ChrisBOnTheWeb was founded on November 14th, 2014 by Chris, after he felt like he did enough with The Video Projects Team to the point he wanted to be on his own. So he Founded ChrisBOnTheWeb with Justin and Larry bringing The Entertainment Man Talk Show over with a Behind The Scenes look and what not. The Entertainment Man Talk Show ran till start of June 2015 and Chris & Larry created Everything About Reality TV in September which ran till 2020. The Entertainment Man Talk Show was cancelled In early June followed by the decision to leave YouTube. Chris took a hiatus from Reality TV Podcasts till September 2016 when it returned that fall and ran till Late June 2020. Also Chris and Larry founded The CBOTW Show with Power Rangers Podcast till 2019 when it was called Power Rangers Collab which still exists and runs as a Podcast to this day. In 2020, Chris started his own personal podcast, Entertainment Man Podcast along with Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and has become a dominant podcast across the board since it's inceptions in 2018 and 2020!