Thursday, November 19, 2020

I Won The Players Championship On PGATour2K21!

                Last week or the week before as I do not remember when to be honest but it was recently that this happened where I got to play in a tournament I love personally that is played each and every year The Players Championship and yes I played that tournament. Now I will go into a bit of detail of the tournament; I struggled with the first round where I had a double or triple bogie first round at the start and struggled with water and other array of issues. Second round I caught back up to even par and into the minus. 3rd and 4th round I added on but I believe that tournament it was a close finish I was up a few strokes at the most and yes I actually won with a few strokes and honestly I was excited. Honestly I wasn't feeling so positive I was gonna win the actual tournament. After the first round I felt I was finally defeated but I proved myself wrong and won the entire thing. Yes this means I am still undefeated and haven't lost any tournament yet and continue this hot streak I am on. 

                 Either way a win is a win and I will take it. I didn't expect Players Championship to be that easy on PGATour2K21, I knew this was gonna be a challenge and it really lived up to my expectations. I enjoyed it and now I know what to expect when I go into my second season in the PGATour2K21 which isn't far off from now to the end of this current season is very close. That is the update I can give you guys for now and I will keep you guys up to date on the progress of the video game and I haven't had the time to play the game and I need to make some time but editing has become a priority for me along with recording the normal podcast and watching Ninja Storm so I have become busy with content but once the editing of both podcasts are done for the week and I get into Ninja Storm I probably will play while I am working on the season and I can grind on both which all I do is watch episodes and take notes so I can do both I am sure.


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