Thursday, November 26, 2020

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Update...

                      You are probably wanting an update huh on Ninja Storm. I think on my Facebook/Instagram Stories, I did spill the beans on this but for those who haven't seen it well you are indeed in the right place. I know, I know get to the chase. I am now half way through this podcast prep as I am finished watching Ninja Storm and I am now on working on notes well after I finish editing this weekends podcast. I can say this I really, really enjoyed it and I had a lot of doubt on this season that I wouldn't like this season at all and that is not the case this time around. I very much enjoyed this season and was totally hooked into this season. Anyways to the next point I wanna make, once I am done editing the weekly podcast I will be typing up notes and also I will be working on Dino Thunder. So I am doubling down on the podcast and getting two done at once. I know I said on the FB/Instagram Stories I would like to get both done this year but that could be not possible but it all depends on how quickly I can get them done and if I can get 10 episodes or more done a day but that is besides the point I gave you guys a small set schedule but one step at a time.

                      We will get there at some point where we actually get these caught up and running again. So many different projects going on right now but so much I can do right now to be honest but I can definitely manage everything and one baby steps at a time. Either way not next week but the week after there will be a recording session and it will be a good episode and I already know that even tho the notes are not even remotely typed yet at this point. However this weekend I will be getting started on it and I will start watching Dino Thunder and doubling up but no guarantees whatsoever on recording this year but we will see how I do in the next week but you never know but first we have to start with what we have right now. Anyways I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's blog post.


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