Saturday, November 25, 2017

Have I Taken Anything, That I've Learned from My College Program/Classes?

              So the question of the day is Have I Taken Anything, That I've Learned from My College Program/Classes? The answer is yes! I have learned so much when in the Community Integration, Throughout Cooperative Education with learning different skills that will make you successful in the workplace to the field you chose when entering your 1st year in the program. 

                I want to start with the CICE Seminar classes I took, I learned how to deal with certain safety hazards, to situations with your co-workers. Also another major component of the program's course CICE2000, CICE3000 & CICE4000 was field placement and going to work in the field you are studying in but I only had 1 of 3 that were in a media field, which I will get to shortly. 

                Next I would like to talk about the Media side of things I have learned so much from the media world, such as history of media, the different areas of media, video production, Radio (which I will talk more in another post), photography which is now my basic thing when it comes to these blogs, going from event to event, whether it is local or out in Toronto I am very, very active within the community. I love taking photos and I have become good at working the digital camera, would like to in the nearby future, to get an SLR but that will never happen, but I can keep on dreaming, the digital is easier to carry around in it's case anyways.

                   In conclusion, I have took a lot what I have learned a  lot from the program and taken all the skills whether it is from CICE Seminar or my Media classes, I have taken what I've learned and adapt it when I was working for that short stint of me working and also in my field from the time I was still a YouTuber to the current era of my podcast career which mind you I love doing, I take what I have learned and adapting it and it's opened new doors and ideas what I would like to do in the way or work, which is web design, as I have learned so much on my own, I want to learn more and become a  web designer since I love using the computer.


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