Monday, November 23, 2020

What Ever Happened To The Video Projects Team?

               So the big question is what ever happened to The Video Projects Team, why did the team end? As you know the decision was made on October 31st, 2014 which didn't happened till 2 weeks later. I did speak about on Twitter at one point. However I made the announcement that we will be shutting down operations under the name The Video Projects Team. Now the reason why was the amount of members of the team was diminishing and we lost so many Staff members over the years since 2010 with the start of losing our camera man, then Eric, then our next camera man, he left just out of nowhere leaving it to the final 3 members of the team, myself, Larry and Justin. So the day before Larry and I went to the Royal Winter Fair and I knew this was it and the end was here for the team we once were at one point. The next day I made the official decision to end the team and Larry was the first one to know followed by Justin that the team was to end I go into a more solo projects with the two of them and their help. So mainly the decision was because of the team was starting to fall apart and we were losing staff quickly and people quitting and not telling us that they were quitting nothing. Things started going downhill in 2010 since most of the team we're either let go or quit knowing we were heading into that hiatus from Fall 2010 - April 2012. 

               This is just my thoughts that I have had to what went wrong with that team but in the end I have no regrets whatsoever that I ended The Video Projects because I know it was the right move to make honestly as look what happened I finished up my YouTube career very strong and also started my podcast career which has done well. That is what happened towards the end of the career and not much to what happened and gave you a timeline to when things started to fall apart and the reason why. It was quite disappointing to watch a great team fall apart after nearly 9 years and yes I say 9 years because we were on course of to that point however we are now on track to make 9 years less then 3 years to go I am excited for it. I know I have had bitterness how it ended and with the way staff just got up and walked out on me and not tell me whatsoever. Yeah I resent it ending it but I know I made the right choice and I should be proud of myself making the right decision to go more on a solo project.


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