Friday, November 20, 2020

What Would YouTube Look Like For Me Today?

                I can take this from different angles video projects wise or podcast wise and today I am going to actually focus on the "web series" side of things if I didn't decide to do podcasts and don't get me wrong, I love podcasting more then YouTube, I have a lot more ideas and creativity with podcasts and get to be myself where YouTube I have to come up with series and that was tough to do honestly. Anyways I want to focus on YouTube creating series not the podcast side of things. Now as you know if I stuck it out with YouTube beyond June 2016 things would of been a lot different for me with this pandemic and I am sure Larry and Justin would of still been with me as Camera Man and Set Designer. With this pandemic things would of probably be at a stand still at this point in the way of series and I would of had to put the series that was being recorded here in the studio on hold at this point as I couldn't or wouldn't be able able to have the crew here to do the filming for the series.  

                  I would probably have to come up with a web series online to do in the meantime and probably have guests or have Larry on as a regular Co-Host or something that will keep you guys entertained. I probably also have daily vlogs to what I am up to on a regular basis and honestly I miss being a vlogger everyday but it is what it is to this day, I was screwed over by one of my former staff who got my channel banned as they had access to it. It was my own fault but I will be explaining that on the podcast what happened to ChrisBOnTheWeb & YouTube. Back to what I was saying, a lot of things have to be done online as the studio would still be under that same lockdown as it is to this very day. I definitely think it could of been done either way it would of been possible. However in the end I am glad for what I am doing now and very happy with the choice I made. That is what I had to say about the entire YouTube thing and what it could of looked like for web series in 2020 and who know what I would of been doing today as well.


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