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Monday, July 17, 2023

Car For Sale 2023 is buggy sometimes....

             As you may know I have been playing Car For Sale 2023 and have ran into issues, gambling too much at the black jack tables in the game to a point of the game freezing up and not letting me click around. However I am able to save it but sometimes going back into game renders impossible and I have to force it closed and re-open it but it definitely saved after having a few glitches with it not saving the actual game but seems to be resolved.

         Remember it is still in early access and I have thought about deleting it till it is more stable but I am sticking to it regardless and it is fun but I need to learn to budget my funds a bit better... lol. I am a tad little bit reckless and maybe after I am home, I will do a formal review on a few of the games I have gotten down the road but for right now that is the post, I will talk to you all tomorrow for another blog post.


Friday, July 14, 2023

List of Games I Am Currently Play!

            This is a list of games, I am currently playing:

- American Truck Simulator: Playing for a while now

- Car For Sale 2023: Just got it and buggy, will talk about it tomorrow's post.

- Contraband Police: Got it not long ago, kind of stuck

- Enter The Gungeon: Just got it and haven't played it yet. 

- Euro Truck Simulator: Play it from time to time will more on stream eventually. 

- Farming Simulator: Been playing it for the last several years and play it from to time.

- Fornite:  I do play it from time to time and maybe I will play on Stream perhaps but it will depend how I feel.

- Goat Simulator: I play it from time to time and probably a game that will not be streamed when I start to stream more. 

NBA 2K23: I do play it and not sure if I will stream it on YouTube, just concerned about copyright with the music and getting my channel shutdown but I do not plan on monetizing my channel anyways!

- Minecraft: There is some loose ends I want to finish up with the server before I call it wraps with the video game all together as I am planning to stop playing unless it's a modded Minecraft. 

- Spelunky 2: I want to try and play the game on stream and get further as I have struggled.

- Stardew Valley: I want to continue and get more achievements on the game, a lot of things I need to work on with it.  

- The Sims 3 & 4: Due to copyright last time I tried to do the game on YouTube they slapped me with copyright. So will be off stream.

- Teardown: Fun game but will be playing it off stream on my own time. 

- Thief Simulator: Another great game and definitely will be stream worthy especially I start to rage a bit. 

            But those are the games I am playing and I'm sorry for the long post but hey you guys get a bonus lengthy post but as always talk to you all tomorrow.



Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Deconstructing Buildings on Minecraft!

            My nephew likes the old format where you go upstairs so I have started to deconstruct the buildings I have including my house. So I am going way back in time where I began this journey a long time ago. I plan on having the animals at the lower but the top half not sure how I will be building it to fit it all on the top half so I may just be removing all of my building minus the steps going down to the caves below and the rest torn down so I can rebuild it.

           However I do not know what I will do for the top that is a question and a half. The old garden centre is partially dismantled and put in grass where the stone was and is going to be the new bee sanctuary. The old one will be torn down all together. Trees have been torn down as well, just wanted to make more room and maybe one day trees will be a thing on there again down the road perhaps. I have to finish moving the horse to their temporary pens and there will be a blazing inferno on the old barn after all the hard work, it's now a thing of the past. Maybe my niece can build her house on the top perhaps or I can build numerous buildings perhaps who knows. I could really change things up with it. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


Tuesday, September 27, 2022

I Messed Up on Stardew Valley!

               Yeah the title doesn't lie. I have spent way too much bloody gold or money on Stardew Valley. I mean between 20 - 40 grand each time something had repair something in the town, the old town hall now a warehouse for one mart on the game at the far end of the town, I don't remember the name of the mart, Joja Mart, I do not remember the actual name. Also fixing bridges around the entire town, rebuilding my greenhouse which actually good for the winter seasons as I really wanna keep growing and I have but I need to keep getting quartz and clay to make the plant boxes to fill the entire greenhouse so that is still work in progress. Also I got rid of this glimmer near the entrance of the first cave which I do not know the purpose of it honestly. However getting the bridge fixed opens up a new area with trees and rocks and got some neat gems from the rocks including iron as well. The other thing is fixing the bus that's been broken down since day 1. Now going to the desert I got some neat items and seeds I never get but there is a cost per travel tho.

                However now, they want 500k from me for an entertainment centre in the town so I'm thinking how in the world am I going to get 500,000 dollars, that is a ton of money and I need to actually keep earn money for the upkeep of the farm to buy seeds and add buildings. I do not even remotely know if I will unless I earn a million bucks then yeah maybe perhaps I will give the town some more excitement but after that I am done giving them the money but who knows I haven't gotten that far and I haven't reached past 52,000 bucks but I am now saving like no tomorrow and seems this game is at a no end at this moment. I'll keep trucking at this game and still got some challenges to finish and need to learn how to fish still on there. Anyways that is today's post I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Thursday, August 11, 2022

Minecraft Updates! [08-11-2022]

                  I wanted to provide you guys with a bit of an update, I am probably almost done with or even finished with the project. It was put on the back burner cause of projects within ChrisBOnTheWeb and that is the current projects I need to complete first but recently I have dug out the ice rink and I know it's not big, big but still it's an ice rink regardless. This took a very long time for me to dig right out of the ground and working on the bowl and building the seating bowl. It was quite an adventure and a half. There is only so much room I can do and maybe it's time for a small shrink down perhaps.

        Looks good and I will be fiddling around with it and maybe it's too squished or something, I'm not 100% sure what I need to do to actual improve. I think it is too wide and still room to make progress with it. Maybe I will change it around but we'll see when I once again get enough time to play the game once again. Anyways that is a bit of an update on the world and yes I haven't done much with the office building and been around the other stadiums working on things here and there but that's for an update a little later on when the time is right. I will talk to you guys tomorrow on the last post of the week which I will be back home again. 


Thursday, July 28, 2022

Gaming Updates [07-28-2022]

                  I have a couple of updates for the world of gaming and I am sure with Larry and I together, we'll get some progress done too today with Stardew Valley but here are the updates that I have:

Stardew Valley: I am currently gathering up Gold so I can start preparing to get the Gold Pickaxe which is step # 1 for me to do, I also am working on updating the Axe but that is later on as it is very costly, 10000 gold so that is quite a lot of money to put towards that item on the game, one way or another. As it is getting to the late fall into the winter, I will be having to change course and start going back into the caves again during the winter season to start gathering stone so I can sell it and make some gold to help me with any of the upgrades I need to do. I know when I destroy that huge copper rock, I am selling the copper for gold as I need it to start constructing things. Also I think during the winter, I wanna work on finishing up the challenges and this is things Larry and I could do today as well. 

Minecraft: I have cleared out the field where the rink is being expanded to and renovated the old original rink which is lined with Blue under the stone in places so if you remove the stone, you see that blue concrete that represents the original structure of the building . Now the actual washrooms and snack bars has been added and lights are now in the building and now started to dig out the rest of the rink and start building the rest of the structure. Also Football stadium needs washrooms and snack bars and is work in progress right now to getting it updated and ready to go. The Office building project is currently on hold is at the bottom of the list of things to finish. Anyways that is the updates for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates. 


Thursday, April 7, 2022

Gaming Updates [04-06-2022]

                     I have a bit of an update for you guys in the way of video games. Now I think and believe it has been 2 weeks or less but a lot has happened since then but here are the updates:

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth:  I once again did an Azeal and I actually unlocked a challenge with Mom's knife which I have beaten but it didn't cross out so I I have to do it once again but getting better and better as I keep going on and it will be the matter of time when all the challenges will be done.

Minecraft: I have tore down the back wall and expanded the proprty itself which as you can see I have done and put a new ceiling and new walls and somehow the Pillagers find a way in or spawn inside the walls now which is odd but I have a bunch of Golems that have now wondered out front now so I may need to make more of em at some point. Started building an expansion to the platform that is actually bridged from the old one and currently putting in the windows in at this moment of time. Recently I have torn down the old 3rd building and the second time a building was taken down as demostrated on the picture above with the pillars remaining at the time of the picture taken, since then has been fully removed.  I have a plan for that but that will come in time as I plan on building in that place before the new Villager city on that new expansion is built. 

                   Anyways those are the updates for now, hope you enjoy it and in a month I will be sure to do a full update to this expansion project and what moved and what not so be sure to be in the lookout for that in May as I should be done with that by then and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Gaming Updates! [03-16-2022]

                 I have been playing a bit with the video games and can give you guys a bit of an update. Three game updates I have, Minecraft, The Binding of Isaac Rebirth and Luck of The Landlord:

Minecraft: The 3 main houses have vines and to be honest I may have said that before LOL. I do not remember the last time I did an update and been a while maybe before the New Year at the most. I can say the Office building is for the most part done! I probably will get back to adding more levels eventually but right now it is a 7 level office building and it may be the biggest building in Minecraft history but I'd have to check that out. Also out front is a small village that I am currently building and it is made from entirely from wood and the plan is to build a monster city eventually of houses and what not and not everything will have villagers some will and I'm sure it will be wide spread I'm sure.

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: I have beaten with Azeal in Greed Mode which is really, really hard and something that I thought I'd never do in my entire life. I have actually unlocked Lillth which has a floating item that shoots out tears and that is the only thing that shoots out tears so it is quite a tough challenge but still working on it.

Luck Be The Landlord: I have gone pretty far about 7 or 8 out of 12 at the most and I am going to actually beat this first level as there are a ton of levels I can do after this and excited to when this actually happens. I seem to be playing this more and more lately.

               That is my blog post for today with video games update and I will be sure to do another update when I get another update on video games as I rarely get to play games as I am always working on content and need to take time for myself and play video games. Fornite is a game I need to get back into that eventually. I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Gaming Updates [12-01-2021]

                    Alright gaming updates and it has been a week or so since I've done one of these updates and maybe once a month is good enough for me but again it depends how much gaming I get in and there isn't I just do not bother.

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: I went all the way and beat this blue Isaac guy, not 100% what he or it was called but I beat it and unlocked a bunch of things and one of them being Challenge # 31. That challenge has this big guy and it looks like Sheol which he has the brimstone shots and I hate it! It is a pain in my butt to be honest. However, I'll continue to try it and beat it and I think its a long fight but there will be a time and place I actually beat it.

Minecraft: I know I haven't spoken much about Minecraft but behind the scenes I have been working on a new world. As you can see on the right side is part of what I had when I across the island a decided to even out the land mass so it was all even. You can see I've added homes and buildings along with a garden centre as well. Looks really awesome. I hope to eventually end up adding more villagers at some point. I think I will be keeping the walls up and just add in gates to get into the area so this way the Villagers cannot go everywhere. I can imagine the mass chaos of that. I could also build a bridge into certain areas too! Anything is quite possible. 

                  That is my updates and hopefully by end of 2021 I will have the final updates for video games and I hope you guys enjoyed these updates for the blog. I got excited that I actually was able to give you guys an update on the gaming side of things and reason for a few weeks away was I have been busy with the collab non stop. Anyways, I will talk to you all tomorrow for another blog post.


Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Minecraft-- Got A Minecart Theft & Abandoned Railway

                Recently I have caught a zombie taking one of my niece and nephew and mine minecart in the act and I do not know what right they have to stealing our cart. Who knows where the carts disappeared to cause there are 3 directions the carts can go into the main North and South or East and West the cart could be at any of those directions and I would have to go take a trip down all 3 lines to just see if there is a cart. I am not sure if this has anything to do with an update to the game and it could of been that but the buggers had the nerve to go on a joy ride on my cart. Now I cannot even trust leaving a cart on the rails without the carts taken out on a joy ride so now I have to go looking for it and dunno how many have been taken out and I will have to see and will be funny how many they've stolen on me.

                Now the other part is the abandoned railway in the north end of the railway as I consider the front south and the back north but the north side at the now bigger wooden house since I have expanded and it is now more spacious then it was before and has a facility that houses a storage unit on the downstairs. I am not yet done with it, just been dealing with this zombie joy riding problem on there. Anyways beyond the end of the line at this wooden house which eventually I wanna try and relocate the house closer to the railway but beyond the wall where the button is an abandoned railway.  When I built it originally it continued on and it went far beyond this island. There are rails placed down on the bed of the railway so I guess it was suppose to been used when the railway was first put down is my guess but the power rails are not powered. So right now it is abandoned. Who knows if I will use it but it's sitting there unused at this moment. That is my post for today, I will talk to you guys tomorrow!


Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Minecraft Server Updates for 08-11-2021

                      Got another massive update and this only part 1 of 2 of the updates with the second part coming next week on the same day and time. Anyways I wanna provide you with a two of the updates that I have for you guys today:

Nether Railway: It's not big  or long and it spans all the way over to the Fortress and that's it. Haven't really made any other plans to expand on the actual railway and go elsewhere as it is very easy to actually get lost in the Nether and not find your way out of there and it's happened to me before and I am lucky I can keep items when I die as I did the /kill command on the server and I ended up back where I was and had to go back in to wherever and whatever I was doing at the time.

Baseball Stadium: I know that was work in progress for months as it was a very very big build to do especially with 3 deck stadium to finish and been 2 weeks or more since I have completed the project and now sits on the property tall and proud and yes I visit it from time to time especially the CN Tower next to the stadium which is literally next door to the stadium. Maybe one day it will have a dome on it just maybe we'll see but I like it as she is right now its got it's own little touch but if I do end up putting in a dome it'd be a glass but I have the weather set to clear for 999999999 and no joke either. That is my update, like I said another update is coming next week with what I did and should be about enough for updates for now unless I do something really drastic to the server but I think I am done with major projects for now. More on that next week until tomorrow's post have a great Wednesday!


Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Spelunky 2 Video Game (What Happened To Me Playing The Game?)

            I know this hasn't surfaced in months, maybe since last year at the most. I wanted to give it a fair shake at a review. This game definitely has some differences from the original game and it's quite tougher especially the big ball guy that tries to run you down and I actually got a chance to play it with a remote and actually found it a ton easier to play with compare to the mouse and keyboard. I really should of given it more of a chance but I found it hard to get passed the Jungle and that is where I actually made it up to the Jungle portion of the game and I think I just kind of gave up after that at that point. However I am planning to resurrect the game again and actually plan on playing the game once again. It's been a long coming since I've played the game and it will be a thing soon enough. I think the fact I got play frustrated with the game didn't help and I pretty much raged quit. 

            Like I said I plan on making that change soon and I wanna go in depth with the video and I need to get a little more deeper into the game to have that opportunity. This also goes for the original Spelunky which I haven't been playing. Most of the time I've dug into The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth + and Minecraft from time to time when I have the time. So eventually I will get back to it but I wanna continue with the game and give you guys that review you guys have been long awaiting for. Anyways that is the post for today.... HOWEVER, there will be a bonus post that is coming out this afternoon at 2 pm EST, 3 hours from when this post went up on 


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

More Minecraft Server Updates [05-12-2021]

 It has been a while since an update and yes this is the new world that both my nephew and I have built. Before we had nothing, now we have a obsidian wall with water and lava falls so any creature good or bad comes back they can be burnt. No clue how. Now as for the glass, we had no choice to put that up due to this clowns with cross bows are swimming up the water falls and over which ain't Bueno which means no good in my books I never even mentioned putting up a glass wall to my nephew, I just put it up without his ok but he was cool with it. Then he said why don't we put a dome or in his words can I put a dome and I was fine, I was heading that way eventually but tore it down but rebuilt it. He helped out with some but I had extra time and worked on the roof and walls and now we have our own society. As you can see below a line of brick and that is our railway to the sand land which I will get to in a moment. We also build my niece a house it's in the back which you cannot see as the render distance is acting up. As for the lines that is the crater creeping out of the crater itself.

Now to the end of the railway part we, I mean I started to build the second house and we have a second portion coming. My nephew and I spoke in person about the ideas and we have a sleuth of ideas and things to build which will keep us busy. This house is currently under construction at this moment.  It is all work in progress and when I have another update I will be sure to provide you guys with more as they progress on but for now no more updates at this moment. I hope you all enjoyed this update and I will talk to you all tomorrow as I have an updating on one of the projects I am currently working on. 


Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Minecraft World Updates!

               It is no secret that I have been playing Minecraft especially with my Niece and Nephew but I've been busy even off time when not playing with them and whenever they login again they will not recognize the server. So as you can see in the first screenshot is my are, my property, my house which is the front of the property. The bottom or below where the house is the Garden Centre which is home to all the wheat, carrots and potatoes. I would like to knock down the wall at some point and add a bit more but we will see and I can explore that option and start removing wall units and filling in the old steps and creating new steps but again that is something to explore especially with my niece and nephew. If there is a way thee is a will. Behind that and if you were to put a hole in a wall from the Garden Centre it would take you into the farm where all the pigs, chickens, cows and sheep are. Above the farm is where the horses are and we have a ton of horses even Billy Whiteshoes Johnson the III which is another story but I got Billy put away in glass so he cannot ever be touched. Finally the far left is the Office building which took my nephew and I weeks to build as we're talking about 6 story building which was suppose to be 16 stories tall so we would have to add 10 more floors.

        The other part of this and I wanna say as I forgot before to mention, to access the Office Building itself through the village aka the Villagers which this project took a long time and it is amazing how big it has become. You see the glass buildings everything to the right was the first build of the property there was a stone wall that separated the current to the current build. There was gates that were added in to access and I was the only one that accessed it but when I was ready to open it I torn the wall down. Anyways to the glass building which took countless hours to build. The one building is a greenhouse which can be accessed by either side of the building north or south side and same with the other building. The other building which is a lot taller in size but that is just like a greenhouse but with trees with foxes, parrots and bees which is very cool and it's very tranquil place to go to and just think my next move. That is my update and any other updates I will make for sure next week and I do have another gaming update but that's for next week!


Saturday, December 26, 2020

The Sims 4 Got Corrupted.... Wonder Why With The Shenigans I Have Done In Game!

               Well R.I.P. Sims 4 Game of mine, game officially stopped working and maybe I went way overboard with the craziness and stupid things I did with the sims whether they were outside while a thunderstorm happened and they got electrocuted or the house went up on flames I can see why the game randomly got corrupted, I corrupted my poor sims and abused them way too much that the game just completely stopped working. I uninstalled the game and re installed and I haven't been in the game as of yet and I am afraid to try and load it up see if a fresh reboot but if I have to actually erase the file from App Data which erases all the houses I built and all the Sims files would be completely erased which means I would have to start from scratch but maybe that is something I need to do and it might fix the issue. However I got some free content and I bought another additional to the list which I do not remember which one I got as I have a lot of extra content and expansions to the Sims 4. However this one only costed me $6.99 which was on sale due to Christmas.


                Either way I will keep you guys in the loop on things when I start to play the game and anything that has changed and whether I actually have  to rebuild my files from scratch again and if I do I may just re-create the Sims 4 Big Brother House and start playing the game again. I actually enjoyed watching them get under each others nails and fighting and arguing and overall drama happened. Was very entertaining for me to watch and sometimes I didn't have to press anything just follow em around and see their interactions and that one time everyone died cause the stairs to the lower half of the house was missing was the most weirdest thing that I have ever seen. I hope to have an update just after Christmas as I plan to play over my time off from things and hope to have some kind of updates on the game as I have OFFICIALLY quit playing PGATour2k21 due to them resetting my character all together and messing up my current career.


Thursday, November 19, 2020

I Won The Players Championship On PGATour2K21!

                Last week or the week before as I do not remember when to be honest but it was recently that this happened where I got to play in a tournament I love personally that is played each and every year The Players Championship and yes I played that tournament. Now I will go into a bit of detail of the tournament; I struggled with the first round where I had a double or triple bogie first round at the start and struggled with water and other array of issues. Second round I caught back up to even par and into the minus. 3rd and 4th round I added on but I believe that tournament it was a close finish I was up a few strokes at the most and yes I actually won with a few strokes and honestly I was excited. Honestly I wasn't feeling so positive I was gonna win the actual tournament. After the first round I felt I was finally defeated but I proved myself wrong and won the entire thing. Yes this means I am still undefeated and haven't lost any tournament yet and continue this hot streak I am on. 

                 Either way a win is a win and I will take it. I didn't expect Players Championship to be that easy on PGATour2K21, I knew this was gonna be a challenge and it really lived up to my expectations. I enjoyed it and now I know what to expect when I go into my second season in the PGATour2K21 which isn't far off from now to the end of this current season is very close. That is the update I can give you guys for now and I will keep you guys up to date on the progress of the video game and I haven't had the time to play the game and I need to make some time but editing has become a priority for me along with recording the normal podcast and watching Ninja Storm so I have become busy with content but once the editing of both podcasts are done for the week and I get into Ninja Storm I probably will play while I am working on the season and I can grind on both which all I do is watch episodes and take notes so I can do both I am sure.


Saturday, October 10, 2020

Will Be Trying PGA Tour 2k21 Again Eventually!

                As you know by a post from a former Staff member of mine which he isn't going to help me anymore as I am no longer speaking to them at this moment which I will not get into details about that. I am going to try PGATour2K21 again and I think I know what I am doing wrong. I think I am not setting the point where I wanna hit the ball. I am just not aiming to the right spot whatsoever to where the ball is suppose to go and that could of definitely one of my downfalls. Another thing is I get too flustered with the game and I mean very flustered with it and I get so mad at the game I end up rage quitting at the end and leaving it for a long time. I wanna try and do well and don't get me wrong I have been in the minus above even so to speak in Golf language. However I am glad I didn't get a refund as I played more then 2 hours so it kind of worked out in the end and I can give this game another shot just like another certain video game that I mean, cough, cough "Spelunky 2" hahaha! 

               Anyways I will have a review eventually soon give me till November before I decide to do an review on the game, I wanna take the time and really dig into this game and actually see if I can win a tournament which has yet to happen but I was up there at one point but totally fell apart. However I am starting fresh and to be honest I am not really sure if it is still there the progress that I have made since I deleted or uninstalled the game from my computer so I would have to reinstall it to find out really if my progress is saved as recently been having some technical issues with games and with me having some time off, I will be able to fix the game and actually play a bit as this weekend is Thanksgiving up here in the great white north. So I wish you fellow Canadians a Happy Thanksgiving and I promise you guys I will tell you guys what I did on Tuesdays post but in the meantime I will see you guys in tomorrow's post which sounds weird to say as I normally do not do posts on Sundays! LOL.


Thursday, August 27, 2020

Video Games Updates [08-27-2020]

                  This morning I want to update you guys on Video Games. I know I try and do this every week to every 2nd week at the most. So I made some changes and got rid of some of the games actually and let's start with that. I got rid of Spelunky as I just got too frustrated with it but it's easy to actually bring it back if I'd wish to play it again since I did buy it on Steam. Also got rid of a few other games that I just do not play anymore and I do not remember exactly. Now let's do some updates on the video games I do play:

- American Truck Simulator: I got DLC for Idaho, Washington, New Mexico, Utah, Oregon  which means I can actually go to other states now and deliver which is awesome. It is worth $12.99 each which is not too bad really and I have had a bit of time to play the game a bit and been to Oregon and New Mexico and was really cool to see something different.

- Grand Theft Auto 5: I have been playing Grand Theft Auto 5 redoing the entire story mode from scratch which technically I lost the saved file which I believe I killed Micheal at the end but this time I wanna keep all 3 of them and keep the 3 musketeers together. However I'd consider doing away with Trevor as I find him annoying but yes hilarious too!

- The Binding of Issac Rebirth: I admit the orbital tears that go in a circle is a very hard to go all the way to win that challenge and it is one of the toughest challenges I have done so far but I am going to keep on going with the game. 

- The Sims 4: Larry has his own sim again and honestly I have considered deleting all the sims which a ton of work as I have put hours into the game with house renovations and making new sims and what not but honestly it's become out of control again but they will die eventually I'm sure and houses will be become available eventually. What I should one day is fill every single house on the game with Sims, really make it chaotic.. lmao!

             Anyways there is my updates for this week and maybe in 2 weeks I will be back with another gaming update but for the most part I got a ton of work to do ChrisBOnTheWeb wise but I am sure I will make time for actually playing video games and probably will get an update out to you guys in a few weeks at the most. Hope you guys enjoyed this update and I will talk to you guys tomorrow. 


Thursday, May 21, 2020

I Lost 5 Sims Back To Back... SMH

                  Few weeks ago I lost 5 sims. That's a lot especially for playing a game of Big Brother. Apparently the game glitched out and 5 of the sims above died back to back which was insane and I wish I had my reaction to that on camera honestly. It was the most ridiculous thing ever. By the end of all of that 2 remained and wasn't right as we had no jury really left to vote and wouldn't have been fair. So I ended up ending the season and the final 2 left. I had to investigate the house to why this happened. The stairs going up and down the two levels were apparently disappeared and that became the issue behind it all. Now I believe I shifted rooms and fixed up the house where the stairs are in plain site. There was a couple of issues with the landing anyways aka the upstairs. IF you were upstairs and looked down then you can see behind one of the walls so that had to be fixed so I readjusted rooms and tore walls down but the stairs should be OK and shouldn't glitch out and disappear on me but haven't been back to the big building I built. We have vacated the premises for now.

                 Trust me I was freaking the heck out over it and was quite an interesting experience to watch one sim after another collapse. It is what it is honestly and it really stunk things had to end up this way but never know I may end up going back to the building I may just tear it down and Larry and I worked really hard on this world too and it stinks but it is what it is in the end. Building still exists and stays empty and dark at this point of time. I just do not know if it will be used anytime soon as of the recent turn of events. Yes I realize its a game but it ticked me off the fact that the game took away my bloody stairs and it's the game's fault... This game has been riddled with glitches for years like the sims won't teleport as quickly. However I am getting into a rant and I just do not have the energy anymore to rant and I know you guys like them from time to time it boosts ratings... LOL. Anyways I will see you in my next post tomorrow.


Friday, April 24, 2020

Addicted To Pooligans Game!

                I've been wanting to talk about this for ages but I am addicted to Pooligans. What is it you may ask? Well it's a game of Pool. It is really a ton of fun and I am getting better at it as time goes on. I have been patient and I really find myself playing it when I can and I usually play several rounds a day, maybe sometimes more. However I enjoy it and I've played it in real life before with my Sunday group I use to go out with back then and I found it fun. Yes the game itself can be hard at times and there has been times where the other opponent just quit on me and I got the win which is a good thing. I've got pretty good stats with wins too and I think once, I almost went 7 - 0 on the computer while practicing and seeing if anyone invites me into a game. I have been invited into several games but the most part, I practice a ton,

              Although, I haven't worked on it much lately, I've been too busy with projects for the website to play and hence the reason I haven't played in a few weeks and plus just finished Grand Theft Auto 4 so when projects slow down again, I will definitely get back to it. It has been some time and honestly I haven't even logged in at all but like I said I will eventually. The best part of this being on Steam, it's completely FREE! That's right, I said it! It's totally free and love the fact its a free game. How did I find it? I was searching around and accidentally and since then I have indeed become addicted to it. I just cannot play one game, it has to be more then one game apparently... LOL. However it's a fun game and a very addictive game to play. I know this isn't a long post but I hope you enjoyed this post and I highly recommend to play this if you are into pool.