Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 Year In Review!

            I admit this year has had it's highs and low from ex staff drama to struggling with my own podcast after 4 years to what has ended on a really high note. I will explain. January saw the final season I covered Music City CMT which I have had mixed emotions for the entire year with no renewal nothing. As for Celebrity Big Brother it was a fun season to cover honestly. Anyways next on my list was the announcement of the studio renovations which is still on going right now and business as usual during the renovations which honestly it's looking good and envisioning what it will look like when it is completely finished and even with a desk rebuilt as you have seen on the post about the one nail holding the damn infernal thing together the entire time which I was unaware of honestly.... LOL! Now the entire drama with my ex staff made me realize I do not need to call em alumni anymore they are considered former staff even the ones I still am connected with they have always been up to speed that goes on here and even Larry who has been very active since 2018 with the Power Rangers Podcast. Which brings me to the next point the low of this year the lack of that podcast as you know we normally produce 4 episodes twice a year which wasn't the case this year and come 2020 which is 12 hours or less away that is about to all change and excited to say honestly as you will have seen in the previous post on here.

              The biggest excitement was me doing this for a living, making money from both the podcast and also the website itself which is what I have been building this website up to be eventually but it was just the matter of time and this month (December) it finally did happen and excited for what 2020 brings. With saying that I would like to wish you all a very happy and safe New Years and please to remember if you are going out to use public transit, cab or Uber to get home safely and to not drink and drive as there has been a ton of that during the holiday season here this year which isn't right whatsoever. I will talk to you tomorrow for the big 2 day reveal for CBOTW and trust me you do not want to miss it as it will be definitely an amazing announcement that is coming up for 2020! It has indeed been hard to contain the excitement and hard to keep my mouth shut what is coming up but the wait is indeed almost over and excited to hear your feedback for 2020 and please let me know what you think when you read it tomorrow what you think and if you are excited for 2020 and what is to come! Again Happy New Year and see YOU ALL in 2020!


Monday, December 30, 2019

CBOTW Upcoming Schedule Late December 2019/Early 2020

              I know I have been hyping it up on social media recently and it is time to remind you guys on some changes made recently in the last 12 hours or longer to CBOTW. As you know I have been struggling with getting back into the swing of things but I have tweaked my schedule and yesterday I am guilty of not following my damn schedule (LOL). Oh well, I'm da boss I can take time off when I want but like I said there is no time for rest as we're close to the re-launch of one of the Podcasts soon and you will know as you read further into this post. Here are the changes:


As you know we are in the holiday season and the studio here which is currently very quiet here right now but it is about to become 10x busier soon. Below this is the schedule between now and the new Year which has been posted also to social media a few days ago as well:

Mon, Dec 30th, 2019- All Day
Tues, Dec 31st, 2019- Half a Day
Wed. Jan 1st, 2020- Studio Closed
Thurs. Jan 2nd, 2020- Regular Schedule


January 14th, 2020: Everything About Reality TV- Off Season Podcast will be posted up. Not sure if it will be me or my other host that is not confirmed yet but once I have an idea if their going to post anything up, you will definitely be first to know!

February 2020: No OFFICIAL Date yet for Power Rangers Podcast but yes it is on the timetable in the New Year to be recorded and if I have to I will do it at this tiny desk we will but it will be done and posted up for you guys. This is the OFFICIAL word it is coming back and it is in the plans and it has been a long wait but it is returning and both Larry and I apologize for any delays.

February 4th, 2020: Will be the official Start for our 13th Season of Everything About Reality TV with Survivor: Winners At War Preview Podcast a week and 2 days before we air the first recap of the season.

               There is the list of when projects/podcasts are returning to it's normal regular schedule programming in 2020. Right now we're on a bit of a hiatus but blog posts will continue to be a regular thing around the website and we appreciate your understanding during this holiday season and hope you all are having a wonderful holiday as I sure am and enjoying the time with my family as well. I will see you all tomorrow for the final post of 2019 as we ring in the New Year, 2020!


Sunday, December 29, 2019

Struggling To Figure Out When I Want To Return Or Trying To Get Work Done..

            I was suppose to be back in the studio Friday to get the Collaboration Podcast done and I realize that the collab has to be finished up if we are indeed to actually record which I will be announcing some of that come New Years.  However I need to get back into the saddle and if I can today I will be in some O/T (Overtime) today and get some of it done but we will see how I feel and what is on tap as I am honestly not sure what is happening today and all I know is I have to get the bus pass for the month of January which I totally forgotten about yesterday but yet again I slept in very, very late and in bed very, very early last night and up early to try and get some things done. I need to stay on schedule if I can but I haven't. I've been re-addicted to Minecraft again and built a new community on there with my niece and nephew but I need to realize I can play with them when their here and I haven't done much and been playing games lately. However a break for me is good thing as I have been going non stop this year and I think a break is good, not too long but a small break here and there. You know me I have to be doing something with my time and sitting around going nothing, I am not one to be sitting around not doing anything and by the time you see this I probably ended up having a bunch of them done and ready to go over the next couple of days.

             However today is going to be definitely a test for me to see if I can start working on things and I think I will definitely be getting things done for CBOTW today. I need to just stop diddly daddling around playing video games and just get back to the task at hand. Honestly the work will not get finished on it's own and takes a lot of man power and man hours to get the notes done especially on a one 44 - 45 episode season and a 40 episode season so that is like 84 - 85 episodes to watch and a lot of hours of watching and trust me it is worth it in the end. The actual end goal is to try and be done the remainder of the seasons between January and end of August 2020 so all we really have to do moving forward is record and trust me I will be ahead for 2021 too, I just want to get ahead a little bit and what the heck am I saying?! I wanna get way ahead so non of this garbage of "oh I am not ready to record yet, Larry crap" happens again. Too much has happened in the last almost 3 months now where things kept being delayed. This is a good stride I am making and just wanna keep going with it and get it recorded on schedule. It is a big goal for me in 2020 that's for sure!


Saturday, December 28, 2019

What Do I Expect in 2020?

             There is a bunch of things I hope for in 2020 and the New Year is only days away now and I have sometime to start to think about things through and I have honestly have been hiding a lot of things with what is upcoming for CBOTW and been a very sneaky person behind the scenes of one of the 3 podcasts on Chris B On The Web. I will get into some details on January 1st but now is not the time. With the recent staff changes in the recent week and a half, I feel a lot happier with who is on the team right now with the 4 of us involved. So without further ado here is what I expect in 2020:

1) Positivity-  This year has been a year of ups and downs, from two of my former staff turning their back on me which is fine with me. Also problems on the forefront of CBOTW from a Gaming Podcast that was in the plan was once again gone into turmoil and I promise you it is nowhere near in the plans for 2020, I already know what is on the list for 2020 and again you will have to wait till January 1st, 2020 @ 12 pm EST.

2) New Content and Team Members- One amazing thing I look forward to and again will be announcing it all and I really need to revamp that post before but not that only that but I will be adding in, well they already are a part of the CBOTW Family and both days I will be talking about it Jan 1st & Jan 2nd, 2020.

3) Friendships- With losing some friendships this year I want to hopefully find a new friends in 2020 and ones that will not turn on me but also work on the friends I got and I know I can definitely count on them to be there for me moving into the New Year.

4) Self Employment- As you know this month I started self employment for myself and this is officially start to year 0 as I have yet to reach one full year right now but that will come in December 2020 when I hit the full year mark. Either way it is exciting to be self employed and earning money on the website or even on the podcast and honestly I have been anticipating this moment for a very long time now and it has come to full circle and soon we will have a studio that will be suitable to the needs of the team.

5) Studio Renovations- Which brings me into the second last point I would like make on this blog today is the Studio Reno which is getting there and 3 more panels and the walls are fixed finally, then comes the ceiling work where the actual studio recording is going to be to put in the sound proofing and a cover over it so it is not visible but that will be in January sometime and in the New Year I have to get Larry to help me move the rolling desk and the boxes for the space out of here so this way we have more room to work on the end of the room. I hope to be done in February but no guarantees whatsoever. It will be done when it will be done.

6) Keeping My Power Rangers Podcast Return Promise- I know this year hasn't been a great year for this podcast but I am making my promise to you guys there will be 3 of them next year or the New Year coming in a few days from now. Even if we aim for a March record that is fine because I will be ready to go by then by a mile and a half, ha-ha.


Friday, December 27, 2019

Finished Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue!

           The title certainly doesn't lie, I am finished Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue! Which means I am on the next phase of the plan which is actually typing up the notes for the podcast. Now this doesn't guarantee a date when we will be recording and do not forget that this studio is pretty much still a mess and still in renovations and there is no date to being finished so the notes will be on standby till I know the studio is completed. However there is no excuse to delay typing up these notes starting today by the time you read this I will already working on it and hope it is done in a few days if I do work hard on it, it will be done quite quickly. However my end goal is to have this done by the end of this year so this way it will be ready whenever we chose to record the podcast technically. I am excited for next podcast as it will be quite interesting when it comes time to record the podcast with Larry. So when did I finish Lightspeed Rescue? December 24th in the middle of the night I worked hard, I mean really hard on finishing it and honestly it feels good to be at the point of being finished the first half but there is a second half that I have to do and that is like I said the typing phase. 

            I am doing half day today but do mean I will be trying and get the stuff done and see how far I can get in the notes. Starting in January 2020 I will be starting on the next Collaboration which will be Power Rangers Time Force and Power Wild Force seasons for June. I am just on a roll with the collabs and just want to get a bunch of them done for June and then October as you know the upcoming year there will be 3 recording sessions this year so it will be an insane and I made a promise to you guys to make it up for the 1 session this year which was the Turbo and In Space seasons that was covered this year. This year wasn't on our side this year with so much happening so fast so it was definitely not easy. I have had our share of disagreements with my Co-Host but having second thoughts about the collaboration podcasts but we worked things out and my gut is telling me to keep this going. Not only this podcast but even Everything About Reality TV was on that list too but I am still happy to be a part of both of the podcasts and watch it grow. Honestly the views are between 22 to almost the 50 views an episode range which is really good that we are pulling in the views and like Larry said in the end it is all about the views and he is right. You guys do not know how thrilled, excited and eager to get back to recording the podcast! It has been long coming for the next episode and if the views indeed hold up as usual this upcoming year, we may just start doing em 3 times a year! This is a real test for us and excited for it and even if we have to do we can set it up at this temporary desk in *cough, cough, January* but we will see and him and I will have a conversation in the coming weeks to when we wanna record and we will let you know dates when we have more information. 


Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas 2019!

           First all Merry Christmas and I know I am a day late but between me trying to sleep properly to traveling. One of the real reasons I have been away from social media recently is because I have been spending a ton of time with the family and was my entire intention during the holidays. My holidays so far since I have today off which I know there will be a ton of TV, YouTube and gaming today so I do not plan to do anything. Right now I am enjoying what I have left of my final day before holidays are up and I am back to work tomorrow and I know what I need to do tomorrow and that is typing up the notes for Power Rangers Podcast and I hope to get it all done before Jan 1st so there will be a ton of long nights for me and lots of YouTube videos, Big Brother Canada and what not but worth it as I hope to end up recording sometime in January/Hopefully. So with Christmas we celebrated my sister in law's birthday then we came back over the next day for Christmas Eve dinner and we had perogies with onions. Also had Smoked Salmon but I had breaded fish as I am not a big fan of Salmon but I tried it one way or another and it was really good! 

            Now Christmas Day, yesterday which I should of still written a post for you guys but I did not due to me feeling tired but yet I wrote this at 4 am this morning, never a dull moment around here even when I am off. Anyways my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew, aunt and uncle my parents and I had dinner. Had turkey, mash taters as I always call it, Corn, stuffing, buns, all good stuff honestly. Gift wise I got the missing Star Wars movies I got, pair of pants, more socks (meh). Also I got Futurama which is a cartoon series but hope to collect every volume from the start to finish. Also a gift card for Best Buy for 40 dollars which is really cool and plan on going after the New Year to see what I can get with it! It was another amazing Christmas and I really enjoyed my time with my family and look forward to getting back to sort of a normal schedule but remember with the New Years coming the studio will be empty once again for December 31st, 2019 & January 1st, 2020 for the New Years Eve and Day,


Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Been Re-Adjusting Things After a Busy Fall Season!

             After the fall podcast has been wrapped up since last week, been in full swing to finishing up Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue which in the New Year I am sure that I will have an update or idea when we will be coming back whether I am moved back to the regular desk or not. Yesterday, I binged watched several episodes and even napped for 3 hours to just to continue as soon as I am finished Trakeena's Revenge (2) episode I am about 9 episodes to finished! By the time you see this though, I am probably very close to finished or finished it completely. Anyways I think I have officially started transitioning into the off season outside of being behind the mic constantly I have started working on Off Season Podcasts and I have officially started working on the preview podcast for Survivor: Winners At War which I will have done soon enough then on top of that started working on a Survivor Off Season Podcast so I got some stuff in the works for sure. Also my new host I'm sure they will be doing 1 or 2 and also I have an Amazing Race is in the works so we have a bunch of stuff. I plan to take some time off from working on Power Rangers once the final notes is finished so I can work on the off season stuff. So either way as you can see I am working on new content for you guys.

           I honestly have transitioned very quickly and getting things done. As you know Christmas is coming and I am going to work between the holidays to get things done and I am going to honestly take my time. It will take me another week or so to get back into the swing of planning and that is pretty much standard coming off what has been a very long year for us but in the end, I will still find something to do on my time off and adjusting to the off season very quickly as I am finding a bunch of stuff to do between. Also been making best with my time but yes I will be off today till Boxing Day to spend time with my family and plan on watching TV catching up on shows on my time off and probably will not be around my PC much unless I write a blog post or am on it when my niece and nephew are. Anyways there will be a post tomorrow to wish you all a Merry Christmas and what I have planned and what not so be on the look out for that.


Monday, December 23, 2019

Chris B On The Web Holiday Schedule

            I forgot totally to mention this to you guys but with the holidays 2 days away, well less now I forgot to mention the holidays. Now I feel like this is a very reasonable schedule and I will be working a few days between and if I have to step out I will. The messaging system on the Facebook Fan Page will have an away message, same with the email system as no one on staff will be available between the days that the studio is shut down for the holidays. Now what are the days we are closed and open? Well here is when we are open:

Studio Closed:

December 24 - December 26th, 2019: Closed for Christmas Holidays

December 31st, 2019 & January 1st, 2020: Closed For New Years

Studio Open:

December 23rd, 2019: Throughout the day will be in and out of the studio during the daytime.

December 27th - December 30th, 2019: Open and like I said it can be hit or miss with me around the studio but will be around.

                If I do not answer or my team, we will get back to you. With the holidays we are busy with our family's and from the CBOTW Team to you all, We wish you guys a Merry Christmas and Happy  New Year. There will be posts over the holidays and I will be keeping you guys in the loop on the progress off planning and what I have been up to on the holidays. I will make time to write posts between and we are excited for the conclusion of this year and moving into what will be how amazing 2020 will indeed will be. I will talk to you guys for the Christmas post tomorrow.

- Chris

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Movie Review! (No Spoilers!)

                 Yesterday I had the pleasure to go and see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker or also known as EP # 9 of the 3rd trilogy out of the series that they have done 1977. Now as the title says, I promise to not give any spoilers but I can say it really answers everything I had in the back of my mind for the past so many months now. I can say this movie has a bit of stuff from Episodes 4, 5 & 6 I can say again I will not go into full spoilers but it answers a lot especially with the trailer with the Emperor's laugh now I understand the entire storyline and how it entirely went. This is clearly hard for me to write... lol... It is so difficult to not spoil the entire movie. I can say yes there is something with the emperor as you will see it once you see the movie. There was parts I was completely shocked on and again not going to say what as this movie has only been out 2 days and maybe by mid January I will do a spoiler post for you guys. I remember there was times Larry or I would say something quietly to each other about the movie and like I said I promise to do a more spoiler version of the movie mid January. The look on Larry's face was quite interesting or his one comment of "Didn't see that happening!" and yes I am not going to specify what it was either at this moment.

                   I am not going to make this a overly a long post but movie wise the movie was exciting a long of action and fight scenes in it. I really enjoyed it and honestly I think I enjoyed this movie more then the last 2 but that is honestly my opinion and you guys may have a different opinion on this movie but if you haven't seen it and a very big Star Wars fan I highly recommend to go and see it. I got from Larry's mom a Darth Vader toy when you press on his chest piece he starts to breath like back at the end of Ep 3 in Ep 4, 5 & 6. Now we got a medium popcorn with a medium soft drink. I was shocked what the theater looked like after all the renovations it went through with the nice reclining seats it had in it so we definitely went comfortable for the movie this year. Anyways in conclusion if you are a big Star Wars fan, I highly recommend to see this movie as you will not be disappointed at all. Finally I am sorry this is late with the holidays coming, I am very busy with the family stuff going on and I promise you guys I will do a post on time tomorrow at the usual 12 pm EST.


Saturday, December 21, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Will Return Jan 14th, 2020!

               It has been a whirlwind of a season and I honestly can say I thought this week was the end of the podcast but it wasn't as you guys wanted me to continue on. This season has been full of emotions as you know the last season before the one that I just finished, we ended up walking away from Big Brother for the remainder of the season due to falling so far behind and honestly if any of this would happen again, I have a new plan moving forward but we will be fine with the plan that we got, it is going to even be bigger and better then before. This year also I thought it would of been done with this podcast but nope, you guys wanted more seasons and been reaching out to me and it was an astonishing amount of support through the rough patches I have had recently. Plus we have a new staff on board for the Big Brother Canada 8 and hopefully Big Brother 22 RECAPS so this is definitely good for us moving forward and it sure takes a bit of stress as you know I covered everything in the past 4 years so I am excited to be mentoring and been wanting to take on a mentor role. With with the stress of this season comes excitement for 2020. Plus ever since the podcast was discovered that it was on IHeartRadio it really has picked the views up on the podcast so that's so amazing as views as the views really stayed around the same amount for the longest time! 

                 Now with one season gone comes another and with great pleasure, I am happy announce a 13th season of Everything About Reality TV come February 13th, 2020! So when will there be off season Podcasts? Well we will be returning on January 14th, 2020 so this does give us a few weeks off from Podcasting so we can prepare some off season episodes for you guys right now, as you know I have destroyed the notes when I made that announcement it was ending but now that it isn't I have to come up with ideas for both Survivor, Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada and I do actually have a couple of ideas up my sleeve before the preview podcast early February as I found out that Survivor: Winners At War is now suppose to be out February 12th, 2020 but Jeff said that it will be out sometime February but it was leaked apparently. So I look forward to January 14th and in the meantime, please enjoy the blog posts in the meantime while we are on a break from the podcast.


Friday, December 20, 2019

Staff List (Late 2019 - 2020)

               Today is an joyous day as I announce the list of the Staff and Alumni for late 2019 and into 2020 and the departments. Now there is a bunch of departments but I will be listing off the individuals that are involved and where you can find them in mostly:


  • Chris- Founder/Owner; Exec Producer/Host of Everything About Reality TV Podcast Survivor/Amazing Race/Amazing Race Canada; Blogger. Been On The Team Since: November 2014
  • Billy- Exec Producer/Host of The Sports Hour W/ Billy Podcast (Fridays @ 2 pm EST) Been On The Team Since: December 1st, 2019
  • Jasmine- Host of Big Brother Canada & Big Brother US Recaps Been On The Team Since: December 15th, 2019
  • CBOTW Team- Can be seen in the chatroom here on ChrisBOnTheWeb.com from time to time when Chris is unavailable to keep an eye out on the chatroom so you can see them active in the chatroom. Been On The Team Since: November 15th, 2019

  • Larry- Alumni; Blogger; Co-Host of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcasts 2 - 3 times a  year since 2018. Been On The Team Since:  June 2013 , Left: January 2016  Returned In Alum Status: June 1st, 2018

                   There's our Staff and Alumni on the list and we are so happy to have them aboard. 2020 is going to be huge for ChrisBOnTheWeb. As most of you know he has been planning in the back of his mind for quite sometime and it is all coming together. He has mentioned there is more information is coming for the newest member of Everything About Reality TV in the New Year with more information on the addition to Everything About Reality TV Podcast.

- Chris

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Some Changes and Additions Have Been Made!

            Due to some things that has happened in the past few days to a few weeks now, I am going to be a bit more serious on what I bring onto CBOTW as you know CBOTW Gamers Podcast is no more and it is what it is. I guess it wasn't really meant to be and I shouldn't try to revive something that failed in the past. As you know I made some changes to the site, removed the team page as It just did not work out too well with the coding nor not all the staff want to be listed or will be ok with having a bio on there. Anyways the next addition to the website is the chatroom. It has been asked to bring it back and it will help bring in more views to the website and honestly I can see things being different and we have my support staff which are around the site on mostly night when I am in bed early but I am mostly on and they will explain everyone that is around on the Staff however there is the 2 main things I want and I am just frustrated and I am happy with the current team I have.
             I know I haven't revealed it at all but Jasmine has joined the team and will be covering Big Brother Canada 8 and hopefully Big Brother 22 as well if she wishes. However details are coming in the New Year and I promise I will be giving you all a ton of details. Bringing someone new has made me so excited for what is to come in 2020 and excited for the 13th season of EAR TV & Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast to return in 2020 with 3 recording dates in the year. I am entirely happy with Billy, Larry and Jasmine and this is the team I want to have moving forward with all these amazing changes, the chatroom returning which you can find on the right hand side of the chat. There is a ton of stuff coming for Chris B On The Web and you find out Sunday @ Noon EST as one of my members of Staff will be writing  a post tomorrow in place of me writing to give me a day off so I can try and focus on Power Rangers Podcast as I am aiming to finish this weekend so between Christmas and New Years I can type and get it finished before Jan 1st, so I may be working around the holidays possibly. 


Wednesday, December 18, 2019

What Do I Think Will Win Survivor: Island of The Idols?

             I know posts right now are all over the place at the moment but with finale for the podcasts but I was really thinking about things today or yesterday actually and since my picks are now no longer in the running to win the game so I have two people in my mind that I even mentioned to Eric on Monday who I think I will win it all. So without further ado, here is who I think I will win the game:

Tommy- He has been solid with the people he was loyal with: Janet, Dean and Dan which at this moment Dan was ejected that leaves the 3 but I think there could be a definite final 3 situation with them come finale tonight but we will definitely have to wait and see for ourselves to what happens.

Dean- Yes he has been a target but Dean has played it pretty cool and I think he could do some damage and give someone that fake advantage and someone's game could be more then done.

Lauren- Played a very strong social and strategic game and I think she can take it to the end if it isn't Janet it could definitely be her and do not forget there is a fire making challenge too that they do have to play so anything is possible.

                Now Noura, I do not really think she will go to the end of the game but if she does then she can be beaten I am sure. Again it comes down to the final Immunity Challenge and also that dreadful fire making challenge. However do not forget Janet has her idol and Dean has that idol nullifier and I think it will definitely be played and Dean will end up using it and nullifying Janet's idol which could honestly send Janet to the jury. I honestly have that really, really odd feeling Noura and Janet will be sent to the jury but in the end I just think Tommy has a better case to the jury why he should win but do not forget the new format so it will be a tougher time but out of the 3 above, I'd put my bets on Tommy winning it all and articles even say Tommy is more then likely will be the winner and I just have that real gut feeling that is what will happening.


Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Why I Refuse To Go Back On YouTube!

             There is a ton of reasons why and you guys know how I feel about YouTube as a whole especially with what happened recently when I tried to make a return to the platform which I will remind you in this post as one of my points that I am going to make:

1) False Copyright Claims- As you know back in the summer time I went through heck and back with the platform as my royalty free intro was falsely copyright claimed as a song from the group B52's when it wasn't so their system for the copyright system isn't too good honestly in my own opinion. 

2) Ad revenue- Ad revenue is not like it use to be and you have to have 1000 subscribers and so many total views to even get into the revenue. However I rather not earn revenue nor it would be in my goal it all goes back to # 1 on this list which is listed above and has now become one of the main reasons for me. 

3) Any Content Has To Be Family Friendly- As we know since 2016 or 2017 it has to be kid or family friendly and I'm afraid my podcast probably wouldn't even show up in anybody's recommendations at any point. 

4) Notifications- Another thing on the list is the notifications as not all notifications go out to the subscribers hence the way it is now for me and the podcasts and the blog is a ton better as you guys are notified one way or another. 

               In the end I just do not see myself or CBOTW Staff returning to the platform anytime soon as we are going to continue to do Audio ONLY and really no big plans for video anytime soon and with me recently banned from Twitch as well, there is no plans for me to do anything video wise at this point. That is the 4 reasons but the 5th one I really didn't have many trolls on YouTube that is on another platform I used up to recently so YouTube is not a problem with the trolls but YouTube has changed so much since I was on the platform in 2016 but yes I am still around the platform but as a viewer not a content creator and I have no regrets to stopping creating content on there so now I am now focus on here on the website and the podcast platforms our podcasts are on.


Monday, December 16, 2019

Things I Want To Work On In 2020 With Chris B On The Web...

           There is a bunch of things I would like to work on when it comes to the blog posts and not only that but also the podcasts there is changes I need to change. This year I notice things were getting better but still a lot of room for improvement honestly. 2020 is going to be definitely different for me and you will all see on January 1st & 2nd as I have a back to back day in Announcements coming to you guys. So what needs to change? This is what I would like to try and change in the year 2020:

1) Blog posts-  I have been doing daily posts on a daily basis and honestly it is getting quite exhausting but the more I post the better but for right now I am sticking to the daily posts as I have really enjoyed them and want to continue on for as long as I can but if anything does change I will be definitely will be letting you guys know that I am making the transition to 5 times a week and take the weekends off or rotate every second day but that is later on to make that decision.

2) Podcasts: Everything About Reality TV- As much as I Love this podcast, this year the scheduling has been off kilter and I need to make the changes to make sure that I do indeed post it up on time and not go off schedule and that has been an issue all year long and in general to sticking to a schedule and be more of a consistent podcaster hence that is how you get and keep the viewers on the podcast. That is one of my biggest goals for 2020 as of right now.

3) Podcasts: The Power Rangers Collaboration- I know we went AWAL as crap has hit the fan for us at the end of this year and there has been nothing in the way for a second podcast so come so I hope and praying to get at least 3 out next year, January or February; June and October 2020 so that is where I am aiming and it goes back to what I said above the scheduling issue that I have had this entire year, well this has to change and change fast or I will be losing listeners on either podcast and I have stress this with my team that schedule is key. 

            So there is what is needed to be worked on in 2020 and this is a lot to honestly take in and it will not happen overnight as it will be tough challenge and I honestly consider this a part of my New Years Resolution for CBOTW as this year has been tough and not easy to deal with the scheduling being really off kilter and honestly I have done a lot better but when it came to the vacation out East and all heck broke loose and on top of that YouTube issues as I have touched in the past, I just lost my touch but when it came to this season which is all coming to an end this week I have actually been on track minus the last week or so I have been on schedule one way or another so I am keeping up on schedule and with the changes coming which I will address in January, but for now I want to make some necessary change so this way we can make this work out one way or another.


Sunday, December 15, 2019

Mr. Burger Bacon Burger Food Review!

             Yesterday, my parents and I actually ate out for once and we went to one of our most favorite burger places here in town, Mr. Burger which is a very well known establishment. Now I made a decision yesterday to change up my order for once and I actually went with the Bacon Burger which all 3 of us split Onion Rings and Fries. First of all the Onion rings once again nice and juicy and crisp as always and of course I gave it a 5 out of 5 all day long as that rating has not changed from the past review. Fries good side fries and really good as usual and of course I give that a 5 out of 5 as well. Now onto the burger side of things as I said before I got a Bacon burger which had a very nice crispy bacon as I always love it. Had the ickle pickle as Daym calls it with onion mustard ketchup and relish which is my normal toppings and condiments for a burger when we have burgers whether it is here at home or out at a place.  The burger I enjoyed every last bite and it exceeded more then what I expected. I give it a 10 out of 5 as I said it exceeded expectations. 

              Finally please let me know in the comments below if you would like me to review something different on the menu and I will be sure to do that. I really enjoy these food reviews that I do for you guys and even tho that they are not at a great length of a post still you guys get a review one way or another. Now I have not once complained about the Burgers or any of the food and been going there since I was there when I was growing up so there is no complaining to really be made on Mr. Burger. Always a positive review and honestly I do not have too many negative reviews minus *cough, cough* Pizza, Pizza and a at least one other place on my holiday travel but nothing too too bad to complain about but that is always room for improvement if I have something negative to say which is very seldom of the time. Any one last things if you guys want me to go back to Pizza, Pizza let me know on social media or even in the comments and I will go back to the Union Station and give it another shot 6 + months later. 


Saturday, December 14, 2019

When Is Power Rangers Podcast Returning?

           Now that it has been 48 hours (2 Days) later I got another announcement. However this time it is good news compare to my post yesterday's post. So this the OFFICIAL Post for the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and I got some news to tell you guys finally to when the collaboration Podcast is returning:

1) Yes The podcast is going to return, however, we are limited in the studio due to the on-going renovations with installing new wall units being installed so this is one of the reason there is a delay in the production side of things at the moment.

2) I have been behind schedule and it is entirely my fault, I should of had it done by end of September but the reason was because I have been dealing with my Mental Health so that is one of the main reasons there has been a hold on production. 

3) I have been trying to work on this non stop to get the show watched and now half way with watching the show and the next step will be typing up the notes for Lightspeed Rescue which I think it will not take that long to type it especially if I go at a good pace. 

4) Finally, with the renovations, it has indeed been tough to get finished with the episodes as I am getting close but something always seems to be in the way however I think all of this, I should of put the podcast on hold till the New Year however it is coming back.

             So with all of that, Larry and I have spoken to each other in person back on Sunday (2 Days ago) and we have come to an collective agreement that we will be back to Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast in (January 2020 sometime) however we will know when we book the day as usual. Why may you ask? Well, with the reno, the setup is limited and right now there is only one boom arm and microphone setup and stuck in a corner it is not the right time right now as we rather have our normal everyday setup. Also we plan to wait till the entire studio is finished and painted so that could take up to at least another month and a half from now to hopefully it will be done. However there is no date in February as of yet but I will be done before Christmas with the planning. Also I will make this clear, I will be working on the next season immediately and with Everything About Reality TV Podcast ending I am going to have a ton of time on my hands and will be really going deep into the show to get a bunch more of collaborations out for you guys on top of my regular appearance on Punk Rock Cheeseburger Podcast. So you never know Larry and I could be recording more of Power Rangers Collab Podcast sooner then you think! I am going to try and get myself ahead so we have a bunch of new content to get out to you guys. Over the next few months, I am definitely going to be busy with planning and preparing for future episodes and never know where this will go down the road either.


Friday, December 13, 2019

Fried Perogies At Toronto Christmas Market Food Review!

              As I promised you guys I would do a food review for you guys from the Toronto Christmas Market back on Wednesday and yes I did a double blog post for you guys today. As I mentioned in my post back at noon I had the Perogies with onions and also bacon and not small pieces of bacon either big chunks of it too. They even gave me a ton of sour cream which made it so good. Now the Perogie isn't your typical boiled as it was actually fried European Style which was really, really good even tho it was tough to actually cut but I someway, somehow seemed to manage it with no problem. In the perogie there was potato and cheese the kind we have sometimes every 2nd week or so when we cannot figure out what we want to eat for dinner. The dough was tougher then usual but manageable but it was really good even with the bacon, onions and sour cream.  It wasn't my favorite but don't forget this is the first time I have had this and it is honestly hard to cut that was pretty much my main issue.

              However I am overlooking that part of the meal the bacon, onions all well cooked and had a ton of flavor so that was good and the cheese and potato were super good too so out of it all it would be a 4 out of 5 and yes I am being generous with the entire meal. Now would I do it again? Hmmm maybe, I really unsure but again I could be feeling different from this review come this time next year when it is time to go to the Christmas Market 2020 as I am sure my dad and I will be back there again at the end of next year. However I want to try something different there instead and kind of switch things up each year and I am sure I will be back to the same thing eventually but who knows. Either way I ate it and enjoyed it and that is what entirely matters to me and really I didn't complain about it but it was in the back of my mind on the one issue but really I didn't worry about it at all. I am all about the experience at the Toronto Christmas Market every year that I go with my dad and we made time despite the busy schedule around this studio reno project. Finally I hope you enjoyed this bonus post and I will see you in tomorrow's regular post at the usual time. 


Toronto Distillery Christmas Market 2019

              Wednesday afternoon, I got to go with my dad and honestly I really didn't want to go but I went and I had a ton of fun once I got there. Yea I was tired and I once again didn't sleep or didn't sleep at all and by the time you see this post I am already on the road to meet up with 2 of my former staff. Anyways we took the Go Train and yes I had to refill my Presto as I may have ran right out by the time I got home but that is besides the point. The train trip takes me about 45 minutes from here to there and that is OK honestly. We got there we had to take a subway and a streetcar there but least its not as long as last year as we got stuck at a station due to a damn signal ahead so this year we were a little worries. We got there we had dinner first which was Perogies which I will be posting up a second post up for you guys this afternoon at 3 pm EST. 

                There was a socks booth, chocolate booth, Melted Swiss Cheese, Poutine which again I will explain that part in my Food Review later on when I post up the blog post later on.  they also have a smores booth which is very yummy, Wishing Well, drinks both normal and alcoholic which I just had a hot chocolate due to my meds which next year I am taking before I leave for the event this way I can join my dad. Of course they had a tree and it was blue and white with the big shiny balls and I can imagine the comments to this post from you guys... smh.  However some of the lights were off and I thought they would of checked the lights or they just burnt out so they will probably have to replace em. We had a good time one way or another and the time we were there went very fast and just enjoyed ourselves as we always do. This does conclude events locally and also in Toronto for 2019 and 2020 is close to coming I am already excited for the events in 2020 which pretty much are the same the events as this year but with some adjustments that I need to make in 2020. I will talk to you in the next post later on today for the Food Review.


Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Knowing When To Say That's Enough....

               With all the change that is going on in my life currently I thought this was the best idea for a post and that is to say and know that is enough. I admit in the past I have not been able to let go and say OK, Chris that is enough with YouTube or a web series or in this example Everything About Reality TV which is ending in now less then a week from now and change will be huge for me especially. If you just feel fed up or tired of doing something that you have been doing for little over 4 years like me then that is usually the cue to say OK that's enough it is time to move on. I know change is extremely hard at times but change can also be a good thing for you honestly.  I have been getting so much better at change and you can too! It just takes a bit of time to adjust to the change and that is how it is going to be over the next few weeks after my podcast ends I will have to readjust. and it takes a bit of adjustment but you will get adjust in time. However there is a thin line when you have to say that is enough, time to move on and that's what I am doing. 

                I wouldn't say that my podcast was a fail it was very much successful and boy we have a ton of plans in the future. With me saying that's enough for Everything About Reality TV there is some major plans in the works for me and now that I am down to 1 podcast, the collaboration Podcast as of a week Sunday when the final episode of Everything About Reality TV goes up. When you say that is enough there is always open doors and yesterday it was opportunity banging the door down on me. As you finish one thing there is always new opportunities awaiting for you and that is what has happened in the last 12 - 13 hours for me and I am just so eager and excited to tell you guys what the big secret that I am hiding but that will not announced till Jan 1st, 2020 when the entire plan for CBOTW is released to you guys publicly. One last thing on this post today is You will know when it is time to say that's enough, you have to listen to what is inside your heart and it will guide you through. Sometimes you second guess yourself but in the end you will be guided the right direction. Hope this helps and I will talk to you guys in the next post tomorrow at 12 pm EST.


Tuesday, December 10, 2019

My Mental Health Is Better Then It Has Been!

              I can be honest with you guys, my mental health has been better then it has been. I mean with friends turning on me this year, my mental health got bad again and I really had to deal with hence one of the reasons I stopped volunteering this year to deal with myself first. My mental health and well-being is the upmost importance to me at this time. I have been working on getting myself a lot happier and it has been honestly an uphill battle especially with dealing with Everything About Reality TV and what I really wanna do if I wanted to continue or just call it quits with it and honestly I think this one of the reasons I have been down and not myself as this podcast has really brought me down and I can say 4 years, 12 seasons, over 240 + Episodes it is the right time to stop the podcast and move on and I am happier now with the right decisions. I have to think what is best for me and makes me the happiest and this is the best decision. Now with friends, like I said I know who my friends are after losing 2 friends I know who my real friends are and happy with the friends I got right now. I am feeling so much better that I have control of my own life and not let anyone get in the way. Eric really opened up my mind in the past few weeks and has made me think so that has helped me.

                I can say I am in a much happier place now and nothing will stop my happiness and one thing I am planning on doing is staying positive and it has helped me as the more positive I am the better things are for me. I have been thinking things a lot more clearly and sometimes I will talk things out in my studio and figure things out. Also I have been thinking about the pros and cons of things and honestly it has helped me. Either way I am a lot happier and able to think clearly, however with my podcast ending, it will really help me clear up but give me a few weeks and the motivation and happiness will be up but right now I have to focus on finishing up the podcast then take the next step. That is another thing, I am able to take baby steps and one step at a time as some things are a step by step but I have to also take one day at a time and that seems to help as well. Either way I am a happy go lucky person and my happiness is what matters as I do not want to go back into a depression ever again, I want to remain happy. I know in the end it is not easy even with someone that has autism since I was young and I just have to somehow deal with it and with the tools I have been given, I need to continue to follow it. 


Sunday, December 8, 2019

Today Is The Moment of Truth!

              With the studio is complete disarray I have been starting to doubt when the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast is going to be returning and with Christmas now around the corner it is starting to question when this space will return back to normal again and I am probably going to be guessing by February things should return to normal again I hope which means today, I have to sit down with Larry and discuss the collaboration podcast future recording session. I have been thinking about it for the past couple of days to be honest and I have been weighing so many darn options and think it is just best to wait till the full setup is done and finished to ensure we have a proper setup especially with the other microphone which is currently once again put away till the construction of this studio is officially finished up which right now it is extremely hard to get access to things within this studio at the moment. I am going to tell Larry February and that is the official confirmation I want to give you guys for now but no exact date to when it will be recorded right now till I know further and give Larry the OK or green light to come over so we can record the podcast and get it out to you guys.

                 When we are about to record I will make sure to do a post a week in advance when we record and when it will be coming out to you guys. Just right now this studio is in disarray and there is no other way to hook up the second boom which is currently in a box along with the green screen as well. So today will really test how much further we have to go till I finish up the Lightspeed Rescue which mind you I am really enjoying more then the first time I tried to watch it and lost complete interest however now, I have to try and have an open mind now collaborating with Larry twice a year well 3 times next year as I am adding a 3rd to make up for the lost time that we missed with this year so this year coming up, 2020 we will definitely be making up for loss time that we missed and I can tell you guys this, once Lightspeed is finished I am moving into Time Force immediately with no break on it whatsoever so this way I can be ready for June very quickly as well. So today is definitely going to be an interesting day for him and I discussing the podcast and get our crap together as we keep saying it's coming back and yet there hasn't been a day but today is a true test of when we will be ready to go and I will have a confirmation later in the week to what the story is but this is only my thoughts how I am feeling but as you guys are reading this, I am discussing things with him and I'll let you know this week at some point.

- Chris 

Saturday, December 7, 2019

2 Weeks Tomorrow To Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!

              Well two weeks from now I will be seeing Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker which honestly I am excited for this movie. More excited for this movie then any other one that has come out and why you may ask? Well as you know by the first trailer for the movie we hear the laugh of the infamous Emperor Palatine which we know and love from the original movies and the prequels of the Star Wars movies. I have been running in the back of my mind how is the Emperor going to play a role in this movie? Is he physically back in the movie or is it a voice over by Ian Mcdiarmid which played Palatine in the movies I mentioned before. Also I have been running scenarios in the back of my mind for Luke Skywalker as I know he has a role in this movie. Now I realize this Luke has passed away and has become One In The Force so what I am going to think is that he will be back either on voice or he will be back as a "Force Ghost" which is what I am really am thinking honestly and that is probably my prediction to what is going to happen. Now going back to the Emperor thing Larry even tells me he apparently survived but the question is how?! It isn't easy after being thrown over a hole. 

               Either way I am excited for the movie and there is only 2 weeks and I hope this movie isn't a disappointment but I think it's going to definitely be an amazing movie. It had to be an amazing movie as this is the last one for several years as Larry mentioned to me in the past so it will be sad to not be seeing any new movies and going to the movies with him but there is always Indiana Jones movie that is coming out in 2021 as they have delayed working on that movie. Either way I really sure do expect a lot of this movie and it will definitely will be an interesting movie to conclude the story of the Skywalker Era as this is the last of the Skywalker era so this mean no more Luke or Rey as I heard rumors that Daisy Ridley is done after this but again I could be wrong but we will see. It will definitely be interesting to see where these movies go. Question is will Kylo live or will he be destroyed, will the Emperor come back then end of dying again? These are all questions that will be answered when I see the movie in 2 weeks time from now.


Friday, December 6, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Logo Has Been Re-Branded?!

      That's right our own podcast, Everything About Reality TV Podcast has officially been re-branded with a brand new and more sleeker looking logo and I really like that we re-branded the logo and honestly it has a sleek look and it really pops out for us. Now there is another reason behind the logo change. As you know the original logo was blue and the CBOTW brand is blue so in a way it really confuses the hell of you guys and myself and my team. So this way we still got majority of the original colors minus the tint of blue is now a more a baby blue color with the letters highlighted in white which like I said really pops it out. So I am excited to put it across all the platforms in the very nearby future and I will get to the date shortly in this post. So there is the reason behind why I decided to change the color scheme a bit with the podcast and honestly I like this color scheme too. Also as you know EAR TV (short for Everything About Reality TV) just celebrated it's 4th anniversary on the air as a podcast which brings me to 2020 will be our 5th year on the Air which is quite an accomplishment honestly so this also honors the 5 years it's been on despite me almost pulling it off the year this year. 

          I know, I know! Chris, you're rambling on and get to the point! OK the point is I think it was long overdue even with it only being 2 years since the logo change but I have been thinking about it lately and it is definitely time and it fits what I have been thinking for the last couple of days to a week or so ago. I felt like the old logo which is still seen across all the platforms right now is plain meh. So when is the new logo coming out across all the platforms the podcast is currently on? January 1st, 2020 I will be coming in my studio to do the entire changes and should appear on all the platforms within a few hours but I will be checking all platforms the next day and if any update needs to be done I will be getting that fixed soon as possible but we will see when it is done and soon as it is all set then I will be sending out links that all platforms are updated. 


Thursday, December 5, 2019

Tyrone Farmers 20th Anniversary Parade 2019!

            So yesterday, I got to go to the Tyrone Farmers Parade for the first time in 2 years as last year the weather was bad and 2 it happened to be on my birthday which is today and on a Thursday. Anyways, we were not going to go originally however we decided to go anyways despite we were tired as we worked on the walls in the studio which an update is coming Sunday afternoon's blog post. So we went and on our way we ended getting snow falling which honestly made the experience nice. We went down to the actual mill and wanted to get cider and donuts but the line-up was absolutely insane. However the way I think of it that is definitely good for the business. Anyways we walked back up the damn hill which mind you I was exhausted by the time I got back up the hill I was exhausted and panting hard but hey I survived. We went all the way up to where the church was and stayed put for the remainder of the time we were there. Ran into another fellow bowler that bowled in the same league for at least 10 plus years that I was in that league and it was great to catch up with em as the last time I saw them was at the Orono Fair.

        We waited quite some time for the parade to start and I was getting pretty stiff honestly with the waiting game but when it started there was over 10 different floats that I saw as it is actually their 20th anniversary so it was a bonus and if I remember correctly I have been going since I was still in high school at the time so that spans over 10 years for him and I doing this event. One bonus thing about this parade too is the fact they actually had the vintage tractors too and also people riding horses so it was pretty special 20th anniversary. So we are guessing this parade was done in 1999 just before my final year in elementary school before the start of high school. Either way we had a good time despite the wait but in the end it was truly worth going and looking forward to the parade in 2020. One final thing to say is next week I am off to the last event for 2019 which is the Christmas Market in Toronto to wrap things up for events in 2019 so I am definitely looking forward to that and stay tuned to social media when I am heading there.


Wednesday, December 4, 2019

I am not ready to turn 34!

            With tomorrow being my 34th birthday I just do not feel ready to turn 34. I know I have no choice but I am getting a year older but this year is just going to be an odd year as I asked for mount which I know is here already but it will not be able to be used at the time as right now my desk is a piece of crap, which needs to be repaired so the mount will be sitting around till the desk is repaired or I get a new one. Plus this birthday I will be in the middle of this reno and my dad has insisted I take the day off but either way I gotta work on the podcast at the most as Survivor will have to be out as the show must go on and also a blog post as always so that is pretty much all I can really do for the day. However with turning 34, I am planning to do several things that day. One go see my Grandma in the morning for an hour, come home eat, then my parents and I will be going down to the Bulldog for a drink and don't worry I will not get too crazy that night but also for me to enjoy my day and have fun. Finally I am sure my brother and my niece and nephew will be by to visit for my birthday and not my sister in law as we know she will be at work still however next year my birthday is on a weekend so will get to see all 4 of them.

             Either way I should be excited for my birthday even if I DO not want to turn 34 but either way remember I have to turn 34. Also if I think about it 34 is Auston Matthews number on the Toronto Maple Leafs so there is a bonus to it all in the end as Auston Matthews is one of my favorite Toronto Maple Leafs of all time on top of John Tavares being my second favorite. At this time while this post goes out to you guys I am probably on the road once you read this post so to be clear this has been written about 2 days ago. I promise for tomorrow's post to a bit of a longer post but that is why I am not ready to turn 34 but really in the end I have no other choice to turn 34. 


Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Johnny's Western Burger and Fries Food Review

            Yesterday I went out for lunch with my friend Eric as an early birthday celebration and I have been here before in the past about 2 months before and yes I have been at Johnny's before that too with my worker and my family so I am very familiar with the establishment and the fact it is very close to Eric's place is a plus especially when it came to the Survivor Premiere and the Big Brother 21 Finale! Anyways the last time I was there I actually had a Corn Beef on Rye with Fries which were really good and I enjoyed it. Now to this review, I had a Western Burger. One thing I found with the burger, it fell apart so I am wondering if it was overcooked so I wasn't overly pleased by hey I still ate it regardless and the Peameal Bacon made up for the overcooked burger. Hey at least it wasn't RAAAW! as Gordon Ramsey would say. Anyways I probably give it a 3 out of 5 and I am being generous as I still enjoyed dessert so there was a bonus to that but other items I have had off the menu in the past so this time I wasn't happy but doesn't mean I wasn't happy before because I was very satisfied the last time around. The fries were just perfect for me, crispy and really delicious. They get a 5 out of 5 together. 

               However dessert I once again had the Apple pie which is a huge piece of pie honestly. However I did enjoy it this time around. I actually gave it a 10 out of 5 as I enjoyed it the first time around but this time around, still a 10 out of 5 so in total of the two times, I would give it out a 20 out of 10, 10 out of 5 each time. It was nice and fresh, Apples were really fresh and yummy inside the pie. They don't give you a small slice either it is a really huge slice of pie and that' fine with me I enjoyed every bite of it. I would definitely have the pie for dessert again next time I went there for sure. However I do not think I would have the burger again as it fell apart, it seemed dry and overcooked to me but that could be me all together. The staff there definitely get full 5 as they were amazing and we actually saw the Manager or it could of been the owner there yesterday and super nice to us and let us hang and take out time to finishing up our meal. Definitely go back and do another review for a different item on the list. There is my review and I hope you guys really enjoyed it and look forward to another one very soon and never know I may just do a Teddy's review next week when I go with my neighbor for lunch.

- Chris

Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Binding of Isaac Game Progress Update

            I know it has been a while since I have done an update on The Binding of Isaac but I really do not remember really but I got things moving again and why I have decided to give you guys an update. So I decided to play with Maggie and I just went completely nuts with the game, not only got a ton of hearts on the game but also I got Ipecac which is pretty much a explosive shots and soon as I got it, I thought "Oh yea it's game over!" I was totally right. I not only defeated Mom but Mom's heart on the game and got a chance to fight against Satan or the Devil on the game but did not go any further but hey I got far. With the far and deep run in the game, I have now unlocked a bunch of items which puts me farther into the game and near the half way mark in the game which is definitely good. I also did some runs with Cane and did fairly well despite having 2 hearts to start with but made pretty much a good run but ended up dying but it is about the effort that counts really and that is what is the most important to me at this moment. I do find it hard with only two hearts but hey I am really am trying the hardest I can with it.

           However I am once again finding the fun in this game and finding the challenge with the game. I need to play with different characters, mix things up if that makes any sense to you guys. I seem to find myself playing the same one over and over again and honestly I need to try other characters or challenges that I have left on the game. Once I hit 49.5 then that will be my halfway mark for the game so I am really, really close to the mid way and I want to get to this point. However I need to keep going with this game and not give up. I can say I am actually seeing myself playing a lot more and when I get started I just do not seem to give up whatsoever and I just keep seeing myself playing another run and a another run and so forth. So you can see there it has once again it has become an addiction to the game again lmao just like Warface is another game that is addicting. Anyways that is a small update what is going on and maybe when I get to 75% completed then I will end up on another update but I do not think there will be an update for quite a while now.