Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Is The Website Done Being Built Entirely?

                 The website for the most part is done with being built but you never know with me that I would like something added into the website. All we have to do is build the community and bring in the views to the website and it has done really well 200 - 300 views per day. Yes we may eventually see podcasts added to our network but right now we have the collabs on the website and we have The CBOTW Show on our website. We also have a lounge Chels decided to actually open the chat back up to guests and we will just ban if we really need to. I think we put in everything that we wanna add to the site and we just maneuver around the podcasts and content here on the website. I just do not wanna put a ton more as there is so much room that we can fit onto our Menu Bar so that is always a concern of mine honestly. With the recent change of background as you see on the side that has a sideways "ChrisBOnTheWeb" on the side I just think we have finished building and tweaking the site to our specifications and all we gotta do now is start building the audience and fan base.

                So the final question are we done? As I said before I am pretty sure the tweaking of the website will happen still and we will still tweak the website from time to time but for the time being we are not adding new features right now unless you guys request it or have new ideas for the website. I wanna focus on building the audience and bringing more people to the website and yes I am referring to us shifting focus's from the site to the actual content that is on our website. However I am proud of what this website has become and the views it get's on a regular basis and just gotta keep up the hard work with the content and the views will improve on a day to day basis. Anyways that is my post for today and I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will be talking to you guys tomorrow's post and it is an good post coming, I can say that! 


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