Thursday, November 30, 2017

Which Social Media Do I Use The Most Currently?

          So you are probably wondering what Social Media? Well besides Facebook for my own personal use, my main go to Social Media for Chris B On The Web at this point is Twitter and is the only social media used for Chris B On The Web.

            As you guys know I've tried a fan page to a point I was trolled or not much activity on the page whatsoever. Also as you know my posts got reported so again that is why I have refused to make anymore groups at this point of time, someone keeps reporting my posts, not that I am bashing Facebook, because I'm not...  I got my reasons why I do not have the Facebook group or the Facebook Page and I am happy with what I got at this point of time. The way I see it, is go on social media that bring you the most success and interaction, it doesn't hurt to try it out if it doesn't work then you can remove it from that social media and work with which ones work the best for you. 

           So which platforms do I prefer to use? Well I liked Facebook but to a point of the post getting reported so Twitter is currently my go to for social media at this point of time and honestly I get a ton more response from it then i did elsewhere, even Google Plus wasn't doing overly great for me at the time, but my choices would be Facebook or Twitter, Facebook as I had ton of support on the group up to the point of being reported constantly from outside the group. Twitter, I get Retweets, replies Likes, you name it on there and I am very happy with the platform and been a solid member since 2011/2012, then the current account since 2013 and I've noticed on Twitter I have grown so much and so fast, it is my number 1 social media outside of my personal FB for friends and family. 


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

I Made A Big Mistake!

           I knew I would get a backlash of hate and people un-following me for what I posted here on the blog and the post has been removed from the blog, it was unprofessional and I was wrong to make the wrong judgement and I know my cousin, he would of not been happy if the site goes down for good and if the site was to go down, it would be the day the domain expires if I felt like just having the blogger, I can link the podcasts on here somewhere and interviews on here. But I was talking about it a bit further on Periscope this afternoon. However, I was wrong to just give up on my website, when the going gets tough and I should know better and I deserved to lose 3 - 4 followers in the process for what I did. I know there are consequences for every action and I am taking the consequence of losing followers.

            I deeply sorry for those whom I may have affected with this startling announcement last night, it was uncalled for, I should of figured out a solution with the website and just given you guys the blog page and the other Audio ONLY platforms... I know a few people gave me crap already for even thinking of quitting something I love to do. I understand you guys love what I do and respect me for taking time out of my day to record quality content each and everyday. I was merely frustrated with the way my website was running and to just give up on everything, was not the right thing to do and was unforgivable. I hope you guys can forgive me and we move forward with everything on Chris B On The Web and the big future plans I got for my website. 

Have a great night!


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Why I Got Into Podcasting?

               So You are probably wondering how in the world did I get into podcasting, as most of you during my time as an YouTuber I had a podcast back in 2014 which I had a co host back then, but of course it didn't last long which doesn't really surprise me, same with another one in 2015. Of course Everything About Reality TV didn't come into play until September 24th, 2015 is the official date it started as I screwed up the dates on the anniversary so technically it's 2 years now it's been on the air.

             So why did I get into podcasting, well back in January 2012, I got involved with my college radio station and the program director and the staff there taught me so much. Good examples are like making sure my mouth isn't close to the mic which I don't have it close anymore, having notes to what you are talking about which you guys know I always got notes handy and ready to go. Also I am quite the good talker and able to interact with fans in a heartbeat as I already had quite a following even as I was in the middle of my series on YouTube even though it was on a hiatus while I attended school, so making a second Twitter and getting followers was a breeze and of course I promote this Twitter through my main one anyways to get the following. I was and still am the social media guru to this very day presently... 

               Most of you who been following my journey since the start of social media know I use to DJ for a station back on that is not the reason behind starting a podcast it is more the college visual radio station, Riot Radio is what inspired me to get into podcasting and that is where I am to this day. I started Everything About Reality TV on YouTube to going Audio ONLY and look how well it has done! I am really glad I joined Riot Radio, I got to meet so many amazing people and other fellow students at the college and put a great radio show on for everyone called Easy Rock With Chris B!


Saturday, November 25, 2017

Have I Taken Anything, That I've Learned from My College Program/Classes?

              So the question of the day is Have I Taken Anything, That I've Learned from My College Program/Classes? The answer is yes! I have learned so much when in the Community Integration, Throughout Cooperative Education with learning different skills that will make you successful in the workplace to the field you chose when entering your 1st year in the program. 

                I want to start with the CICE Seminar classes I took, I learned how to deal with certain safety hazards, to situations with your co-workers. Also another major component of the program's course CICE2000, CICE3000 & CICE4000 was field placement and going to work in the field you are studying in but I only had 1 of 3 that were in a media field, which I will get to shortly. 

                Next I would like to talk about the Media side of things I have learned so much from the media world, such as history of media, the different areas of media, video production, Radio (which I will talk more in another post), photography which is now my basic thing when it comes to these blogs, going from event to event, whether it is local or out in Toronto I am very, very active within the community. I love taking photos and I have become good at working the digital camera, would like to in the nearby future, to get an SLR but that will never happen, but I can keep on dreaming, the digital is easier to carry around in it's case anyways.

                   In conclusion, I have took a lot what I have learned a  lot from the program and taken all the skills whether it is from CICE Seminar or my Media classes, I have taken what I've learned and adapt it when I was working for that short stint of me working and also in my field from the time I was still a YouTuber to the current era of my podcast career which mind you I love doing, I take what I have learned and adapting it and it's opened new doors and ideas what I would like to do in the way or work, which is web design, as I have learned so much on my own, I want to learn more and become a  web designer since I love using the computer.


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Typical Day On A Podcast Recording Day

                If I so sleep at night as most of you my sleep is different from day to day where I am at with sleep but let's say I do sleep so early in the morning I come down to my studio get my day started write my blog post for the day, then get my AT2020 (Audio Technica) into position in front of my and put it upright until I am ready. Then usually I will put up the introduction to the podcast up first as for those who know I do the intro with a small voice over and talk over the intro theme at the appropriate time. If I am haven't seen Survivor like last night, then usually I will watch the show in the morning, when I get up and then get ready to record, as sometimes it takes me a half hour, hour at the most. Sometimes it is in the early evening depending if I got a busy day and unable to record early in the morning.

                   So after watching the episode whether it is Survivor, Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada, Big Big Brother, Big Brother Canada, I get the mic ready, check levels to ensure they are at the right levels for the podcast and no distortion whatsoever. Also if I have a guest in the studio here, to ensure their mic is at the right level to their voices. I know there is a lot of technical mumbo jumbo crap but it is the key thing to recording a podcast. I take about 15 mins to check levels and do test run to make sure if need be.

                    Then I am now ready to record the podcast, so the podcast you guys know how it runs, 20 - 30 minutes, sometimes more depending how much I have in the way of notes or if I continue to ramble on non stop then it goes a little longer and sometimes I am well known for rambling on my podcasts but that's OK, I like to express my opinion, my analysis on the Reality TV Show, plus run times of a podcast can vary, especially if there is a guest in the studio at the time.

                     The final 2 steps I take is to edit out the dead air that is in the podcasts or parts that I do not need in the podcast that doesn't suit the podcast. Once that is done, I go to my main feed site, upload the episode to there, then go upload it and place the code in a new line at the top of the Everything About Reality TV Podcast Main Feed. Within an hour I post it up on social media, the group on Facebook and also on Twitter. That is my typical day of a podcast recording.

Have a great night!


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Survivor Heroes Vs. Healer Vs Hustlers & Everything About Reality TV Podcast

     I really been questioning Survivor Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers and when they will do an double episode, especially since it is near the end of the month to the final weeks of Survivor is on, I thought at this point, they would done one double episode this week or hopefully next week at the most there will be a double episode as clearly the season should be done by mid December. We only have about 4 weeks left not including this week whatsoever. Yes I am playing the numbers game and figuring out the math of the remaining castaways on the show to if it will be a final 2 or a final 3 situation for the finale. 

                I am wondering when the finale is as they have yet announced anything yet and usually at this point they have a Finale date set so I am for the most part questioning when finale will be taking place. I know my hiatus from recapping episodes till Late February is around the corner with off season podcasts also starting soon. This is the time where stress starts to higher then usual with finishing up podcasts for the Fall Programming for the podcast. I know we are currently at 10 castaways left in the game at this point and at least 5 weeks left they will indeed have to put a double elimination in there within 2 of those 5 weeks left but seems fishy it could be a late finale which would be Dec 20th but we will have to wait and see. 

                 Usually around this time of the year is when the finale date is out there to when it is so I am scratching my head on when it is. Usually we know when season finales are for reality TV shows at this point. I am not worried it comes out when it does, I will be letting you guys know when it is and hopefully have a schedule out for you guys on the Off Season Podcast when it comes out towards the end of the year. I know I sound annoyed, yes a bit, but I am more wondering when the season ends. Time will tell and trust me I cannot wait to see how this season turns out in the end game... I think I will be shocked but not shocked.


Monday, November 20, 2017

Games I Would Like To Play (UPDATED)

                     So I have decided for today's blog post is dig into the blog archives and update the list as I realized weeks later, maybe a month later that I missed a bunch of video games so this is my entire list and I apologize if this is long blog but here is the updated post from a while back:

                    Minecraft Tekkit:  I am getting a full copy of Minecraft, I am planning to play Tekkit and hopefully maybe a friend will want to play with me or get one of my former listeners to play with me on the holidays. But either way I do want to play Minecraft once again.

                   The Binding of Isaac Re-Birth: This moment is pretty much I have been waiting for is completing The Binding of Isaac and moving on to Re-Birth for the longest time and been struggling with the game recently but I need to do more runs but trust me, I am eager to get to Re-Birth, I am merely excited to play it but aiming by mid 2018 to finishing, I am going to make some hard core runs in the coming months. 

                     Mutant Football: Looks like a hard game and I don't mind hard, just going to try it out and if I don't like it, I won't play it anymore but you guys know me well enough to not give up, well minus me recently raging Farming Simulator 17 for now, but I am always open to playing new games on Steam.

                     Star Wars Battlefront II: It more then likely will be quite expensive at first but once the price goes down, I will definitely be playing Battlefront II. I am really hoping this time around it is more exciting, the one thing that I found hard was the flying around and not enough of the flying missions or I mainly found it difficult to destroy the AT Walkers or ships but you can destroy the ships but I find it hard. What I hope to expect more flying missions besides ground missions and I hope to have more then Tie fighters, X Wing fighters, A Wing fighters, I hope there an option for the Millennium Falcon to fight with, also Bobo Fett's ship as well, could be a neat feature.
                   Oxygen Not Included: I watched Dan Gheesling play this game and definitely would like to give this game a chance and I am pretty fair when trying a game out and if it doesn't work then I usually research what I am suppose to do but this is worth a try and looks really good and sort of a throwback video game. 

                    Call of Duty WW2 Multiplayer: I have played Call of Duty, the original of the games and part of the 2nd but not the entire game whatsoever as I got stuck and sort of rage quit but willing to give Call of Duty WW2 Multiplayer a chance.

                    There you have it it is on my list and some of these I will not get a chance to play, some of these might not get  a chance to play but wanna try and play a majority of them, at least The Binding of Isaac Re-Birth, Star Wars Battlefront II, Oxygen Not Included & Call of Duty WW2 Multiplayer I will get a chance to play when I get the game but I think I will not get a chance to play Minecraft Tekkit and Mutant Football as Mutant Football looks hard and Tekkit I need help and wanna play with someone else but if anyone wants to play Tekkit hit me up on social media. For the other games listed definitely want to play these games in the nearby future! 


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Busy Week Ahead of Me!

            This week will indeed be an busy week for me once again as I have an appointment this week, well tomorrow and on top of that I will be doing a random podcast for you guys, outside Everything About Reality TV and the topic I am keeping quiet as I wanna surprise you guys on the topic that was chosen for this special “Random” Podcast. This was requested by a fan and also my moderator of the Chris B On The Web Facebook group that we have as one of the social media websites. It is very exciting to see you guys more and more involved each and everyday which I honestly love the interaction with you guys on a regular basis. Please keep an eye out on social media for when it goes up on my website.

          Not only that but blog posts I plan trying to write everyday this week which my goal for the week and I intend to actually be on track with the blogs and I got some real great topics, including some games I would like to get updated version of the game. What games? You will have to wait and see what I have in stored for the blog post tomorrow. So this week will be filled with lots of fun.

         Do not forget also on Thursday, I will be recording and posting up the next Everything About Reality TV Podcast recapping Survivor Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers EP # 9 and I am once again excited for this weeks next recap. I got a post to do Tuesday about it on my blog. So there you have it a busy but productive week for me and it keeps out of trouble at least... ha-ha!



Wednesday, November 15, 2017

My Favorite Seasons of Big Brother Canada & Why!

               Today's blog is going to be quite different and this is kind of hard to do as a off season podcast of Everything About Reality TV so I am writing this as a blog post as Big Brother Canada favorite seasons from Season 1 - 5, will update this list as new seasons are on TV, so without further ado, here is my list of my top 5 favorite seasons of Big Brother and why:

               5th favorite season: Season 2: The twist of the secret room and the shredding of the letters, secret bum POV it wasn't overall the greatest season but it was indeed a neat twist to have and it has never been done.

                4th favorite season: Season 3- Why? this is really the toughest decision, because I loved every season of Big Brother and I am not wanting to be bias of any of the seasons but this is truly the toughest. Now I love that Kevin, loved Pili, Loved Sarah, Zach, Ashleigh, Jordan, all great houseguests, loved the twists, entering the house to nothing! The secret POV, this should of been really really hate to put this at the bottom of my list. 

                3rd favorite season: Season 4- The twist of having internationals was a fantastic idea! The slop vote was one of my most favorite moments that even made it into season 5 which is the most recent season of Big Brother Canada.

                 2nd favorite season of Big Brother Canada is Season 1 of Big Brother Canada which most of us know it is the first it was the inaugural Season of the show and we cannot forget Talla's 19199 moment... 😛 Also Topaz's vote mishap which Arisa now says every year at the finale, vote for the one you want to WIN the game. 

                   1st and my most favorite season is Season 5 which is the most recent season of Big Brother, not just because I picked Kevin as a winner, just because it was split of newbies and we saw veterans come back for the first time in Big Brother Canada History and trust me it will not be the end of seeing veterans. Also the moments with Ika not afraid to speak her mind to 5 weeks of safety at the start of the game, backdoor after backdoor. 

                     There is my list, do you agree with it or not, it is OK if you don't agree and honestly I don't agree with my list entirely as it is, it was the hardest list to make on this post but let me know in the comments.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Chris B On The Web Turns 3 Years Old Today!

               I cannot believe the time has flown by and you are wondering what I am talking about, well if you saw the title and I know it's sort of click bait but yes it is true, today marks Chris B On The Web's 3rd birthday, also its been 3 years being on my own with minimal help, well now I got no help so I am truly on my own and it has been a whirlwind of a journey as a blogger/YouTuber/Podcaster now a Blogger/Podcaster but I truly have had more fun then I did the first 1.5 now almost a year and a half later.

               First had to start somewhere, I continued on with my YouTube channel till as you guys know went downhill very quickly which obviously you know I took Everything About Reality TV from YouTube and brought it to Audio ONLY and the rest is history. Ever since the start of CBOTW (Chris B On The Web) its gone nothing but uphill even with struggles each and everyday and the fact I got over these hurdles is quite a surprise to me actually. 

                  When the team I had left one by one, I knew it was time to start fending for myself and myself only I knew change was to happen and not little change, major change is to happen and I did it one step at a time and will talk about the podcast on another post probably Thursday at some point. 

                    I can say I am proud of Chris B On The Web and the connections and long friendships I have made with people on social media. Not only that staying in touch with 5 Alumni members who once were part of my team at one point they are always giving me advice and always looking out for my well being, but also my moderators of my Facebook group and of course the fans on both social media's have also been in touch and giving their opinions as well which I always welcome. Like I said my fans are important to me with Chris B On The Web as I have now involved the fan base with some of the big decisions or when I got a question, I like to turn to the fans when I need to and if I do a poll sometimes it works, sometimes not but I try to involve the fan as much as possible. In conclusion I cannot believe and grasp how far I have gone but in the long run I am proud of what I have done and how far I have gone without giving up and quitting after all I have been through it is totally worth every minute of the stress, I call it progress and like the saying goes, patience is a virtue! Thank you to the fans, Twitter Followers, Facebook Group members, Facebook Group Moderators, My Alumni Eric, Dave, Krissy, Justin & Larry for being there even at my moments of doubts. Finally I wanna thank my family members for being there for me and putting up with my crap ton of noise from the studio here in the basement. I am forever grateful for the Love & Support through the good times and the bad and looking forward to Chris B On The Web's future and what it is to bring in the near future.


Monday, November 13, 2017

Website Update & Announcement (11-13-2017)

                I cannot delay this anymore then I have since the end of October but here is my Announcement and Website announcement I have been holding off almost a month now and it will not be a very long winded announcement:

                So as you may know has been suffering a lot with problems on the server side of things and now the website going to sleep at 3 am EST every night which you don't really notice it but my theory behind it is a website is suppose to be up and running 24 hours, 7 days a week and it only runs 23 hours, 7 days a week which isn't right so with that I am moving the site with a new provider next year once the domain expires and will be getting it with 000webhost themselves well Hostinger24 who are partnered up with 000webhost but next year I will be changing everything over with them officially as of a year from now so the website will be running very smoothly then it has been in the last year. Website is the last stage of the re-build for Chris B On The Web.

               2nd announcement for Chris B On The Web is as of Mid December (next month) I will be taking a small break till mid or late February from Everything About Reality TV Podcast in the way of TV Show recaps because my head has been going non stop and I just need a mental break from the podcast. This however don't mean I will not be doing off season podcasts on this podcast because I will be recording and posting em up every week or every 2 weeks up on the Audio ONLY feeds so you can get your fix of Everything About Reality TV Podcast so the feeds will still be very much active during the break from recapping the shows we all love to watch! This don't mean I won't be watching Celebrity Big Brother US because I will be tuning into the show regardless! 

                3rd and final announcement: In the New Year Larry and I will be doing the CBOTW Presents: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Talk and it will be split into parts, PT 1: Season 1, PT 2: Season 3, PT 2, Season 3. Also I have an interview lined up for the spring with a good friend and long time real life friend Jeff. Also the 100th Episode of Everything About Reality TV Podcast is in the very near future and excited to be recording the 100th episode in the New year at some point but that will be decided when it gets closer to the 100th episode. 

                That is what is to come for podcasts and what the plan for the website for and I thought Chris B On The Web was a sinking ship but it isn't, it's slowly coming together, week after week. Don't think I am not working hard because I sure am!


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Personal Update For November 12th, 2017

                I have been up and down in stress in the pass week with the work load of getting podcasts out on time, blog posts are out on a daily basis or at least every two days at the most but I am slacked off bringing out blog posts on a regular basis. Not only that friendships went out the door on me this week and it has put me back into a depression for about 2 - 3 days but Thursday were a better day for me about 12 noon when I was being with friends and after I got back and got moving on the podcast which was up in no time. I think it had a lot to do with the stress of the Audio ONLY Platform issues I was having throughout the week with both Player FM & as well but that was cleared up with staff of both websites and the process time was much shorter then it was back on Monday or Tuesday night when I posted up the podcast from last week quite later then usual. I do feel bad for the lack of blog posts too, just not been motivated to write at the time or I get way to busy with other things but I do wanna write but some days I just don't feel like I want to, I lack motivation to do it, but I am writing it this morning thats for sure.

                  Sometimes I wonder why I am still doing podcasts and blog posts but I love to write and I love to talk "Reality TV" with you guys and the podcast has become ever so popular quickly out of the gate, I shouldn't give up on it whatsoever. I gotta someway, somehow motivate myself to get things back on track and I dont think blogs daily is going to work at this point so I will figure something out and put it on my list for the announcement & update for tomorrow. This is not going good as I have lost tons of followers because of the lack of updates and that puts me down but again I can't be on Twitter 24-7 that is my frustrating part of this as I got a life to live to and I cannot be tweeting but I try, that's what dragging me down is losing followers when I try to be as active as I can and I was active yesterday a tad bit but again I had my niece and nephew and couldn't tweet I was extremely busy or trying to save my data on my phone so I won't be in a wifi zone. So please understand where I'm coming from, but if you un-follow me then re-follow me constantly, may end up not following you back all together, might be changing the way things are for Twitter and following certain people but that is unsure at this moment of time. 

                      So that is what is going on with me and hope you understand the lack of tweets or Facebook updates, but I am still here and not going anywhere anytime soon and trying to keep you guys up to date as much as possible but sometimes it is hard when I am traveling from places without using my data as much as possible, so I am not ignoring you, just out of wifi zone or busy with things at the moment and I will get back to you soon as possible!

Have a fantastic Sunday!


Thursday, November 9, 2017

After The Royal Winter Fair 2017 Stories

             So as you know by my previous blog this morning I blogged about the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and this blog will not be as long as the other one but I had a really neat stories from at the Royal to after as we were heading out the door and in this blog I will talk about the 2 different stories I had during the Royal Winter Fair this year.

              First story I wanna tell is my dad and I were where the sheep and the goats, rabbit were, we walked by and a goat was standing up against it's food container to just eat it, I was just amazed by the goat able to stand on it's back two legs. I am attached the picture to this blog post but how the goat managed to hold on to the fencing with it's hooves its beyond me but it was a neat moment and of course the character coming out of the animals. The goat came over put its hoofs on the top of the fence looking for free hand outs of course.

Second story I would like to share and I already told the story about the horse neighing when we walked away but this was after we left The Royal Winter Fair we walked out into mass chaos and noise and of course as I remember as we are getting off the Go Train and also going into The Royal Winter Fair, The Toronto FC Soccer are playing the Semi Final game against a NY team so that is why but a lot of chanting and noise and chaos, wish I had the camera out filming it so I could put it in the blog or even take a photo but it was chaotic. So were waiting for the Go Train and a gentleman being friendly and pleasant with us asked if we went to the game well he offered us napkins to wipe off the bench but after he asked if we he to the game and I told him we went to The Royal and of course he said its always a fun time. We asked him since the FC loss and the 2 game series was tied what happens next and he told us they went with the number of goals they have scored so of course the FC have advanced on. Then he went the other way then he offered to give us a FC Flag and we said yes so I got it in my room and will put it up next time they are playing. So those are my few little stories I had from my day at The Royal and this wraps up this years Royal Winter Fair till next year, I cannot wait to go again.

Have a great night and will talk to you in tomorrow's blog post!


The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 2017

Here we are at another Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, and I was merely excited, I mean I was raring to go this year in good intentions of no problems happening this year as there was an argument this year and fair warning we were having too much fun. So we got there at around 1130 am, got my media pass.  Also I have added the amazing Winter fair logo display they made in the main lobby they made when you entered the Royal Winter Fair. It was the main thing I saw when I entered in the Royal this year. So it sure did bring in a warm welcome to the Fair this year. Of course I had to buy the horse show ticket as I didn't have a pass for it this year so I had to buy the extra ticket to get into that part of the event. So we looked around a bit before the Horse show, if I am corrected we had an hour and a half to kill before we went into the Ricoh Coliseum for the Royal Horse Show. We looked around for a while at the sheep and the goats and yes Plishka the goats didn't get cut! LOL... Sorry small joke that ran back in my high school years back in the day.    
                                                                                                          We looked at the Butter Sculptures as well that people put a lot of hours in and it they are sure very talented individuals to do such artistry with the butter sculptures, I remember one year someone did the head of Darth Vader from the Star Wars movies. We also saw cows like the Angus cows, Jersey, Guernsey, Ayeshire, Milking Short horn, Swiss and of course our milking cows the Holsteins. Did you know Cows eat 100 lbs of feed a day and 20 lbs of grain a day and a bathtub of water a day? Also they lay down 13 hours a day and eating 8 hours a day! I know crazy right, I never knew this till I read the sign there which was a cool neat facts on cows. 

 So we went into the Royal Horse show with no ideas what all the horse jumping programming was and it was eye opening on the different programs for Horse Jumping. In my entire life I've never heard of Hunter Derby and it's similar but it is hard to explain but here is what the course looks like on the picture on the left side. Hunter Derby began in England, so that is the origin of Hunter Derby. After that they went to the Single Road to Bike competition which is like Hackney but again it is a hard one to explain as I have never rode a horse in my life, well not yet at least, maybe one day I will get to ride a horse! They also had a featured entertainer named "Bob Kur" not sure if that is the proper name but he is

an entertainer that goes around North America Entertaining people. Followed by that was the Junior Jumpers now note between them setting things up we went back out to the Agricultural portion of the fair looking at booths from Northern Ontario, especially one from Manitoulin (my stompin grounds back in the summer) and it is always nice to see Manitoulin business at the Royal Winter Fair each and every year. Also Honey, beewax pickles, tarts, chicken eggs also Oats, Hay, Corn Barly. There was so much to see there and I know there are story's I wanna tell on a second blog post which will come later on today as a 2 part blog. Also had vegetables, giant pumpkin weighing over 1200 lbs. Also a long parsnip, Rutabaga, apple judging, cheese like cheddar cheese, egg plant & cabbage, the list is endless.

                    Finally at the end of the day my dad got a muffin and a coffee and I got a chocolate cookie with a peppermint tea and we went into the horse palace as that is the way we go out and plus it is a nice way to finish up the day at The Royal Winter Fair and it's be a tradition for both my dad and I for many, many years. After we finished our treat and I took pictures of a few riders riding their horses in the warm up ring. After that we walked around the horse palace and we saw a white horse, absolutely beautiful and loved every moment of attention it got and we walked away away and we hear a neigh from that same horse as it was a sign "hey get back here and give me attention" But overall this year was a great and fun experience and cannot wait for the next year as I will be once again doing the Royal Winter Fair and trust me I am looking forward to it once again! I will be doing a side blog little later about some story after the Royal Winter Fair.


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Would I Broadcast Everything About Reality TV On Stickam?

              I really never thought about this as it has been 4 years now since closed it's doors and if the website was still operating to this day, definitely would consider bringing Everything About Reality TV to the video platform, but yes it is a pain in the butt to do audio only and video but I would consider it, however ever since stopping broadcasting myself on the internet live, I have falling in love with the Audio ONLY portion of the podcast so I probably would and more then likely I would remain off the live air waves and continued to Pre-Record them. 

                Now you are going to ask me why tho Chris? Didn't you like broadcasting? Well yes of course I did, however the trolls kind of got to me over the years, I just had enough dealing with the trolls, especially the latter half of the time I was broadcasting. Really, the only platforms I loved broadcasting on were & but both closed hence after trying other platforms, I realized the podcast is more successful on the Audio ONLY platforms then it did on any of the video platforms so that was one consideration to make in my thought process of would I broadcast my podcast on Stickam and it has become a clear picture as I am typing this blog post this morning before I am gone out for the day.

                So with that, would I broadcast Everything About Reality TV? Yes and no at this time but to build an audience you gotta use what Resources, if your Canadian, you would know we use that term a lot and yes I got that from Dan Gheesling saying that on his Let's Play series on YouTube. But yes of course I would broadcast it live and right now I do not have those resources to go live as I am not liked by many platforms, Vaughnlive, IVlog, plus the trolling these days are bad and the doxing has gotten to an all time low, so to this day, no I wouldn't go live for it now unless I did make a return to YouTube, but yes if was still up and running to this day, but no to this day since Stickam has been closed down for 4.5 years now and trust me I do miss Stickam to this day. Have a great rest of your day and stay tuned for a 2nd blog post later on tonight,


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

           I know it is the next day as I am typing this, but first of all this wont be as long as a post as I normally do and most of you know I do longer posts from time to time and tonight's is going to be different as I am briefly talking about Halloween and what I did.

           First of all please note I slept a majority of the day, went to bed late and up around noon - 1 pm so most of my day was wasted away but I pretty much stayed home minus  going to get my bus pass and pay a bill but other then that I was home.

            I was mainly home the entire time, had my dinner then was outside but it didn't last over too long to the point I got cold but then again it was cooler out as you know winter is near, I know Shhh Chris, do not push it too fast as it is still clearly the fall at the moment. Around 730 pm I setup in the front hallway and remained inside the rest of the time while handing out candy. When my mom got back from bowling, her and I played cards up to the time we turned everything off and time to call it quits for the night.

             After that I put on the 1960 classic movie, Psycho and watched it as this is now going to be a tradition to even just watch one horror movie and Love at First Bite at Halloween. Overall it was a great Halloween, kind of boring for me as I slept half the day due to my wacky sleep schedule in the past week to a week and a half but still wanted to write a small post to talk about it briefly.

Have a great night!