Chris started creating content on December 9th, 2005 with his first original group called The Video Projects Team which had one which he created series on YouTube like talk show related and did one based on his local area both the first ever series and the well known The Entertainment Man Talk Show. He had other projects on the go: Chris Travels To Historic Places: The Video Projects Team: Behind The Camera and other projects from the main one. He ran the team for almost 9 years before the team was dissolved on November 13th, 2014. The very next day, November 14th, 2014 he formed ChrisBOnTheWeb bringing The Entertainment Man Talk Show with him which ran till June 2015. He also did some for 700 + days before ending the daily vlogs. Chris put "The Entertainment Man Talk Show" on hiatus from June 2015 - June 2016 when an announcement that the series was cancelled. Him and Larry also started Everything About Reality TV which ran on YouTube till he also announced in June 2016 that he was leaving YouTube for good and bringing the podcast to Audio ONLY. Everything About Reality TV ran till end of June 2020. He started up Entertainment Man Podcast March 2020 and also is the Executive Producer/Host of Power Rangers Podcast.

Projects That Chris Has Done:

The Entertainment Man Podcast (2020 - PRESENT) Podcast (On Hiatus)

The CBOTW Show (2018 - 2019) Podcast

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast (2018 - Present) Podcast

Everything About Reality TV (2015 - 2020) Podcast

Chris B On The Web: Behind The Scenes (2015) Video Project

The Entertainment Man Talk Show (The Video Projects Team: 2008 - 2014; Chris B On The Web: 2014 - 2016) Video Project