall 2010 - April 2012. 

               This is just my thoughts that I have had to what went wrong with that team but in the end I have no regrets whatsoever that I ended The Video Projects because I know it was the right move to make honestly as look what happened I finished up my YouTube career very strong and also started my podcast career which has done well. That is what happened towards the end of the career and not much to what happened and gave you a timeline to when things started to fall apart and the reason why. It was quite disappointing to watch a great team fall apart after nearly 9 years and yes I say 9 years because we were on course of to that point however we are now on track to make 9 years less then 3 years to go I am excited for it. I know I have had bitterness how it ended and with the way staff just got up and walked out on me and not tell me whatsoever. Yeah I resent it ending it but I know I made the right choice and I should be proud of myself making the right decision to go more on a solo project.


Sunday, November 22, 2020

Weekly Updates [11-22-2020]

                  Another week has passed by and ton of updates to make with some of the things that happened in the next week. I will not delay the updates and here they are for the week of November 22nd, 2020 on our second last update for the month of November.

Website: Any problems with the actual players here on has been resolved. Chris and I spent a good 18 hours fixing the issues from a week ago this morning. We're happy the issues have been resolved and back to normal. Also tomorrow morning at 9 am EST, Chris and the Management Team and I are opening the Community Lounge tomorrow morning and we're excited to open up his community chatroom which I am running on his behalf and yes he will make the occasional appearence. 

Update On Chris: As you know Chris has been banned from Facebook for the past week and his ban is up tomorrow morning and will be back posting and what I heard, he is planning to do a live stream on Facebook tomorrow as a way to get himself realgumated to the Facebook world while I am now banned from Facebook Support for a month which he has given me the green light to do a post mid week this week and I will explain what I mean.

Entertainment Man Podcast: As him and I said on Social, he has deleted the Mixcloud account for the podcast. He specifically hasn't said why and that was his choice to not mention why and I will not bother him about it. Good news is he earning money not just from the website and Stitcher but also Dailymotion. He will be doing video versions on the podcast over on Dailymotion and hopefully eventually get paid for what he does.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: Just a friendly reminder that this week on Wednesday @ 1 pm EST, the latest episode of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast will be up talking Power Rangers Wild Force.

                  There are the updates for this week and as I promised it is not as long as I was highlighting everything that was going on with the website issues but we are past that and let's make this a great week and it will be. Anyways have a great week and I will be I'll be talking to you guys on Wednesday for the surprise blog post. 


Saturday, November 21, 2020

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Ramble...

            I am not being negative but I am trying the hardest I can to get the notes written then  type em and I don't care if I have to go to bed early and up during the nights and up the entire day I will fight to the tooth to get these notes done. Why you think this podcast is going on hiatus? We are so behind schedule right now, it's not even funny anymore and I have had thoughts of just ending this collab but I made a promise for one more year of the collab and I meant it and even if this means putting it off till June or July and yes I say that like I have a plan moving forward and I do have a plan. So am I feeling frustrated with this collab? Well I am frustrated the fact that one thing after another seems to be a problem from editing the current collab to fixing the website with issues with in the last week and haven't been up to watching Ninja Storm which isn't a lot of work really. I am sitting back enjoying watching a Television show. There should be not a single problem and as of this morning writing this post, I am at EP 10 of 38 so I am making good tracks and if I can get up to 20 or 25 episodes then I will be good. 

                I know I am whining a little bit  and I am just merely felt frustrated with this collab and ready to tell Larry I am seriously contemplating quitting the collab as it has become too much but I know he would get me to reverse my decision very quickly as I know when I tell him the butt kissing begins. To be very honest, we are now going on 2.5 years of this podcast and I see us continuing on to our goal which is Super Ninja Steel which you guys did not know that piece of information and yes I am exposing everything that is going on with the Podcast and I am fine with it because you guys deserve to know how I am feeling and the fact I am feeling frustrated with this podcast. I know in the end it will be all fine when the podcast is on hiatus and I start pumping out season notes for the entire year of 2021 while we are on this hiatus and hopefully this corrects any of the issues. Don't forget we do this 3 times a year and takes time to prep for each and every one. I know I have mentioned the fact it will be down to 38 episodes a season then eventually 32 episodes a season so it will be becoming easier eventually just gotta be a little more patient then I have been recently. 


Friday, November 20, 2020

What Would YouTube Look Like For Me Today?

                I can take this from different angles video projects wise or podcast wise and today I am going to actually focus on the "web series" side of things if I didn't decide to do podcasts and don't get me wrong, I love podcasting more then YouTube, I have a lot more ideas and creativity with podcasts and get to be myself where YouTube I have to come up with series and that was tough to do honestly. Anyways I want to focus on YouTube creating series not the podcast side of things. Now as you know if I stuck it out with YouTube beyond June 2016 things would of been a lot different for me with this pandemic and I am sure Larry and Justin would of still been with me as Camera Man and Set Designer. With this pandemic things would of probably be at a stand still at this point in the way of series and I would of had to put the series that was being recorded here in the studio on hold at this point as I couldn't or wouldn't be able able to have the crew here to do the filming for the series.  

                  I would probably have to come up with a web series online to do in the meantime and probably have guests or have Larry on as a regular Co-Host or something that will keep you guys entertained. I probably also have daily vlogs to what I am up to on a regular basis and honestly I miss being a vlogger everyday but it is what it is to this day, I was screwed over by one of my former staff who got my channel banned as they had access to it. It was my own fault but I will be explaining that on the podcast what happened to ChrisBOnTheWeb & YouTube. Back to what I was saying, a lot of things have to be done online as the studio would still be under that same lockdown as it is to this very day. I definitely think it could of been done either way it would of been possible. However in the end I am glad for what I am doing now and very happy with the choice I made. That is what I had to say about the entire YouTube thing and what it could of looked like for web series in 2020 and who know what I would of been doing today as well.


Thursday, November 19, 2020

I Won The Players Championship On PGATour2K21!

                Last week or the week before as I do not remember when to be honest but it was recently that this happened where I got to play in a tournament I love personally that is played each and every year The Players Championship and yes I played that tournament. Now I will go into a bit of detail of the tournament; I struggled with the first round where I had a double or triple bogie first round at the start and struggled with water and other array of issues. Second round I caught back up to even par and into the minus. 3rd and 4th round I added on but I believe that tournament it was a close finish I was up a few strokes at the most and yes I actually won with a few strokes and honestly I was excited. Honestly I wasn't feeling so positive I was gonna win the actual tournament. After the first round I felt I was finally defeated but I proved myself wrong and won the entire thing. Yes this means I am still undefeated and haven't lost any tournament yet and continue this hot streak I am on. 

                 Either way a win is a win and I will take it. I didn't expect Players Championship to be that easy on PGATour2K21, I knew this was gonna be a challenge and it really lived up to my expectations. I enjoyed it and now I know what to expect when I go into my second season in the PGATour2K21 which isn't far off from now to the end of this current season is very close. That is the update I can give you guys for now and I will keep you guys up to date on the progress of the video game and I haven't had the time to play the game and I need to make some time but editing has become a priority for me along with recording the normal podcast and watching Ninja Storm so I have become busy with content but once the editing of both podcasts are done for the week and I get into Ninja Storm I probably will play while I am working on the season and I can grind on both which all I do is watch episodes and take notes so I can do both I am sure.


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Community Lounge Opens Monday!

      I know surprise! I am making a mid week appearence and Chris already knows about it and says it's fine and gives him the day to work on the collab podcast with the editing this gives him the day free as it takes him sometimes 45 minutes to complete a post in the day when he could be editing the podcast. Anyways we are proud to say, we are launching the chat as of today. That's right, Chris messaged me this morning letting me know that as of 9 am EST Monday the Community Lounge will be open for business! As you know we have had our share of issues this week including last weekend and we were all set for launching the chat 2 days ago but we have had to put it on hold temporarily but he has made it OFFICIAL today that we will be going ahead with the launch of the Community Lounge as of Monday. So you will not be seeing this in an update. Just hope there will be no more issues around the website that will prevent us from launching the Community Lounge. What will be in thsi Lounge? You will see a chatroom where you guys will be able to talk and interact with Chris and his Management Team which I am a part of. This chatroom has been set and ready to go for days and sits there empty with just Chris and I doing the final touches to the chat especially. 

               You are wondering why Monday @ 9 am EST well that was Chris's decision to open it early in the day so everyone gets a chance to pop in to the page and it is bright and early in the day. You never know, Chris may be lurking in chat and if you guys pop in and yes guest chat will be open so everyone can participate. There are a few rules and they are: 1. No spamming; 2. NO posting links. Please ask a member of Staff or the Moderator Team; 3. NO being disrespectful of any kind; 4. NO asking for Mod, must earn the trust of Chris and the members of the Management Team Staff; 5. NO religion or politics talk is allowed. We do not want to have an argument happen in chat. Those are 5 simple rules to follow. Now one last thing Chris detailed to me this morning if the guest chat gets too abused with trolls, we will shutdown guest chat where you have to login. However, we are looking forward to this Community Lounge opening on Monday and be sure to be on the lookout for an official launch post on Social Media!


Tuesday, November 17, 2020

When Is Power Rangers Wild Force Collaboration Podcast Coming Out?

                I know with the craziness around the website this week with the non stop issues we have been experiencing with the podcasts as you know, we have ended up being backlogged with editing and working on the collab right now, it's not even funny. So what we are doing is we're working on editing and the next collab so we have it ready to go. Anyways I know I promised you guys to have it out this week but unfortunately I have to postpone it for this week as right now we have yet to finish up the editing side of things and I hope to make a good run today to get a good dent into the podcast and try and wind down the length especially as I can say this it is 2 hours and 26 minutes to be exact. I know it's a very long podcast but honestly getting use to it and having some fun in the process. So what we have to push forward the release of the podcast as we have to finish up editing the podcast.

                I know, I know get on with the announcement. I can say this for now, next week I am planning to roll out the next episode and I apologize but it is beyond my control what happened to the account issues I experienced over the weekend and I will make sure to get Joe to make an announcement to the day and time it goes out. So what I am trying to say is this will determine if I am finished the podcast and I can say I am working on it and really need to start editing a ton in order to make but this gives me till Sunday and time to think about when I want to put it up and more then likely I will end up putting it up mid week so this do not interfere with the Entertainment Man Podcast Schedule but again depends how long it takes to edit the podcast as I said before it's a long monster podcast and working countless hours for you guys to ensure it is done. It has become my number priority. So be sure to keep an eye on Social Media and this blog for details to come. 


Monday, November 16, 2020

Website Recent Maintenance Complete!

                With someone getting into my Archives account that I use to embed the podcasts on the website for the website version. Well apparently they deleted the account which I never did whatsoever so it had to be someone that got into the account. Anyways after 18 + hours of hard work and labor to the website, we have completed the website maintenance and you probably noticed that before there was missing episodes that were not there and that has been all fixed and it was a big mess honestly. We hope with the change of passwords this will not happen in the bear future this will not happen and to the person not cool at all honestly. Myself, Billy, Tiala and Joe work too darn hard to bring you guys quality content and for this to happen this sets me back on other projects that may  need my attention and this drives off my attention on Ninja Storm and also the Collaboration Podcast that still needs the editing it needs.

                Now that this issue has now been adverted, I can start working on the collab stuff yet again and get this out to you guys soon and work on the other podcast as well and that is definitely the plan and today I am starting on the watching the series again this morning. This blog was the number 1 on the list today. I hope I can multi task and catch up as this weekend was about fixing the website. Anyways that is what happened and I'm sorry that we didn't explain very well what happened to the website and we didn't want to panic you guys on the issue but we made you guys aware of the issue but it is all good now in the end the crisis has been adverted and we move forward with the content. Just wanted to be open and honest with you guys and now you know the truth but again we're moving forward and will let you guys know when we have the episode ready and I hope to have it done by end of the week so I can post it up a week tomorrow in the afternoon. Anyways I will talk to you guys tomorrow on another blog post.


Sunday, November 15, 2020

Weekly Updates [11-15-2020]

             We are officially into a brand new week for ChrisBOnTheWeb and Chris's content and I have some information to give you guys from the boss man himself as things have been going good and some have gone awry but I will explain what is going on so here is the update:

Website/Archive Account: Chat is OFFICIALLY going to be making a RETURN as of a week tomorrow @ 9 am EST, it will become active on the website once again and will be open to the public 24-7 and YES, guest chat will be activated but as Chris told me to mention if it gets way out of control we will lock it down where you have to login to the chat and we honestly do not wanna do that if we don't have to. We delaying the launch of the chat by a week due to his account, well someone got into it, changed the email to it and he has already emailed them about it and hopefully will hear back from em this week which will affect 2 of the podcasts within the website. We both are working on getting it back as it has all 295 episodes of the podcast on there and we never once changed the password oremail to it. We have an idea who have done it and we are not one happy about it. He's gotten into a fight with support and he either owns up and him and I reupload. He don't wanna create a second feed and re do the intros if he don't need to. He has thought about returning The CBOTW Show but feed would be inactive minus 3 times a year and he's not up to covering shows throughout the show, he's retired from a regular podcast and currently has the podcast I mentioned below. We will be in direct contact with you guys when things are back online so stay tune to the Social accounts for direct updates on the situation.

Entertainment Man Podcast: The Podcast is coming out today as normal at 1 pm EST, however due to what I said above Chris and I cannot post up the podcast to the site with the account not accessible at this moment, the podcast cannot be posted up. However soon as we get access and update the account with recent podcasts, we will upload and update the pages that need to be updated as one of the podcasts is not showing on one of the website and we are fully aware of the issue and will fix it when it is the right time.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: Chris will edit but right now everything is on hold with that Collab due to us having to re-upload everything and taking pages offline temporarily on and off and we are sorry but this is ridiculous we have to put the Collab on hold at this moment while we fix the issues. 

               There is an array of issues and the website and even if we change the emails which we got access to it again and we changed emails and we have no access to the old email to keep it verfied at this point and we had no choice but to change the email and trust me Chris fought hard on it and he has not been a happy camper at all with the recent changes and stress. In the end the final result they moved all items to the current account and we're now back on track once again. I'm sorry this is late. We both were up all night working on fixing on issues within the website and now we are doing checks on each page to ensure it's working again. Anyways I will talk to you guys next week and sorry for a very long post but so much going on in the last 24 hours.


Saturday, November 14, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Turns 6 Today!

               Today ChrisBOnTheWeb turns 6. I know what your going to say why does it say 15 Years on the banners across the site and social media? Well this year I am also celebrating 15 years as a content creator that is why it is like that. Anyways when I started under my own brand 6 years ago, I was still currently on the YouTube platform and The Entertainment Man Talk Show which was the current running series along with Vlogs for 700 + days. Then saw the start of podcasts 6 years ago too but was short lived till Fall of 2015 when "Everything About Reality TV" started follow by it's cancellation this year and the birth of Entertainment Man Podcast which has done quite well for itself recently. The website itself has seen so much change over the years and honestly the transition from YouTube to Podcasts was a major change and having to change everything over on the website so you guys wouldn't be confused and I mean when confused when I turned into an Audio ONLY podcast in 2016. Why do you think I took the summer off from content, so I can start re-designing the entire website from scratch.

              Either way I am proud of the website and the content over the years and I am looking forward to celebrating 10 years in 4 years years time when it hits it's 10 year anniversary.  This is indeed an momentous occasion not just for me but my management team as well as well. Some of them been with me on and off over the years, Joe who helped me on that other website provider that kept suspending my website for no apparent reason, but also Larry who has been with me since before CBOTW even remotely existed yes I am referring to the old team, The Video Projects Team and yeah I'm not afraid to mention that name and I will talk about that next week on a post I promise. We have some old school team and new school who are new to the team now but that don't matter, I am proud of my team one way or another and we are progressing very well with it and here is to another year, another 4 years and so on. I'm not going off air anytime soon no matter what the haters say, we're here to stay!


Friday, November 13, 2020

What Needs To Be Fixed With Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast During It's Hiatus?

            I know this has been a question for a while since the announcement on October 27th,2020 when I announced there will be a hiatus with the Collaboration Podcast and I am going to answer that today. First of all I know Larry and I have had our share of issues on both of our ends and one of the reasons we are taking time away. I will also highlight the plan for 2021 without giving away any key information when we are planning to recording. Anyways here is what we need to do moving forward:

  • Moving forward we have to make sure both our internet isn't giving us a problem as that has been a key issue with me for the most part as you know I have had some issues in the recent months and still having the occasional in and out with the net but nothing new there but really working hard to fixing the issue. 
  • Recording software. Make sure we have the right microphone setup as that was an on going issue with the recent podcast back in August and not referring to Wild Force as that was recorded yesterday and I haven't had a chance to start or just started the editing the podcast so it can go up next week.
  • Make sure Larry's IPad is working smoothly without the battery dying on him which was the other key issue back in August and kind of the cause of me unsure of the podcasts future due to this pandemic we are unable to record in the studio at this current moment and resorted to recording via Skype.
  • Catch-up on the notes as that also has been a problem is getting the notes done so the next several months, I will be busy working on future collabs between my regular podcast.
                There are the key things that need to be fixed within the next several months once we complete Dino Thunder we will be busy behind the scenes on getting notes done and fixing the above issues that the podcast is currently experiencing and I am sure we will get these fixed and working. So please do be patient with us, we will be back in 2021 and I cannot wait to get back to recording with Larry but in the meantime enjoy, Wild Force, Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder because there is plenty of podcasts to come before we go off air for a few months while we fix what I said above.


Thursday, November 12, 2020

Last Day On Set of The Entertainment Man Talk Show... (Throwback Thursday)

            This was the toughest day in my career. Knowing it was the final day on set of my beloved web series and to be honest it was a tough last day on set for me knowing the series was heading into a hiatus for the next full year before the series got completely cancelled, axed whatever you wanna call it. The final episode, was York Durham Railway which was an honor and pleasure to actually have the permission to film on their property on some of their equipment, Budd Cars, Alco Diesel # 3612 one of my personal favorites as it was always the locomotive that pulled when my dad and I were on it. There is a picture of me sitting in the diesel and I could of gotten a picture on Diesels # 22 and 1310 but no, I had to make sure it was 3612 again it was a personal fave. I can actually say I have been on the train 3 different occasions and been pulled by all 3 diesels. I remember the day Larry and I filmed it was a hot day and being in the car it was hot but we were use to it. We filmed as much as we can before sticking our heads out the door. I believe it may have been a two part finale, but then again I would have to ask Larry to see if he still has the outlines for Season 5 & 6 outlines. I will ask him later on today and if he finds it to make a copy of it to send it to me through mail.

              I remember the very final scene was in the caboose and was the final send off on the series before the end.  It was an emotional final episode because honestly I did not know the state of the series till the next year.  I remember coming back to the studio to celebrate the end of the season and another successful season. To be honest I remember the conversations that Larry and I what was next if we were planning to continue the series or we would just end it entirely and do other projects. There was a lot of conversations between him and I especially after the recording was completed with him and I. Honestly I am blessed for everything I had with that series in the end. It had one heck of a run really and I am forever grateful for the fans that supported the project in the final days and years of the series and I will always have a ton of memories recording the series with my team. That is my post for today, thanks for listening to what I had to say about my last day on set and I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's post.


Wednesday, November 11, 2020

I'm Back! & Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Schedule This Week!

                  So I am back with another blog and I know, it's been 4 days since my last post and I got some great news with the Collaboration Podcast but that will be little later on in today's post. Yea I was not happy and I took 2 days away from the blog but I am very thankful for having a management team, Billy, Tiala and Joe, without them I probably been a mess mentally right now. However I have been working on things and getting a move on the next collab podcast and of course my normal podcast which by the time you see this post I have recorded it and started the editing process with it and also watching the virtual Remembrance Day Ceremony with my dad.  Also working on Power Rangers Ninja Storm as well. Ever since being off from the blog, I have been sleeping early evening up to midnight and up during the night and sleeping a bit in the mornings which I have to honestly fix the sleep issue and I am trying. My sleep is so wacky right now it's not even funny. I was up majority of the night and will stay up till 9 as it is a single episode of Amazing Race tonight as the next two weeks is a double episode of Amazing Race so 4 legs of the race is 2 hours both weeks. Anyways I will be in bed by 9 pm EST and I should be asleep till 3 am EST at the most maybe 4 am but we'll see. 

                 Now to the announcement portion of this blog post: tomorrow evening, both Larry and I will be recording our next Collaboration Podcast for Power Rangers Wild Force Collab Podcast. I am excited we finally get to record the podcast and we get to release another episode of the podcast together. Now due to COVID-19, we will once again be recording VIA Skype as we are still practicing our social distancing from one another and it's been 8 months since I have seen Larry in person but we are committed to recording the podcast even if it is online. His mic here in the studio isn't going anywhere, it sits there waiting for his return. Now the announcement for the post up is coming and maybe by mid week next week it will be up and posted up. One last thing I can say we are aiming for Ninja Storm in December and Dino Thunder in January which then we will be on hiatus and of course gives me time to figure things out and get caught up with watching seasons on the side. That is all I have to say for today's blog post and I will see you on tomorrow's blog post. It is good to be back.


Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Some Updates On The Situation....

               The plan moving forward is here and Chris has finally started to come around. I know him very well and known him for years how he needed time to cool off. Honestly things are just fine as it is to be honest and he is getting the views on a regular basis and that is enough as he had over 1k in views last month. The other day he had over 500 views.... Cannot say he aint getting the views. So with the feed now down for good, the plan is to continue with the podcasts as normally scheduled and also the blog posts that you guys see on a daily basis he continues to make posts whether it is him or I but I know for a fact he is going to be returning tomorrow to blog posts and scheduled his posts on his white board so we know for a fact he is returning. The whole issue with the live feed it could of been all OBS that made it disconnect or the buffer circle. So he is on the right track and honestly I would of been mad too as he's gotten so much work on the page done through me and yes I was a little mad but understand why he made this decision. He's the boss and what he says goes. I respect his decisions and I told him it's not worth the stress. So you can expect moving forward what I said, blogs, podcasts, collabs they all will be happening. Now I am not 100% if him and Larry are going to be doing an Collab for the Anniversary or not. I heard rumors from Chris he tore up the notes for it. Maybe for the 15th Anniversary perhaps which is coming up very soon!

                Chris, well he is in good spirits now and feeling a bit better and I told him why didn't you vent on your story on both Facebook and Instagram. He's bottling it up again and it's not healthy to do that. I know he's a very loyal person especially when it comes to his content and ChrisBOnTheWeb and if it wasn't for Larry, he probably would have indeed left Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and it would of been all over after Dino Thunder. Chris made a promise to keep it running after the little hiatus it's going on. That was what was on his mind all day yesterday. However he is laser focused today to get working on the next collab and get back into a rythm to be set for December's next recording session after this week's podcast. So this is the last post you will see from me till Sunday's weekly update. Enjoy your week and I will be speaking to you all on the weekend.


Monday, November 9, 2020

Chris Is Not Happy With Net Issues Continue To Be A Problem!

               Chris is not happy and refuses to make blog posts and no clue whatsoever if he will be posting at all this week or I will be covering for him all week. I will explain what's going on. Last night we were testing out the live studio feed and his internet giving him issues and he's already spoken to Rogers Help and they say they are going monitor it for 10 days and email him an update and last time they said that it never happened. Total lie and he's on the fence and doesn't want anything to do with Rogers and has considered another internet company if he finally is on his own. Long story short, he is been in a mood since yesterday and hasn't said a word to me and has even told Larry that he's OFFICIALLY cancelled recording this week which is delaying the podcast yet again. He's really not in any mood right now and if he don't answer please do not be offended. 

              I will be around on both Facebook Page and Twitter throughout the day if you have any questions or concerns to what's going on with him. Really worried about his well being and his mental health. I know for a fact his mental health has gone downhill and maybe a week away from blog posts is what he needs to get his head back in the game again. He's deleted all the chat accounts and I've already removed the live pages as both the actual live page and the Live--Beta Test pages as both are now gone from the website back end of the website. He was really excited for this feature and the fact you guys get to see what he is doing during the week but cause of the net issues he's really in a bad mood and not sure how long this will actually last. I now wonder what is going on with the collab and he's cancelled the anniversary collab and sounding like no podcast at all this week at all and production is back to a stand still again. I can see why this podcast is going on Hiatus as of the conclusion of Dino Thunder. I guess I will talk to you guys tomorrow unless he comes around and is in a better mood but if anything changes please do check the social media if things change. I am more then happy to post for him while he's stepping away to figure things out.


Sunday, November 8, 2020

Weekly Updates for Chris & ChrisBOnTheWeb

              This has been a wild week for Chris and the team and he has gave me a few updates recently and ideas as well has been suggested as well. We have been busy with expanding on the website a little bit and we are excited to mention it on today's blog post. Anyways here are the updates:

Power Rangers Podcast:  With Wild Force complete, Larry and Chris are indeed going to be recording live this week and not sure when but they definitely have to record not just one but two podcasts as Chris recently remembered that the Anniversary under the ChrisBOnTheWeb brand and just hope we can end up squeezing in both but will find out tomorrow as he will have to remind Larry of this and may have to do an afternoon recording session if possible to get both done.

Collaboration Podcast: As I said Chris has planned an Anniversary Podcast for just the website only that is going up some point Saturday no time confirmed by him but sounding like he has hinted 1 or 2 pm EST it will be up. This will be on it's own dedicated page here on the website and he is excited to do something to honor this.

Website: Second last update for today, the website. Now you haven't see it yet but we are working on this brand new feature. The first time in a long time, Chris is going to start casting right from the home of his own website. He will be watching shows and what not and when he does watch it you will see him with headphones on at times. However he will be getting into details later this week as right now we are just working on the page and testing the feed out which has already been tested and it works. It is work in progress and he has to work on a couple of things to actually figure out with cameras in the studio and recording while live. Again more details is to come later this week.

Entertainment Man Podcast: Finally, I know he has been off schedule last week and this week he will have to definitely have to get back on track as even last night he slept in the evening and been up all night working and making sure he gets the editing done and ready for the weekend, however he is close to finished and should be ready for me to post up on the website.

             There are the updates and I made some tweaks to this post and I think it is a ton better then what I had which wasn't much of an update originally but gave it an addition as he has given me more information that I can tell you guys. He has been very secretive lately on what he has planned and he has kept us the Management Team in the loop on things and when he has information, him or I will be sure to mention it to you guys. I should have further developments by next Sunday to when the feed will go up Live for you guys. One last thing you will see the Live tab pop up during the week but will not be "clickable" till he is ready to launch the page entirely. 


Saturday, November 7, 2020

Who I Am and My Role With ChrisBOnTheWeb

           Hello my name is Joe and I am the Site Admin for ChrisBOnTheWeb which is part of the Management Team for Chris along with Tiala and Billy. I have some major roles when it comes to the website and his content. As he said yesterday, he is off this weekend from the blog as I requested to put up two posts this weekend, this one being the introduction to who I am and my role with ChrisBOnTheWeb or CBOTW Media as he calls it. I have been around with the website for the past 6 years on and off especially when he has issues with that other website provider he was with and I may have done a post. However that could of been Jim not me as Chris confirmed it while I was typing up the post it was Jim not me. Anyways, I was with Mark and Chris when he started building the Menu bar which was a lot of work and time and the 3 of us worked on it together to help Chris. He did indeed work on the menu and helped customize it and make sure it was to his liking. My roles here with him and the Management Team are:

  • Website Administrator: In charge of the changes he requests me to make whether it is a page change or him asking me to add a page I will do it for him. This also includes changes to the CSS Code that has been added to the website for some of the things to work like the menu bar.
  • Weekly Updates On The Blog: I am in charge of the weekly update blogs which gives him the opportunity to take a day off from blogging which now he is Monday - Saturdays for blog posts and we all need a day off from work and really been concerned that he isn't taking days off and his motivation isn't there and he hasn't been sleeping much lately during the night and been up most nights half the nights so him having the Sundays at the most off is the best for him. 
  • Any Other Things He Needs: I have been known to help the boss man with other tedious tasks that need to be done such as Podcast notes as that is a long process especially with the Collaboration and that is how he gets it done. We work as a team as an cohesive unit. Also I have been known for fixing his tech issues with the main studio computer and also fixing his sound issues on his mixer and internet and much more.

             So those are the three main roles he has given me, not much, nothing to brag about but the jobs get done and my schedule with him right now is at this moment very clear but I am around in case something breaks on the website and he is unable to fix but the site is running smoothly at this point. I will see you on tomorrows post at the usual time, 11 am EST.


Friday, November 6, 2020

Reason Why Chat Was Removed Again Recently...

              Recently I tried to have had the chat back on the website and it didn't last long yet again due to the chatroom not connecting and it was Chatango that was the issue. I could of put another chatroom in it's place but I decided to not bother as it wasn't being used or the trolls that I had with disrespect towards my management team which is unacceptable. So chat is permanently gone I am no longer wanting to have a chatroom at this point. I honestly thought someone reported the chat and Chatango removed it but it was them having some issues with the chat servers went down so that was the issue and honestly it was becoming a headache to run a chat community and I think it was the right move. I even went to the Chatango version of the chatroom and it still didn't work. It is best to have less headaches then have a lot of headaches. What I am trying to say is if it isn't working it's just not worth it to be honest.

               To be honest the website alone has done fine without the chatroom and I know there should be another way to get the views but if it wasn't for the issues with Chatango, we would of kept it and it would of still been running and Joe probably be running the chat and on there on a regular basis but it is gone and nothing I can really do. I'm doing just finish with chats all together at this moment. Honestly there is other projects or things we could do within this website right now then run a chatroom. I know I made the right decision in the end and I am doing what's best for me and my website. So if you guys ask about a chatroom on this website, the answer will most definitely be a no at this moment. That is all I have to say and I will not be on tomorrow's post nor Sunday as I said in an announcement the other day, Joe is taking over the blog over the weekend. Tomorrow he will be introducing who he is and his role on my Management Team along with Tiala and Billy and Sunday the usual weekly update which he is taking over to give me a day of rest from a very busy week. I will speak to you guys on Monday, have a great weekend!


Thursday, November 5, 2020

Rumors Going Around About Me and The Recent Hiatus Collab Podcast Announcement

               I know with the recent announcement of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast going on Hiatus as of start of early next year due to our scheduling being wacky and non stop technical issues and yes I still am having problems and I will highlight some of our issues that we had in another blog post next week at some point and not sure when though but you will see it. Anyways, I have had emails from some of you guys that the reason there will not be any podcasts is because 1) We're waiting till June and 2) I am going to be on Big Brother Canada next year! Yeah, sure, for one I never auditioned this year. I admit I was going to but just had no time with the new podcast and Collaboration Podcasts and I wanted to audition. I know I have 15 days but with the state of COVID-19, I do not wanna risk myself getting the virus being in the house for 3 months. I know I'd be safe and production would take care of me but honestly it isn't worth it. I mean I can wait one more year unless that was an All-Stars season for BBCAN10. Plus I am one busy person constantly creating content for you guys and with this recent transition from my own Reality TV Recap Podcast Series to Personal, Business and Self Help Podcast.

              However, I give you guys credit, it is a very good cover-up why I would drop the podcasts while I am playing the Big Brother Canada game and it makes totally a lot of sense why a hiatus would be doable but I ensure you, I am not going on the show, not this season at least, I wanna make sure I continue to grow the podcast as it is heading into it's second season in January. Also the reason for this hiatus is to fix things with the collaboration podcast which again I will highlight on another post next week. It will be a long several months but I think it will be worth the hiatus while him and I catch up on notes and fix any tech issues. Anyways this made me laugh and you guys are putting ideas in the back of my mind when I end auditioning and getting onto the show down the road. Just have to make the time away from content and planning would have to go into that. Anyways I will see you in tomorrow's post.


Wednesday, November 4, 2020

My Motivation Hasn't Been All There Lately....

                   The last while, I am noticed that I haven't been motivated to work whatsoever as I have been dealing with depression and mental health being stuck in Isolation nearly 8 months now and it has been a struggle. I have been really trying to get the workload done and finished and I managed to finish it. I have to realize this, I have to put my priorities in order and I have been good to do that. With not being as motivated has put both Larry and I behind schedule with the Collaboration Podcast and it is my fault. honestly. I wasn't prioritizing myself properly. Today for example I know what I have to do is get the podcast recorded this morning for the weekend, edit and I am sure while I edit I will end up start the next collab podcast while waiting for the recording of the current one to happen. Anyways I need to remember to know when to stop with the workload and I need to stop at like 3 or 4 pm EST or even take breaks to help me get refocused and keep on the right track.

                    I know I haven't been overly active on Social much and lost tons of followers but I need to remember to make posts from time to time.  In the end my Mental Health is the most important thing for me to get under control first and that is why some days you don't see much in making many posts at this moment and I promise you guys I need to get posting a ton more during the day. I made a video post yesterday which is very rare I do anymore as I am just busy with the work. I need to be more on the ball with being active on Social Medias and I know when I am depressed like I have been, I tend to not say anything.  I should be a bit more open with you guys to be honest to how I am feeling and the fact I have been working non stop doesn't help with my depression nor the motivation of bringing out content especially on time like today which is extremely late coming out but that's OK we have lives to live. In the end I really need to buck down on social media posts more and start making a ton of posts as recently lost a ton of followers.


Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Wild Force Notes Are Finished!

            Last night and today, I officially got done with the notes and to be honest it was a really tough time getting em done. I know I spoke about it last night at length that is the reason why my absence on social media and how I went entirely quiet and that is the reason. With the notes finished, I can now focus on getting the next set of notes for the next two Podcasts. I do wanna share with you guys the schedule for the podcast coming up:

November 2020 (Date TBA): Power Rangers Wild Force Collaboration Podcast

December 2020 (Date TBA): Power Rangers Ninja Storm Collaboration Podcast

January 2021 (Date TBA): Power Rangers Dino Thunder Collaboration Podcast

----------Hiatus Begins After Dino Thunder-----------

Alternate Schedule (In Case We Fall Behind Schedule AGAIN):

November 2020 (Date TBA): Power Rangers Wild Force Collaboration Podcast

January 2021 (Date TBA): Power Rangers Ninja Storm Collaboration Podcast

                                             Power Rangers Dino Thunder Collaboration Podcast

----------Hiatus Begins After Dino Thunder-----------

             I hope this makes entirely a ton of sense to where we are coming from with the changes and with the Hiatus looming very soon, I can say this: the Hiatus will be a lengthy one and yes when I did that Image with the announcement which I can post it on here on the left hand side and when I said we will be back in 2021, I meant it. We have to figure a few things out with production wise, fix any tech issues we may have. I can say this two of the podcasts will be in the Fall and one in the late Spring into the Summer. I wanna try and get myself ahead of schedule a bit so this way all we have to do is record. Also the fact that we are recording in a bit of a different environment and the fact we are not in the same room s one another, we were not prepared for all these changes and it was a last minute split second change as this pandemic has affected the production of this Collaboration Podcast greatly and we just did not talk about it till May/June on a decision to record the podcasts Via Skype for the foreseeable future. We had tech issues and so many other problems, we were just not ready for all these changes moving forward. So that is our schedule moving forward up to the point of the Hiatus and we will have more information on the next set of episodes in the next 4 - 6 months from now when we know we are ready to go for the next set of episodes. Thank you for your understanding and both Larry and I appreciate the support you have given us regardless of how we record.

Chris, Executive Producer/Host

Larry, Senior Producer/Co-Host

Monday, November 2, 2020

Spelunky 2 & PGATour2k21 Updates!

                I told you guys and promised that you guys that I'd do an update on the video games between the two and I am excited to say that I have made some progress and really big progress on both of the games. So I wanna start with Spelunky 2 and I have officially made it to Caves 1-4 and the unfortunately I ended up being rolled over by this big dude and I didn't have anything handy in my items as I used em up which was a mistake. Also I didn't know where I had to go and it was in a hole in one of the sides. But I have to be swift and quick to make the move or destroy the ball rolling guy whatever his name is. Not sure what it is what it is called whatsoever and I couldn't tell you. I have been even very sneaky with the shop keeper and using the machete on the game. One there was an explosion in the shop on Spelunky 2 and the Shop Keeper was sacrificed by Kalli by accident lol. Was funny actually and it was honestly the funniest thing that I have ever seen, however I am having a ton of fun with this game and I can officially now say that I have been able to reach Caves 1-4.

                   The next game I want to mention is PGATour2K21 and I can tell you guys now that I am dominating every single event or tournament which in English that means that I have won every single tournament so far and in this Genesis Tournament I am in the lead with a few strokes at this point. I had it on very easy, then easy then I think it's on normal but still a very easy to and I think I am just too good at the game. If you remember me saying at one point I have played the Tiger Woods Golf series for PC in the past and very familiar with these types of games to be honest and honestly I am enjoying both games I have updated you guys on. I will keep you guys in the loop with updates as I get them. I hope you guys enjoyed today's post and I really wanted to do this update and you guys got the update. I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's post.


Sunday, November 1, 2020

Weekly Updates [11-01-2020]

             It is time to make the weekly updates and not much to report really. However I made some tweaks to things. So fair warning this is a short update post as nothing to report that is major. Anyways here are the updates:

Website/Social Media: I once again updated the type of website as this is and I know I went back to my original motto but I went back to being an entertainment website which seemed to work. So what I did was change back to the original motto but instead of 2014 I put the start date when I started up as a content creator which was 2005.

Power Rangers Podcast: I really need to get the Collab done this week and today I have been working on it today and probably one of the reasons this post is now late but Larry and I have to start working on it. It is kind of one of the reasons why we are going on a hiatus once we finish up Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder is to catch up. I do have a almost set schedule in the back of my mind and I know you won't like it but I can say this, it is half way through the year but it is what it is and if we need a break to try and catch up, so be it.

                 There is my updates for the week and I told you that it isn't much as nothing much to report but me working on the entire podcast and that has been the work that I have been doing and hopefully I wanna aim to get to 30th or 35th episode today and just a final push tomorrow to get the notes finished up and done with for the day. Anyways that is the update for this week and I will see you all tomorrow for another blog post which is going to be an gaming blog post.