Chris B On The Web was founded on November 14th, 2014, 1 day later after, Chris the Founder of CBOTW left his previous post with his former YouTube Group, The Video Projects Team which he was involved with for 8.5 year Years with various projects on the channel. He carried The Entertainment Man Talk Show and YouTube from 2014 till June 2016 when he ended the series and left YouTube as well. Other things he did was vlogs for just over 700 +
days to when he stopped daily vlogging on the channel. He also did some behind the scenes of the channel and stuff going on behind the productions of the projects. Also on September 24th, 2015, Chris founded "Everything About Reality TV Podcast" which can be now heard on Audio ONLY to this very day on 14 different platforms. He was joined by Larry who is Co-Founder & now Guest Host of Everything About Reality TV up to January 2016 when Larry departed ways with CBOTW. Chris continued the podcast up to June 2016 to when Everything About Reality TV Podcast went on a Summer Hiatus and Chris decided to leave YouTube and retire from the platform after 8.5 years of grinding on there. In September 2016, "Everything About Reality TV" Podcast went to Audio ONLY and he also started blogging on a almost daily basis talking about various of topics including he started to go to local and events in Toronto with his dad, so he covers tons of event locally. In 2017, he saw the ended the team phase of CBOTW and he went strictly on his own and it was a mutual agreement to that but is thankful for the remaining staff to helping him get things rolling. 2018 he tried starting a second podcast but became too much and he decided to put what you hear with the "Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast" as a collab here on the website which is recorded twice a year with 2 episodes per session. 2018 also saw the expansion of Everything About Reality TV with the addition of Music City CMT for 2 seasons. In 2019, he was a guest several times and is a reoccurring guest on Punk Rock Cheese Burger Podcast. Chris brought on Billy to do his own podcast, there was second thoughts about it but it is coming this fall. Chris was casting on a regular schedule on Twitch but has retired since then to focus on his podcast but can be still found around the Twitch Community from time to time. Chris B On The Web brought on 2 new bloggers to the website. He brought on Larry who has been very active with Chris B On The Web with access to blog and also Power Rangers Podcast. CBOTW also has brought on Steven on to the website to talk about Gordon Ramsey's shows.