Monday, September 30, 2019

Mac and Cheese Grilled Cheese Food Review

              Like I said yesterday, I wasn't planning a food review to be honest but anyways this is a spur the moment kind of review that I wasn't expecting. So I went something really out of the box and had Mac and Cheese. I know what you are going to say Mac and Cheese? Yes but it was in the Grilled Cheese Sandwich squished in the middle of the cheese and the bread. Now the outside bread had cheese on the outside as well and it is pretty much interesting and I was really unsure how to feel on the first couple of bites and I really had to look in the middle to see the actual macaroni in the middle that is when I figured it out why they call it Mac and Cheese so it was quite interesting sandwich that I had and something I feel confused about still even 2 days later I still wonder what I had. However to the review side of things the cheese was cooked perfectly, the cheese in the middle gooey and the macaroni not cooked but perfect. I honestly think it took me until the second half of my sandwich to really get the grasp of what I was eating honestly and I was truly confused but once I started to eat then I finally got the idea. So the review I would give it 3 out 5 as probably I wouldn't do it again as I rather have a normal everyday grilled cheese sandwich and I am trying to be generous.

               I honestly am being generous in my rating, I could of technically given it a 1 and really not give em a good rating. However it was good but something I think more then likely I wouldn't have again in the very nearby future. It is not because of the taste its more likely I do not think macaroni goes with a grilled cheese. It's definitely an odd ball for food but that is how I roll these days and not only that but I am also all for trying new things and that is probably one of the reasons I wanted to try it. I wasn't going to originally eat as I was trying to follow my diet after eating out on Wednesday night so my entire diet is out the window and tomorrow I need to get back into it. I really wish I could give this review a higher rating but the way I am feeling about what I ate, I feel like that yes it was good but something I wouldn't eat again. However this is just my opinion and I know you guys enjoy these and I know at times I can be critical but I said it before, I am all for trying new things and honestly I thought it was Mac and Cheese in a bowl but I was quite surprised honestly. 


Sunday, September 29, 2019

Doors Open Event 2019

                 Yesterday we had a Doors Open event and I think it was all across Ontario honestly which is really cool we got to do this as there hasn't really been one here before. So we went to a few places yesterday for those who are wondering what day I went to the event it was yesterday. I can say we made a mistake as we went to the Airport first and we took much time to find the NO. 6 Fire Hall as we were planning to visit it for doors open but we ended up in NO 5 which I told my dad it was 6 not 5. So we got down to the Courthouse for the Doors Open too late. We got to the airport and we saw a Cessna Float Plane I believe it was a 185 if I remember correctly. Also Piper and also the World War trainer "The Harvard" airplane. Also a Russian Airplane as well that we saw that was sitting there and my dad gave me a brief history on it as well. Also I had this Grilled Cheese with Macaroni.
I will get into that on tomorrow's blog post for you guys as I got yet another food review that wasn't suppose to be schedule this week but I am adding it in for you guys one way or another.  So we next up since the Courthouse Doors Open ended at 1 pm EST our time here we went to the Armory where we had all the vehicles from the Canadian Army which was so amazing how tough the vehicle material and we guess it is definitely very safe when in travelling. We spent probably a good 10 - 15 minutes there before we headed on our final location which was Cowan House which he was Mayor for about 6 or 7 years for our City which was a town at the time before it became an actual city as it is pretty good size now to this day. So we had some history of our city from way back in the late 1800's and I never thought the city existed back then but hey I learned something completely new yesterday an it is always nice to learn something new about the city that you live in. 

                   It wasn't a complete failure as we had the one mishap with the one location but both my dad and I agreed if they do this again next year and I am sure they will and I think it is a great way to expose yourself to some of the history of your local city or town's history. We have a couple of other locations in the back of our minds what we wanna do next year if they do indeed do this again. Anyways tomorrow like I am doing the food review and I did not get the name but I know exactly what it is and how it tasted so that is tomorrow's post then we will be back into a normal routine but I have already pre-written some already ahead of time as today, tomorrow will be a busy one so I am a bit of ahead of myself as my schedule is quite booked up recently. So be on the lookout for that and we will see you guys tomorrow for the next post which will be back up @ 11 am EST. 


Procrastinating Is Getting Better

             I can say this I am getting better at the procrastinating but still am having issues with the whole thing currently. It will indeed take me a while to get better at it. Recently I was procrastinating with the entire Big Brother 21 and I know the season is over now with it being 2 - 3 days later but I mean it was the worse experience of procrastination hence the reason why you guys saw it go to the way side very quickly but I made the promise to you guys it'll be back and I am a man to my word and will promise it. Sometimes it is too much to weave in at once and that could be the issue with me getting things out on time but recently things are looking are looking better as I said. I will explain myself on that. This week I have shown a lot more interest in Everything About Reality TV and I actually got to be on track this week for once and my goal is not procrastinate and get the podcasts out right on track for the entire season to see if I can indeed reach this goal as next year is going to be big for the podcast as you know it will be our 5th year ON-Air. Other then that I am still having some issues with getting posts out in the morning as my sleep schedule I am either in bed early or I'm up late but there is no excuse for me to fall behind on those. That is the one problems I am currently enduring at the moment but I can say it is starting to get better slowly but surely.

              I am getting a ton better but still got a bunch of work to do with the procrastinating. One things I have found myself doing is following a schedule I have set. So I normally have it all set up on the white board from posts for the daily blogs which I am shocked it has lasted this long 700 + blogs on almost a regular basis and I am still writing posts even to this day and I think this will never end to be honest as I enjoy writing on a daily basis and usually I am very, very good with actually posting up something everyday which is why today's post is being doubled up so you get a bonus post. Just to let you guys know the bonus post is out at 11 am EST followed by a 2 hr window for the main one. So in conclusion of this I think it is getting better but I still struggle from time to time on this issue but I think we all do at times so I am not the only one with procrastinating as we all procrastinate from time to time but I want to eventually cut it out entirely and have a very smooth flow of things. Sometimes I just to need to just go with the flow at times but I will get it eventually. 


Friday, September 27, 2019

Have Ton of Ideas With The New Studio!

             After thinking about it for a while now I certainly have a good idea what to expect with the new studio. I am planning to have myself and guest chairs facing out with the wall unit having the green screen pinned to the wall which is the initial thought and that is what I am planning. However the question is how is the lighting going to work so that is definitely a concern however there is a plan B in effect but I rather have the wall unit with the green screen attached to the wall unit as it probably work a lot better then the other plan. The second plan was to put the desk against the wall unit and the curtain directly behind me that could be an issue as there is nothing to hold up the rod up in the rafters so I am leaning towards the first one as that will be the best move but now how the heck in the way of spacing going to work? That is definitely going to be a challenge for me and I am sure both Larry and I will figure it out as hes going to help me pack up stuff in the studio in a week and a bit from now when we pack up stuff and certain mics will be removed and I will be switching the mic for a while.  Either way I have an idea where the white board will go as you know right now on the right side of me when I am sitting at my desk currently. However I could keep it as it is but then the green screen I would need to probably put it sideways so the guest in the studio would have a green screen. However again the lighting would have to change too.

            Either way I am excited for the next version of the studio and what I may have to do is get that lighting from Amazon as this lighting may or may not work for me as I do not know how the wiring would work and I would definitely have to make some changes to the studio especially with the new version of the studio but it will all be revealed in time I am sure as I am not sure what the exact plan is but right now my main focus is to get things packed up for the renovation which will be on going through the entire month of November and yes there will be a day I take off to go to the Royal Winter Fair. I promise you guys once I do get the actual studio done I will do an official tour on Instagram TV for you guys of the newly renovated studio and what it is going to look like. Final words on this post for today, Larry and I are planning to do a blue print of a plan for the newly renovated studio once it is done and everything is in place.


Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Year I Was In A Musical (Throwback Thursday Story)

               This is way back in the day this is my final years of elementary school I got the honor and privilege to be in a school musical called "The Highlight Zone" which the description of the music is or your consideration, Jess, who is to begin his/her first day at a new school, is especially apprehensive about taking Music Appreciation class. His/her fears about the unknown lead this unsuspecting student into "THE HIGHLIGHT ZONE!" It was a fun play to be on but was very stressful when it came to the rehearsals and staying after school to practice the music an the lyrics to the song and boy our teacher, she was tough on us but that is a good thing especially if we want to have a really good performances that were on May 31st an June 1st of 2001. Yes I remember the performances date to be exact and I remember that Tuesday, I had a school performance before the ones for the families and friends of all the students in the school. I also had to during the school performances for all the classes I had to do one extra line to fill in for someone and boy I was nervous but two of the girls ensured that I would be fine and I was they even said quietly during the performances and I remember them very well too. I remember the dress rehearsal that was a very dramatic and also hectic Saturday as well.

                 In the end it was a great show both the 2 shows we put on for the classes on that Tuesday and also the two performances we put on for the parents and families. I wasn't the greatest singer back then but you can hardly tell with my very coarse voice but I enjoyed it. I think with me in a musical, it really got me into being an entertainer to this very day so this dates back to 2001, 18 years ago before YouTube was an actual thing, before even live video streaming platforms existed but I am now sure a performer, even to this day I enjoy being an entertainer and it sure fits my personality as I am always cracking up stupid jokes at people or about myself, especially when it comes to my mishap behind the microphone from time to time. I hope you guys enjoyed this little throwback Thursday story as I always enjoy talking about experiences I had in the past, including when it comes to when I was in school, elementary school to be exact. I will see you guys on tomorrow's blog which I will be talking about my vision for the studio's future look when the reno is done.


Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Turns 4 Today!

              Everything About Reality TV today turns 4 years old. It feels so surreal to be at this point of it being On Air. Really over all the years of it being on the air, I thought it wouldn't last this long on air but it is because of you guys the reason why it has been on the air for the longest time. Also the fact that there has been Reality TV Shows is another reason why it has been on the air. I thought after June 2016 it would of ended and I would be doing something else but no, the more I did the more better I have gotten at it. It sure as heck didn't take just a couples of days to a week to get better at it, it took me months years to improve and get better. I think I am doing a very good job with the podcasts now compare from the start of the podcast in 2015. Now as you know and I realize it started up on Video over on YouTube platform from 2015 - 2016 which was the beginning of this entire adventure till I retired from the platform and as you now know it has been Audio ONLY since September 2016 with Survivor Millennial's Vs. Gen X which was what I started Audio ONLY with. Here is the timeline below what the timeline of the Podcast:

YouTube Platform: September 24th, 2015 - May 18th, 2016 (Video ONLY)
Hiatus from The Podcast: May 19th, 2016 - September 20th, 2016
Audio ONLY:  September 22nd, 2016 - PRESENT

              There is the timeline and yes there was a summer hiatus between the Summer and the fall as that was my transition period from the YouTube platform before it all began. Always wondered what would of happened if the Podcast remained on Mixcloud. Probably wouldn't be on Stitcher, Tune-In, Player FM, ITunes and all 14 platforms that are listed here on the website. We would probably still be at the bottom of the barrel with this podcast and not going far. So either way the move in late 2016 was the right move as the years moved on, we grew and we grew and now being on 14 platforms which is insane now and it is crazy to think that other platforms have indeed found this podcast. One highlight of the last 4 years of this podcast being on the air would be definitely be getting an email from CMT about covering Music City which I cover both seasons when it was on air and still not sure the future of the show or if it has indeed been finished up but I really enjoyed that and thankful for them to contacting me. Finally here is to another amazing year on the podcast and the road to 5 Years on the air which is definitely a big feat for me! Honestly I have fun creating this podcast for the last 4 years and I am not ready to stop anytime soon. Like I said as long as there is Reality TV Shows, I will be covering em on Everything About Reality TV.


Monday, September 23, 2019

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Updates!

             I know things have been very awful quiet with the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast. In today's post, I will be talking about some of the updates that I can provide to you guys now that things have slowly changed over the last couple of weeks and discussions have been made between the two parties. First of all, I know that the podcast did end up on a lengthy hiatus due to some unnecessary drama but this is why the post is being made this morning is to give you guys a bit of an update on what is happening currently with this Collaboration Podcast. So without further ado here are the updates I can give you for right now:

1) The feud between Larry and I, yes we had a bit of a feud due to a communication break down. Anyways now to this day, both him and I are on good terms and we have figured out things out and we are currently both wanting to continue with this collaboration as we did make a promise to YOU guys, the best fans out there that we would continued on with this podcast so we are back into Pre-Production.

2) With saying that what's the status of the Podcast now? Well, currently I am watching Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and near the finish of the 7th season so I will be heading into the 8th season of the series. There was a backlog due to what I said in my first post but with the drama, I did stop working on it and decided to not bother with it for about a week or two so the notes just sat in my bin without any work.

3) The third point I would like to make is that I did catch up with the notes and now more then half way mark as I have binged watched episodes for hours per day so I made up some time there. However the first week in October is now in question and with the studio renovation coming up, I am not sure we will be recording till later like December or even January 2020 at the most now. 

4) Finally if we indeed record in January 2020, we will be definitely be doing the podcast 3 times next year so I do plan on watching the next set of Power Ranger seasons and get myself a bit ahead so we are ready to go for the next two sessions. However I do need to still talk to Larry about things and come up with a proper make up schedule as November is a definite no as I will be helping and renovating the studio and changing things up here in the studio and none of the microphones will be up and things will be stored away during the renovations in the studio here so a proper schedule will have to be discussed between him and I this week hopefully.

                There is the updates I do have right now and once him and I are ready to start recording again, I will be making the official announcement for you guys to when it will be coming back but for right now it is 95% On Hiatus for now while the studio is being changed around and fixed up. Trust me when we get back, things will be definitely 100% better and the quality and production of this podcasts will be a ton better then hey have been recently.


Sunday, September 22, 2019

Working On A New Page Here On The Website!

              I never really thought about this ever happening again EVER as you know the team was pretty much stripped down to me only on CBOTW and I have been on my own for the past 2 + years. With the addition of Billy to the list of podcasts and partnership with Rocky, I have started a "Team" Page here on the website. Now the page itself is now complete in the design with the text and images which took me sometime to work on as I wasn't really sure on the way to insert an "image into the table code on the website which is the way I formatted the website without using the normal builder here on the website so this page and majority of the pages on this website is all coded together minus the blog which is a part of the website itself. The rest of the website is made up of entirely code, html code, IFrame, CSS Code, you name it! Even the menu button is all based on code! Cannot say I built this website from scratch pretty much and if you ask me it sure as heck does look professional in a way and probably why the viewership has been up lately on the website so you guys are definitely liking the change that this site has gone through recently. Yes the team page has been finished and tweaked already so that is definitely a great sign in getting it active on the website.

                I know what you are going to say... Active? It's not even up and yes I do realize that as I had to do some numerous of tweaks and re-code to the page as some text showed bold so I re-coded part of that page and it seems to look really, really good now. The next phase is to tinker with the menu bar code which I know can be a royal pain in the butt to deal with but I think I got the concept of the menu bar code down.  So over this week I will be working on the menu bar and testing it so if anything goes out of sync do not be alarmed as I probably broke something on the website like I normally do when I build the website. Either way this newly fixed website does look very awesome and I have worked hard over the last few months planning and implementing the code into the site and building this new bar and I swear this probably will be the last time I tinker with the website for a very long time unless a new service or something happens on this website which probably will not be for a long time. Yes I got a plan in the back of my mind but you guys have to wait and see what I mean in the nearby future. When I am ready to release the addition to the menu bar I will announce it publicly, Facebook (Yes I got a Facebook Twitter & Instagram and also here on the blog as well. 


Saturday, September 21, 2019

Weight Loss Update [09-21-2019]

            I am now officially at 222.3 pounds which honestly surprised the heck out of me which I didn't think that I would get this far and back down to 222. Now the goal from here on out is to continue on and get myself below 220 that is my first goal before heading all the way to 210 pounds. I know I can do this and been watching the calorie count each and every day which is good.  Now my worry is that I will gain weight again tomorrow and it will be all thrown away but I am staying positive that it is possible. I can honestly say I really hope to start losing the weight as this has been on going for a very long time now I have been doing this weight loss and it is honestly difficult. Try going on 2 years to be exact and I have had it with this weight loss. However I wanna get down to 210 by end of the year is the first initial goal then from there I am planning to start getting below 210 but if I get down there before then I can start losing the weight before but I have to walk before I run technically. I honestly think now at 222.3 pounds it will not be as hard then I thought. I am just going to be fighting it till I am below the 220 mark and this could possibly happened this week coming up.

              All I really have to do from here on out is keep on watching my calories and that has been the big point I have made to watching out on my calorie count which is definite a plus with losing the weight and seems to be working so I need to continue with this method and as long as I stay in this point and if i gain a pound which has happened, no biggie with me as it will happen from time to time. Now I have started to cut back on stuff too and pretty much I have continued to portion size things for myself and that was the biggest issue I really have had in the past but it is not that hard to get it back under control. Best advice is to not let the weight gain bother me as it is normally just water retention. Also I have noticed I have made a ton more smoothies which is completely healthy. Now final point on this update is I do have my days where I still have a fat day which is fine which is a good thing to do every week, however, I think I want to cut back on the fat days however I can have a treat once a week or especially when my niece and nephew are over that is something I can do once and a while but not regularly.  Like I said I need to focus on the calories and something I have been paying a ton more to lately honestly. There is my update and I will do another one in 2 weeks time since I do not think it will be a good idea for a weekly update this way I can even focus on other posts on the Saturday on the opposite weeks.


Friday, September 20, 2019

Being Consistent With Podcasts Is Key!

           I honestly cannot stress this enough with the lack of putting up my podcasts on time has hindered some of the viewership, especially when it comes to Everything About Reality TV. However I need to fix a few things and I am going to list it here on the blog:

1)   Staying on track for recording- After the disaster with Big Brother 21 and I would of continued if it wasn't for it being off kilter in the scheduling but definitely need to stay on track for recording whether it is the day of you are recording to edit and post up on the platform of your choice.

2) Have a schedule- Now I know with my Podcast it is hard as normally I record the day of but if you are not on as strict as a schedule as I am from 1 to a few times a week, I recommend to record a day or two in advance so this gives you some leeway with editing the podcast. Why you think I normally will record then edit then tell you guys with the collaboration podcasts.

3) Posting up on time is IMPORTANT!- Now I know at the start it is tough to stay on schedule at the start as that was a big key issue I have had over the last nearly 4 years of my podcast running but starting to get better and better but still have the occasional issues but sometimes you guys cannot control the tech issues with whether it is the mic, mixer, sound issues or the platform goes down on technical issues which I will address those on tomorrow's post actually as a bit of a Saturday throwback to the early days of Everything About Reality TV. However it is important to stay on the right schedule if you want to keep your current and earning more subscribers to the podcast. 

4) Good Quality- Whether it is audio only or video and audio only, quality is the up most importance. Good video quality is always the best 1080p if you do both video and audio. Finally the last point I want to make is a good quality especially with the Audio ONLY side of things and I had that issue at the start myself and also recently but that is fixed now so you guys can hear me a ton clearer but the point I am making, it is is imperative that you have good quality, meaning no distortion, or very low mic. I am very slim picky when it comes into quality these days and this is why I am making the post today for you guys.

              There is my list and I want to give back to the podcasting community now that I have been in this community for the last 4 years non stop so this is my way of giving back to the community. Like I said in one of my points, I will be doing an additional podcasting related post tomorrow talking about the first season I ever did for the podcast. Let's just say this is going to be a throwback but on a Saturday technically. I hope you guys enjoyed today's post as I enjoyed making this amazing post and like I said I am giving back to the community doing these kind of posts.


Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Entertainment Man Talk Show: The Beginning (Throwback Thursday Story)

              I never really talked about this but in today's Throwback Thursday I want to talk about this. What do I mean? I am talking about Season 1, Episode 1 of The Entertainment Man Talk Show as the title above is titled for today's blog. Now the very first episode took place on May 23rd, 2008 is when the show, the web series you guys all knew and loved for many years that it was on the air which was 11 years ago back in May this year. I knew this was like one of the second series that hit YouTube as you know Durham Entertainment Today also known as DET never made it to YouTube whatsoever even after it was cancelled due to the fact of staff drama going on. Anyways someone and their name will not be mentioned as this is now in the past and him and I are on good terms but they were not involved with the series till the 2nd season into the late 3rd season when he walked out with 3 other staff. So basically I had some help but mostly I was on my own for the most part of the season till the season 1 finale came around. The first episode I was extremely nervous compare to now being in front of a camera now, it is no biggie for me being nervous. However the first real series I had to get the jitters out pretty fast but as the series progressed I was getting really good and comfortable. Mind you the first ever episode that I did was a introduction to the series, who I was, why the series is on the channel now.

                  Now if you were to ask me, if I was to do the series all over again would I be as nervous as I was before? The answer would be no as I have streamed a ton and now guested on Punk Rock Cheeseburger numerous times I feel very comfortable. However we are talking about The Entertainment Man Talk Show. It took me up to the 7th or 8th episode to warm up to you guys as a host and really get into the role as host. However once the second season rolled in, I was a pro at it already. I think the first episode for anyone whether it is a web series or a podcast which that will be another Throwback Thursday Story for next week for you guys but either way first episode is always nerve wracking for anyone that is in the entertainment industry like I have. However I have been part of this online media world for almost 14 years now and I should be more comfortable on the camera by now as I have been doing this a very long time now. Either way this was the beginning of what became a 7 year journey and I am still to this day forever grateful for the time I spend on that series for the length it ran from 2008 - 2016.


Wednesday, September 18, 2019

I Have Had a Bunch of Questions Lately!

            Throughout social media DM's (direct or private messages) about the future of Everything About Reality TV and yes I know exactly what is going to happen but addressing the future so here is a couple of the questions I will address:

1) Will Big Brother be back in 2020? Yes, I already mentioned it on a post on here and on social media that I will be bringing it back in 2020 and that plan to bring someone on to cover the show will be there. So yes it will be back.

2) What will happen when Everything About Reality TV Podcast slows down in episodes if a show that is cover ends? Well I am already thinking that has already happened as I do not think there will be a 3rd season of Music City CMT as I have not heard anything to what is going on which is sad as you guys know I have enjoyed doing those recaps for quite some time now. However do not forget I still got Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast that I can work on and also Punk Rock Cheeseburger.

3) What Will Happen when Everything About Reality TV Podcast ends? Now I have thought about this in the last couple of days as I was really thinking about the future after this podcast ends but I do have a plan but will not yet announce anything as of yet. I wanna ensure that I want to do this after my own podcast is done.

4) When is The Sports Hour W/ Billy starting?  Like I said before Mid October/Early November is when he projects for it to start and will be remaining on Audio ONLY unless that changes down the road.

5) Is there an timeline for CBOTW Gamers Podcast with Lieberman starting? Not yet, he needs to get a few things before he starts so it is in the planning mode and if something did happen to where he couldn't do it or when it starts I will make the announcement to you guys no strings attached.

                 I know this is kind of a continuation of this podcast post yesterday but a bunch of them were added and I had to re-iterate the first question as I said Big Brother will be back for 2020 but also other questions involving the other two podcasts on the list including mine as well. I hope this clears things up and please keep this in mine when asking me questions as I will be pointing this to you guys to this post but ask any new questions and I may just do this post in the very nearby future again. I clearly did enjoy do a small Q & A  on here so ask away!


Monday, September 16, 2019

Little Toronto Transit Issue Saturday.... We Didn't Know!

              So as I said yesterday's blog we had a mishap with the Toronto Transit Commission but I wouldn't call it a mishap, more like we didn't plan ahead or look ahead of ourselves to make sure there was no inconveniences but nope we  didn't and that is honestly our own fault and we should of not waited to find out when we were about a kilometer away when I looked and realized that there is no subway service between certain stations so we had to re route all the way into West Toronto which I am very familiar with as you guys know I go to evictions twice a last year with the first one being the premiere of Big Brother Canada which was the second time I had the honors to do that so it was easy to know my way around as we were in the Etobicoke area again and it sure has my imprint. We parked at Islington Station which mind you yes that is ways away but yet it is indeed closer into the two festivals, Ukrainian and Polish Festival. So either way we were close to the festivals and not much traveling to do honestly. However that did affect to where we were going to church for Sunday however but we managed to get a different parish to go to which that was figured out very quickly. 

                  So either way we figured out how to get ourselves to the festival and with even the subway service limited between certain stations, we still managed to get to two festivals and we had a great time and we did make up the time from the Ukrainian Festival to the Polish we sure did make up time between the events and everything was back on track by the time we were down in Roncesvalle for the Polish Fest so we managed to somehow make up time for this little transit issue. It is a good thing my dad knows Toronto very well because I would never know where the heck I was going minus for Big Brother Canada which I now know the route very, very well now but I am learning and I do remember routes very easily but still wanna learn to get my way around Toronto and figure out routes as my dad will not be around forever to do events in Toronto such as the Royal Winter Fair which I do plan on continuing on the tradition whether if I even bring a guest to it we will eventually see. Either way still a good day and we got to the event one way or another.


Sunday, September 15, 2019

Ukrainian and Polish Festival 2019!

          Obviously there was no blog but I had no time when I woke up to write something small and when I got home I was so tired, I cleaned up and was in bed pretty fast and up bright and early this morning. Anyways this morning I want to talk about the Ukrainian and Polish Festival. I want to start off with the Ukrainian Festival which we went to after the disaster of transit issues which I will talk about on a separate post tomorrow which is a post on itself technically. Anyways we got there safely and we actually did make it a little later then we wanted technically but we did miss the parade this year which was definitely a disappointment however we saw a preview of some of the entertainment that we were going to see and we did see some entertainment on the other side of the event over at Runnymede Street in Toronto. Anyways there was tons of options for food, there was rides there for the kids, they had hats from all the different countries including Ukraine, Poland and so forth. Now food wise we had the 8 Perogi, I had the cheddar and potato and my dad had the Cottage Cheese and Potato. However next year I want to split things so this way I can try the other one. The perogies were good, super soft, delicious and the onions very nicely caramelized. However 2 issues with the Perogi Pavilion. First issue they forgot my water we had to remind them and the second part was they forgot the sour cream which we paid for so I was not pleased and I think next year we will go elsewhere for our food and I wasn't pleased with the mistakes made.

 Now we traveled onto the Polish Festival and we actually were back on schedule which again I will talk about it tomorrow on the blog post about the mishap with the transit system as I said it is for a separate post tomorrow. So we got there and we walked down Roncesvalle which both Ukrainian and Polish were busy and I am happy to see quite the crowd and it is definitely getting busier each and every year that we are there. Always nice to see people indulging in the multi culture of the city of Toronto. So we walked around and we saw the donut place that we had dessert the one year yet we forgot to stop and get one again this year but always next year we will. I wanna have at least one dessert when it comes towards these festivals. We saw one stage with some Polka music playing and yes I almost wanted to dance but I didn't. Think I was in a bit of pain with my knee but the first real pain I've had in a while. Anyways we saw some more musicians under a tent followed by some dancing at the main stage. After that we had a beer at the beer tent which was a Polish Beer and my very first one ever. It was very smooth and it did leave an after taste but still good in the end. We continued to walk all the way down Roncesvalle to almost the end of the festival and headed back up. Finally we grabbed the first part of dinner which we split a Potato Pancake also known as Latke. We continued up further and we grabbed polish sausage on a bun which the bun was massive and funny fact that is the same place as last year so kind of funny in a way but worth it and we will be back in the very nearby future again as I took a picture of it to remind me where we were for the food. Overall the two festivals were really good minus those two issues at the Perogi Pavilion at the Ukrainian but overall still a fun filled day.



Friday, September 13, 2019

Shoeless Joes- Buffalo Chicken on A Wrap Food Review

            Now I admit I wasn't planning a food review honestly as you all know I was in Toronto for the Jays game and I rather squash that part of the night as I wasn't overly thrilled how the game ended and yes we left early as the game got out of control. That is all I wanna say but it was nice to see all the young guys play honestly. Now to the food review side of things which we went to Shoeless Joe's for dinner which is right along the harborfront in Toronto. So what did I have besides a glass of milk which didn't really taste too good but that's definitely not the point of this post of me complaining about milk. More then likely it was 2% which is not the one that I normally have which is 1% most of the time. So besides the milk, I had Buffalo Chicken on a wrap with fries on the side. Now you probably think hey Chris that is sort of healthy? Yes it was minus I think the chicken was breaded tho so that part wasn't so much but the rest of it was healthy. However it was a very good dish and I really did enjoy it and it was a little hotter then I thought really but still it was very delicious one way or another so it was worth having. Now the fries reminded me of the McDonald's french fries which were thin and long but they were really good as well. Little on the salty side for me as I just like a little bit of salt not too much. I also think they added a little of pepper but there was nothing wrong with it honestly but it was just a little excessive on the salt but overall still a great experience. Now my mom gave my dad and I her deep fried pickle which was really good and I have had this before at the Campus Pub when I was a college student between 2010 and 2012. 

              The rating for the wrap is a definite 10 out 10, not a 5 out of 5 as it exceeded expectations and I really wasn't expecting a spiciness to the Buffalo Chicken. Now for the french fries I wasn't overly happy due to the fact I felt like it was a little over salted so unfortunately I am giving it 3 out of 5 but still tasted good but it was a little over salted. Now the deep fried pickle was the best and like I said I have had this before so it is not my first rodeo when I first had it so it was worth a 10 out of 10 not my usual 5 out of 5 rating like I normally do on these food reviews. Overall experience was a 5 out of 5 as the server, she was really great to us and always helpful especially with out meals being a bit on the messy side but we had enough napkins and wet ones too to get our hands cleaned once we were finished. Was a great start to a very not so good ball game  as I thought the Jays would of won this and sweeping the Red Sox but it is what it is and hey the Jays still won the series 2 - 1 one way or another.


Thursday, September 12, 2019

Post 11th Season Thoughts of Everything About Reality TV

           Now that the 11th season has officially wrapped up, I wanna do a my thoughts on this season and there will be some down side to this season and I wanna talk about this first. I feel like I have failed you guys with this season despite still delivering an another amazing Recap of Amazing Race Canada 7. I mean I let you guys down with the Big Brother Recap this summer as I had a good pace with it but ever since I got home things kind of went awry with it and fell behind into the month of August and I started to feel like I have let you guys down. I understand to those who did unsubscribe but promising next year were in complete full force with both Big Brother Canada and Big Brother 22 and that promise to find a host will be definitely happening next year. Even if I do not find anyone, yours truly will be still taking the reigns and either way I am going to be continuing on. I think right now I need to get myself back on track. Now that this season is complete, I am going to get myself ready to go and like I said on the podcast Monday and Wednesday next week for 2 off season podcasts and then the preview so I have already been productive here in the studio post season. Anyways I think I made the right move as when I fell behind, I felt like I wasn't going to catch up or be on track and what I should of done was watch the show on the day of and most of the time I was around for it too. 

             With all the mistakes during the summer comes to fixing a ton of the problems for future seasons and especially the season coming up in less then 2 weeks from now when Survivor: Island of The Idols starts I need to watch the show on the day of not the next day, not days later. It is not you guys it's me, I let the podcast get out of control this season when staying on track and I cut back a few things from Big Brother to simplify the podcast each episode but yet still having issues with it apparently so least I will be ready for the next season that is upon us which isn't very long from now honestly.  I am pretty sure once I get start up it will end up being a smooth week by week as we head into the end of the year and things should be easy each and every week. Finally I wanna say give through this season to fix whatever the issues are and all I need is to stay on track this season and hopefully this will gain any listeners that I lost back as you didn't know I lost a few subscribers and I know the reason why and I am the one to blame for letting this get this far and I am not going to sit here and whine and complain, like I said I am working on improving things. More excitement is to come and cannot wait to let you guys know what it is because I definitely got a plan in the works.


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Orono Fair 2019 & Food Review

                  I have decided to put the Orono Fair and the food review that has been done at the fair together. I think it is best if both of those are put together. First let's talk about the fair portion of the fair. Also we went into the arena to see the flowers, arts and crafts and other things. We even saw the Zamboni which was sitting there at the corner by it's doors.  There were tons of tractors and there was even the teenagers driving the tractors in a tractor pull. We thought it was later but that was the adults for later on in the day in the evening. Anyways what tractors that were still sitting there, well I can say Minneapolis won by a milestone with 19 of them which probably could of been more then that. I remember when I was a kid the Cockshutt Tractors were the most that actually were there and back then it was at the back where they use to have the old tractor pulls. Anyways we moved on with seeing what rides, kids coaster, my favorite the Merry-Go-Round as I remember it as a kid. Also bingo which my mom and I did when she took me to the fair when my dad was out on his canoe trip on a couple of occasions. Now that was never there for the last few years I went there which was about 3 - 5 years ago since I went last and I remember it was with my niece and nephew was the last time we actually went to the fair. Also we saw ducks, goose, chickens and one duck being anxious with constantly being loud but it is what they do for sure. Also cows, goats, pigs, piglets. Also a Clydedale that staying neighing and stopping it hooves to get my attention. Not sure what the heck it is with me and horses, they seem to really like me. Finally we sat down to the watch the tractor pull and I thought they were going to stop half way but completely wow'd me and kept on going and did very well.

                Now to the food review side of things. We had lunch first before we ended up walking around the grounds. We both had peameal Bacon on bun with Cheese and also one side order of fries. The bacon wasn't over cooked whatsoever, it was crispy a bit and very juicy and the cheese melted perfectly with it. It was very good and I really did enjoy the peameal on a bun which I normally do not get to eat here at home too often but the odd time we will do it from time to time. Now the fries, were good too. They were crispy and juicy and fully cooked through. They were freshly cut as they had the potato skins on it on the one side of the fries. It wasn't overly oily nor salty, just perfect which is the way I like it. We put on the Malt Vinegar which I haven't had in a very, very long time since the fries place at 5 Points Mall which now doesn't exist anymore as it was torn down and now made into a outdoor mall.  The Peameal Bacon on a bun I give a 5 all day and also the fries itself also get a 5 all day. I would definitely have that again next year but maybe I will do a pogo dog next year which I haven't had in a very long time. It was a fun 3 hours and getting away from the studio for that time.


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Added A Podcast To The List & Updates!

            I am so thrilled to be bringing two things on the the website today and it has already been implemented to the website under the Podcasts tab. The first one I want to talk about is Punk Rock Cheeseburger as you know I am a re-occurring guest at least every 2nd week that is one of the reasons behind putting it up so you guys are able to see the links and where to actually tune into the podcast but not with just be but with other guests Rocky has on his podcast as well. I already had the OK from him and he thinks its great I wanna promote it since I am currently involved. There is an opportunity for it to grow but we need to start small then grow bigger so I am not going to rush his podcast in growth. Now there is another individual who wants to do a wrestling Podcast which is in the pre-production stages and he knows I need to wait till Billy's is officially running through it. I have mentioned I would like to do a couple of collabs one being a radio station I use to be involved with on BlogTV and Stickam as well. However that is not an option at this point and decided it will not be happening at this moment as I have lost connection with the former owner as their station isn't running anymore so I have decided to put it on the shelf for right now. However the good news is I am still planning to collab with Charlie who was a co-host with me for The Chris B Podcast and I think 5 years later I think it is long overdue to actually have a reunion Podcast but I have thought about waiting but I am 100% sure it is an opportunity knocking that I can do this finally. Now the final thing I want to talk about finally is I do have some information about The Power Ranger Collaboration Podcast. As you know it has been on hiatus for the last 3 months and there has been a bit of a communication issue between my Co-Host and I over the last 2 months to a point I was just about at a point I was done with this collab. However it is not over whatsoever and both Larry and I can officially say it is indeed coming back and I have already half way through the 7th season of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and soon as that finishes I am going to be moving right into Lightspeed Rescue so I am not sure if we will be waiting till January as you know there is going to be Renovations done here in the studio so I am thinking about waiting till then to get it recorded. So next year could be look at a 3 recording sessions next year which is fine with me but they are really spread far apart from each other by 4 - 6 months so it isn't that bad really but I am going to make sure they are spread apart from each other.


Monday, September 9, 2019

Staying Audio ONLY For Everything About Reality TV For Now!

                After a very long and hard thought, I have had made the executive decision to stay Audio ONLY with "Everything About Reality TV" for now and I think since the podcast is in a very deep run 200 + episodes, I think it is best to just remain on the Audio ONLY from here on out especially that it has done extremely well so it is truly nice to watch this podcast grow from the ground up. Also this way it will not confuse the heck out of the new host that I plan on bringing on for Big Brother Canada and Big Brother for the winter and summer season. I know I haven't spoken much about that and I am working on the details right now to what I need to do to get that process going. I think I need to stay simple and not worry about video. I think Audio ONLY is a lot better and I happen to enjoy it actually! I know it is harder to get an interaction from you guys but I seem to somehow, someway know around the issues very quickly. Jeff an old friend of mine from the days, he even said stay Audio ONLY for now. Now I am open to promoting Billy's Podcast which I am going to talk about on tomorrow's post. For right now Everything About Reality TV also known as EAR TV for short will be staying on Audio ONLY for right now. 

                   There are many reasons behind why I am staying Audio ONLY and one of the reasons is YouTube obviously screwed me over with the copyright claims and it was a pain in the butt to really deal with but we someway, somehow managed to win the battle through it and still sticking to the Audio ONLY cause I do not want to end up that way once again and having to fight the same fight again with trying to fight the copyright strike again and with me complaining to YouTube on Twitter yet again. So it is best to not go back. Now Twitch I had a ton of issues with verifying an account so I have long disabled both accounts and not on the Audio ONLY side of things at the moment. I am very much happy and I have tons of ideas with the website and thinking about doing some other projects. In the end you never know what will happen and there can be video in the very nearby future for all we know but I am very much happy with the audio only and it will be a lot more simple especially with me bringing in a second host to help relieve me of some of the duties on some of the shows that are covered but to even build this team again since I have been on my own since 2016 and now it's growing once again since making this switch to Podcasting and the blogs here on the website.


Friday, September 6, 2019

The Menu Bar and Changes To The Website Are Finished!

               After a couple of months struggling with creating the menu bar here on the website, it is finished. There was a good month or so where I was completely stuck on the website but as you know now it has all worked out in the end where it was the actual design of the website itself. The template was the issue at hand and the reason why it wasn't working this entire time. It never dawned on me as I kept on thinking it was the CSS code that was the entire issue. What do I mean? It was the actual template of the website that was the actual issue so it wasn't a code issue, was a template issue so after switching templates so many times the drop down finally works so it is completely finished and still having a couple of bugs honestly it could just be me for all i know but who the heck knows really knows. Seems to be responsive but it responds too quickly so that could now be the CSS who knows what the entire issue with the website could be or it could just me for all we know so we never know what it could be! One way or another, the major website work to the site has been completed, but there is always room for improvement honestly but we will have to see how I feel and if there is room to improve or not but either way I am happy with the changes.

                  Now with the changes complete the next phase for the website is to get a second host for Everything About Reality TV and I know there was suppose to be another podcast happening but it is not happening now. However I am going to still work on finding a second host and we will be still pre-recording the episodes as we have been down the road. Down the road there will be a podcast that will be going live every second week but that is definitely down the road not right now. It is in the planning stages over the next year or two so it will take some time. However that's for another post to do later when the time but it is a project I am planning on working on right now. I am happy with the final product and yes you probably noticed on the website I tweaked the CSS as well from red background to a blue background as those are the CBOTW Colors.  One final thing I would like to say about the website over the last week or two you probably noticed an "About" section and gives you a brief history about me and what I have done in the past including "The Video Projects Team" Era which was where I got my start with the online media and also my YouTube career with the team and of course with the change in 2016 to podcasting full time instead of YouTube but it is all there on the about section of this website 


Thursday, September 5, 2019

How Did The Video Projects Team Survive YouTube? (Throwback Thursday Story)

            I never spoke about this on the blog before and yes I know back in the day I use to curse like a sailor on video and that was on purpose. I think the more cursing on a video which now in this day of age for YouTube, you can not curse as you will end up being demonetized which is the truth honestly. It has changed quite a lot since I left the platform now 3 years later and I think the more cursing we did the views definitely went up and I think the highest number was at 350 views which YouTube cut down to 150 but still a good number honestly even to this day it is a good number. I wasn't the only one that was letting a word that shouldn't be on there but honestly I think in the second season I started to not care what is said as long it wasn't a very inappropriate comment then I would of had to step in if something like that has happened but it didn't. Most part my team were well behaved and another reason we survived was because we knew how to have fun on set. Yes my team takes their jobs seriously but why not have fun in the process and that is how we lasted 8.5 years on YouTube till I decided after team members leaving on me begun and Larry, Justin and I moved on with Chris B On The Web that you now see to this very day for the last 4 years soon to be our 5th Year of operation. 

                Don't get me wrong everyday I think about TVPT (The Video Projects Team) and the memories we made on the platform but those days are now over for me and now all I have no is the memories which will last a life time but I honestly surprised we lasted 8.5 uber long years on the platform and I thought it would of been a few years then we would of been done and moving on but 8.5 years later that was the point when I thought, yep it is time to move and to bigger and better things. I already started to save all the old videos and I want to put them on a hard drive to keep forever this way the memories can be kept over the years. The future of that channel I am going to try get it shutdown once and for all but planning to make copies of series onto a DVD down the road this way there will be definitely a copy of it down the road as well for family and other friends. There was a ton of drama behind the scenes when we were a group back in the day but I was and still am a no nonsense person but despite all the drama that we had off camera, we still pretty much got through it some way some how even if I had to fire someone I would of. Anyways that is today's post and I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it and I will see you on tomorrow's post and I promise it will be at 11 am EST, I want to get back on a consistent schedule for posts again after a crazy summer of falling behind schedule.


Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Promoting You're Podcast

               For the final part of this post is the promotion part. Yes Promotion is key to your content, especially when it comes to promoting it which is the final step to a successful podcast honestly.  Now as you know I have only 2 platforms I promote the podcast on, actually one main one as I try and keep Instagram to photos only with behind the scenes but that is how people know about my podcast. However I use Twitter the most with promoting Everything About Reality TV Podcast and soon to be adding in to Billy's to the list as you know he is going to be starting it up soon.  I also use a ton of hashtags such a #EverythingAboutRealityTV and #Podcast and the name of the TV Show I am covering which helps a lot with picking up on viewers.  Anyways to use your own hashtag and the hashtags I mentioned above sure does help and gets your name out there for sure.  I try and use as many I can with any of the content that goes out there to you guys whether it is podcasts or blog but this post is mostly about podcasting technically. Now I know you cannot fit in all the links so what I do is like a few of em in for example,, ITunes,, Player FM, Stitcher then I put at the bottom of each and every post I put in "Also in 10 other platforms, go to to the podcast page for my podcast for other links" Reason I say that, is because "Everything About Reality TV" is on 14 other platforms which has seen a ton other platforms that I wasn't expecting my podcast to get this far but as you know Twitter, you cannot do anymore then 280 characters on there and it is fine as they can't have users pretty much spamming the heck out of people's feeds. 

                 So promoting your podcast is paramount to the success of your show and honestly without social media promotion it would take a long time to grow. Only reason I have 47 listeners out of 2 of the platforms is because of the promotion of the podcast. However people will come across the podcast too on the platforms and take a listen and if they enjoy your content then they will be a subscriber and a regular to the podcast each week that you do it. Promoting your podcast doesn't mean you will be getting listeners right away and it takes time to get the listeners just like when Billy and I start doing our podcasts live on The CBOTW Network, that will take time to get listeners so the example I am giving you guys and what I am saying is it will definitely take time but the more you promote your podcast the better it gets known. For crying out loud, it took me 1.5 - 2 years to start being well known for my podcast so another word it could take up to that time but again it all depends on the topic and how popular it is. Big recommendation is to do a podcast that has a popular topic for me it's Reality TV and it has done well for itself over the years of it's run which is now nearly 4 years now it's been on the air. Just remember to promote your podcast, schedule the posts which I do 99.999 of the time as usually now these days I am in bed earlier then usual so it automatically posts up for me but make sure to post it and be consistent with your're podcasts going up on a weekly or couple of times a week as that is how you keep your listeners and gain more in the process.


Podcasting: Editing & Posting It Up!

               Well this series is coming to a wrap soon and in today's second last post of this mini series on podcasting we are going to talk about editing and posting up you're podcast. Let's start with editing side of things. You are finished with your podcast recording session and ready for the next step which is editing. Most part when I edit my podcast I get rid of the parts I don't want to have or feel isn't the right fit to the podcast and I have done this in the past and it proves to have worked as well. The other part is getting rid of the dead air on the podcast is the other part. Nobody likes or wants to listen to the dead air on the podcast so it is very imperative that you get rid of it this way it really does tighten up the podcast. I mean you definitely do not want dead air on the podcast as that can lose listeners and that was my issue when I first started out as podcaster on a full time basis as I originally never edited the podcast whatsoever which was a dumb move honestly but when I started to think about editing that is when it all clicked that my views would have gone up and trust me they have gone up. So what I mean by this is dead air removed is not good as you will hear nothing! Dead air that's it. However when I do edit it out I have not even a second, more like half a second to ensure there is not a very long pause, however minus the dramatic pauses in there I will keep but that is very rare of the time when that happens honestly. 

               Now the posting up part. You have to add in the title of your podcast which the most important thing and it is hard for me to start titling the podcast when I first started but got the general idea when I started up with the podcast but it takes time and I want to make sure I am titling the podcast properly. Next up is the text what the episode is all about and what to expect on this episode of the podcast each and every week. I try to keep it short and sweet most of the time so you guys are not reading a textbook of words on what to expect on the podcast honestly. The final part of of this post is the keywords and normally I will put in for example, podcast, audio only, reality tv, the name of the show being covered and much more. Final thing is to hit that publish button to post it out to all the platforms that you are on. Fair warning it will take up to an hour to  2 hours to post to all the different platforms as I have learned that in the past. I will talk to you guys tomorrow for the final post of this podcast series as we wrap it up.


Sunday, September 1, 2019

Big Brother Recaps Will Return In 2020, I Promise!

            I have been dealing with some personal issues this summer and I have not been myself honestly. From friendship problems to family drama to death in the family, I just cannot focus 100% I am only 50% However I am not giving up on the 11th season entirely, I am still doing Amazing Race Canada 7, I am still doing recaps and staying on track with those each week. Right now I need to start revising the podcast as 2020 is going to be a lot huger then this year. Yea I understand I may lose listeners over this but most will understand that my mental health comes first technically.  However with the plans I have in 2020 which I have sort of mentioned on Twitter in the past, Everything About Reality TV will be back to Big Brother Recaps in 2020 for both Big Brother Canada Season 8 & Big Brother 22 but for right now I am on a Big Brother break to focus on me. Also to start give the podcast of a bit of a tune-up and plus the fact The CBOTW Network is on it's way back  which I will be changing things but that's for tomorrow's post technically. Anyways I think it is long coming to start fine tuning scheduling and the way the podcast is done come this fall with the live feature being back in play as part of the podcast. More to come tomorrow's post! 

               Like the title of this blog says, I do promise you guys and I want to make sure that this podcast is going to stay consistent for you guys on a regular basis or weekly basis at this point so that is why I have pulled all the previous episodes of the Big Brother 21 Recaps off the feed for now and honestly it is my fault for going off track. I should of been smarter honestly with staying on track. I could of stayed up late, record then go to bed and edit in the morning. However there will have to be a ton of changes in the way the production of the podcast goes come towards the end of this month as we head into the 12th season of the podcast, we want to make sure we get things right the first time around honestly. So with the conclusion of this post I apologize for just dropping Big Brother 21 Recaps suddenly but it has just gotten so out of control that is the reason why I have decided to stop them and you guys are OK with it according to the Twitter poll I have done in the last few hours and it is still going up to tomorrow afternoon/evening when it closes. However as you know the decision has been made already. However you're input is still very much important to me and I thank you all to those who took the time and voted as I said your opinion matters with CBOTW.