Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy New Year

First of all Happy New Year! Forgot to post 10 days ago an official New Year Blog Post! Anyways I am trying to resolve the issues with the transit Documentary and if the local archives don't got anything by mid week in information, I will deem the series un-operable and will cancel the documentary officially. I am for one not pleased that Durham Transit lied to me about sending the email and never owned up to it not being sent because I never got an email at my website email at all. So that put me over the top I waited over a month for information and I believe they probably ignored me and blocked me from contacting them.... Just reached out to them one more time, then I will not deal with them no more... It is pretty pathetic that they wont help me out at all. They were open to helping then just gave up the request. Some real customer service they got honestly! 

So the start of the New Year has been a bit rough and Larry's been off from helping due to personal reasons but hope by February he will be back over here. I got family, my niece and nephew a week Saturday all weekend long but we'll see, my dad wants me to still go through with it but I wanna spend time with my niece and nephew, it is my option and i choose to be with family over my website stuff at the moment. Its Super Bowl Sunday for Larry and I then. I am sure he will understand I wanna be with family.  It's not like we are behind because were not, were ahead of the game right now, just need to finish up studio stuff that's it. Were pretty well on Schedule at this point of time.  

In closing to this blog for January 10th, 2015, today celebrates 7 years since Durham Entertainment Today got cancelled, which is sad to think about as I worked hard on that project, kind of why I want to continue on with The Entertainment Man Talk Show. Finally I will post up a blog and update once I do know what is going on with the documentary, once I hear back from the Archives and if I don't in a few days I will make the choice to end it.