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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Shows & Movies I Want To Watch This Summer!

              On the theme of TV Shows besides Big Brother 25, here are a list of movies and TV Shows I want to see:

Amazing Race Canada: As I have spoken about covering the show on The CBOTW Show and mostly sure I will be covering it on my podcast. 

America's Got Talent: As always it is a tradition for both my mom and I to watch and love love this song especially the banter between Howie and Simon, ha ha!

Masterchef: Another one of my favourites with my mom and I watch every summer and with the way the Jays are playing we are probably will have a ton of time to watch. 

Gordon Ramsey's Food Stars: A new show which I do not know a lot about but look forward to this new show, any Gordon Ramsey we love.

Now Movies:

Indiana Jones: Destiny of The Dial: I look forward to the final movie of the franchise after just over 40 years of the franchise I cannot wait to see what this adventure entails. To hear the theme song one last time unless I watch the movies later. 

Transformers: Rise of The Beasts: I saw a few of the other movies and is on my list to watch but with my busy schedule may have to wait till it comes out on DVD but I do want to see this movie.

           There is my list I know it's long but I think that I will get done for most on my list maybe minus one isn't realistic but least its on the list. I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Big Brother 25 Chat

           As Big Brother Canada has now come to a close few weeks back on May 11th, now the focus is on Big Brother 25 in the USA. Now I've heard and I'm sure everyone has heard there are now rumours it will be starting in August. As a fan not the Reality TV podcaster I once was I know this may have to do with the writers strike but again it's a Reality TV show, how much writing in there involved, minus the competitions they do, Head of Household, Power of Veto, etc. 

         However there is a storyline in the game of Big Brother and still it's a show and there is a lot of things that go behind the show. This has happened before with BB10, Dan's season that he won in season 10. That was aired in the winter the last time and this is probably going to be the same situation. Also I should mention on here the time frame for the season is August to November what I heard of.  So I do believe it but we will have to wait and see. Excited what this season brings but there has been a lot of promos on TV so their already advertising it so I cannot wait to find out when it will air. That is the post, thank you for continuously reading my posts every day, Monday - Fridays, sometimes on Saturdays and I will talk to you all tomorrow. 



Thursday, December 8, 2022

More Information on The CBOTW Show

             I know nothing has been said much but this is what we can tell you guys as of right now about The CBOTW Show:

Platforms it is on: The CBOTW Show will be on only & ITunes to start with. Starting small and slow on things. There is no plans for YouTube, I feel like it is more appropriate for Audio ONLY and help grow even more.

How Often will it go up:  That is up in the air. Larry and I will be sporadic as we are currently still focused on Power Rangers Collab as we are still currently under contract with that podcast and once that finishes, we transition to The CBOTW Show full time. 

What is planned to be covered on there? Right now TV Shows and Movies and Power Rangers Movies will and is on top of our list there has been talk on other Reality TV series and trying it out again but taking time to think about it.

Finally When Is This Starting? I am holding on to that announcement for right now. We do know when Larry and I are starting but if other shows pop up then we have to decide on that. 

              That is the post for today, I will talk to you guys tomorrow for another post.


Monday, February 14, 2022

Forgot To Add One More Thing!

                   As you guys know I was talking a bit about The CBOTW Show and how not as involved I am with that podcast as I am taking a more of a "behind the scenes" role with that podcast as you guys know, I have "Entertainment Man Podcast" and "Power Rangers Podcast on The CBOTW Show." There is one other thing with Amy's Survivor Recaps that she will be doing on and off when shes not currently covering the newer seasons. I will be popping on seasons of Survivor as I have hand picked certain seasons that I wanna come on for the entire season she covers to talk about the particular season that I chose and I have 6 picked out for right now and if I wanna do others, I will. 

                  I also will be popping up during the new seasons of Survivor so you guys will be seeing me from time to time.  So I will be involved with some podcasts not all of them but my focus is on Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Podcast (within The CBOTW Show) Yeah at some point I will run out of ideas but this will be years down the road with the way things are going with the interest of interviews has made the podcast seem endless and it is a good thing not a bad thing. It makes me so excited to see people interested in the podcast to be quite honest and it is definitely here to stay for the long run. Also I can add this that I really enjoy the podcast and am having fun with the podcast and am looking forward to episosdes in the future. I wanna finally add in to this post if Entertainment Man Podcast ever ends, yes I'd consider going back to The CBOTW Show on a more full time and I'd consider doing shows but that is much much later, not right now at this moment.  Anyways that is my post for today, thanks for reading and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Friday, February 12, 2021

Survivor 41 Greenlit!-- What Do We Know So Far?

                There has been rumors that Survivor Production has been greenlit to go to Fiji and film Season 41 of Survivor. There is nothing from CBS or Survivor or Jeff's Twitter about this rumor if it is true but there is an article stating in the coming days, crew will be heading to Fiji to start building sets or prepping for the upcoming season of Survivor. Could this mean possibly that it could air in the fall and we go back into the old schedule we had before the show was put onto Hiatus last year due to this pandemic. That is really all we know and the article you can Google Survivor Green Lit to Return to Filming or I hope this rumor is true and I believe it is true and I already knew they were aiming for taping the new season in March or April of this year so they are right on schedule as they said which is great! This is great for ChrisBOnTheWeb's Podcast The CBOTW Show.

               I am excited to see things get back to a sort of normal schedule with Survivor as I've missed Survivor, I can be honest with you. It has been quite odd the fact that we do not currently have a season right now and it will be nice when it does come back on the air. We do not know a lot of information right now as CBS hasn't said anything in particular but least there is something in the way of news. They do have to have all the gear ready for challenges especially and they also have to start building the Tribal Council within the Island so it will take a few weeks to do that. However I hope to get some news again soon and we can  give you dates when Billy is going to be starting out with his RECAPS but I am guessing and speculating that it would air this fall for Season 41. That is what I have to say about Survivor returning to filming and I cannot wait for it to return! I truly miss Jeff saying: "You wanna know watcha playing for?" and "The Tribe Has Spoken."


Friday, January 8, 2021

Animaniacs Reboot 2020 Review

           I can say this about the entire reboot, I liked it a bit but it is not the same as the original series I knew and love growing up. I just wasn't pleased the fact it only had Animaniacs, Yakko, Wakko and Dot and also Pinky and The Brain. Nothing else no Slappy the squirrel, the 3 Pigeons brothers were some of the original cast. Yes they showed up but non speaking parts but that is pretty much it.  The excessive singing was a little much and some of the storyline I just get at some point. However I wanna focus on some of the positive side of things. The Pinky and The Brain intro had some pretty wicked new graphics for the intro and a lot different then the original series from 93 - 95 or 96 when it first was out, meaning the original series. That is the only thing I can say positive as I really wish they'd bring back a ton of different portions, the 3 pigeons, good idea, bad idea, Slappy the Squirrel and if I remember correctly. 

          Anyways not all the actors could be still living or they could not be acting or moved on to other projects and maybe why they did not put as much as they had before. Who knows but I just did not feel like it would get my approval rating for this time around and I remember this series growing up as a child or in my childhood. Just wish they could of added more then just Wakko, Yakko and Dot, Pinky and The Brain. Would of been nice to see a mix of what they had. Maybe they were actually looking at new ideas perhaps? You just do not know what they are thinking really but in the positive side of things, it was really nice to see something from my childhood to come back and my niece and nephew get an idea what I grew up with as they were the ones that mentioned this reboot to me. I managed to get through all 13 episodes but was hard towards the end but still glad I got to see this reboot. Now would they do another season? Guess time will tell if they decide to do another one in the very nearby future.


Wednesday, December 23, 2020

What TV Shows Do I Want To Watch During Quarantine?

                Trust me while we are still in Quarantine or Isolation whatever you guys want to call it, what show do I want to watch during Quarantine? Well I have completed almost two seasons of Survivor; I have completed Survivor Amazon and have or still working on Survivor Philippines at this moment. Anyways here is my list and there is no order really.

Survivor: Season 9, Survivor Vanuatu; Season 13, Survivor Cook Islands; Season 5, Survivor Thailand; Season 3, Survivor Africa; Season 8, Survivor All-Stars; Season 11, Survivor Guatemala.

Super Store: A show, Eric actually introduced me to, all I know it is a Comedy or American Sitcom so I will have to wait and see if I like it. I gotta watch 6 seasons to get all caught up with.

Facts of Life: Another show I wanna watch from start to finish and really I need to watch the entire series from start to finish. I have seen episodes in the past and really enjoyed them.

Last Man Standing: As I heard the series is sadly coming to an end after a lot of seasons and I wanna watch it from start to finish and another big series to be caught up on and I am sure I will get to it eventually between working on Power Rangers Collab Stuff too I'm sure. 

Home Improvement: Working on this series currently and laughing hard at Tim's stupid comments and shenigans and always a great laugh to have honestly. 

 Monk: Wanna watch it from start to finish once again as watching the YouTube channel is wanting me to watch the entire series again for old time sake.

Super Girl: I have seen Seasons 1 - 3 so far and I need to watch Seasons 4 & 5  on my list so I am ready for the 6th and final season which has already started taping the final season as I know of according to Eric.

War Documentaries: I have DVD's from my uncle about the World War and they are quite interesting and are on top of my priority list so I can get them back to him soon as possible.

Amazing Race 7: I wanna re-watch this seasons as I am a Boston Rob and Amber fan since All-Stars and I wanna hear his infamous "THAT'S TOO BAD!" line in Episode 1. That was a great season honestly.

                There is my list and sorry for a very endless post and I can get to these shows and get them done and this list can get smaller and I can start another list unless we continue to be in quarantine and I am sure it will be for a while now so least this gives me something to do on my extra time besides working on Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast as once I finish Dino Thunder, I will not be working on that till February.


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Favorite Episodes of Home Improvement

             Today's blog post is about my favorite Home Improvement episodes which is IRONIC, because I am currently watching the series between that and Big Brother Canada which I flip flop between the two shows in the day, depends the mood I am in. Anyways here is my list and there is no particular order:

1) Tim Gluing His Head To The Table: That was hilarious and typical Tim to glue his head and they had to saw around to actually to get him off. The jokes that were made while he had  asmall piece of the table stuck to his head.

2) Tool Time Mans Kitchen: Part of that show within a show's 5th Anniversary they built the man's kitchen and Al's remark "Maybe We Should Get Jumper Cables and Hook It To Another Kitchen" comment.

3)  Al Hosts Cooking With Irma: Al took over Cooking With Irma for a week and has Tim as his assistant and making stupid middle names for him. Kind of a role reversal from Tool Time. Al actually screwed up at towards the end of the episode in a typical Tim fashion. I love how Al said Tim "Doesn't know Gumble from Gumbo Taylor" when he introduced Tim.

4) One of The Halloween Episodes: The one Halloween episodes where the 3 boys are dressed up as Moe there was no Curly or Larry, they all were Moe apparently and it was very hilarious to see actually.

5) Grease Lighting Inspired Episode: The episode that Tim shows off his newly built custom car in an Tool Time episode where he showed off the completed car. One of my other favorite episodes of all time but I love every episode they came out with.

               There is my list and again I have said this in the past I cannot mention all the episodes I enjoy as this post would be endless and honestly this post has been long enough for you guys as it is. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed today's post and I will catch you in tomorrow's blog post.


Friday, September 18, 2020

Been Binge Watching Malcolm In The Middle Lately...

                 Lately I have found myself watching numerous series and got so many on the list, Supergirl, Big Brother Canada, Monk, CSI and Married With Children but in time I will get them all done and I am promising myself to not add on to the list at this point as it will be endless and I already have enough on the list as it is at this point. Anyways one of the shows I am watching right now is Malcolm in The Middle which I know is an old series 20 years ago which I was just prior to being in High School when I started watching the series. Anyways I definitely feel like it is a very dysfunctional family and one of moments I just saw was Lois going off at Reese and Malcolm and Reese mocking Lois yet there was a mirror on the door so she knew he was mocking her which honestly was pretty funny. Guess the saying goes you cannot fix stupid but the look on Reese's face like oh crap moment but it was priceless moment. However it is such a crazy series and funny in the same way.

                 I mean who in the world doesn't like a crazy family that's out of their mind. It sure makes for a great TV Show and to be honest, I miss this series and it has been a long time now 15 or more long years since it went off the air. However there is other shows that I can watch and I can do exactly what I am doing right now. I know my list is kind of on the endless list right now but I am sure in time I will be finishing up series. I do not really have a list of the shows I wanna watch in chronological order. I just do not know which one order but either way I am going to enjoy this show first and watch the Lois yelling at the boys and freaking out. I can tell you this, she ain't stupid that's for sure. She knows exactly what the boy are doing but either way. I am enjoying the series and first time I've watched the series back to back to back. I sure can use a laugh that's for sure especially with these hard times we're all going through. 


Friday, July 10, 2020

Fuller House Season 5 Review! (Warning Some Spoilers Ahead)

               I know I was tweeting about this at the end of the week but I wanted to do this review. Season was good and there was a ton of stuff from the past they brought up and I wanna talk about it on today's blog post. First thing I wanna say is Stephanie driving Joey's car into the damn window into the kitchen AGAIN! Talk about major deja vu from the original series, Full House. The next thing is the return of the character Derek who was best friends with Michelle as we know Michelle's character did not return to the series this time around which honestly it all worked out without the Olsen twins returning this season. Yes I was disappointed but still worked out either way. Also the return of the character Dwayne which yes he was the character always said "whatever" which was a well known line he use to say in the show. Also Vicki Larson returned so that really got me excited actually to see old characters resurface or return to the show. This season brought a lot of nostalgia from the Full House Series in the later 80's into the later 90's.

                 Now the review side of things, well I really enjoyed this season and it is truly sad that the series is now finished but I really enjoyed it and the fact that they added in a throwback into this season with it being the last season they did really made things interesting. So I would definitely give this season an 9 out of 10 which is a good rating for a season but wish Netflix didn't have to cancel the series but it is what it is. However I can always buy the DVD's and rewatch the entire series. However another good season and they sure went out with a bang at the end and I was most impressed with the way they ended the series. However the way they ended it kind of leaves things to maybe another reboot? However I do not think there will be a reboot right now, nor a reboot in the very nearby future. If they did do one it would have to do with the kids both Kimmy's and DJ's kids but would be many years down the road for this to happen but this may be beyond my time if it did happen. 


Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Big Brother 22 Speculations...

              There has been a ton of speculations from Dan coming on this season which he's now disappeared from Twitter and hasn't posted anything up on his Twitter and his Twitch Shows stopped this week where he isn't streaming at all right now. Even his Twitter and Instagram there has been one post to re run shows during the week and an announcement Sunday at 3 pm EST and I just got that funny feeling he's going to be on this season of Big Brother a d I wish I was on to recap it but that isn't my domain now as Chris (Reality Teas) has taken over the podcast. Anyways I read another post stating from Cody from BB19 saying it will not air this summer that we are not going to see a season of Big Brother but we will see. So far we have heard rumors of it being an All-Stars Season and sounds like it is going to to be just that as maybe they haven' gotten enough interesting people for an entire new cast but I just do not know what to believe anymore.  Maybe they had auditions to cover the fact that this season was an All-Stars. I've spoken to a bunch of you through Facebook groups, Twitter, etc and you guys did mention that they had auditions to cover up for Season 7 being an All-Stars season.  Back to the Dan situation, yes he's not streaming on Twitch, however he's still got videos scheduled to go up everyday so maybe that's a cover up? 

                Again, I just do not know what to expect what this season is to bring us and if it isn't true or not if it will happen. They still sound very hopefully on this season of Big Brother will happen. I know some Alum have hinted that they are on this season and just by going to their socials and seeing if they've tweeted or posting up a picture or not is a pretty good hint that they are going to be on this season. We will find out and they may just as well be in sequester at this current time to play the game once again. However I do not want them to end the production of this season of Big Brother early like they did up here in Canada for BBCAN and just worried it will happen again.  We will see hopefully soon if these speculations are true or not but again it will be the matter of time and hopefully in the next week or so we will find out whether all these speculations are true. Honestly I do not wanna jump to conclusions if this is really going to happen or not because I am pretty positive it will and they will make the necessary precautions and rules during this pandemic. Finally it is good to be back to blogging and I will talk to you guys tomorrow and oh Happy Canada Day to all the fellow Canadians out there!


Monday, June 22, 2020

Would I Audition For Big Brother Canada Again?

               I know a lot of you know that I have auditioned for Big Brother Canada in the past, numerous times Season 3, 4, 6 and 8. Yeah I remember the seasons I auditioned for. Now it's been brought up by my loyal fans and friends if I'd do it again. Well as you know the website has really taken off and now we have a team I just wanna focus on the website and continuing to grow the website. Honestly I have tried 4 times and I know Dan winner of Big Brother 10 said it took him ton of times to get on the show but that's not the reason why I do not wanna be on the show. The real reason is I just wanna focus on Chris B On The Web. It's become a priority and become so crazy with running the site with podcasts being added. I also do not have the desire to be on Reality TV, I do not have the itch to be on Reality TV anymore. I've tried so many times and really I want to focus on Chris B On The Web and it's podcasts and I just feel like I will not get on Reality TV unless they find out I'm a blogger and podcast personality. However you never know but I highly doubt it. The Podcast name has gotten out there recently.

               My days with auditioning for Reality TV is over as I said my focus is CBOTW as it's become a big part of my daily life and it's become very hectic for me and running this website is a job and a half to do too. Everyday it's the upkeep of the website, answering emails, etc. I know I got staff to do that but I am fine with this decision really. I will walk away from these experiences with knowledge and it also has made me a lot more confident as a person. I remember when I first did it I was so nervous but when I did the second audition through video, I was a bit more confident. When I got to the open audition, I was pretty confident person and I felt confident in my answers. However that ship has sailed and mind you I am going to still watch the shows and recap as it is part of my job as the Executive Producer of two amazing Podcasts so the answer is I am not going to audition for Reality TV anytime soon as I am focusing on this website. 


Friday, May 1, 2020

What Happened To My Super Girl Reviews?

                        I know it's been at least almost 2 months since I have done a Super Girl review as you know I have been watching the series and recently tried and watch Super Girl Season 4 and I found it, well honestly I found it confusing to follow along. I also found it strange and just finding it hard to focus on the episodes and that is why I decided to stop watching the series after 3 seasons. However if you guys or even my friends in real life talk me back into watching it, I will be back with them but right now I have decided to not do another review as of right now. I can also say that I tried to watch 2 or 3 episodes of the 4th season and just lost interest right away. Not sure tho why, I could of been in one of my not so good moods I.E cranky moods as you know we have been home non stop lately.  But there is no reason why I cannot give it another chance and you never know, I may just give it another chance and try finishing off Season 4 and then get to this current season.

                    So the idea of more reviews of the seasons aren't over yet and with us still in quarantine, I may throw it on and watch it on my extra time despite I have to get working on Power Rangers but I can mix and match while I watch it. I probably re start as I only watched a couple of episodes but it will take a lot of focus to watch it and try and actually get back into it as like I said it may take me some time to get back into it but if I do not manage to get back into it then there is really nothing I can do. I do admit I enjoyed the first 3 seasons but it has become just strange for me but I am all for second chances and I am going to give it a shot again. That is my small post and cannot wait for an weight loss update blog tomorrow as I have been moving up and down on the scale lately so I will see you guys tomorrow at the normal time and thanks for reading today's post and I'm sorry I'm hours late.

- Chris 

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Favorite Laurel and Hardy Movies!

              Today, I would like to talk about my favorite Laurel and Hardy Movies or short films as they called it back in the day! Now I have touched based last week who got me into them and what not and now it's time to give you guys a few episodes that I actually do enjoy so here they are:

1) Sons of The Desert- I believe this was the original episode but do not quote me on that I do not know the actual order which has a ton of stupidity but hilarious in the same way and Stanley dancing around when they were back at their apartment door steps. 

2) Be Big- The episode where the two of them made an excuse to their wives to go out instead of a trip however that backfired and wives came home and they sure found out Oliver wasn't sick and their schemes.

3) Swiss Miss-  Where they are in Switzerland and they are movers and had to move the piano across a bridge that moves as you are going on and honestly didn't look safe but there was also a monkey involved. It was hilarious!

4) The fourth and final one on my list and there is other ones but again as I have said this before in the past I cannot make a overly long list but there are others, however the 4th and final one on my list is the Flying Deuces where Oliver is in love and found out the girl he loves is married  and they enlisted themselves into the army to find out the husband of the girl he loves is in there and in the end they are flying in an airplane and Oliver comes back as a donkey meanwhile Stanley is himself! Worth the hour and a bit of the full length episode!

              There is my list and some of the ones I really enjoy to watch and have to binge watch some of these and other ones I enjoy as well. I hope you guys enjoyed my little bit of my favorite Laurel and Hardy episodes I enjoy. I  will see you guys in the next post tomorrow at Noon eastern, have a wonderful Wednesday!


Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Who Got Me Into The Three Stooges and Laurel and Hardy?

               Now I really haven't talked about it and yes I have spoken about the 2 old shows in the past. When I first started to watch this show I had no clue who they were but yet yes I found them hilarious and still find them very hilarious to this day and been watching it on and off recently to keep my mind busy. Anyways it was my aunts who have passed on but I still watch the show and remember the nights I was at their place being taken care of as my parents went out and yes this is referring to when I was still in elem entry school and even my early high school days as well. I found Laurel and Hardy pretty funny and still to this day Sons of The Desert is one of faves and for The Three Stooges, "Plumbing We Will Go" and "Disorder In The Court" are my faves for that show. Either way I am thankful for my aunts introducing me to the show and enjoy em still even now. 

               I know this post isn't long and I am finding it hard to write as I have had a long day and maybe it is just time for me to put on a Stooges and lay back and enjoy the evening. I have been working all day when I am technically suppose to be off today. Anyways that is my story time with Chris and again I'm sorry this is a very brief but short post today, however it is still a post one way or another and because of my aunts introducing me to both the Stooges and Laurel and Hardy, I even got to see the 3 Stooges movie which I do not even think my aunt Maria got to see as she was dealing with Dementia at the time but I could of brought it over. I got a bunch of DVD's of hers from the Stooges and Laurel and Hardy that was their or back in the day VHS's that I wanna get the series on DVD now. Also I started to watch and own a ton more Laurel and Hardy and The Three Stooges so my collection of those are really piling up but that's OK, it keeps me entertained!


Saturday, March 14, 2020

Super Girl (Season 3) TV Show Review

               Here is my Season 3 review of Super Girl and trust me not my last as I am darn well hooked still for some odd reason.I will get into that as you guys keep on reading on this post today. Now I know this season we saw no more Cat Grant but on the TV at the start of the season but I thought CatCo Worldwide Media was sold but then again Lena Luther bought it and James was like the CEO or the one that runs things in the office. Also saw the departure of Mon-El but of course Eric told me I could expect him back and boy he was right! Also when he came back his wife came back to the present day with him to help the DEO so it made for quite an interesting duo. Also Brainy aka Brainiac was a big help to them during the season. Also the 3 world enemies or whatever they were as this season was very recent as I just finished it yesterday actually but it slipped my mind. Well Pestilince was quite a pest and also Reign which I guessed right that Sam was Reign from the very start when they introduced her in the season. Also how they fought to get Sam back which they did and Reign returning one last time before she was killed at the end. Also we saw J'onn J'onn step down as the Director of the DEO and also Alex became the new director of the DEO. Also Winn left for the future with Mon-El and his wife. Oh I almost forgot to say I thought Kara's mom and dad died when Kryton exploded but she survived and on a planet.

               That is a small summary, of some of my favorite moments in the season and I definitely give this season another 10 out of 10 because it was full of action pack. Yes there was some really odd parts to the season but I am getting use to odd ends and outs of the show but still really enjoy it. Now the ending has given me that hook to continue and originally and I admit to saying it out of my mouth to my mom that I wasn't going to continue on with the series but hey I am hooked and I am going to continue on with the show even if it does get a bit odd. I am very fair with giving TV Shows a fair chance and I am usually like this where I am able to give it a shot. Either way another great season and now taking a bit of a break for a while so I can get Power Rangers Time Force going for another collaboration podcast in June which has priority right now. Don't worry probably by the fall I will start the 4th and 5th season and get caught up for the 6th season if they decide to do a 6th season. I get right through em very quickly but maybe by August I will be into Season 4 then followed by Season 5 but I shouldn't get too ahead of myself honestly.


Friday, December 27, 2019

Finished Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue!

           The title certainly doesn't lie, I am finished Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue! Which means I am on the next phase of the plan which is actually typing up the notes for the podcast. Now this doesn't guarantee a date when we will be recording and do not forget that this studio is pretty much still a mess and still in renovations and there is no date to being finished so the notes will be on standby till I know the studio is completed. However there is no excuse to delay typing up these notes starting today by the time you read this I will already working on it and hope it is done in a few days if I do work hard on it, it will be done quite quickly. However my end goal is to have this done by the end of this year so this way it will be ready whenever we chose to record the podcast technically. I am excited for next podcast as it will be quite interesting when it comes time to record the podcast with Larry. So when did I finish Lightspeed Rescue? December 24th in the middle of the night I worked hard, I mean really hard on finishing it and honestly it feels good to be at the point of being finished the first half but there is a second half that I have to do and that is like I said the typing phase. 

            I am doing half day today but do mean I will be trying and get the stuff done and see how far I can get in the notes. Starting in January 2020 I will be starting on the next Collaboration which will be Power Rangers Time Force and Power Wild Force seasons for June. I am just on a roll with the collabs and just want to get a bunch of them done for June and then October as you know the upcoming year there will be 3 recording sessions this year so it will be an insane and I made a promise to you guys to make it up for the 1 session this year which was the Turbo and In Space seasons that was covered this year. This year wasn't on our side this year with so much happening so fast so it was definitely not easy. I have had our share of disagreements with my Co-Host but having second thoughts about the collaboration podcasts but we worked things out and my gut is telling me to keep this going. Not only this podcast but even Everything About Reality TV was on that list too but I am still happy to be a part of both of the podcasts and watch it grow. Honestly the views are between 22 to almost the 50 views an episode range which is really good that we are pulling in the views and like Larry said in the end it is all about the views and he is right. You guys do not know how thrilled, excited and eager to get back to recording the podcast! It has been long coming for the next episode and if the views indeed hold up as usual this upcoming year, we may just start doing em 3 times a year! This is a real test for us and excited for it and even if we have to do we can set it up at this temporary desk in *cough, cough, January* but we will see and him and I will have a conversation in the coming weeks to when we wanna record and we will let you know dates when we have more information. 


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Feel Like Some TV Shows Are Meant To Be Left As It Is....

            Eric and I got into quite a debate yesterday about reboots and I want to talk about this honestly. I enjoy some of the reboots but some I just said nah, definitely not. I want to highlight some of them here on the blog that actually have worked and some that I have watched so here it is:


1) Fuller House: It was like a continuation the Tanner Family saga. This time instead of 3 girls Danny Tanner had, DJ has 3 boys. Also it was neat to see DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy 29 years later the show alone has been nostalgic from back the 90's especially.

2) Last Man Standing:  Another show I picked up with no problem and it was easy to get into and of course I found the show funny and I understood the storyline each week and cannot wait it returns for a 11th season.

Not Watching Or Shouldn't Be On The Air:

1) The Connors: After the whole thing with Roseanne the show should of just stopped. No spin-off nothing. I just think it was or better off to leave it alone after a while. Watched a bit and it just didn't feel the same honestly. 

2) Murphy Brown: A show that did well back in it's day but it didn't last as long with a reboot and this is part of it that they should of just left it alone. Like I said some work some do and this isn't part of it.

                Now those are some that I feel that work and don't work and honestly I hear rumors that they are planning on bringing back Frazier which was another popular 90's TV Show which it was said that they are honoring the actor who played his Father recently passed away. Now there is nothing wrong with that just my worry they bring it back but how long will it last? Some people do not like the idea of a reboot. They rather just leave the show alone honestly. What about some of the actors that has passed on, how can they work around that. However it wouldn't be the same with those actors that are no longer with us and passed away. However this is only my opinion and let me know what you think about TV Show Reboots in the comments below, are they great or not great and why. 


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

What TV Show's Will I Watch Next?

             I am close to finishing up Home Improvement and hopefully it was finished as I am talking like I have completed the show but if not definitely when I return back to Ontario as I am currently still out of the country down in the East Coast in Boston, USA. Now the question is what is next and I do got a few ideas in the back of my mind to what I would like to watch and this is why I am doing my list. So I know I probably did write something like this before but let's just say this is an updated version of my list and maybe I will actually watch the series I mentioned this time around. Anyways here is the list of shows I would like to watch, the updated version:

1) Monk-  I would like to actually re watch the entire season from start to finish as I haven't seen that show in a very long time.

2) Frasier-  I have never seen the show before and would like to give it a shot at watching it and seeing if I really am enjoy the show but I can always say no if I do not like it whatsoever I can always stop.

3) Last Man Standing-  I watched the entire season 7 of the show and highly enjoyed it. It felt like the Home Improvement show minus Tool Time, also Tim breaking things every time he supped up things with "More Power" smh. Either way it is similar but instead of Tim having 3 boys its 3 girls. 

4) Seinfeld- Funny show and I have seen episodes here and there when I visited my aunts when they were still with us before they passed on in 2008 and 2015. But they both loved that show and I think we still got the DVD's here in the house. 

              There is my list and I am going to start with these and I think I may start with Last Man Standing as I wanna kind of get the gist of things so I will be starting that probably soon but I do have to work on the Power Rangers Podcast for the fall first but soon as I am finished both of those seasons I will be definitely getting into it even if it crossed during the new season I will still binge watch the older seasons. From there who knows what I will wanna watch next, that isn't determined but we will see how things are as I'm sure November or December I will be back preparing for the next June recording so time is limited but when I get time this is what I do with my time honestly.


Friday, March 22, 2019

Watching a Few Different Shows

            This weekend, I am going to be watching a show that is different and I have never seen before. It was recommended by my friend here and I will definitely give it a shot but of course if I do not like it or it is not my cup of tea, then I will not be watching it anymore but the show I am talking about is the show called Schooled. I do not really know what it is about honestly but it is always worth giving a shot. I am always good in that way to trying out new TV Shows, I may like it, I may not. I will have to wait and see what it is like. I am also started watching since last year Last Man Standing and so far I am liking it. Of course it is because Tim Allen is in it and there has been appearances in the past seasons with Patrica Richardson and one or two other cast member from the TV Show, Home Improvement from the 1990's sitcom. I think comedy's and some drama shows  are really more my type, not all. However I am excited to see Schooled when I have the time to watch it which more then likely tomorrow night as the Live feeds are going to be down tomorrow in the late afternoon into the evening so I will have time to see what it is like. I need to catch up on Last Man Standing as well but probably tomorrow I will have time for it. 

             Either way those are the two shows that I am currently am watching currently and I am enjoying at the moment and oh I almost forgot, I am also watching Live PD and really getting into the show now and boy I tell ya some people are not smart on that show. Really shows some of the people that do the craziest things. It is nice to have a couple of shows on the list for this season and never know I may add more down the road and I have one with Kevin Hart that I am planning to watch this summer called TKO with Kevin Hart so I am really am excited as I am starting to question the future of Big Brother US which I will be announcing something soon as I know if it is coming back or not but right now I cannot say much but another blog post for another day. I am sorry this is cutting it close to midnight but here is a late post. Tomorrow I will be back on track once again.