Blogging, YouTube & Events (2014 - 2016):

Chris founded ChrisBOnTheWeb on November 14th, 2014 bringing YouTube series The Entertainment Man Talk Show with him which ran till June 2015. He is no stranger to the entertainment industry as he ran The Video Projects Team for nearly 9 years before quitting the team. He also did some for 700 + days before ending the daily vlogs that lasted over 700 + Days. Chris did a Behind The Scenes look with Larry outside of The Entertainment Man Talk Show and some Vlog style videos. Chris put "The Entertainment Man Talk Show" on hiatus from June 2015 - June 2016 when an announcement that the series was cancelled late June 2016.Him and Larry also started Everything About Reality TV September 2015 which ran on YouTube till he also announced in June 2016 that he was leaving YouTube for good and bringing the podcast to Audio ONLY. He also blogged right here on the website as he started going to events as of September 2015 and continues on to this very day.

Blogging, Reality TV Podcasting & Events (2016 - 2020):

Everything About Reality TV Podcast continued on it's journey under Audio ONLY Platforms from September 24th, 2016 till June 30th, 2020. Chris was on his own, he tried to get help but was unsuccessful of finding the hosts to help him out which he burned himself out and Chris ultimately made the decision on June 30th, 2020 and seize all operations of that podcast and move on to other amazing projects and opportunities. Chris also tempted a return to YouTube numerous times but was unsuccessful and made the decision to stay retired from YouTube. In 2018 he created The CBOTW Show which was made especially for Power Rangers Podcast but the show was moved to website only and is now a collaboration podcast to this day. He also continued on with events up to the end of 2019 when the pandemic hit and all events were suspended and put on hiatus till after the pandemic. He continued with blogs to keep you all entertained.

Blogging, Podcasting & Events (2020 - Present):

In March 2020, Chris created his own personal journal Podcast, Entertainment Man Podcast on top of Everything About Reality TV Podcast which was on it's last legs and on the verge of being cancelled. Chris recorded Entertainment Man till end of March of that year as he went back to his Reality TV Podcast which only lasted till June 30th, 2020 when Chris announced the series was coming to a grinding hault and was cancelled. He did not record much till August with Power Rangers Collab Podcast which was the start of issues with the podcast and still struggling to catch right back up with the Podcast. Entertainment Man Podcast continued on in September 2020 with it's first official season of the series. He confirmed a 2nd season which was short lived with 9 episodes as he tried to reboot The CBOTW Show as a TV and Reality TV Network but failed with a short few weeks from Big Brother Canada Season 9 wrapping up. He then confirmed that Entertainment Man Podcast was to return and returned on Sunday, June 20th with a brand new season to last till end of the year. The Collab filmed up to Ninja Storm at the end of December 2020, when it was put on hiatus. The Podcast returned 2nd week of May 2021 and is back to catching up for the fall.