Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Minecraft World Updates!

               It is no secret that I have been playing Minecraft especially with my Niece and Nephew but I've been busy even off time when not playing with them and whenever they login again they will not recognize the server. So as you can see in the first screenshot is my are, my property, my house which is the front of the property. The bottom or below where the house is the Garden Centre which is home to all the wheat, carrots and potatoes. I would like to knock down the wall at some point and add a bit more but we will see and I can explore that option and start removing wall units and filling in the old steps and creating new steps but again that is something to explore especially with my niece and nephew. If there is a way thee is a will. Behind that and if you were to put a hole in a wall from the Garden Centre it would take you into the farm where all the pigs, chickens, cows and sheep are. Above the farm is where the horses are and we have a ton of horses even Billy Whiteshoes Johnson the III which is another story but I got Billy put away in glass so he cannot ever be touched. Finally the far left is the Office building which took my nephew and I weeks to build as we're talking about 6 story building which was suppose to be 16 stories tall so we would have to add 10 more floors.

        The other part of this and I wanna say as I forgot before to mention, to access the Office Building itself through the village aka the Villagers which this project took a long time and it is amazing how big it has become. You see the glass buildings everything to the right was the first build of the property there was a stone wall that separated the current to the current build. There was gates that were added in to access and I was the only one that accessed it but when I was ready to open it I torn the wall down. Anyways to the glass building which took countless hours to build. The one building is a greenhouse which can be accessed by either side of the building north or south side and same with the other building. The other building which is a lot taller in size but that is just like a greenhouse but with trees with foxes, parrots and bees which is very cool and it's very tranquil place to go to and just think my next move. That is my update and any other updates I will make for sure next week and I do have another gaming update but that's for next week!


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