Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Cancelled Going To Events For The Remainder of 2020

            As Founder and Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb, I have come to a very difficult decision late last night.  As you all know we are all dealing with COVID-19 and most of the events locally here and in Toronto have been cancelled. Which made me come to a very, very difficult decision to CANCEL any of the events that were planned into May right through to the end of the year. These are the following events that I am cancelling going to this year: 

Bowmanville Maple Festival- May 2020
Food Truck Friday, Bowmanville- June 2020
Canada Day Celebrations- July 2020
Rib Fest, Durham Ontario- August 2020
Orono Fair (Fair was cancelled itself)- September 2020
Polish/Ukrainian Festival- September 2020
Apple Festival- October 2020
The Royal Winter Fair- November 2020
Tyrone Parade of Lights- December 2020

            Now we do not know about Polish/Ukrainian Festivals, Apple Fest, The Royal Winter Fair and Tyrone Parade of Lights but as for me this year, I am planning to not attend any of these festivals as it is uncertain what the outcome of this virus will be, whether we get a second wave of the virus but HONESTLY as I said to my Staff, I do not feel comfortable going into large crowds, especially not this soon after the virus is over, just do not feel quite comfortable and it will take me some time to get use to being out and about in the public again but come 2021 we will be back at events and stronger then before. So this means any flyers, I hand out right now will be CBOTW (Including Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast) & Everything About Reality TV for promotion, nothing else. I apologize for the inconvienence but as I stated with the current events in the world, I think this is the best move for CBOTW and mainly myself as I do every single event. We look forward to 2021 Events and again we are deeply sorry as we know you enjoyed those event posts but we promise to make it up to you guys for the rest of this year.

Chris, Founder & Owner

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Favorite 3 Stooges Episodes!

                 On today's blog post, I am going to talk about My favorite 3 Stooges episodes. Now I have spoken about how I got into the show and what not and now I want to talk about my favorite episodes. I got a ton of episodes that I loved and made me laugh to a point of me in pain in the pit of my stomach from laughing so hard but anyways here is my list:

1) Plumbing We Will Go- The 3 of them are plumbers and they totally mess up the plumbing, the lighting and destroy the entire house! This was on of the first episodes that my aunts introduced to me and still find the episode funny as heck!

2) Disorder In The Court- The 3 Stooges, Curly, Larry and Moe are in court as witnesses and just insanity pursues and a musical interlude with Moe swallowing a Harmonica but do not want to spoil it for you guys but worth an episode to watch.

3) The 3rd of at least 5 on my list as I cannot list every single episode is Punk Drunk where they get Curly to get into Boxing and whenever he hears the Weasel tune he goes nuts. Another episode I'd highly recommend to watch for a laugh.

4) Babysitter Jitters- Now this one is with Shemp Larry and Moe. They are babysitting this kid where he was crying and he would laugh every time Shemp would go upside down.  Now there is a scene where the clock is ringing and Moes do you hear that ringing Shemp pulls it out and he's says what's that? Shemp- a Clock, Moe says what does a clock say and Shemp being a smart Alec says, tick, tick, tick and get hits with the clock.

5)  Do not remember the name of this episode but they 3 of them, yes again Shemp, Larry and Moe are dentists and they are out west. They practice their dentistry once they graduated from Dental School. Was pretty hilarious and had this episode even on VHS when it was still a thing.

                  There is my list and hope you guys enjoyed it and please feel free to watch some of these or all of them, they are a good laugh for sure and I enjoy doing these lists kind of posts for you guys and wanna do more of these for you guys down the road and if you got ideas, please do let me know!


Monday, April 27, 2020

Late Night Everything About Reality TV Podcast Update

              I know this is a late night post and I want to address this on an additional post. I found out some information on the summer and nothing is set in stone yet. This isn't a confirmation for the summer either but more of an update for you guys. I just not long ago notified Staff and Alum of CBOTW on the 2 shows we cover in the summertime; Big Brother US & Amazing Race Canada and here are the updates I can give you guys and what I am doing for right now:

Big Brother 22 RECAPS: I know you are all wondering what is happening with our Big Brother Recaps as the last several summers, we have driven away from those recaps or abruptly end it which I know wasn't very professional but this is now not back then. Honestly our last season we covered was Big Brother 19 and with the state of the world with COVID-19 there has been rumors of the season in Limbo and they are going to cancel it which is ridiculous. My thoughts is I want them to have a season and there is NO confirmation from CBS themselves that this season is cancelled due to the virus. So as of right now I am putting on the schedule Big Brother 22 Recaps W/ Reality Teas (Chris) and saying it will happen for right now. I'm not promising it will happen but gotta stay optimistic and positive it will happen as CBS has said so. Yes the Recaps are on the schedule as of right now.

Amazing Race Canada 8 RECAPS: I have heard NOTHING about Amazing Race Canada 8. They have been very quiet and I know we are currently in lock down here in Ontario and Canada and they do not want to say anything till they know for sure it will happen or not which is a smart thing to be honest. So as of right now I am leaving the Recaps on hold for now till I know further so it's on the wait list on my desk till we get a formal announcement from production themselves. That is all we can honestly do is wait it out right now. Update: We are looking at being in Self Isolation for another 4 - 6 months to a year and this may affect Amazing Race Canada 8 so I'm not sure what is going to happen. 

             It can change and I will keep providing you guys updates on the summer scheduling and I got staff around the clock, my website admin and assistant and they keep me up to speed on the situation with this. Either way I have ideas in my head in case we go into a  lengthy hiatus from a regular season but least I am being well prepared and an announcement for the YouTube Channel will be coming in about a month hopefully, don't quote me on that to when we are officially launching the new channel but the show announcements come first. This is the update and again we'll keep you guys up to date when we have more information or breaking news!

Chris, Founder & Owner

Chris B On The Web Update [04-27-2020]

           I know there is a ton of confusion, we were going to start going live but my staff expressed their opinions on things and honestly a lot has transpired with the team in the last week and things have become quite busy for us but that's OK, busy is good. The first thing that is on your mind is the podcasts. I will briefly explain Everything About Reality TV, I know I did post up the link and since then have removed it from social media and that is because we are not ready to promote it. We sprinted so fast out of the gate and honestly I was starting to become overwhelmed actually. However the YouTube channel is now staying quiet till we know further notice and when we announce the channel and we are still doing YouTube but we are just moving too fast and need to slow down. Problem we're having is we're just expanding way to fast and honestly I want to test the waters some more on things.  Now that is out of the way the other podcast that I have been withholding information not just you guys but the Staff that I just shared the news yesterday in the late day that we are, I mean Larry and I are planning to record another Power Rangers Podcast in July 2020. Now we do not know when and if we will be in studio together or through Skype or what the story behind this is so right as right now we are aiming for July. You don't wanna know the story behind it. I originally said the fall. I'm sure you're going to say, Chris what the heck are you doing?! We wait long enough for more episodes and you want to see the normal June but with this virus we are currently trying to gather our resources and this is taking a lot of time and planning as we have never recorded a Power Rangers Podcast that isn't in our Studio before. We have to figure out how Larry's going to print off the enormous amount of notes which he will get an actual copy of it when it's all said and done and he's able to come to studio again. I've got his email and will be sending it to him when the time comes. So please be patient and we will announce when it's time. We promise you, we are going to make it work one way or another.

              Either then that still working on the Audio ONLY and it is taking a lot of time to get finished and we will get it done eventually. We are waiting on announcements for Summer shows and we're just trucking along with the site stuff and redesigning it and fixing it up so you guys got an amazing website to go on. Daily blogs, podcasts twice a week right now just keeping up with the Jones so to speak. I know there is a ton of stuff going on right now and in time we will be figuring out stuff. I understand your frustration with us but from the production stand point of things, we need to announce things when it's more necessary. We did not discuss it further and should of been discussed before we implement the plan. I promise you we will be careful what we share moving forward and if we are sure on our decision we will mention it. Hope you guys have a great start to your week and I will see you guys in another post tomorrow. Oh one last thing if you guys would like to see posts from other members of Staff or more blogs besides myself, please let me know in the comments below. We value, your opinion and it helps us grow as a website.

- Chris

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Worried About Reality TV's Summer Schedule

             I can officially say this, getting more and more worried about the summer schedule honestly.  With this virus going around the world right now, I am starting to think Negatively and mind you Eric who worked with me on a previous team back in the day really trying to keep me in a positive spot and honestly it's been hard to keep being positive. However I am trying. I am also worried about what will happen to our podcast as we have worked so hard to get the YouTube Channel ready for a brand new season and this may not happen for a while. However yes I have said in the past few weeks that I do have a plan and you can definitely withhold me to that but right now is not the right time to talk about YouTube and when it is starting. We are putting that side of the podcast on hold while we finish up the projects and shows at hand which is finishing up Survivor: Winners At War and cover The Amazing Race 32. Then we can decide what happens next with the podcast. 

               Yes as Executive Producer and Host, I am concerned and we could be seeing a bit of a hiatus from the podcast or at least a lengthy off season podcast, but we just do not know what to do and not saying that we do not have Off Season podcasts, we got a couple that were erased from the Audio ONLY feed but the notes still exist on my USB Key so it is all there still. Anyways yes I am worried but I need to try and stay positive and trying to honestly but struggling with this podcast again. I really need to stay focused on NOW, the Survivor Recaps and Rankings Podcast I do every week then shift over to the Amazing Race Recaps and then the decision is ours later on possibly in June to what the plan is if there is no Big Brother 22 or Amazing Race Canada 8. I'm not saying that there not going to be those shows, we're just unsure right now as we do not currently have any announcement made at this moment and we cannot announce what is next for the podcast. We need to take it one thing at time and that is the plan for now. I admit we have been moving too fast lately and it's affecting the morale of the team so it was my own fault on my own part. These are tough times for all of us with the constant changes going on right now and we are figuring things out right now and when we have more information, we will give it to you guys when we know further. 


Friday, April 24, 2020

Addicted To Pooligans Game!

                I've been wanting to talk about this for ages but I am addicted to Pooligans. What is it you may ask? Well it's a game of Pool. It is really a ton of fun and I am getting better at it as time goes on. I have been patient and I really find myself playing it when I can and I usually play several rounds a day, maybe sometimes more. However I enjoy it and I've played it in real life before with my Sunday group I use to go out with back then and I found it fun. Yes the game itself can be hard at times and there has been times where the other opponent just quit on me and I got the win which is a good thing. I've got pretty good stats with wins too and I think once, I almost went 7 - 0 on the computer while practicing and seeing if anyone invites me into a game. I have been invited into several games but the most part, I practice a ton,

              Although, I haven't worked on it much lately, I've been too busy with projects for the website to play and hence the reason I haven't played in a few weeks and plus just finished Grand Theft Auto 4 so when projects slow down again, I will definitely get back to it. It has been some time and honestly I haven't even logged in at all but like I said I will eventually. The best part of this being on Steam, it's completely FREE! That's right, I said it! It's totally free and love the fact its a free game. How did I find it? I was searching around and accidentally and since then I have indeed become addicted to it. I just cannot play one game, it has to be more then one game apparently... LOL. However it's a fun game and a very addictive game to play. I know this isn't a long post but I hope you enjoyed this post and I highly recommend to play this if you are into pool. 


Thursday, April 23, 2020

CBOTW Gamers Podcast Is Not Gone....

           I know we spoke about this months ago but CBOTW Gamers Podcast isn't gone. We may not have a host currently but that's OK. If worse comes to worse I will take it over. You are going to ask how Chris? You are currently active with Everything About Reality TV Podcast right now. Yes I realize this and this will all come later... Not right now, later... Right now is not the time nor place as the podcast continues to go strong even with the recent hard times we all are going through but this podcast is on the shelf so to speak and yes I provided a shelf picture of my own so the podcast is up there somewhere I'm sure... 

             Either way it is coming down the road, if Everything About Reality TV slows down then the plan is to go to the Gaming Podcast which honestly I am excited but shouldn't be too excite as right now I need to remain focused on Everything About Reality TV and going to a new podcast would be a complete rebuild from the start and that will be a ton of work for us. Plus we do not know how often we wanna do the podcast, weekly, every 2nd week that is a tough decision. Nothing is really planned right now and it is in the future plans of the website but now is not the time and we are very much in production with the current two podcasts and that's enough. We have a bigger plan but yet again in time you guys will find out what it is exactly the plan is.


Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Favorite Laurel and Hardy Movies!

              Today, I would like to talk about my favorite Laurel and Hardy Movies or short films as they called it back in the day! Now I have touched based last week who got me into them and what not and now it's time to give you guys a few episodes that I actually do enjoy so here they are:

1) Sons of The Desert- I believe this was the original episode but do not quote me on that I do not know the actual order which has a ton of stupidity but hilarious in the same way and Stanley dancing around when they were back at their apartment door steps. 

2) Be Big- The episode where the two of them made an excuse to their wives to go out instead of a trip however that backfired and wives came home and they sure found out Oliver wasn't sick and their schemes.

3) Swiss Miss-  Where they are in Switzerland and they are movers and had to move the piano across a bridge that moves as you are going on and honestly didn't look safe but there was also a monkey involved. It was hilarious!

4) The fourth and final one on my list and there is other ones but again as I have said this before in the past I cannot make a overly long list but there are others, however the 4th and final one on my list is the Flying Deuces where Oliver is in love and found out the girl he loves is married  and they enlisted themselves into the army to find out the husband of the girl he loves is in there and in the end they are flying in an airplane and Oliver comes back as a donkey meanwhile Stanley is himself! Worth the hour and a bit of the full length episode!

              There is my list and some of the ones I really enjoy to watch and have to binge watch some of these and other ones I enjoy as well. I hope you guys enjoyed my little bit of my favorite Laurel and Hardy episodes I enjoy. I  will see you guys in the next post tomorrow at Noon eastern, have a wonderful Wednesday!


Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Has Been Banned On Twitch!

              All I can say is wow... Just wow... We deactivate our Twitch because we weren't planning on going on the platform and decided to give it a shot anyways to find out if we can pull in the crowd to find out we have been banned from Twitch for no apparent reason and I guess deactivating your account Twitch is against the Terms of Service (TOS!)  It really ticks me the heck off that we put our blood, sweat and tears into preparing to move back to video to find out we were banned from the platform for no reason, no notice in email we were banned for such and such time which is crap honestly. Guess we are confining the podcast to YouTube ONLY now and if YouTube axes us then we are going back to our root for almost the last 4 years aka Audio ONLY platforms. I have started to even wonder why we are doing video again after we departed from YouTube in 2016 but the staff wanted this, YOU guys the most amazing fans in the world wanted this and we are going to give it our best shot to grow on YouTube again as we did once have fans and listeners of the podcast on YouTube before. 

              Also technically the podcast did start on there from the beginning and maybe this is where we have to go from here on out.  So what's the plan moving forward? As you know, we are in testing mode right now, testing the waters on YouTube and got a good clear idea how to run YouTube channel with the Live Shows we will be putting on. I have been working with my team and we are getting good progress with it and going to be testing one more time live. The channel isn't visible right now in search on YouTube but it is on the platform and has been a channel since the 13th of this month so 8 full days of it being. We  will be taking off on video soon but right now is not the right time. Guess Twitch doesn't want us I guess. We're not wanted on their platform. I wanted to multi stream and guess it wasn't meant to be. Thanks Twitch for banning us when we didn't even stream much minus innocent tests which we have to test and ensure there is 0 issues! Don't think we will message them about this. I'm just done with Twitch in general but going to message em to tell em we didn't even do anything wrong and what is wrong with their moderators or admins on the platform! Like seriously! Maybe Mixer is the better fit for the podcast or just YouTube but I think we are going to focus on YouTube and YouTube ONLY!


Monday, April 20, 2020

Chris B On The Web Update [04-20-2020]

               I have some updates for you guys for today's post. I got some stuff to update you guys on and start with the team. I am guessing Larry is part of the "Staff" again as he's been involved highly especially recently with this pandemic and our studio in lock down. That is another thing that you guys knew we are still in lock down and when this is all done anyone that visits the studio out of the staff will have to bring their own ear buds or headphones. It will be like that for quite sometime after this is over but going to be cautious one way or another. Now Everything About Reality TV is doing well and as you will notice today I am doing weekly podcasts with a Survivor Winners At War Breakdown and rankings and honestly it was fun, I enjoyed doing it and really got into it and honestly it's different from the recaps and I can see myself doing this is a future seasons and never know I could even do it on video even tho I initially planned on Audio ONLY for those but it's Survivor and I think when we go to video, we will, I mean I will record it and premiere it when we are on YouTube this way you guys get to see it.  However back to what I was saying that we are nowhere near ready and been trying to search for the podcast on YouTube but nowhere near finding it and I know the trailer is up but it's unlisted as it will be seen by new visitors hence the reason the channel isn't found as we didn't start it yet. 

               Blog and the website doing well. Not as many views as last month but still over 2K which is still  a great number and that growth is there some months are better then others and last month the growth was insane. However with the blogs returned daily now shows we are continuing on the growth spur of the website. I think the fact we didn't post much and went to every second day for 2 weeks didn't help but I had to in order to get it done. I've been stuck with trying to watch Power Rangers Podcast and I said I was going to watch it but haven't been motivated to watch and with May approaching, I need to start catching up to speed on things if we are indeed recording in June which we are still determining what the plan is with the state of the world right now Either way things are doing well for us and we're progressing well and things are slow at times but also I have been working on things and trying to split things up and taking time for myself and really working hard on a daily basis and watching shows to get moving on certain podcasts but this week I am going to work hard once again. I think I am getting into a routine again.


Sunday, April 19, 2020

Back To Blogging Daily!

                 As you can tell on Thursday, I went back to daily blogs on a daily basis. It is very exciting to be back to normal again with posts and keeping regular on the posts. I think I actually did not follow majority of the schedule as last week I went all over the place. However that is OK tho! Sometimes being random is a good thing but that is besides the point. It is good to be back in the daily grind with the posts and honestly I enjoy it. I really do enjoy it and talking to you guys on a regular basis and with what is going on with me and also the Chris B On The Web Community. Tomorrow, I am planning to update you guys on things around CBOTW, Staff wise and some new and familiar faces involved with the website and of course the graphical side of things that you have recently seen. So I have a ton of updates to make for you guys and excited to tell you guys some things that has happened behind the scenes.  I think I would like to do a weekly update blog post for you with the happenings around the community and I think that is what I am planning moving forward.  I actually already have put up on the whiteboard the update posts and Monday (tomorrow) I will have an update for you guys on things around the community.

               Also I would like to start doing more throwback Thursday stories and see if I can incorporate even some past stuff regards to YouTube series I worked on in the past as I am sure there is a ton of stories I can tell and I can think of some on the top of my head. So basically Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays will have set topics while Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Friday's will be up to my list of posts and again, I am open to ideas for the blog here on the website. Either way it is good to be back in the grind and currently combating a head cold which is very odd how I ended up but that's a story for Tuesday's post for you guys as that is an open day on our list. Anyways I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's post, enjoy the rest of your Sunday and see you on the post tomorrow.


Saturday, April 18, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Scheduling Update

                  Here is an update with the scheduling for the podcast and I have been keeping up to date with the scheduling. Anyways currently we are on Thursdays @ 9 pm EST for Survivor Winners At War up to May 14th when we will be finishing up this season and it will be an emotional so long for me as I am passing the torch for Survivor Recaps to Billy who is taking it over so I am proud to say I am willingly passing the podcast to my friend. So we have less then a month left then we move into Amazing Race 32 on May 20th which technically will be in the slot and time as Survivor was. Amazing Race 32 will be up at 9 pm EST Thursdays and excited to be continuing this current season, our 13th season of the Podcast. Now for the preview podcast it will be the weekend of the 16th/17th I will be doing the Cast assessment podcast for you guys and have it up for you guys on the weekend before the season actually begins. 

                So that is as far as we were able to go at this moment as I do not have anymore news to tell you regarding the summer but again I've said this before and I will remind you guys that I will be keeping you up to speed on things as I got more information and the fact my team and I are in keeping up on things and we are actually planning ahead of ourselves in case there is no Big Brother 22 or Amazing Race Canada, we already got an idea in the back of our minds to stall for time. These are tough times and all we can do is try and come up with ideas to keep the podcast going even if it is an Off Season Podcast for the time being and especially if we try and record every week to every 2nd week. Anyways that is the schedule for now and at least you guys are getting some kind of podcast one way or another but again we will keep you guys up to date as much as we can.


Friday, April 17, 2020

I Wanna Do More Instagram and Facebook Chats With You Guys!

                      So recently about 2 days ago I sat down at my desk and did a  FB Live for another 30 minutes with you guys and it was honestly fun! I know it wasn't much of a turnout but had a bunch of people pop in. One of my Instagram followers and 2 from the Fan Page but I have to say, thank-you for tuning in. I honestly need to do it in the evenings now I think and I honestly think people would tune in more so that is definitely something to think about moving forward. I think it will be a great idea to connect with you guys and definitely an idea and gives me something to do honestly as these days I am bored out of my mind at times but busy with CBOTW stuff. I can say this we had a great conversation and a lot of sports stuff and I actually linked  a sports links in there. Maybe for one of them, I will do a Q & A edition and let you guys ask questions or could even be a video in it's entirity and been thinking about doing one with Larry.

                      Anyways, I am off topic like usual but I like the fact this is on a Wednesday but again, timing I think wasn't right actually. However the response to it especially on FB was crazy! the numbers for that live broadcast was really high almost 30 people have seen it and I haven't actually looked at it since the broadcast but was overwhelming to see the number of views and actually our like count went up on the page so maybe this is truly a sign to start doing something like this more often. With that I want to thank-you all again for tuning in the other day and I will let you guys know when I wanna do another one and hopefully next week I will get another one and I plan on doing it in the evening this time around maybe around 6 pm EST.


Thursday, April 16, 2020

Everything About Reality TV YouTube Channel Is Coming Along Nicely!

                    So I want to provide you guys with some updates regarding the rumors of Everything About Reality TV Podcast on YouTube as you know there was rumors speculating we were indeed to return to the platform after a 4 year Hiatus. It has been a crazy few days but anyways here are the updates:

1) We have added the banner which had to be recreated and its another story for another time. But it looks really sharp and I cannot wait to start promoting it but right now I am waiting for the right time to bring it up as we are currently in mid season for Survivor and not the right time to promote it.

2) Also I have been streaming a bit here and there to test it and Billy who is on Staff of the podcast has seen it and even the Podcast's Co-Founder has noticed that it went live.

3) I still gotta work on the channel trailer and I need to get that last element done before we  are ready to start doing podcasts live.

                      There is still work to be done and I am sure a lot of questions about the channel what is going to be Video and Audio ONLY and to what will be Audio ONLY, who is doing what and I can answer that right here, right now:

Video and Audio ONLY: 

- Survivor (Billy, as of Survivor 41)
-Big Brother (Reality Teas aka Chris)
- Big Brother Canada (Chris, Me)

Audio ONLY:

Amazing Race (Chris, Me)
Amazing  Race Canada (Chris, Me)


Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Who Got Me Into The Three Stooges and Laurel and Hardy?

               Now I really haven't talked about it and yes I have spoken about the 2 old shows in the past. When I first started to watch this show I had no clue who they were but yet yes I found them hilarious and still find them very hilarious to this day and been watching it on and off recently to keep my mind busy. Anyways it was my aunts who have passed on but I still watch the show and remember the nights I was at their place being taken care of as my parents went out and yes this is referring to when I was still in elem entry school and even my early high school days as well. I found Laurel and Hardy pretty funny and still to this day Sons of The Desert is one of faves and for The Three Stooges, "Plumbing We Will Go" and "Disorder In The Court" are my faves for that show. Either way I am thankful for my aunts introducing me to the show and enjoy em still even now. 

               I know this post isn't long and I am finding it hard to write as I have had a long day and maybe it is just time for me to put on a Stooges and lay back and enjoy the evening. I have been working all day when I am technically suppose to be off today. Anyways that is my story time with Chris and again I'm sorry this is a very brief but short post today, however it is still a post one way or another and because of my aunts introducing me to both the Stooges and Laurel and Hardy, I even got to see the 3 Stooges movie which I do not even think my aunt Maria got to see as she was dealing with Dementia at the time but I could of brought it over. I got a bunch of DVD's of hers from the Stooges and Laurel and Hardy that was their or back in the day VHS's that I wanna get the series on DVD now. Also I started to watch and own a ton more Laurel and Hardy and The Three Stooges so my collection of those are really piling up but that's OK, it keeps me entertained!


Monday, April 13, 2020

Favorite Soups To Eat!

            I realize this could be a boring post but going to try and make it as entertaining as I can. In today's post I want to talk about soups. I love my soups, especially on a cold day. I have so many favorites personally and it will be utterly impossible to go through em all. Anyways here is my list of favorite soups:

1) Chicken Noodle- Whether it is the Lipton kind of even the Campbells, I love it and makes things all better especially when I am sick (which I am not insinuating I am) but I love it and always been a favorite of mine since I was a kid.

2) Matzo Ball Soup- Now last time I had this was ages ago, I was a kid still at the time. This was at Shopsy's in Toronto which not many or any left but I did look it up one in Toronto near Queen so I am going to definitely go back there when this is all over with this Pandemic. 

3) Potato and Leek Soup- Talk about Hearty soups and I really love Leek Soup it is just scrumb diddly umcious as Ned Flanders would say on The Simpsons.

4) Beef and Barly Soup- Haven't had this one in a while now but definitely on my list to make again down the road. It has been a while since I have had it actually but always enjoy it as it is another hearty soup.

5) Turkey Soup- Love this one too and we always make it with left over Turkey from Thanksgiving or even Christmas time it's a great way to use left overs from holiday favorites one way or another.

6) Finally on my list is Vegetable Soup. I had it for the first time in years as my mom recently made it towards the end of the winter but all I can say my mom's, Aunt Margaret when she was still alive and grandma's soups are the best! 

             There is my top 6 list of soups, I enjoy and like I said there is more on my list but then this post would be an endless ramble of me going on and on about soup! One honorable mention is the Cabbage soup which is one of my faves and I wish I honestly listed it above but least I am giving it an honorable mention. 


Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter 2020!

             I'd like to wish you guys a very Happy Easter. I admit this Easter is different from any other Easter due to these times of uncertainty. I admit this Easter been working extra hours to get things caught up and I got my time off scheduled which is Tuesday and Wednesday before I get back to normal schedule for myself. However I am planning to spend an hour or so with my parents to playing games and cannot wait for the Ham, Mashed Potatoes, veggies of some sort and for dessert Pumpkin Pie which was courtesy of my brother and sister in law. I hope you guys enjoy and make the best of your Easter under these extreme circumstances but make the best of it. Hopefully the next holiday we will be back with our own families. I am taking this time and have been taking this time to spend as much time as I can with my parents and been spending a ton more time with my parents and it really has brought me closer to them spending this time. Even during Holy Week leading into Easter my dad and I been spending time watching the mass and service with each other. Even if you are with your parents or with someone you love, you can still make the best of this Easter.

              Still can have Easter but it will be a smaller group and honestly what I am speculating is that my brother, sister in law and the kids probably will have a dinner once this is all said and done but we just do not know honestly. We could be making up and I think we will.  Those are my two cents and again, have a wonderful Easter, be safe, stay home is the best thing.  However it will be a really odd Easter but I guess in the end you just have to make the best of it. I know I sound a bit down and I am as it is not my holiday routine that we are having and this whole situation as you guys know I have been dealing with my mental health but patience is truly a virtue and I need to show a little patience. However I will make the best of this Easter and hope you guys will too and please stay home and stay safe and I will talk to you guys in the next post tomorrow. 


Saturday, April 11, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Updates

                So I wanted to provide you guys with an update on the podcast. I have been very quiet and you guys probably thought, Oh he quit again, no been very much active and busy and if you look at any of the platforms, the podcast is back on the move again. In fact as of this morning I got a total of 4 episodes up. I think for those who subscribed to the feeds realized that the feeds started becoming active again after being dormant for weeks on end. Now I know that there is no exact date with the most recent episode of the podcast going up but going to be or am recording some more this morning and this afternoon with a total of 3 more episodes so we could be looking at a Monday finally catching up but cannot promise anything. Everything About Reality TV Podcast is the upmost important for me to get caught up and running again. However I can promise you guys we will be back next Thursday night as usual and we will officially be back on schedule again to the once a week. I am literally going to bed early and up around 1ish in the morning to work on things. Mornings I edit and post up so it is an overnight thing and probably why you are notified during the night. 

                  Now the Amazing Race 32 situation  and shows in general, I am starting to worry there will be no Big Brother 22 and Amazing Race Canada and that's OK but what the plan is for the summer right now is up in the air right now and it is truly a day to day basis and we're monitoring around the clock right now.  Sounding like things could indeed be delayed and not sure when things will get back to normal but again it is a day by day basis. It has been a very stressful time for this podcast with staff changes to the podcast went on a brief hiatus. However, we are back and already got some new Staff for some of the recaps and here is who is going to be doing what as of the summer:

Big Brother US- RealityTeas
Survivor- Billy
Amazing Race- Chris (Me)
Amazing Race Canada- Chris (Me)
Big Brother Canada- Chris (Me)

                   There is the list and as you can see, I am taking on less episodes for the recaps minus the 3 and look forward to the future of this podcast as we progress to our 5th Anniversary. As for the summer the discussions for ideas to even do an off season between June and September to try and fill the void. Again that is being discussed with the team and in time I will have information for you guys soon hopefully and when we know more. Right now we are focusing on catching up and also getting ready for the normal Thursday episode next week. I will post up a link when it's all said and done and we will be back on track this week! 


Thursday, April 9, 2020

It's All About Me Staying Positive!

             Going through all this stuff with all that is going on outside world and being stuck in the house 24-7 and not taking the risk of going out and about minus my front yard or backyard which is more then likely safer then going out in the public. Anyways, I have to remain optimistic and positive and I haven't been even with CBOTW, I have found myself to struggle at time with things around the studio here but now have been productive around the studio and been binge watching episodes of Reality TV, playing catching up on things and already can say I have been recording and editing and getting things done. Just gotta remain positive and keep busy and that is what I am doing as today I am back to recording 2 more episodes of the podcast so I am not bored with my time really, I am staying very busy, staying positive and that is the most important thing too. The fact I have been busy with unpacking stuff, recording, writing these posts every second day and yea I know it's a bit off for now till the podcast is up to speed with things.

               There is definitely no time for being negative right now, just gotta keep myself busy despite sleep is messed up, I have to just deal with it. There is a lot of faults that I probably need to correct myself on recently and I think as well I need to actually show some patience and that has been one of my major downfalls recently and that I need to actually improve this and it won't happen overnight but in time it will definitely will in time. As long as I said I am keeping busy I should be fine. Honestly right now, I do feel very content with things at the moment. I am hanging in there and trying staying positive and I realize some days are better then others but we all have a bad day here and there and we are only human. I know, I know, I'm rambling and I find doing these posts actually help with my struggles and I really wanna get back to everyday posts but a week Sunday we will be back to normal posts as I should be back on the straight and arrow of things with podcast content and hopefully back to Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast prep again. What I am trying to say is this is a good coping mechanism but cannot always talk about this and trying to change things around if I really have to. 


Tuesday, April 7, 2020

So Proud of My Team!

             Despite the changes with CBOTW involving COVID-19, I am proud of my team. We have made progress to fixing things from our own homes despite the studio being locked down to me only in the studio while this virus is happening. I know I haven't been the easiest person to get along with recently but my team has been nothing but amazing helping out as much as they can with things and it is nothing but a uphill battle from here. As you know I am watching Big Brother Canada and getting ready to start recording. I have most of the teams support minus one person which I have to try and convince him this is the best move for me.  I know my team is understanding and even my team stepped up with Everything About Reality TV.  Meaning Billy will eventually be taking over the Survivor Recaps hopefully in the fall and we hope to stay in the same scheduling but that is for a later date to be discussed as we haven't talked about that yet along with the collaboration podcast. Not just Staff but my Alumni have been a big help with things with some of the tough decisions that I have had to make recently with the changes that have been implemented.

              Either or, I consider even my alumni part of the team as they have even voiced their opinions especially at this really hard times that we are going through. Either way we are hanging in there and able to deal with some of the craziness and as long as we continue to communicate with one another we should definitely be OK over the next few weeks. Right now we are taking things one day at a time and when things get better which already are improving a tad as we haven't had as many cases of the virus today which is a improvement and let's hope it can stay this way moving forward. Right now the team and I are  discussing things for the remainder of April, May and June and how it will be affecting us in a big way as some production may end up halted. I'm fearing that Power Rangers Podcast will not happen now but least my team got my back and are there for me. My team and myself are in this together and going to try and keep things moving.


Sunday, April 5, 2020

OBS Has Become A Problem For Recording

               I can admit OBS has become a problem for me. As you guys know I had a podcast that didn't even remotely last very long. However  I was recording a video version of the podcast too and that didn't even remotely work as 13 mins was recorded and the rest was gone which really did tick me the heck off and annoyed. I have had a bit of issues with this program streaming but seemed to work on certain sites, cough cough YouTube, LOL. Anyways I just do not know what's going on with OBS why the recording only half and it could of been me pushing the wrong buttons which really wouldn't surprise me at all if that was the issue.  However OBS is a pain in my butt sometimes  but just gotta somehow deal with it if there is a point of time where I will have to use the software for example recording Power Rangers Podcast in case but I will try talking to the camera and see how long it lasts and maybe it was just me.

                However I had audio issues the first time around which was strike 1 then the second issue which is the 2nd strike. So as you can see my luck with these programs hasn't been the greatest. Just gotta try and figure things out for myself. I know I usually keep the technical issues to myself but this is or has gotten freakin ridiculous. Why do you think now I refuse to do video all together now. I just do not have the patience to deal with the technical issues and got my own issues as it is with my mixer acting up from time to time. Plus YouTube, well you guys know the story behind that but less headaches to deal with and this is why I wanna get the mix minus setup going so I can do away with OBS all together for good and get rid of it once and for all. I am just tired of the stupidity of issues and I am claiming I am remaining audio only once and for all as I just am over video casting moving forward. I know some of you may not like the decision but in the end it is my decision to not do video but doesn't mean any other podcasts like Billy's Sports Hour which is on hiatus and nothing really known on that project as Billy is assigned to Survivor as of the fall which I will address this week for you guys. Either or, I am very much happy with Audio ONLY and so is my team and we are going to keep it this way with the technical issues I am having currently having.


Saturday, April 4, 2020

Weight Loss Update [04-04-2020]

              I know I haven't updated lately on my weight loss journey and honestly I haven't done a weigh-in lately but I am pretty sure I am currently around the 226 - 225 pounds mark as I have hardly been eating much since being home due to the fact that I am stressed out 24-7, my mental health is taking a toll on me and there is just days I hardly eat anything during the day minus my dinners which isn't healthy whatsoever. I need to work on eating a bit more and been wanting to get into the smoothies more and use Vanilla yogurt again as I found it a ton better and more of a smoother feel when drinking it but still cannot go wrong with Milk as long as theirs no lumps in it as we have found our milk bags recently. Again another story for another time.  Tomorrow (Sunday) I want to actually do a rant blog and Monday I will tell the story about the weird looking milk that was fresh.  Anyways, I am not moving around as much but still going up and down the stairs on a daily basis. I rarely go out but the occasion I go out for walks but seem to not feel safe and the most part I am inside and have lost weight randomly. 

                This update, I know makes no sense whatsoever but the weight is up and down from time to time and I actually am drinking  a ton more water which will help and become more calorie aware on how many calories I have per day now.  I am going to take this time to try and get my weight down while I am stuck in this insane asylum which seems it won't be anytime soon where I will be able to go. I plan on even working out using my weights a bit and lift my 10 pound weights. Going to start doing pushup's, I'm going to start strengthening everything up. It is impossible to even go on the treadmill as it's a  mess in the studio on the other side of me and that needs to be cleaned up but if I do not feel safe going for full walks then I can always go with my mom if worse comes to worse really. They haven't locked us in our homes here from the government yet and all they ask is to stay home and stay safe. Maybe the fact I do not eat too much is the reason and the reason I do not eat much is cause of the mental stress I am going through, hence my weight is fluctuating up and down. However like I said tomorrow I am going to weigh myself and see where I'm at. So next Saturday, I promise another update and to really give an update as all I can really tell you guys is that it's fluctuating non stop. 


Friday, April 3, 2020

When Could Amazing Race 32 Air?

            So the question is when will Amazing Race 32 air? I know I have not mentioned anything before my podcast obviously went on it's hiatus for weeks on end with no news. However with Big Brother Canada finished early due to this virus, like Eric told me this could be a good time but if you put it against Survivor might be hard in the ratings as it is competing but only my opinion honestly. Now we know this for a fact that they have been filming season 33 and with the recent situation in the world they had to stop and totally understandable as we gotta stay safe. My thoughts for 32 however is if there is Big Brother 22 and Amazing Race Canada, Everything About Reality TV may be on a summer hiatus but willing they will if they can get things under control with this soon I hope. However my point is if they have to CBS can definitely air Amazing Race 32 then and after reading articles some other shows are on hiatus due to the situation with the virus in the world.  However no real date as of yet and starting to make me wonder what is going to be happening with the show. Also according to this Reddit Post it could be also on be on the shelf in case of a writers strike for scripted shows such as NCIS, Law and Order for example. 

              Time will tell and looks grim for my podcast but there has been episodes I have done months ago back in January that I happened to erase but not lost and I can do off season stuff between and bring on Larry for an episode and even Billy on. One way or another there will be content while we wait for Amazing Race 32 especially. The final thing I would like to say is that Amazing Race 32 is and has been filmed almost a year a half ago which was taped finished in December 2018 to be exact. Either way I will as always keep you guys in the loop as we progress on with the weeks and see when they air it. One last thing on my list they told us mid season 2019 - 2020 and it is now getting into the late season and shows slowly ending and we still haven't gotten word when Amazing Race 32 so something is truly up but we'll have to wait and see honestly it is a tough time for the industry and just gotta try and keep ourselves busy while we wait. 


Thursday, April 2, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Has Returned AGAIN!

              Everything About Reality TV has returned. I am just so confused what I want to do and just not happy as a podcaster with anything that I have been doing. Now I am however am happy with Everything About Reality TV returning and more then happy, estatic, excited and working hard to catch up. However, I just feel like my time with Stitcher has come to an end. I am just tired of putting the podcast back and forth and making the staff there work extra hard. So I am thinking of pulling the podcast from their platform entirely. However there is still 18 different networks the podcast on and that's OK. I'm sure there will be other platforms it will be on. I am looking forward to recording and editing the podcast and my only worry is Larry. He's the one person as he's against me bringing this back and yes I'm talking about the Co-Founder of Everything About Reality TV but I know he respects my decision which is a good thing. Larry's got a lot a say and yes I realize this podcast is a lot of work. Well Power Rangers Podcast is too! Either way I have a ton of time right now and can work on both.   I know there is a ton of questions regards to this current season. Yes I am playing catch up with Survivor and I know I've watched the show already but re-watching it all which also goes for Big Brother Canada so over the next several days, I will be editing and posting up and no formal post that a new podcast is up till we get to Big Brother Canada. This will be how the recaps to catch up will look like and I know it is unprecedented to double up but only way to catch up so it will look like this:

EP # 248- Survivor Winners At War EP # 1 & 2
EP # 249- Survivor Winners At War EP # 3 & 4
EP # 250- Survivor Winners At War EP # 5 & 6
EP # 251- Big Brother Canada 8 Week 1 & 2
EP # 252- Survivor Winners At War EP # 7 & 8
EP # 253- Big Brother Canada Week 3 & 4 (Actual Post Will be posted up that Everything About Reality TV is up-to-date and ready for the next episode.)

                 I know that's like a span of 6 episodes! So wild! However this may take me a week and a half to catch up so the more recent episode will probably be out late then usual, however once we are caught up to speed then we go full speed ahead with the Survivor Season as you guys know Big Brother Canada, Season 8 ended prematurely due to this virus going around which I will address to you guys on the podcast itself. I wanna tell you guys this, I PROMISE you guys I will not quit again. This podcast has become something and honestly it seems it has 9 lives like a cat! What is this the 3rd time I've un-quit from a project now? LOL! Just kidding in all seriousness I think the fact this podcast has grown on me is another reason. Also in the next 2.5 months, I will be talking to my Co-Founder and New Host about this and I am referring to the summer scheduling as right now things are quiet and I do not know further what the plan is moving forward right now. Also still waiting on The Amazing Race and I will address that in a different post maybe tomorrow's post when we could see it or sometime in the next couple of days as I do have plans for other posts over the next few days.


Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Sports Seasons Suspended-- Additional Thoughts

             Honestly, we do not know when the season will be back as I spoke about on a bonus episode of the podcast and honestly I recently heard that some ridiculous thing and that is that they will have a 45 day training camp then they will finish off the season and then playoffs in the summer followed by the start of the next season. I think it is ridiculous what my dad mentioned to me and been doing a little research as they do not know when they will resume but according to the Ottawa Sun article which you can find by Googling NHL season cancelled that they shouldn't be in a rush to cancel the season. Also talking about they can condense the season without an All-Star game and no 7 day break but I think they know more then what we do not know just not saying anything at the moment. Other sports sites like ESPN are saying cancel the season already. I think they should just cancel it and start a new season in the fall if things get better. I know Billy who is my manager for ChrisBOnTheWeb will not be happy about this but I just feel this will keep going for another 2  - 3 months at the most, maybe more and think finishing up the season now is not going to be happening. 

               This goes for the NBA, I think they will definitely cancel the rest of the season and I just feel like they will cancel. Major League Baseball I'm sure they will end up changing the season and possibly shorten the season? That could be a definite possibility and probably could happen. Again I am not a sports expert when it comes towards this and honestly it is still up in the air as we know cases of the virus are still coming in and yes some countries it has slowed down a bit-- Italy being one of them. Honestly we have to remain optimistic and just gotta occupy ourselves with the seasons being suspended and  when the leagues for the sports I have mentioned decide whether they are cancelling the season or a condensed or change but I think I am aiming towards a cancelled season but again we just do not know and will keep an eye out on the news in the coming days what the plan is.