Friday, February 26, 2021

Supergirl Season 4 & 5 Review!

            I know I delayed the next two reviews for Supergirl and the reason was I wasn't ready to watch 4 & 5 but since being stuck in Isolation for this long I have had to actually had the time to sit down and watch it. Now in this review I will be getting into the review I am covering both Seasons 4 & 5. First Season 4. It picks back up where you see Supergirl aka Kara already in action. I really found Season 4 much enjoyable and the addition of Nia Nal as another Superheroine part of the fight against evil. I know this was the last season with James in it as he leaves the show entirely and I believe he moves back where Superman is in one of the episodes. Also we see Supergirl in a coma and this guy Ben become a super pain and I admit I did not like him whatsoever during that season. Also the storyline of the Children of Liberty sort of made me feel like this was getting a bit strange. However don't get me wrong, the first half was good but then it got strange for me but that hook drew me in to the end of the season hence I watched the entire season from start to finish and quite quickly mind you. 

            Season 5, this is where things got a bit stranger for me in my perspective. Brainy acting really odd, breaking up with Nia Nal, Bat Woman showing up was a neat mix actually. Lex Luthor being killed off the show then returning?!  Them being in two different types of worlds, I really did not understand and that's OK. Also I feel like the entire story about the VR (Virtual Reality) I did not understand whatsoever till the end of the season which leaves off a positive note they next person they are going after is Lex once again. I did not like Miss Teschmacher that much but there is going to be characters you will love and hate in a show and that's honestly OK to feel this way. The positive things I'd like to add is the return of Mon-el and also the return our nerdy character Winn and to be honest I was so happy to see some old faces return as a guest appearance. Now one last thing I wanna add was the funny moment where there was more then one Brainy and they all said your under arrest. There was a female Brainy as well which made the situation quite hilarious if you ask me. Either way I will be watching Season 6 of Supergirl as it is the final season and I wanna see how this series end and if they capture Lex or not. 


Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Day I Renewed My First Ever Web Series For More Episodes!

                I know I was rambling almost 2 weeks ago on Twitter about this and when I renewed an Original web series which I will not mention the name of it per say but I was fresh out of High School as I graduated from High School and I decided to make a visit to my class, grab my things out of my now former locker as I had to clean out my locker and also grab my grades for my final semester to see if I graduated which I did! I know I say Ms. H, Mr. M and Mr. Plishka too during their lunch hour. Anyways I was on my way out the door in the front of the school that is when I thought, hey I'd like to renew the series up to 16 episodes for the first and only full season that was ever recorded. The one bad thing that happened coming down the stairs at the bottom I twisted my bloody ankle and I had to hobble my way back up the stairs and into the office to tell em what happened that I injured myself and I was unable to walk to the bus to get myself home. They gave me an ice pack and they called my parents to come and get me and I think one of the vice principals escorted me out to ensure I was OK going out to the back parking lot of the school.

              I believe it was mid week by the time Eric found out about the renewal and the ideas I had for the series and I know we had a get together to discuss the ideas and for the most part I remember a good majority of the episodes and I actually think I still got some pictures from those days on disks that I have upstairs but I would have to go up and actually look to see if I kept it or got rid of em. For the most part the rest of this was history and the series ran it's course till January 10th, 2008 which was a date in the history to remember and I wanna do a podcast or blog about the timeline of the Series I did over the years and more then likely it will be done on  a blog as I do not want you guys to be bore you guys on a podcast... LOL!


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Harvey's Food Review

            In the last week or so I have had the opportunity to actually have take out for the first time in a while that didn't involve Little Caesars Pizza outside of that to be honest. Anyways I had a Hamburger with Fries and I forgot how Harvey's tasted as it has been almost 10 years or at least 10 years since I have had anything from there. Last time I was at Harvey's was with my friends Terry aka Lobster Head (LOL) and Angie and that was after a General's Game and I totally forget what year but I remember what day and that happened to be New Years Day I went to the 2:05 pm EST Gennies Game. So it's been a while and I'd have to ask him what year but it could of been at least 10 years as I have been going to game with them on and off for many years now! Anyways back to the review as I am way off the Beeton Path so to speak. The Burger has my usual, mustard ketchup, relish, onions and pickles which these one were long and thinly cut which were cut. Which reminds me I have another throwback story how I became a fan of Pickles which I just wrote down actually so I remember this for future weeks to tell these kind of stories to you guys. 

           Now the fries were really good and I gotta admit my favorite on top of New York Fries, Mr. Burger, Wendy's fries. Yes McDonald's unfortunately did not make my list as I find those too salty for my liking as they put on a little too much and that how I really feel. Now the burger as I said had Pickles, Onions, Relish, Mustard and Ketchup and the first thing I gotta admit is the egg like bun, it had the Soft Bun Action (SBA) as Daym would say on his YouTube videos. I did drop the box on the convertible box to make sure they put everything in there and was all accounted for. The patty was so tender and juicy and the addition of the pickle action game gave the burger a definite 10 out of 10 and I need to add to my list my favorite burger places in town including the one at the mall. Finally the French Fries were crispy and lightly salted nothing too over done and I would give it a 10 out of 10. I will be back to Harvey's in the nearby future and never know I may try something else off their menu and I may just review it for you guys!


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

I Am Back On Minecraft!!!!

              After almost a year or about an year since I played the demo version of the game Minecraft. Well that has completely changed now! I have OFFICIALLY bought the full version of Minecraft with hopes to play it with my niece and nephew down the road when I am done with the current build of the game. Right now I have raised structure with flat stone for the floor. I also splitting sections of the house which one side has a mini Garden Center and another side that is pure cement which took me hours to place stone after stone to make it one solid ground and the reason behind that is to have a spot to dig down way into the ground and literally go explore.  The back half is the barn which will be in two parts on the top with a tunnel way to go up to where the actual railway will be eventually when I get to that later on and I will get the details to you guys and pictures in a different post. Anyways, the bottom will have animals and the top half will house the horses and will be the Horse Palace where the Horses will be housed. Now back to the other side of the house the left will be home to chests and furnaces to get things done with upstairs with the library and enchantment table and maybe a Lab for potions down the road too.

              Now while building I have noticed with the game some new enemies, Pillagers and this Traveler which he/she is staying in the village which is cool and he brought in 2 Llamas with him so that is kind of cool but he has a dark house as I am currently still building the 2 story house in two parts of this amazing Village which is amazing. I had to actually to fight off Zombies, Creepers, Skelton's, Pillagers and Endermen which there was a bunch deaths and me raging like no tomorrow but it isn't me without a few curse words aka the f word dropped and almost wanting to quit but I didn't as I wanted to to really wanted to bring this new idea to the table and I had a ton to bring to the table with this village like. Originally I was going to go Ewok style but decided to give it my own spin to it and make it my own village and add the villagers to the village community. I will have more once I get moving on actual play and growing and adding all these cool new things to the list. 


Monday, February 22, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates! [02-22-2021]

              Another week has begun which means, it is time for another update! As you all know, Big Brother Canada Season 9 is coming up, Chris & Jasmine have been extremely busy getting ready and scheduling the podcast plus working on Dino Thunder as well to getting the notes done which he has been delaying time and time again. However this week he is getting right into this season and making sure that he gets it done by March so they can both get back on track as they are aiming for June for the return of the next Power Rangers Podcast. As I announced the chat community is coming back soon and we are working on the website Community Page as we speak. The planning of the website Community Chat is underway and I am currently working on the outlines for the return of the chat on the website. Hoping this week to start working on the actual website and get things underway as you guys have had no proof we are really working on bringing back our Community Chat. Oh trust me it's coming back just preparing ahead of time so you can chat via Chat on a computer, Tablet, IPad, Android, IOS or even Computer. 
             Podcasts continue to air, Pre-Recorded, Live and Audio ONLY and things are progressing very well with the podcasts and the website has seen a significant growth within the website in views and also some new followers to the blog here so we are definitely seeing that growth again despite the views have been down lately but that seems to have smoothed out since then. With the expansion of the chatroom, this should bring in a ton more followers and viewers. We have checked the main menu bar to see if this Chat Community Tab can be added back on. There will be an announcement to come very, very soon once the site is done and tested properly by myself and Chris. Those are the updates for this week, not much exciting happening. Be sure to checkout the Big Brother Canada All-Stars & Half Returnees and Half Newbies Podcast tomorrow @ 7 pm EST and possibly another podcast Thursday depending on the cast Release for Big Brother Canada Season 9. Until next week, have a great week and I will talk to you all next week.

Charlotte, Site Admin

Thursday, February 18, 2021

The Night Siri Wasn't Herself (Throwback Thursday)

                 For those who don't know, Siri is a Virtual Assistant on your IPhone. She can be quite funny or annoying as I have had my moments getting mad at her yet she's an AI voice technically. Anyways she has a habit of telling me I am next door at either of my neighbors... LOL which I call her out on every time she tells me a lie. Well, I swear she was drunk... She was giving me locations from down the hill to the street behind me to little ways away from here and she just was acting nuts and I dunno what was going on but she was lost and yet I was sitting down in my studio working on editing podcasts for you guys so you would have content for the next few weeks as you know I need to work on Dino Thunder. Anyways, I tried her the next morning and she was giving me either my exact location or next door from me and it was like she was drinking the night behind. However I was literally in tears and almost on the floor laughing so hard I had to share with my mom what she was doing to me.... 

              I know I ask the most ridiculous questions to her at times but she sometimes gives me some interesting answers to my questions. She can definitely keep you entertained and yes you can even look up what you can and cannot say to her as you have to watch what you say cause she accidently cranked called my friend Terry by accident.... Yet I never even said his name whatsoever. She is very sensitive at times but fun to ask questions like even what time it is in certain countries which is cool. So I had to tell you guys this little story and I wish I told you guys this story sooner honestly but it happened just a week ago but least it is fresh and this gives you guys content. Next week I want to tell you guys about the day I renewed an old web series for more episodes for an entire 1st season and where I was at the time of it happening. I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


Wednesday, February 17, 2021 Is Getting A Chat Again!

                  The ChrisBOnTheWeb Team is always looking for new features and ideas and we have had our share of failures with a dead chat on, the Discord Drama, Discord not working very well now. Chris has consulted myself, Tiala, Billy and Jasmine on the website and we are going to be bringing back the Community Chat. Now we are not rushing on the Chatroom Community right away, I am working on designs and seeing what he likes and we are also working on making it mobile friendly as we have complaints about the mobile friendliness of the chat and we are listening to you guys and we wanna take our time to thinking of every point and technical aspect of the website Community Chat. We also wanna make some rules that will be followed as that has seem to be ignored and this time around they will have to be followed either way or you will be banned from chat. Consider this a fair warning in advance.     

            We will once again have guest chat but if the rule continue to be on broken when we clearly have rules to follow. If we have to require you guys to login we can do that under our discretion but we will see how things go with the chat returning. I believe the chatroom still exists but it isn't attached to our website but we have to look. Also we have to work on Staff Accounts and get them all Admin'd up on the chat. So that what we are planning and an announcement when the Community Tab goes back up but it will not be for quite some time, we just wanted to let you guys know that we are working on this project as people do not have a place to go hangout and chat between podcasts live and pre-recorded and when it is ready we will announce on our social medias that it is going live. I will be talking to you guys Friday as Chris already had something pre-written.

Charlotte, Site Admin

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Updates on The Podcasts Audio ONLY Feeds!

               I promised an update and sooner then we thought, but we still have a bit of a hurdle when it comes to the Audio ONLY. There are still episode we erased that has been erased since and still stuck on the feed and the numbers are not matching the main studio numbers which is 32 for Entertainment Man Podcast which that feed has not been affected whatsoever just The CBOTW Show that is affected and we just do not know why at this point. We have 2 episodes to post up on the Audio ONLY Platforms and we will upload the Audio ONLY side eventually but Chris wanted me to announce an mass upload schedule this weekend which will be a big weekend for Podcasts. Here is the schedule for posts for this weekend:

Saturday, February 20th, 2021: 1 pm EST: The CBOTW Show- Big Brother Relationships Podcast W/ Jasmine and Chris

Sunday, February 21st, 2021:     1 pm EST: Entertainment Man Podcast- EP # 7, Why Did I Quit YouTube?

              That should bring us into the week with 0 problems moving forward. This week we will be focusing on the Audio ONLY and fixing the issues with the platforms as you know Castbox has become a bit of issue for us and 0 communication from them to the issue so Chris spent all night transferring over back to which he wasn't on good terms with them when he left em last year but Chris is back with em and he even stated to me that he is sick and tired of playing "musical sites" moving all the time and wishes sites would be a bit more stable and communicate with their users on social media with problems so we are back home where we began in 2016. As I stated on Twitter, Chris messaged Jasmine if they can do  a reschedule to next week as the Audio ONLY has a priority at this moment. Chris was up all night, he was quite irritated and mad at this entire situation as he was so excited about going live later on and now  he has to postpone cause a website messes up the feed. He will not be on the blog rest of this week unfortunately and I will be posting throughout the rest of the week minus Thursday as he has something already pre-written and we will be sure to let you guys know what's happening with out Live Stream by the afternoon.  Tomorrow's post I have a bit of an announcement so please stay tune for that.

Charlotte, Site Admin

Monday, February 15, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [02-15-2021]

                  We have been on a tear updating, testing and making sure we are polishing our sound and making sure we are 100% ready to go. The last week has been a very productive week for us and you probably noticed that we have been testing on and off of YouTube and Twitch and this is a network update for you guys. Chris yesterday successfully figured out the issue that it was a setting that was in the back side of the YouTube channel and was the entire problem but recently has been rectified and fixed. He has been in a better mood minus the next negative thing that has happened and that is Castbox. As you know Castbox is the main feed for both Entertainment Man Podcast and The CBOTW Show and Entertainment Man Podcast feed hasn't been affected whatsoever. However The CBOTW Show has been affected by this technical issues recently and Chris has put a hold on uploading to the main RSS Feed until the issue is resolved. 

As you can notice on the left side that I have since updated the Podcasts Drop down menu per his request since he is the boss man. We moved "Entertainment Man Podcast" and changed the Archives above to "Other Podcasts" and Everything About Reality TV Podcast disappeared and I re-created "Podcast Archives" which the links goes to which all you gotta do is click the image to actually get to the archives. It is not as I hard as I explained it, haha! Those are the updates I have for this week, Chris and Jasmine will be live this week on the YouTube channel while we figure out the Castbox issue and why the feed isn't updating at this moment but I may pop on during the week for an update  until then have a wonderful day and enjoy your Family Day to those who are having the holiday up here in Canada and I will hopefully talk to you guys later in the week if not then next Monday for the next update.

- Charlotte, Site Admin

Friday, February 12, 2021

Survivor 41 Greenlit!-- What Do We Know So Far?

                There has been rumors that Survivor Production has been greenlit to go to Fiji and film Season 41 of Survivor. There is nothing from CBS or Survivor or Jeff's Twitter about this rumor if it is true but there is an article stating in the coming days, crew will be heading to Fiji to start building sets or prepping for the upcoming season of Survivor. Could this mean possibly that it could air in the fall and we go back into the old schedule we had before the show was put onto Hiatus last year due to this pandemic. That is really all we know and the article you can Google Survivor Green Lit to Return to Filming or I hope this rumor is true and I believe it is true and I already knew they were aiming for taping the new season in March or April of this year so they are right on schedule as they said which is great! This is great for ChrisBOnTheWeb's Podcast The CBOTW Show.

               I am excited to see things get back to a sort of normal schedule with Survivor as I've missed Survivor, I can be honest with you. It has been quite odd the fact that we do not currently have a season right now and it will be nice when it does come back on the air. We do not know a lot of information right now as CBS hasn't said anything in particular but least there is something in the way of news. They do have to have all the gear ready for challenges especially and they also have to start building the Tribal Council within the Island so it will take a few weeks to do that. However I hope to get some news again soon and we can  give you dates when Billy is going to be starting out with his RECAPS but I am guessing and speculating that it would air this fall for Season 41. That is what I have to say about Survivor returning to filming and I cannot wait for it to return! I truly miss Jeff saying: "You wanna know watcha playing for?" and "The Tribe Has Spoken."


Thursday, February 11, 2021

Made The Sims 4 Big Brother House Quite Difficult!

               As most of you all know, I have been making the Big Brother House on The Sims 4 for nearly the past year now and have done 8 season in total at this point and the 8th just wrapped up yesterday morning as a new Winner has been crowned which was Justin. I made this season not easy for any of the houseguests. I stripped em of everything. As you know the living room normally have a bunch of TV's to communicate with Big Brother but this season it was all done by the ears. Also I stripped of things to do. All I gave em was Chess tables, 3 to be exact to play with. The hot tub was not added this time around nor they had have nots or a storage room this season. This was a season of no secrets really. Also in the main bathroom there was mirrors all over the place in the bathroom. Also there was an old shower style with no doors so no privacy whatsoever. We had so much blasted drama one died in the house during their lockup for the weeks they were locked up. I guess they couldn't deal with the stress of the game anymore and it is totally understandable. It is a very stressful game and she was not in the greatest shape.


            I honestly think they ate a ton and were well out of shape by the end of the game. I can imagine they were bored out of their minds in the house and unable to go outside world on the game. 7 made it out minus the one that died towards the end of the game. Anyways the house now sits gutted like a fish and waits for what is next for the very next season. I plan on expanding the storage room and kitchen eventually and gotta start designing the next house maybe next week I will get into it while I watch Dino Thunder. I had a glitched out item that was food that spoiled in the game but it finally went away I had to delete some things and it went away and it was bugging me for the longest time but so happy it's gone unless it's still there as I do not have any lights set up right now and the house sits in the dark. But that is the most recent season I did and the next season will be a season of technology, TV's will be back, Have Not Room, Storage room will be back as well. I will update you guys next week on the progress of that until tomorrow's post.


Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Shining Movie Review

           I can say this, I've been wanting to do the review on this season for quite sometime now since the start of the year but kept putting it off week after week but now here it is the review for this movie. The Shining, I heard so much and looking at clips from the movie Psycho and I stumbled on the scene where Jack Nicolson says: "Heeeere's Johnny!" which if you didn't know that was ab-lib and wasn't suppose to actually be a part of this. I honestly felt confused at the start of the movie but as it went on it all made sense, as the movie progressed, it became all clear that Jack Nicolson's character, Jack Torrance. Ironic they kept his first name technically. Anyways as the movie went on, I noticed he got a little more crazier up to the part I mentioned earlier the "Heeere's Johnny!" scene which now to this very day is an iconic scene from the movie.

            I can imagine how heavy the axe was carrying it upstairs. What I remember he was a writer and was writing a book during the movie. Jack Nicolson is an amazing actor and he fit the role very well in this movie. Was the first movie I saw with him in it. Anyways I loved the movie and it was an really good movie and I'd watch it again in the very nearby future. This movie gets an easy 10 out of 10. This movie easily goes on my top 10 Horror Movies of the 1980's along with Friday The 13th. I highly recommend this movie for you guys to see if you are an horror movie fan and haven't seen this movie yet. Of course you guys more then likely have but just saying if you haven't then watch it, lol. Anyways I am rambling. Next on my list is watching and finishing Friday The 13th which I'd like to review the movie on my list and probably do 3 movies in one post at a time and hopefully I can get it finished. Next week, I will be also reviewing Super Girl Seasons 4 & 5 at some point as well and I will be talking to you guys on tomorrow's post. 


Tuesday, February 9, 2021

What You Need To Know About The CBOTW Show!

               This is the right time and place you guys need to know on The CBOTW Show. In the post today, you will know what shows are going to be on Audio ONLY platforms and Video and Audio ONLY Platforms. As you know The CBOTW Network is back in play and it is what we are calling it as this podcast is not just the only Podcast within the network but you guys also have Entertainment Man Podcast that is on this network so we have a bunch of different podcasts currently happening on the network here. Anyways here is what will be on Audio ONLY and what will be on both Video and Audio ONLY and which one is pending if it will happen.

Video and Audio ONLY: Survivor (When It Returns From It's Hiatus), Big Brother & Big Brother Canada (BBCAN is pending to start soon) and Big Brother Australia (Will Be Pre Recorded and Posted on Both, but is pending to find a host for it.)

Audio ONLY: Amazing Race and Amazing Canada (When It Returns From It's Hiatus) and Tough As Nails

                That is the list of what I have planned. Yes I was planning on  Tough As Nails and finding a host but I have decided to pick up on Season 2 as I did originally plan for Season 1 but that can be for after Tough as Nails Season 2 Wraps up recording so be sure to be on the lookout for that podcast next week with an Cast assessment by Wednesday and the Recap by Thursday evening at 6 pm EST for both days. I have up'd the ante on this is the plan moving and not 100% sure on the BBAU (Big Brother Australia) as finding a host will not be easy but we're trying with this big venture but we will see how things go. One other thing we are looking for Big Brother Canada 9 is a The CBOTW Show Morning Update Host for the Live Feeds for this upcoming season. So right now, we are looking into this as we get more information moving forward. Last thing to add is there will be a Big Brother related podcast as you can tell by my subtle hints and the cats out of the bag so to speak. Anyways that is what is planned for The CBOTW Show moving forward and a lot to look forward to in the way of content and all I can really say is stay tuned for more! I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


Monday, February 8, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Update [02-08-2021]

 Another week has passed by and there has been a ton of stuff going on and one you can see exactly with the image at the left side. I want to start with The CBOTW Shows you can see there are a ton of shows that have been added and 2 shows I wanna highlighted is the addition of Big Brother Australia and Australian Survivor with our Host, Chris who lives in Australia. It is indeed very exciting. Yes Power Rangers is on the list along with Survivor US, Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada, Big Brother & Big Brother Canada. We've got it all on our list and our network is getting very hectic and hectic is good. We still gotta find a host for Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada but that will be when we get closer to a new season but right now it is on Hiatus. As you know Power Rangers Podcast has been put on Hiatus and sent to the side for the time being as Chris feels like he has to get the podcast network rolling a bit more. He is working on intros right now is an priority at this moment.

                      So much has been happening with our network and we're busy around the clock and we or Chris hopes to start working on Dino Thunder this week and get back into a schedule so we can get back on the right track for things. Now with the website went back to the original menu bar and we've tweaked it time and time again and as you see the image above there is "The CBOTW Show" "Podcast Network" which hosts which platforms we're live and pre-recorded during the week. Finally we also have Other Podcasts for Audio ONLY and also the Archives for former Podcasts. This is the updates for the week and enjoy your week and I will be back next Monday for another post. 

Charlotte, Site Admin

Friday, February 5, 2021

High School Gym Days! (Things, I'd Never Thought I'd Do!)

            I may touch a bit upon this topic on the blog here and I am sure I will talk about it more during a podcast with Billy himself but in this post I wanna touch on things I never ever darn well thought I'd do in my time with High School and this will kind of an idea what I went through during High School. Here is my list:

1) Lengthy Run from the school to a major road: The road I mentioned is a major road within probably 2 km from the school as we were forced to actually run there and back and yes a classmate cheated and got caught, hahaha! Still very memorable and the one I told to shush in another class. Point is the run was tough but yet I got through it.

2) Lifting 150 Pounds: I never thought I'd ever lift 150 pounds with weights yet I had the push and help of my amazing gym teacher, Mr. Plishka whom has passed away almost 2 years ago in May. He pushed me and I did it and I think the most was 155 pounds in total if I remember correctly.

3)  Climbing a Rock Wall: I got the chance to rock climb a wall and again Mr. P gave me that push to doing this and getting out of that comfort zone and I definitely did that during his class. I was gonna be excused with this unit but I did it for him and myself.

4) Climbing the Rope: I once again went out of my comfort zone and climbed the rope and honestly I do not even think Mr. Plishka was even paying attention that I did the rope till I got down and told him I did it which more then likely surprised him and my EA too.

            There is my list of 4 things during gym class that I think I'd never do and it will be moments that I will never forget that I did and I can say this: I am very proud of myself as heights has been an issue for me growing up and these are things I am very, very fortunate I did happen to do and no regrets on any 4 on these list. Anyways have a great weekend I will be speaking to you guys on Tuesday! (Boy this feels odd saying this... LOL!)


Thursday, February 4, 2021

Autism and How I Am Dealing With This Pandemic!

           I know the past year, well almost the past year as we are inching closer to the 1 year mark of this pandemic. I wanna make a reflection and how I have dealt with this pandemic. As most of you know by now, I have Autism and have had it since I was around 7 or 8 years of age and you guys know my story as you can simple read which is nearly 4 years ago I wrote this but it is a very good read if you guys are indeed interested in that. I have noticed my dynamics and daily routine has been off and there are night like last night for example, where I was up quite late then usual. Somedays I eat normal, others I eat a little bit more some days not as much. I hardly go out for walks much especially now with the colder weather here but I try. My work habits sometimes are good and some days not as much, but one way or another I seem to get the job and the recent days I proved to show that I can get the job done. When there are days I don't wanna work or work not as much then I know that is when I can play video games or card games with my parents and I have done that in the past and I know when my body had enough and last night was definitely a show of my will power that I wanna get things done and done in a timely fashion.

           In this point of being in the pandemic I kind of go by how I am feeling. I know it is tough for all of us and there has been points of my mental health has flared up but the most part I have shown patience most of the time but like I said I have my moments and that's honestly ok to have those moments. I just try and think about the positive things I can look forward to after this is all done and honestly cases have gone down here in Ontario, it helps me knowing it's gone down a bit. I know my parents and friends and team are giving me that distraction during this, especially Eric, Larry, Jasmine, my neighbor who I've spoken to over Skype, Discord or even FaceTime. Also talking to my neighbors outside from a distance and even talking to my Grandma every couple of days when I get a moment. I have my strategies and it seems to help me out and I gotta remember to use those strategies. I also wanna point out I have started to watch seasons of Survivor I haven't seen yet, watching Home Improvement again, Monk, Supergirl, seasons 4 and 5 which I gotta do a review for soon. Either way I find something to do regardless during this pandemic.


Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Website Talk & Why I Am Not Getting The Views I Use To Have!

               Recently the views in the analytics recently have really dipped down in the views which is greatly concerning to a point I was considering certain actions which I bailed out on. I think you guys were getting confused by the Menu bar changes as you got adjusted to the current one which I can tell you guys, we are reverting back to that version so you guys are a bit happier. Another thing that probably ticked you guys off was the removal of the chat and also Discord Server well you can thank the Trolls for that honestly. However with the recent changes to the website with the menu the views have gone up a bit more recently and that could of had to do with the holidays a month ago as nobody was as active online and it is totally understandable. I admit we screwed up making too many changes all at once and we need to rectify that once and for all. I messed this website up and we're removing pages from the website, production will be moved under About Page and the Team Page will have it's own place on the main menu and as for the Frequently Asked Questions that will, well be moved under the Contact Page.

              You can see there, we have ideas to fix this entire issue and it will just take some time to fix some of the issues. I know we shouldn't be changing things around all the time and we realize that we need to get things fixed and revert to a version of the website we once had since you guys do not seem to be happy whatsoever and we hear you guys and we will make this right again. I sound like Mike Holmes from his reno shows on TV.... LOL! The changes will include The CBOTW Show within the plan and I cannot explain what work is being done on the website exactly at this moment but you guys will know soon enough what we have planned and when we switch over the code to the original coding from before. Anyways that is what I had to say and tomorrow I wanna talk about having Autism and dealing with this pandemic. Next Tuesday I will talk about the plan with The CBOTW Show, I promise. 


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Start of An New Era!

             This is definitely a start of a new era for ChrisBOnTheWeb & I know you guys are use to the 7 days a week but like I stated with the post I did on the weekend that we are currently losing viewers on a daily basis and also the ideas are not there anymore hence the reason why we are slowing down on posts and it is logical solution to this very problematic issue. Since the end of last year I noticed this. So I will tell you guys the blogs are Monday - Friday which opens the doors for the return of The CBOTW Show podcasts coming back both Reality TV section and the TV Show Section as well. With this change we will have a ton more time to actually to work on fixing this website as the views have been down lately on and maybe this is because it goes out way too early? This why I am making the changes to try and gain the followership back?

            Anyways time will indeed tell when things get back with the views and with this post going up at 6 pm EST, this might just be the right time to post up a blog as everyone is home or even at 3 or 4 pm EST. I am excited for what's next and like I said this gives me time to work with my Site Admin and help her on big decisions for the next version of this website as we're always tweaking the website quite often. All we wanna do is make sure it is up to date with this new project taking off, I got a ton more time to actually work on the content and we've got more time to improve the quality of the website. There is more information but you all have to wait till next week. Here is to a new start in this NEW era for CBOTW and plenty more to come in the near future. I wanna talk more about the website on tomorrow's blog post so stay tune for that. It'll be up on time tomorrow, I promise!


Monday, February 1, 2021

CBOTW Weekly Updates [02-01-2021]

            Well here we are with the first update blog on a Monday with a brand new blog schedule on the 1st of February. A lot has happened in the last week with changes after changes and trials and tribulations of this new channel as Chris has been using the CBOTW Network channel. Anyways I will explain all of this:

YouTube: Chris has made the YouTube channel active with Entertainment Man Podcast, from regular episodes to the interview with Jasmine despite some issues with the brightness and double audio but Chris thinks he has corrected that issue. The Live feature has not yet been used but it will be not this week but next week they will be going live for a Podcast.

The CBOTW Show: With the return of this podcast after 2 year hiatus I am sure there are questions and I will answer them. One yes Power Rangers Podcast and The Big Brother Collaboration Podcast is being shifted on this one feed. We also will be adding into the Survivor Recaps into the loop. Power Rangers Podcast will be host and co hosted by Chris and Larry, Big Brother and Big Brother Canada Recaps will be hosted and co-host by Chris and Jasmine and Survivor Recaps will be hosted by Billy.

Website: Now the website for the obvious reasons have been moved back to the newer version of the menu bar and because of the past Reality TV podcasts we will keep the one feed this way there is 0 confusion unless we end up coding a single page for the former Everything About Reality TV but the way we currently have it it a ton better.

               There are the updates and I'm sorry it's late by 2 hours but got distracted with other projects that the boss man has given me and I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your week and I will be talking to you guys next Monday for another update.

- Site Admin