Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Has Been Banned On Twitch!

              All I can say is wow... Just wow... We deactivate our Twitch because we weren't planning on going on the platform and decided to give it a shot anyways to find out if we can pull in the crowd to find out we have been banned from Twitch for no apparent reason and I guess deactivating your account Twitch is against the Terms of Service (TOS!)  It really ticks me the heck off that we put our blood, sweat and tears into preparing to move back to video to find out we were banned from the platform for no reason, no notice in email we were banned for such and such time which is crap honestly. Guess we are confining the podcast to YouTube ONLY now and if YouTube axes us then we are going back to our root for almost the last 4 years aka Audio ONLY platforms. I have started to even wonder why we are doing video again after we departed from YouTube in 2016 but the staff wanted this, YOU guys the most amazing fans in the world wanted this and we are going to give it our best shot to grow on YouTube again as we did once have fans and listeners of the podcast on YouTube before. 

              Also technically the podcast did start on there from the beginning and maybe this is where we have to go from here on out.  So what's the plan moving forward? As you know, we are in testing mode right now, testing the waters on YouTube and got a good clear idea how to run YouTube channel with the Live Shows we will be putting on. I have been working with my team and we are getting good progress with it and going to be testing one more time live. The channel isn't visible right now in search on YouTube but it is on the platform and has been a channel since the 13th of this month so 8 full days of it being. We  will be taking off on video soon but right now is not the right time. Guess Twitch doesn't want us I guess. We're not wanted on their platform. I wanted to multi stream and guess it wasn't meant to be. Thanks Twitch for banning us when we didn't even stream much minus innocent tests which we have to test and ensure there is 0 issues! Don't think we will message them about this. I'm just done with Twitch in general but going to message em to tell em we didn't even do anything wrong and what is wrong with their moderators or admins on the platform! Like seriously! Maybe Mixer is the better fit for the podcast or just YouTube but I think we are going to focus on YouTube and YouTube ONLY!


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