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Friday, December 10, 2021

End of The Week Updates [12-10-2021]

                  It is the end of the week and really not too many updates to report on which is an first as we usually have a ton to update you guys on and I think it is only two updates that Alexandra and I talked about but here are the updates:

Website: If and that is a big if Larry and I do record we will be doing some behind the scenes video for the On Demand feature on the website and activate it sooner then we expected. If we don't we plan to do we still will do a video explaining why we didn't do the podcast and the replacement schedule for the new year to how we are going to be recording the next 3 before we're off for a few months while we anticipate the next one.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: I continue to work on RPM and working on this podcast and I already told you guys there is no guarantee on the podcast next week as we are not going to promise something that cannot be made but again we will see how things go. I know I made a timetable but that could change. However if I do get it done by Monday then I will be sending the notes out to Larry Monday and hopefully either before Eric or see if he don't mind popping by the mail place so I can mail it out but I will try to have it done before I meet up with him. Also you guys are asking where's the collab? Where's the collab? I'm talking about the 2 other collabs still awaiting editing and posting up and that is coming up soon, I promise!

            Anyways that is all we have for the updates and we're sorry for lack of updates. Been a very stressful and depressing week for me and I am still trying to keep in good spirits and yesterday night I was in a bit of a better mood last night as I worked on the collab late and getting farther in the notes. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and small note to add to this post is I left Wednesday's blog schedule on my board for next week empty as that will be the announcement day whether I finished it or not or that could also be a day for the weight loss. I may be switching things around but till Monday, have a great weekend!


Friday, October 15, 2021

End of The Week Updates

                       Another week has ended and it is of course time for another end of the week. It has been a busy last week, working on the collab all week long and got some news on the home front on this but here are the updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: Things are going well with the podcast, the views continue to surprise me each and every episode. As you know the podcast is reaching new heights and with the end of the year coming fast and 2 months from today, I will be officially booking interviews for this podcast in 2 months from now on December 15th, 2021 which is 4 days prior to end of the season. As you know the podcast will have interviews every second week and in case there isn't an interview I have topics ready for back-up in case so I have something to talk about on the episode. Since I will be on a break from the collab, I have decided to pre-record episodes again so I can continue to strive and get the collab up to speed with episodes as that has been my primary focus recently. I haven't given this podcast much attention minus recording, editing and posting but will soon, don't worry. 

Website: On the website, we have updated the drop down menu under "About" with On-Going Projects and Previous Projects to Current Projects and Past Projects so the links have changed recently. However you can access it on any of the pages you are on under the "About" section of the website.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: This has been the talk recently and first thing I wanna talk about it yes i am currently holding onto Mystic Force which will be edited and released when I finish up Jungle Fury by end of the weekend a week Sunday from this Sunday as I am pushing the envelope even more. Hopefully by that week I'll be ready to start editing towards the final week of October and and have it up by the start of November. Now I have great news as you guys know, I have officially finished and printed off the notes for Operation Overdrive and now is put on the side till I finish Jungle Fury to send them off to Larry himself. 

                 That are my updates and I know it's quite a list  of updates but there are the updates and hope you have a great weekend and starting Monday, I have a few fun posts to make from Silent Lake to Halton County Radial Museum so it will be a busy first 2 days of the week but I will talk about it on Monday.


Friday, July 30, 2021

Trying To Figure Out Some Things...

               You might of not know but I have the domain for another 2 years then it's renewal time once again to ensure I renew it in 2022. I can be honest with you guys, I am 50/50 on making a business decision with ChrisBOnTheWeb which is actually renewing the domain and spending the money to renew it for 10 years which is a very very long time, takes the website to CBOTW's 20th Anniversary in 2034. I have to think strategic with it and I have to do what's best. I have some money saved aside for it but I have to make sure I wanna continue for the long run and I do. Yes, ChrisBOnTheWeb is doing quite well and the views are there and in the back of my mind I can see the 10 Year Anniversary it is not that far from it, 3 years to be exact. I just do not wanna make the wrong move and renew the domain for 10 years and then end up quitting and  screwing myself out of the money for it. That is my dilemma because back then when I had the other team, it was a mess and I ended the team and had a domain already and had to cancel it which I didn't even get my money back and I should of known better.

              So I have to really think things through to really come up with a decision if it is in my best interest to renew for that length of time and I am pretty sure it will be around. There is no plans to end it anytime soon as I am in a good place but again I am going to weigh the pros and cons of deciding to go with a more long term plan. I think this is definitely the time to think long term for because I have it set on the site where I am actually happy with the state of the site and not planning to change anything on the website at this point.  However I have sometime to weigh the options. Anyways that is my post for today I will talk to you all on Monday with a very special post for the first time in 16 months, till then have a great weekend! 


Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The New Archives!

               You probably wanna know what the plan is with the Extras tab which now has suddenly disappeared into a different name as you see. Well I changed the name to Archives and slid it across to the right by the Contact page and now has the Past Podcasts which is active and live on the website. The second item below will be an ChrisBOnTheWeb- YouTube Page listing his history as a YouTuber, Blogger and Podcaster from ChrisBOnTheWeb's inception in 2014. The Other part is The Video Projects Team which will have some pictures of the projects that have been done which was provided by Chris himself. It will have an detail information on the former team from the days on YouTube which will take some time to compile the data of the past from Chris which I will have to interview Chris himself about the team with all the projects that he has done in the past. This will be the bottom item on the list and is the 3rd and final phase of the project and we have a month and a half to complete the entire project all together to make the original fully launch. 

             This is going to take a bit to get done and progress on the website work, we will release the pages one by one and we are aiming to have it all finished by September 1st, 2021 and open to the public for you guys all to see the history he has as a Content Creator in Online Media and you guys will know everything you have to know about the projects that you guys are probably wondering. I am sure he will be talking about a lot of things on the podcast of his down the road as he has mentioned that to me on the weekend when we had the transition change between the site admin fiasco. I hope this explains thing and it is clear with the plan with this website and we're excited to release this new feature on the website. 


Monday, June 14, 2021

What Is The Plan For The Former Extra's Drop Down Menu?

                      You probably wondering what the plan for the "Former Extra's Drop Down Menu?" Well the plan is we will be using it and Savannah and I already have changed over the name to Events and the Tab is currently disabled and it is not dropping down at this current time. This will be like this for a while now, I'm like talking about all summer, that tab will be disabled. Work will be done on the website throughout the entire summer on that new feature and it will take her and I sometime to actually build up the pages and the events that will be shown when things get back to normal and the events in more a temporarily hiatus for the time being. These are the events I plan on going to and the events after this pandemic and finally events on temporary hiatus status:

Going To Post Pandemic:                       On Hiatus:                         Questionable:

Maple Festival May                      Polish/Ukrainian Festival                            Food Truck                                                                The Royal Winter Fair in Toronto                 Rib Fest            Apple Festival                              Toronto Christmas Market                                                       

Tyrone Parade of Lights                                       

                  As you can see there are at least 7 - 8 events I go to on a yearly basis is quite a good amount, not as much as I had Oshawa Santa Claus Parade and Oshawa Tree Lighting but nowhere near pleased with the two events as it's changed so much over the years. Also I also use to do the Autism Celebration as well and since it's not on my list anymore I have removed 3 events on top of the 7. Originally I had 10 - 11 events a year. So the events I am going to post pandemic, is only 3 to start with, however Food Truck is questionable as not sure if it will be in the plans for Bowmanville events but will have to wait and see when events start back up more then likely in 2022, maybe 2023 for me, let's see how I feel by then. Rib Fest is a bit bigger of an event down at the lake and I probably won't have that comfortable level. So The Questionable one will be under the archived events on the archive page for pictures. The one on Hiatus will be under Hiatus on that page as well. The events that will be active events under the archives and will be activated once events start back up. The only item that will be activated under events on the website's main page or anywhere on the website will be Archives that will be accessible on the website and yes you can view the pictures by clicking on the Icons that her and I are adding to the website. This will be all completely hopefully this year as I cannot promise an ETA on this but it has started to be worked on. I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Is The Website Done Being Built Entirely?

                 The website for the most part is done with being built but you never know with me that I would like something added into the website. All we have to do is build the community and bring in the views to the website and it has done really well 200 - 300 views per day. Yes we may eventually see podcasts added to our network but right now we have the collabs on the website and we have The CBOTW Show on our website. We also have a lounge Chels decided to actually open the chat back up to guests and we will just ban if we really need to. I think we put in everything that we wanna add to the site and we just maneuver around the podcasts and content here on the website. I just do not wanna put a ton more as there is so much room that we can fit onto our Menu Bar so that is always a concern of mine honestly. With the recent change of background as you see on the side that has a sideways "ChrisBOnTheWeb" on the side I just think we have finished building and tweaking the site to our specifications and all we gotta do now is start building the audience and fan base.

                So the final question are we done? As I said before I am pretty sure the tweaking of the website will happen still and we will still tweak the website from time to time but for the time being we are not adding new features right now unless you guys request it or have new ideas for the website. I wanna focus on building the audience and bringing more people to the website and yes I am referring to us shifting focus's from the site to the actual content that is on our website. However I am proud of what this website has become and the views it get's on a regular basis and just gotta keep up the hard work with the content and the views will improve on a day to day basis. Anyways that is my post for today and I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will be talking to you guys tomorrow's post and it is an good post coming, I can say that! 


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Start of An New Era!

             This is definitely a start of a new era for ChrisBOnTheWeb & I know you guys are use to the 7 days a week but like I stated with the post I did on the weekend that we are currently losing viewers on a daily basis and also the ideas are not there anymore hence the reason why we are slowing down on posts and it is logical solution to this very problematic issue. Since the end of last year I noticed this. So I will tell you guys the blogs are Monday - Friday which opens the doors for the return of The CBOTW Show podcasts coming back both Reality TV section and the TV Show Section as well. With this change we will have a ton more time to actually to work on fixing this website as the views have been down lately on and maybe this is because it goes out way too early? This why I am making the changes to try and gain the followership back?

            Anyways time will indeed tell when things get back with the views and with this post going up at 6 pm EST, this might just be the right time to post up a blog as everyone is home or even at 3 or 4 pm EST. I am excited for what's next and like I said this gives me time to work with my Site Admin and help her on big decisions for the next version of this website as we're always tweaking the website quite often. All we wanna do is make sure it is up to date with this new project taking off, I got a ton more time to actually work on the content and we've got more time to improve the quality of the website. There is more information but you all have to wait till next week. Here is to a new start in this NEW era for CBOTW and plenty more to come in the near future. I wanna talk more about the website on tomorrow's blog post so stay tune for that. It'll be up on time tomorrow, I promise!


Friday, November 6, 2020

Reason Why Chat Was Removed Again Recently...

              Recently I tried to have had the chat back on the website and it didn't last long yet again due to the chatroom not connecting and it was Chatango that was the issue. I could of put another chatroom in it's place but I decided to not bother as it wasn't being used or the trolls that I had with disrespect towards my management team which is unacceptable. So chat is permanently gone I am no longer wanting to have a chatroom at this point. I honestly thought someone reported the chat and Chatango removed it but it was them having some issues with the chat servers went down so that was the issue and honestly it was becoming a headache to run a chat community and I think it was the right move. I even went to the Chatango version of the chatroom and it still didn't work. It is best to have less headaches then have a lot of headaches. What I am trying to say is if it isn't working it's just not worth it to be honest.

               To be honest the website alone has done fine without the chatroom and I know there should be another way to get the views but if it wasn't for the issues with Chatango, we would of kept it and it would of still been running and Joe probably be running the chat and on there on a regular basis but it is gone and nothing I can really do. I'm doing just finish with chats all together at this moment. Honestly there is other projects or things we could do within this website right now then run a chatroom. I know I made the right decision in the end and I am doing what's best for me and my website. So if you guys ask about a chatroom on this website, the answer will most definitely be a no at this moment. That is all I have to say and I will not be on tomorrow's post nor Sunday as I said in an announcement the other day, Joe is taking over the blog over the weekend. Tomorrow he will be introducing who he is and his role on my Management Team along with Tiala and Billy and Sunday the usual weekly update which he is taking over to give me a day of rest from a very busy week. I will speak to you guys on Monday, have a great weekend!


Thursday, May 3, 2018 Update

           You're all wondering, why the hell is the site taking so long to re-launch Did I quit rebuilding it? Is the project on hold? Was it scrapped? Well I will answer it with a No, it is still being worked on, it is just slower then usual. The website is not scrapped or on hold or I quit the re-building process. Let me tell you there are two of us fixing the site behind the coding of the website and like I said in yesterday's blog post, I was behind on podcasts and let me say after yesterday I am officially caught up to the Friday episode. The schedule I have each and every week it just not allow me to have time to record right now.  

             Like I said from the get go, that I have no timeline to the re-launch of the site as I have said time and time again, the podcasts is what takes the longest time to put together, each and every season, has so many episodes that need to be placed back onto the website. So right now, I cannot even tell you how much longer the site will take as I am probably at least, almost half way, maybe half way now, I would think I am about near or at the half way mark at this point of the process. Also I have been testing, as each and every page is done, making sure of the SEO is set up the way I want it to look. So between the coding process, I am constantly testing closed site and I have opened the website a bit, I won't lie, I have been teasing you guys and I have probably said it time and time again that I have opened the website. For those who have seen the site open a tad, hope you like the tease of what the site will be when it is fully opened and up and operating. Please do note I am back with my former provider 000webhost, I transferred the site work back there due to the IP Bnanning tool does not work on the other provider so I am back on 000webhost and yes the site will be asleep but it will go down for an hour a day as of 3 am EST. Come January I will be moving over to the more permanent home for CBOTW.

             What is going to happen when the site is finished? Well I was thinking of a closed BETA Testing to my former Moderators of the group, so they can help me with finding bugs and problems on the site. Then the site will closed again for fixing any of the bugs on the website, followed by a 12 hour Open BETA for one more quick session to test again, then the site will be closed up for the final bug fixes before the site re-launch is officially announced and the countdown begins then finally the site launches and I will fix any of the site issues on the fly once launched if any do occur or you guys find any, please report them to


Monday, April 9, 2018

Internet Provider The Cause of The Web Builder Not Loading???

                 After troubleshooting why I couldn't edit, I decided this isn't worth the stress anymore and I decided to pull down, due to these on going problems and I am currently working with a new provider to get setup for the remainder of the time I got on my domain Just having a couple of issues right now I need to iron out and once that's done I will be at work building the site on the new provider, away from 000webhost. I think I figured out the problem with the builder but yet other websites and social media worked. Which scratches my head to why everything else works but the web builder on 000webhost doesn't work... Now I ended up having issues with social media and Big Brother Canada's website, but I removed the physical hard wire and it seems to work fine with the WIFI card within my PC, so I think the hard wire is fried and I need a new one or to attach the blue wire. What is the cause of this? Probably my internet as I have said on social media, so it is unknown if I am needing to have my IP Address changed up due to the problems I am having, I think I am going to make the call tomorrow. It wouldn't make a difference, the website is now down and I am moving forward.

                 So am I going to keep my word on what I said? Of course I am, but it may be months down the road when the domain expires but in the meantime you guys have this blog page as the main site for the blog and podcasts till I make the move over to the new provider in 2019. Either way, you guys got some kind of site to go to regardless until I make the switch over to the new provider by early 2019 and trust me it will be even better then the stuff we have had to deal with in the past almost 4 years of being with 000webhost. Actually more then 4 years, I believe I joined when Entertainment Man Productions  (aka The Video Projects Team) was still up and around and enough was enough and it was time to move on from 000webhost and onto a new provider that will be even better then what I had before. So welcome home to the and temporary website for Chris B On The Web until the move to the new site in early 2019 and a timeline will be coming in the very coming few months from now.