Sunday, November 22, 2020

Weekly Updates [11-22-2020]

                  Another week has passed by and ton of updates to make with some of the things that happened in the next week. I will not delay the updates and here they are for the week of November 22nd, 2020 on our second last update for the month of November.

Website: Any problems with the actual players here on has been resolved. Chris and I spent a good 18 hours fixing the issues from a week ago this morning. We're happy the issues have been resolved and back to normal. Also tomorrow morning at 9 am EST, Chris and the Management Team and I are opening the Community Lounge tomorrow morning and we're excited to open up his community chatroom which I am running on his behalf and yes he will make the occasional appearence. 

Update On Chris: As you know Chris has been banned from Facebook for the past week and his ban is up tomorrow morning and will be back posting and what I heard, he is planning to do a live stream on Facebook tomorrow as a way to get himself realgumated to the Facebook world while I am now banned from Facebook Support for a month which he has given me the green light to do a post mid week this week and I will explain what I mean.

Entertainment Man Podcast: As him and I said on Social, he has deleted the Mixcloud account for the podcast. He specifically hasn't said why and that was his choice to not mention why and I will not bother him about it. Good news is he earning money not just from the website and Stitcher but also Dailymotion. He will be doing video versions on the podcast over on Dailymotion and hopefully eventually get paid for what he does.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: Just a friendly reminder that this week on Wednesday @ 1 pm EST, the latest episode of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast will be up talking Power Rangers Wild Force.

                  There are the updates for this week and as I promised it is not as long as I was highlighting everything that was going on with the website issues but we are past that and let's make this a great week and it will be. Anyways have a great week and I will be I'll be talking to you guys on Wednesday for the surprise blog post. 


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