Thursday, September 5, 2019

How Did The Video Projects Team Survive YouTube? (Throwback Thursday Story)

            I never spoke about this on the blog before and yes I know back in the day I use to curse like a sailor on video and that was on purpose. I think the more cursing on a video which now in this day of age for YouTube, you can not curse as you will end up being demonetized which is the truth honestly. It has changed quite a lot since I left the platform now 3 years later and I think the more cursing we did the views definitely went up and I think the highest number was at 350 views which YouTube cut down to 150 but still a good number honestly even to this day it is a good number. I wasn't the only one that was letting a word that shouldn't be on there but honestly I think in the second season I started to not care what is said as long it wasn't a very inappropriate comment then I would of had to step in if something like that has happened but it didn't. Most part my team were well behaved and another reason we survived was because we knew how to have fun on set. Yes my team takes their jobs seriously but why not have fun in the process and that is how we lasted 8.5 years on YouTube till I decided after team members leaving on me begun and Larry, Justin and I moved on with Chris B On The Web that you now see to this very day for the last 4 years soon to be our 5th Year of operation. 

                Don't get me wrong everyday I think about TVPT (The Video Projects Team) and the memories we made on the platform but those days are now over for me and now all I have no is the memories which will last a life time but I honestly surprised we lasted 8.5 uber long years on the platform and I thought it would of been a few years then we would of been done and moving on but 8.5 years later that was the point when I thought, yep it is time to move and to bigger and better things. I already started to save all the old videos and I want to put them on a hard drive to keep forever this way the memories can be kept over the years. The future of that channel I am going to try get it shutdown once and for all but planning to make copies of series onto a DVD down the road this way there will be definitely a copy of it down the road as well for family and other friends. There was a ton of drama behind the scenes when we were a group back in the day but I was and still am a no nonsense person but despite all the drama that we had off camera, we still pretty much got through it some way some how even if I had to fire someone I would of. Anyways that is today's post and I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it and I will see you on tomorrow's post and I promise it will be at 11 am EST, I want to get back on a consistent schedule for posts again after a crazy summer of falling behind schedule.


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