Chris founded Chris B On The Web on November 14th, 2014. They carried over Chris's YouTube, including the series The Entertainment Man Talk Show up to it's demise in 2016 when it was cancelled after a 1 year hiatus. Also Chris B On The Web was home to "Everything About Reality TV" Podcast on both Video and also Audio ONLY up to the the merger of both The CBOTW Show and Everything About Reality TV Podcasts. In 2016, Chris decided to start blogging on a daily basis and have almost posted 900 different blog posts over the span of the last 4 years. Chris also had a Twitch channel under Chris B On The Web up to 2017 until he decided to just stop streaming all together. In 2020, he started The Entertainment Man Podcast, a podcast dedicated about specific topics and also insights on what is going on His Community he has built! In 2017, he ended up going solo.

Chris B On The Web Projects:

The Entertainment Man Podcast (2020 - Present) Podcast (Executive Producer/Host)

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast (2018 - Present) Podcast (Executive Producer/Host

Everything About Reality TV (2015 - 2019) Podcast (Executive Producer/Host)

Chris B On The Web: Behind The Scenes (2015) Video Project (Executive Producer/Director/Host)

The Entertainment Man Talk Show (The Video Projects Team: 2008 - 2014; Chris B On The Web: 2014 - 2016) Video Project (Executive Producer/Director/Host)