Friday, December 27, 2019

Finished Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue!

           The title certainly doesn't lie, I am finished Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue! Which means I am on the next phase of the plan which is actually typing up the notes for the podcast. Now this doesn't guarantee a date when we will be recording and do not forget that this studio is pretty much still a mess and still in renovations and there is no date to being finished so the notes will be on standby till I know the studio is completed. However there is no excuse to delay typing up these notes starting today by the time you read this I will already working on it and hope it is done in a few days if I do work hard on it, it will be done quite quickly. However my end goal is to have this done by the end of this year so this way it will be ready whenever we chose to record the podcast technically. I am excited for next podcast as it will be quite interesting when it comes time to record the podcast with Larry. So when did I finish Lightspeed Rescue? December 24th in the middle of the night I worked hard, I mean really hard on finishing it and honestly it feels good to be at the point of being finished the first half but there is a second half that I have to do and that is like I said the typing phase. 

            I am doing half day today but do mean I will be trying and get the stuff done and see how far I can get in the notes. Starting in January 2020 I will be starting on the next Collaboration which will be Power Rangers Time Force and Power Wild Force seasons for June. I am just on a roll with the collabs and just want to get a bunch of them done for June and then October as you know the upcoming year there will be 3 recording sessions this year so it will be an insane and I made a promise to you guys to make it up for the 1 session this year which was the Turbo and In Space seasons that was covered this year. This year wasn't on our side this year with so much happening so fast so it was definitely not easy. I have had our share of disagreements with my Co-Host but having second thoughts about the collaboration podcasts but we worked things out and my gut is telling me to keep this going. Not only this podcast but even Everything About Reality TV was on that list too but I am still happy to be a part of both of the podcasts and watch it grow. Honestly the views are between 22 to almost the 50 views an episode range which is really good that we are pulling in the views and like Larry said in the end it is all about the views and he is right. You guys do not know how thrilled, excited and eager to get back to recording the podcast! It has been long coming for the next episode and if the views indeed hold up as usual this upcoming year, we may just start doing em 3 times a year! This is a real test for us and excited for it and even if we have to do we can set it up at this temporary desk in *cough, cough, January* but we will see and him and I will have a conversation in the coming weeks to when we wanna record and we will let you know dates when we have more information. 


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