Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Putting My Foot Down....

                 Am I OK since last week? The answer to that is no. Last week really rattled my cage but I ensure you I will be OK in time. It will take me some time to get over everything that has happened in the last week to move forward. This has opened a lot for me tho with being too trusting. I am way too trusting... I need to stop giving chances as I keep getting burned everytime and honestly I need to start putting my foot down more on things. Since getting burned and an on going battle lately, ChrisBOnTheWeb is all mine, it has my name on it, it is my content. What I am doing now is going back to my roots since the change over in 2016 with the change is staff etc I have decided that I am still keeping the content I have after I ended up quitting Everything About Reality TV Podcast at the end of June nearly 2 years ago. 

                Yes Power Rangers Collab will remain as a part of thsi website that will never, ever change whatsoever. It has been a big part of my life recently and I am not about to destroy that whatsoever... I am also not seeking any new shows or projects right now and plan on focusing on Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast. I am staying on these projects even tho there are speculations on other projects which I have hinted two of them but that is most definitely later on for right now... However I am going to put my foot down on things and take full control of ChrisBOnTheWeb and I have done a good job with my management team behind me, Larry behind me, i know things are getting back on track. Anyways that is the post, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Monday, May 30, 2022

Getting More and More Excited for Thursday!

                 With it being days before I get together with Larry for his triumphed return to the studio. Wednesday, I will be doing a mass cleanup of the studio, vaccumm, dust sanitize the desk area, you know it! You do not know how excited I am right now with him returning to the studio for his first set of podcasts to get done. Now I am halfway finished on notes and working hard. I had a cancellation (unless this changes this morning) so if I am home and you see me tweeting a lot more then usual then you know but I am sure I'll be in my studio a ton more active today then usual as today is normally my day off. However I am working hard to getting things done and hope to put a dent in notes today which I'm sure I will be.

                  Now small note, I have seen, Larry before in person for lunch at the end of last month so it is not like I've not seen him before. However it will be great to have him in the studio again in the flesh again to record and it has been forever since we've recorded in person. Now you guys know that I am recording Power Rangers Collab with him but not just that but also Entertainment Man Podcast for this weekend as Thursday I return to the grind this week on that podcast as the rest time is over and I am ready to really dig deep on the podcasts this week and get things on the move. I know I will be working on Megaforce and Super Megaforce right after so I am grinding hard on the content so we can stay on track. Anyways that is today's post and I will speak to you all tomorrow!


Sunday, May 29, 2022

Podcast Updates

                 On behalf of Chris as he has been taking some time to himself with his mental health this is where the Management Team comes into play where we advocate for Chris on his behalf. He has taken a week off from the podcast but he's back to the grind tomorrow. The schedule for his podcast as follows:

Thursday, June 2nd, 2022:   All Day- Chris recording podcasts with Larry.

                            1 pm EST- Entertainment Man Podcast, Bonus Episode (Audio ONLY)

Sunday, June 5th, 2022:        1 pm EST- Entertainment Man Podcast, Regular Episode (YouTube/Audio ONLY)

Thursday, June 9th, 2022:      1 pm EST- Entertainment Man Podcast, Bonus Episode (YouTube/Audio ONLY)

                    That is the make up schedule and by Sunday, June 12th, 2022, he should be back on the schedule. He feels bad that there isn't a podcast and he's really considering putting it up but as his management team, we reminded him that he needs that mental health break and to take care of himself first. He has been keeping up with typing up notes and working hard to getting it done for Thursday as he is recording. I think I have covered everything that I need to say, reminder Chris is back to blogs tomorrow before he goes out for the day so enjoy the rest of your Sunday, any questions please ask and I will talk to you all later.


- CBOTW Management

Friday, May 27, 2022

End of The Week Updates [05-27-2022]

            Another week has come to an end and time for some updates. I only really have three updates as I can give you guys right now so here it is: 

Website: I've noticed the website has been a bit slower and I think it is that time of the year again where everyone is outside and enjoying this beautiful weather and we've had some nice weather ourselves, for a fact we've already had shorts weather actually. But I have notice the numbers are not as high as normal and I totally understand. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: I have decided to stay with Podcasts.com as I wanna try and stay loyal and moving the podcast now will be confusing for everyone honestly so I do not wanna make a move right now not while the podcast is currently in production and moving was a pain getting things moved to the new RSS feed and published. Plus notifying platforms that the RSS Feed change that is just a ton of work to be done so it's best to stay put right now. 

Power Rangers Collab: I will have the Power Rangers Super Samurai done by end of the weekend in typing and Tuesday will be starting on Megaforce for the end of June/Early July so we can stay on track. I do plan on actually getting ahead as far ahead as humanly possible so this way I am not falling behind on schedule for the collabs I wanna make sure I am ahead of schedule hence the hard work I am putting into working on the collab and my goal is to try and get up to the end of Beast Morphers by end of this year then start working on Dino Fury Seasons 1 and 2 in the New Year, 2023. 

              Those are the updates for now, not much to report this week as I am working hard on content and enjoying streaming again and playing some video games and interacting with the fans that come on by to watch the live streams and it is truly nice to have two different channels, one primarily to focus on the podcast of mine and the other for streaming. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you all Monday and Happy Memorial Day to all my American fans, listeners, readers!


Thursday, May 26, 2022

Gaming Updates [05-26-2022]

                  I haven't had a chance to update you guys on my gaming but I've got a few great updates across the board from Minecraft to The Sims 4 to The Binding of Isaac Rebirth to Luck of The Landlord so here are the updates and no pictures this time around on this post especially for Minecraft, saving it for a special post:

Minecraft: I have gotten that tower to the sky base  built which is slow going up and down and I need to really work on that next but work in progress. The other tower I built has a second deck built onto it which looks really cool. The baseball stadium replace the stone brick walls that held the lights in place with chains instead and same with the football stadium and the hockey arena which the hockey rink got it's lights entirely redone and a scoreboard in the middle of it. So either way it has gotten a facelift, I also wanna note that I took out the boards temporarily while I worked on better the lighting and it has been put back in but no ice till the fall as it is the warmer weather now I took it out for the season.  Also note the baseball stadium's 3rd floor stands had no roof so I put one in right around in the stadium. Final update for this part is finishing up the house up as I put the first layer of the roof on and working on the peak next which I did on stream actually.

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: I have done well, almost beat the challenge with mom's knife but died in the end so I did not do that well. I got 19th in score and 20th place in time on the daily challenge which is the best I have done on a challenge in like forever.

Luck Be The Landlord: I have surpassed 6 out of 12 levels on the game and now sit stuck on 7 out of 12 which is more then half way and is more then 50% of the way of beating this and nothing but proud to say I am close to defeating this first of many levels. I know if I put my mind to it I can do well on it to be honest.

The Sims 4: That's right I reinstalled The Sims 4 for the first time in months and made Larry and I our own characters which is quite awesome and I believe we are on our second or he's on his second wife and I am still on my original, Chloe which yes Chloe who was part of my team at one point. We live in a mansion  with well over 4 million bucks in our vault which is quite awesome.

                That are the updates, a bit longer read then normal but I hope you guys enjoyed this and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Entertainment Man Podcast Has Grown!

                    Despite the mishap of tech issues with the main RSS Feed and the fact I have decided to stay put cause of the amount of support I have had the podcast and to start over again wouldn't be right. So I've decided to stay put for now and any new projects I can start on castbox but that is later on. The Audio ONLY seems to keep on the consistent amount of listens per week and it just seems to stay very consistent but some weeks are higher. I see a trend, 38 listens or higher for the regular episodes and there is episodes I have gotten 50 listens for exaple the interview I did with Hamish that did really, really well and I am very impressed with it honestly. I know I can manage even on my own when there isn't a schedule interview a certain week, doesn't matter I always pull in the listeners every week. I know that one episode seemed to have disappeared and that episode didn't do well so they did me a favor I guess.

                  Now the YouTube side of things, that has done extremely well for me with the last interview I conducted on the podcast for just over 30 views which is rare for me in all the years that I have had a channel and I am quite impressed. People who wanna doubt me think again cause it is doing well. I know I didn't make the best decisions with Entertainment Man Podcast but I am getting better at the business decisions on it and I have to try and listen to my gut instinct when it comes to the decision making. I am proud of myself that I am able to make the right decisions and just gotta remember to keep on making those right decisions. I am going to continue on all the different platforms and just keep this thing growing bigger and better as the weeks go on. That is my post, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Different records, ChrisBOnTheWeb is trying to break.

                 You already knew that I was the Former Founder/Owner/CEO of The Video Projects Team from 2005 till 2014 when this website was opened and I did my own thing for the past almost 8 years now. The Video Projects Team ran for 3,261 Days which is a long time. For the last few years I've been keeping track how long ChrisBOnTheWeb has been running for and now 2,748 days now and slowly getting closer and closer to the tie up. Now to tie the amount of days that will be on October 19th, 2023 with October 20th, 2023 is when I break the number and the official amount has been broken. End of June 2020 I broke the long running series whether it was a web series or podcast in general that ws Everything About Reality TV. Now with Entertainment Man Podcast going into it's 101st episode tomorrow morning or sometime this weekend depending but that podcast is on course to beating that record and I can see it happening as it has become quite popular.

                Already broken the number of site viewers on here as I use to get 10k within 2017 compare to now which is well over 360k closing in on 370K (that is 370,000 website views) and getting closer and closer to breaking 400K at some point this year hopefully. I would love to break 500K by end of the year but that goal isn't very realistic at this moment.  One step at a time honestly. However that are the records I have broken and the big one right now is Entertainment Man Podcast and breaking The Video Projects Team amount of days but I will let you guys know when it happens as I will make a note of it on the day it is tied and the day it is broken. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Monday, May 23, 2022

Gaming Stream Schedule

                  As you all know by now I have a gaming channel which is under the "CBOTW Brand." I am on test # 2 today at 2 pm EST as I am buckling down on Power Rangers Super Samurai to get it done by Wednesday so I can officially start typing but that is besides the point honestly.  So as you know weekends is more my low key days and I have decided to stream on those days. So here is my schedule for weekends and they are subject to change if there is a family event going on or there is a podcast being recorded whether it's on mine or I am a guest but this is the schedule for now which again is subject to change at anytime:

Saturdays: 2 pm - 4 pm EST

Sundays: 3 pm EST - 5 pm EST?

                     Again the schedule can change but this is what I wanna go by for the schedule for weekends. Sundays are questionable, I could go more then 2 hours but I wanna grow the channel first before I do anything else as of right now I am at 4 or 5 subscribers so slowly on the climb up on the numbers. Gamewise it will be Minecraft, Luck of the Landlord, Power Rangers game or The Binding of Isaac and sometimes I will do a listeners choice if I choose to change the game. Anyways that is today's little post, I will talk to you all tomorrow for another blog post at the usual time, until then enjoy the rest of your Monday and hope to see you in the stream!


Saturday, May 21, 2022

Think I Was Only Semi-Retired From YouTube & Streaming!

                As you know now, I have a YouTube Channel now! Not just a YouTube channel but two of them to be exact. One of them being Entertainment Man Podcast which has been running a few weeks to a month now. Also the gaming/streaming channel that I have on YouTube as well. I know I said that I was done with YouTube and that I'd never go back to owning a channel but as you guys know I have been bugged and begged to stream and make video content and I think you guys finally broke me enough that I did it. And to be quite honest, I am happy that you guys pushed me enough to make a return and things are a little different now then they were almost 6 years ago when I made the announcement that I was done with YouTube and creating video content for you guys. Honestly that has changed and changed quite quickly to be honest but again I am glad this happened. 

                To be quite honest, I wish it happened in 2020 when Entertainment Man Podcast first began it's journey but it is what it is and I have a lot of you guys to thank for that. So I guess you guys can consider it a Semi Retirement and that has now since gone to the way side where I am now streaming more often, well weekends but those details are coming this upcoming week for you guys what the plan is. What I am trying to say is I do not think I was fully retired from YouTube, I was just semi retired. I guess I cannot get enough of the YouTube platform now so I had to make a return to the platform. That is my post for today, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will talk to you all on Monday even though it's a holiday, I'm still posting regardless but I will talk to you all then!


Friday, May 20, 2022

End of The Week Updates [05-20-2022]

                Another week, well odd week has gone by and it is time once again for an end of the week updates. Let me say this, myself or my management team WILL NOT put up with anymore drama. We are now not giving 3rd or 4th or more chances anymore. Once you are banned you are banned. The decision will be final. Anyways here are the updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: With the 100th episode behind me now despite the technical issues trying to stream to both YouTube and the Facebook group, made an important decision moving forward-- I will no longer be streaming on the Entertainment Man Podcast channel and will save that for the 2nd channel that I have. As for uploads and premieres I still stand where I was before, topics will be just uploaded and interviews will be premiered in the chatroom. That hasn't changed whatsoever and I will continue on with it.

Power Rangers Collab: As you know, yesterday was suppose to be our recording night for the podcast but we have postponed till June 2nd but that could be change due to some personal stuff in Larry's life but for right now we are keeping the 2nd and will see. I spoke to him about this but we have it all worked out 2 options if we need to but letting you guys know of this 

Special Announcement: As you know I gave up streaming to multiple platforms and to Entertainment Man Podcast's channel for now at least, you never know but anyways, I have been bugged about opening up a Streaming channel and I think this is the best time and place to open it up. The link is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtqON4kgCH5iKywcyAGPvwQ and is now listed here on ChrisBOnTheWeb.com publically for you guys. 

               Anyways those are the updates for this week, I will keep you guys in the loop on the collab when and if it is going but as I said for right now it is a go or green lit for the 2nd. I will be working on it this weekend and getting it finished up, I plan to stream tomorrow on my New YouTube channel and plan on streaming some of the minecraft server so stay tuned for the link and it will be only one stream as my schedule will be quite hectic right now so I stream mainly on a Saturday and sometimes Sundays but depends on my schedule, may sneak in a stream Monday but stay tuned to my socials for detail, until Monday, have a great weekend and happy Victoria Weekend to my fellow Canadians out there! 


Thursday, May 19, 2022

Really Am Proud of Myself!

                   I knew I would snap out of this funk I was in, was just the matter of time and I think a lot of it had to do with my sleep schedule. My sleep has been the worst and soon as I took Melatonin it helped but as I write this post, I can only take it for a week then off for a month so I have to try a different method but if I don't sleep, I'll keep myself busy especially in the studio but I have recently been to bed 115 and midnight the last while.  With the lack of sleep I was doubting myself but now I am loving life to it's fullest and I am a lot more happier minus the days I kind of snap at anything but there is the highs and lows in your day to day life and that's OK. Thursday was a lot better then what it was before which is good to have those good days. However the day I was down I just didn't feel that motivated to work on anything, just felt like playing video games and it is important to have those down days as well but I mean I diddly daddlied a ton to a point Super Samurai wasn't getting done. 

                   So that is why Super Samurai was cancelled and rescheduled to June 2nd when LR (Larry) will make his triumphed return to this very studio and I cannot wait till he does! It is very, very exciting. I have to remember the positives: I hang out with Eric weekly, Larry is returning to the studio in June so those are things I can actually look forward to as the weeks go on and we get closer to that goal. Anyways I need to finish off Super Samurai before confirming June 2nd is a go. I haven't even confirmed it with Larry yet neither! Anyways even Eric has been in the studio with me for a few minutes and he even signed the sign in sheet. I know during this pandemic I have doubted my content but things have progressed well during all of this changes in the world and I really have stepped up my game and I am nothing but proud of the hard work I have put into all of this despite some of the mishaps that has happened but that will happen at sometime. Anyways that is today's post, I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Entertainment Man Podcast Upcoming Schedule

                   I know things a little chaotic. As you guys know the schedule for the collab but today I wanna cover Entertainment Man Podcast's Schedule but here is the schedule:

Wednesday (Today): Tonight at 6 pm EST, I will be live for the 100th episode of Entertainment Man Podcast on this special episode. Will be live on the Facebook Fan Page or the YouTube Channel under this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K3KK7WKsPs so be sure to join in if you can. More the merrier right?

Sunday, May 22nd, 2022: 1 pm EST- Audio ONLY version of the podcast goes up for you guys on all Audio ONLY platforms.

Tuesday, May 24th, 2022: 3 pm EST- Behind The Scenes goes up on the YouTube Channel how I prepared for the 100th episode Live Stream which started at the start of the weekend. 

Sunday, May 29th, 2022: Interview episode of the Podcast

Thursday, June 2nd, 2022: Bonus episode of the podcast. 

Sunday, June 5th, 2022: Interview

Sunday, June 12th, 2022: Interview

Sunday, June 19th, 2022: Special Episode recorded with a guest in the studio. 

                    Only reason I did not say who is who is cause as I said I want you guys to be surprised but also I have to schedule the guests and I have to make sure they are still interested as right now the schedule is quite busy and hard as I am very booked up at this moment but this gives you an idea and yes the bottom one is very special as it was pre recorded weeks prior with a special guest in the studio but you guys can start your guessing who it is, hint, hint double hint. That is the update for you guys and I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates.


Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Did I ever think I would be back on YouTube?

                 That is a great question and the answer to that is no, I never once thought I'd pop back on YouTube again. To be quite honest, I thought I was done with YouTube all together but I guess I was wrong cause I ended up going back to YouTube all together. You know you guys really convinced me to go back especially for Entertainment Man Podcast. What is this my 3rd actual active channel that I have had? Minus the failed ones I had which is an endless number I'm sure. I know when I said I was done with YouTube, I was done with YouTube but things changed years later and I know I had numerous attempts to try and start over but failed at them all in the process but if you don't succeed try, try again as the saying goes. I know I will end up growing on there eventually just like the audio only and I always promote the channel when just an Audio ONLY version of the podcast goes up.

                 So the answer is no, I never thought I'd come back but in the end, I am happy I did. Looking at the numbers it's done really well on YouTube, not as many as the Audio ONLY but it's getting there and I am sure eventually the subs will trickle in here and there. My goal is to beat out thedirector015 channel as that one had 42 and I wanna pass that number and I know I will eventually.  Just gotta keep working on it and keep on growing this monster of a podcast. I never knew it would become so popular especially with requests for interviews have been really high. However I am getting off topic, I am excited to be doing this channel and ready to grow this thing and it becoming a great podcast channel. I think I hit the right kind of podcast cause it's become a hit sensation! Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow, have a great rest of your Tuesday. 


Monday, May 16, 2022

The Website Has Grow Massively In The Last 5 Years!

              Towards the end of the week last week, I actually was going through the blogs as I mentioned, I removed the negative posts, etc. Anyways, I compared the views from 5 years ago, 2017 compare to now 2022 and what a difference from 10,000 views compare to now, so it's massively grown as I am just over 360k (360,000) website views, that is like 70k a year that I get on the website which doesn't seem like much but it is! I don't wanna brag a lot but it is amazing to see the difference from when I started to now. It truly goes to show the hard work I put on my website on a day to day basis and always adding or fixing things on the website. I just keep grinding hard to get those amazing views and one day I am sure that my YouTube channel will reach that status as I know Entertainment Man Podcast is here to stay for years to come! 

               I probably told you guys and given advice to keep on going on your content! It will happen one day. Like I was told in a recent interview I did for my podcast you gotta find your niche and I think I found the right kind of niche to be quite honest. What I plan on doing moving forward is to keep things as they are and not keep changing things around. That is the one thing I found is if I change anything around on here, you guys get confused what is happening so I am sticking to the current schedule for content. I rather stay on a consistant schedule then being inconsistant. Being consistant is the way to go if you wanna see success. That is the post for today, thanks for reading and I will speak to you all tomorrow!


Friday, May 13, 2022

End of The Week Updates [05-13-2022]

                 On this Friday the 13th, it is time for an end of the week updates! A lot has transpired so without further ado, here are the updates:

Website: I have put Movie Collabs back under Podcasts and Archives, now have only two things in the archives since the After Show has been pulled completely from the site for a month and a half now. I also have removed the negative posts from the blog so the amount of blog posts are lower then it was yesterday. I felt it was time to remove the negative stuff off this website to be and show more professionalism. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: I have prepared and scheduled the podcast for Sunday to premiere at 1 pm EST on Sunday and I will be in the room to chat with you guys whether I am in my Mod account or Entertainment Man Podcast account or both? haha. Also you probably noticed on the channel and the Facebook a Live Stream event has popped up for next Wednesday and that is the BIG 100th Episode of the podcast that I have been promising for a while and I plan to stream to both platforms and hopefully this helps grow the channel even further. 

Power Rangers Collab: Well I have been slacking on this and already am on Ep # 2 and really pushing to get this out and back on track and already cancelled the anniversary but I am sure that I will be mentioning it June 2nd as I should be done by then and already on the next 2 seasons. Hopefully by end of July we will be back on schedule. 

Social Media/YouTube: All social medias and YouTube channel has grown nicely and really impressed how well it's growing again. I know the last few years, I have been stumbling with the growth but it is truly nice to see it growing once again.  

                 That is the update for today, hope you all have a great weekend and I will talk to you all on Monday which I promise you, I will have a proper schedule for you guys this time around as this week, I was all over the place but have a great weekend and talk on Monday and enjoy the podcast this weekend! 


Thursday, May 12, 2022

Entertainment Man Podcast Chatter....

                  When I say "Live Stream" I mean like a Talk Radio kind of show. This would be a lot of refitting the format to an hour show a week, coming up with a set schedule to stream it and then post it right up for you guys. So it would have to be a Thursday stream then edit and posted on Sunday as usual. It'd take a lot of reformatting, no I mean refitting for a live podcast format but I know it can and could be done if I did things right. What I could do is record the interviews live on the thing but again then it's about getting the correct amount of listeners in the end. This would and grow the podcast greatly too and something to think about when I run out of ideas. This could be something where I turn to you guys on this to do a poll on social media and get your opinion or do some kind of survey about. 
                However right now, I am leaving things as they are with the addition of Behind The Scenes coming to the YouTube channel which I will be starting soon as bonus added content that will be out on the 20th of this month and excited to start doing some behind the scenes content for you guys so you guys get an idea.  I know it's been brought up the idea of doing it live and something I am not waving a red flag at just right now but something that can be brought up in the very nearby future but right now it is about me focusing on the podcast format as it is right now. Like I said the three things are the regular Sunday episodes on both YouTube & Audio ONLY; every second Thursday on Audio ONLY @ 1 pm EST and some behind the scenes coming as well. I'll let you guys know when it comes up to posting up which could be sporadically at this point. Anyways that is today's post, hope you guys enjoyed this and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Sometimes You Gotta Make Hard Decisions!

                    For someone who said on this blog yesterday, I had 0 ideas well today I have a good post to talk about as something is on my mind. As you know my world right now has turned upside down for me and has become chaotic for me and other things and projects and things that had to be done first and with my busy interview and 100th episode schedule, I have to get that ready. So I made the decision with Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast to postpone till June 2nd, 2022. Yes without Larry's consent as he's as big part of that podcast as I am as he is the Senior Producer for that podcast and any other collaboration podcasts that he is involved with me. 

                 You guys wonder if he will have a problem with that, I do not think so. He's the most easiest person to work with especially when it comes to decisions made and he has a ton of power as my SP (Senior Producer) and he knows I cannot perform miracles and it will get done and is on my list near the top once I finish up with editing Entertainment Man Podcast for this weekend, it will be nothing but Power Rangers and working on notes for the 100th episode. I am aiming to be done by end of the weekend and have it typed up by end of the week early following week so I am really pushing it so him and I can record. Now the decisions for Megaforce and Super Megaforce will all depend on how fast I get them done and that will be next on the list. So after that I will be working on that so schedule will come when I have more information. Hopefully we are done in July so we can relax for the rest of the summer while I prep for the next one. Anyways I am just rambling endlessly and sometimes you cannot stay on schedule and it happens, but always have a plan b is a good thing to have. That is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow, have a great rest of your Wednesday!


Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Sorry for No Blog Post on Scheduling!

                 I know, I know blog didn't go up and I totally slept in once again. This is why I need to prepare the blogs the night before. This is my own fault for oversleeping and like I said in one of my mentoring sessions on an app, I need to do better in time management and this is why I need to do blog prior to the next day, it's more called being ahead of schedule or ahead in the game. So today it's me rambling about me not staying on schedule whatsoever.  I feel really stupid cause I realized this even when starting to post up stuff on social media as I normally would and I saw nothing for the post. To be honest- I do not know what I wanna talk about tomorrow on the post. Running out of ideas and didn't plan ahead like I normally do. Maybe it is just cause I have been busy booking interviews for the coming weeks and right now I am a little busier then usual. 

               However, I am getting a post out to you guys and yes I considered no blog post today but it is what it is, again I still put out a post for you guys today and that is what matters is that I made up and posting this odd ball blog post. Anyways I am sorry for no post but you got one even if I am rambling in an endless circle of nonsense but I promise tomorrow should be a better post for you guys to read. I feel like this post is just pointless but sometimes pointless makes some sense to you guys. Anyways that is my post, hope you enjoyed it somewhat or all together and I will speak to you guys tomorrow and it will be on schedule.


Monday, May 9, 2022

Re-strategizing My Scheduled Podcasts!

               Over the weekend, I really thought about it and it wasn't working for me whatsoever. So I came up with this plan moving forward that more then likely will work out very, very well:

Entertainment Man Podcast: Stays in tact in recording schedule and in fact got a ton of interviews lined up for the podcast moving forward that will be over the next many, many weeks almost to the end of June at this point. 

Power Rangers Collab Podcast: Now the schedule for this has changed as the timetable I am trying to have more time to work on it but this is what I came up with

Anniversary Podcast pulled from the lineup as it seems repetitive and plus we wanna fit Super Samurai in if we can so we can get it recorded but:

June 2nd, 2022: Entertainment Man Podcast special episode with Guest Larry R.

                             Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast- Super Samurai (Replacing a week this Thursday in case it's not done in time.

End of June/July 2022: Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast- Megaforce

                                         Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast- Super Megaforce

                       This should get him and I to the end of the halfway mark of this year and we should be good to go for fall when him and I record Dino Charge and Super Dino Charge but I believe this will work and we should of done this before in case we were unable to record a week from this Thursday. I can say this-- I working on it right now and hope to get it done by Wednesday then type my head off till Monday then hopefully get it out to him Monday morning but again we'll see how it goes. Anyways that is my post for today, thanks for reading today's post and I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


Saturday, May 7, 2022

Maple Festival- Bowmanville, Ontario!


              Well, well, well, it has been a long time since I have been to an event especially with my dad. I can tell you guys this I was nervous being in a bigger crowd and I know not everyone was masked and I didn't have mine on but we were outside and it is a ton safer. Anyways it wasn't as busy as before, I mean in the past, 3 years ago at the last Maple Festival in Bomwanville. There was a lot of local businesses out and Bowmanville has changed so much since before this pandemic and honestly I have only been through the town twice before today and didn't really get a chance to see it. Lots of places to eat, the Loaded Perogi place which I will have to try next time around as I love Perogies and a big fan of it since I am part Slovak I absolutely love it!               

There was a fudge place from all the way up in Bruce County which is pretty much Tobermory area where I use to and will be going up to at the end of this summer with my dad. So many different places. Even the local politians were there from Conserative Party of Canada and one from the Provincial Liberal party (sorry to get a bit political but it is nice to see then and Erin was the leader of his party up to the last 6 months. I even ran into a fellow bowler that I use to bowl with, it was nice to see her and she picked me out pretty quickly from the crowd. We kept out distance which was good. All in all, was a nice outing, we bused it out from our area which two two buses to get there and back home again. Anyways that is my bonus post for this Saturday, again Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there and I will speak to you all on Monday!


Friday, May 6, 2022

End of The Week Updates [05-06-2022]

              Another week has gone by and time to do the end of the week updates. I have a few updates that is needed to be mentioned today so I am not going to delay so without further ado, here are the updates: 

Entertainment Man Podcast: Finished up notes for now, still got a ton to write for future episodes but Power Rangers Collab has the # 1 priority to get finished as there is a ton of work to do for just under 2 weeks from now.

Power Rangers Collab: This has been talk of the community especialy with my team behind this collaboration podcast with Larry's triumphed return to studio for the first time in 2 years as we are getting ready for his big return. Anyways at this point I am pretty much done with Super Samurai in the way of watching it and now typing up notes as we speak as the deadline is a week from today so time is ticking fast for us. As for the Samurai season, I have started to edit a bit behind the scenes while watching it so the ETA for a release, well, I am aiming for Wednesday or Thursday next week perhaps but it depends how quickly the editing gets done but stay tuned to social media for an announcement. 

Website: Finally as you probably seen the chat went completely rogue on ChrisBOnTheWeb.com as someone got into the main admin and staff accounts and deleted our accounts so even if you went to the chatango link it won't connect or load up so the chat has been completely removed and we did away with the chatroom all together. 

               Anyways that are the updates for the week, I hope you all have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there, hope you all have a fantastic Mothers Day and as always I will talk to you all on Monday as another week begins as things progress with our content. Talk Monday,


Thursday, May 5, 2022

The Past 2 Weeks With ChrisBOnTheWeb Has Been Tough

                 I have a very rough last 2 weeks with ChrisBOnTheWeb where I've just given up on it. Alas I am still around and still creating regardless how I feel. I know I have felt like I've just lost the will to continue on with this website but still trecking along with content. This week got a bunch of interviews and regular podcasts written notes so I have em ready to go followed by working on Power Rangers Collab which I am currently working on Super Samurai at the moment and hopefully get it sent out to Larry a week tomorrow so he has em so we can record on last podcast via Skype before his return to the studio in June. Anyways off topic as usual but that is what I have been up to since and just trying to catch up especially on the collaboration as time is a ticking and I wanna stay on schedule so we will be ready for Dino Charge this fall. 

                 Not letting my mental health, depression or anyone drag me down all together. I started to smile back on Monday and been in a better mood. I've let certain people drag me right down to a point I've wanted out of ChrisBOnTheWeb. I've wanted out of CBOTW for 2 years now but seem to not have the courage to give up. To be quite honest, I am glad I have never quit. What would I have done with my extra time when it came to my day to day. What would I have done with the money that I have earned as I wouldnt get the full amount as I didn't hit the threshold of 100 bucks. Either way I am constantly fighting through all the issues and started to smile more and get more work done. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you guys tomorrow for the final blog of the week which is the end of the week updates.


Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Gaming Updates [05-04-2022]

                This update is basically all Minecraft related as I have been playing on the server I own with my niece and nephew as they have a big impact on that server. Anyways you guys have been getting constant updates what we have or I have been doing on the server. The first update is I built a elevator but not happy with it tho as most of you know you there is a sky base above that and just flying up was plan dumb. The goal is to fix that elevator shaft and expand the pod on top so there is more room for us but can be a project for my niece and nephew and I to do together.

            As you know there was a villager built which is now behind there and you can sort of see the building partially. Now that the Village is on it's own property or its own dedicated section. Anyways it was time to go out with the old and in with the new. The house was way too big for my liking so I am building myself a bit of a nice mansion that's perfect for me. I have to remember tne hole in the ground that takes you to the underground stairwell to the caves that has a ton of different taverns in there. Not sure how that will be incorporated into the new house or building aka my living quarters that I will have in there but we'll see how things go. Anyways that is the updates, I will update you guys maybe next week or the week after on this and what my next move is on this plan of attack and if I will shift the stairs or not but will know more when that last house is torn down right down to the dirt again then we start thinking the next step. Just another long process of taking a very huge building down and letting the grass regrow back. Anyways I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Power Rangers Collab Podcast Moving Forward!

                I know there is a ton of questions moving forward and today I am going to talk about it since it has been sort of discussed with my Co-Host in person end of last week: Power Rangers Collab right now have 5 podcasts remaining for 2022 and the normal 6 for next year but here is the schedule:


May 2022: Power Rangers: Super Samurai 

June/July 2022: Power Rangers 4th Anniversary

                   Power Rangers: Megaforce

                   Power Rangers: Super Megaforce

October 2022: Power Rangers: Dino Charge

                        Power Rangers: Super Dino Charge


February 2023: Power Rangers: Ninja Steel

                         Power Rangers: Super Ninja

June 2023: Power Rangers: Beast Morphers

                   Power Rangers: Beast Morphers Season 2

October 2023: Power Rangers: Dino Fury

                        Power Rangers: Dino Fury Season 2

               That takes us to 2024 and unknown what is next and when we will be recording and talking about Season 30 the last season of Power Rangers so we have the rest of this year and 2023 for a full year and a half left before we start to slow down. We will be doing a state of the Podcast in 2024 once we are finished with Season 30 and what's next for us. Anyways that is the update as that is as much as Larry and I can give you guys for now but we will keep you guys up to date on things.


Monday, May 2, 2022

How Did I Meet Larry and Justin?

                  I don't think I ever told the story of how I met Larry who is the Senior Producer/Co-Host of Power Rangers Collab and this entire collaboration podcasts craziness. Well Larry and I met in 2010 in college. We hit it off quite quickly in 2011 that is when our friendship started. It took us a few months to get to know each other and we started hanging out front of the program office between. In 2011 we were in the same class together and that is how we actually started this entire friendship. I am sure we did a couple of lunches down at the marketplace where you could He left college, (graduated) in 2011 but we continued to stay in touch through social media and messenger. I believe we even met up between the classes and he would pop up but again this is a long time ago since we first met, going on 12 years with him.

               Now after him and Justin left or just as they were graduating from the program, Justin wanted to come on to help out after we get back up and running again.  I said yes to it. I had a new camera man already for 2012 when The Entertainment Man Talk Show returned from it's hiatus. So three of my new staff were from college as they wanted to help. That is how they got involved with The Video Projects Team and also ChrisBOnTheWeb, was by word of mouth at the college when we were still in school doing our studies. Justin joined April 2011 till May 2017 and Larry 2013 - 2016; 2018 - Present. Kind of tells you how long I have been friends with Justin and Larry. I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and I will talk to you all tomorrow.