Sunday, November 26, 2017

Why I Got Into Podcasting?

               So You are probably wondering how in the world did I get into podcasting, as most of you during my time as an YouTuber I had a podcast back in 2014 which I had a co host back then, but of course it didn't last long which doesn't really surprise me, same with another one in 2015. Of course Everything About Reality TV didn't come into play until September 24th, 2015 is the official date it started as I screwed up the dates on the anniversary so technically it's 2 years now it's been on the air.

             So why did I get into podcasting, well back in January 2012, I got involved with my college radio station and the program director and the staff there taught me so much. Good examples are like making sure my mouth isn't close to the mic which I don't have it close anymore, having notes to what you are talking about which you guys know I always got notes handy and ready to go. Also I am quite the good talker and able to interact with fans in a heartbeat as I already had quite a following even as I was in the middle of my series on YouTube even though it was on a hiatus while I attended school, so making a second Twitter and getting followers was a breeze and of course I promote this Twitter through my main one anyways to get the following. I was and still am the social media guru to this very day presently... 

               Most of you who been following my journey since the start of social media know I use to DJ for a station back on that is not the reason behind starting a podcast it is more the college visual radio station, Riot Radio is what inspired me to get into podcasting and that is where I am to this day. I started Everything About Reality TV on YouTube to going Audio ONLY and look how well it has done! I am really glad I joined Riot Radio, I got to meet so many amazing people and other fellow students at the college and put a great radio show on for everyone called Easy Rock With Chris B!


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