Friday, November 27, 2020

This Year Has Been A Difficult Year For ChrisBOnTheWeb!

            This year has been a difficult year not just for me who has been dealing with Mental Health issues all year long since this pandemic started. ChrisBOnTheWeb has really struggled with things from Podcast starting to fall apart to it ending to no events which I really on events and even food reviews and I couldn't even do that this year which has affected the website greatly but not too bad as you guys have enjoyed the posts regardless and either way I still got my 100k views so it didn't matter but what I mean everything had to be done from the studio or through Skype (meaning the podcasts.) Anyways this hasn't been the easiest transitioning especially from podcast to podcast and with podcasts being moved from being in studio to Skype and we were nowhere near prepared to actually record through Skype but I think we are making the best of the situation as Wild Force was a lot of fun to record and a lot of laughs with it either way.

             I hope during some time away from the collab, both Larry and I can correct any of the recording online or through Skype and try to continue to give you guys the Quality content and hopefully fix the issues that we had this year as sound was not that great and like I said it's not be an easy switch from Studio to online cause of the pandemic. I can say this to you guys: I am planning to get the Mix Minus in January and set it up here in the studio so I can have a bit better of a setup for recording with people and not worry about OBS as a whole and don't get me wrong I love OBS and it has been a great program but what use is it really to someone who doesn't cast anymore. I am audio ONLY and think I should put the money and investment into the future of the podcasts. I can be honest there has been moments where I wanted to just shutdown operations but then I'd be giving up a very successful website that's had 1100 in a day which is crazy honestly so I must be doing something right and it is the matter of time I fix the problems and issues with what I mentioned. Anyways that is my post for today and I will see you in tomorrow's post. 


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