Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Why Do I Like Dailymotion More?

                 It is no secret I am heading back to Dailymotion with Entertainment Man Podcast down the road which is not as long as you guys really think as you think. Anyways the question you are wondering why do I like Dailymotion better or in this case YouTube as you know my situation with YouTube. Well with YouTube the big downfall with YouTube is you need 1000 (1K) and so much for watch time in order for you to be monetized Dailymotion you can sign up for Partner and start being monetized right away. That is one of the reasons behind me bringing Entertainment Man Podcast to Dailymotion and this would be my 3rd source of income with the podcast and website at this point. Now the other think I like about Dailymotion, there is no dislike button as my old videos on the older channel which needs to be removed from that platform permanently and indefinitely. Also the fact you do get a bit more freedom, non of this family friendly stuff and you guys know it will be family friendly always on the podcast or I really try to that is.

                 It is so easy to get in touch with Dailymotion where YouTube it is harder but we know Google owns YouTube and again you know my position and story behind it. Yes I went through TeamYouTube and got nowhere but Dailymotion they replied back and was very helpful and I was able to bring my podcast to their awesome platform. I am over YouTube, yes I still listen to my favorite YouTube but I am over making content on that platform. I will do ANYTHING to get my old channel removed so any trace that The Video Projects Team or ChrisBOnTheWeb from that platform. Anyways this is the reason why I am happy with Dailymotion and I cannot wait to get started with the video side of the podcast and I thank Dailymotion for their helping making this dream a Reality. I hope you guys enjoyed this post with why I liked Dailymotion more. I am not bashing, just stating the facts about YouTube. I will talk to you guys Thursday for a new post as Joe is taking over the blog tomorrow morning.


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