Friday, September 6, 2019

The Menu Bar and Changes To The Website Are Finished!

               After a couple of months struggling with creating the menu bar here on the website, it is finished. There was a good month or so where I was completely stuck on the website but as you know now it has all worked out in the end where it was the actual design of the website itself. The template was the issue at hand and the reason why it wasn't working this entire time. It never dawned on me as I kept on thinking it was the CSS code that was the entire issue. What do I mean? It was the actual template of the website that was the actual issue so it wasn't a code issue, was a template issue so after switching templates so many times the drop down finally works so it is completely finished and still having a couple of bugs honestly it could just be me for all i know but who the heck knows really knows. Seems to be responsive but it responds too quickly so that could now be the CSS who knows what the entire issue with the website could be or it could just me for all we know so we never know what it could be! One way or another, the major website work to the site has been completed, but there is always room for improvement honestly but we will have to see how I feel and if there is room to improve or not but either way I am happy with the changes.

                  Now with the changes complete the next phase for the website is to get a second host for Everything About Reality TV and I know there was suppose to be another podcast happening but it is not happening now. However I am going to still work on finding a second host and we will be still pre-recording the episodes as we have been down the road. Down the road there will be a podcast that will be going live every second week but that is definitely down the road not right now. It is in the planning stages over the next year or two so it will take some time. However that's for another post to do later when the time but it is a project I am planning on working on right now. I am happy with the final product and yes you probably noticed on the website I tweaked the CSS as well from red background to a blue background as those are the CBOTW Colors.  One final thing I would like to say about the website over the last week or two you probably noticed an "About" section and gives you a brief history about me and what I have done in the past including "The Video Projects Team" Era which was where I got my start with the online media and also my YouTube career with the team and of course with the change in 2016 to podcasting full time instead of YouTube but it is all there on the about section of this website 


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