Saturday, December 28, 2019

What Do I Expect in 2020?

             There is a bunch of things I hope for in 2020 and the New Year is only days away now and I have sometime to start to think about things through and I have honestly have been hiding a lot of things with what is upcoming for CBOTW and been a very sneaky person behind the scenes of one of the 3 podcasts on Chris B On The Web. I will get into some details on January 1st but now is not the time. With the recent staff changes in the recent week and a half, I feel a lot happier with who is on the team right now with the 4 of us involved. So without further ado here is what I expect in 2020:

1) Positivity-  This year has been a year of ups and downs, from two of my former staff turning their back on me which is fine with me. Also problems on the forefront of CBOTW from a Gaming Podcast that was in the plan was once again gone into turmoil and I promise you it is nowhere near in the plans for 2020, I already know what is on the list for 2020 and again you will have to wait till January 1st, 2020 @ 12 pm EST.

2) New Content and Team Members- One amazing thing I look forward to and again will be announcing it all and I really need to revamp that post before but not that only that but I will be adding in, well they already are a part of the CBOTW Family and both days I will be talking about it Jan 1st & Jan 2nd, 2020.

3) Friendships- With losing some friendships this year I want to hopefully find a new friends in 2020 and ones that will not turn on me but also work on the friends I got and I know I can definitely count on them to be there for me moving into the New Year.

4) Self Employment- As you know this month I started self employment for myself and this is officially start to year 0 as I have yet to reach one full year right now but that will come in December 2020 when I hit the full year mark. Either way it is exciting to be self employed and earning money on the website or even on the podcast and honestly I have been anticipating this moment for a very long time now and it has come to full circle and soon we will have a studio that will be suitable to the needs of the team.

5) Studio Renovations- Which brings me into the second last point I would like make on this blog today is the Studio Reno which is getting there and 3 more panels and the walls are fixed finally, then comes the ceiling work where the actual studio recording is going to be to put in the sound proofing and a cover over it so it is not visible but that will be in January sometime and in the New Year I have to get Larry to help me move the rolling desk and the boxes for the space out of here so this way we have more room to work on the end of the room. I hope to be done in February but no guarantees whatsoever. It will be done when it will be done.

6) Keeping My Power Rangers Podcast Return Promise- I know this year hasn't been a great year for this podcast but I am making my promise to you guys there will be 3 of them next year or the New Year coming in a few days from now. Even if we aim for a March record that is fine because I will be ready to go by then by a mile and a half, ha-ha.


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